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Night Time on the Blue Line—————— Throwback to last winter while I was out exploring Minneapolis, and experimenting with long exposures. I miss doing this, but now that it’s winter time the sun goes down before my bedtime so I’ll have time to go out and shoot! Anyone wanna join me?!
Baby hairs, bamboo, and faux fur—that’s what I’m about this morning. I am about self-actualization this morning—having the ability to know what I need, want, and desire and coupling it with the power I have to create all of that. • I am made in the image of the God of Creation. He has given me that same power. Many of us have been waiting for God to do a work that He’s already given us the POWER to do. Step into it, beloved. • Feeling grateful for everything that I have learned, everything that is manifesting in my life, and giving advance praise for all that will be made manifest. What are you grateful for this morning??? 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾#getyourinheritance
📷: @stef_greece I miss summer already ☹️☀️ What about you? #hiddengreece
knock knock let the devil in
Don't try and reason, those days are gone. . . . ▶87.7 #2FMBreakfast 🔥🎶
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