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Знаете, как сложно успеть отмыть изделие от искусственной "крови" к приходу заказчика😅 Чокер. Серебро. Эксклюзив. #jewelry #blood #streetstyle #necklace #silverjewelry #exclusive #fighter #warrior #pagan #barbarian #metalheadgirl #luxury #чокер #серебро #эксклюзив #ручнаяработа #боец #кровь #язычник #украшения #ювелир #свобода #улицы
Which photo do you like? 1, 2, or 3? 🤔 I think the first is my favorite.
Sometimes you don't need to understand the person. Sometimes you need to feel the person. #iliusion #blackandwhite #metalheadgirl #vilnius #evening #yourlifeisyourart #feelings #lovelivelaugh #lithuaniangirl #lithuania #lifeisgood #darksouls #nottodaysatan
Mail goodies 😍 Two new tees, a cool Vorhees figure and a moisturizing Friday the 13th bloody face mask 😂 The Shining map tee is awesome - it maps out events in the Overlook layout! Swipe to see 🔪 . . #horrorcollector #horrorcollection #theshining #fridaythe13th #horrornerd #horror #horroraddict #horrorgeek #horrorgirl #horrorfamily #horrorgram #instahorror #horrorjunkie #stephenking #jasonvoorhees #overlookhotel #it #weirdo #horrormovies #horrormovie #metalbabe #metalchick #metalheadgirl #pennywise #creepygirl #creep #creepygirlsdoitbetter
Plöner Schloss 🙂
In rock and roll I only trust. And that trust will be for life. Ph @milimelzi × Mucho instagram porque acá va a llover una semana entera/ A lot of instagram because here it will be raining a whole week 😑 ×
Freely fly as what you are and never walk in shame. You must not fear to blister If you'd live a life in flames. PH @milimelzi. ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠ Link in bio and listen my single 'SCORPIO ', if you dare...😈 Link en bio para escuchar mi sencillo 'Scorpio ' ☇Follow on spotify and add it to your playlist!
Thank you so much to all for the congrats I've been reciveing! I hope you had an scary halloween yesterday. With still in the vibe with the magnetic horror of my song 'Scorpio'. Enjoy it watching the full vid on youtube or adding it to you spotify playlist. -😈🤘❤🦂🔥 Gracias por todas las buenas vibras! Espero que hayan tenido un horrible halloween. Seguimos con el horror magnético de mi canción Scorpio.
"Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire". PH by @milimelzi at @pielstudio . ⚠My song SCORPIO out now!🔥 Listen the song trought the link in bio!
Listen my brand new single 'SCORPIO' on spotify now! Add it to your playlist. * Escuchen mi nuevo sencillo en spotify y añadanlo a sus playlist!
My single 'Scorpio' out now! 🦂🔥🤘 . -Written a couple of years ago when studied astrology, I got fascinated with this zodiac sign. Scorpio is the moment of the year when the Sun enters in this energy of passion, magnetism, mystery and the expression of the deepest and darkest desires of the soul. It's animal is an scorpion, symbolising that not matter how little we can feel sometimes, or how many people can understimate us, our true nature is always full of power and ready to sting whatever we want in life at any moment. Not a coincidence Halloween is in it's season. So, now you know your costume for this year... (a gigantic scorpion of course lol) Enjoy the song and let your witchy and passionate side of you join me singing and headbanging along! . FULL VID ON YOUTUBE! . Music recorded and mixed in @krautestudio @makorecordingstudios Mastered by @nicoseifer Video by @tuerca.audiovisual and illustration by @eloylannoo Special thanks to @skyguy09041970 @yanochkarik for their valuable support. And @pilimunioz @negroxdelfino for joining the team!
'SCORPIO' single cover art! I reveal the official artwork of the single, an original illustration for the project by the artist @eloylannoo. The zodiacal map with the feared but loveable scorpion suggest you to hold on tight for the next friday, when the single releasement will take place... Hope you like it and stay in tune for the next friday, you will finnaly enjoy my song and its video!!. ❤🔥🤘 🦂🌟🦂🤘🔥❤ Les revelo el arte de tapa de mi single SCORPIO, una obra original para el proyecto, que acompañará el lanzamiento oficial del sencillo, que será finalmente el viernes que viene! Estén atentos!!
Tonight I officialy present you the begining of a new journey. As an artist, as a musician, as wild full day dreamer. As I've being saying, I am about to release my debut album as a solo artist, the album is called 'The High Priestess', and the piece of song you're hearing has the same name. This record will be about finding the wild, untamed and most fierce versions of ourselves through the encounter with the inner femenine energy. Leaving the flat explanations of life that we have been given,  to explore the magic, the alternative, the deep within us. Let yourself be guided by the wisdom and the slaying power of the High Priestess. Full video on Facebook page, link in bio. The full song will be avaible soon. And this is how the journey to underworld begins... Video by @kubikproducciones 💯
I want to thank all my new followers and the people that came close to know more about me 💓. Hot news for tomorrow, I'll be releasing my promo video for my incoming debut album of alternative metal! Yay ! 🤘 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Repost de @pilimunioz , periodista de moda y música que cubrió toda la producción. 😎⛤📸 Repost of @pilimunioz fashion and music journalist who covered all the production day. Special thanks. #delfinarka #debutalbum #rock #fashion #makingof #backstage
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