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The prettiest view is your outlook on the world 🌎. Many times we look at what others have and forget how much we have. Be thankful for what the world has given you and how much you have given the world. #positivethinking
You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life... #visitflorida #visitfriends #like4follow #mindset #mindfulness #mindlessbehavior #inmymind #likeforlikes #insta #chill #outfit #outfits #photooftheday #liker #like4follow #likesforlike #maturewomen #florida #jacksonville #jacksonvilleflorida #jax #floridalife
My boy my boy he loves me 💕🎤🎶 #mindlessbehavior #myboy #sing #hallwaychronicles #acoustic #music
It’s not your brain , it’s just the flame , that burns your change to keep you sane
Es raro... yo tengo una cara super seria y de pocos amigos, pero es pura pinta... la verdad es que me gusta soltar unas carcajadas que hasta los loros me responden y me rio de cualquier tontería!!! #panama #panamarulos #graciasyoga #mindlessbehavior #love #en
I used to be anxious in areas that I felt trapped in. I realized that I was thinking my way into this panic. It wasn’t real. I was allowing anxious thoughts to flood my mind when I would be in enclosed spaces for long periods of time. Some examples are planes, boats, elevators, etc. . Well guess what? Three months ago I went on my best friends bachelorette party in Newport Beach. We took a boat over the Catalina. I felt the anxiety building up as the days got closer to this boat ride. . The day came and I’m in line boarding this gigantic boat that I knew I had to be on for an hour with no way to get out. I burst out in tears. My best friend takes me into the boat bathroom, and despite my MANY efforts to leave, she doesn’t let me. And she talked me through the entire thing. I was so grateful for her 💕 but I knew I had to do something about this. . I started dreading the ride back. I knew I had to get back the same way that I got there. That is no way to live! . From that point forward I started manifesting that I would never have that experience again. I manifested that I would have the time of my life on boats, planes and elevators. I practiced every single day. I still do! . I reframed the way I thought of these things. Now I look at boats &planes as things that connect me with my family or amazing adventures. I have imagined myself on them over and over again calm, enjoying myself and tranquil. I am so grateful for them. . Yesterday I went on a boat with that same best friend and I couldn’t have been more excited. I had no anxious thoughts and on top of that I felt so empowered! I told myself over and over that I could do it..and so I did! I envisioned myself on boats having an amazing time for days, weeks, months, and this completely eliminated my anxiety. Now they even calm me down when I think about them. . Our minds are so powerful. I didn’t realize for so long I was telling my mind that I was afraid of flying or being on boats. So whenever I got on one I would panic. . I was tricking myself into being afraid &then I realized that if I can think my way into panicking on a plane, then I can think my way into making planes my sanctuary, so I did✨
😈People will throw stones at uuuh....😤 ❌Don't throw dem back ❎ Collect✅ dem oll🔗 ND build an⏳ empire 🏢 #blackredwhite#sunkiss #weekendvibes #mindlessbehavior #fullyfreakingout #killingbitch #dogoodandforget #buildinglovers #happymode 🙏
#CONDITIONING , this word does so much damage everywhere. We think our thoughts stemmed from us but they are just what we have been made to carry and given the collective conditioning of this #world and what we were taught while growing up we think we are right. Thats why knowing #thyself and sticking to it is so hard and those who say they are like that only have #accepted their conditioning as their #truth . Their can be no growth for them as a person until some situation happen forcefully which in current self protecting lives would be difficult as we are obsessed with growth on a safety net in job or relations. Brains 🧠 that goes through the workouts against conditioning can fight status quo’s and biases which come in between any sort of relation. #mentalworkout is rare. It takes energy and patience plus has no immediate results so people stick to what they call themselves. As goes the quote “normal is an illusion, whats normal for a spider is chaos for a fly” #conditioning #sensitivity #mentalworkout #mindfulness #mindlessbehavior #fear #life #wrong #right #answer #biases #statusquo #insensitive #understanding #quotes #quotestoliveby
Connecting with Myself✨ Bonding with my higher-self 🧘🏽‍♀️ Recalibrating my consciousness💆🏼‍♀️ #zenawakeningfestival
The sky is not the limit, We all know that our limit is only in our mind... The way we behave/feel/think it’s what holds us back if it’s limited or push us forward if it’s positive That’s why you should always be focus on the positive side of ourself #thesky #limited #mindfulness #mind #mindset #mindlessbehavior #helpmehelpyou
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