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Because in hightea we treat our customers as family and we create memories. Thank you to our loyal customer mam @gabyrellaaa ☺️
Enjoy your book while sipping on your favorite hightea drink in the confines of your own home. Download the honestbee app and have your hightea delivered 💚🐝 photo by sir @iloveromchan
Your favorite hightea in the convenience of your own home. Now lets make the most out of our free day☺️ photo from sir @lad.islao via IG stories
Tuesday must-haves! Thank you sir @paolosanjuan. Photo via his IG stories 👍🏼
#Repost @chezcamicai with @get_repost ・・・ 101118:: I’m definitely 😍 with this Takoyaki and 🍯 Honey Lemonade drink 🍋. #takoyaki 🐙 #lemonades
Weekend vibes 👌🏼 photo by mam @hddelavina via IG stories ❤️
That’s one partea i wanna be invited at!!! 50 orders of milktea for pickup at our salem branch! 25 more cups coming up....👍🏼😊
Bonding time is hightea time! Thank you mam @dhiaye for dropping by ☺️
Have you tried our mini pearls? Let us know your thoughts. Apparently mam @fhieyanz loved it. Photo from her IG stories. 💚
Thursday staple! See you at hightea. Photo from mam @prncssdelica via IG stories 😊
Need to satisfy that hightea cravings?... We are happy to announce that we are now on @honestbeeph. Download the app and get that hightea fix 🐝
Hightea party this evening with our pretty customers. Photo by mam @dhiaye via IG stories ❤️
Make your wife happy! Buy her hightea ☺️ thank you to our beautiful customer ma’am @my_oh_mymymy for posting. ❤️
Hooray for friday! Let’s hightea to celebrate the incoming weekend 👌🏼
Roadtrip buddy! Photo by sir @jhoyeahitsme via IG stories 🚙
Kids loves us too! Can’t go wrong with strawberry and yakult to satisfy your little one’s taste buds. Photo from mam @jennylyntan via IG stories 💚
Best way to cool off. Photo by sir @yourdomagnote via IG stories. Thank you sir 😊
This picture just makes you want to go get your own hightea takoyaki fix! 🤤 photo by sir @paolosanjuan via IG stories
Our loyal customers at hightea salem branch. 💚 sir @jhoyeahitsme and mam @keeshiaaaa 😊
When your customer loved your drinks! Thank you mam @sheenbautista ❤️
Great things are coming... very very soon 🐝
We don’t just serve yummy drinks but we also try our best to deliver good service. Thank you for visiting us and for your feedback mam @callmelaudie ❤️
#Repost @maricelr.banico with @get_repost ・・・ Thank you @highteaph for this wonderful message 😊😍. #youarecapableofamazingthings #darkchoco #myfavemilktea
You know what they say. Happy wife = happy life! 😁 husband and wife tandem dropping by at hightea. Photo by mam @diwiopoc
The sight of those cold hightea milktea ready for delivery at hightea UN 😍
This pairing ❤️ photo by mam @joycieviii via ig stories
Hi mom can I have that milktea? - cute pup🐶 photo from mam @ld_ram via instragram stories 💚
Our beautiful and brave PSG having their hightea break. Thank you so much 😊
Hightea habit 😉 photo by sir @akosi_berto25 via ig stories
Wednesday hightea drive-thru 🚗 photo by sir @jhoyeahitsme via ig stories. Thank you sir 💚
#Repost @stephanie.the.great with @get_repost ・・・ Hightea again..
Start your week right. Visit us at our St. jude branch for some takoyaki goodness. Photo from mam @yashi_elbesa 💚
You and milktea = forever ❤️ thank you mam @callmelaudie for getting your black sugar milktea fix
In a hurry? Call or txt our stores. Just pick it up and go! Thank you to our dear customers for dropping by at hightea st jude tonight 💚
Don’t you just love having some milktea party. Thank you so much for this bulk order at our salem branch today ❤️
#Repost @jonna_bel with @get_repost ・・・ It’s been a year ☺️ namiss ko to #highteaph
How to spoil your wife? Satisfy her cravings with hightea ❤️ photo from @cakelovebytinandpau via ig stories
Thank you mam @widjhetleeza for always making time for hightea ❤️
Makes you wanna drop by and grab some black sugar milktea asap 😜 photo by mam @trshlim via ig stories 💚
Yey! Thank you for always dropping by at the store mam @elykssnts_ ❤️
M nghĩ m sẽ quyến rũ được bổn cung ?? Mơ đi diễm , bổn cung tâm bất thính giữa dòng đời vạn thính ... 😌👌 🐊#i #me #besttime #goodtime #hi #likeforlike #like4like #relax #cutie #smile #nice #great #wonderful #like4follow #ilikeit #beautiful #kawaii #cute #socute #adorable #young #girl #happy #milkteastore #yolo #yellow
😊 đôi lúc thấy mình rãnh ruồi như này , chờ đợi mấy năm 1 bộ film ra tiếp phần mới để hóng cái kết thế nào và cuối cùng phải đọc cái thông báo định mệnh là công ty film đó phá sản , bộ film vĩnh viễn ko có phần mới 😂 đời đôi lúc nó phũ như vậy đấy . Như vả một bạt tay vào khoảng thời gian mà t mong ngóng 🐊#i #me #besttime #goodtime #hi #likeforlike #like4like #relax #cutie #smile #nice #great #wonderful #like4follow #ilikeit #beautiful #kawaii #cute #socute #adorable #young #girl #happy #milkteastore #yolo #yellow
Because hightea cravings are real! 🤩 thank you lovebirds for dropping by @trshlim @alwyn_kenley
Cả tuần nay ko biết bản thân đã " thị tẩm " biết bao nhiêu trà sữa rồi mà hiện giờ nhìn trà sữa có lẽ hơi dội ngược rồi 😂😂 #brown #today #besttime #goodtime #hi #likeforlike #like4like #relax #cutie #gongcha #nice #great #wonderful #like4follow #ilikeit #beautiful #kawaii #cute #socute #adorable #young #checkin #happy #milktea #yolo #milkteastore
Solution to this hot thursday weather? Get your hightea fix ☺️ #atm
All time favorite: wintermelon milktea. Photo from sir @juanrafael85 via instagram stories 💚
Triple the yumminess! Photo from mam @_karcu via instagram stories 💚
Who loves our new drink black sugar milktea? Looks like mam @fhieyanz does! Photo via instagram stories ❤️
Cream cheese overload! Nobody loves cream cheese the way they do! Because apparently 1 add on is not enough so lets make it 3x more! Thank you so much to our dear customer all the way from makati who drove to our salem branch for these🤩
Less guilt? Have it with chia seeds! Thank you mam @trishauydy for dropping by 💚
Hightea = happiness ☺️ photo from mam @iamkhaig via instagram stories
#Repost @maricelr.banico with @get_repost ・・・ Fall in love with your life ❤. #highteaph #yakultlemonade
Don’t miss out and try our newest drink “black sugar milktea” thank you so much mam @rossy_chicks for dropping by.💚
Its thursday once again! See you at hightea st jude. Photo from sir @bryillbritanico via instagram stories 😊💚
Black sugar milktea to complete your day! 💚 photo from mam @_karcu via ig stories! Thank you so much mam 😊
Our Black sugar miktea making sir @jhoyeahitsme happy. Photo via ig stories 😊
Hightea holiday on a tuesday! Cheers 🍻 boomerang by mam @irisgutzcruz via ig stories
Have you tried our black sugar milktea? Its highly addicting 💚
Thank you for dropping by mam @joycieviii. Happy that you loved our newest drink! 💚
Our black sugar milktea already available at our HBI UN branch! Go get yours now! 💚 photo from mam @disgracewong via ig stories
#Repost @widjhetleeza with @get_repost ・・・ It's been a while.
Shining bright with her genmaicha drink. Photo from mam @eyesza 💚
Try one today at any of our branches. Thank sir @jhoyeahitsme for this photo via instagram stories 😊
Taste our new drink “black sugar milktea”. Our customers are loving it. Photo from mam @veneroserivera via instagram stories 💚
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