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Happy dance for my new plant hanger from @thelittleknotshoppe 😍😍 • • THIS is what I hold out for instead of random decor shopping at Kirklands. Hopefully, I can get you a better picture when the hubs hangs it for me, I was too excited to wait! • • I also have 3 minis to giveaway! Maybe to new YL members? Who wants one?!
Minimalish no. 1 . A bit of #minimalish design to start the (Thanksgiving) holidays. And it only took a couple days to figure out the colors. . . #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #minimalism #minimal #art #inkscape #userexperience
Minimizing decor is an area I hear people struggle with constantly! • There is some huge unseen pressure to move into a space and fill it up immediately with things that "go". • • Like, what even does that mean... "I dont really love green but it just "goooesss". Stahp. • • Live in the space for a minute, figure out its vibe, its purpose, and eventually the space sort of tells you what it needs. I could of hung up any old picture I found at Kirklands that had browns and greys and blue and been decorated... but I held out for something I LOVE! • • Cant wait to show you! Catch my ideas for ditching decoration clutter at essentialsofessentials.blog
I emptied the contents of my purse to allow me to wash and dry my purse! #whatsinmybag ? Cell phone not pictured, work badge, lipgloss, headphones, keys, pen, cards/cash, mints, pads, grocery list sticky note, sunglasses, card holder..... #minimalist #minimalish
I have a project pan update! This is all the shampoo I own. And I have to say it’s terrible, overpriced, and doesn’t clean for anything so I’ll use it until I find an alternative! I do NOT recommend buying anything from Bath Delicious. They are NOT lush, I didn’t like anything I tried and they plastic wrap everything. 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ please leave shampoo bar recommendations that don’t cost 12 bucks a bar! 😆 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Onto the baby shampoo and body wash. Well, there ya go. Resume life as normal 😂 . . . . #projectpan #useitup #zerowaste #lesswaste #lowwaste #savingmoney #moneysaving #usewhatyouhave #almostdone #shampoo #zerowastenewbie #minimalism #minimalish
On this episode of we have no idea what we're eating. • Vitamin C. • If you flip over your vitamin bottle you'll see it listed as ascorbic acid. If you could trace back where that came from, you'd find corn. Yup. Genetically modified corn. 70% of our corn products are... so super hard to get away from that. • So fake ascorbic acid mimics the real stuff in our body.... ONLY IF it is paired with riboflavinoids and rutin. If you dont find those on your label... • Well you're paying for chemical corn that doesnt even pretend to help your immune system. 😬 • aaaaaaaand this is what we're working with peeps. Number one brand recommended by pharma, NatureMade, was sorely disappointing containing carcinogens instead. • Obviously in tiny amounts, because a teensy bit of cancer in our vitamins is okay. 🙄
So happy that this week is the start of Thanksgiving break 🦃🍁🍂 This semester has been going on for far to long . . . I definitely enjoyed the quarter system way better. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy some downtime to push through to the end! . What about you? Do you prefer the quarter or semester system?
I still got it 💪 • • Both babies napping at the same time. Maybe I could have another 🤔 Nah, I'm sure it's a trap. • • #auntlifeisthebestlife
If you haven’t checked the blog lately (linked in profile up top) there are several new posts. The most recent being a Christmas decor shopping guide. ✨All the photos in the post are linked for easy shopping. . www.hellojolley.com . . . . . . #bottlebrushtrees #christmas #christmasdecor #columbusbloggers #columbusohio #columbusrealtor #decor #scandinavianchristmas #minimalism #minimalish #simplify #midwestisbest #midwestbloggers #keepitsimple #cozy #hygee #twinklelights #blogger #blog #linkinbio
I get alot of questions about how we made all Eastons baby food! It is so easy! • • Cheaper, healthier, and less work than you think! 💕 essentialsofessentials.blog • • Happy cooking!
Useful clutter is still clutter. In my journey to adulthood I spent several years pursuing a career in early childhood education. In one of my classes I got amazing feedback for some games I created. I have been hanging on to many of these simple game making materials for over ten years because they could be useful. As a homeschool mom pretty much anything can be upcycled into learning or craft material. But, clutter is clutter. And decade old clutter must go! #minimalish #minimalisthomeschool #lessismore #lessclutter #lessanxiety #morelife
a little more simple #getcrackingonchristmas love today 🦌🎄 this is the first of much festive fun I’ll share using this wonderful @florafaunaclear set..... sent to me with SUCH kindness and generosity by the lovely @scrappyheather !!! 😘💚❤️ gettin in that festive mood 🤶🏻 #iwanttobeareindeer #reindeerlove #florafaunaclear #cardmaking #handmadecards #happymail #holidaycard #holidayprep #rusticholiday #minimalish #letsgetmerry #tistheseason #winteriscoming #reindeersarebetterthanpeople #oregonfall #oregonmade #hermitcrafted #reindeerofinstagram #paperhermithugs #hermitholidayprep #paperhermithugscoloring #happyhermitholidays
My almost finished bedroom looking cozy this morning. Needs some artwork. Guess how many things in this room are from #tjmaxx ?? 😂 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bedroomdecor #blackwall #hygge #diy #cozy #cosy #scandinaviandesign #nordicstyle #nordic #minimalish
In love with my ceramic dishes with Banksia grandis leaf imprints 💙🍃 @rediscoverceramics
Instagram. Where you interrupt breakfast and dig for the perfect bowl to capture perfect lighting on pretty eggs....🤷‍♀️
I gotta talk about it.. #cantstopwontstop • • So half the world is looking for better cleaning options... the other half has their fingers in their ears going LALALALA • • Whichever one you are, I'm talking to you! We use 1 cleaner. That's right 1. It speaks to my minimalist heart. It's safe for marble, granite, tile, wood, vinyl, fabric, I even put some in the dishwasher y'all. Basically, I'm serious. • • The United States government allows toxins in our cleaners that are known carcinogens, known respitory disruptors, known hormone jacker-uppers, they are straight banned in other countries. 😭😭 • • You can't avoid every toxin we come in contact with, but you do have power over what you bring in your home, what your babies absorb into their bodies in the bathtubs and on their little feet. Dont be tricked by greenwashing in grocery stores... seventh generation and method are not actually better options...😔 • • How many times a day do you hear about thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, inertility, weight issues, cancers... a HUGE percentage is environmental factors. • • This matters. You matter. Your family matters. More on decluttering your cleaners at essentialsofessentials.blog
I've been on this journey to downsize my possessions...I set a goal for November to try and finish getting through all the parts of my home and today I realized that's likely not going to happen 🤷‍♀️ -- I'm a bit disappointed b/c I feel very much in limbo while I am in the middle of this process but working on a few tiny areas (see my stories) today I realized how much more I really have to go... -- I've mentioned before that I was never a "clutter" person...I don't have a lot of things around my house, my decor is very minimal and I don't save a lot of "stuff" (much to my Mother's dismay)...so even if I don't have a lot of clutter, I still feel like my home is closing in around me lately. -- My hope is that even if it takes me many more months to eventually get through all areas of my home, once it is complete, it will hopefully stick moving forward! -- I saw someone on IG (I can't remember who) mention that clearing your fridge off helps eliminate the clutter, in a mental capacity, too...I didn't think that would be the case (possibly b/c I didn't want to remove all my pics and junk from my fridge) but I decided to give it a shot and I honestly felt better almost immediately! -- The only remaining item on the front is this old family Christmas pic that I love, but that, too, will come down after the holidays 🌲 -- This is one of my favorite ways I've changed since beginning our debt-free journey and I'm really loving it...but I still have a waysss to go...it's really hard sometimes but IG has been a really big inspiration for me in this part of my life! -- #minimalism #minimalish #downsize #downsizing #minimalist #minimalistmom #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #simple #simplelife #simplified #intentionalliving #stewardship #contentment #gratitude #gratitudejournal #simplistic #smallchangesbigresults #mindset #perspective #debtfree #debtfreedom #momlife
Easton's "black-friday-is-so-close-and-Im-giving-YL-all-my-monies" face. • • My very favorite time to stock up - crossing fingers for Savvy make up on sale! 🤞
This weekend I took a weekend “off” and we went camping! It was our last camping trip of the season and I really wanted to blow it off because the air quality is so bad with the California wildfires burning right now, and also because it was going to be pretty cold. But mostly, I think I wanted to blow it off because I was feeling frustrated with all of the stuff I *wasn’t* going to “get done” at home. I.e., there is lots I wanted to organize and purge, bags of stuff to pack and get out of the house. Then I had a little realization...I wanted to cancel a weekend of family time so I could be home working on our “stuff”. How backwards is that?! Sigh! I packed up our coats and blankets and put this little one in the car along with a book that’s been sitting on my nightstand for quite some time! Look familiar to anyone? 😉 I still didn’t read it, but I got in some good relaxation time, some good family time, a killer “campsgiving dinner”, and I’ll be back at it this week with paring down our outgrown baby stuff! . . . . #minimalishmama #minimalish #minimalism #minimalist #momlife #lessstuff #moretime #moreenergy #morefreedom #loveyourlife #declutter
The important part about oils and living chemical free? Make it easy and make it fit your budget! • • Nearly all YL products are super concentrated, dilute dilute dilute! • • Also hang up your bar soaps so the running water doesn't wash them down the drain! 👌
We love this class!! • • Open education class on Facebook! Amazing if you are looking to set up your medicine cabinet, and actually your home, with more natural options! • • People jump in this class every day and it has been a huge success 😍 excited for you to join us!
111118 : In the mood to take on SAFARI.
Właśnie o takiej sypialni marzyłam i mam. Przez rok nie będę nic kupowała do domu. Kwiaty czy świece się nie liczą. Lubię pięknie mieszkać i tym karmić duszę, ale nie mogę kupować czy dopisać do listy bez końca. Istnieje tyle rzeczy bardziej wzbogacających: podróże, czytanie, zdobywanie wiedzy w wybranej dziedzinie, aktywność fizyczna, spacery, gotowanie i kontemplowanie pejażu. Myślę, że to na książkę "Sztuka prostoty" D. Loreau czekałam całe życie 🖤 #ilovegrain #margohupertart #sypialnia #bed #bedroom #sunday #minimalish #styling #bookstagram #instamorning #instadaily #goodtime
It’s taken a few days to get this posted but I’ve earned my first minimal-ish mama merit badge...the “first purge” badge! 🤣 This is Max’s train table “before”. He used to love, love, LOVE Thomas the Train but lately this table has become a catch-all for toys of all sorts and rarely is used to play with trains anymore. It’s the bane of my kitchen existence since it just hangs out in our breakfast nook collecting more toys and grime (and dirty glares from me). Even when Max plays with his trains, he collects a few and goes to the coffee table to play. That’s when I knew that this table would be the first thing to go. Most of the trains and all of the track belongs to friends of ours who loaned it all to us when their kids outgrew it. I cleaned and packed up all of their stuff plus all of the extra track and a few extra things we’d been given along the way. I found a perfectly huge sized bin in our garage to pack it all up in (bonus purge!) and it’s ready to go home. Thanks friends! After separating out the trains of Max’s that he’d been gifted over the last couple of years that we will keep, we ended up with this little basket of trains and trinkets. That’s when I realized that the Thomas carrying case that Grammy had given Max for his birthday last year could finally be put to use. A case that holds 10 trains seems futile when you have 862 trains. 🙄😂 But now that we’d whittled it down to about 10, it’s perfect. (The little train erasers and other little bits of clutter are also being purged.) From a 3’x5’ foot explosion of stuff to one neat little carrying case we can tuck on the shelf...I call that a WIN. I can’t tell you how much lighter the room feels with just this task completed! Bonus, Max isn’t upset and hasn’t tried to pillage the bin for any of those trains while we try to get it back to its owner. I think he was ready to let go of it too ❤️ Merit badge Number 2 is in the works...letting go of some of the baby stuff. My ovaries ache already! Stay tuned! . . . . #minimalishmama #minimalish #minimalism #minimalist #momlife #lessstuff #moretime #moreenergy #morefreedom #loveyourlife
Good lighting & ample storage is key in a home. Especially in bathrooms! @sergiomercadodesign projects photo: @joshuamchughphotography #minimalish #modern #interiordesign #designporn
My house is not perfect. Not even close. I am not a decorator. No skills. Zero. We have been so engrossed in the farmhouse remodel we have kind of forgotten that our current house needs to be ready to sell soon! . The good news is that we have been on a minimalism kick this past year. Having less stuff creates clean lines in your home, the lack of clutter allows the space to breathe, also it makes picking up and cleaning up a breeze. Less stuff equals less to clean or put away!! Our home, although far from perfect and definitely not a designers dream, can be show ready in just a few minutes because of our efforts at minimizing. . What are your minimalism tips and tricks? We are a work in progress and help is appreciated! ❤️ #cleanless #minimalism #minimalish #simplybalancedbeauty #itsaboutbalance #imperfectlife
They say you’ll never accomplish your goals if you don’t write them down, and boy I have never in my life even allowed myself to daydream half this big before. I am confident because I’ve seen the process and I’ve seen all the success stories from people with much more dismal beginnings than mine. I realize that I can do this and I will do this. My next goal is to practice writing my goals.✨🍀 • • • • #lessonslearned #millionaretobe #goalsetting #carpayment #yesIcan #onestepcloser #debtfreecommunity #babysteps #bettereveryday #minimalist #minimalish #budget #retirementsavings #goals #carloan #lookingoutforfutureme
I kept it short and sweet. What else could I want as a result of my #KMin6weeks ? I’m sure there will be more positive effects as I go through this process. #konmari #minimalish #visionstatement #km
Before & after of our junk drawer. This isn’t perfect but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. I can see everything again! #minimalish #minimalistmom #progressoverperfection #lessisbetter #motherhoodunplugged #beforeandafter #declutter
Day 10. Today is the last day of my #fall10x10 . I learned that I still wear a lot of black and I'm a big fan of my Levi's 721 jeans. It was also fun to show off parts of my apartment because I love it and am really proud of how we're decorating. Honestly, though, I'm looking forward to taking a break from Instagram for a few days now that I'm done with the challenge. I'm cute or whatever, but I can only look at so many pictures of my own face. I also love the validation and the dopamine hit from new likes and followers a bit too much for my comfort. Which was your favorite post? • Top: @universalstandard Bottoms: @levis Blazer: @hm Necklace: heirlooms from my grandma and aunt Shoes: @whitemountainshoes 📷 @_o__c_ • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish
Obsesssssing over these prints I got from @smallwoodhome. I ordered 4 🙊 • • How cool is this typewriter patent?? Also it fits our minimalish "rule" wood, white, natural texture ✔
Rambled away on FB about how this network marketing world RUINED every plan we had for our life. • • Real numbers and our struggle going against the grain.
Day 9. Obligatory civic duty selfie. I voted but I'm not going to yell at you to do the same. Y'all are grown. • Top: @universalstandard • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish #nomakeup #skincare
Check out this #360 image of our evolving space! It rendered very jerkily but it’s still kind of fun to get inside and explore in panorama! (New wish list item? 360 Camera!!! I've let my camera junkie loose and she's out of control!) #recoveringshopaholic #maximaltominimal #goingminimal #minimalish #tinyhouse #tinyhome #extremedownsizing #mortgagefree
Figuring out what to feed the toddler that isnt processed, fried, french fries... it's a job. • • There's so many things you can make that are just as fast as their processed fakes and so much more nutrient dense! • • This one is a staple for us. Gimme all the quick oats. We mix chia seeds, fruit, organic peanut butter powder and banana for sweetness! • • Now if I would just do the same for myself 😬😬
Day 8. I don't like to make a fuss about my appearance. I'm a pretty dramatic and hyperbolic person, but for some reason that doesn't extend to the way I dress. I wear simple makeup, predominantly dark colors, and easy hairstyles. People who look their Sunday best every day fascinate and intimidate me. I like to look nice, but I'm curious to know what this challenge could look like in the future if I strive to look amazing. • Top: @everlane Blazer: @hm 📷 @_o__c_ • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish
I’m most excited this month to get a library card! After my outrageous food budget, my next top category in reckless spending is books! No more! This is how you know I’m serious! • • • • #librarycard #frugal #savedatmoney #lessonslearned #carpayment #intensity #onestepcloser #debtfreecommunity #babysteps #bettereveryday #minimalist #minimalish #budget #retirementsavings #goals #carloan #lookingoutforfutureme
Trying to “snowball” my “snowball”. I only have the one debt, but it’s big enough that the length of time makes it feel like I’m running a marathon. An additional $300 a month will bring up my payoff date about a month and a half. That’s winning to me. I am not, however, canceling ALL of my contributions. I am bringing my two non-mandatory accounts to about 3% each (they were around 10% each). • • • #retirement #daveramsey #debtfree #babystep2 #lessonslearned #carpayment #onestepcloser #debtfreecommunity #babysteps #bettereveryday #minimalist #minimalish #budget #retirementsavings #goals #carloan #lookingoutforfutureme
Going on a trip? Alpaca my bags! . . Sweater + Jeans @everlane Sneakers @converse
Day 7. At least once a week, I do my best to do nothing, make no plans, and have no agenda. I likely won't even leave the house or get dressed. Today is that day. • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish
Day 6. It's cold outside again today. I'm over it. • Top: @universalstandard Bottoms: @levis Necklace: heirlooms from my grandma and aunt 📷 @_o__c_ • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish
Day 5. I bought this shirt because I needed "grown up" work clothes and was feeling insecure about what I was wearing to Board meetings. I'm easily the youngest and lowest ranking person in that room, so I wanted armor to make me feel powerful and beautiful. When I bought it, I didn't take into account that I deeply resent ironing, thus have worn it twice. I threw it into the challenge because I like the way white looks against my skin. I hope to fall in love with this shirt or it'll be in need of a new home soon. Any takers? • Top: @asos_us Bottoms: @levis Necklace: @racheltravels 📷 @_o__c_ • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish @_m_o_j_o__
My name is Melissa, and I’m aspiring to be a minimal-ish mama. I’m wife to Mike, and mama to Max and Molly. Three tornadoes of awesomeness and love, and a whole heck of a lot of stuff. Add a small-ish house and messes are made in record time around here. Add a dog, two cats and fourteen chickens and you can see why this mama feels like she’s running in circles most of the time. Every morning I stumble out into the kitchen and see our big kitchen island piled with chaos—it just starts my day off on the wrong foot. I go, go, go all day and head to bed each night frustrated that I had so much to do that didn’t get done— laundry to fold, toys to pick up, dishes to do, drawers to clean out. It’s left me screaming on the inside, when is enough ENOUGH?! We’ve cleaned up and cleaned out and purged stuff before but we’re about to go at it again...and for real this time. Go big or get out of town! I’m determined to get our home and time to a manageable place so we’re wasting less time managing our stuff, we’re putting our material possessions, our money and our time to work for us and spending more organic time together, having fun, making memories, getting more value and WINNING at life. Tag along if that sounds awesome to you too. ❤️ . . . . #minimalism #minimalist #minimalish #minimalishmama #momlife #lessstuff #moretime
He's enjoying his new loft bed. I'm enjoying the mess being kept underneath! #winwin #minimalish
i n t e n t i o n s 🌙✨ i write out my goals + intentions at the beginning of each month. i check in with them here and there as the weeks go by but generally forget about half of them because they’re shoved in my planner. this month I decided to write them out and hang them somewhere I’d see everyday. ya know being intentional about my intentions. 🙃 i see them as ways to better myself. to clean up areas in my life that I may not be completely satisfied with or maybe ways to get out of my comfort zone. ways to grow. sometimes they’re small, sometimes they’re a little more intimidating, but they’re always attainable. i use to write out intentions that often included words like “everyday” which made it less attainable + I’d beat myself up if I missed a day or two of doing that particular thing. I’d feel like a failure when it came to that intention and it was unhealthy + unfair to put that pressure on myself. i no longer use words that make my intentions feel like rules. i encourage myself to grow and that is all ✨ . do you write our intentions each month?! I’d love to hear some of yours!
Can you tell I’ve found my favorite spot to take pictures? 😂 — Anyways, with my birthday and Christmas right around the corner I’m having to tackle my first “please don’t buy me shit I’m trying to be a minimalist” conversation with my friends and family. The act of avoiding physical gifts can be sorta awkward honestly ... Thanks to @thelaminimalist here’s my strategy: instead of just saying “don’t get me anything” I’m asking for experience gifts or items that I know will get used! For example- gift certificates for things like my hair and nails, concert tickets, gift cards for places I can get coffee, wine, and groceries, a hiking trip, a fancy dinner. You get the gist. Wish me luck! . . . If you were avoiding physical gifts, what would you ask for? ⬇️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nostufflife #minimalism #giftgiving #intentionalliving #minimalish #lessismore #minimalisme
Yesterday, I taught sciences classes all day long. Here's a recap, what goes on your skin, goes in your body, most of what goes in our body these days = disease. Like: • • Fragrance Xenoestrogens in detergent Carcinogens in cleaners Chemicals from candles Carcinogens in make Hormone disrupters in shampoo • • All of a sudden a little bit of bad... is alot of bad. So ditch the nasty detergents... and dryer sheets... and treat your family sweet 😍 • • Also lavender and lemon on the dryer balls. You're welcome!
It's Halloween... and you know what's scary to me? • • Money Trouble. Debt. Living Paycheck to Paycheck. • • Essentialsofessentials.blog money series is up and tells our story from bankruptcy to freedom. It can be yours 😍
My first time doing one of these and I have to say that it brings perspective. In August I decided to get out of the military, which was bringing me in just around $300 a month. My car was paid 100% through this which I considered my “side money”. I did get a small raise in my regular job but I make less money now than I did then but my payments have tripled since I started focusing on this in Sept🤔I wish with all my might that I would’ve sat down and budgeted like this last December when I got the car. It’s been less than a year and I’ve paid over half of my $19,505.06 loan, but if I would’ve focused like this it could be almost gone! Going in the “lessons learned” bucket. • • • • #lessonslearned #carpayment #fourdigits #onestepcloser #debtfreecommunity #babysteps #bettereveryday #minimalist #minimalish #budget #retirementsavings #goals #carloan #lookingoutforfutureme
Day 3. Remember how I was talking shit about fall yesterday? It's definitely supposed to warm up to about 70 degrees today... • Top: @universalstandard Bottoms: @asos_us Jacket & Shoes: thoroughly unethical 📷 @_o__c_ • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish
STRESSSSSSSSS! Have you built or gutted a home? Will we survive? We're heading into the final curve but somehow this feels like the worst of the slog. From here on out every decision comes down to expense vs time. It's taken SO. MUCH. LONGER. than any of us anticipated, even with our expectation that all projects run long and over budget. We started with $9300 budgeted to complete our home (yes, under 10k - this is a mortgage-free project.) But then we started to calculate in future expenses like heating and cooling, water and electric, and all of a sudden the cost of #sprayfoam insulation is amortized over a single year of utility cost. Plastering the walls instead of using drywall we can DIY? Its about 6 weeks less work for our tiny team of weekend warriors, (vs hiring the plasterer) which means being in our house by Thanksgiving vs after the new year (omg please lord no.) so many decisions. So many considerations. So much juggling. How do you put a price on sanity? . . . . . #tinyhouse #tinyhome #renovation #tinybuild #diy #homediy #tinyhousemovement #extremedownsizing #love #joy #progress #hashtaggingisfun #areyoustillreadingthese #minimalism #minimalish #alsoloud #sprayfoaminsulation #plaster #finishes #diy #nomortgage #mortgagefree #naturallight
Cha cha cha chia! • • I like buying these guys in the bulk section of the grocery store to add to... basically everything. • • Huge amount of nutrients in a teeny tiny package! Fiber, protien, antioxidants, omega 3s, detox, the list goes on!
Day 2. When the weather changes, I tuck away items that are no longer seasonally appropriate. Once I bring them back out, it feels like I've gotten a whole new wardrobe. When fall's flaky ass ran off early, I was excited to pull out this waffle knit sweater and a perfectly worn pair of boots I've had for years. The sweater is beginning to fray, and I've taken the boots to a cobbler for repairs twice. I've loved these pieces across state lines, despite the size of my body, without relenting. I hope to love them just a little longer. • Top: thrifted Eddie Bauer Bottoms: Levi's 721 Belt: thrifted Shoes: Nine West Necklace: clothing swap @megalumens house • • • #10x10representationmatters #10x10challenge #10x10friends #essentialism #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsule #ootd #blackjoy #chasejoy #intentionalliving #ethicalmyway #minimalish
You might think Facebook messed up our perfectly posed and styled photo I was trying to post. • Or that I took a pretty picture of some oils I think you need... which is still the case...but no. • This is a selfie. A selfie of my son and I in the dark while the rest of the family eats dinner. Because my son couldn't act like a grown up at the dinner table. And even though I could complain about the toddlerhood, and I do just that sometimes and desperately seek out a "me too" from other moms so I dont feel crazy... I dont need that today. • Today and most other hard days, God is teaching me something so beautiful and so valuable to parenting, I can only be grateful. Instead of discipline and anger and chaos... tonight my son just needed me. He needed to step back, take a moment to learn how to gather his big feelings and snuggle so he could figure it out. He's teething, he got hit in the head with a block (big cousins) he's snotty and tired. • We need to stop expecting our children to act like adults, when half the time we cant control our big feelings either. We need to be able to love them like Jesus loves us, and meet them exactly where they are and show them through it. We need to teach them HOW to handle feeling all the feels instead of expecting them to always just know. They dont know. Even when they do know, they dont know. Everything they experience is new and confusing and they're trying to communicate and we arent always meeting their need. • So, I'm gonna sit here in the dark and whisper with my babe while he rests and thinks and just let him feel safe. And in a minute I'll eat a cold dinner hoping I get it right the next time, giving us both grace when I'm sure to get it wrong.
This might be the most difficult spot in my house to photograph 😣 But I wanted to show you the new "love lives here" signs so if it takes smashing myself against the wall and standing on the kid's shoes that pile up in the corner basket then be it! 🖤😉 . . In my effort to #simplydwell I took down my gallery wall I had here and only hung up these three pieces. I'm loving the clean look, but I'd like to know what you think! . . . . . . . #stylemepretty #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #thatsdarling #fallstyle #midwest #midwestblogger #modern #modernfarmhouse #soloverly #southdakota #entryway #entrywaydecor #loveliveshere #iheartthishaven #decorcrushing #littleaccountlove #hometour #apartmenttherapy #minimalish #minimalistdecor
First day using cash envelopes! Wish me luck! I am using post-its because I haven’t had a chance to make labels yet. Also, peep the gas station coffee that, yes I still went out of my way to get(sigh), but is half the price of my usual Biggby Coffees or Monster. Baby steps y’all. • • • #cashenvelopes #onepercentbetter #onestepcloser #debtfreecommunity #babysteps #bettereveryday #minimalist #minimalish #budget #retirementsavings #goals #carloan #lookingoutforfutureme
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