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Sorry for not being active I was busy but here is today’s imagine it’s also a sad one :( #12 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
I think we can all agree we snapped, and @royalmartinezz snatched yeo weaves at multiple occasions but when you see my part, your weave comes flying tf back to sit its ass down. - - If you aren't following her right tf now.... whatchu doin bih?❣❣
I haven’t done a sad one so here you go #11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
⚠️SWIPE FOR THE REST⚠️ Since it’s Rebecca’s birthday I decided to add her in this imagine I hope you guys enjoy it :) It’s a cute imagine ❤️ #10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
It Was Going To Be Longer But I Can Only Put 10 Pics :( - - #FanFic #MartinezFanFiction #MartinezFanFic #FanFiction #L4l #F4f #Like #FanFictions #Chapter12 #LaFan #TheFan #Ivan
Ima Post Two More Chapter In The Same Day Bcuz I've Been Gone For Too Long - - #FanFic #FanFiction #TwinsFanFic #TwinFanFic #MartinezFanFic #Chapter11 #Martinez #MartinezFanFiction
OOOO FUCCKKKK IVAN🤤😍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
BITCHHH HE SO HOT IM- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You guys wanted part two here you go :) idk how I feel about it #9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
Should I post part 2 today? #9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
EXTRA 2 The laughter slowly turns down and Emilio stay on your top keep looking in your eyes. Emilio: You know what? You: What? Emilio: After these years,those still the most amazing eyes I ever found You can't keep your smiles anymore. You closed your eyes as you smiles wider. Emilio: No no don't close it. I want to look at it as you're awake. You: So I look ugly in sleep? Emilio: *wheezin and whisper to you* You're angel in sleep You: I love you..so.. Emilio: So much You smiled and Emilio kiss you. His fingers playing with you hair making things hotter but as his lips moving to your jaws the bell rings. You: Ouuu they're here *chuckles* Emilio get up and you can hear he whisper "shit" Emilio: Oh cmon I though u said they're late? ...*some rants while making his way to the door* Ivan: YO BROOO!!!!!! Emilio: SUPPPP!!! They hugged and Emilio take Jesse into his arms. Emilio: Heyy baby girl do u miss me huh? You can see Jesse smiles showing her two tiny teeth. Alexa: Y/n !!! You: Hey what's up? Alexa: Well I don't have enough sleep as Javier keep crying all night long You smile to hear Alexa's rants as you guys walk to the kitchen. The twins are with the babies at the couch. You: Well I still think it's amazing to be a mother Alexa: Aww exactly. And Ivan such a good daddy. You: I see that.. Alexa: Omg I'm sorry y/n I didn't means to make u offended or what..it's just.. You: Eh no it's okay Alexa: You'll be a mother soon..I promise,just wait a bit okay? You: I know..but nahh after these years why I still not pregnant? And I can't keep pretending to not notice how hard Emilio wants a baby.. Alexa: Ahh y/n don't say shits like that..I'm sure he'll understand.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ As I promised,Fated Extras ! Comment for more 😛 #martinezfanfic #martinezfam #martineztwinsfanpage #martinezfanfic
EXTRA 1 >Three Years Later< You married to Emilio,going through all the ups and downs together. It's weekend and usually Ivan will come over to ur house with his little twins,Jesse and Javier. Emilio: Baby,Alexa told u they will come over today? Emilio hugging you from the back while you're cutting some brownies. You: Yeah but a bit late maybe? They gotta pick her stepsister at the airport first. Emilio: Alexa's stepsister? Who? *whisper in your hair* You: Idk? Omg Emi stop it why u always sniffing my hair 😂 Emilio: smells good.. You turns around facing him. You: Hey I'm still not wash it yet...since yesterday? Emilio: *smiles* I know.. *his face comes closer* ..I like goofy smelly girl You: Smelly? Emilio: Isn't it? *laughs* You: HA I tot u going to say I smells lika snacks Emilio: No you're whole snack *licks his lips* You: Is it? *laughs* Emilio: Yeah.. Emilio getting closer as he wants to kiss you. You grew your face backwards. Emilio giggles but he still tryna smash your lips until you smash some brownies right on his face. You: Gotcha !!!! *laughs and run to the couch* Emilio: Damnn babyy !!! Emilio start to chase you. Yall laughter fill the room as Emilio manage to catch your waist and throw you on the sofa and start to tickle your body. You: Nooo Emii stopp !!! *laughs* Emilio: Said "I promise I will kiss Emilio all nights" *laughs* You: NOOO Emilio: YESSSS You: Emi stop ok I PROMISE I'll KISS EMILIO!! Emilio: alll nights You: OK ALL FUCKING NIGHTS He stop tickling you and yall still laughing. #martinezfanfic #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanpage #martinezfanfiction #martinezfam #martinezedits #martinezimagines
Audio 2 won :) #8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
☆Chapter 7:Jealousy☆ Hope you guys liked it💘 ♡Comment if you want more🔜 ♡Comment what you think is going to happen next💕 TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER💘💖 (Ignore the mistakes😅) - - - @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez -------------- #martinezfanfiction #martineztwins #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic
There is so many things happening! 1. THANKS SO SO MUCH FOR 100 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU ALL THANKS SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️ DJANBD 2. EVERYONE IS MEETING THE MARTINEZ TWINS AND I WANNA MEET THEM SO BAD😭😭 3. #Tivan & #temilio REUNITED AND IM CRYING I MISSSED THEM BEING TOGETHER 4. I WANT THEM TO MAKE A VIDEO TOGETHER GRJSNBDBENS 5. IVAN AND EMILIO LOOK SO DAMN GOOD TODAY #7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
Cute one for you ❤️ #6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
⚠️DIRTY⚠️ So I did a poll on my instagram and Ivan won and dirty one 😂#5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
A cute one for all of you ❤️😊 #4 - @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez - #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic - Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
⚠️WARNING KINDA DIRTY⚠️ First imagine with Emilio 🤤 #3 - @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez - #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic - Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
Requested by @preciosaivan hope you like it❤️ #2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
Ahh my first imagine please let me know what you think also if you guys want a imagine DM me:) and if you guys have any request go ahead and comment them below or you can also dm me ❤️ #1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #ivanmartinez #imaginemartineztwins #martinators #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment below what you think and DM me if you want one :)
INTRODUCTION Idk if you believe this. I don't even believe this shit right before it took my mom right in front of me. Once when I was 6,I went to the woods for a family camping when all fucked up. I was attacked by a wolf,my mom was there,trying to help me but instead it took her life. All I know is crying,my back bleeds. Always remember three months passed,it's November when I woke up to find my eyes changed it color. Scared,I'll woke up crying and screaming till my dad need to calm me hug me and tell everything was fine. Few weeks of denying the truth,I can't help myself from watering my mouth every when I saw raw meats,my body changed,and everywhere I go,ppl must think I had this Heterochromia Iridium,but no I'm not but tbh I love this eyes. And oh hey, I'm Angela Swisse Dallas and I'm a wolf. - You might heard about Hybrids. A mixed of vampire and wolf. Honestly it's not making sense that I was born hundreds years ago with a twins. A twins with same figures but different DNA. Weird. But we are the proves. Come from our mother a vamps and our father a wolf,we struggled the difference where Ivan was a fully wolf,and I'm half-vampire. In advance,we have different abilities which make us rely on each other. But then Ik world is welcoming us; Emilio and Ivan Martinez. 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 Idk,just comment if you want more ❤️❤️ #martineztwinsedits #martineztwinsfam #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #martinezfanfic #martineztwinsfanpage
To Be Continued - - - - - - #MartinezFanFiction #MartinezFanFic #FanFic
Au- You and Ivan used to date and when you moved in, you started getting closer to Emilio, rather than Ivan. You saw Ivan was the sweeter and romantic option, which you found charming and on the other hand, you met Emilios perfect personality. Sweet, caring, and dirty😏 You started fighting with Ivan one day and he screamed out "I NEVER LOVED YOU ANYWAYS Y/N!" You broke into tears and left the room and went to Emilio for comfort. That night, things went crazy and you felt like never before, safe and in love. He kissed you and sparks went off in your stomach and you enjoyed it like never before. A few days went by, but you still lived with the twins and it was one late night. You got a text from Ivan saying he wanted you back. You were confused with which twin was the One for you. You kept ignoring his texts and thought of Emilio and he texted you right then. He called you to his room and you followed by instinct. There you were... with Emilio. You knew HE was the one. - WELL... that sucked😪 I am never doing this again because- well- nobody probably enjoyed. - Tag the twins? @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez [#dynastycultgrp ] - TY TO @emilio.mi.vida for the photos and helping me make some of my own❤❤❤
Chapter 25: M:i was um.... E:HELPING me M:*looking at him* yeah... Exactly I:okay.... *with a worried voice* We were sitting around the fire me mckenzie emilio and ivan and ate smors snackes and talked I:im going to get some drinks K:im coming to help Ivan and mckenzie left only me and emilio left there.... Sitting... E:Melodie I'm sorry... M:no I'm sorry... E:for what? M:for not doing this earlier E:wha- *you cut him off by kissing him and he kissed back you guys made out then you heard the door opening you to pulled away and went back to your places* I:we're back! K:and we have drinks!!! M:yay! E:*mouthing to you* we will continue later M:*mouthing back* ok I:babe? M:yeah I:can you bring cups prom downstairs? M:sure E:i will help You both chuckled and went downstairs i took the cups then Emilio hugged me from behind and kissed my neck M:mmmm... Emi... E:shhh babygirl we dont want them to hear us *kisses your lips* I:BABE ARE YOU COMING? M:shit! YEAH you went upstairs with emilio behind you then he slapped your ass M:emi! E:sorry *laughing* I:emilio E:what? I:why do you have lipstick on you lips? E:... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hiii another chapter will be up tomorrow❤❤❤ #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic #martineztwins
PART 24 Six months passed by. Your baby grow healthy and now you're waiting for due day. Ivan? No,he never come. [UR POV] Emilio. He told me once that he loves me,we nearly kiss but maybe I'm still not ready for it. My baby needs my whole attention. He comes to NYC sometimes to have times together. I put on my sandals and smiles to Emilio. He's waving at me by his car. You: You bought a car? Emilio: Yeah it's kinda awkward to be driving ur car all the time I'm here. You: Lol Idec Emilio. You help much! Emilio: Ik I just yea u know.. just hops in *open the door for you* You: *laughs* thank you.. Emilio: Be careful..you bring a treasure with you! You: *giggles* omg Emi I know Emilio smiles and get in the car. Emilio: So I can't wait to hold ur baby,smells...kiss her.. I smiled while Emilio do his rants bout my baby. You: I'm waiting days now..it won't be long.. Emilio: I'll be there for u I promise, I already told ur dad and I might bring Iv.. He stopped talking. Slipped. You: You should bring him. My baby is not an orphan. Emilio: Of course he will come You: Yeah right after all this while he's ignoring us...of course he will Emilio: Trust me he want to.. I don't reply what he said as he parked by a private clinic. We gotta do some check up for my baby. [IVAN POV] I already been in that cafe when Emilio and y/n arrived at the clinic. It just few steps from here. While I keep waiting,Emilio sent me some snaps. It's videos of they hearing to my baby heartbeats. Beautiful. But there's a secs that I can hear what the doctor said Doctor: Wow she reacts each time Emilio touch your skin,y/n! Y/n: *giggles* she loves him Emilio: And I told u it's mutual *laughs* Doctor: You a great daddy... I put down my phone. Nevermind, I'm gonna get back my baby soon. #martineztwins #martinezedits #martinezfanfic #martinezfanpage #martinezfanfiction
Chapter 21: E:hey... M:what are you doing here? E:c'mon get dressed we are going out M:Emilio please look at me... Do i really look like a going out person right now? E:come onnnn M:fine come in I'll get dressed You wore (swipe) and did your makeup like this (swipex2) and you and Emilio head out M:where are we going? E:to my house M:you're joking right? E:no M: Emilio Ivan is there! E:and? M:And??? He's probably hooking with his girlfriend or something E:your coming for me not for him M:Emilio i swear if something will happen i wont talk to you ever again! E:calm down nothing will happen You got to their house opened the door and of course Ivan and the bitch were making out and laughing until he saw me i just looked at him with a disappointed look and said M:i can see you're not happy at all I:Melodie wait You just kept running upstairs *Ivan's pov* Me ans Alex were watching a movie until i heard the door opened then i saw Emilio and Melodie standing there. then she said M:i see you're not happy at all My hurt shrinked i was such an ass i still have feelings for her what am i doing with Alex anyways GOSH! A:what the fuck? I:what do you want? A:are you serious right now? I:Alex i need you to leave A:excuse me? I:leave!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hiiii another chapter will be up tomorrow❤❤❤ #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #martinezfanfic
PART 23 [IVAN'S POV] I can't believe what I see. Oh my y/n !!! I run to her and she hugs me so tight. She keep saying sorry. Ivan: Baby,why u apologies? It's my fault. It's totally my fault.. *cupped her puffy face* Y/n: I shouldn't do this, I miss you and I keep deny it over and over again..but then I just know that all I need is you. Ivan: No it's my fault. I'm sorry. I miss you baby moree that I can't even explain [EMILIO POV] I turn away when they kissed. I hold my phone acting like nothing happens inside when it feels like a storm all over my chest. They pulled away and Ivan look at me. Ivan: Thanks bro.. He hugs me and I rub his back. [YOUR POV] I feel blessed looking at this twins. Ivan: How are you? You: Better now..and yeah look at this *pull up my shirt showing him my baby bump* our baby.. Ivan had changes in his face like something running through his head. Ivan: I'm sorry y/n..we can't be again.. I shocked and my heart skip a beat. Emilio: Wth bro? Ivan: Emilio can u leave us alone? Emilio: Okay *walking out* Ivan look at me. His eyes a mess Ivan: I'm so sorry but we're over y/n. I'm glad that you forgive me now..but no we can't.. You: Ivan c'mon tell me you're joking right? *walking closer and hold his hand* right? This is a prank ? *try to laughs* hahah right? Where's camera ? Ivan: No look y/n stop. No jokes,no pranks,this is real. You: But you said u miss me? Ivan: I do..but.. You: You kissed me ..you love me right? You're gonna have this baby with me right? *break into tears* Ivan: Please go..just go [IVAN POV] I push her slowly back to the door. Y/n: Ivan no please tell me why?! Ivan: Just go please... I close the door. I still can hear y/n calling my name and then Emilio voice come along. I break down to the floor. I close my eyes. This is man tears. Ik if I go with her now, I'm gonna lost her and my baby forever. [OUTSIDE THE ROOM] Your thought;Ivan, you hurt me twice. ❤️❤️❤️ #martinezedits #martineztwins #martinezfanfic #martinezfanpage -comment for more 🤧🍕
PART 21 Agnes: Can I join you? It's kinda bored staying here alone. Ivan: Yeah sure.. Agnes go to her room and get ready then straightly go down to the lobby but Ivan wasn't there. [IVAN'S POV] I look at the mirror. Staring endlessly to couple of necklaces on my neck and later start to touch it. God knows how I love y/n and how much I want to be there for her. She needs to know I'm here for her,for our baby. Unfortunately my phone rings and it showed Agnes. Ivan: hello yeah yeah I'm on my way down there.. [AT THE LOBBY] Agnes: *talking to phone* As planned, yeah great, see you there! Ivan showed up at her back. Ivan: Let's go *dont even mind to know who she's talking to* Agnes shocked but quickly brush it away and smiles. Agnes: Let's go..Where are we going? They shopping for almost two hours and Agnes already ask him to get some food. Ivan;feels bored and just follow where she go. As they step in the cafe, Ivan's eyes dilated as he look at someone. Ivan: Stay here..I gotta meet someone.. Agnes just nodded with smiles. Ivan walk up to a man who sipping fresh brewed coffee at the corner. Ivan: I'm sorry..you're Mr*your dad name* right? Dad: *put down the news and look at this young boy* yeah.. we know each other? Ivan: I'm Ivan. Ivan Martínez. I know y/n..I'm...I'm..*nervous as your dad's face change a lot after hearing his name* Dad: At last you found the urge to come and see me.. Ivan: No I really wanna meet u before but this is really important..I need to see y/n..please..if u don't mind.. Your dad coughs a little. Dad: I know who u are..and so far I don't see any goods for my daughter being with you. Ivan get confused. Ivan: What ? Why? I'm the daddy for her baby.. Dad: That's why now I'm asking you to keep urself away from my daughter.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Comment for more 🤧🙋 - #martinezedits #martinezfam #martineztwins #martinezfanpage #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfics
PART 20 Ivan woke up to Agnes's sleeping face. He's not too shocked but it takes time to remember everything. Ivan: Oh shit !! What I've done.. He moves and walk to Emilio's room. Glad that Emilio is there,sleeping. He feel quite guilty of what happened so he put out his phone and take a snap saying 'I'm sorry bro' He walking out when Emilio call him. Emilio: Ivan..we need to talk. Ivan: You know I will never done that things to you bro..I never love Agnes..you know that.. Emilio: It's okay bro,just take her. Ivan: What? Emilio cmon.. Emilio: Seriously it's okay,I'm not mad..It's just maybe I gotta stay here way longer.. Ivan: Why? I means yeah..if you stay then I'll stay.. Emilio: No no no Ivan,you can go back to LA,take Agnes with u.. Ivan: No I won't leave u bro..and I still believe that y/n still here . Emilio sit up on the bed and look outside the window. Emilio: Yeah she's here..but yeah okay then.. Ivan: I think I gotta go out in a bit,wanna come? Emilio: I don't think so, I'll just date my bed,well I'm freshly single Ivan: Hahaha that's the point bro *walking out* Emilio grins while crawling on the bed taking his phone. [AT YOUR HOUSE] Maria is making breakfast while u sitting on a bean bag,chilling. You glad that Maria is there with u since your dad barely home. Maria: So now I can keepin touch with them huh? Because u already met Emilio You: Lol even if u keeping touch, what would u talk about? Maria: I'm sure Ivan got tons of questions about you.. You: I think I should come clean tht I'm okay to be a single mom Maria: Don't be emotional bitch,Ivan still love u and I'm fucking know u too You smirk,didn't reply that a message go through ur phone. >Message from Emi Hey mommy and baby,wanna go out? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sorry for not updating btw thank you for 300+ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #martinezfam #martineztwins #martinezfanpage #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #martinezedits #martineztwins
Chapter 4-Help! I hope you guys liked it!💖_Comment what you think would happen next🔜 _Comment if you want more #martineztwins #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic
Chapter 10 I low key hide behind Alissa so he couldn't see me, cause everytime I looked at him I wanted to throw up. I started getting flashbacks of what happened 2 hours ago at the hotel, and all of a sudden I start tearing up. I wipe away the tear that manged to fall off and then we get back in the car. At this point everyone knew something was up. *next morning* Sabina's pov last night we all went to sleep together cause we had a sleep over, I remember falling asleep between y/n and saarah. But when I woke up y/n was no where to be found. Y/n pov it was 7am and I needed water so I go downstairs to get some all of a sudden someone comes from behind me putting there hands on my mouth so I can't speak. Takes me into this familiar car and then to a hotel. I had already clocked it was Ivan but I didn't see his face. He puts me inside the car and then locks the door he gets in too and then drives to the SAME HOTEL WE WERE AT LAST TIME. Y/n: IVAN PLEASE DON'T DO THIS Ivan: DON'T YELL AT ME! Y/n: I wasn't yelling at u Ivan: SHUT UP OR ELSE! y/n: *I go quiet* we get to the hotel. I walk to the room slowly. I knew what was coming I wasn't gonna act all stupid as if I didn't know what was gonna happen. We get to the room. He throws me on the bed and then handcuffs me. Ivan: Did u tell anyone about this! Y/n: *nod her head no* Ivan: good that's what I thought baby girl y/n: DON'T CALL ME THAT LIKE WTF ARE U A RETARD! Ivan: who did u call a retard huh? *slaps y/n* y/n: *I didn't say anything the slap hurt but I acted like it didn't* Ivan: YOU'RE UGLY AND NO ONE'S EVER GOING TO LIKE U. He punches me in the stomach then he tries to kiss me but I pull away y/n: PISS OFF STOP TRYING TO KISS ME Ivan: *slaps y/n*. Ivan punches me one last time and then walk out of the room. The phone was right next to me but my hands couldn't reach it. 💎💎comment for more💎💎
Chapter 8 Y/n's pov As Ivan came closer to me my eyes kept filling with tears. He then suddenly inserts his noodle dick in me. I gasp. He thrusts it was pain, no pleasure. Y/n: IVAN STOP *He doesn't say anything, he then starts making dark hickey's on my boobs that hurt* ivan's phone rings Ivan:shit it's Emilio, now y/n be quiet or else you'll get punished. He gets off me and picks up the phone *call*ivan: Wasup Bro Emilio:Bro where are u? Ivan: I came to taco bell with y/n Emilio: WHY ivan:Bc I wanted to Emilio:BUT U KNOW THAT I LIKE HER SO WHY WOULD U JUST GO HANGOUT WITH HER. Ivan:Bro I can explain Emilio:*ends call* ivan: *looks y/n in the eyes* if u tell ANYONE about this that's the last you're going to see Alissa, UNDERSTOOD? Y/n: *I nod my head* ivan puts his boxers and jeans on and then uncuffs me. My wrist had red marks from the handcuffs, I put on my bra and underwear. Then I put on my top and jeans. We walk out of the room as if nothing ever happened I mean, I don't want to lose Alissa. We get to the elevator he kisses me but I pull away ivan:WTF DONT PULL AWAY*Slaps her* now I had a red mark on my face from the slap a tear made it's way down my face while we're in the elevator. We get out ivan: BYE BABYGURL! I don't reply I get in an uber and leave. Alissa's pov I hear a knock on the door sonia: WHO TF IS IT NOW Alissa: it's probably Christopher sonia: he just texted me and says he's not coming anymore cause he has to go abroad somewhere sabina: Your fucking kidding me. Is this usually what happens at 2:30 AM IN THE MORNING! all: *laugh* banks: I'll go check banks pov banks: I'll go check. I go downstairs and open the door to... 💎💎who's at the door?? Comment for more💎💎
Chapter 7 Guess who I saw..., EMILIO. Well that's what I thought Y/n: Emilio what are u doing here and why did u tell sonia that you're APPARENTLY MY BF?? Emilio: uhh idk, anyways I need u to come with me somewhere y/n: OK?? he takes me outside and opens the car door for me, I get in and he drives us to a hotel. We get into the room I put my bag down y/n: WHAT I- *he smashes his lips on mine* I pulled away y/n: WTF. He pushes me on the bed y/n: THE HELL? he gets handcuffs and cuffs me to the bed y/n: OMG EMILIO UNCUFF ME NOW Emilio: that's not my name y/n:HUH? Emilio: MY NAME ISN'T EMILIO.y/n: WHAT, IVAN?? Ivan: THAT'S RIGHT BABYGURL y/n: Don't call me that! He takes off his jeans and then his underwear. He takes my shirt off and my jeans y/n: OMG NO DON'T *I say as my eyes fill with tears* he unhooks my bra and takes my underwear off and then he tosses it on the chair. Emilio's pov where is Ivan I go to the clout house cause I thought he went there. I get to the clout house and I know on the door. Saarah's pov I hear a know on the door. Sonia: OH IT'S PROBABLY CHRISTOPHER, Saarah can u go open the door. Saarah: ugh fine. I go downstairs to open the door and I see one of the twins that y/n was talking to. ???: hi is Ivan here? Saarah: I SWEAR U JUST CAME HERE SONIA TOLD US Emilio: OMG THAT WAS MY TWIN BROTHER. Do u know where he went! Saarah: UHH... he went somewhere with y/n idk tho I heard them from upstairs. Emilio runs to his car and drives off 💎💎comment for more💎💎
PART 2 ☄️ Emilio floating in the water and keep his eyes looking for that silly girl. Emilio: Hey idk what your name but yeah just where are you? *shouts* -no answer- Emilio go underwater and out for gasps of airs. Emilio: Damn I can't even see her anywhere. Silly.. You: You silly what are you looking for ? He look up and see you sitting between big rocks holding the drone. You: So, at last you manage to jump ? What a coward *laughs* Emilio: What ?! You.. *looking up right and see her friends laughing at you and Ivan just tryin to hold his laughs* Emilio: Fckg prank they got me *holding his head* [IN THE CAR] Emilio: Don't tell me you know it was a prank Ivan: No bro I'm not *laughs* but yeah hahahah its looks like you have such pure heart to 'help' her Emilio: Who is that girl? She's a savage Ivan: Idk all I know is her name,y/n and her friends,Maria and Noah. [ARRIVE AT THE TWINS HOUSE] Ruben: No way *laughs* you got pranked by a stranger? Ruben so excited to hear the story. He keeps replaying the videos. Ivan: Ikr it's crazy. Its not good that we dont get to know her. Emilio got serious revenge on her*laughs* Ruben: You don't ? Seriously?*misbelief laughs* Emilio: Yeah. She just go like that with her squad Ruben: Her name is y/n. Savage..yeah we can reach her.. Ivan: Just how? Ruben: Easy.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Comment for more 🤷‍♀️❤️ #martinezbrothers #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #martinezfam #martineztwinsfanpage #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic
Chapter 13 ?: Is this y/n? Y/n: yeah why? ?: I'm going to end you Then they hung up Ivan: who was that? Y/n: idk but they said they're going to kill me it's probably a little joke Ivan: probably You guys finished packing so you called a taxi/Uber *Skip drive to airport* You and the twins are waiting in line when your flight gets called it said to Spain Y/n: we're going to Spain? Ivan: I couldn't tell you but your going to meet my mom and sister Y/n: oh my gosh will they like me? Ivan/emi: of course! You guys board the plane you were in between Ivan and emilio. Emilio fell asleep you looked over to Ivan and he was sleeping then he jumped and scared you Y/n: oh my God stop shhhh You said whispering Just to get him back you put your hand right on his inner thigh He looked at you and was leaned in he kissed you then you pulled out of the kiss. You started rubbing his thigh then you just stopped and grabbed his hand Ivan: really y/n Y/n: yeah You turned to him and motioned him to come closer. He leaned in and your put your head like you were about to whisper but started kissing his neck. He turned his head and started to suck your neck. You pulled out and just went on your phone. You got a text from....... Imma try to post more #martineztwinsedits #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #martinezfanfic #martineztwinsimagines
Emilios POV *y/n just left and a nurse came to take me to the waiting room i cant stop tapping my leg i am so nervous ughhhh i hope shes okay i dont want anything to happen to either of my babys* End of POV ~ 1 hour and a half later~ Emilios POV *i saw a nurse rolling y/n out of the doors with a whell chair she looked really woozy the nurse called my name and i walked quickly up to them* End of POV Nurse: shes a litte woozy because of the medicine we gave her and we are going to send you two home with some more of it to help with her pain and the swelling Emilio: ok thank you do much Nurse: no problem but there are some side effects to the medicine. There could be throwing up, puffy eyes, or sore throat or she could be acting weird like saying weird stuff or do crazy things Emilio: okay what times do i have to give her the medicine Nurse: its all on the bottle but if you need anything else feel free to call us Emilio: ok *emilio helped you get out of the wheel chair because you couldn't walk straight you felt a little dizzy but he helped you to back to the car* ~skip car ride~ *emilio held you close while he guided inside the apartment* Emilio: babe i think you need to lay down and get some rest *you couldn't talk straight* Y/n: nooooo i wantt to cuddle withg yoooo Emilio: baby not right now i have to get dinner unless you just want me to order something Y/n: cann we get pizzaaa Emilio: sure. Ok go Lay down and wait for me Y/n: okayyy *you said with a smirk on your face laughing* *emilio just laughed and called the pizza place*... _________________________ Lol its been a while but im not going to be able to post a chapter every day but i will try to post as quick as possible💜❤! #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #martineztwins #martinez #fanfiction #fanfic
Till... oh hey Melany you wanna take some pics for Instagram? - Alissa (did I scare you lmao) “Nah don’t we have the photoshoot tomorrow”? Alissa: “True, alright goodnight Mel”. “goodnight”. Next day 💫 You woke up, did your business in the bathroom: and wore this. (Swipe 1x) and saw some edits of you being shipped with the twins (swipe 2x) you go downstairs to see Alissa. Al:” hey girly “ “Hey sis” Al:“wanna start a youtube channel” “Well you said that fast”..... Al: Soo?? “Of course”! *we made the channel and named it Melany Morgan.* “Let’s take some insta pics”! Al: “and promote our channels”! “YASS” *We took some pics.* Alissa Violet : “W/ my little sis Mel!!💜👻 Subscribe to Melany Morgan and Alissa Violet on YouTube! @ MelanyMorgan Liked by MelanyMorgan,Rice,banks, & 700,00 others. Top comments: MelanyMorgan: Haha love you more sis! Alissa Violet replied with No I do! ✨ (liked by 5,721 others) Cindy Kimberly: #cuties Alissa Violet replied with Ikr hahaha miss ya Cindy 😇 (like by 3,010 others) Melany Morgan: “That’s my bestfriend” Subscribe to Melany Morgan and Alissa Violet on YouTube! w/ Violet @ alissaviolet liked by Alissa Violet, Emilio Martinez, Catherine Paiz & 900,00 others. Top comments Catherine Paiz: I adore you two! 🤪😍 (3,021 others liked) Melany Morgan replied with I adore you! 🖤(liked by 4,028 others) Emiliovmartinez: Beautiful 😍 (liked by 1,003 others) Melany Morgan replied with Handsome! (Liked by 2,002 others)Nyrellelolai: Miss you M! 🤪 (like by 200 others) Melany Morgan replied with : Miss you to Relle! 😩 - - - After that The gang decided that we should go to Starbucks and some restaurant. • • • #martinezfanfic more?
Chapter 12 Emilio came whipping the door open Emilio: omg did I leave my phone in here? Ivan: bro I was scared and yeah You threw him his phone and he left you and Ivan kept packing. Y/n: Ivan? Ivan: yeah? Y/n: where are we going Ivan:that's a secret Y/n: but I want to know Ivan leaned in to your ear and whispered Ivan:it's a secret but I can go inside you He then bit your ear Y/n: really? Ivan: yeah Y/n: yeah? Ivan: yeah He then scooped you up and started kissing you he put you against the wall Then Emilio came in again Emi: hey Ivan do I pack light or--- You get down and fix your clothes Emi: ohh I'm sorry He then left the room. You and Ivan just stood there then looked at each other and started laughing. Your phone started ringing you picked up Y/n: hello? ?:......... Like for more #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #martineztwinsimagines #martinezfanfic
I'm making new fanfic with ivan but on the fanfic "are story" is not ended yet I'm making both fanfic at the same Time, and the intro will be out in 30 minutes #ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #emiliomartinez
❤CHAPTER 11❤ You guys start all of your stretches and your sit-ups and pushups... Then you have to go outside to run... But you have asthma so you have to use your inhaler first 😒😔 Emilio's POV: I don't know why but I've had this feeling ever since I saw y/n, I've never had this feeling before but in a way it's a good feeling but in another way... It's also a bad feeling... 😔 Ivan's POV: I honestly don't know what's up with Emilio today, just in the car he was super happy but now he's not... 😔 Star's POV: When I used to talk to y/n on Instagram she... Was different 😳 I don't know what's up... It kinda seems like she's super nervous all the time too... Unless she's always like that but I don't think she's always SUPER nervous... Maybe nervous a little but not as much as she is today... 😳 Your POV: I'm super sad now... Emi likes someone at my school he probably likes the popular girl names Grace... 😳😳😳😭 Anyway you guys then start going outside to run and walk out to the field and stand in the track and wait until Ms. Willis tells everyone to start running... And you have to run two laps around the field today... Ms. Willis: ok, everyone ready? 1, 2, 3, go! 🚦🏃🏃🏃 Everyone started running but you are at the end because of your stupid asthma... You've always hated having asthma but this year running almost every day your asthma is getting way better and you are actually very happy 😄😃😁 but you start running thinking about Emilio again and start to get sad and not even paying attention to your asthma... You start to have an asthma attack and can't breathe... Your friend Kiara comes up to you and knows exactly knows what's happening... She runs over to Ms. Willis and tells her that you need your inhaler so she runs to your binder to go get it because... ⬇ 🚫MORE IN COMMENTS🚫 _-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 100 likes and 25 comments for Chapter 12 😊 #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #raydiaz #domsperspective #starhcity #chapter11 #chapters #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fanfic4martinez #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #chapter @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez @iamraydiaz @raydiaz @domsperspective @itskingbeasley @starhcity @anesuofficial
Your POV * i woke up and saw emilio sleeping peacefully beside me he was so cute i started to give him little kisses on his cheek then his eyes started to flutter open* End of POV Emilio: good morning beautiful Y/n: good morning handsome Emilio: last night was amazing wasn't it *you just blushed and giggled* Emilio: i'll take that as a yes Y/n: i am going to shower Emilio: im going to miss you Y/n: im only going to be gone for like 30 minutes Emilio: okay *he mad a puppy dog face* *you just laughed and went into the bathroom to take a shower as you were showering you tried to was the hair u had left because some of it already fell out and u noticed it kept on falling out you got really insecure because you thought emilio wouldn't like u anymore * ~30 min later~ *when u got out of the shower u wrapped a towel around your head you put ur clothes on u still had the towel around your head and came out of the bathroom you peeked your head through the bathroom door to see if emilio was there and he wasn't( yalls bathroom is in the room) so you ran to your drawer and got ur beanie and put it on while u were fixing it emilio walked in* Emilio: there she is *he said with a smile* Y/n: there he is *you said with a smile* Emilio: why are you wearing a beanie were inside Y/n: i uhhh... I Just got cold Emilio: okay? Well im going to go shower Y/n: okay *he pecked your lips and went into the bathroom to go take a shower* Your POV *that was close but i cant keep wearing this beanie what am i going to do??*.... Ik its a trashy chpt. But i needed to post one ill probably post another 1 later #martineztwinsfanfiction #martineztwinsfanfic #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic #fanfic #fanfiction
💞CHAPTER 9💞 Y/n: ... Umm... Hey Emilio... I was wondering if you were ok? 😳 E:... Umm yeah I'm fine... Why?... 😳 Y/n:...umm because you just don't seem yourself... Today... 😳 E: Oh yeah I'm fine... It's just something... But it's not that important... 😳 Y/n:...umm now I really want to know 😂😂😂... 😳 E: naw it's not that important... 😳 Y/n: well if its not that important than can you... Tell me?... 😞 E: Umm... Idk... Maybe😞 Y/n: come on Emi, plz 😳 Emilio's POV: Did she... Did she just call me Emi? I don't want to tell her why I'm... Not... Myself today... It's only because... I might... Like her a little bit 😳 but I don't want to tell her that... I have a ton of fans... What are they going to think when I like someone I just met less than a day ago... Well IDK if I "like" Her I might... Like her a "little" More than just "like" 😳😳 Y/n: Hey Emi are you ok? 😳 E:... Umm yeah I'm fine Emi's POV: I don't know why she's so worried about me... Should I be worried that she is worried about me because this is kinda worrying me (👈 IDK😂) E: why are you... So worried?... Y/n:...umm...idk... I guess I just noticed you are more... Like talkative and act more weird but... Today you aren't acting like yourself... IDK... I'm sorry I will stop asking if you are ok... I'm so sorry 😳 E: no it's fine 😳... The reason... Why... I'm... Acting... Not normal... Is because... I might... Like someone at... This school?... 😳😞 Y/n: oh 😕 😞😳 E: what's wrong? 😳 Y/n: oh... Me, oh nothing I'm fine 😊 *fake smiles* Your POV: I don't know why I am fake smiling but... IDK actually.. I wonder who he likes? It's probably one of those "Perfect" "Pretty" "Popular" Girls 😳 and I'm obviously none of those so... IDK... I just have to stop worrying about it there is a lot if other things I could be worrying about... Like my work that I am supposed to be getting done 😕😞😳😂-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 100 likes and 25 comments for Chapter 10😊 #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #raydiaz #domsperspective #starhcity #rubenbeasley #chapter8 #chapters #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fanfic4martinez #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #ilygsm 😊
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❤CHAPTER 8❤ (sorry it's super late I've been really busy with a lot of homework and I've been moving, and had no time to do homework😞😭) Emilio's POV: Omg did I do something... I feel really bad 😭😭😭 Ms. Brown then went over to the guests (@starhcity @domsperspective @itskingbeasley @raydiaz @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ) Ms. Brown: What happened to Y/n?😞 Star: Idk... She just... Started crying out of nowhere😞😭 Ms. Brown: Well that is not her... She wouldn't just do that unless it was something that really hurt her or something else... 😞😭 Ray: Idk... I honestly have no idea what's wrong I was just talking to Dom and she just ran out... I feel really bad though 😞😭 Your pov: *crying* ugh... Did I do something that j didn't know I did ... 😭😭😭 what did I do to Emi... 😭😭😭 Ms. Brown then leaves the room and starts looking for you and obviously the first place she looks is in the ladies room 🚺 Ms. Brown: Y/n?...are you in here Y/n: *sniffles*... yeah... 😭 Ms. Brown:... Y/n plz come out, can I plz talk to you? 😞 Y/n:... Sure... 😭 You then come out... Ms. Brown: y/n what's wrong??? Y/n: Nothing I'm fine... Ms. Brown: obviously your not... You ran out crying... Y/n what's wrong!??? Y/n: I don't really want to talk about it... Ms. Brown: do you want to talk to a counselor? Y/n:...not really... I don't really... Like talking to people about my problems but... I think I'm good now... *sniffles* Ms. Brown: are you sure??? Y/n: Yeah, I think I'm good to... Go... Back to class... Ms. Brown: Y/n...whats wrong...why did you say that with so many pauses? Y/n: umm... Nothing... I'm fine... I'm good to go back to class... *you then start to walk out of the bathroom... Ms. Brown: Y/N!... Do you... Have feelings for one of them...??? Y/n: How could I have feelings for one of them I only knew them for... Not even a day... Ms. Brown: Are you sure... I've actually noticed that right before you ran out you where looking at the boy that was sitting on the right of you... Are you sure? Y/n: Fine... Maybe I do... I'm afraid I did something wrong because he is not acting normal... He hasn't been acting normal since we met😭😭😭 *⬇MORE IN COMMENTS⬇*
❤CHAPTER 7❤ You them start 3 period and today this class is going by really fast, before you know it the class is over... But wait do you really want it to go by super fast???😞 Y/n: Is it just me or is today going by really REALLY fast? 😞 Ray: Actually it is going by really fast😂 I: Hey Emilio, what's wrong bro? You're barely even talking😞 E: Oh nothing bro I'm fine 😂 😞 You can tell there is something wrong because usually he is happy and talks a lot, but today when he is with you... You can tell something is wrong and because he's with you... You think it's your fault... Like you did something... But what?😞 You then go sit next to Star and start to pass notes 📒 *NOTES* Y/N: Hey... Star: Hey, what's wrong?😞 Y/N: Umm... I think something is wrong with Emilio...😞 Star: Yeah I was starting to think the same thing...😞 Y/N: Yeah, for some reason I think it's because of me...😭 Star: No, why would you think that? 😳 Y/N: Because usually he is all happy and talks more than he is today and ever since he came to my school, and chose me to be the person that you guys follow around he has been acting kinda... Weird...😭 Star: Actually, I kinda noticed that also... I wonder what's wrong? Y/N: Yeah me to, and if it is because of me... I wonder what I did wrong???😭 Star: I don't think you did anything... I actually might know why he's acting all weird... But I can't tell you... I'm sorry 😔 Y/N: Why does he miss his girlfriend? Star: Haha no he doesn't have one, and I'm not telling you I'm sorry 😔 Y/N: Ugh fine, but u still really want to know...😩 *END OF NOTES* You then walk back to your assigned seat... Next to Emilio Your POV: I want to ask him what's wrong and for him to actually tell me why... But he won't even talk to his TWIN BROTHER!!! AND THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS!!! I'm really sad... I think I might cry... 😭 You then start to cry... You then run out of the classroom, you head for the ladies room... Emilio's POV: Omg I feel really bad 😭I wonder what's wrong... Did I do something wrong??? _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 90 likes and 20 comments for Chapter 8 😊❤
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