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Don’t think of what others think of you, they’ve already thought of it
Re:member (mama spätá s prírodou, ani o tom nevedela)
my young boy
Explore and create within your surroundings.
~ last week ~ // turkey
Deleting a whole bunch of crap from my phone and I found a small clip I shot while at #BigSur so I figured I’d leave it here
Hurry up & wait
Taxi cabs are mad expensive in Japan. Don’t make the mistake we made and miss the last train at 12am. | #AESTHETICSTREETS | #JAPAN | #OSAKA |
“103° Afternoons”
: If you want your life to be beautiful, makeup it yourself . Another picture of the port of Llanes, where I was amazed by the colour of the building 🔥🙌 What do you think?
Fool the guesser
G(e)toside. (Neviem kto to robil, chválim a srdiečko vzadu je len čisto náhodné)
step up my feed.
new cups for @mothershipcoffee ~ weekend ready!
golden hour with my favorite lady
chocolates & cactus on a friday
Don’t miss the opening event our 2nd location in North Las Vegas happening tomorrow Oct. 20, 2018! theVapery 2 3000 W. Ann Rd. Ste. 107 North Las Vegas 89031 (702) 675-3131 Must be 18 to purchase
🌊🇯🇵 The wave in Japan. I loved seeing so many people wearing the Air Max 97/1 Sean Wotherspoons in Japan. P.S. I hate being on the other side of lens. 📸: @mrs.kaji | #AESTHETICSTREETS | #JAPAN | #TOKYO | #NIKE |
Black Jelly
Walking past.
~ lifetimes ago ~ // sicily
where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Stop in 3000 W.Ann Rd #107 N. Las Vegas to enter the raffle before this weekend starts! Raffle drawings start at 6pm Saturday and lots of awesome stuff to giveaway !
Luck is the residue of design.
thanks for walking 2 miles with me so I wouldnt get kidnapped 🤷‍♂️
Pub pour la mixité
Jet-lagged...my mind is as wavy as this street is. Next trip to Japan will be during Cherry Blossom season because these trees are usually covered in flowers. | #AESTHETICSTREETS | #JAPAN | #TOKYO |
Old but gold
Throwback - Cheesin’ for the shred season.
Endless summer, take me there 🌴
I missed doing mobile photography awuw. Hahaha.
i always try to post during “prime time” but i want to see what happens if i post at 12:00AM.. does the sun really blow up?
One day ends, a new one begins.
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