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tuck and roll! took this a few days ago and put it on my @nycwallcrawler account. Thats where im putting all my spider-man ps4 shots btw. otherwise it would blow this account up!!!
Hey guys! I have all these figs I just had in a box. Some of it’s just fodder like Predator or hawk man but in pretty sure someone can fix them. I dnt even have a price so if anyone wants to make an offer for all this, I’m open to almost any price really. Moving and need to make space. #marvellegends #marvelselect #hasbro #figlife #toysforsale
I haven't watched the show Gotham but Mr Freeze sure does look familiar. Wait I got it, this is the alternate universe variant limited exclusive con proto edition. #toys #Gotham #dcselect #marvel #marvelselect #mrfreeze #daredevil #figure #variant
I guess one person can make a difference
The Arrow Season 7 premiere date is Monday, October 15th at 8 p.m. ET. don't miss !!🔥
go get em tiger
After a failed attempt by the Joker to blow her up in a rocket, Poison Ivy gave her a strange “potion”, which gave Harley an immunity to most poisons and toxins, enhanced strength, agility, and speed, and a small healing factor.🔥🔥👌
who’s your favorite web slinger in the spiderverse?
You have to fight a Dc villian. Pick 2 to help you not die ...😂
The Mad Titan I like doing these selects #marvelselect #marvel #thanos #spiderman #POPPINFRESHCUSTOMS #customtoys
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