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Feeling thirsty? Go get your hands on with our black sugar milktea 🤤
Shanghai cooler, fresh fruity mixture of mango and banana mix with other fresh asian fruit. #coolers #cocktails #mixer #cafe #barista #kuwait #kuwaitinstagram #kuwaitbarista #fruit #milkteatime #milkteastore #boba #pearls
Our happy crew at hightea st. Jude branch are waiting for you guys today! See you! ❤️
All time favorites 👌🏼❤️ photo by mam @elykssnts_ via IG stories 😊
Hey guys.. Nhìn tôi bạn hiểu tôi nghĩ gì ? nào? #milkteastore #ilovechocolate #dingteadalat
Tuesday stopover at hightea 💚
Thank you mam @veneroserivera for dropping by. So happy the boyfriend loved our drink too! 😊
Best way to your wife’s heart is through milktea 😂 photo from mam @_karcu via IG stories
Mondays with hightea 👌🏼 thank you mam @lostincatharsis for dropping by 💚
40 pieces of black sugar milk tea! Thank you for choosing hightea! ❤️🙏🏼
Even this hightea drink looks a bit festive. We can almost smell the holidays! Thank you mam @yanapagsuyoin for this photo!
Because one will never be enough 😉 Thank you mam @annielee28 for ordering hightea thru @honestbeeph
Happy workmates having their hightea this tuesday! Thank you mam kring for ordering and bringing our drinks all the way to fort for you guys to share! 💚
Takoyaki- popular streetfoods in Asia,most likely available in Japan,China,Taiwan,Philippines and Asia Pacific Region,Soon in Kuwait. #milkteatime #milkteastore #japanesefood #chinesefood #philippines #taiwan #asianfood #takoyaki
Our beautiful customers all smiles while having their high tea drinks! Thank you mam @widjhetleeza for this photo! ☺️ #loyalcustomers
Thank you sir @janjeffrey13 for dropping by!
Reward yourself with the best Fruit Tea in Town I Strawberry Fruit Tea #kuwaitcity #cafe #tealover #fruittea #winter #foodporn #restaurant #barista #mixer #asianfood #milkteastore #milkteatime
Well gonna welcome you soon,tea lovers in our store in Kuwait #kuwaitcity #tea #milkteastore #tealover #coffeeshop #coffeebar #teastore #milktea #cold #hot #store #storedesign
How to be the best husband your wife could’ve asked for? Buy her cravings before going home! 😋😁 photo from sir @chef_jan.u Thank you sir 💚
😋yummy! Thank you mam @bheiautiful for this photo
Guilty 😅🙋🏻‍♂️ photo from sir @lad.islao via Facebook
Finally! We are so happy to announce that we are now open for franchise! 💚
Just few clicks away from your hightea cravings! Thank you mam @widjhetleeza ☺️
We are open tomorrow and on the 2nd! See you guys! Hightea UN will be closed on Nov 1-2 and will resume regular hours on Nov 3 🎃
Love this small milk tea shop! The design of the cafe is so aesthetic! 2018.09.27 . . . 📷 @hayley_jong #melbourne #2018 #milkteastore #cafe #aesthetic #vibes #instaworthy #oriteamelbourne #spring #photo #melbournecbd #chinatown
Rainy weather but wishing for some milktea? Honestbee is the answer!.... #Repost @cristajenner with @get_repost ・・・ @highteaph @honestbeeph 😋🥤
Merienda time! 😍 thank you so much ma’am @mypeugenio ❤️
Its the end of work week. You deserve a treat! Order your hightea now! ☺️ thank you mam @iemkare for this photo via IG stories 💚
Grab your now! Photo from mam @loreshmayor via IG stories 😊💚
When @honestbeeph saves your hightea cravings for the day! Photo from sir @melvinlanderio via IG stories 🐝💚
Because in hightea we treat our customers as family and we create memories. Thank you to our loyal customer mam @gabyrellaaa ☺️
Enjoy your book while sipping on your favorite hightea drink in the confines of your own home. Download the honestbee app and have your hightea delivered 💚🐝 photo by sir @iloveromchan
Your favorite hightea in the convenience of your own home. Now lets make the most out of our free day☺️ photo from sir @lad.islao via IG stories
Tuesday must-haves! Thank you sir @paolosanjuan. Photo via his IG stories 👍🏼
#Repost @chezcamicai with @get_repost ・・・ 101118:: I’m definitely 😍 with this Takoyaki and 🍯 Honey Lemonade drink 🍋. #takoyaki 🐙 #lemonades
Weekend vibes 👌🏼 photo by mam @hddelavina via IG stories ❤️
That’s one partea i wanna be invited at!!! 50 orders of milktea for pickup at our salem branch! 25 more cups coming up....👍🏼😊
Bonding time is hightea time! Thank you mam @dhiaye for dropping by ☺️
Have you tried our mini pearls? Let us know your thoughts. Apparently mam @fhieyanz loved it. Photo from her IG stories. 💚
Thursday staple! See you at hightea. Photo from mam @prncssdelica via IG stories 😊
Need to satisfy that hightea cravings?... We are happy to announce that we are now on @honestbeeph. Download the app and get that hightea fix 🐝
Hightea party this evening with our pretty customers. Photo by mam @dhiaye via IG stories ❤️
Make your wife happy! Buy her hightea ☺️ thank you to our beautiful customer ma’am @my_oh_mymymy for posting. ❤️
Hooray for friday! Let’s hightea to celebrate the incoming weekend 👌🏼
Roadtrip buddy! Photo by sir @jhoyeahitsme via IG stories 🚙
Kids loves us too! Can’t go wrong with strawberry and yakult to satisfy your little one’s taste buds. Photo from mam @jennylyntan via IG stories 💚
Best way to cool off. Photo by sir @yourdomagnote via IG stories. Thank you sir 😊
This picture just makes you want to go get your own hightea takoyaki fix! 🤤 photo by sir @paolosanjuan via IG stories
Our loyal customers at hightea salem branch. 💚 sir @jhoyeahitsme and mam @keeshiaaaa 😊
When your customer loved your drinks! Thank you mam @sheenbautista ❤️
Great things are coming... very very soon 🐝
We don’t just serve yummy drinks but we also try our best to deliver good service. Thank you for visiting us and for your feedback mam @callmelaudie ❤️
#Repost @maricelr.banico with @get_repost ・・・ Thank you @highteaph for this wonderful message 😊😍. #youarecapableofamazingthings #darkchoco #myfavemilktea
You know what they say. Happy wife = happy life! 😁 husband and wife tandem dropping by at hightea. Photo by mam @diwiopoc
The sight of those cold hightea milktea ready for delivery at hightea UN 😍
This pairing ❤️ photo by mam @joycieviii via ig stories
Hi mom can I have that milktea? - cute pup🐶 photo from mam @ld_ram via instragram stories 💚
Our beautiful and brave PSG having their hightea break. Thank you so much 😊
Hightea habit 😉 photo by sir @akosi_berto25 via ig stories
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