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One of our goals is to promote student leadership, which involves giving our fellow students the power to advocate for their communities. Full student board member voting power will guarantee that the student voice is central to decisions made by local Boards of Education. Take our survey and have your voice heard by our Legislators as we work to guarantee universal SMOB suffrage! #mdpolitics #education #mdschool #mdschools #edu #advocacy #reform #student #studentvoice #maryland #students #redfored
📸 from last week’s Inaugural Ball for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan
* britneyspears voice * You want a functioning democracy? You want to make a change? You want to be represented? YOU BETTER VOTE, BITCH Happy first day of early voting in Maryland!!! We love voting so much and not only is it SO SO SO important but it’s really fun!!!! #youbettervotebitch #democracyisnotaspectatorsport #MDpolitics 📷: michellespeis
Tonight I join MPT’s Yolanda Vazquez to talk Maryland politics and the 2019 session so far with Jeff Salkin. Tune in to State Circle at 7:00 p.m. #mdpolitics #mdga19
The new Montgomery County delegation! It’s awesome to see the new and returning legislators here after seeing them work the polls in that hot June sun. #mdga19 #mdpolitics #moco
If you only do one thing to save lives from gun violence in 2019, let it be this: Join Moms Demand Action - MD, in Annapolis on Jan. 31, for Advocacy Day!" RSVP now: https://act.everytown.org/event/moms-demand-action-event/18798 #mdpolitics #mdga19 #expectus
We spent last Thursday afternoon and evening in Annapolis with local leaders like Bob Palsgrove — check out our report on Cecil Night 2019 on our website!
Joint hearing this afternoon with Senate JPR Committee and House Judiciary Committee on Child Support Guidelines in Maryland and potential changes in law to improve recovery and efficiency. #MDGA19 #mdpolitics
The #Dist5 Team - and Delegate Jason Buckel from Allegany County hamming it up at the certification of election results on Wednesday before #MDInauguration . A very special and historic day. #carrollcountymd #mdpolitics #MDGA19
Education briefing in the Baltimore City House Delegation this morning. Kick off by City Schools CEO Dr. Santelises, followed by BTU and now onto advocates & school leaders. Appreciate the work by all these folks to demand better and push us to do more. #Baltimore #MDGA19 #mdpolitics
Joanna and I attended the Governor’s Inaugural Gala last night. It was great to visit with so many colleagues and friends as we celebrated Governor Hogan and Lt. Governor Rutherford being elected to a second term ! Congratulations to the Hogan Rutherford team, we look forward to working with you to continue changing Maryland for the better ! #mdInaugural #changemaryland #mdpolitics
We will continue to stand with the furloughed federal government employees of @afgeunion until the #trumpshutdown is over! ———————————————— #resist #1u #governmentshutdown #1199seiu #1199seiumddc #mdgov #mdpolitics #strongertogether #furlough #uscongress #standupfightback #maryland #washingtondc
Sheriff DeWees was down in Annapolis today - we met to discuss law enforcement priorities and some potential legislation. I really appreciate Sheriff DeWees’ engagement and assistance as we work to make our state and community safer. He’s well-respected on both sides of the aisle in Annapolis because he gives it to you straight. #CarrollCountyMD #Dist5 #MDGA19 #mdpolitics
Compelling briefing today in Budget & Taxation this afternoon by Maryland Alliance for the Poor. Key takeaway: while there are glimmers of progress, we're not doing nearly enough to move people into opportunity and empowerment. Thanks for your work, @mdhungersolutions , @catholiccharitiesmd , and the many other orgs helping to build the strength of communities. #MDGA19 #mdpolitics
What a great Inauguration Day and Inaugural Gala! So happy to support our awesome Governor @larryhogan ! . #inauguration #inauguralball #larryhogan #changemaryland #picoftheday #politics #tuxedo #blacktie #gala #maryland #mdpolitics #vip #mgmgrand #annapolis
It was a pleasure to be with members of the Washington County Democratic State Central Committee on yesterday! #washingtoncounty #maryland #mdpolitics #westernmaryland #democrats #politics @mddems
Scenes from Governor @larryhogan Hogan and Lt. Governor Rutherford’s inauguration today in Annapolis. It was truly a historic moment for Maryland and I was honored to be there representing #Dist5 and #CarrollCountyMD #MDGA19 #mdinauguration #mdpolitics
Humbled to attend the Inauguration of Gov. Larry Hogan and Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford. Gov. Hogan called on all Marylanders to work together to “keep changing Maryland for the better” and continue setting an example for the rest of the nation. #MDPolitics #MDGA19
Air National Guard flyover today at #MDInauguration - awesome! #mdpolitics #MDGA19
"So on this historic day, in this historic place, let us once again pledge to seek that middle ground where we can all stand together. Let's keep changing Maryland for the better and continue setting an example for the rest of the nation." — @GovLarryHogan , 2019 #InaugurationAddress
When you write social media posts for a living but can't think of a caption for your own post, you'll settle for: "Happy Inauguration Day!" #fourmoreyears #738 #mdpolitics
Former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, introduces Governor Hogan ahead of inaugural address. #mdpolitics #MDGA19
Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford addresses the inaugural crowd after swearing-in. #mdpolitics #MDGA19
@govlarryhogan is being inaugurated as we speak. Click ➡️ for more behind the scenes footage from the @mptnews team #mdpolitics #govlarryhogan #mdga19 #iheartmpt #PBS #mpt #publicmedia
Y'all may know Kahan Dhillon –– a dude who is every cartoon grifter almagamated into one very bad person. Mr. Dhillon has a "plan" (I say that in the loosest sense of the word) to revitalize Baltimore –– that plan is presented like a pyramid scheme/MLM where Kahan works his way up and into more and more influential circles by closing meetings with local people by requesting referrals from the "most influential people you know." Let me say two things, unequivocally: 1. Kahan wasted the time of City Council and the money of Baltimore taxpayers by being granted an audience at City Hall. When asked what his end game was, Kahan requested $10 MILLION dollars as a show of good faith from the City to indicate "skin in the game." But when asked to present his plan, City Council was given the power point equivalent of "I don't want you to steal my plan, so I can only tell you if you give me the $10M" (withholding vital information about how you will [financially] benefit until after you've paid to join is a HALLMARK feature of MLMs, Pyramid Shcemes, and Scientology). 2. Kahan is not a friend of Baltimore. He's not from here, and his plan is the equivalent of a fortune cookie fortune: he's issuing such vague outlines that they can mean anything to anyone. Give this podcast a listen. Richard Yeagley has done a great job telling the story of this latter day Lyle Lanley who breezed into our City to sell us all a faulty monorail. Whether I agree with his "Source's" assessment that Kahan is actually an FBI informant is up for discussion, but I do know that Kahan is just the latest in a long line of con-artists looking to capitalize on the last gasps of hope that some Baltimoreans are wasting on him: that a charismatic knight in shining armor will ride in on a dark horse and save us from urban decay. Baltimore, we don't need some false messiah. We need to get our hands dirty and get over the idea that there's some Get Rich Quick solution that will fix all of our problems. The podcast is called “Town of the Big House,” and the first episode is up now on WYPR/NPR. #THEBMORECREATIVES #baltimorevseverybody
Here’s behind the scenes footage of today’s Governor Inauguration @govlarryhogan Tune into MPT-HD at noon today for live coverage. A live stream is also available at www.mpt.org/Inauguration. You can also scroll ➡️ to see more behind the scenes pics 📸 @mptnews #pbs #iheartmpt #governorinauguration #larryhogan #mpt #mdpolitics #Hogan #govlarryhogan #mdga19
‪Shore State and Federal representatives at the swearing in of Governor Larry Hogan and Lt. Governor Rutherford. #MDPolitics #MDGA19
Let the swearing in begin. #mdsenate #mdpolitics #MDGA19
Arriving for his 2019 #inauguration ceremony @larryhogan @marylandpublictv @mptnews mpt.org/inauguration/ at noon today #mdpolitics
Tune to @mptnews today at noon for complete live coverage of @larryhogan ’s 2019 inaugural @marylandpublictv #MDpolitics #Hogan #GovLarryHogan #mdga19
Delegates and Senators gathered in State Senate Chamber in advance of official swearing-in of Gov. @larryhogan and Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford. Then we will move outside for the public ceremony. #mdinauguration #MDGA19 #mdpolitics
Districts 46 & 6 regionalism between City and County. #mdpolitics #MDGA19
The Dance of the Legislators has begun. House members now joining us in the Senate chamber as we prepare for the swearing in of Governor Hogan. #mdpolitics #MDGA19
This morning the Senators came over to the House Chamber to witness the official certification of the gubernatorial election results. Confirmed - @larryhogan won! Now the Delegates will come over to Senate for the official swearing-in before the public ceremony. #mdinauguration #MDGA19 #mdpolitics
We've arrived in the House. Let the business begin. #mdpolitics #MDGA19
Senators line up in chamber awaiting escort to House chamber for certifying of 2018 election ahead of Governor swearing in. #mdpolitics #MDGA19
First bill of 2019 that will voted on Senate floor - legislation requiring lobbyists to file all their ethics paperwork electronically so the public can have quick and easy access. Legislators are already required to do this but lobbyists still had option of just doing hard copy - meaning public and press have to go in person to the State Ethics Office to get a copy. #MDGA19 #mdpolitics #transparency
Command center set up in the historic House Chamber for tomorrow’s inauguration. #mdpolitics #mdga19
Bricks in the walk near the stage where Gov. Larry Hogan will hold a public ceremonial swearing in for his second term. Theodore McKeldin was the last Republican Governor elected to two consecutive terms in Maryland - a distinction now held by Hogan. #mdpolitics #mdga19
See us live in Funkstown on 1/23 #MDPolitics #marylandpride . #Maryland #Hagerstown #MDGA19
Getting set for tomorrow’s inauguration of Gov. Larry Hogan. #mdpolitics #mdga19
Working with Lt. Gov. @BoydKRutherford at the 2019 Chesapeake Environmental & Economic Summit. #MDPolitics #MDGA19
Monday night in the James Senate Building,heading over to Statehouse for evening session...kind of empty tonight - usually busier on Monday nights...#MDGA19 #mdpolitics #annapolismd
LOCAL BUSINESS LEADERS: If you want to make an impact in Annapolis, #MeetTheState is the event for you! Join us on January 23rd to meet with your elected officials and learn more about upcoming issues that impact business.
Icicles on the Old Treasury building. #mdpolitics #mdga19
State workers blow snow from the grounds along the area where Gov. Larry Hogan will be sworn in on Wednesday. #mdpolitics #mdga19
‪As part of the #FF15Maryland coalition, we’ll be in Annapolis advocating for pay equity. For every dollar a man makes, a BW makes 63 cents 👎🏽 Raising the min wage to $15 will benefit over 700,000 homes. Contact your officials: mdelect.net #MDGA19 #MDPolitics
Snow day in Annapolis. #mdga19 #mdpolitics
Join Maryland @momsdemand for Lobby Day on January 31! Click this link to RSVP: https://act.everytown.org/event/moms-demand-action-event/18798 #MDGA19 #mdpolitics #expectus
It's a cold, snowy Monday yall!! ⠀ .⠀ You got less than 10 mins to grab your coffee or whatever kind of hotness you drink and join @SmartBlackMan for #CoffeeAndPolitics - When the Personal Becomes Political⠀ .⠀ #LBSGang #MDPolitics #BlackLivesMatter
PGCMA Legislative Dinner Aiming to always be apart of the processes that impacts our communities daily life. - Be apart of the change you want to see is not just a statement it’s an action! #realtalk #communityfirst #blackvoices #politics #mdpolitics #uppermarlboro #princegeorgescounty #miniorityconmunitiesmatter
“Let's take a walk through the deepest part of the hood/ I wanna know who it was that said it was all good/ He must've never been to the corner/ And spent the half an hour or longer/ Where you could smell reality stronger/ Where they sell you grease in a box and hope that you die quicker/ And if you're old enough to walk to the store you can buy liquor/“ • • • Ed Norris, noted POS, virulent racist, and the worst kind of bad cop, claims that *every time* he drives down this part of President St, he gets accosted by #squeegeeboys . Imagine a former police commissioner being so cowardly that he’s afraid of President St. 🤔 Anyway I got some cash for the squeegee kids so next time they “attack” you, tell them I got ‘em. 🧼
This afternoon included a delightful conversation with the College Democrats of Maryland. A bright group of young people committed to advancing the mission of the Democratic Party in Maryland and beyond. #democrats #collegedems #collegedemocrats #college #activism #campusactivism #civic #civicengagement #towsonuniversity #wintermeeting #politics #youth #political #participation #mddems #mdpolitics #maryland #youngdems #youngdemsrising @mddems
One of my better photos from the work session today. See more photos: scotteblog.com #HoCoPolitics #mdpolitics #hocomd
Happy Saturday! Are you signed up to my newsletter yet? If not, subscribe now (link in bio) to follow our work on key issues and where to find me throughout the community during this legislative session. #MDDelegate #MDDelegates #MDpolitics #district11 #baltimorecounty #mymaryland
Had the honor to introduce Gov. Larry Hogan at the Senate and House Republican Pre-Session Luncheon. Looking forward to working together on policies that help all Marylanders. #mdpolitics #mdga19
Protecting Maryland Families is one of my top priorities during the 2019 legislative session. From keeping our schools and online communities safe, to protecting the rights of the vulnerable, it is critical for Maryland to develop modern laws that anticipate and stay ahead of emerging trends – establishing a tech-savvy and pliable foundation to continually keep Maryland families safe. #MDDelegate #MDDelegates #MDpolitics #MDDemsAtWork #DelegateCardin #district11 #baltimorecounty #mymaryland #protectingfamilies
The annual picture taken from the balcony of the Miller Senate Office Building after the work session at Cecil Night in Annapolis!
First committee hearing of the new Session - briefing from Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice with a lot of data and information to digest. We’re off and running in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee! #MDGA19 #mdpolitics
Senate President Miller shared a personal health message with the chamber today. My thoughts are with him and his family as he faces this challenge. #mdga #mdpolitics #session2019
Today, I was sworn in for my 3rd term - ninth General Assembly Session - in the Maryland Senate. What a day! Walking up those State House steps is such an honor. I was joined by my amazing wife, Lea, and wonderful mother, Marie. Several key takeaways: - President Miller was reelected as Senate President for the 33rd year in a row, longest running presiding officer in history of US. - Senator Kathy Klausmeier was elected President Pro Tem, the second woman to serve in this role in Maryland history (nominated by my seat mate, Senator Smith). - Governor Hogan addressed the chamber and spoke of working together to propose solutions for Maryland. - After 8 years, I had the honor of handing over the title of "Youngest State Senator" to Senator Sarah Elfreth (the youngest woman ever elected to the State Senate). - We welcomed 15 new members to the Senate, the most diverse class of new senators in decades. This is going to be a great year. Let's get to work. #mdpolitics #19Session #mdga
Taking the oath of office to serve four more years in the Maryland State Senate - honored to be able to represent our community and our values! #Dist5 #CarrollCountyMD #mdpolitics #mdga19
Today was the first day of the 90 day legislative session. #mdga2019 #session2019 . All recently elected senators and delegates were installed in office. I’m eternally thankful to voters for your faith & trust in me in allowing me the opportunity to serve & represent our collective interests in the #marylandsenate The challenges are great, the powerful opposition is greater. But, I’m prepared & ready to go to dig in #baltimore #41stdistrict #loveoverpolitics #letswork #MDPolitics
We’ve prepared an ambitious agenda for 2019, and we’re ready to fight on behalf of all students in Maryland. Whether it’s tackling structural issues like eliminating segregated/racially isolated schools 65 years after Brown v. Board of Education, or ensuring access to the highest quality staff and teachers, we’ll use all of our effort to fight on behalf of all of you! #mdpolitics #education #mdschool #mdschools #edu #reform #student #maryland #students #redfored
Have you ever seen an issue in your community that makes you angry? Do you want to ensure Maryland has the best education system possible? Do you have a passion for change? Sign up to become a member of AAMPS or one of our staff positions today! DM us with any questions! #mdpolitics #education #mdschool #mdschools #edu #reform #student #maryland #students #redfored
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