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SATURDAY CHALLENGE! Can we make some new Wake Up rituals? Put your phone on airplane mode— I promise your alarm will still go off at the right time. Instead of checking your emails/texts/notifications...check in with something more important: YOU! Check in with yourself. Set your energy and space for the day. Try not to waste time endlessly scrolling into cyber space oblivion. Dive right into you, as soon as your eyes open. 🏵 #thepranapractice #accountability #getintouch
When the very first comment from a student right after our closing ‘Namaste’ is, “That was a really great hour!” with the yoga glow smile and sparkling eyes, and all ✨... my heart beams! 💗 We are building a wonderfully spirited community at our sweet @zenmovementstudio. 🙏🙌 What an honor this whole journey is. Thank you all for showing up, being present, and putting in the effort for yourself and others. Keep it up! 🌿 . . . . . . #zenmovementstudio #yogajourney #practicemakesprogress #yogacommunity #sangha #upliftoneanother #michiganyoga #yogateacher #practicepeace #showupforyourself #namaste 🙏
How has yoga help you evolve? • I asked this question in my classes sometimes and allow students to meditate on the journey from their very first classes, to now. • There are so many obstacles faced in our daily lives that we find our way through, sometimes without reflecting on the mindset or strength collected along the way. • The dynamics of a yoga class offer us so much more than just what we see from an outside perspective. Every single times we decided to show up for ourselves, in the most conscious state of being— that is yoga. You do not have to be placed on a mat, with asana, or flowing to a beat. Yoga is a way of living. Being here in authenticity and learning about yourself every day. Honoring the places in which you have journeyed from, and stepping forward into the unknown with a open mind. • How has yoga made space for your own evolution? 🏵 #thepranapractice
We are all recovering from unresolved trauma. Trauma is inevitable and a big part of our human experience. No single person will have the same coping mechanisms as you, wear their emotions like you, or find healing like you. Be compassionate with others. Remove judgment from the initial reaction, although it is difficult, to have a better understanding of where a person may be coming from. That place is not similar to yours. Wish healing, every day. We are all trying to love, and be loved. 🏵 #ThePranaPractice
Yoga party anyone?! • • • If you have a group of friends who want to get together and share some yoga love, The Prana Practice can come to you 😊! • Group yoga classes are great for birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, sport conditioning, corporate health and wellness, or just for fun. • What kind of classes are offered? -Yin/ Restorative -Group guided meditation sessions -Slow flow beginners classes -Vinyasa classes -Dynamic Meditation: The Prana Practice— where we move through a series of movement, stillness, noise, writing, expression and release in a 2 hour session. • Book your yoga group gathering today! 📧 ThePranaPractice@Gmail.com 🏵 #Thepranapractice
Ego death. Work on the practice of willingness. In order for growth to happen, we have to leave the space we were so comfortable in— over and over again. How can you possibly step into becoming if there is no allowance for change? Change is your greatest ally, embrace it everyday. 🏵 #thepranapractice
What does it take to create more stability in your handstands or inversions? So often I see people tossing their leg into the air without any sense of awareness for building strength. A while back I learned this golden trick to allow the pelvis to tilt forward over the shoulders in order to get that stack we need to support ourselves upside down. Try this at home! See if you can notice the difference in your own practice. ✖️Flying the leg up ✖️ ✔️Actively pressing with the heel ✔️ #ThePranaPractice #Inversions
S U M M E R • S O L S T I C E • W O R K S H O P Almost sold out!! Super exciting and something that we don’t get to practice very often. 1 0 8 SUN SALUTATIONS! ☀️☀️☀️ We will get into a deeply meditative place with constant movement and intention integration. Building Agni 🔥 within ourselves to burn away what is no longer serving us and inviting for light consciousness into our lives! G U I D E D • M E D I T A T I O N 📿📿 This was a game changer for my meditation practice. I will guide the class through breathing techniques, visualizations, and sound as we create more awareness in the mind 🧠 K I R T A N 🎶 Practice Bhakti yoga with @kirtandetroit (JAI!) Bhakti yoga is mantra in song! Fun and energetic and a very important layer to our yoga practice. Mantra in repetition creates energy waves that resonate with spirit 🕊✨ These powerful vibrations connect you with yourself and everyone around you. You can sing, listen, dance, or sit! Just being present is enough. • • • Want to dive in? LINK IN BIO! Reserve your spot to release, heal, and connect. 👉🏼💥👈🏼
We are bound only by the things we think we know. Once we accept that really, we know nothing much, we can surrender into freedom. Yesterday in classes I spoke to this. How being free is such a game of the mind (most of the time). Finding ourselves trapped in old habits, old ways of thinking, and surrounded by toxic thoughts. What does it take to be free? FACING WHAT YOU FEAR. Freedom ———— Fear You are your greatest obstacle. Every day you have the chance to acknowledge where your thoughts and behaviors are emanating from. Can you open yourself up to the possibilities of your life? Understand and accept all and everything. Question, and be curious. Find freedom as an abundant thing that can be attained if you only first let go of the shit that is too heavy to hold. #thepranapractice #namaste
Being uprooted from our home environment can be both thrilling- and exhausting. I took the time I needed away from social media to reconnect, and give myself space in times of transition. I stepped out of the roll of a teacher to focus again on being a student, but still felt I came up short. I came face-to-face with the struggles of relocating, harsh winters, and a deteriorating home practice. I found that with so much new, and lack of structure... where the heck does yoga fit in. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed life in Colorado immensely, but my struggle to maintain my home practice became a larger internal struggle with myself and true priorities. Thankfully, I have compassion for my ever-changing self, and know that yoga doesn’t require constant attention, or progress, or anything at all. Here I am, back at it, redirecting my attention to the practice- grateful to be back on the mat in the comfort of my tiny little house ❤️ Looking forward to sharing and encouraging the inner yogi in you. Meet me in class to share some mat time> Monday’s @ 10 and Tuesday’s @ 9 at Stone Turtle Yoga. Friday’s 9-10am @ South Higgins Lake State Park, Store Beach starting NEXT Friday #houghtonlakeyoga #higginslakeyoga #michiganyoga #michiganyogi #northernmichiganyoga #houghtonlakemichigan #higginslakemi
Remember that functioning on 100% everyday is not realistic. What is important is your integrity. Can you be fully committed to working with what you have? Some days with 70% or some with 25% — it is enough. Depletion is a warning signal for not being alignment with ourselves and our needs. Ask yourself, are you respecting your boundaries? Are you re-fueling the way you need? Integrity follows your awareness. Wake up. Dive in. Listen. #thepranapractice
Do you set intentions or affirmations? They can aid in where your attention is flowing throughout your day or week. Affirmations can be as simple as a single word, or a whole sentence. • Here’s mine for this week: “None of my dreams are out of my reach.” Now, repeat. None of my dreams are out of my reach. None of my dreams are out of my reach. None of my dreams are out of my reach. None of my dreams are out of my reach. None of my dreams are out of my reach. None of my dreams are out of my reach. 🌸 Now let the manifestations of your heart take place. Share your affirmations below! ⬇️⬇️ #thepranapractice #thursdaythoughts #affirmations
K A R M A • is not always bad. It is the simply the law of energy. What you are putting out is always returning back. We speak to awareness so directly because there is a deep rooted understanding that where we place our intentions is exactly what manifests in our lives. When we are not intent-full, not conscious of the way we talk, what we read, how re react, all things in life— it’s possible to experience a lot of disruption or misfortune. This doesn’t mean you’re unlucky or lucky. Are you doing the work to be present or are you living a very passive lifestyle? Karma is not always relative to past life cycles. Karma is relative. Here and now. The law of inward and output energy. Where are you flowing today? 🏵 #thepranapractice #wednesday #karma
Last week we were able to participate in this amazing lung dissection! Such an awesome experience for everyone! • • • #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #fifthgradeteacher #educators #fifthgrade #iteachtoo #iteachfifth #handsonscience #lungs #michiganyogateacher
Open for business! PRIVATE YOGA DETROIT is officially a thing! It’s insane how well stuff comes together when you figure out what you should be doing and go do it. Biz cards: check! Thanks @moo . Website release this weekend! Leading @hosteldetroit every Thursday 6p (literally dreamt this into existence) Flying to NYC to lead a yoga session for nurses in Central Park this weekend, hosted by @laceymagen @evamachado @thebrightlybalancedrn (link in bio, couple spots left if you can come!) Totally a #getintheroom situation. Ask me about it sometime! Booked a pre-wedding bridal party session for the end of the month. Brides who arrange 🧘🏻‍♀️ for their bridal parties get a special place in heaven. Wish I had thought of that! Scheduled a few private yoga sessions. Teaching cozy home vinyasa at @natural_palette in West Village (Detroit) May 24th, 8p! (3 spots left - DM to reserve) Registered for my first business mastermind event with @nineliveshealth and @amanda.adamcheck for June! Hosting a yoga/nurse workshop with @yogahealthnurse June 5th in Detroit (4 spots left) So good! Spread the word! I’m going to release my website this weekend. It will have all the details about how to book private yoga sessions with me!
breathe me like the sweetest flavor of love teach me to surrender and to step forward lightly— for I am here to move mountains within my soul.
Thank you, Jen Norber, for coming out to the studio and offering your beautiful teachings and practice with us! You created a safe, respectful, and healing environment for us all. Come back again, and soon! 🙏🕉😍 - Looking for other healing and revitalizing practices? Check our bio link to see what’s coming up on the calendar! Next up... May 10th 6:30pm Relax + Roll with @sammylhart ! . . . . . #zenmovementstudio #yogapractice #michiganyogastudio #gather #practicepeace #yogabloomfieldhills #namaste 🙏
NEW YEARS 🎊📿 What are your plans? How are you setting the pace for the year of 2020? If you are searching for a wholesome way to spend this significant time of year, keep reading. 🏵 The NYE Puerto Rico Retreat is happening. Taking place on this beautiful island December 29th-January 2nd, 2020— we are setting our strongest intentions yet. Guiding our way through personal development and sensation. Healing, dancing, meditating, hiking, surfing, nourishing, loving. Getting out of our own way, and deep into our heart space. There is limited space for this exciting endeavor! Click on the link in my bio or visit: WWW.THEPRANAPRACTICE.ME for more information. The time is now to invest in your whole being. ✨ #omnamo #yogaretreat #nyeretreat #2020
Being 100% all of the time is unrealistic. Let me run that by you again. I hold myself to this standard so often. So much that just the thought is exhausting. What is the one thing we miss asking ourselves when depletion is in the forefront? “What do I need right now?” A question that we ask everyone around us. Our kids, significant others, co-workers, friends, etc. You are here to serve. Don’t get me wrong. We all serve each other in multitudes of ways, but we must also serve ourselves. Currently my needs are: More sunlight Slow pace of life The ocean Barefoot walks Creative spark Meditation** Home practice More rest, yoga, sleep, and veggies. • What are you lacking? Can you give it to yourself? What % are you running on? Go on, Love yourself up.
Yoga...a practice that literally changed, I would actually go as far as to say it saved, my life. For me, yoga is not about the fancy poses, the cute leggings or being able to share a cool photo on Instagram (although those are cool too). It’s not about being known as a fun teacher, the girl who is frequently doing down dogs with her dogs, or the one who literally practices #yogaeverydamnday . Yoga is about connection, respect and strength. Yoga is about exploration, transformation and learning to know and understand your body. Throughout my battle with an eating disorder yoga was the factor that showed me how truly forgiving the human body can be if you just TRUST. It taught me that regardless of what I put my body through in the past, there is power in showing myself respect both on and off the mat. The practice has shifted my mind, transformed my relationship with my body and continues to teach me the importance of patience, discipline and self-respect. Do you practice yoga? Tell me how the practice has impacted your life in the comments below!
Many yoga studios and practices are based on the philosophies of Gurus and all their knowledge of how to create a beautiful- abundant life. Philosophy has shaped a lot of our world and cultures, steering us down many different paths. • The Prāna Practice highlights one specific Guru, and that is you. Yes, you. The teacher within. The bank of pure knowledge and consciousness that resides directly inside of us all. We work on defining our own philosophy. Following what resonates as TRUE to yourself, and asking questions. Sat Guru: true teacher — सदगुरू • Redefining what your own personal morals, beliefs, inspiration, challenges, ethics, love, and experiences reside. 🏵 #thepranapractice
My dogs and yoga. Two of my favorite things in the whoooooole world. When I have an opportunity to combine the two, that makes for an amazing start to a Sunday ❤🐶 What are you up to this Sunday?! #powerofshe
The Prāna Practice was created to guide others to their highest potential and passions. Instead of getting lost in our busy life, and checking out when we feel overwhelmed, we check in. Using the tools that were given to us at birth— Intuition, Self Reflection, Empathy, Courage, and Community. It is these 5 values that allow us to thrive in our fullest form. Tapping into the truest and highest vibration of ourselves, and keeping the fire going in all areas of our lives. ✨ Prā•na: Life force. The energy that resides within every molecule and cell in this world. Practice: Implementation or engagement of an idea, belief, or method in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency. • What are you being guided to? 🏵 #thepranapractice
Feeling pretty grateful to be a part of some pretty amazing things alongside some incredibly inspiring people. It has been an amazingly full, accomplishing, and humbling week at Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy. ✨ . . . #blessed #thankyou #lovewhatyoudo #yogatherapy #clinicalyoga #serveothers #makewaves #metta #practicepeace #bestill #movewithease #breathislife #mindbodyspirit
We are looking for new teachers to join our community. Do you want to teach in a supportive and vibrant atmosphere? Come share your practice with us! See website for details
Happy Monday 🌞 Last night I changed all the alarms on my phone from annoying, loud, and anxious alert sounds to....JUNGLE SOUNDS! 🐒🐸🌴🐅🦍🐘🦚🎋Might sound strange but, I remember in Costa Rica waking up at 5:30am every day to the sounds of monkeys and birds and all the jungle animals waking up as well. I’ve decided that I want to begin my day a state of peace and not in a state of shock from my alarm. So it’s Monday, which means a) it’s my favorite day b) move yo body c) great day to write down your goals for the week. d) full of possibilities • I’m personally working on sacred self care, spending more time listening and responding out of love and not fear. Spent last night surrounded by some really powerful women calling upon the strength of Goddess Durga Ma ✨ to help incinerate all obstacles that were maybe too much for us to deal with. Thank you @soojint @paramdev_kaur and @bethjamesyoga for holding that space for us. Om dum durgayai namaha 📿 #thepranapractice 🏵 #loveyou
Sundays are for self care, sun salutations and slowing down. Here's your friendly reminder to do something today for YOU ❤ I started my morning with a good breakfast, strong yoga practice and am now on my way to church with my family! Tell me, what does YOUR perfect Sunday look like?!
ALL UP IN MY ELEMENT. Grateful that yoga found me and that I am able to teach and pass on this long dynamic practice of self love-discipline-and self realization. Ah ❤️ #thepranapractice #teachinglove
To be honest is to be in your most uncomfortable and vulnerable state. But if you’re not honest, what can you possibly be? Raw truth fucking sucks. Pulling words out of your mouth like barbed wire is painful and even harder to swallow. There is sweetness though. Looking back, I wish I knew the honest part of people over the lies and fluff I was told to be “protected”. Truth is always better than what you want to hear or see or feel. Truth is freedom. 🏵 #thepranapractice
Lead with your heart. 💚 - The gut feeling may give a foundational and intuitive sense of knowing how to proceed... ... The mind can help create the process of moving from point a to point b... ... The heart can lead the way. . . . Mid-week Wednesday yoga time-up with Stephanie @raisethevibeyoga : ➡️ 9am All Levels Hatha ➡️ 10am Gentle Yoga ➡️ 4:45pm All Levels Hatha ➡️ 6pm Movement Flow - Keep your eye out for an undated ✨Summer Schedule✨ announcing in the coming weeks! Less weekly drop-in classes, more fun activities, specialty classes, gong meditations with @paramdev_kaur , paddleboard yoga with Misty @lunamoonsup , pop-up events, and who knows what more! ☀️ . . . #zenmovementstudio #findyourflow #yogapractice #beinyourbody #remembertobreathe #wednesdayyoga #yogatuneup #yogaclass #practicepeace #namaste 🙏 #michiganyogastudio #michiganyoga
Our entire lives are made out of choices. Make sure they are conscious ones. 🏵 #thepranapractice #truth #choice
I believe in the abundance of my nature and the ability I possess to bring people together. ✨ Om Namo (I honor the wisdom of Life). Thank you thank you thank you—I love you. #thepranapractice 🏵 #savasana #sangha
You don’t like what I say? I don’t expect anyone to. Don’t agree with my opinions or views? That’s alright. In fact, I’ve stopped following many accounts because my heart was not in alignment with what they posted and talked about, shit, even some friends. I am not here to kiss assess and make pretty. I don’t have any interest in coming off as someone who can or will be loved by everyone. We can agree to disagree and go our merry separate ways. I don’t intend to offend, but if you’re offended chances are there was something taken very personally and that is beyond my control. How humans perceive each other and the world is all up to them. We try to play perfect too often and end up creating this shallow image of what are lives are like. We don’t talk about topics of interest anymore because everyone is worried to hurt other people’s feelings. Well, that’s life. You migrate to the groups of people you vibrate with and that’s just that. I don’t support patriarchy, eating meat, or taking drugs to “heighten your sense of spirituality”. I actually think that is a lazy cop-out that people try to use when in search of conscious development, when in reality all it does is make you dependent on a feeling or sensation that you can actually tap into yourself if the need for instant gratification was not so strong. I don’t support hate against bi-sexual, lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, or any other sexual group. I don’t support feminism unless it is inclusive to men as well and educating them, not casting hate on men. Not into slamming other people’s religions or beliefs. Teach me more, I love to learn about all types of spirituality. Against any type of body shaming and social construct ideas of image for any sex. I don’t believe that big pharma is be-all-end-all for illness. Have you tried listening to your body? Have you tried changing what you consume from the things you physically eat to the conversations and places you find yourself? Have you read How To Heal Your Life by Hay Louise? She will teach you how the body and emotional body are interconnected. That illness manifests from past dormant trauma. And I don’t support fire arms. That’s me. But not all of me.
FRIENDS!! If you didn’t know, now ya know! I’m hosting a Yoga Retreat in Ríncon, Puerto Rico this December for 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ NYE!🎉 (Dec 29th-Jan 2nd) 🔮We have 1️⃣ spot left in the quad room! 🔮A few double suites left 🔮A king master suite There are still spaces to be filled with your beautiful presence but space is limited! This retreat will be all inclusive with vegan and vegetarian breakfast and dinner daily! Waterfall hikes and morning yoga practice & sunset meditation on the beach 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️. I specifically chose to host a retreat durning New Years for those who want to get away of the busy chaos that time of year typically evokes. This is for the people who want to set HIGH intentions for the year to come and take the journey inward for 5 days and 4 nights. We will practice Kriya and Pranayama Spend time writing and getting to know ourselves. Fears, dreams, bruises, baggage, and light ✨. Introducing ourselves to the POWER OF PRANA! Life force energy that flows through and through. How do we work with the power of life and love that we already have? How do we manage to tap into it and use it to our greatest potential? We will have a drum fire ceremony, to dance and sing under the ocean sky and release release release all that is no longer serving our highest selves. Most importantly, we will be abstaining from alcohol and drugs. We will be completely sober. Learning to cherish and navigate through our intuitive state of being. Sounds like you? Check out the link in my bio 🔗 or send an email to 📲AnjaliRomaniukYoga@gmail.com 🌸🌺take yourself into account and into the jungle with me🌸🌺 #thepranapractice #authenticity #yogaeverydamnday #puertorico
Quick! Only a couple spots left for @sweetmommayoga upcoming specialty workshop! Link in bio to claim yours today. 💖 Swipe left to learn more! - Pelvic Floor + Core Restore Tuesday, April 2nd. 11am-1pm. Limited pricing: $25 . . . #zenmovementstudio #sweetmommayoga #yogaforwomen #pelvicfloor #restoreyourcore #mutusystem #mutu #michiganyoga #yogabloomfieldhills #yogaworkshop #learnsomethingnew #yogaforyou #yogatherapy #knowyourbody #movewell #livewell
I crack up 😂 at the end of this video. My face of such disappointment 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ you can almost feel my sigh... in a quick few minute handstand practice in some extra time before a class, I thought to time myself for 1 minute holds along the wall. This round felt like foooorrrrever. I couldn’t even see the clock ⏰ while I was up there, nor had I set a timer... but I came down because suuuurely it had been a minute, maybe even two minutes? 🙃🙃 ***s*i*g*h*** I come out of the handstand, see the clock, and not even a full minute had passed! Only now looking back do I see that this hold was about 40 seconds. Perspective sure changes when upside down! - Join me for an early weekend practice Fridays 7am at my sweet little yoga space @zenmovementstudio in Bloomfield, MI. We happen to practice a lot of strength building, conditioning work, and fun yoga play to start the weekend off right! - (@crossfitbloomfield friends, we won’t overdo it before 19.4, I promise! 🤗 We’ll have a great warm up/light body weight conditioning/recovery day style practice! Join me for class, private, or Thai Bodywork any day in fact to help keep your performance at it’s best! 👊🙏) . . . . . . . . #zenmovementstudio #handstandplay #michiganyogi #oneminutehandstand #handstandpractice #michiganyogateacher #crossfitopen2019 #crossfitbloomfield #crossfityoga #gritandgrace #privateyoga #privateyogateacher #thaibodywork
What do you think would happen if we embraced challenges with love instead of fear? • We could set aside the thought of failure and approach everything with love. How do you think this would change the foundation of an experience? A new job, relationship, lifestyle change, travel, even when you’re working out or in meditation. If took all our energy and focused it towards love, our lives would change. Don’t like being stuck in traffic? Love it anyway. Don’t like a co-worker? Love them anyway. Having a bad body day? Love yourself anyway. Fighting with your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ mom / dad / sister / best friend/ etc. L💛VE ANYWAY. There is no better way to live than in love. Breathe it in. Start today. #loveyou #thepranapractice #goddess
You are what you practice what you eat you are the words your speak the way you treat people what you read even the music you listen to and the TV shows you watch. you are all these things that surround you. A lot of the time this goes without thought. How watching shows about murder and rape make us anxious, afraid and on edge. I mean even watching the news makes me fearful and angry. The food we consume is being redesigned into the bodies we have. Conversations are literally filling us up or depleting our sub-conscious. What do you find yourself talking about or listening to? How do you hear people and see them? What are you reading these days? Bias views on the blah blah blah Facebook steady stream of mind melting information. Pick up a damn book. Read the Bible or the Bhagavagita or something with SOUL meaning. You are exactly what you practice. What are you practicing these days? 🏵 #thepranapractice #soulfood #adhomukhasvanasana #lifestyle
Right now Right here in this very moment how are you taking steps towards your most AUTHENTIC self? Not hiding Not shrinking Not fearful Simply speaking your truth every fucking day. 🏵 #thepranapractice #joshuaTree #authenticity #thursdaypost
Who’s coming to class tonight on this cold & snowy day? We’re setting intention towards non-judgement. How do we navigate smoother through life based on what IS, rather than what we like or dislike? Can we put our very own opinions away for an hour or a day or a week, so we can see a little more clearly? I say let’s try it. 6pm Slow Flow 🔥 7:15pm Vinyasa 🔥🔥 BIRMINGHAM YOGA SHELTER @yogashelter #thepranapractice #yogalove
Monday Monday 🌼 My favorite day of the week! Sun is shining, air is crisp, bird are awake, how are you doing? Send some blessings to people in the world today, not excluding those you don’t know or understand, whom you haven’t met or had a conversation with. Maybe send some happiness to the people you purchase your coffee from this morning or give a compliment to someone you don’t usually talk to. Spread some good vibes on your life like jam and allow it to bounce back to you. Mondays are great for manifesting. 🏵 #thepranapractice . . . . . #yogaeverydamnday #loveyou #namaste #detroit #michigan #mindfulness #Manifest #practice #asana #conscious #shakti #divinity #yogashit #growth #michiganyogi #michiganyogateacher #lover #wildandfree #magicandgrit #meditation
INTENTION. I’d like to know what you think about this word and how often you put it to use in your life. For me, intention was never a recognized word in my vocabulary until I stepped into a yoga class and someone asked me to “set one”. I think this word is overlooked and not used enough. Every single thing in our lives should revolve around I N T E N T I O N. •The way you speak •How you think •Learn •Breathe •LOVE •Move •Connect •Listen •Travel •EAT •Observe •Be intimate •See the world. 👁🌎 Intention = **purpose** —>Purpose allows you to keep yourself accountable. —>Accountability means that you are only concerned with yourself and what you are offering to the world. —>Offerings to the world is what creates our society. And it all comes from intention. So, what is yours? 🏵 #thepranapractice #sankalpa #sunday
So excited to practice with the inspiring @solar_yogi on her new online video series! Thank you Nicki for putting this out there! Although your first video called for two blocks, I couldn’t even wait to get to the studio to try, and made due with what I had at home. Looking forward to learning more from your teachings and guidance! 🙏😍🤸‍♀️ . . . #homepractice #solaryogi #yogavideo #namaste 🙏 #asana #movementpractice #zenmovement #movementmedicine #bodylines #bodyawareness #breathandmovement #moveyourbody #onlineyoga #yogateacher #liveyouryoga #findyourflow
Our gal @mistmarolfs is holding space at the studio all weekend! 🤗🙏 - Join her as she steps in for @raisethevibeyoga this Saturday for 9:15am Movement Flow & 11:15am Gentle Yoga - THEN come on back on Sunday for 10:15am Yoga Foundations. - Later at 12pm Misty kicks off her winter season of Indoor Paddleboard Yoga Training!! How exciting! This first session filled up quick. We highly recommend you sign up in advance for her upcoming 12pm Sunday sessions on: ☀️February 24th ☀️March 3rd ☀️April 7th - Keep your eye out for additional dates! Link in bio and events page to sign up! . . . 📷: @jertheimpossible #zenmovementstudio #lunamoonsup #yogacommunity #yogapractice #movementpractice #core #stability #balance #michiganyoga #sangha #yogabloomfieldhills #bloomfieldmi #indoorpaddleboard #itstheweekend #weekendvibes #findyourflow #namaste 🙏
Loving this moment captured and memory from our last #freeingcreativityretreat ...take me back! Good news is, @britzh and I have some workings going on to recreate the magic in 2019. ✨Details, dates, and L•O•C•A•T•I•O•N coming soon! - Be sure to follow @freeingcreativity to stay in the know, and keep your soul open to the power of yoga and artistic expression combined. - #Repost @freeingcreativity with @get_repost ・・・ Let’s talk about spinal movement. Having a basic understanding of the seven movements of the spine can help you during those moments when you know you want to move your body, but aren’t looking to hit the yoga studio or even roll out your mat for that matter! Right in your seat, take a few minutes to simply move your spine in all of it’s directions to help relieve tension, nourish the nervous system, and with circulation, all in an effort to give the mind a boost of clarity and flow. 1. Spinal flexion and extension, such as in seated Cat/Cows. 2. Laterally or side bends. 3. Rotations, in seated twists. Lastly, your posture! Think about sitting up comfortably as tall as you can and take a few steady breaths. Then get back to your creative flow!⠀ ⠀ 📷 @allenkentphoto . . . #freeingcreativity #yogaandart #yogaretreat #artistsretreat #yogateacher #michiganyogateacher #michiganyoga #michiganyogaretreat #michiganyogi #exploretocreate #creativepreneur #loveyouryoga #practicepeace #creativespirit #namaste 🙏 #empoweredliving #calledtocreate
Another motivating weekend complete as clinical extern in yoga therapy at @beaumonthealth. 🙏💙 This trusted bag has suitably travelled alongside me during the program thus far! Looking to practice yoga? Join me for class this week at my sweet studio space in Bloomfield, @zenmovementstudio. I also regularly meet privately, particularly with those who have special needs, goals, or feel they would benefit from the one-on-one guidance and instruction. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more or how to get started! . (Inspiring and beautiful design by friend @britzh of @twoifbyseastudios for our @freeingcreativity Retreat.) . . . #inhaleexhale #yogatherapy #clinicalexternship #bsyt #beaumontschoolofyogatherapy #practicepeace #zenmovementstudio #makingwaves #michiganyoga #yogabloomfieldhills #michiganyogateacher #freeingcreativity
#movementmedicine . Sooooo needed. Moved around with and through the freeze and the funks within my own skin. I haven’t wanted to take socks off for days. #michigan . Grateful for space and ability to roll around on the ground. Grateful for the sense of freedom to let the energy move me, rather than the other way around. Less mind, more feel. . . It’s been a minute since I’ve made an actual post here on my personal page. Lots of living in person going on. (@zenmovementstudio & intense #yogatherapy training) Still love this platform and all of y’all. ✌️ Be back soon. . . . #move #freedom #movearound #yogapractice #mindbodysoul #comebacktoyourbreath #zenmovementstudio #zenmovement #embodied #moveyourbody #knowthyself #practicepeace #yogaplay #findyourflow #michiganyoga #michiganyogateacher #yogabloomfieldhills
explore the journey without attachment of how you want to get there. you will get there I swear it. 🏵 #thepranapractice #mondaymood
Come wind down with me tonight. Slow Flow at 7:00pm followed by Yin at 8:30 -Slow Flow connects accessible yoga postures with breath and fluid movement in a well-rounded practice. The 6 movements of the spine left and right side bending and twisting, forward flexion and extension are incorporated into every flow, contributing to spinal health, improved posture and overall well-being. -Yin Yoga is a quiet contemplative practice. Yin yoga works deeply into our body with longer held poses. It targets our deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body rather than the muscles. Join me tonight! #yinyoga #slowflow #yoga #monkeypose #splits #yogi #yogisofinstagram #yogalife #yogini #igyogis #puremichigan #michiganyogateacher #michiganyoga #michiganyogi #shewolfwednesdays #igyoga #instagram #instafollow #yogafeature #yogaflow #yogaposes #yogaart #yogawitch #witchesofinstagram #witchywednesday #witchessociety #natureyogi #yogawitivy #naturegirlivy
Lots of happenings in the new year. Of course I'm still at my home base studio @hippieyogascs every Sunday for Slow Flow @ 7pm. New to my schedule I'm teaching Thursday Yin 8:30pm and 9am Friday Yin @simplemovementsmichigan it's new studio also in St. Clair Shores located at 14 and Harper. The studio has a beautiful atmosphere and decor. Please join me for Yin. If you've never done Yin before, and are interested feel free to DM me for details about the practice. Coming soon, I'll be teaching Hot yoga at the new LA fitness Signature in Shelby twp. The new Hot Yoga room will have level 1 yoga, level 2 yoga, and yoga sculpt a flow with added light weights, will eventually add Yin to the schedule as well. The studio opens with in the next four weeks. DM about any classes you're interested in for full details. Light and love, Namaste 🙏 #yoga #yogateacher #kingpigeonpose #slowflow #yinyoga #yogalife #puremichigan #michiganyoga #michiganyogi #michiganyogateacher #yogaart #igyogis #igyogis #instafollow #instagram #igyoga #yogaflow #yogisofinstagram #yogini #yogi #blackgirlyoga #natureyogi #yogawitch #yogaartist #yogawitivy #naturegirlivy
Happy New Year! It’s fun to look back on the #topnine , with the knowing and reflection of the multitude of other moments lived, shared, learned, and loved from 2018. - #creativity was a huge theme of last year. Building off of all the growth and movement, I’m calling in the energies of Organization, Alignment, and Simplification. I’m curious to learn from these energies and to see how they support a healthy and balanced life in 2019. - What are some of your areas of focus heading into a new year? . . . #happy2019 #happynow #happynewyear #liveyouryoga #creativelife #raisethevibeyoga #intentionsetting #michiganyogi
It’s a movement and a stillness practice. To know one, also know the other. - Take time for some of this ⬆️⬆️! Teaching tomorrow New Year’s Eve morning at my space @zenmovementstudio. 9am ALL LEVELS 10am GENTLE YOGA ✨✌️ #meditate #getstill #practicepeace #breathe #settle #atease #innervoice #quiet #grounded #movement #flowstate #source #awareness #metta #compassion #stillness #liveyouryoga #yogapractice #intuition #now #mindandbody #knowthyself #zenmovementstudio #michiganyogateacher #michiganyogi #michiganyoga #namaste #dhyana #eightlimbs #om
Transitions and change are magical. So special to our livelihood, most times we forget to look back and recognize how far we have come. How many heartbreaks we were able to triumph in order to find love. People we walked away from to make more peace. Things we let go of. Places we traveled to. Connections made that literally changed our lives. Everything that lead up to where we are NOW. It is time to reflect on the path you have walked in 2018 and if you want to keep walking that way or maybe you make the left hand turn take your shoes off toss them at a power line walk barefoot in the grass or maybe you run right bringing you to a new stream of beginnings breathing new air. Wherever you decide to walk whoever you walk with make sure you do it with the most intention you can. The transformation happened is going to happen and is happening right now don’t rush it. you’re getting there. I love you. 🏵 #sadhana #newyearnewpath #sunday
The year changes. We don’t change unless we make the effort to change. If we don’t make the effort to change, something else in the universe will take us and throw us out of our own way and it won’t be comfortable or enjoyable. So choose. • 2018 was a big year of “growing up”. I spent a lot of time alone and had many many emotionally healing days and weeks. I learned the importance of creating my own life and happiness and making shit happen for myself. I understood how powerful and capable I am. After I found that, no one can take it away from me. I stumbled, and failed, and lost, and gained, and cried (a ton), and love, and gave. And I don’t feel bad about it. I healed internal wounds with male figures in my life. I healed a relationship with myself. I am guiding people towards the same practice. I applied to teach yoga everywhere. I’m still applying. • In 2019 I will begin publishing my book. @magicandgrit Make more meaningful connections and rituals in my life. Speak mindfully and more profound. Help people rise into their own greatness. Allow more space and love. Travel more land. Be surrounded by abundance. Taste true love. Have great sex. Stay playful and wild and free for my soul. Open my mind — more. Experience life another year. Write about it. 🏵 #blessingsonblessings #selfstudy
As @paramdev_kaur likes to remind us... #yourhealthisyourwealth . - The yoga practitioner learns about health through many different avenues, through the body, the breath... health of the mind, of the heart... a healthy spirit and intuition... - With healthy systems running, one can feel on top of the world with abundance, purpose, and love. 💛 - Join Stephanie Williams @raisethevibeyoga and Samantha Mee @paramdev_kaur this Sunday evening for an opportunity to rebalance all facets of your health. Take time to take care this holiday season. 🎄 - Gentle Yoga & Healing Arts Sunday, Dec 16th. 5:30-7pm. $50. 🕯An evening of... YOGA + THAI MASSAGE + REIKI + GONG MEDITATION - Space is limited to an intimate group. No yoga experience necessary. Sign up through the website or message us to reserve your spot today! . . . #zenmovementstudio #taketimetotakecare #healthiswealth #holidayselfcare #yogabloomfieldhills #michiganyoga #bloomfieldhills #restandrelaxation #namaste
#practicepeace today, everyday, this week, month, season, year.... Peace is a feeling, an attitude, a choice. - Yoga and meditation are both practice that can help us connect with peace. The self-reflective qualities of yoga and meditation help us find peace already within us, even if on any given day it might be challenging to find. But that’s the practice right there, acknowledging the peace within us, focusing on it, feeling it, breathing with it, and inviting to it grow overtime. - Do you have any practice you take that encourage a sense of peace? Tell us about it! - Remember, new evening class times! - Wednesday classes: 🌿9am ALL LEVELS 🌿10am GENTLE YOGA 🌿4:45pm ALL LEVELS with Stephanie @raisethevibeyoga 🌿6pm MOVEMENT FLOW with Misty @mistmarolfs tonight! . . . #zenmovementstudio #peace #yogapractice #omshanti #yogabloomfieldhills #michiganyoga #michiganyogastudio #namaste #goinpeace
It’s #yogaoclock ! In case you haven’t heard, all of our evening classes will be pushed back by 15 minutes starting this Monday ➡️⏰⬅️ Hopefully this will give you more ease during rush hour drive. 🚘 - See you on the mat! - Monday classes: 9am ALL LEVELS 10am GENTLE YOGA with Stephanie @raisethevibeyoga - ➡️NEW TIME 6pm Movement Flow with Misty @mistmarolfs . . . #zenmovementstudio #michiganyogastudio #newclasstime #schedulechange #yogaclass #yogapractice #yogaasana #mindfulmovement #michiganyoga #namaste
“Learning to be present with yourself and to abide in that which is steady and comfortable does not allow space for self-judgment. When you live this way, you are practicing yoga: you are living fully.” @judithlasater judithlasater quoted from her book, Living Your Yoga. Those of you in our studio book study, how are you liking the read? 📚 • #sundayyoga tomorrow! 10:15am YOGA FOUNDATIONS with Misty @mistmarolfs • 5 classes for $55 Holiday Special going on! Gift card and retail sales, too. 💓 #givethegiftofyoga #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness . . . #zenmovementstudio #giveandreceive #yogabloomfieldhills #healthyholidays #michiganyoga #findyourflow #liveyouryoga #practicepeace #namaste
Give the gift of yoga this season! Earn $5 towards your next Thai massage or Custom Yoga session for every $30 you spend on gift cards towards others, or on fun studio retail items such as our new #zenmovementstudio studio shirts, high quality herbal products, or specialty handcrafted items. • Remember, our New Member Special makes a GREAT gift! $25 for 5 classes. Mind the Shop Online button on our homepage for a direct link to gift cards! #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness . . . #michiganyoga #yogagifts #bloomfieldhills #michiganyogastudio #holidayspirit #seasonofgiving #giveandreceive #namaste #yogabloomfieldhills #liveyouryoga #findyourflow #practicepeace #thaimassage #detroityoga #michiganyogateacher #yogalove #healthyliving #healthyholidays
“Living fully in each moment is an act of love and courage.” @judithlasater • Here at the studio we have an environment within which we can practice living fully and in the moment. Through movement, breath, mindfulness, and meditation, we build our own skills and tools to live on purpose, with love and courage. • Our Studio Book Study is in full swing and our online conversations are nourishing and fueling to the soul. Thank you @judithlasater for your book, Living Your Yoga. We are really enjoying the read! • Practice the art of restfulness, rejuvenation, and relaxation THIS Friday. @paramdev_kaur Is hosting a very special Gong Meditation from 7-8pm. Advance registration or RSVP is appreciated! $25 to reserve your spot. Option to add Auricular Acupuncture for $10. . . . #zenmovementstudio #zenmovement #dailymantra #liveyouryoga #presentmoment #love #courage #gongmeditation #yogabloomfieldhills #michiganyoga #findyourflow #practicepeace #namaste
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