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Minamalist White and Black Bathroom?!? Yay OR Nay ▪️▪️▪️🔲▪️▪️▪️ A little #FridayFave for your enjoyment. I want this in my house! How about you? Photo/Design Cred: https://nichba-design.dk/en/shop/
Dan Flavin untitled (to Janet and Allen), 1966-71 Galería Cayón #danflavin #galeriacayon @galeriacayon #minalism #light #art #artinmadrid
the grains are a bit off here but oh well <3 . . . . . . . . . #liveauthentic #livefolk #minimalist #minalism #retro #vintage #film #rnifilms #instagood #instadaily #outfits #aesthetic
Steel and gesso butterflies on lacquered walls BelAir @stephenstonedesigns interior design Stephen Stone I have known him for along time and he continues to inspire a real modernist with a wonderful eye for nature I was happy and proud to do this piece for him and bring into being his vision #gratitude #installationart #luxurydesign #luxuryrealestate #minalism #modernvilla #belair #ricardofreund
Like a box 🔲 #sunday #art #painting #minalism
👍🏻 for my new T-shirt #millenial #millenialtshirt #tee #minalism #f5mystyle
Happy Easter everyone! 🐣🐰 Today is a day of celebration, so let’s take the day to appreciate all we have in life and all that is to come for us in the future. Let’s spend it with our loved ones, share laughs with one another and some good ole conversation! My family does things a bit on the earlier side so we enjoyed a nice brunch and I got the time to share some of my dreams with those I have not gotten the chance to see for quite sometime. Holidays were always my favorite days of the year growing up because it is the only time when my whole family would get together in one room. It’s a little sad if you think about it, but it is just how it is. Everyone is so busy these days with work, school, kids etc. it seems impossible at times to coordinate things with everyone so we just don’t! That is why I find holidays to be such a special time of the year, it is a time for family and taking a breather for it least a day to catch up ❤️ I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Enjoy some carrots to balance out all the chocolate you are probably eating 😉
“Doğa hiçbir zaman her şeyi aynı anda vermez." 🍃 . . Minimalizm👁‍🗨 . . #minimalistphotography #minimalizm #minalism #minimalist #minimal #minimalmood #antalya #antalyaturkey #simdiantalyazamani
Un cielo minimalista en el Cementerio Baquijano del Puerto del Callao. Este Campo Santo fue inaugurado a inicios de los años 60s del siglo XIX a causa de la epidemia de fiebre amarilla que hubo por aquellos años en Lima y el puerto chalaco. Entre las célebres personalidades enterradas aquí se encuentra Sarita Colonia: Una joven que como leí (por ahí) común y corriente y que luego de su muerte se le han atribuido milagros en el imaginario popular. Sarita no fue de nacimiento porteña (nació en la sierra ancashina) pero llegó muy joven al Callao y empezó a trabajar cuidando niños de una familia italiana. Luego pasó a cuidar a sus hermanitos pequeños. Destacaba por su carácter humano siempre hacia los demás, en otras palabras siempre estaba para tender una mano al prójimo. Aquella joven provinciana muy trabajadora que era capaz de dar su único plato de comida a personas más hambrientas que vivían en el Callao murió tempranamente (26 años). Llegado este momento ella ya era una leyenda en los barrios pobres del puerto chalaco. Cuentan que un día unos tipos quisieron robarle pero al no encontrarle monedas, resolvieron violarla. Sorpresa fue que al desnudarla su sexo se encontraba no habido. De inmediato los hombres se postraron a rezarle. También dicen que un día Sarita cayó a un río y alguien vio como “un algo” la sacó de la corriente de las aguas. Hay otra que narra cómo Sarita de niña le predijo la muerte a un tipo que había matado a otro. Y así son muchas historias en torno a ella. Hoy en día la tumba de Sarita Colonia es casi un lugar de peregrinación para las muchas personas que van a solicitarle milagros así como para agradecerle los concedidos.
Fill your day with coffees, genuine smiles, great conversation and the positivity to push on through 💕 Did you know that coffee has actually been clinically proven in many cases to be healthy for you! This was great news to me when I heard it because I definitely drink my fair share of the liquid goodness 😍 It has shown decreased mortality in all of those who drink it regularly and drinking 3-5 cups a day has shown to prevent cardiovascular disease and has shown to prevent colon cancer! These are just a few of the miracle benefits coffee can do for you, of course moderation is key and if you can skip the sweeteners and creamer that would be best 👍🏻
Eastermood 🐰🐰
Minimalist paisley pendant featuring a rainbow moonstone with blue iridescence. Not great lighting where I'm staying in Savannah, so I couldn't quite capture the blue flash with my phone {covers most of the front side}. The 2nd photo is with an led flashlight. Available for sale or barter until I feel like giving it away (feel free to plea your case for the freebee). No filters or editing . * * A R T * T H E R A P Y * * #acshwraps #minimalist #paisley #pendant #wirewrap #jewelry #wirewrappedjewelry #moonstone #wrapsofig #pendantsofig #instawrap #rainbowmoonstone #gemstones #headyart #heady #wireart #atlanta #atlantaart #atlantaartist #meditation #womensfashion #fashion #wrapsofinstagram #minalism
Is eating a Plant Based diet really that absurd? Think again! What’s radical is all that we put our bodies through just to eat a cheeseburger.
Let’s talk about seeds! If you are not including seeds in your diet you are missing out my friend!! Flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds the list goes on and on, these are just some of the worlds most powerful and nutrient dense ones of all time! Take flaxseeds (ground) for instance they are an AMAZING source of fiber, protein, omega 3 & 6, manganese, B1 and magnesium it doesn’t stop there either, it also contains antioxidants for the body which keeps us from getting sick and from many diseases! Your body can absorb all of this by taking just 1 tbsp a day this is the daily recommendation and you guys you can add them to anything! So now imagine this if you can absorb all of that from just one type of seed think to yourself what would happen if you have a little bit of every type of seed daily!! Chia seeds (ground) are a great source of protein, omega 3 and fiber as well and then adding in hemp seeds which among all of the plants in the world are one of the few that is a complete protein source, meaning that just the hemp seed alone carries all the amino acids that your body can’t make!! Crazy right? So many of us are truly missing out on all the benefits that plants have to offer and all it takes is putting a little bit more effort onto what you put on your plate and your body takes care of the rest 😁
Mengucapmu aku candu, merebah asa di hening senja. #minalism
I celebrated this amazing man yesterday by making him some of his favorite meals throughout the day and surprising him with some things I know he needed/wanted for awhile now ❤️ This man right here is by far the biggest blessing I have in my life. Babe, you rock my world through thick and thin, you never stop loving and supporting me. You are the most amazing person I have ever met for so many reasons: but your mind and your heart top them all. You truly do whatever it takes to make me happy and say that this is what you plan to do for the rest of our lives and let me tell you baby I will be doing the same thing for you no matter what! You made it through another year with so many more to come filled with ALOT of adventure, laughs, love, “sweat” (lol), fun, cuddles and FOOD! Never stop knowing that you are a spectacular individual and deserve all the good that is coming your way. I love you to the moon and back, Happy Birthday ❤️🎉
Sadelik, karışık düşünceleri süsler! 🍃 . . Minimalizm👁‍🗨 . . #minimalistphotography #minimalizm #minalism #minimalist #minimal #minimalmood #antalya #antalyaturkey #simdiantalyazamani
Top knots, smiles and inspirational journals is what my Saturday has looked like today 📓😊 I would say that most people don’t truly understand me. Stephen has come closer than anyone and even then at times I think he still is confused by how all over the place I can be. What can I say I have a lot of dreams and goals that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. The thing with me is that I am not much of a talker I am a doer all the way! I hate talking and procrastinating about everything I like to just go out and get it done, or it-least start! I have always been this way and truly believe it is something about me that won’t change. This can be good and bad in certain situations but you know it’s how I choose to live my life and it sure keeps it interesting! I do not plan on starting a business, I WILL have my own business and it WILL be successful no matter how much time it takes. You see this is all you really need to say to yourself is I CAN and I WILL and I promise you if you truly want it it will happen no ifs ands or buts. Enjoy the freakin ride though, learn from the many mistakes you will make, and just keep reminding yourself that you CAN do this and no one can stand in your way but yourself 💕
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