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☔️ #shotoniphone
"SEEING THINGS" In frame: @nikha.ziq
Someone’s awake // #uemy#sdmtravels
“Please mom” // #uemy#postemotion
Home is where we want to be at the end of the day. Good night, Malaysia! 📷: @michaelykhxz #massesmarksman
Comment this picture with two words only. Go!
Your reality is a reflection of your strongest beliefs 🏙️
don’t underestimate the tiny actions you make because they may have an enormous outcome not only in your life, but also others. your life is precious, go after that project you’ve always wanted to do! taken by @kosherunit
“ cuddle weather “
Monday Blues. 📷: @azamhanif_ #massesmarksman
. . #whpwindows . . Angkor Wat, Cambodia's famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, is breathtaking and thrilling to explore. The temple ruins have a way of igniting the inner archaeologist in all of us. . You won't soon forget wandering the sprawling, carved ruins of a once-great civilization. . .
From above.
Got a lot of energy.
Time to sort your angle of perspective for work. 📷: @michaelykhxz #massesmarksman
Went out and exploring sunset spots with my buddy @nabilahnaaf yesterday. Found this jewel just 5 minutes away from home. This is gonna be my new hangout spot for sunsets. The watersport operator even gave this canoe for free for us to shoot the golden & blue hour. Loving this 💕 What do you think?
Would you be a Maze Runner? 📷: @parkertehoais #massesmarksman
Escape. Photo by : @mimidevilqueen #shotoniphone
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