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looking left cause you ain't right
Old Souk
Everybody goes different way to see the same thing.
when you climb higher but realize your see less #hongkong
Lone elk.
Their only escape from their monotonous life
Content Marketing: How to Produce Better Content Faster Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter LinkedIn LinkedIn Email Email 0 Comments Comments Whether your content marketing team is 10 members strong or it’s just you, having a content production workflow is critical to success. Putting a process in place will make you more efficient and keep your efforts on track even when time is scarce. Even better, a strong process will improve the quality of your output. There’s no one process setup that will work for everyone, but there are some basic parameters common to all successful content development processes. Here a few that should be part of yours. Strategy Matters Though not technically a part of the content production process, before putting processes in place for your day-to-day tactical efforts, you have to have clear strategic goals in mind. Without them, you will flounder as it will be difficult to clearly define the topics you should be covering and the needs of the audience you’re trying to reach. If you’ve already been doing content marketing without a formalized strategy, all is not lost. You can put one in place now. In fact, you probably have really useful analytics data on what resonates with your audience and (unfortunately), what doesn’t. Use that data to craft the strategy that helps you engage with your audience. Schedules and Calendars The next logical step — and another important factor in avoiding that floundering feeling — is creating an editorial calendar and a schedule for publishing the content you create. Much has been written about the value of delivering on a regular schedule — only “Game of Thrones” level popularity will allow you to publish erratically without losing your audience’s interest — but there’s great value to a schedule internally, as well. It’s far easier to make content production a part of your work routine if it’s, well, a regular part of your work routine. Be realistic in assessing your resources as you create the schedule. If you’ve never done social media before and don’t have resources for a new hire, scheduling hourly tweets http://crwd.fr/2EqyRDw
The Dark Tower (2017) . . . . . Shot on the α7rii with the 24-70mm G-master.
Encuadrar bien es una de las claves que diferencia una foto mediocre de una foto buena, esta foto en particular aunque sea un momento que duró menos de un segundo, el encuadre fue calculado al milímetro. Supongo que eso es lo difícil de la fotografía de calle. . . . . #agameoftones #artofvisuals #aov #moodygrams #artisanofimagery #createexploretakeover #exploretocreate #visualsgang #communityfirst #createexplore #lifeofadventure #instagoodmyphoto #beautifuldestinations #createcommune #igmasters #heatercentral #judeallen1 #theoutbound #wildernessculture #crestedbutte #sky_high_architecture #canon_photos #modernoutdoorsman #shotzdelight #roamtheplanet #visualambassadors #loaded_lenses #watchthisinstagood #earthfocus
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