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With my band Wild Mountain @wildmountaingreengrass at a show in the mountains near Aspen, Colorado.  Have you had a chance to visit Aspen? Excellent trip to make - either summer or winter. - - - - - How about a free song download of our new single Satisfy This Girl?  Go to our web site www.wildmountaingreengrass.com and pick one up!
🥳 // ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thankful for a friend like @lady.lime who understands the “busy-ness” of life and living individually but the importance of carving out time to spend with friends. 💖 Always grateful for moments with her! Here are some pictures where we actually look like friends (because sometimes we don’t know how to pose to convincingly 🤣). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This year I didn’t make any grand resolutions or promises to myself about the New Year to come...but I must say this year is already treating me well. 🥰 More so, I have the control to shape it the way I want it. 👊 I’ve been focusing on little goals and things I have accomplished already compared to what needs to be done (which is always an overwhelming list). Amazing what a change of mindset can do. Most times, I look to the New Year for a fresh start, but this time around, I’ve simply been being more mindful of where I am, where I want to be, and what decisions and answers I need to give to make that so (which sometimes means saying NO! 🤯) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #bestfriend #friends #friendship #wecute #newyear #celebrate #decisions #sparkles #sparkly #overtonehair #purplehair #pinkhair #smiles #cestlavie #life #loveher #mileofmusic #style #thrifted #glam #wisconsin #wisconsinfun #midwestwinter #midwestisthebest
Here is a raw revelation... everything is black and white except when it's "White and Black" - the name of the WILD MOUNTAIN song on our "Greengrass"album available on @spotify , @iTunes and @amazon. * * * * Enjoy the video clip and then take a visit to our web site www.wildmountaingreengrass.com and pick up a FREE song download of our new single "Satisfy This Girl". * * * * FOLLOW on instagram @wildmountaingreengrass for daily new pix, videos, and content:)
We can’t recreate this scene outside next Friday (12°F 🥶), but we CAN enjoy an epic night of music with @kylemegna & The Monsoons and @the_north_41 at the OuterEdge Stage! Ticket link in bio. 🙌 #TBT #MileOfMusic
WILD MOUNTAIN playing on KGNU radio in Boulder, Colorado.  Our good friends at KGNU are kind enough to provide an outlet for Wild Mountain "Greengrass" music offering radio exposure for many outstanding local artists and bands in the area. * * * * Learn more about Greengrass music - FOLLOW @wildmountaingreengrass
@markyencheske and I were just absolutely overjoyed about playing together. Pure emotion and bro-ness splattered everywhere. Thank you to @mileofmusicpresents for having us!!🧡 #appleton #mileofmusic #milwaukeemusic #milwaukee #joy #bros
Outstanding in our field WILD MOUNTAIN @wildmountaingreengrass - "Greengrass" music - country, Bluegrass, folk blend with a twist of Celtic melody.  Check the band out on YouTube * Facebook * FOLLOW ON instagram for music, videos and daily content:)
You miiight want to mark your calendars for April 12...we’re taking off with @thenatlparks ! 🚀 Tickets on sale this Friday! 🙌 Head to @mileofmusicpresents for more info. #MileOfMusic
NEW SHOW - April 12: @thenatlparks are returning to Appleton on their spring tour, and they’re bring @wildtheband with them! #MileOfMusic alum @listeningpartymusic kicks off an epic night of music at the OuterEdge Stage! Tickets on sale this Friday.
New Years Resolution: make Monday’s awesome too.⚡️ @southernsunpub - 9pm tonight! #eightdaysaweek #fireitup
The one and only Andy Maroney - drummer for WILD MOUNTAIN and also a DJ....did you know that?  Andy @dj_terpenoid is quite a musicologist with a vast library of music and a kick ass sound system.  In addition to playing drums with Wild Mountain he DJ's on a regular basis at Club Corner in Wheat Ridge, CO and will do private parties.  Let the beat go on.....
Have you ever had to make a "Midnight Run"? Has your back been against the wall?  What did you do to break free?  Let me know... A song off of Wild Mountain's Greengrass album "Midnight Run". Follow my band @wildmountaingreengrass for daily music, pix and content.
"Stone Blood and Bone" from the WILD MOUNTAIN album "Greengrass" is the first cut on the album featuring vocalist Sarah Jones @wildmountainssinger ** Banjo/guitarist David Potter ** Fiddler Renee Fine @indulgeress ** Bassist Joe Maul @wildmountainsbassplayer ** Guitar/Mandolin Mike Nile @greengrass_songwriter ** Drummer Andy Maroney. *^*^* Greengrass is available on @spotify @iTunes @amazon * * * * For daily updates, new pix and music follow on instagram @wildmountaingreengrass
First shows of 2019 coming at you this weekend! Sunday: @verynicebrewing - 4pm Monday: @southernsunpub - 9pm . 📸: @djmiles89
I’ve never wanted to get back to the midwest this badly. We applied and have all of our toes and fingers crossed that this is our year! #isitaugustyet #mile7 #mileofmusic #appletonwisconsin #busisgassedupandready
WILD MOUNTAIN in the old west - when it was dirt roads and wood sidewalks.... or a least pretending it is the old west at a Colorado county festival and rodeo:) Experience some of that Colorado Rocky Mountain country music at @wildmountaingreengrass - daily updates, pix and new content.  FOLLOW us on our journey on instagram.
My favorite banjo player David Potter with the Greengrass band Wild Mountain.  David is also a great guitar player and vocalist.  Check out Wild Mountain and their mix of country/bluegrass and Celtic music at @wildmountaingreengrass and see what I am talking about:)
played bass & drums for Althea Grace in Appleton WI for a @mileofmusicpresents event. @mileofmusicfest @altheagracemusic @farmerfootdrums #mileofmusic #farmerfootdrums
tonight I played Bass & Drums for the Althea Grace Trio that is really a Duo that is really a Trio. @mileofmusicpresents #farmerfootdrums #riverviewgardens #mileofmusic
We’re seeing ☀️ skies in Appleton today! T-shirts on the other hand...not so much. 🥶 #MileOfMusic #IsItAugustYet
"Lucky Soul" from the Xfinity Live On Demand show with my band WILD MOUNTAIN @wildmountaingreengrass - - - - you can watch the whole broadcast on our YouTube channel at Wild Mountain Greengrass * * * * This is a favorite of mine, off our album "Greengrass" available on @spotify @iTunes @Amazon
New podcast. Happy New Years!!! Episode 6 of Face the Truth. Singer songwriter, Cory Chisel. @Cory chisel I had a great time hanging out with Cory Chisel at his place up in Appleton Wisconsin. We talk art music, recording records, preforming and much more! Enjoy! And remember to Subscribe! It’s easy just go to my YouTube channel, Jason Seiler, or look for Face the Truth on iTunes etc.....#facethetruthpodcast #corychisel #jasonseiler #artpodcast #musician #singersongwriter #artists #mileofmusic #therefuge
Our band WILD MOUNTAIN playing for our friends at KCOS radio in Colorado Springs. Check out KCOS online or if you live in Southern Colorado.  All their shows are also on YouTube.  It's a great station featuring Colorado talent.  You can see WILD MOUNTAIN's "Greengrass" show on KCOS on our Youtube channel - search "Wild Mountain Greengrass". For more WILD MOUNTAIN news, music and videos please FOLLOW: @wildmountaingreengrass
HURRY! Early bird pricing for 2019 Music-Makers Subscriptions ends tomorrow, January 4! This is a great way to individually support the original music movement in the #FoxCities all year long. Learn more & purchase at the link in our bio! #MileOfMusic
Neale Heywood - Fleetwood Mac guitarist and WILD MOUNTAIN co-producer (he throws in the occasional guitar part as well), returns home to Denver tomorrow... and it will be WILD MOUNTAIN in the recording studio until Neale leaves to go back out on tour with Fleetwood Mac later in January (first gig of the next leg of their tour starts in Denver).
Happy New Year! We just released a video for a new song called “Georgia in the Wind” - Live from eTown Hall 🍍*link in bio* . . Huge thanks to Tyler and Onaje of @level_1_studios for this creation, @mineralsound for the footage, Jay Elliott for mixing, and @etown_radio for having us out! . . We’ve got a lot of new material on the way and can’t wait to share more, stay tuned! 🔥 - KHS
Another year and another song from my favorite country band WILD MOUNTAIN from Colorado. "Dust Wind Smoke and Fire". I loved this song from the first time I heard it.  Check it out and let me know what YOU think.  Look into WILD MOUNTAIN @wildmountaingreengrass - you will be glad you did:)
Best New Years I’ve had in a while. Here’s to a fresh start...let’s do it right. #idigmusic #mileofmusic #tonewbeginnings #happynewyear #balloons #iwantmile7
Cheers to another year of adventures with my guy 💜 #NYE #2019 #mileofmusic #wheretonext #hesmyfavorite
Best way to bring in the new year. ❤️ #music #mytruelove #mileofmusic #idigmusic #happynewyear #cheers & #love
Thanks for all the double taps in 2018! ❤️ What was your fave #MileOfMusic Presents show of the year? Join us for one last show of the year at New Year’s Encore Eve! Link in bio for details!
You liked us A LOT in 2018... don’t worry, the feeling is mutual. 😉 Whats your favorite #MileOfMusic moment from this year? Make more memories with us tonight at New Year’s Encore Eve! (Link in bio.)
Joseph Maul (bass) and David Potter (banjo) of WILD MOUNTAIN at Clancy's Irish Pub @clancyswheatridge73 - our home pub in Wheat Ridge - and the oldest active pub in Colorado, established in 1973.  Clancy's has been kind enough to name a drink after our band - the "Wild Mountain". Have you ever been to Clancy's?  Do you go out often?  Would you like to try a "Wild Mountain" some time?  Let us know with a comment below.  Cheers!
The DRUMMER and the FIDDLER - Andy Maroney @dj_terpenoid and myself doing a little impromptu "Greengrass" boogie at the Colorado Irish Festival.  Are you familiar with "Greengrass" music?  Would you like to know more?  Please visit our band WILD MOUNTAIN at @wildmountaingreengrass and learn more about what we have going on.
WILD MOUNTAIN performing at the KCOS radio live broadcast in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  An extremely snowy night - long ride in our bus - but we got there and the show started on time.  Our hosts Mark and Ed did great interviews with the band, and WILD MOUNTAIN got to play a lot of music. You can see the whole show "The Beat Goes Greengrass" on our Youtube channel - search "Wild Mountain Greengrass" on Youtube to find our channel. Please SUBSCRIBE while you are there.  Fore more WILD MOUNTAIN news, music and videos FOLLOW: @wildmountaingreengrass
We hope your holiday is filled with love, joy and music, of course. 🎶 Happy holidays from The Mile of Music Team! #MileOfMusic
Last night I went to the a Christmas concert called "An Evening of Holiday Mischief" at the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. The show headlined Corey Chisel and a bunch of acts that he tours with from the Mile of Music festival (including Stelth Ulvang of the Lumineers!). It was a great night of Christmas music done by some pretty incredible local acts in a really awesome venue. Christmastime is here. (355/365) . . . . . #wisconsin #fuji #pictoftheday #35mm #365project #lawrencechapel #christmas #coreychisel #365dayphotochallenge #creativejourney #mileofmusic #lawrenceuniveristy #music
During this final week of 2018 I’ll be posting some of my favorite photos from the past year. • First is this show photo of @danrodriguezmusic killing it at the #mileofmusic in Appleton, Wisconsin • . . . . #beardedlensphotography #concertphotography #bestmusicshots #concertphotography #concertphoto #smokeandmirrors #watchthisinstagood #dopeports #moodyports #moodygrams #moodnation
2,894. That’s the number of miles our artists are traveling to ring in 2019 with us at #MileOfMusic ’s New Year’s Encore Eve! Find out the other 18 reasons (one of them is pictured here) to attend in our latest blog - link in bio. 🎶🎉🎊🎈
Were less than TWO WEEKS away from the biggest original music party of the year (well, besides #MileOfMusic in August)! New Year’s Encore Eve features FOUR Mile 6 bands, a Mile favorite emcee, pop-up performances and SO much more. Find out 19 reasons you should be there using the link in our bio. 🎶🎉
We’re just here to make sure this song stays in your head for the next two weeks. 🎶 @elliottblaufuss is getting ready for New Year’s Encore Eve - are you?! 🤗 . You may have seen Elliott during Mile 6 at a pop-up! He started performing in the basements of bars, but has most recently been on tour with @phillphill ! 🙌 . Tickets are on sale now to ring in the new year with Elliott (and band) and SIX other artists! Link in bio. #MileOfMusic
Thank you to all the artists and venues for making 2018 so special in Wisconsin. We covered 62+ performances over 25 dates at 12 area venues. #reschcenter #weidnercenter #browncountyarena #millerpark #sandlotgb #rockusa #eaa #mileofmusic #lambeaufield #fiservforum #riversideballroom #gbdistillery #judaspriest #inthismoment #mariabrink #lindsayell #popevil #laguns #nothingmore #cheaptrick #5fdp
Drew put together a rad Christmas playlist check it out at avenueradio.com/listening-room #mileofmusic #mileofmusicartists #independentmusic #listenersupportedradio #letitplay
Friday is for @milesnielsen1 and THE RUSTED HEARTS ♥️ We love playing our favorite bands for you in store! #boutiqueshopping #musiclover #milesnielsenandtherustedhearts #mileofmusic #lingerieboutique #lingerieshop #vinyladdict #lingerieaddict #definitelydepere
*Double Header Alert* - our last show of the year wouldn’t be complete without an afterparty! 7pm: acoustic holiday set at @etown_radio 10pm-1am: we’ll be joining our brothers @flashmountainflood at @lazydoglivemusic ! #fireitup #doubletrouble ❄️🔥 . . 📸: @djmiles89
Mile of Music 6 || 2018 || 📷:@davidejackson #theoutsidevoices
Fantastic Christmas show last night by @danrodriguezmusic , for his “All I want for Christmas is Whiskey” tour. It all had me feeling extra festive, except during his really sad original Christmas song. I sat and counted the different designs in the ceiling of the Lawrence Chapel to avoid crying—FYI, there are 9 large designs that go across and 8 that fill the middle 😂 But all joking aside, it is a BEAUTIFUL song and it was a fantastic show! . . . . . . . . . #love #christmas #christmasmusic #happy #happiness #musiclover #feelingfestive #merrychristmas #mood #goodtimes #blessed #checkhimout #music #mileofmusic #appleton #wisconsin #festive #holidays #musicismytherapy #goodvibesonly #lifestyle #mindset
Tomorrow night! Last show of the year @etown_radio - 7pm w/ @paulalexios 🎶
#TBT to ringing in 2016 at #NewYearsEncoreEve with a few of our friends! 🎊 We’re making a special announcement tomorrow regarding our emcee and pop-up performances... any guesses on who we’re bringing in? 😉 (Hint: it’s not @motherfolkmusic , even though we ❤️ them!) Purchase your NYE tickets at the link in our bio. 🤗 #MileOfMusic
A bunch of goofballs! Two souls met because the universe made it so! Love to love you @lolomusic ❤️
"Music for me has always been my therapy." - Appleton Musician Adriel Denae She recently released her debut solo album. Hear Denae talk about the inspiration behind the songs, her musical upbringing, and working with Grammy winner Norah Jones on Wisconsin Life with Wisconsin Public Radio's Maureen McCollum. Find the story at http://WisconsinLife.org. @adrieldenae @bitmocheese (Photos by @justuspoehls & @phlow42 ) #adrieldenae #mileofmusic #wisconsinmusic #wisconsinmade #wpr #wisconsinlife #midwest #appleton #appletonmusic #music #wisconsin #musicianlife #instagood #clarycollection #refuge_arts #neighborhood_appleton
I LOVE being able to support clients during events! Especially when they're this beautiful and HaPpY @mileofmusicfest @adrianplusmeredith ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #smallbiz #supportlocal #entrepreneur #marketing #digitalmarketing #seo #startup #socialmedia #mileofmusic
Playing our final show of the year on Friday 12/7 at @etown_radio with our good friend @paulalexios ! We’ve come a long way in 2018 and we’re excited for some big announcements coming soon. 🔥❄️ . For this show, we’ll be taking things back to their roots with a special stripped down acoustic holiday set. Music starts at 7pm at the intimate eTown Hall - tickets are limited so grab yours soon while you can & we’ll see you there! . Cheers! -KHS . . 📸: the talented @tylerthefilmmaker
All through the town... 🚎 Anyone else missing the #MileOfMusic bus as much as we are? 🤷‍♀️😭
So much to be thankful for 🍍#foxtheatre 11.21.18 w/ @jackcloonanmusic & @buffalo_commons . . 📸: @djmiles89
There is something to be said for doing the full band thing every now and again. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Catch us in primal action FRIDAY DEC 7th at @squarecatvinyl alongside several great acts from Nashville, TN. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FREE ALL AGES EVENT 7:00pm doors 8pm @robertjosephmusic 8:30pm @egvines 9:30pm @reneewahl 10:30pm #jeffkellygraveyardshift ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Vid by Randy Maish #livemusic #bobdylan #gibsonlespaul #goldtop #p90pickups #carhartt #levis #fender #songwriter #whiskey #squarecatvinyl #musiccity #nashvilletn #lespaulgoldtop #lespaulclassic #mileofmusic
If ya haven’t heard, there’s gonna be some live Mullet cutting action at the @foxtheatreco tomorrow night! We’re pretty stoked about this fundraiser @jackcloonanmusic created & we hope to see you at the party! 🔥🦅#mulletsformusic #83champs #partyintheback
New music coming very soon. Hear it live for the first time at @foxtheatreco on Wednesday night! 🍍#barefoothippies #nike
@mileofmusicfest was our first time in Appleton, WI and we’re happy to announce we’re coming back on 12/31 for New Years Encore Eve w/ @c2andthebrothersreed , @thebrothersfootman , @elliottblaufuss . . . . #mileofmusic #chestnutgrove #garygeers #newyears #appleton #wisconsin
Wishing a happy birthday to the man with the best seat in the house @magnum_bi ! Even more reason to celebrate with us at the Fox next week! #fathertime #barstoolsmokeshows . . 📸: @djmiles89
#Repost @mileofmusicpresents with @get_repost ・・・ JUST ANNOUNCED: New Year’s Encore Eve returns on 12/31 featuring 4 Mile 6 favorites and a TON of other fun surprises. Learn more and purchase tickets at the link in our bio and to see the full NYE lineup! #MileOfMusic #NYE #tbf #thebrothersfootman 👣👣👣👣👣👣🕺🏼💃🏻🕺🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🕺🏾
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