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#meemfaylahorediaries #meemfaygoestoDaachiFestival . . Swipe to see the rest . 🛍- Whilst at the @daachi.foundation festival I also got these two items that I’m obsessed with. They are 100% handmade and were sold to me by the two ladies who make all sorts of products decorated with this kind of embroidery. . 🛍- From wall hangings to keychains, they had a lot of products in different designs. There was a vast variety of colours. All the items were super in expensive. . 🛍- I got these two things for my mom. I love the colours on the roti holder they’re so bright and beautiful. I feel like it is modern yet traditional. Can go with both settings. Teal and shocking pink is an excellent combination. . 🛍- The tissue box is also very pretty with cute detailing. Looks awesome kept on our lounge table. . 🛍- Thumbs up for both buys. I love em.
#meemfaylahorediaries #meemfaygoestoDaachiFestival . . 🌺- This cute little handmade ceramic bowl caught my eye while I was browsing through the stalls at the @daachi.foundation festival. (Refer previous post) . 🌺- I was looking for something that I could get for my sister @bakhshikaka . This bowl was the perfect gift, because her favourite colour is blue, it is truck art inspired, which she is obsessed with and it matches her blue truck art themed mirror which was a previous gift. . ‎ 🌺- شالا نظر نا لگے۰۰ In punjabi this is a common phrase used by the elderly. When they find someone pretty, they pray for them to be protected from the evil eye. It is now commonly found written behind trucks and buses in Pakistan. . 🌺- Truck art is a well known feature of the Pakistani culture which many have tried to adopt. It truly is the most colourful, creative and eye catching pieces of art found around the country. . 🌺- More often than not you find funny one liners written at the back of a truck or a rickshaw which makes my day every time I read one. I have a collection of all the quotes and one liners I’ve found at the back of these vehicles. It’s lit👌🏻 . 🌺- This was Rs. 300/- So inexpensive for such a pretty handmade bowl.
#meemfaylahorediaries #meemfaygoestoDaachiFestival . . 🎪- If you’ve been following my insta stories you’ll know that I had the opportunity of visiting the @daachi.foundation festival whilst I was in Lahore. . 🎪- If you know me you’ll know that I’m not someone who’s inclined towards western culture and I really enjoy traditional art, desi vibes and anything old timey. . 🎪- It had a cultural vibe, with products ranging from traditional to modern everything with a hint of desi to it. What I particularly liked was the endorsement of cottage industry products showcasing their talent and giving actual benefit to the less privileged workers whose work is seriously underrated. . 🎪- Loved the variety of products displayed. You could find everything, from clothes to furniture to decor items. All under one roof. . 🎪- Couldn’t stop myself from getting these extremely beautiful handmade pieces. . 🎪- Got this ceramic Bowl, Tissue box holder & this beautiful cover for the rootis. . 🎪- Details in the next post.