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Alto Vista Chapel in Noord Aruba ⛪ @depalmtoursaruba
When you die and how you die isn’t important. It’s what they say about you, when you’re officially no longer here. You may live your present days with a slogan, it sounds something like, you don’t care for what “they” have to say but, when you’ve departed...oh, they will say alright. After the acclamation period, also known as the grieving period is over, that’s when you’ll start to cross everyone’s mind. Specifically those individuals that you’ve affected, be it through friendship, relationship or, competition. It aren’t the people you’ve hurt which will remember you, usually your death is a form of closure for them. It’s the people you’ve contributed too, which will remorse in remembrance. The sweet and most precious gestures will finally be recognized, the most honest yet, unpleasant advice will be acknowledged and, your selfless actions will be missed. It’s always the little things; those microscopic but, detailed, candid, unrehearsed, non intentional, grand yet unplanned gestures, which set the tone once your name comes up. And it’s not words which should be used to best describe you, it has nothing to do with stories either, it’s all about those feelings that you gave someone, on the inside. They either tremble and need to sit down because of the impact you’ve left on their lives or, they feel a tingle in their stomach with out no deep gasp needed to keep it moving. The only thing we leave behind is our scent and our justifications, why do you think that poor widow/widower weeps anytime she or he comes across their partners old shirt or any other garment? The salt in those tears couldn’t even wash the stains from the gashes away. #vscocam
Miss you LA
kaws in the D.
“The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli” -Seinfeld
Ngiting tagumpay. 😬
taenang ulan yan ü
superia 400 minolta freedom zoom 115
Dirty old river ....
Yesterday with @whateveredie & @davidregoso scouting spots in Makati. 🌦
today i barely edited
i hate editing sometimes
Need another day like this before summer ends.
I need to get back to shooting landscapes, nature, and street shots. That’s where it all started and honestly, that’s where I’m the most at peace when I’m taking pictures. . . . . #inthelab #ITLifestyle #mightykillers #artofvisuals #vscocam #agameoftones #createexplore #streetdreamsmag #visualsoflife #feedbacknation #fbn10k #mkexplore #passionpassport #visualsoflife #thecreatorclass #peoplescreatives #theoutbound #sonyalpha
An old flick from when I was down to do anything for the gram📸 // #lowgramz #waylatergram #doitforthegram #shotoniphone
A random 356
Leica M Type 240
Leica M Typ 240
Aruba’s beautiful divi divi tree on Eagle Beach 🏝
More right than wrong
The valley is a weird place. Since most people are driving, the sidewalks are perpetually empty in many neighborhoods. Passengers in passing cars stare at you like you’re an alien. As if their glare could say “wtf are you doing out there?” Once I started driving and stopped taking public transportation, it was only then I realized how odd it looks to see someone walking alone around Rinaldi Blvd. at 1am 😂
Your mind keeps getting fed intel to a point, where a vacation no longer becomes a vacation. Your loved ones worry about you because they see that subconscious stare in your face while they share a story, just to hopefully make you smirk. But you don’t hear them, you keep overplaying every angle of every move in your mind. You feel the blood rushing to your temples trying to awaken some sort of emotion out of you yet, you’re too busy processing a strategy that would make Fischer vs Spassky’s 1972 finale a mere schoolyard quickie. And then the moment approaches, everything you’ve played out and gruesomely studied thoroughly begins to unravel. Step by step, you recognize their approach, they throw you a curve ball but you’ve prepared for it, a new opportunity opens...you’re smarter than them, their eyes seem well rested, yours are bloodshot but nothing some Visine can’t fix. Their skin has a deeper tan, “ahh the luxury of having idle time,” yours is layered with a spray tan solution. Presence is everything so you never give in however, their comfort and complacency is your advantage. You found the outlet you’ve needed all along...time to back them up in a corner, the same corner you’ve been fighting off your entire life. They’ve never sparred with the heathens, they’ve never broke bread with the hands that don’t wash themselves, they’ve never sat in a box with the lights off listening to rats munch on their leftover radiated government cheese. They’re soft, and you can smell it. You remind them that you don’t even use soft tissue to wipe your own ass. It’ll always be a numbers game for you, zero’s at the end of personal checks don’t excite you anymore, it’s the souls you’ve just snatched from underneath your opponents. You walk around like Dolph Lundgren in “Univeral Solider” with his enemies ears hanging on a string around his neck. But these aren’t ears, this is pride...this is legacy that you’re collecting. And then once that momentary high vanishes, it’s off to another battle. And so you go your entire life as if you’re this Greek warrior fighting for something only spoken about in, The Iliad. #vsocam
Paris Pt. 3 - Mayhem
something i noticed that i'm good at, obviously- documenting Luca's life. however, i have learned to put the camera down and enjoy being in the moment. i try and lose myself in the moment and try not to let it go. you don't want to miss those "shots" b/c you only get one and you don't want to miss your chance to blow cuz this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo! 🙃 #LucaMiles . . #streetdreamsmag #reflectiongram #moodygrams #mightykillers #mkexplore #createexplore #way2ill #fatalframes #hypebeast #agameoftones #creativeoptic #thecreatorclass #ig_color #igersmiami #SDMtravels #TakeYour5hot #shoot2kill #createcommune #thelensbible #thevisualsuspects #illgrammers #StreetPhotographyMagazine #meistershots #streetclassics #artofvisuals #yngkillers #inspirationcultmag #canonusa
A few weeks ago in Zion’s celebrating @mcjellyd turning old af.
Don’t be scared to try new things -
~ so tired ~ // lisbon
People watching, definitely one of my favorite things to do. 🌈👀 #seattlepride
~ ⭕ ~ // lisbon
Sunsets in paradise
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