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💜 I found you without looking and love you without trying 💜 Happy Anniversary Mr. Romero, to us, forever and ever! 10.17.15
Four more days until Phillip and Jen say, “I do!” I can’t wait to document their beautiful wedding!! 😍💕
When you are sick, can barely life and he brings you Taco Bell. That.Is.Love ❤️💍 #marryyourbestfriend #love #always #tacobell
It’s ALWAYS a great day at The Blushing Bride when you find the perfect wedding gown and say YESSSS to the dress!! Thanks so much Quenisha Lee!! Best wishes from all of us at the Blushing Bride!! You’re gonna be one gorgeous bride, and we can’t wait!!! #shopthebb #shesaidyes #sayyestothedress #sayyes #happy #happybride #weloveourcustomers #welovetodressyouup #brides #brideandgroom #bridetobe #weddingtime #wedding #weddingfun #weddings #beautifulbride #shefoundit #lovebirds #lovebird #goingtothechapel #marryme #marryyourbestfriend #sassy #sassygirl #weddingsofinstagram #bridesofinstagram #oohlala #gorgeous #beautiful #bb
If you already have had a hard week focus on this! We can choose to have a good attitude and put in the effort to make the rest of the week positive. ❤️
Jumping for joy because we get to see our kiddos in the morning 💗. Let’s be honest, there’s been zero times this trip when I’ve wished the girls were with us. It wasn’t that kind of trip, and Chris and I needed our own time. Traveling with kids isn’t a vacation and we needed a vacation!! But that doesn’t mean we haven’t desperately missed them, cried on FaceTime with them, compared a million stories with other parents about them ... they’re with us no matter where we are. It’s been really really nice moving without them for a week and I recommend parents do this once in awhile. But the days of us traveling without a care in the world are over and we’re okay with that. #mamaanddadaarecominghome
Find your best friend. Marry him. Oh and make cute babies! 😍
What would I tell these youngsters if I met them today? #thebestisyettocome ❤️ #marryyourbestfriend #ifonlyyouknewhowthinyouare
♥️♥️♥️ What a fabulous day at The Blushing Bride!!! We are SO excited to tell you that we found the perfect wedding gown, and THIS beautiful bride said YESSSS!! It’s such a thrill when our customers allow US to dress them up for their big day! Thanks so much Alisia Hulon, and best wishes from all of us at The BB!!! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!!! ❤️❤️❤️#shopthebb #shesaidyes #sayyestothedress #sayyes #happy #happybride #weloveourcustomers #welovetodressyouup #brides #brideandgroom #bridetobe #weddingtime #wedding #weddingfun #weddings #beautifulbride #shefoundit #lovebirds #lovebird #goingtothechapel #marryme #marryyourbestfriend #sassy #sassygirl #weddingsofinstagram #bridesofinstagram #oohlala #gorgeous #beautiful #bb
This dude... •• This man right here is my rock. •• He pushes me harder than anyone I’ve ever met, both physically and emotionally. •• He knows the little things that make me run at top speed. •• He pushes my patience, but I also love him for that. •• He is my rock. •• My saving grace. •• And the one who keeps me grounded when life gets crazy AF. •• He is my best friend. •• •• •• •• •• •• •• #marryyourbestfriend #myboo #hesthebest #myrock #myhusband #partnerincrime #hemotivatesme #mybiggestfan #husbandsarethebest #booedup #nosingleladieshere
To CHOP my hair off or to keep it long?? . I’m getting it cut Thursday and I CAN’T decide!!! . Chris loves it short...and I keep seeing girls with the short cut I want and really want to cut it... . BUT I know I’ll miss my long hair!! . Help!! . SWIPE to see a pic from 2 years ago when I chopped it off - it would be even shorter this time though 😳 . Check my story to see which two I’m picking from and vote which I should do!!!
Reminiscing days when we were caught belly laughing on the rooftop of the Jeep while we smuggled a large pizza and watched the sun set over the ocean
Happy 2 year anniversary to the love of my life, my best friend, my biggest supporter, the one who will always laugh at my corny jokes even though he doesn’t think they are funny. This year has been full of new adventures, I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring! Happy anniversary, babe! 😘 . . . #2yearanniversary #marryyourbestfriend #spousedate #myhusband
new post up on the blog :: a 31.5 week preggo bumpdate || link in bio 🖤 . “third trimester, you’ve been a treat. let’s keep going.” . [📷: @lexypopaphoto ] . . #livingtheintegratedlife #pregnancypost #31weekspregnant #32weekspregnant #healthypregnancy #mamatobe #momtobe #girlmom #marryyourbestfriend #scottsdaleaz #arizona #denvercolorado #blessedisshe #projectblessed #bissisterhood #marryyourbestfriend
Marriage is a choice. A daily choice to always choose each other. To love each other. & I will make that same choice for the rest of our lives. ————————— Who do you choose? ⬇️❤️
Officially Mrs. Hauschka💜 #hauschkawedding2018 #marryyourbestfriend
Let’s talk marriage 💏 mmmmmmm k?😳 . Joe and I went away last week in HOPES to spend quality time together and dive into our business AND our marriage. . Well, I got sick the first night with food poisoning (from Whole Foods...#irony ) and then our anniversary dinner wasn’t the best food or atmosphere (crazy expensive because Vegas does that) and we both came back frustrated. . Granted we are beyond grateful for each other but sometimes I swear we feel like roommates dictated by our childrens’ lives! . I always say Marriage shouldn’t be HARD but it is something you do have to work toward. . You should WANT to make the other person happy 😊 and we got kinda clouded with putting our marriage first once school and all the activities started so YES we were like ....”A TRIP AWAY will ignite the flame 🔥” . The truth is we shouldn’t need a trip away!! What we needed to do is schedule in more time for us. 👫 . So we committed to getting up early and working out together. We did it for 80 Day Obsession and it truly brought us closer... laughing pretty much everyday at each other🤷🏼‍♀️ . It was about setting US as a priority. . The kids need to see US happy IN our marriage so they know what to expect in a relationship. . The same way we always wanted to set the example of Equal people running a household. We BOTH run the kids around, we BOTH mow the lawn (now Riley too🙌🏻) we BOTH help with dinner and laundry and we BOTH help around the house. . Except for taking the garbage out....that’s all Joe😂 . We are starting a new program tomorrow and this little gesture he did today means more than a trip ✈️ away..... . He brought my favorite chocolate ( choc covered pretzels and sponge candy) which yes I had as an appetizer before Taco Tuesday and in turn prompted a necessary photo shoot😂😂 . Sweetest Day is Saturday (HE reminded ME) and he wanted to acknowledge it but ALSO knew I had set a goal before I head on my cruise 🚢 in November. . So PLEASE I’ll say it over and over again...NO 🚫marriage is perfect no matter what you see on social media. . But when he brings you chocolate ...well that’s true love ❤️
My first Diamond Ring with two of my favorite pinky rings. The go to trio. . . . . #marryyourself #marryyourbestfriend #loveyourbusiness #truelove #mygoto #vintagediamondring #victoriansnakelove #whattowear
Having a snack at JFK before heading to the Big Easy for the 12th National Harm Reduction Conference. #harmreductionsaveslives #marryyourbestfriend #nevernotsocialworking #harmreductionreunion #neworleans #byenyc ✈️ #workhardplayharder
HE’S A PERFECT GODDAMN 10. (yes he’s handsome af but also I was crying from 8-11am and when I told him I had to leave soon to walk an hour to work, and my lunch was stale crackers with a vacuum-sealed pouch of lemon pepper tuna, he got in his car and drove an hour round-trip to take me to lunch and then take me to work and while the level of understanding he can give my situation or my feelings is often zero, the level of friendship he gives me is ALWAYS TEN.) #marryyourbestfriend #sadbuthappy
Yesterday was such a wonderful day! It was so exciting to celebrate our first year of marriage ♥️ Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and congratulations ♥️ We are looking forward to celebrating many more years ♥️
Marry not only your best friend, but also the man who makes your heart skip a beat and your belly fill with butterflies. Marry the one who has seen you at your worst but inspires you to be your best. Marry the man who makes you laugh until you cry. Marry who you want your kids to imitate. Marry someone you can serve and serve with. Marry someone who will sit through your favorite movie at least once. Marry a man who challenges you to do new things and holds you accountable to your commitments. Marry someone who loves Jesus more than he loves you because when times get tough he’ll turn to God who will tell him to love you! . . #IHaveFoundTheOneMyHeartLoves #CraigAnthony #MarryYourBestFriend #Husband #Father #Love
Had Another great start to my day. . . Love that can help others from the warmth of my own bed. . . Such a blessing!
We may not have many possessions left in this world after this past week but I feel like the richest gal around. I have the most amazing hubby and the handsomest pup!! I started off my 23rd year of life blessed and happy to be alive! #germanshepherd #octoberbaby #marryyourbestfriend
Tell me what you like most about your partner? This man has so many wonderful qualities, it’s hard to pick one. But...he has been making me laugh for 15 years. I’m thankful for that because, I can be too serious sometimes. There was a time when I felt like I would never find my person. God certainly had this one picked out for me though. He is definitely my balance. I like things a little slower, he’s speedy. He color coordinates his closet and everything is organized, mine looks like an explosion of clothes, shoes and purses. I’m a spender (which he hates) and he’s a saver. Bless his little #financialplanner heart. He’s affectionate (must be his Italian roots) and me...not so much. I like to change things up and he likes to play it safe. He never meets a stranger, and it takes me a minute to come out of my shell. You get the picture right...we are different. BUT if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have my sweet #daughter . I wouldn’t have went back to college a second time for a degree in #education . When I decided to hang up my teaching hat, he supported me and encouraged me to find happiness. He’s taught me how to love, let go, and how to pay attention to detail. He’s my person. Not to mention the fact that he’s pretty awesome and fixing things, and is a great housekeeper. We have a lot of fun together. Although there have been ups and downs, we always find a way to #laugh . . . . #laughingfor15years #husbandandwife #wifey #hubby #mybalance #oppositesattract #marryyourbestfriend #helovesme #luckyme #thankgodforhim #babydaddy #financialplanner #cfp #formerteacher #parentsofone #familyof3 #welovetolaugh #laughoften #arkansascouple #thenaturalstate #littlerockarkansas
45 days since we had the big day and I’m just now getting around to sharing some pictures. #newlyweds #weddingdayphotos #newmrs #marryyourbestfriend #andgetadog #agaveestates #tomasramosphotography #belladiafloral #cakesbygina
Made this the other night and was a Huge hit! 🤤👌 . . So yummy!
Daniel Appreciation Post. . . . Because our 2 year anniversary is coming up, and I’m really not sure how I ever made it before I met him. . . . You had me at “Can I buy you a drink?” . . Cheers to forever, my love. . . . #floridaadventures #barberadventures2018 #mylove #husbandappreciation #mynumberonefan #marryyourbestfriend #supportivespouse
This guy never ceases to amaze me 😍. Balancing his residency responsibilities, studying, working out, all life/family responsibilities, taking great care of our baby Charlie all while traveling around the world for sports medicine interviews. Proud is an understatement! I love you so much Chris and am so lucky to be your wife. 😘💏 #proudwife #besthusbandever #husbandgoals #marryyourbestfriend #residentlife @docwaranch
I'm not a mess but a deeply feeling person in a messy world...We can choose to be perfect and admired or to be real and loved. We must decide. -Glennon Doyle Melton
Who loves comfy sweater season...raise your hand!🙋🏼‍♀️🎃 www.sunlessnh.com
DONT SETTLE. Y’all, I’ve been there. I’ve feared that I would never get married. That I would never find my “best friend” to spend the rest of my life with. I feared I would grow old all by myself and be lonely for forever. I started believing that I either had to be with a guy who loved Jesus that I didn’t really like OR I would end up with a guy who didn’t really love Jesus but that I actually like and enjoyed spending time with. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I even dated a guy in college for a month that I thought I was SUPPOSED to date because on paper he was pretty ideal.. but I didn’t actually LIKE him. Ohhhh Julie. Don’t. Settle. Those are NOT your only options. There ARE amazing, Godly men out there. My husband is living proof. And if you haven’t heard our story (check my highlights), it’s a pretty great story of God’s faithfulness, even when I was not trusting Him. Hold out, sister. Focus on your relationship with Christ, rather than searching for “the one”. God will always work out his plan in his perfect timing. . . . . . . #godstiming #25weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #godlymarriage #godlycouple #newlywedsforever #marryyourbestfriend #youngsndmarried #hubby
“Love is meant to be an Adventure”🎈 . After going through my divorce and being a single mom for so many years, I often wondered if my time would ever come... . Was I ever to meet a man that would love the woman I’ve become?? . Would he Value my Strength, Independence, Confidence, etc. that I had developed over the years of being on my own? ⚡️ . Would he Support my Dreams, Goals, and Aspirations? 🌟 . Would he Love my Daughter and Step Up to be a strong Role Model in her life? 💫 . Then Daniel walked into my life when I least expected it and blew me away that a man could not only be strong but also support my strength as well.👫 . Our two families fit together like a puzzle and I am blessed to have a man that will Show Up everyday for Me and the Kids.👩‍👧👨‍👦‍👦 . It’s not always easy, but it’s Always an Adventure with You ♥️
Newly engaged or married for 7 years? You wouldn’t able to tell just by looking at pictures!! These two are what love should be! #marryyourbestfriend
Walking with your best friend, toward the next chapter of your life. 💍 #surpriseproposal #marryyourbestfriend #beachengagement #capturesurprisemoments #ashleycadrinphotography #ashleycadrin
My heart is so full! My sister just sent me this😍 . . Best friends for 18 years! He is my person @stephen_fargher ! Today was one for the books. It felt like we were in high school (New and exciting feels). Silly and fun loving ruled the day💜 #marryyourbestfriend #Christatthecenter #growtogether #grit #depth #overcommunication #laughalot #smilebig #loveexstravagantly
With my whole ❤️ for my whole life! After 25 years, I still don’t know how I got so lucky💕
I love yoooooouuuu! While I'm to busy to cook and sustain myself but yet I'm very vocal (and wingy!😂) about being hungry, he whips up some lunch for me 😍😍😍💕💕💕I have to mention he's currently fasting- that must be love that he cooks while fasting himself 😙 #besthubby #besthusbandever #marryyourbestfriend #love #marriage #happywifehappylife #happywivesclub
My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not the one who married me... 🤷🏻‍♀️ He’s supportive of my side hustles, laughs at my goofy jokes, and keeps me sane when parenting gets chaotic. I think we combine for just the right amount of crazy and cool! 🤪 #hubbins #mygrandslam #marryyourbestfriend #highschoolsweethearts 💘
My Happy Place! . . The spot I find serenity and rejuvenation! I am so blessed to say that I have an incredible, talented, creative and handy-man of a husband! As newlyweds we renovated our den/study into our master bedroom 1 month after getting married a year ago. Crazy right? Wrong! Who would even consider doing home renovation 1 month into marriage? Haha we would of course. We created the flooring from raw lumbar and built the custom wood wall with scraps from the lumbar shop. I love that even after 1 year I can hardly believe that this is MY bedroom created with my own 2 hands from scratch! Feeling blessed :) . . . . #home #renovation #rustichomedecor #woodwall #bedroomdecor #homemakeover #newlyweds #marriage #marriagegoals #liveyourbestlife #marryyourbestfriend #love #cherisheverymoment #armywife #deployment #serenity #myquietplace #decor #autumn #bed #healthylifestyle #fitness #blessed #blessedbarefoot #ruggedandradiant
Love that I get to be married to you. That our simple “real life” is as exciting to me as vacation. I seriously scored with this guy. #marryyourbestfriend #beating50percent
Last week - lets just not talk about last week. . It wasn’t my best - so I’m taking today & this new week and not looking back. . NOT letting past failures or messes determine the way this week will go. . Grateful for: . my fun weekend with my best friend doing Fall stuff... . my leftover fajitas I ate for lunch... . my nursing job (even though it triggers up old anxiety - working on that)... . my fitness influencing side gig that I can work on from anywhere... . the encouraging note & gift I got in the mail today from a friend/mentor... . food...and more food... . my hubby & our pup 💛 . I can’t be negative while I’m busy being grateful...so take that crappy last week!! . What are YOU grateful for today?
My boys and I are so blessed to have you in our life, @lilgypsterry. You're such a blessing...❤💙💛 #HappilyEverTerry #MarryYourBestFriend #Stunning
We broke every rule in the book and still managed to edge up to 25 years together. Our relationship has been through a series of cycles, just as the moon goes from Waxing to Waning so have we. It’s not the changes that necessarily make or break a relationship. I believe it’s the way we show- up to one another. Marriage is not a one way street, there are twists, turns, U- turns, and some dead ends but as long as your compass is tuned -in to the direction of each-others heart, you somehow manage to find your way back. @ames_adam I adore you. #love #marryyourbestfriend #brokealltherules #liveoutsidethebox #simplepleasures
Enjoyed a lovely date and an awesome pumpkin cheesecake popsicle with my best buddy that I met on this day 8 years ago. I love you Holly. You’re a treasure. #marryyourbestfriend #8years #oneluckyducky
Good things don't happen over night! If they did we wouldn't appreciate them! Don't give up on your goals!
When a man loves a woman...it's a beautiful thing. When he loves her as God has commanded...it transcends into something EPIC. MARRIAGE MONDAY God instructed husbands....love your wives as Christ loves the church. ***** Consider this....Christ left His Father's house and came down from glory. Just the same, Genesis 2:24 reminds man that he must leave his father and join with his wife and the two shall become one. Ephesians 5:25 Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Christ sacrificed for His bride....He completely gave his all. He ascended to go and prepare a place for her. Likewise, a great husband prepares a safe, comfortable, peaceful dwelling for his bride.....BABY I THANK YOU for the love we share that makes our "house" a "home." I am SO BLESSED to say that I have a husband that gives his all. The love he shows me unconditionally makes me honored to be his wife. This weekend, for my 50th birthday he truly AMAZED me. I thank God for still being his bride! Ephesians 5:28 He loves me as he loves himself. He never ceases to amaze me with the various ways that he goes out of his way to show his love for me. I thank God for my Boaz! Ephesians 5:33 ....that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word. I know my husband prays for me....constantly....consistently....and the prayers of the righteous avails much. He covers me with the word of God and speaks life over every aspect of our lives. What God has blessed no man can curse...husbands cover your wives against any temptation the enemy seeks to use. I wake up every morning knowing I am covered. I sleep every night....knowing I am covered. My bridegrooms loves me...without a doubt....it's EPIC!! #starksfamilycontrasts #starkfamilycontrasts #starkcontrast #STRONGFAMILY #wifey #familyiseverything #wife #marryyourbestfriend #husbandandwife #marry #marriage #wifeymaterial #marriagegoals 💍 #marriageworks #marriage365 #marriedlife #christianlove #christianmarriage #lovinglife #loved
9 years ago I met a great man - my best friend, my match 💕 I met someone who supports me, challenges me, who isn’t afraid to tell me I’m being a buthead. He’s humble, caring and need I say, smokin’🔥😜 I love riding this crazy train called life with you @paulgolbachphotography Happy anniversary, here’s to another trip around the sun 🖤 . #weddinganniversary #3yearsmarried #Ifeellucky #blessed #hothusband #Ihitthejackpot #marryyourbestfriend #havingfuntogether #everythingisbetterwithyou
October 10th, 2014 I officially became your girlfriend. On August 7th, 2015 I said yes to becoming your wife. August 31st, 2018 I became the mother of your child. Thank you for being patient with me over the last 4 years and never giving up on me or loving me. I found our engagement pictures and felt the need to share some of my favorite ones. #4years #pixlr #mrsboss2015 #marryyourbestfriend
On the field, on the television, on the kitchen table 🙄😜. It’s raining out, so Tegan is playing out his questions with Daddy on the table instead of the backyard. Do they make yoga miniatures? Hiker action figures? Or little scientist figurines in the lab or in the field? 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️. ‘Cause I could get into that. . #momofboys #football #coachswife #outnumbered #childhoodunplugged #idontlikefootball #butilovemyfamily #andmyhusbandisanamazinghuman #wellrounded #balance #marryyourbestfriend #parenttogether #wine #yoga #gratitude #motherhood
Happy SECOND anniversary, my sweet love! Thank you for choosing to walk through life with me. Being married to you is my favorite! I love you forever. • • • #beating50percent #darlingweekend #choosejoy #sundayfunday #marryyourbestfriend
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