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AHHHHH Harry’s sweatshirts make me just 💓💗💓💗💓💗 I love him so much
I've never wanted to be a dinosaur more in my life. Actually I wouldn't mind being blown away by a meteor but hey
I hope your having an amazing day seb
| Sir 💘 - - - ac: @xstellarized cc: mine Dts: tagged and everyone song: The Hills
wow I really love British men
idk what’s happening here but I’m all for it
Bro I know you are listening to (It Takes) Two to Tango by Lester Young right now so why don't u come on over and like this pic I tagged u in
I'm gonna go collect some pics and videos and come back with major spam
Hi I love u
this makes me want to watch the Captain America movies again 💦
my fave fanboy 💕
They’re such rats ugh I love them
Me coming out of school today because I made it a good day.
If Insta fucks up the quality I will cry. Dt: @strckxedits @infinxty.patronum & @_stargxzing HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY ILYSM Ac: @wolfhardaudios Ib: @softsasaki (their edit is so fucking good omg I love) Grps: #marvelmisfitsgrp #teenytinytonygrp . . . #marvel #mcu #marvelmen #venom #peterparker #tonystark #steverogers #thor #drstrange #loki #aos #omg #omgedit #omgpage #omgmcu
I've been waking up happy this past week and a half but idk what it is about today but I'm not feeling it. buT HELL IF I AT LEAST DON'T TRY TO
I wanna go back to sleep it's 6 am
this is a hate crime against my ovaries
me, laying in bed trying to sleep: my brain: loki ! Loki ! Loki laufeyson ! Loki odinson ! god of mischief ! loKI ! LOKI ! L O K I !!!
I would literally sell my soul to take pics of Mark like this i-
Mama told me when I was young she said sit beside me my only sOn. GET OUT OF MY HEAD
This SCREAMS Billy Joe Armstrong
Loki never ceases to amaze me istg
I had a weird dream with 5sos and Sebastian Stan and some old friends...it was um...interesting
I'm really not going to live past April 26th huh?
Geçmiş kurtarılmaz ama şimdi kurtarılmaya değer #marvelwomen #marveleditsvideo #marvelmen #avengersedit
THE TRAILER- THE TRAILER- IM NOT OKAY. THE FIRST MINUTE WITH TONY- IM NOT OKAY. MY POOR BABY HE IS DYING THIS IS NOT OKAY - Follow For More: @_marvel.fandoms - DM’s are always open!! - #marvel #marvelmemes #spiderman #ironman #chrishemsworth #peterparker #tonystark #doctorstrange #stephenstrange #fanart #thor #avengersinfinitywar #avengers #tomholland #rdj #robertdowneyjr #sad #marvelmen #trynottocry #spoilers #drawing #irondad #spiderson #memes #marveledit
Marlon Brando 😍
Do uguys have that teacher who is like ur bff and is super cool and nice and more than just a school teacher who really don't care? Ya they are the best
Guys guys guys guys
im gonna get my Steve to my very prominent Bucky back.
I would wife him in 0.2 seconds idc
Lmao I just texted misha...like the misha...as in @misha ... it's funny bc this account is just as much an spn account at this point
Found this while looking for a new lock screen, what glorious artwork! #marvel #loki #burdenedwithgloriouspurpose #lokiscrown #lokishorns #thor #kneeel
MY antichrist 🥀
I think I'm dying. I was shaking last night for hours and my sis was all like are u okay which ofc I said I was fine. I was so nauseous and wanted to vomit everywhere and here I am at school teehee I'm tired and nauseous and shaking AND I CAN BARELY WALK IT'S KINDA FUNNY I'LL TELL Y'ALL IF I DIE
I grew up on this song
Comment your names and about yourselves I'm interested
| bon appétit ac: pastelbitxh cc: mine - - - dts tagged and everyone 💘
I love this picture so much
Seriously I never get honestly mad bc I'm angry 25/8 but I'M STILL SHAKING 10 MINUTES LATER BRO WHAT'S GOING ON.
This. This right here
I seriously considered taking this account down just a minute go but then I thought why let people ruin a good thing
You know what. I can't BELIEVE I was thinking about being friends with that person again. What did i EXPECT? Idk about my old best friend though, I miss her and might mess around and talk to her at some point but.?
Sir yes SIR
I'm so proud :,)
Jeff Goldblum is the light of my life ☀️
all fax no printer
Can I have a second of your time to talk about my Lord and savior Sebastian Stan who couldn't give me a dang MINUTE to get ready for this video
I love this man
I miss my friends but it's okay because one said she's happier this way which is all I need, but then again I can't lie to y'all because half of you guys know EXACTLY how I am because you watch spn and you know what's REALLY up. I know this is dumb but I feel like if my friends would at least watch dean's "best" scenes, they would get me but that's asking too much and I'm not worth all that trouble. And I thought one of them REALLY did get me but I guess not? It's fine though really because as I would always say around them "if you're happy I'm happy"
I can imagine a lot of things going thru their minds . . black widows part is kinda choppy .-. . . ac: uhh winter something? Let me know if it’s urs dt: @Ickisdaggxr @multibucky @bluebcrry_ @multidcfam . . #sambucky #romanogers #steve #marvel #marvelmen #mcu #mcumen #scarlettjohansson #sebastianstan #anthonymackie #chrisevans #shipedit #omgpage #omgpageedit
If Jack dies I shoot
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