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There has never been healing of anything; physical, financial, material, emotional, spiritual without a restoration of faith. - Carl Jung. It goes through you, above you. With you. Beyond and over you. Everything your practice does to you. Everything it embodies within your soul and heart. It is easy to start thinking judgemental thoughts, self-limiting and self-hating thoughts when practicing. Especially when practicing with others as we at times unconsciously compare ourselves to other practitioners and students of yoga. I find catching myself when these thoughts come up in my mind and bring it back to remembering why I’m actually practicing. What it does to my body, spirit and mind. It bears repeating, but it has nothing to do with the asana. Of course you can not compare yourself to someone who has practiced for 10 or 15 years. Or someone who did not have the condition, or surgery, you have gone through. Let’s drop the comparison game all together. And just practice. Be grateful for the practice itself. Grateful that just you are able and have the possibility to practice and evolve. Not everyone can, or would even want, to open their minds or hearts to something new or unknown. Something which will change your life. Practice acceptance, of others, of yourself - whether you feel inadequate, judgemental or if you feel grateful, hopeful and joyful. Just practice. Be kind and practice patience too, but don’t take any shit. People will throw it around and claim it’s your fault, they judge you, condemn you, ignore you, talk behind your back or are just false friendships. Expect you to be there in all circumstances, but would never be there for you. Unfortunately, it all takes time to realise and to understand how people truly are, and in the meanwhile, you get hurt, disappointed, shocked, but Karma and the Universe works in the most mysterious ways. It does not work by appearance, success or simple words. It does not play favourites or “give you a break” because you’ve been through a difficult event in your lifetime. It works by action, by intention, by the truth of your spirit. So be grateful for the practice, it evolves you as a human being ✨
I hope you can read my handwriting. Happy Monday!💕🙏💕
Meditation, höre was dein Herz die sagt, es spricht die Ewige Liebe. #meditationsoul #meditations #meditation #meditieren #meditiere #artwork #artistic #artistsoninstagram
You CAN do this with our vibroacoustic soundlounge! #Repost @thewaveandtheocean ・・・ @theohmstore ・・・ Imagine what would happen if you took 5 minutes per day to make the cells inside of your body dance like this? 🌟 🎶 . . Our body is about 70% water. This is what happens inside our body when a singing bowl vibrates on us. According to Jeffrey Thompson, Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research at The California Institute for Human Science, “Direct stimulation of living cellular tissue using sound frequency vibration has shown marked cellular metabolism and therefore a possible mobilization of a cellular healing response.” 🎶 . . What does that mean? . . Well...Illness or disease in the body can be characterized by a block in the flow of energy in the body. When energy flow is blocked, that area of our body stops vibrating at a healthy frequency. The sound frequencies created by Tibetan Singing Bowls can restore the flow of energy in the parts of the body where this is required, and over time, help us to heal. 🎶 . . . . #singingbowl #healing #holistic #therapy #purification #vibration #sound #tradition #energy #chakras #singingbowls #singingbowlmeditation #meditations #meditationtime #mediationmusic #meditationtools #meditationretreat #meditationsoul #chakrahealing #chakrabalancing #reikienergy #soundhealing #yogaforlife
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I am sure so many of us will agree to this. Being fearless is powerful. Being fearless brings courage and strength to deal with life. No fear bounds you, when you have nothing left to lose. So powerful and true 🛎 Love and light to all 💖
At tegne vores prana eller vital energi i os er essensen af ​​al dybere helbredelse. I denne henseende har pranaen med dyb søvn den særlige magt til at helbrede alle de andre pranas, såvel som sindet. I dyb søvn er hjernen i stand til at fjerne negative mønstre og energier og nulstille dens ligevægt. Dette er meget vigtigt i al psykologisk helbredelse. #meditation #prana #yogapose #yoga #ayurveda #followmyjourney #consciousness #sundlivsstil #livsstil #meditationgirl #mindlifedk #mindlife #kærlighed #passion #ahambrahmasmi #iamtheuniverse #vejle #followmyjourney #meditationsoul #meditationblogger #meditationteacher #certifiedteacher #spirituel #soul #guruwithin #loveyourself #yogagirl #youaretheuniverse #selvet #blogger #spirituelrejse
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Part of the path to healing is finding the support of those who have taken their own journey inward. When we start to look within and gain insight into our own heart, mind and habits, we can deeply empathize with others already walking the path, as well as with those who are just starting to wake up their hearts. _ Find your people, find your spiritual friends, find your inner family for support each step of the way. ♥️ @beebosnak 📸 @melindadiorio #thedailypractice #walkthepath
El otro día leí que los humanos somos al amor como los peces 🐠 al agua, buscamos y buscamos el amor y no lo vemos y es porque el amor es todo lo que nos rodea, como un pez buscando el agua, no la encontraría porque ya está inmerso en ella. . Que opinás de esto?🤔 . Yo creo que así pasa con la felicidad y con el amor como este elefante que va cargando el amor, pero si lo busca fuera no lo va a encontrar, porque ya lo tiene en él. . Amor es lo que somos, y es lo que vinimos a dar, nuestro propósito de vida es ese, amar! 💕 . Hay días que olvido porqué estoy donde estoy, pero de repente vuelvo a recordar que enseñar es lo que me llena de energía, de luz y me hace brillar!✨✨ . Y es lo que quiero compartir!✨💫 . Hoy que es domingo, y que es el día en que sacamos un ratito para conectar con nuestra alma, vayamos ahí, a ese propósito a eso que nos llena de luz, recordémoslo y desde ahí actuemos y así todo fluirá! . Feliz domingo! 🍃Besitos chicas! 💕 #tribusurá #somosamor #soulsunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #somosciclicas #somosluz #surácoaching #coachdesalud #espiritualidad #menstruación #hormonas #empoweringwomen #cosasdechicas #sabiduriafemenina #soymujer #juntassomosmas #womenscoach #healthylifestyle #iinhealthcoach #meditacion #laregla #coachdesaludfemenina #dairyfreelife #girlspower #emprendedoras #mindfullness #maestrademeditacion #meditationsoul #fluir #vidalibredegluten #coachsaludintegral
❤️Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life. -Eckhart Tolle . ✨ Many times we rush through things to go to the next one and then, one after that - never really enjoying what is. And yet, all we have is this moment. ❤️❤️❤️ ✨ ✨ Tag a friend who needs this. . Follow @ZenLivingCo for daily motivation and inspiration ✨✨✨
#buddhaawake 🍀There is so much healing needed to be done on this planet. My heart goes out to everyone out there struggling. While it may not always be initially apparent, there is always growth to be experienced through our pain and struggle. Keep your heads up and have faith in knowing that this too shall pass. You're all warriors. Much love! 🙏❤️ ------------------------------- Absolutely Anything My Dear Friends! What’s your thoughts ? Double Tap & Tag a buddhist that you know! #Report : buddhanow (Tag: #highvibrations #hope #igquotes #impermanence #inbetween #innerguidance #innerpeace #innerwisdom #instathought #instathoughts #instawords #knowthyself #laotzu #lawofattraction #lawofvibration #lightattheendofthetunnel #lightbeing #lightworker #lightworkers #limitingbeliefs )
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