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My mental health issues began when I was around twelve years old. Being under pressure to achieve good results at school and sports, mobbing and lovesickness left me kind of depressed. At the age of 14 a good friend of mine commited suicide; from that point on my life changed completely: I became even more depressed, began to harm myself and had suicidal thougths as well. Most of my friends couldn't deal with my issues, therefore they left me. Concentrating on school was really difficult for me. 🌱 I developed an eating disorder - my eating habits hadn't been normal since the mobbing had started, but it became even worse - and quit climbing which had been my passion for many years. Climbing always reminded me of my dead friend; I couldn't bear the pain. The psychologist who helped me told me I had ptsd. In grade twelve I was really exhausted, what made me feel insecure about my abilities. Studying all the time became my new life and that made me sick. 🌱 I was afraid of not being good enough and being worthless without achieving good grades. In my last school year I was really struggling with social anxiety. A few months before I had met my current boyfriend. He made me feel loved, what helped me to care for myself. With his help I overcame some of my fears and undertook more. I wanted to live again cause I noticed life can be beautiful. In october I'll start university. That's a big motivation for me to recover. 🌱 I'm grateful for every experience I made - for the good ones as well as for the bad - cause I've learned so much from them. I'm still struggling but that's okay; recovery needs time. 🌱 #mentalhealthawarness #kolkata #mentalhealthindia #wellness #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthrecovery #recovery #mindfullness #mentalhealth #healthylife #mentalhealthsupport #help #mumbai #mind #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #mentalwellness #delhi #mentalhealthday #healthandwellness #bangalore #overthinking #mindset #cptsd #healthymind #health #depression #india #ocdproblems
these are some of the best vitamins + minerals for optimal brain health! there are definitely many more, but i found these are most important! swipe left for more 💕👉🏼 . . . . . i am NOT a professional. most vitamins + minerals can be obtained solely through diet. please consult with a doctor before taking any supplements.
" the darkness will try to block out the light but the light will always beat the darkness" I woke up to this painting from my 12yr old son this morning!! The smile it put on my face is unexplainable!! #mentalhealthawarness #bipolar
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Why do we hate on people so much? Since coming back I have gotten such nasty messages telling me I’m fake a two face liar saying I seem nice but actually am rude af (you know who you are), just want attention, and so so much more... if you can’t say it to someone’s face don’t do it at all... if you don’t like me... don’t follow me! - I have been part of this community for 3 years and this by far is the worst I have ever seen it! - I’m not in any way attacking anyone personally but please let’s make this community better again! I can’t stand to see hate going around when we are all fighting the same battle! - Let’s spread awarness with a Purple Heart 💜 to show we are all loved again!
The last few days caught up with Bryn. She helped me do some tidying, we visited nana and then had a play date. By 4pm Bryn was done. She said she had a headache and she just wanted to sleep. This mom got lots done around the house (which is my form of relaxing) and today I'm gonna teach B how to take some pictures on the old camera. As for Avry, she just loves being involved and usually prefers to do her own thing. Here's to a more chill day 😘
De sleutel 🗝 tot een goede gezondheid zijn voor mij: tevredenheid; geduld en vergeving. Vooral dat laatste is erg belangrijk voor innerlijke rust en vrede in jezelf en heeft een goede uitwerking in je communicatie met anderen en geeft rust in je hoofd, waardoor je ook beter slaapt en minder stress ervaart. #mentalhealthawarness #mentalhealthblog #mentalhealthblogger #jw #jwgirl
Mohabbat ❤ Tag someone❤ Follow - @an_infatuation . . . . #jalebi #sad #mohabbat #love #mentalhealthawarness #lucknow #friendship
It's okay If you're burning With anger Or sadness Or both It is necessary For you to collapse So you can learn How phoenixes are reborn When they burn And rise again From the ashes of Their existence - Noor Unnahar . . . #bpd #bpdawareness #mentalhealthawarness #mentalhealthmatters #endthestigma #pierced #piercedgirls #goth #gothgirl #metalgirl #metalhead #bow #black
"Do you ever eat junk food? 🍩 If not, how do you beat cravings?" I was asked recently. 🤔⠀ ⠀ Is Sunday a FREE food day? 🍿🍫🍪 ⠀ ⠀ It's an interesting question, because for YEARS struggling with an eating disorder I categorized my foods as "good" and "bad" (bad, of course, including what we would consider junk food). My thinking was polarized, black and white, good or bad, fat or no fat, eat or don't eat (or, eat and throw it up ASAP). ⠀ ⠀ Something happened over time, when I started to heal, that food just became FOOD. It didn't have a label, a category or a "black or white" color, giving me a mental green light whether I could eat it or not. Something happened that I started to create a LIFESTYLE, not a diet, or a category, for my foods — I just ATE, based on the energy and feeling the food would give me. 🍏🍇🥑🥬🥕🥦🥥⠀ ⠀ I think I realized, when we categorize foods as JUNK or HEALTHY, or good or bad, we start to create a mentality that "I can't have that" connection in our brains. When we know we can't have something, dear warrior humans, we want it even more. So, the issue creates an internal craving to WANT that "no bueno" food more, when it's really more mental than it is about the actual food.⠀ ⠀ Make sense?⠀ ⠀ So, do I eat "junk" foods? I just eat, food that gives me energy, I like the taste of, the provides me the nutrients I need, and that I have accessible to me. {SCROLL FOR 🌱 PIC INSPO} My tastebuds have changed over the years, and a "sweet" to me is a deliciously ripe papaya or mango, or fresh coconut or dates. An indulgent dinner is a second plate of local, steamed vegetables piled high with slices of avocado. A snack is an apple (I LOVE apples) with almonds or some almond butter, or some nut clusters. ⠀ ⠀ That's my "lifestyle, not a diet" approach to food these days, and I find that I'm fuller, happier with food, have a better relationship with food, and actually "thinner" than when I was trying to control it all the time, categorizing good and bad. ⠀ ⠀ #lifestylenotadiet #eatrealfood #edrecovery #edrecovered #mindsetiseverything #nourishyourself #nodiets #livefree 🕊
Grey Tee smiley/sad face :):(
Good morning! This is Nohelani from The Lotus Family. We specialize in self love, self care and self health healing through massage therapy. For more info checkout our website. Link in bio. #massage #relaxation #selflove #selfhealing #selfcare #mentalhealth #mental #healing #touch #therapy #calm #sernity #happy #joy #love #body #wellness #mentalhealthawarness #smallbusiness #entreprenuer #momenuer #bosschick #blckbusiness #blackownbusiness
Drop 1 coming soon.........
What people don’t tell you about uni: Blog post live! 🖤 beautybydisaster.co.uk
I really struggle with feeling like I’m a horrible wife. With my mental illnesses I have a hard time cleaning, getting out of the house, working, and am in and out of treatment. I feel like my husband would be better off with someone else for a wife, but he always reminds me that he loves me anyways. That it’s not easy but he wouldn’t want to be married to anyone else. Sometimes we just need that reassurance.
Amazing float today @beyondrestwembley such an important part of my training program. Thankyou Beyond Rest, you keep my sanity in check!! . #relaxationmatters #mindfullness #deepemotions #mentaltraining #ultramarathonprep #mentalhealthawarness #runningforacause #stayfocused
Favorite sports? Contemplate & meditate ✨
Let’s talk about emotions:⁣ ⁣ There are so many misconceptions about emotions. So many people don’t want to feel emotions so they use substances to suppress them. ⁣ Disclaimer: (I have been guilty of some of these so I’m not coming down on anyone. If you get triggered by my posts, ask yourself why?)⁣ We hear about mommy wine night, weekend drinking, or happy hour when it’s a tough workday. We can add using and abusing drugs to this list. ⁣ ⁣ Emotions aren’t negative or positive. Emotions let us know exactly what is going on in our lives. We need to start paying attention to them rather than suppressing or ignoring them altogether.⁣ ⁣ Happiness and joy let’s us know we like what is happening at the moment and we would like to see more of it. ⁣ ⁣ Sadness is feeling melancholy for a reason and let’s explore why. Maybe you remembered someone in the past or something. Always wonder why and be conscious of your emotions. Deal with them in the moment. Don’t try to put them off or they will come back stronger each and every time. . . •⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ -⁣⁣ #truthteller #houstonspeaker #triggers #personalgrowthjourney #overwhelmed #selfmastery #selfaware #mindsetshift #selfhealing #nocontact #relationshipcoach #narcissist #psychological #selfreflection #spiritualenlightenment #empaths #redflag #adultchildrenofnarcissists #narcissiticmother #toxicpeople #mentalhealthawarness #unhealthyrelationships #boundaries #familyrelationships #mixedemotions #codependency #reactiveabuse #toxicrelationships #selflovejourney
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