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💭Still, be still. Find stillness within. And you will know Peace.🕊Through your inner knowing you will see Truth. In this Truth you will find Self, oh self of myself, become One with the Absolute. 🙏 . . . . . . 🕊Om Shanti Shanti Shanti📿🙏📿 . . . #thoughts 💭 #meditatedaily #meditation #stillmind #stillness #higherself #highconsciousness #highvibes #god #christconsciousness #sunday #sundayvibes #sundayquotes #buddhism #hinduism #loveislove #loveismyreligion #truthismyreligion #medicinetribe #medicinewoman #medicinepeople #sacredarts #sage #sagegoddess #yogi #channelingspirit
New Time!!!! Come join us for Middle Way Meditation – Every Sunday Evening At Kula Yoga Shala, in Room 2 5:00 pm Please come join Venerable Suwed In guided middle way meditation every Sunday Evening at 5:00pm. Ven. Suwed (aka Luang Pi Suwed) will guide you in deep meditation. The goal of this meditation is to relax the mind and soul so that you can find inner peace in your everyday life. #kulacommunity #mmipeace #dhammakaya #kulayogashala #dmcpb #Jupiter #jupiterevents #meditation #buddhism #buddhistmonks #jupitermeditation #jupiterflorida #juplovin #jupiterbeach #jupiterfl #juplife #meditationspace #meditate #samadhi #meditatedaily #loveyourself #innerpeace #peaceofmind #peacein #peaceout
PERFECTIONISM • An ailment that comes with so much negative self-talk, guilt, and shame. In fact, I had a very hard time recognizing perfectionist tendencies in myself because I always put myself down like “no I’m nowhere near good enough to be a perfectionist. If I was a perfectionist, everything I did would be better. I’m merely mediocre.” THAT type of self talk is precisely what perfectionism is about. Setting impossibly high standards, and then hating yourself when you inevitably don’t live up to them. And then terrorizing yourself- and possibly others- because of it. I really believe that perfectionism is more rampant than we realize 🌸 . . . I invite all of you to join in me in trying to be more gentle with yourself. Try to focus on what you do well. Laugh at your mistakes. Be compassionate with yourself. Overall, treat yourself like you might treat your best friend. Because most of us would never speak as harshly to our friends as we do to ourselves 🌸 . . . Also, if you are interested in this topic, @hannahlionnessa has great content on perfectionism
CHILDREN AND PARENTING Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD. That attitude of giving child a tablet while service is on to be playing games so they don’t disturb you is a time bomb! You are saying to them, its OK to not concentrate in church, you think you are trying to concentrate and don’t want them to distract you but you are giving them a mindset. It will form an attitude towards trivializing spiritual things in the future and by then it may be too late to correct.. Don’t ever think they do not understand what’s going on while the service is on, these children play very complicated games better than adults! If they can understand that, they can understand what Paul calls ”The Simplicity of the Gospel” The gaming can wait! Another thing I find ludicrous is Parents who give their children ”loose change” for offering but spend heavily on their lunch just after the service is over.. There again you are saying, God doesn’t deserve anything big. You see that’s how you breed Atheists! That’s how you raise Adults who think the Holy Ghost is a Gut Feeling! Who think tithing is making the pastor a big boy! Train up a child in the way he should go.. When he is old he will not depart from it I may never be able to subscribe to all the parenting modules my Parents used for us while growing up, but you see this love for God? They got it right! My Father made sure we never missed a single midweek service while growing up. No matter how tired we were from school, he insisted, he compelled! Today, look what that training has done to me! Isaiah 28 vs 10 says ”For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little” Simple things are what form Character! God bless you. Don't forget to bless someone by sharing. 🔔 Notice Download the cLoveWorld mobile app for free access to Pastors Chris's videos click the link 👉👉👉: http://bit.ly/2WK4o7I When registering do not forget to use 007 as your reference number. Courtesy :@mediaactivist4christ @cloveworld @loveworldusatv #mediaactivist4christ #pastorChris #mediaactivist #godisgood #jesusfreaks #jesus #bibleverse #spirituality #lifestyle #meditatedaily #spiri
Keep Your Spirit Aglow by Speaking in Tongues “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself; but he that prophesieth edifieth the church” (1 Corinthians 14:4) One of the salient things that keep your spirit aglow is speaking in other tongues. The power therein is indescribable. The Greek word translated “edifieth” in our opening verse is “oikodomeo” which means to build up, embolden or charge up like you would charge a battery. That’s what speaking in other tongues does to you. Did you know that every time you pray in the Holy Ghost, something happens to your physical body? When you pray or make proclamations of what God has already said concerning you, your spirit starts glowing. This change happens in your spirit, and therefore, you may not see it with your physical eyes. Luke 9:28 says concerning Jesus, that “as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering.” Speaking in other tongues coupled with the confessions of the Word of God will make you a spiritual giant. As you spend time speaking in tongues, the Power of God will rise within you and flood your mind and body until you’re totally inundated with it. That’s how you unlock and activate the power within you, and set up a fire in your spirit. Stir up the gift that is in you by speaking in tongues. To bless others do well to spread the word. 🔔 Notice! Listen to exciting array of inspiring, educative and entertaining Radio stations Download cetunes mobile app on android or Apple store to listen to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome every day on the go! Hallelujah. Click the link 👉👉👉 http://bit.ly/2wVR9GH When registering do not forget to use 007 as your reference number. Courtesy ; @mediaactivist4christ @cetunes @loveworldusatv #mediaactivist4christ #pastorChris #mediaactivist #godisgood #jesusfreaks #jesus #bibleverse #spirituality #lifestyle #meditatedaily #spiritualguidance #pastorchrispikin #christians #amén #blessed 🙏 #loveworldusa #yourloveworld #faithoverfear #holyghost #holybible #righteous #salvationarmy #Loveworld #pstchrisgeneration #christembassy #loveworldnext #gospel #success #kingdom #heaven
What a day! Hiking in a beautiful mountain area under a deep blue sky. It is so important to nurture continuously our inner emotional link with Mother Nature, recharging our energies and remembering that this is our time to fight for her 💚. Ready for it? . . . . . #biophilia #vegan #ecology #foresttheraphy #guidedwalks #lifestyleblog #seeksimplicity #bemindful #liveinthenow #meditatedaily #peacewithin #peacefulwarrior #mindfulness #positiveenergy #positiveliving #passionpassport #tasteintravel #earty #earthbased #forestbathing #shinrinyoku #mindfullness #wild #disconnect #foraging #deepecology #plasticfree #zerowaste #extinctionrebellion #fridayforfuture
Ram Dass x East Forest Listening party @concettacodding and @winterwhistle ‘s home in Northeastern CT on Friday! Please message @concettacodding for more details ♥️♥️♥️ . . . . . #ramdass #higherconciousness #meditatedaily #groupmeditation #newenglandmeditationgroup #beherenow #belovenow
Today’s motto, on repeat.
What do you need to give yourself permission to do this week? 🎨💜 . I have struggled with this. Do you know what I mean? . Historically I’ve felt like I need to be “doing more” all the time, and that I can’t just relax or just do one thing at a time, or be creative if it’s not work. . But recently, I’ve been trying to apply some key principles: . ✅ Do one thing at a time ✅ Turn on “airplane mode” on my phone when I’m not using it ✅ Give myself permission to do something creative that isn’t “work” . And it’s been pretty great. I’ve felt more relaxed, and like there’s a little bit less pressure to “do” more and achieve more all the time. . Check out my Stories for what I’ve been up to in my ✈️ mode time! 🎨 . Do you ever feel the need to just give yourself permission to relax or be creative? . Let me know what you’re gonna be up to! . Hannah xx . 📸: @alyserurianidesign
A splash of color, like a spotlight in the night, can brighten all the way and set the going right. 🌞
NEW!!! REIKI INFUSED HAPPY JARS ☺️ These Happiness Jars have been created to give you a boost of joy and happiness when held and/or meditated upon! Jars can be sold plain and sealed with wax for $8.88, or sealed with wax and an amethyst crystal wire wrapped to the jar for just $3.33 more! LINK IN BIO! #happinesss #joy #love #herbalmagic #herbalhealing #crystalmagic #witchcraft #wiccansofinstagram #bestofetsy #etsyfinds #etsygifts #etsyfind #etsyhandmade #witchylife #etsyseller #etsysellersofinstagram #etsyshop #highvibelife #lawofattraction #manifesting #positiveliving #raiseyourvibration #selfgrowth #centred #meditatedaily #positiveattitude #positiveenergy #innerpeace #lifepurpose #soulcalling
Happy Fathers Day from Team Ropana! #healthiswealth #givethegiftofhealing #nature #meditatedaily
Drum roll please... Our newest group of zivaLIVE graduates! We had so much fun making new friends and love to connect with those taking action to become their brightest selves. Congratulations on taking this step toward alleviating unnecessary suffering. We are so crazy grateful for you 🧡
The peaceful view from my meditation place today. How do you practice self care? xx
Energy is a vibrational currency. . Be careful who, where, and what you invest it in. . For example, when you make money, you’re careful about what you might spend it on because you want it to be worth it. . Look at your energy in the same way. . Use it wisely. . Furthermore use it as a benefit to serve you and others in some kind of way. . #highvibelife #healthymindset #highvibetribe #highvibes #lawofattraction #manifest #manifestation #manifesting #manifestyourdreams #positiveintentions #powerofthemind #raiseyourvibration #youaremagic #youarepowerful #vibrationalenergy #spiritjunkie #tribevibes #positiveliving #manifestyourlife #selfgrowth #theuniversehasyourback #bemindful #innerself #peacefulwarrior #quietmind #stillness #thepowerofnow #meditatedaily #innerwork #gowithin via @preview.app
Mind over matter 🧘 You don't have to wear yoga pants to meditate. . . . #follow #mindovermatter #crystalhealing #meditationtime #meditatedaily
La Zen’Minute 😎 grâce à nos neurones miroirs, on a la capacité de se projeter et de ressentir sans être dans l’action même. Voici pour toi les 4 éléments pour une connection parfaite. La terre, l’air, le feu et l’eau. Alors branche le son et ENJOY 🐚😍🐚#breathe #today
Top cola fresh frozen ice water extract. Single source, soil to oil, blessed 🕉🙏❤️🔥🔥💦 Strain is cheese x double diesel. #cannabiscommunity #icewaterextract #hash #hashish #cannabisculture #meditatedaily #blessed #healingmantras #photosynthesisplus #healthyliving #spiritualawakening #shiva
Sometime we need to show ourselves some love. How are you taking care of yourself today? 💛 Regram: @peopleiveloved
That moment of achieving greatness. What helps add fuel to your flame? #CalmingQuotes #MusicForMoments
☀️The latest issue of my newsletter is out! Yay! In this issue, you’ll learn how to easily incorporate a gratitude practice into your daily life, among other good info too. Here’s an excerpt: 🙏🏽”Practicing gratitude doesn't mean that we live a complacent life where nothing ever really bothers us. What results from a frequent (daily or so) practice is that when a situation is challenging, we'll be better equipped to handle it perhaps with grace, dignity, and maybe some courage too. Most likely, we'll sleep more soundly and be less depressed. 🧠 For the science nerds like me: when we actively practice gratitude our brain rewards us with a sweet little burst of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, and we feel goooooood. Thanks, brain!” 🖊 Link in bio to sign up.
Ask yourself; is what I am doing going to create the life of my dreams? • Each action that you take will result in a reaction. If you are good, you will attract good. If you are bad, you will attract bad. • Your inner world creates your outer world. If you are expressing patience and loving kindness, you will feel those in return. • If you want to start a business, you can’t sit around eating junk food and watching tv all day. You must take time to plan, prepare, & reflect. • What are you consuming? Is it helping you get to where you want to be? • You attract what you are. You are like a mirror of your vast internal landscape. We can see how you are acting and feeling on the inside. • Surround yourself with people who love and respect you. Engage with individuals that support your mission and want to help you. • Take the time to go internal. Sit on your pillow and allow silence. When you retreat to silence, PROFOUND insights arise. ——————————————————————————— #meditatedaily #profound #insight #selfhelp #traumarecovery #lifecoachforwomen #lifecoaching #spiritualguides #alphacentauri #lovetrumpshate
Boom. The second issue of @thedailymeditator is live! In this monthly newsletter @lightwatkins and I curate quirky, interesting and noteworthy happenings in and around the meditation community. . In Issue No. 2, we cover drugs, weird emotions, sports, (no) booze & meditation for black people. It’s a good one! Enjoy, friends. Link in bio to read & subscribe. #thedailymeditator 🧘‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️ . Special thanks to the fab folks featured in this issue: @liberatemeditation @megmonahan @kellygores @trewrussellbrand @trashisfortossers & @shona_vertue 🙏🏻
✨CREATE A NEW STORY FOR YOUR LIFE✨ . I love stepping away from my business for several days in a row (every month) to reflect on what I accomplished so far. And to reflect on what I can improve moving forward. . As I was reflecting, I wrote down what I believe is a reminder to myself and to you... . Are you REALLY ready to create a new story for your life? If you're not completely satisfied with where you are right now in your life, then change it right now. . Don't let the negative stuff that happened yesterday or today dictate your future. . It doesn't matter anymore. What has happened happened. . You can not change it. . But you know what you can change? What happens NOW. If you desire to live an incredible life, then LIVE IT NOW. . A life where you don't have to worry about money or the financial legacy of your family. . A life where you can work when you want and where you want. . A life where you don't have to send your child to daycare because you work at a job that doesn't fulfill your soul. . A life where you can use your unique gifts and creativity to make a positive impact in the world. . A life where you can live wherever you want with no boundaries. . A life where you can completely love yourself and embrace your beautiful flaws. . As soon as you realize that you have the power within yourself to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, you'll become unstoppable. . What kind of new story are you creating for your life? I would love to know. Please, share in the comments below.😍 . . .
Daha önce duygusal olarak güçlü insanların özelliklerinden bahsetmiştim ancak güçlü olmak, sağlam bir duygusal temel oluşturmak kolay değil, sizin için araştırdım nasıl daha güçlü olabiliriz, hayatın zorluklarına karşı nasıl ayakta kalabiliriz. 5 madde çıkardım, storylere beklerim 🤗🤗 . . . : #meditation #meditatedaily #mindfulness #bemindful #stillness #thepowerofnow #quietmind #peacefulmind #peacewithin #centred #innerself #innerwork #peacefulwarrior #liveinthenow #bestrong #youarestrong #wcm5te5
Thanks for acting like a kid when I was a kid, acting like a friend when I needed a friend, and acting like a parent when I needed one. You are the best man I know. Happy Father's Day
Someone told me the other day that I work really hard. And while I do work longer hours than I did working in corporate, I no longer consider it or call it working. I call it playing. I call it that because I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I enjoy serving. I enjoy teaching. I enjoy learning and bettering myself daily and yes, I even enjoy the daily healing and journaling! 😆 I also know that to have everything you desire you need to have fun. You need balance. You need play AND rest. The Guides came forward today with a reminder to not only play hard but also rest plenty so if you need a vacay THIS is your sign to go on one! Take some time out to rest and re-energize yourself so you can keep playing and having fun! Happy SUNDAY!!
The benefits of a regular meditation practice are life changing. However, meditation does not come easy for many. There are so many forms of meditation. Find one that works for you and you will enjoy this wonderful mindfulness practice addition to your journey. Repost from @eastern_sentiment #mindfulness #meditation #meditate #meditatedaily #bethechange #growth #growthmindset #kidsmeditate #meditateanywhere #meditate4peace #peace #peacewithin #peaceofmind #peaceandlove #peacelovepositivity #movementmediation #practicegratitude
“Do not run from yourself. If you feel things deeply, if the world has weathered you, if you are going through something that is uncomfortable or painful, or hard - you often have to decide between allowing yourself to dive into those emotions, or allowing yourself to numb them. And, a lot of human beings choose to numb their experience of the world. A lot of human beings tell themselves that it is a too much, that is all too inconvenient, to deal with the depth of their circumstance. And it is often not their fault. In a world that has given us so many ways to kill our pain through television, or prescriptions, or the⁣ sensationalizing of being cool and favorable over being inquisitive, and authentic, it is almost a subconscious thing we do. We try to protect ourselves from pain, but if I have learned one thing this year, it is that pain demands to be felt. It will show up in other ways if we do not deal with it. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Meditate. Get to know your mind, your heart, your soul. Trace your fingers over your wounds. Get to know the parts of yourself that you have hidden from the light. Heal yourself from the inside."⁣⁣ ⁣ Not to glorify pain but I've come to realise that there is beauty in it and where we experience the most growth. Watching Gary Vee made me realise if we can get excited about our failures (as opportunities for immense growth!), we can then face setbacks with such fight! ⁣It also seems like the people who struggle the most turn out to be the most interesting people! Don't you agree?!? ⁣⁣⁣ 📸: @style_revisited ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ #whatinspiresyoueveryday #beautyinpain #whatinspiresyou #beautyinstruggle #internalbattle #lifeisstruggle #whatinspiresyou #feelfeelfeel #dontrun #dontrunaway #painisbeauty #painisbeautiful #introspection #struggleisstrength #strugglebus #celebratelifeeveryday #dancephotographer #sgdancer #darkphotography #hauntinglybeautiful #challengeyourselfeveryday #embraceitall #embracefailure #enjoytheprocess #meditatedaily
👋🏻Reminder Yoga friends👫tomorrows 9.30am Yoga class is moved to: Regis centre studio at the theatre in Bognor town See you there for our Yoga Stretch, Relaxation & Feel good fun times Everybody welcome £8 a class DM to enquire/book #yogadaily #yogaclass #yogatimes #igyoga #santorini #yogafunvibe #yogacore #skybodyclasses #skybody #skybodyyoga #yogalife #yogahealth #destress #calmmind #calm #meditatedaily #meditation #meditateeveryday #feelwell #yogateacherslife #instayogis #instayogafamily #yogafamily
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." _Helen Keller_ _ 🏔: Gunongan, Putroe Phang Garden, Banda Aceh 🇮🇩 A structure dedicated by Sultan Iskandar Muda - the Sultan of Aceh, for his wife: The Princess of Pahang. _ Inspired by the landscape surrounding her palace in Pahang, Gunongan has 3 levels of hexagonal layout plan similar to the shape of a flower crowned with the shape of tiara on top of it. _ The structure once became the place where the queen hangout with her maids as simulated by @liandha @bluez_granger @smurbs. Wish @pramesyd @cahyautari was there 💁🏻‍♀️ _ Hangout moments with friends would be more complete with @oppoindonesia. Like this outdoor photo session late in the evening or when it's a bit cloudy should not be a problem. Moments well spent & well documented! 👌🏼 _ #RayakanBersamaOPPO  #oppof11 #InilahMalamku  #OPPOF11Pro
Je pourrais voler la lune en vrai c'est facile mars ou saturne crois-moi c'est pas si fou si je le fais pour nous ~ La belle lune
L'amour c'est pas grand chose c'est de la drogue en overdose des équilibres des ecchymoses ~ On pourrait en faire des longs discours, balancer des mots les uns après les autres pour raconter une jolie histoire, mais parfois il suffit juste d'écouter le calme et profiter de l'instant.
Encore je suis encore je t'aime encore c'est toi et puis encore encore s'enfuir jusqu'à demain ~ La nuit qui tombe en pleine nature.
Si jamais tu doutes je te fais la promesse de garder sur ta route les mots la tendresse ~ Du soleil, un week-end loin de tout, de l'eau claire, une activité à deux, s'arrêter sur la route pour faire des photos, profiter du paysage et du calme.
On se perdra pour sûr mais avec le temps on se donnera c'est sûr comme dans nos jeux d'antan ~ Ne jamais se lasser de regarder plus haut pour y découvrir les jolies couleurs et images que forment les nuages.
On se retrouvera comme on s'est laissé on se dira qu'on s'est délaissé on aura l'air bêtes à se regarder les pieds on se dira c'est la vie les gens se quittent et se retrouvent parfois ~ Observer le ciel avec une passion envoûtante. Le bras au-dessus du visage, comme l'impression de pouvoir toucher les nuages et attraper la lune.
Retrouve moi dans le néant retrouve moi dans le vide retrouve moi dans les étoiles retrouve moi dans l'oubli ~ Des nuages de coton qui donnent l'impression de pouvoir s'y coucher et se laisser porter par le vent.
Donne moi un peu de toi avant que tout s'en aille donne moi un peu de toi et je serai de taille donne moi la main qu'on arrête le temps ~ S'arrêter sur le bas côté et prendre un instant pour apprécier le paysage et immortaliser ce moment. Le regard au loin, les arbres à perte de vue, l'horizon qui se devine dans la brume, un si joli spectacle.
Car la roue tourne et tout se paye un jour tu brilles puis on te raye des larmes de pluie sur ton soleil rien ne sera plus pareil ~ S'émerveiller toujours un peu plus devant ce genre de spectacle, une fois la pluie tombée et le soleil revenu, quand le ciel reprend de la couleur.
Tu sembles planer là comme le font les rêves j'aime qu'on parle de moi comme le font tes lèvres ~ En plein cœur de la nature, se sentir libre, être seulement entourés d'arbres et de verdure, de chant des oiseaux et du bruit de l'eau. Se dire que la vie en a des belles choses à offrir, malgré les bas qu'elle peut nous apporter parfois.
Doit on se dire des mots qu'on ne pense pas se faire la peau à chaque faux pas est-ce qu'on doit s'aimer comme dans les films espérer une happy ending ~ On ne sait jamais à l'avance les couleurs dont on pourra profiter une fois le jour tombé et ça a le don de me fasciner. Cette fois, une jolie teinte rosée, légèrement orangée, mais quand sera-t-il de demain ?
Deuxième étoile à droite et tout droit jusqu'au matin ~ Pour contraster avec la noiceur du ciel de ce soir, la jolie lune un jour de temps ensoleillé et la première fois où j'arrive à l'avoir aussi détaillée. Comme l'impression qu'en tendant les bras je pourrais la toucher du bout des doigts.
Accroche toi me lâche pas et si je tombe relève moi je veux t'aimer, grandir et avancer avec toi ~ Comme pour remettre un peu de couleurs a un ciel grisâtre, un joli orangé plein de douceur.
Jour dix variation du délice que voudrais tu faire une balade en mer ~ La tête dans les nuages et le cœur bien plus haut.
Je veux un jour numéro deux une suite à l'hôtel supplément mortel ~ Le temps changeant, ciel bleu et gris qui se mélangent encore, nuages de coton qui tapissent le paysage.
Vis ta vie en couleurs c'est le secret du bonheur ~ Il y a toujours cette période dans l'année où on se retrouve entre deux saisons, quand le soleil et la chaleur se montrent mais que la pluie et la fraîcheur reste encore tout près.
Je perds l'équilibre sur mon triste manège sous le soleil d'été je vois tomber la neige ~ Se perdre dans le ciel et les épais nuages, regarder la lumière descendre et se cacher de plus en plus, se sentir libre comme un oiseau, léger comme une plume.
Je suis le souffle du vent la pluie sur les fenêtres la lune qui éclaire la mer le fracas des vagues contre la jetée le soleil qui passe entre les nuages la vie autour de toi ~ Incontestablement la plus jolie des couleurs à mes yeux, autant dans le ciel que dans la mer, je ne m'en lasserai jamais.
Voir la vie de nos nuages infinis et ouvrir la cage à nos cœurs qui se battent ~ Le beau temps qui se montre de plus en plus mais reste encore timide certains jours, laissant des épais nuages gris comme aujourd'hui.
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