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PART 2 ☄️ Emilio floating in the water and keep his eyes looking for that silly girl. Emilio: Hey idk what your name but yeah just where are you? *shouts* -no answer- Emilio go underwater and out for gasps of airs. Emilio: Damn I can't even see her anywhere. Silly.. You: You silly what are you looking for ? He look up and see you sitting between big rocks holding the drone. You: So, at last you manage to jump ? What a coward *laughs* Emilio: What ?! You.. *looking up right and see her friends laughing at you and Ivan just tryin to hold his laughs* Emilio: Fckg prank they got me *holding his head* [IN THE CAR] Emilio: Don't tell me you know it was a prank Ivan: No bro I'm not *laughs* but yeah hahahah its looks like you have such pure heart to 'help' her Emilio: Who is that girl? She's a savage Ivan: Idk all I know is her name,y/n and her friends,Maria and Noah. [ARRIVE AT THE TWINS HOUSE] Ruben: No way *laughs* you got pranked by a stranger? Ruben so excited to hear the story. He keeps replaying the videos. Ivan: Ikr it's crazy. Its not good that we dont get to know her. Emilio got serious revenge on her*laughs* Ruben: You don't ? Seriously?*misbelief laughs* Emilio: Yeah. She just go like that with her squad Ruben: Her name is y/n. Savage..yeah we can reach her.. Ivan: Just how? Ruben: Easy.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Comment for more 🤷‍♀️❤️ #martinezbrothers #emiliomartinez #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #martinezfam #martineztwinsfanpage #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic
Do u guys like this style better? Oh and btw I changed the picture it's the same story but different picture :) @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction
"Mmm no wtf, I wouldn't do that to Emilio, I love him and you know that. " I say furiously " Awe cmon babygirl ik u want to. " "Ivan I wasn't even dating anyone so basically if u tell Emilio I don't think he would care. " " I hope " I say under my breath. "Hmm so then I guess I'll tell him. " Ivan says happily. Then we start to heard footsteps from the stairs. Ivan runs over to Emilio and says they need to talk. "Okay, then let's go to the office " Emilio says. U watch as they walk into the office and as they were about the enter the office Ivan turns to u and winks. You sigh as you know Emilio is going to be heartbroken 💔 (Emilio's POV) I finally decided that I would get my lazy ass outta bed but as I was heading downstairs I heard Ivan and y/n talking about when they had sex but she wasn't dating anyone saying I wouldn't get mad, but she was right I was furious, not that it happened but the fact that they kept it a secret. And then Ivan was going to supposably tell me what happened. (Normal POV) "So... I heard what you guys we're talking about. " Emilio says "look Emilio........ • • What's going to happen? Who will she chose? Are they going to fight? Does y/n have a secret of her own? • COMMENT FOR MORE 👇👇 @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martineztwins #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction
Al- Anyways let’s get to it! |you guys filmed for Chantel first| Ch- hey guys! Today I’m here with Melany Morgan & Alissa Violet. We are going to do the guess that youtuber! Rice is gonna show us a youtubers face up close and we will guess. | then yours with Banks, Rice, Emilio, Ivan. They taught you guys how to play FIFA & Fortnite all though the twins were bad| Then finally Alissa’s vid you did the eat it or wear it challenge Chantel lost and Alissa won you didn’t win but at least you didn’t lose Chantel was complaining because she was on a diet | Then Ivan called you Ivan- Hey I was wondering if you wanted to go to Starbucks? You “Yeah sure.” ( you went to Starbucks. then you see... Ashley, Joshua, Nyrelle, & your ex bestfriend Kim. Ashley sees you and runs to you) You “haha hey! Ashley- Missed you it’s been 3 weeks! (Joshua and Nyrelle come up to you) Joshua- Sup! Nyrelle- your back finally! (Both hug you) you look to see Ivan in tons of confusion. )You “guys this is my friend Ivan we meant 2 weeks ago Ivan these are my friends we met when we were 9 years old.” Ivan- about that I was gonna ask you a question you- Well? Ivan- will you be my girlfriend?! You “Really?? Of course!” (He kisses you on the cheek) Everbody But Kim- Aww! Kim- ugly ass hœ! *whispers loudly* You “Tf who brought this idiot”? || back story Kim was your bestfriend for 10 + years but one day she just kicked you out of her life with abuse punched you, kicked you, pushed you in the road that leaded you to breaking your leg. Ashley continues with TF WHERE DID SHE COME FROM? Nyrelle- she must of followed us! Joshua- listen bitch we were never your friend you hurt Melany!! (She’s leaves) You take a photo with Ashley (swipe) your on the right || Melany Morgan : I loved somebody with all my heart but that all faded! Ashley helped me with everything thank you. 📸: by @ Nyrellelolai @ ashleybolvita - likes by Ashleybolvita, Alissa Violet, Joshua baptisma & 800,82 others
Some parts are cut off my it don't matter?? Enjoy chapter 4 srry for posting this chapter late! What do You think Ivan is going to say? Tbc = - - - - #martineztwins #june8 #martinators #martineztwinsfanfiction #martinators4life #martinezimagines #martineztwinsedit #martineztwinsedits #martineztwinsfanpage #martineztwins ❤️ #martinator4thewin #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #rubenbeasley #fanfiction #fanfic #martinezfanfic
Chapter 13 ?: Is this y/n? Y/n: yeah why? ?: I'm going to end you Then they hung up Ivan: who was that? Y/n: idk but they said they're going to kill me it's probably a little joke Ivan: probably You guys finished packing so you called a taxi/Uber *Skip drive to airport* You and the twins are waiting in line when your flight gets called it said to Spain Y/n: we're going to Spain? Ivan: I couldn't tell you but your going to meet my mom and sister Y/n: oh my gosh will they like me? Ivan/emi: of course! You guys board the plane you were in between Ivan and emilio. Emilio fell asleep you looked over to Ivan and he was sleeping then he jumped and scared you Y/n: oh my God stop shhhh You said whispering Just to get him back you put your hand right on his inner thigh He looked at you and was leaned in he kissed you then you pulled out of the kiss. You started rubbing his thigh then you just stopped and grabbed his hand Ivan: really y/n Y/n: yeah You turned to him and motioned him to come closer. He leaned in and your put your head like you were about to whisper but started kissing his neck. He turned his head and started to suck your neck. You pulled out and just went on your phone. You got a text from....... Imma try to post more #martineztwinsedits #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #martinezfanfic #martineztwinsimagines
(I know this doesn’t really have the twins in it but it probably have them in it way more) You all met at the restaurant You were wearing (Swipe 1x) the gang wore (swipe 4x) But then you realize Chantel is wearing the same thing (Swipe 1x) You look at her, she looks at you both: “twinning”!! Al: “awe I wanna be apart of this” Ivan: Why are you guys dressed like this? “The photoshoot remember”? Ivan: ohh *walks away* Al: “Oh yeah Mel we made a youtube channel for you! I’ll buy a camera for you”! “You don’t have to tbh I have my own money”. Al: “Oh come on I could teach you how to vlog”! “Ugh fine” Al: “Oh & ask Teawap to edit your vids”! “Okay thanks”. Ch: “Ouu didn’t know you had a youtube channel! Wellcome to the club babes! “ “Thank you”! *Alex (faze adapt) comes to you* Alex: Yooo I heard your new to the gang! “Yup”! *Brian comes recording (Faze Rug) * Al: “It’s my son”! Brian: Aye!! So new member I’m here! “I can tell I’m gonna be close to you guys”! Brian: “Lit”! Alex:”Cool”! *Alex walks away* “Oh and Brian guess what”! Brian:”What”? “Your my new son”! Brian: “AYEEE I GOT 3 Moms One named Alissa,named Melany, & one named mama Rug”. *all house* *Alex comes back* Alex: “Hey um we are leaving to the photoshoot in 15 minutes, Ricky (banks) told me to you”. You, Chantel & Alissa : “SHIT”! Ch: Ugh we’ve been talking the whole time that we forgot about our food! Al: Hey at least it shows how strong our bond is! All: True! # Chalany haha! *You guys go to eat and head to the photoshoot* Photographer: Hey my name is Eliza, I will be your photographer today! All: Hey Eliza Eliza: Okay, So I want you,you,you,you & you to pose for the camera, (idk what they would say tbh) oh wait what’s your names? Al: Mine is Alissa “I’m Melany” Emilio: Emilio Ivan: Mines Ivan Banks: Sup I’m Banks! • • • • • Lmao I don’t know why I named it “the weird photoshoot...” It rarely even has anything abt it but whatever the next chapter will lol hoped you enjoyed #martinezfanfic
Emilios POV *y/n just left and a nurse came to take me to the waiting room i cant stop tapping my leg i am so nervous ughhhh i hope shes okay i dont want anything to happen to either of my babys* End of POV ~ 1 hour and a half later~ Emilios POV *i saw a nurse rolling y/n out of the doors with a whell chair she looked really woozy the nurse called my name and i walked quickly up to them* End of POV Nurse: shes a litte woozy because of the medicine we gave her and we are going to send you two home with some more of it to help with her pain and the swelling Emilio: ok thank you do much Nurse: no problem but there are some side effects to the medicine. There could be throwing up, puffy eyes, or sore throat or she could be acting weird like saying weird stuff or do crazy things Emilio: okay what times do i have to give her the medicine Nurse: its all on the bottle but if you need anything else feel free to call us Emilio: ok *emilio helped you get out of the wheel chair because you couldn't walk straight you felt a little dizzy but he helped you to back to the car* ~skip car ride~ *emilio held you close while he guided inside the apartment* Emilio: babe i think you need to lay down and get some rest *you couldn't talk straight* Y/n: nooooo i wantt to cuddle withg yoooo Emilio: baby not right now i have to get dinner unless you just want me to order something Y/n: cann we get pizzaaa Emilio: sure. Ok go Lay down and wait for me Y/n: okayyy *you said with a smirk on your face laughing* *emilio just laughed and called the pizza place*... _________________________ Lol its been a while but im not going to be able to post a chapter every day but i will try to post as quick as possible💜❤! #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #martineztwins #martinez #fanfiction #fanfic
As y/n got off me to get dressed she fainted and I instantly ran to her and cried "y/n baby no" And I ran to my phone while I was running back to y/n u was calling 911, about 5 minutes later she was in the back of an ambulance with me right behind her. When we got to the hospital they didn't let me go in until she awoke and when she did they finally let me see her and when I saw her, I started to cry and I ran to her arms as she stood up I said "aww baby please don't ever do that again you scared the living hell outta me" I said crying on her shoulder. "I know baby im so sorry" I said as i pull out the hug and give him a quick but passionate kiss on the lips. "What did the doctor say do you know? " She said "No I will go and find a nurse " As Emilio came back with a nurse I started to feel very nauseous and I ran to that bathroom and threw up. "Baby are you okay? " Emilio says as he holds my hair back and the nurse checks the board "yes" I say as me and Emilio walk back into the room where the nurse is. I sit back in the hospital bed and she looks at me and Emilio a bit scared, which scares me a bit she says "I have bad news for the two of you, but it looks here that y/n you have cancer " And as she says those word I looked at Emilio who looked at me in shock with tears running down his face, he runs towards me and cries in me. "I am so sorry about the news I will be back in a while. " The nurse says as she leaves. "Emilio I am so sorry " "Don't be sorry you have made me sorry much happier my love, I love you so much " I say as u grab her face and kiss her, but she pulls away and says "Wait but what about the baby........ • • • WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER • Is the baby okay? What's going to happen? When she fainted did the baby die? What will happen to there relationship? • • Please comment for more @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martineztwins
Parte 7💖 Comenten para mas #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction
Till... oh hey Melany you wanna take some pics for Instagram? - Alissa (did I scare you lmao) “Nah don’t we have the photoshoot tomorrow”? Alissa: “True, alright goodnight Mel”. “goodnight”. Next day 💫 You woke up, did your business in the bathroom: and wore this. (Swipe 1x) and saw some edits of you being shipped with the twins (swipe 2x) you go downstairs to see Alissa. Al:” hey girly “ “Hey sis” Al:“wanna start a youtube channel” “Well you said that fast”..... Al: Soo?? “Of course”! *we made the channel and named it Melany Morgan.* “Let’s take some insta pics”! Al: “and promote our channels”! “YASS” *We took some pics.* Alissa Violet : “W/ my little sis Mel!!💜👻 Subscribe to Melany Morgan and Alissa Violet on YouTube! @ MelanyMorgan Liked by MelanyMorgan,Rice,banks, & 700,00 others. Top comments: MelanyMorgan: Haha love you more sis! Alissa Violet replied with No I do! ✨ (liked by 5,721 others) Cindy Kimberly: #cuties Alissa Violet replied with Ikr hahaha miss ya Cindy 😇 (like by 3,010 others) Melany Morgan: “That’s my bestfriend” Subscribe to Melany Morgan and Alissa Violet on YouTube! w/ Violet @ alissaviolet liked by Alissa Violet, Emilio Martinez, Catherine Paiz & 900,00 others. Top comments Catherine Paiz: I adore you two! 🤪😍 (3,021 others liked) Melany Morgan replied with I adore you! 🖤(liked by 4,028 others) Emiliovmartinez: Beautiful 😍 (liked by 1,003 others) Melany Morgan replied with Handsome! (Liked by 2,002 others)Nyrellelolai: Miss you M! 🤪 (like by 200 others) Melany Morgan replied with : Miss you to Relle! 😩 - - - After that The gang decided that we should go to Starbucks and some restaurant. • • • #martinezfanfic more?
The doctor enters the room, she says "I am good news and bad news, the good new is that your one baby is okay and the other has sadly passed away" "There were two babies? " "Yes there were, they were twin girls." "Okay thank you, when is the next checkup? " "In 3 weeks exactly" "Okay see you then, thank you doctor" You went home with Emilio without a single word being said. When u got home you immediately went to yours and Emilios room and cried, Emilio saw you and hugged you. "It's okay baby, shhh please don't cry" "I know it's just that we had two twin girls, and now we only have one. (😢) " Why don't we go tell Ivan if he wants to help go shopping for are babygirl?" "Yea, okay" Emilio told Ivan and he said yes, you there went shopping for stuff. And when u got home you were exhausted and went to sleep. ✨The Next Morning ✨ I woke up the next morning with Emilio in my face, I kissed his face until he was awake. "Good morning beautiful" "Morning" "You okay? " "I'm feeling better" "Okay good bc I'm taking you out tonight" "Okay what time do I get ready at? " "At 6 and where something fancy" "Okay" I said then I kissed him, he flipped me over so that I was now on top of him and he says "I love you" And then he rubs my belly and says "I love you to baby" You giggle and say I love you too" "Now let me go get dressed" You said and got off of Emilio and stood up, but when you stood up you felt light headed and the last thing you remember is "y/n baby no. " • • COMMENT FOR MORE • Is she okay? What happened? Is the baby okay? • • Wait for the next chapter to find out. @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martineztwins
It was Kyle and he knows I am pregnant, bc he has came to my house to talk and I told him I was pregnant and that we shouldn't be together. So I told Emi to go inside and that i would talk to Kyle and that's what I did. "Hey" "Hey y/n look I came here to say something" "Okay what is it" "You can't have that baby " And once he said that he pushed me on the ground and beat me until I we'd bruised and all bloody, I wasn't able to say anything until I did and yelled for Emi, he came running and when he saw what was happening he put Kyle in a head lock until he passed out. Emi came to me and said "Baby I am so sorry, I will take you to the hospital" "No first call the cops" And he did they arrested Kyle and the ambulance came and took you. You told them u were about 4 weeks pregnant. They checked if the baby was okay, and when they came back they told u...... • • • GUESS YOU NEED TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!! • • What will the doctor say? Is she okay? Did the baby die? Is the baby Kyle's or Emilio's? COMMENT FOR MORE!! @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martineztwins
(Emilios POV) Today is the day, it's the day that I will ask the most beautiful girl to be my girlfriend. She is just so strong, beautiful and so sweet, I hope she day yes. I called y/n to the house and told her i had a surprise for her. ✨Moments Later ✨ I see the most stunning woman appear through my house doors i say "y/n will u make me the happiest man on earth and do me the honor of making are relationship officially by making me your boyfriend. (Your POV) I was shocked i didn't know what to say. " Yes ofc my love" She says as she runs into his arms and gives him a kiss. As the day continued y/n and Emilio spent the day together but little did they know that someone was following them. As we made it home we were greeted by someone. I didn't know who it was as first until he stepped in the light and at that moment I knew what he was going to do. • • • Who is it? What are they going to do? Will the baby be okay? I guess u will need to read the next chapter.!!! COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK 💭💭💭 @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martineztwins
Chapter 12 Emilio came whipping the door open Emilio: omg did I leave my phone in here? Ivan: bro I was scared and yeah You threw him his phone and he left you and Ivan kept packing. Y/n: Ivan? Ivan: yeah? Y/n: where are we going Ivan:that's a secret Y/n: but I want to know Ivan leaned in to your ear and whispered Ivan:it's a secret but I can go inside you He then bit your ear Y/n: really? Ivan: yeah Y/n: yeah? Ivan: yeah He then scooped you up and started kissing you he put you against the wall Then Emilio came in again Emi: hey Ivan do I pack light or--- You get down and fix your clothes Emi: ohh I'm sorry He then left the room. You and Ivan just stood there then looked at each other and started laughing. Your phone started ringing you picked up Y/n: hello? ?:......... Like for more #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #martineztwinsimagines #martinezfanfic
*Next Morning* You woke up the next morning in Emilios arms until u felt this burning sensation in your throat, u quickly ran to the restroom and threw up. (Emilios POV) I woke up to y/n throwing up and then I remembered I didn't use protection "fuk" I whispered (Normal POV) Am I pregnant y/n thought and then Emilio came by you and comforted you as he says "I'm sorry " "No, don't be ever since I was little I have always wanted a child and now that I might be pregnant and it's with the love of my life I'm glad. " Emilio didn't say anything he just kissed you. "I'm happy too, um I think u should change into something that covers you up bc ur.. " "Omg sorry" "No don't be I think u look better without any clothes on. " He said as u pecked ur his lips and started to get dressed. You two decided that you would keep the baby a secret until you started showing. ✨*Two Weeks Later*✨ I got to Emilios house bc he said that he had a surprise for me. When u stepped into the house (btw you have your own key for the house) u were greeted by a very handsome Emilio in a tux and then he said "y/n will you.... " • • I GUESS YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER COMMENT DOWN BELOW next chapter in 10 comments (Is he proposing? Are they dating? Find out in the next chapter...) @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martineztwins Sorry it's a bit short 😘❤
As he opened the door he grabbed you by the waist making you jump in his arms. And when he opened the door you saw his brother and Kyle, you just stood there in shock. Until Kyle said "y/n, y-your cheating on me? " "What? No we aren't even dating, in fact get out of my life!! " You said as you passionately kissed Emilio. And at that point Kyle was already out the door. You pulled away and Emilio said "I'm sorry. " "No, don't be I just figure out who loves me more. " He didn't even say anything he just kissed you until you both noticed that Ivan was still standing there. "Oh, Ivan I'm so sorry I forgot you were here. " "It's fine but I'm gonna sleep now, have fun. " He says as he winks at Emilio. "Shall we continue.... " "We shall. " • • SORRY THAT ITS SHORT AND SORRY THAT I HAVEN'T POSTED, I HATE SCHOOL, BUT COMMENT "MORE" IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!! @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martineztwins
I'm making new fanfic with ivan but on the fanfic "are story" is not ended yet I'm making both fanfic at the same Time, and the intro will be out in 30 minutes #ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #emiliomartinez
❤CHAPTER 11❤ You guys start all of your stretches and your sit-ups and pushups... Then you have to go outside to run... But you have asthma so you have to use your inhaler first 😒😔 Emilio's POV: I don't know why but I've had this feeling ever since I saw y/n, I've never had this feeling before but in a way it's a good feeling but in another way... It's also a bad feeling... 😔 Ivan's POV: I honestly don't know what's up with Emilio today, just in the car he was super happy but now he's not... 😔 Star's POV: When I used to talk to y/n on Instagram she... Was different 😳 I don't know what's up... It kinda seems like she's super nervous all the time too... Unless she's always like that but I don't think she's always SUPER nervous... Maybe nervous a little but not as much as she is today... 😳 Your POV: I'm super sad now... Emi likes someone at my school he probably likes the popular girl names Grace... 😳😳😳😭 Anyway you guys then start going outside to run and walk out to the field and stand in the track and wait until Ms. Willis tells everyone to start running... And you have to run two laps around the field today... Ms. Willis: ok, everyone ready? 1, 2, 3, go! 🚦🏃🏃🏃 Everyone started running but you are at the end because of your stupid asthma... You've always hated having asthma but this year running almost every day your asthma is getting way better and you are actually very happy 😄😃😁 but you start running thinking about Emilio again and start to get sad and not even paying attention to your asthma... You start to have an asthma attack and can't breathe... Your friend Kiara comes up to you and knows exactly knows what's happening... She runs over to Ms. Willis and tells her that you need your inhaler so she runs to your binder to go get it because... ⬇ 🚫MORE IN COMMENTS🚫 _-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 100 likes and 25 comments for Chapter 12 😊 #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #raydiaz #domsperspective #starhcity #chapter11 #chapters #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fanfic4martinez #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #chapter @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez @iamraydiaz @raydiaz @domsperspective @itskingbeasley @starhcity @anesuofficial
I opened the door to reveal two handsome blonde twins. But before the twins could say anything Kyle said. "Whose at the door? " He said walking to the front door to see the twins from the Starbucks earlier. "Hi guys what do you need? " Kyle said politely "We just need to talk to y/n." I stepped in front of Kyle and the closed the door leaving me outside with the twins. "We just wanted to say that we say you at the mall and we thought that you were really gorgeous, and maybe you would give us your number. " "Yes of course" You say as you give them you phone number. "See you guys around. " I say as I wink at them and walk into the house where I await a pissed off Kyle. "So what did those twins want. " "They just wanted my number so we could collab. " (You were also a YouTuber but not as big) "Oh, okay I'm sorry that I was getting mad it's just that I love you and I can't afford to lose you. " "You won't. " You say in a seductive way while bitting your lip. And you knew Kyle couldn't take it so he pushed you against a wall and made out with you while slowly making his way down your neck leaving very noticeable hickeys. *The Next Morning* You wake up next to Kyle in your bed naked and you were so shocked because now you think you have feelings for three people (oops, oh well 👍😂) You lean to your side and kiss Kyle awake and he kissed back, flipping you both over so Kyle was on top of you. (👉👌) You both decided to get up and get dressed, then you got an unknown text from someone, it said "Hey it's Emilio I wanted to know if you wanted to meet up at Starbucks?" "Hey Emilio I would love to meet you at Starbucks in 20 mins. " "Okay see you then." (Normal POV) As you got to Starbucks you saw Emilio and walked towards him and hugged him then kissed his cheek. As you begin to talk to noticed that Emilio was slowly making his way up to your thigh and slightly begins to rub your cilt making you wet for him. Then you whisper into his ear "Should we take this back to your place? " "Mmm" As he sexually bites your ear. You and Emilio make your way to his house as he opens the door he.... @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic COMMENT "MORE"🤘
Me enamore de una fanParte 5 *perdon por las faltas de ortografia* Comenten para mas💕💕 #martinezfanfic #martineztwinsfanfiction
Chapter 17~ Isaiah's POV ~ Hey! Let me in! *says while banging on the hospital door* *1 hour before* *phone rings* ~ Yeah? Who is this? H~ Ding dong, it's me. ~ Ew, you. H~ Y/N is in the hospital so get over here. *hangs up phone* I get dressed and race to the hospital. I hate my cousin's boyfriend, Haloti. I found marks on Y/N when she was 15 and I'm positive he gave them to her. Y/N is my cousin but we act just like bestfriends. Hell, she is my bestfriend. I get to the hospital and get to her room. *Time skip* ~ Hey! Let me in! I hear shuffling from the room. The door finally opens after a minute. Y/N~ Isaiah!!! Finally a familiar face! I turn to Haloti. ~ WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER! Y/N~ Ow! My head! H~ She lost her memory when she f-fell. I walk over to Y/N and pull up her gown from the hospital. I look at her back. ~ HER SPINE IS ALL BRUISED! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!? *pushing Haloti to wall* Y/N~ Stop, he said he's my boyfriend. He didn't hurt me. ~ YOU SAID THAT WHEN YOU WERE 15! Y/N~ Boyfriend, are we ready to go home? The doctor said I could when I was ready. H~ Yes, let's go. ~ I'll take her. H~ Stop, she wants to go home! Y/N~ Imma go get dressed in the bathroom. H~ Need help? ~ Stop being a perv. Y/N walks away. H~ She lost her memory when she fell. The doctor said it can be regained. ~ How? H~ How what? ~ HOW DID SHE FALL!? DID YOU PUSH HER!? H~ Stop being so nosey. ~ I swear if you hurt her- Y/N~ I'm ready to go home. More? 💝 - - - Fact about Haloti in rl: He goes by Junior.
(Your POV) I went into Starbucks and then immediately regretted entering because I saw my ex Kyle that I was in love with at the time. But I decided that I would ignore him, and maybe he didn't remember me. So I went to order my drink when I was distracted by these two gorgeous human beings. And I knew I had instantly fell in love (Twins POV) We entered Starbucks and saw her we instantly fell in love, we went to sat at a table and went on are phones when in reality we were looking at y/n. (Your POV) I then snapped into reality and ordered my drink and sat down at a table and went on my phone until someone sat next to me. It was Kyle. "What do you want? " "Oh, you remember me " "Of cour " And then I was cut off with a kiss from Kyle I kissed him back only because I wanted to get those twins jealous, so they would want me more. 😉 (Twins POV) When we say some kid sit next to y/n we got mad and then he kissed her and she kissed back, are they dating? If they are I'm going to make her want us. (Your POV) And as the kiss was getting more heated I pulled away. "Missed me?" "Mmm" "Why don't we take you home, and then you can tell me why you keep looking over there" He said pointing towards the twins. I knew he would get mad if I told him so I told him that "They aren't important" And I kissed him and he kissed back. *An hour later* (Normal POV) The twins had left Starbucks mad and went to the parking lot where they hoped to see y/n. And as y/n left she decided that she would take Kyle home and show him how much she missed him. But little did they know that the twins follow them home. (Your POV) When I got home with Kyle, I heard a knock on the door and opened the door to reveal... @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic COMMENT "MORE" AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
*Intro* Your name is y/n you are 18 years old and you will fall in love with someone and will end tragically • • • WILL BE POSTING PART 1 LATER!! • • • #martinezfanfic @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez
Your POV * i woke up and saw emilio sleeping peacefully beside me he was so cute i started to give him little kisses on his cheek then his eyes started to flutter open* End of POV Emilio: good morning beautiful Y/n: good morning handsome Emilio: last night was amazing wasn't it *you just blushed and giggled* Emilio: i'll take that as a yes Y/n: i am going to shower Emilio: im going to miss you Y/n: im only going to be gone for like 30 minutes Emilio: okay *he mad a puppy dog face* *you just laughed and went into the bathroom to take a shower as you were showering you tried to was the hair u had left because some of it already fell out and u noticed it kept on falling out you got really insecure because you thought emilio wouldn't like u anymore * ~30 min later~ *when u got out of the shower u wrapped a towel around your head you put ur clothes on u still had the towel around your head and came out of the bathroom you peeked your head through the bathroom door to see if emilio was there and he wasn't( yalls bathroom is in the room) so you ran to your drawer and got ur beanie and put it on while u were fixing it emilio walked in* Emilio: there she is *he said with a smile* Y/n: there he is *you said with a smile* Emilio: why are you wearing a beanie were inside Y/n: i uhhh... I Just got cold Emilio: okay? Well im going to go shower Y/n: okay *he pecked your lips and went into the bathroom to go take a shower* Your POV *that was close but i cant keep wearing this beanie what am i going to do??*.... Ik its a trashy chpt. But i needed to post one ill probably post another 1 later #martineztwinsfanfiction #martineztwinsfanfic #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic #fanfic #fanfiction
💞CHAPTER 9💞 Y/n: ... Umm... Hey Emilio... I was wondering if you were ok? 😳 E:... Umm yeah I'm fine... Why?... 😳 Y/n:...umm because you just don't seem yourself... Today... 😳 E: Oh yeah I'm fine... It's just something... But it's not that important... 😳 Y/n:...umm now I really want to know 😂😂😂... 😳 E: naw it's not that important... 😳 Y/n: well if its not that important than can you... Tell me?... 😞 E: Umm... Idk... Maybe😞 Y/n: come on Emi, plz 😳 Emilio's POV: Did she... Did she just call me Emi? I don't want to tell her why I'm... Not... Myself today... It's only because... I might... Like her a little bit 😳 but I don't want to tell her that... I have a ton of fans... What are they going to think when I like someone I just met less than a day ago... Well IDK if I "like" Her I might... Like her a "little" More than just "like" 😳😳 Y/n: Hey Emi are you ok? 😳 E:... Umm yeah I'm fine Emi's POV: I don't know why she's so worried about me... Should I be worried that she is worried about me because this is kinda worrying me (👈 IDK😂) E: why are you... So worried?... Y/n:...umm...idk... I guess I just noticed you are more... Like talkative and act more weird but... Today you aren't acting like yourself... IDK... I'm sorry I will stop asking if you are ok... I'm so sorry 😳 E: no it's fine 😳... The reason... Why... I'm... Acting... Not normal... Is because... I might... Like someone at... This school?... 😳😞 Y/n: oh 😕 😞😳 E: what's wrong? 😳 Y/n: oh... Me, oh nothing I'm fine 😊 *fake smiles* Your POV: I don't know why I am fake smiling but... IDK actually.. I wonder who he likes? It's probably one of those "Perfect" "Pretty" "Popular" Girls 😳 and I'm obviously none of those so... IDK... I just have to stop worrying about it there is a lot if other things I could be worrying about... Like my work that I am supposed to be getting done 😕😞😳😂-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 100 likes and 25 comments for Chapter 10😊 #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #raydiaz #domsperspective #starhcity #rubenbeasley #chapter8 #chapters #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fanfic4martinez #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #ilygsm 😊
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❤CHAPTER 8❤ (sorry it's super late I've been really busy with a lot of homework and I've been moving, and had no time to do homework😞😭) Emilio's POV: Omg did I do something... I feel really bad 😭😭😭 Ms. Brown then went over to the guests (@starhcity @domsperspective @itskingbeasley @raydiaz @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ) Ms. Brown: What happened to Y/n?😞 Star: Idk... She just... Started crying out of nowhere😞😭 Ms. Brown: Well that is not her... She wouldn't just do that unless it was something that really hurt her or something else... 😞😭 Ray: Idk... I honestly have no idea what's wrong I was just talking to Dom and she just ran out... I feel really bad though 😞😭 Your pov: *crying* ugh... Did I do something that j didn't know I did ... 😭😭😭 what did I do to Emi... 😭😭😭 Ms. Brown then leaves the room and starts looking for you and obviously the first place she looks is in the ladies room 🚺 Ms. Brown: Y/n?...are you in here Y/n: *sniffles*... yeah... 😭 Ms. Brown:... Y/n plz come out, can I plz talk to you? 😞 Y/n:... Sure... 😭 You then come out... Ms. Brown: y/n what's wrong??? Y/n: Nothing I'm fine... Ms. Brown: obviously your not... You ran out crying... Y/n what's wrong!??? Y/n: I don't really want to talk about it... Ms. Brown: do you want to talk to a counselor? Y/n:...not really... I don't really... Like talking to people about my problems but... I think I'm good now... *sniffles* Ms. Brown: are you sure??? Y/n: Yeah, I think I'm good to... Go... Back to class... Ms. Brown: Y/n...whats wrong...why did you say that with so many pauses? Y/n: umm... Nothing... I'm fine... I'm good to go back to class... *you then start to walk out of the bathroom... Ms. Brown: Y/N!... Do you... Have feelings for one of them...??? Y/n: How could I have feelings for one of them I only knew them for... Not even a day... Ms. Brown: Are you sure... I've actually noticed that right before you ran out you where looking at the boy that was sitting on the right of you... Are you sure? Y/n: Fine... Maybe I do... I'm afraid I did something wrong because he is not acting normal... He hasn't been acting normal since we met😭😭😭 *⬇MORE IN COMMENTS⬇*
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❤CHAPTER 7❤ You them start 3 period and today this class is going by really fast, before you know it the class is over... But wait do you really want it to go by super fast???😞 Y/n: Is it just me or is today going by really REALLY fast? 😞 Ray: Actually it is going by really fast😂 I: Hey Emilio, what's wrong bro? You're barely even talking😞 E: Oh nothing bro I'm fine 😂 😞 You can tell there is something wrong because usually he is happy and talks a lot, but today when he is with you... You can tell something is wrong and because he's with you... You think it's your fault... Like you did something... But what?😞 You then go sit next to Star and start to pass notes 📒 *NOTES* Y/N: Hey... Star: Hey, what's wrong?😞 Y/N: Umm... I think something is wrong with Emilio...😞 Star: Yeah I was starting to think the same thing...😞 Y/N: Yeah, for some reason I think it's because of me...😭 Star: No, why would you think that? 😳 Y/N: Because usually he is all happy and talks more than he is today and ever since he came to my school, and chose me to be the person that you guys follow around he has been acting kinda... Weird...😭 Star: Actually, I kinda noticed that also... I wonder what's wrong? Y/N: Yeah me to, and if it is because of me... I wonder what I did wrong???😭 Star: I don't think you did anything... I actually might know why he's acting all weird... But I can't tell you... I'm sorry 😔 Y/N: Why does he miss his girlfriend? Star: Haha no he doesn't have one, and I'm not telling you I'm sorry 😔 Y/N: Ugh fine, but u still really want to know...😩 *END OF NOTES* You then walk back to your assigned seat... Next to Emilio Your POV: I want to ask him what's wrong and for him to actually tell me why... But he won't even talk to his TWIN BROTHER!!! AND THEY ARE BEST FRIENDS!!! I'm really sad... I think I might cry... 😭 You then start to cry... You then run out of the classroom, you head for the ladies room... Emilio's POV: Omg I feel really bad 😭I wonder what's wrong... Did I do something wrong??? _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 90 likes and 20 comments for Chapter 8 😊❤
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❤CHAPTER 6❤ You say thanks to everyone and tell them your next class... Y/n: My next class is Reading... Ugh I don't like this class it's sooo boring... Star: Yeah I've never liked reading either😂 Y/n: 😂 You then start walking to your next class, it's a bit farther than the rest of them You then get there Amy: *waves at you to go to her* 🙋⬇ You walk over to your friend Amy... Y/n: hey what's up? 😊 Amy: Nothing much, who are they 😮❤ Y/n: they are the people that got announced on the intercom, the guests 😊 Amy: ooh, well they are C U T E! 😂😊❤ Y/N: yeah I like one of the twins 😊 well I like them both its just I like one of them a little more than just a "friend" 😂 Amy: ooh which one? 😂 Y/n: I'm not telling 😂😊 Amy: ugh fine 😑 but tell me tomorrow OK? 😂 Y/n: OK fine 😂 Amy: OK now go sit down before you get in trouble 😂 Y/n: OK bye TTYL👋 Amy: K bye 👋 You then go sit down in your assigned seat but there is only 2 to a desk... You don't know where the others are going to sit so you go and ask the teacher... Ms. Brown: what can I do for me you Ms. Y/n😊 Y/n: umm... I got chooses by the guests to walk around the school with them today and go to my classes and stuff but I don't know where they are going to sit? 😞 Ms. Brown: OK I'll come over and help you 😊 Y/n: OK😊thank you 😊❤ You guys then walk over to where your assigned seat was... Ms. Brown: OK y/n you sit in your seat and I will place them around you 😊 Y/n: OK😊 Ms. Brown: what's your name? 😊 E: My name is Emilio ma'am 😊 Ms. Brown: OK you sit next to y/n, what's your name? 😊 Ray: my name is Ray😊 Ms. Brown: OK you sit in the other table on the right of y/n, and the rest of you just sit where ever I don't think it really matters where you sit 😂😂😂 Star: OK, thank you😊 Ms. Brown: You're welcome😊😂 They then choose seats around the table you are at and then begin the class😊 _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 99 likes and 20 comments for Chapter 7 😊 #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #raydiaz #domsperspective #starhcity #chapter6 #chapters #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fanfic4martinez #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #ilygsm 😊
❤CHAPTER 5❤ It was then close to the end of the period so you began to pack up your things... Ray: When does this class end? Y/n: It ends at 9:05 so like 2 minutes😊 Star: What class do you have next? Y/n: Umm... 😞 ... I have choir next... Do you guys like singing? Ray: Eh... Ruben: Yeah😂 E: Oh yes! 😊😂 I: Yeah😊 Star: Eh it's ok 😂 Dom: yeah same it's ok 😂 Y/n: ok well I LOVE to sing... Sooo😂 *bell rings* Y/n: Ok guys follow me😊😊😊 They start to follow you and you guys then get there... You sit in your assigned seat on the risers... Ms. Simon: ok class so today we are going to have Karaoke day Everyone: YAY!!! 😊 Ray: are you going to sing??? Y/n: Umm... Idk 😳😳😳 I'm kinda nervous... Star: Oh come on don't be nervous you will do fine, I promise 😊❤ Y/n: ok fine then... Umm... I guess I will sign up to do it then... You then walk up to your teacher that has the sign up sheet... You then sign it and see that you are 4th in like... You then sit back down... Juana: *waves at you to come over* Y/n: 1 min I will be back... Ok? They all say ok back 😊 Juana: OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY CHOSE YOU... YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! Y/n: Ik but honestly... I don't know why they chose me 😞 Juana: umm... MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ARE FREAKIN B E A UTIFUL! Y/N: awe thanks but... No you are way more beautiful than me... And no arguing on that ok 😂 Juana: umm no- You cut her off Y/n: OK NO YOU ARE WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ME OK... PERIOD END OF STORY😂😂😂 bye😂 Juana: umm.. Holy... ok fine then 😂 bye TTYL Y/n: TTYL 👋😂❤😊 You then walk back to your assigned seat and sit down and get ready for the class... The first person goes up to sing their song and it was actually pretty good 😊 then the next person then the next person then... It's you... Ruben: what song are you singing? Y/n: umm... I am singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran 😊❤ it's one of my favorite songs 😊 You then go up there and start to sing... You began to shake because you were so nervous, it was then getting to the end of the song and you were relieved 😊 then... It ended and everyone clapped for you but you were still nervous and still shaking 😞 Ray: WOW 😮 E: wow 😳... ⬇MORE IN COMMENTS⬇
❤CHAPTER 4❤ The bell then rang and you went to your locker... Y/n: I'm going to go to my locker and put my backpack in it then we are going to go to my first period class, History 😊 I+E: Ok😊 I: well come with you to your locker than 😊😂 since we don't know where anything is😂 You thought it was kinda weird that you had 6 famous people following you around the school for a full day 😞❤😂 You guys then walked to your locker... Then you put in your lock combination: 21-25-11 You then put your backpack in your locker and got your binder and walked to your first period class Mr. Rodgers: Good morning y/n 😊 Y/n: Good morning Mr. Rodgers 😊 You get inside the class room and get whatever you need to get ready for class, you then sit down and your teacher tells everybody that is sitting around you to move so the guests (@starhcity @itskingbeasley @raydiaz @domsperspective @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez ) can sit next to you Emilio chooses to sit on the right side of you Ivan chooses to sit on the left of you ray chooses to sit on the right of Emilio, Dom sits on the left of Ivan and Star sits in front of you and kinda sits in from of Ivan also but turns his desk a bit so he can see all of you guys Star: Wait... You look familiar...? Y/n: Yeah we talk sometimes on Instagram😊 Star: Wait are you the girl that showed me some of her drawings then made an art account saying I inspired her? Y/n: Omg yeah you remember? Star: Of course😊 you are so nice Y/n: Awe thank you, so are you😊😊😊 Star: Thank you 😊 Y/n: Np ❤😊 Ray: So what's your name? 😞😊❤ Y/n: My name is Y/f/n, and none of you have to tell me your names because I already know all of them 😂 Ray: Ok 😂 Mr. Rodgers: Ok class you guys get to finish what you guys we're working on yesterday, ok? I know none of you guys finished it so you guys get to work on it for another day. 😊 You then raise your hand... Mr. Rodgers: yes y/n? Y/n: Actually, I finished the assignment already, I finished it yesterday... Mr. Rodgers: Well I guess you have a free choice to do whatever you want today just don't disrupt the other students😊 Y/n: Ok😊 I: What was the assignment? 🚫⬇MORE IN COMMENTS⬇🚫
❤CHAPTER 3❤ The guests start to walk around and one of the twins looked at you... Omg it was Emilio... Then he looked over and looked at the most popular girl in the school then he... Whispered into Ivan's ear... Y/n: Tatiana Emilio looked at me but then... 😭 he looked at Grace... T: It's fine if they meet her... Ugh they won't like her she's just a hoe 😂😂😂 Y/n: You're right 😂😂😂 The twins start to walk towards Grace and say hi... Grace: Hey (she says while twirling her hair trying to look cute 😒) Then Grace's boyfriend Alex says something... Alex: Grace... 😒 Y/n POV: Welp it looks like Alex is getting jealous and nervous, I wonder why... Again... SHE'S A HOE... Grace: What? Alex: (gives her an evil eye) Grace is about to say something but... Alex: Don't or we're over... 😒 Grace: What? They are F.A.M.O.U.S. , they probably have really nice things I just want to be friends (she says friends like it's a joke or something) T: oop well she's a hoe aNd a GOLD DIGGER 😂 Y/n: omg I can't believe she just said that😂 Emilio then walks away and waks in the middle of the cafeteria and starts talking to Ivan... While they are talking a group of girls are in the corner FAN GIRLING they are screaming and jumping up and down and... One even FAINTS and... Falls on the floor 😞 then the whole group of girls try to wake up the one that just fainted and she woke up and then they walk over to the twins and they are screaming and saying "OMG YOUR SO HOT🔥" "CAN I GET A PICTURE WITH YOU☺🙂😆" (👈 those emojis explain what the girls look like...but they are jumping up and down to) but anyways... Umm let's see where was I?... Oh yeah the twins then start taking pictures with the girls then they are all done... All the girls got a pic with them, then Emilio looks at you once again then... Emilio whispered into Ivan's ear once again... But then you look away for a couple seconds... Emilio's POV: She looks like she's a fan because she keeps looking at us but she didn't come and talk to us, she looks... Nervous, maybe she's just to nervous to talk to us...? T: (Taps you on the shoulder really fast repedivly) (⬇MORE IN COMMENTS⬇)
Chapter 13~ Y/N's POV H~ Please let me in. ~ Get the fuck out. All you care about is to dick me down. H~ YOU KNOW THATS NOT TRUE! I hear Haloti try to break the door. ~ Stop it, Haloti. I'm naked. *I lie* H~ No you aren't. ~ Just go away... H~ I have to make sure you are okay... I unlock the door and we lay down to cuddle. *The next night* Emilio's POV I pull up to Y/N and Halo's house and park in their garage. H~ Hey bro. ~ Sup.... So why am I here? H~ Come in. We walk inside and he pulls me to the kitchen. H~ So basically I bought these cameras. What we are gonna do with these is place them into Y/N and I's room so when she gets undressed we can see her. ~ That's fucked up. That's your girlfriend... H~ Ik, but come on. She is beautiful. She looks so beautiful when she sleeps. She sleeps in underwear too. She's also going to start sleeping naked! Reluctant, I agree. How bad can it be? Halo's POV I want to show off my girlfriend. What better way to do that than show her to someone that likes her. Who knows, maybe one day we three can experiment together. More? 💝 - - - This is the shittiest chapter I've ever fucking done. It's also very short. I'm having a bad week and I have to do something horrible today. I wanted to post something though, so here it is! 💘
So I decided I'm just gonna write the fanfic here so yeah. (CHAPTER 8 continued). Jake:and your telling the lie?? Y/n:ummm Emilio:how can you say you have a crush on me then telling a lie that you want to be be your bf y/n just say it you like Ivan more than me!!!!! Y/n:Emilio look I'm- Before you can explain Emilio cut you off by saying this Emilio:you know what I was just gonna ask you if you want me to be your bf I'm fixing the things like a week now but now I change my mind! Ivan:Emilio stop your scaring y/n!!!! Emilio:ok I'll stop!!!i just don't want too see her again! Y/n:Emilio Martinez I-i-i- I like you both Alissa:Jake!stop vlogging Jake:fine Tessa:bee c'mon you have to rest Y/n:ok bee let's go Emilio looked sad so does Ivan you wake up and put a cute outfit you walk downstairs and saw Emilio Emilio:I'm so sorry He said that while putting his hand on his neck and while looking down •To be continued• Do you think your gonna forgive Emilio in the next chapter??? Make sure to like and comment if you want more ILYGSM~@ilysm_martinez2.0 Ignore this #fanfic #martinezfanfic #martineztwins @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez
Chapter 10 Ivan pulls you into the room and pins me to the wall and starts kissing you from your neck to your lips. He picks you up and puts you on the bed and whispers while kissing your neck Ivan: call me Daddy and don't tease me Y/n: ok daddy You say moaning. He unbuckles his belt then Emilio walks in and says Emi: wow you two please another time Ivan: alright fine Your POV** Wow really Emilio just has to do this now I'm frustrated and tired Y/n: Ivan let's go to bed Ivan: okay goodnight Emilio Emi: goodnight I'm going to sleep somewhere else tonight Emilio walks out the room and you and Ivan are laying next to each other Ivan: you still up Y/n: yeah Ivan: shhh don't say anything ⚠️⚠️Smut⚠️⚠️ He puts his hand on your thigh still laying down and somehow manages to get to your 😺 you gasp when he slips a finger in you and you start to make noises Y/n: my turn You slip a hand into his boxers and wrap your hand around his dick and he starts moaning you sit up and then get on top of him and start to kiss him you start to take your clothes off and next thing you know he puts his dick inside you and you let out a moan because you didn't expect that Ivan: oh y/n your so tight!! He starts going faster and you can feel that your going to cum so you start moaning louder and Ivan starts giving hickeys and that out you both over the edge and you end up cumming together. You both lay down again panting Ivan:that was noice Y/n: yeah goodnight Ivan: goodnight And you both fall asleep #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #martinezfanfic inspiration: @martineztwin100 @martineztwinsedit @moanintwins
Comment your favorite. (I’m probably going to post things like this so if you have any ideas on something you would like to see my DM’s are always open for a request and I’ll very likely do them all if requested) @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez #martinators #martinator #martineztwinspreference #martineztwinspreferences #martineztwinsprefs #martinezedits #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic #ivanmartinezfanfic #emiliomartinezfanfic
Y/n POV Ok dont wake the guy up. I accidentally touch his leg and he woke up. I quickly grap my purse and said Y/n: "ummm,sorry didn't mean to wake you up." Guy:"thats ok." Then i looked at the guy i realize he was the guy who kept looking at me. Y/n:"hey you were the guy that stared at me." I said starting to laugh. He just blushed Y/n:"well....anyway my name is y/n." Ivan:"hi i'm ivan." Y/n:"what brings you to LA?" ivan:"just want to move to the mainland. What about you?" Y/n:"i'm acting for a tv show." Ivan:"ummmm......can i have your number?" Y/n:"yea sure." After that we just talked for a bit and i fell asleep. Ivan's POV I was so happy i got her number and she looked so cute sleeping. After about 5 minutes emilio woke up. Ivan:"yo bro!" Emiloi:"what?" Ivan:"look the girl next to me she's cute." Emilio:"let me see." Emilio looked at y/n and he said Emilio:"bro she's cute." Ivan:"i know but she's mine." Emilio:"no you can't!" Ivan:"i got her number tho.." Emilio:" lets switch!" Ivan:"no!" Emilio:"WE'RE SWITCHING!" ivan:"NO EMILIO WE'RE NOT!" y/n:"ivan whats happening?" Ivan:"nothing." Emilio:" hey im emilio ivan's twin." Y/n:"hey im y/n." Emilio:"wow such a beautifull name." Y/n:"thank you your name i quite unique your self." Emilio:"ivan lets switch seats." Ivan:"no." Emilio:"please..." I gave emilio a look and he just grined. Ivan:"fine.."she starts gigling as i said that. Emilio:"can i have your number?" Y/n:"yeah sure." #martineztwinsfanfiction #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinezfanfic #martinezfanfic #martineztwinsfanfic #martinators
Y/n POV i woke up by the sound of my alarm clock. I was laying there in my bed when i remembered i need to go to the airport. I got out of bed took a shower and got ready. I said goodbye to my mum and went to the airport. ~At the airport~ I was sitting down waiting for my plane when this boy sitting across from me kept looking at me. I was getting a little creept out so i decided to look at him and we made eye contact for about 6 seconds then i look away. Honestly it felt magical like i have a connection Ivan's POV me and emilio are leaving spain to LA. I was waiting for my plane and i saw this really cute girl sitting across from me. I couldnt help myself and i just stare at her. After a while she made eye contact. OMG she look so cute. Then i realize i need to get ffo for me and emilio. Y/n POV After he left i thought he was cute. Then the airport called my plane so i went in and im glad my seat was next to the window. I put my headphones on and started sleeping. Then i woke up in the middle of the plane ride realizing that my purse fell under the seat next to mine. My purse was under a sleeping guy's chair...... Who is that guy? Ill be posting daily, i think 😂 #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #martineztwinsfanfiction #emiliomartinez #martineztwinsfanfic #ivanmartinezfanfic
CHAPTER 1 Y/N POV ------------------- Hello my name is y/n. I am going to leave my home and go live in LA woth Team 10. Jake Paul saw my instagram and thought that I was pretty enough to model for them. I don't even know how I was discovered but I was so I'm just gonna go with it. My parents are always out, and never home so they don't care what I do. They want me to go because they hate me and I hate them. I'm going away tomorrow and ik so excited. I don't have to worry about leaving any friends behind because I have none. I used to have a boyfriend but he was an awful person who deserves to rot in hell. Im not going to get into that rn. My only actual friend is Tessa Brooks (she is in team 10 still also). She probably told Jake about me I love her so much. Well I have to go to bed tomorrow is going to be a big day. ----------------- #martinezfanfic #fanfic #dirtyfanfic #matineztwins
Introduction: Y/n = your name Emi- Emilio I- Ivan You are in high school, and a only child. Your parents don't care about you and are never home. You get a call from Jake Paul wandering if you would like to be a model for Team 10. (In this story Ivan and Emilio are still in Team 10) you accept his offer, and you are getting ready to leave to go to LA tomorrow. You are so excited to leave your awful past behind and start a new wonderful life with new people who don't know your background... -------------------- What's so bad about your background?? #martineztwins #martinezfanfic #fanfic #dirtyfanfic
CHAPTER 4 EMILIOS POV I couldn't let y/n: leave without getting her number so I ran after her and said Emilio: Y/N wait! Y/N: Uh yeah? She asks as I stop her again from leaving Emilio: C-can I h-have yoour number b-before u leave? I ask kind of nervous Y/N: Yeah ofc YOUR POV Emilio just asked me for my number so ofc I gave it to him. After giving him my number and saying bye again I headed out to my Uber and drive back to my apartment. *SKIP TO YOUR APARTMENT* I played the Uber driver and headed to my apartment. I once j got in my apartment I put my things on my bed and took a shower. After I got out of the shower I changed into this(SWIPE) then I got a text from a random number. (RN= random number) When I checked the text it said RN: ... Sorry guys ik it's short but I promise to make the next one longer comment down for more #fanfic #martinezfanfic #martineztwinsfanfic
CHAPTER 3 EMILIOS POV Emilio: Yes bro I do how can't u she is beautiful I says while watching y/N Ivan: Bro ask her out Emilio: Dude I can't do that, we just met today Emilio: Plus I doubt she feels the same I say while looking down Ivan: Tell u what try asking her on a date and I'll even help u with it Emilio: Ok... fine if u say so. YOUR POV I walk out of the bathroom and go back to where Emilio and Ivan were standing, and talking. Y/N: So uh thank u Emilio for the shirt but I think I'm going to get out of your hair now u prolly have things to do I say as I put my head down and head to the door. Emilio: No y/n wait! Y/N: What? I sayh as I turn around and look at him Emilio: U-uh u don't have to go u can stay and watchb a movie with us or we can just talk and hang out, u know? Emilio says shyly Y/n: Are u sure? Emilio: Yeah I'm sure Ivan wouldn't mind either He says as he looks at Ivan Y/N: Ok I guess since I don't have anything else going on U guys go over to the couch and talk for a few hours Emilio: So what brought u to LA? Y/N: I actually came here for my modeling career Y/N: What about u guys what brought u to LA? Emilio: Its always been out dream to come to LA to continue our YouTube career Y/N: Where are u guys from? Ivan: Spain Y/N: Ooh it's beautiful there E&I: Have u been there? Y/N: Yeah I went there for a big photo shoot and some other business stuff. *SKIP TO WHEN U LEAVE* Y/N: Its getting late I better get home it was nice meeting u guys I say as I get up. Ivan: Bye y/n see u next time Y/N: Yeah, see u guys I say walking to the door again Emilio: Y/N wait! He says running up to u Y/N: Uh yeah Emilio: ... Hope u guys like it (comment down for more) should be posting tm not sure yet #martineztwins #martinez #martineztwinsfanfic #fanfic #martinezfanfic
*Chapter 21* You was so happy they were back home again. *4 months later* It was end October. In the 4 months the twins were deported. You was still in the team 10 "old" house. You heard Jake talking too Anthony. Jake: Yo Anthony I give you $500 dollar if you help me destroy the room the Martinez twins build. Anthony: I don't know bro I feel sorry for them, they spend a lot of money on that. Jake: Come on. They are gone and we are gonna move. So why not?? Anthony: Okay I will do it. *You was so so so angry. You putted your Go-Pro in the corner by the front door(Swipe). You was about to tell them that you was leaving Team 10. You had all your stuff packed already and in your car. You walked down stairs and walked with you handbag into the living room. Y/n: Guys can I say something? Jake: Go ahead. (Whille he was destroying the Martinez room) Y/n: I want to say: Thank you guys very much for everything, but it's time to move further on my own pad. I'm leaving as team member.... Jake: Okay.... You know what go after your boyfriend and his stupid ass brother. I don't need you here. Y/n: You know what Jake.... (You took his sledgehammer(Swipe if you don't know what it is) and walked upstairs to the Team 10 sign and smacked the sledgehammer into the sign.) Y/n: Have a nice life further Jake.. And oohw Anthony I thought you was a real friend..... (You picked up your Go-Pro and left the house forever.) *It was a few weeks later and Anthony tried to find contact with you every day. You had every day contact with the twins, they were happy that you was out Team 10 also. They had told you they were looking for an apartment for you, them and someone else. You was excited.* To be continued.... Hope you enjoyed❤️#martineztwins #martinezfanfic
When you came home you received a message from an unknown number ??: hey girly tessa here I asked emi for you're number I wanted to ask if you wanna go shopping with me tomorrow 💕 Y/n: of course! What time 💕 T:I'll pick you up at 10 ok? 💕 Y/n:perfect see ya💕 T:bye💕 You were excited cause you really like tessa you decided to go to bed -NEXT MORNING- BEEP BEEP You woke up shocked bc of your alarm it was 8 am you toke a shower and put on some makeup but not too much when you were ready you hear a knock on your door it was tessa T:yoo girl you ready? Y/n:of course let's go! - I'm gonna post the other chapter later cause I'm kinda busy rn 💕 #martinezfanfic
Chapter 7! - finally out ❤ - @ivanmartinez For Chapter 8, 30 👍 and 5 cmnts #martinezfanfic #martinators
I woke up to the smell of burnt bacon and pancakes. Emi came rushing downstairs Emi: hey wakey wakey y/n, we gotta get to school. He smiled at me and ran back up. I slowly sat up and wiped my eyes. Ivan came running down the stairs to say hi. Ivan: gm beautiful how’d ya sleep? Y/n: gm babe, I slept great. I was super cozy. Ivan: good, I made some breakfast you can come and get some when you’re ready. He said with a cute little smile. Y/n: okay thanks, but you don’t have to have some clothes I can borrow? I grinned at him kinda nervously. Ivan: yeah, I’ll bring them t you rn babe. I was so snug and warm wrapped up in ivans blanket I didn’t wanna get up, but I had to or I’d be late. I texted my mom and told her I was heading to school soon. I put my phone down and Ivan came in with some clothes in his hands. Ivan: okay so here’s some socks, one of my hoodies, and these are my sisters pants but they were in my laundry for some reason. Y/n: thanks so much Ivan We both giggled and he left to dongs getting ready. I slippped on the legging, and pulled on his sweatshirt. It was actually rlly cute. I ate my breakfast with the boys and we started our way to school. Ivan had history and I had English. I gave him a hug and ran to my friends for English. Hours passed in school and it was now lunch. Friend 1: woooahh y/n, you smell like cologne, what you’ve been up to? Friend 2: yah, y/n, tell us!! Cute hoodie btw I rolled my eyes and prepared myself for their reaction when I told them what happened. Y/n: okay so I went to eat with Ivan and his brother, and then he asked me to help him study and so we went to his house. Friend 1: umm, are you forgetting anything? Y/n: oh well yeah. I left out that he asks me to be his gf, we kissed a couple a times.. and I slept over at his place. I kinda mumbled a little bit. Friend 2: Y/N, OMFG YOU SMELL LIK COLOGBE BC YOU SLEPT WITH HIM?!??? Y/n: yeah... but no it wasn’t like that. Yk he’s not like that he’s a rlly sweet guy. We were studying and then we kissed. I got rlly tired and we both knocked out on the couch. But he woke up later and went to bed. *MORE IN COMMENTS MY LOVES*
So I was bored and I wrote a fan fic •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I had to base this on when the Martinez Twins were part of T10 sorry, enjoy :) Chapter 1 Your POV I just came to LA to dance with people who are youtubers or off TV shows. Anyway, we are about to be taught our first dance by Tessa Brooks. I recognised the name as soon as it was said but I didn't think anything of it. We danced from about 11am-6pm. As I was packing up Tessa came up to me and said Tessa: your really good at dancing! You: thank you but honestly your amazing! Tessa: you should come meet team 10 I froze, no limb in my body moved... She waved in front of my face getting my attention. Tessa: how about you come over tomorrow and meet everyone? You: sure, here *gives Tessa phone she puts her number in* I'll text you and you can tell me when to meet you. Tessa: see you tomorrow y/n! You: Bye! #fanfiction #MARTINEZFAMILY #martinezfanfiction #martinezfanfic #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez @ivanmartinez @emiliovmartinez
Chapter 5 Previously: go check chapter before this and leave a like👍 He took me to a roof. The stars were beautiful, they were shinning like never before. We sat on a blanket right next to the door. Then he broke the ice. I: So what are you doing here alone? Y/n: Oh, I was invited here by a guys that I know and was like dancing with my friend and stuff...but then I kinda lost her. I was on my way to the bathroom whn I ran into you. I: Interesting. - he says as he gives me one of his precious smiles. Oh god that smile can light up whole universe. Y/n: So....why are you here alone? I: I am here with my brother, but I lost him too...hah this is actually party of my friend Tessa, she invited me. Y/n: Oh I: So do you have a boyfriend? Y/n:Me? C'mon - I say as I smile sarcasticly I: Wait! Don't be so sharp on yourself...I think you're gorgeous.- he says as he blushes a little Y/n: Really? Because I think you are very handsome aswell. As I say that I see him with his plump big lips aproaching to mine. They were getting closer and closer untill they connected with mine. Our lips were moving in sync like they were made for eachother. It's like the fireworks were exploding around us. It was perfect and I never wanted it to end... Sorry I'm a bitch, I know 😂 Sorry for not posting, I was super busy with my final exams so I didn't have time to write anything. I have just one week of school left and I'm done. Yay Winter break is soo close and Christmass too! Posting another after 50 👍 and 6 cmnts @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez #martinezfanfic #fanfiction #martineztwins
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