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Buenos Días, friends. ✌ . . . Mi consejo del día es que aprendamos a quejarnos menos y nos llenemos más de ganas por luchar y salir adelante. . . . #nomasquejasnilamentos #diseñocreativovenezolano #minimalismo_world #vivelavidaconamor
Hay Un Buen Clima Aqui💖
Admito Que Hay Tres Colores En Mis Brazos 😂 🌼🌸🌺 Bueno & Tambiem Un Fail en la edición. Tranquis!! Es de Ase algún Tiempo apenas Me Estaba Enseñando 😄 #minimalism #minimalismo #minimalistic #minimalismodern #minimalismobsession #minimalmovement #minimalismo_world #minimal_perfection #minimalmood #rsa_minimal #minimallove #minimalismoemfoco #minimal #vsco #vscocam #vscogirls #vscofilter #vscophi #vscoMX #MichaelKors #white #black #white #Prada #samsung
Mi Peor Foto! Se Los Aseguró, But Hay Que Amarnos 🙂💜
É um luxo!!! Pulseira gravatinha, ródio negro 🖤💎 #hanasemijóias #pulseira #gravatinha #rodionegro #minimalismo_world #semijoiasdeluxo
Ya No soy Buena Para Las Fotos Inesperadas 😂💖
In Love Con Mis Track Pants🛍💸
Sólo Vez Pasar La Vida. Disculpen La suciedad De Esa Plataforma🤣🌻
My Tuesday started well, I hope that the weekend is incredible.
before the end of winter.
Sunny days are beginning. I like autumn but spring is giving signs.
I Do Not Want The Cold To End. #imitameashley
I do not have good photographic shots. I feel sick.
I do not know what I was thinking, With This Cold I Only Bring The Coat in My Hand, Good And a Cold Coffee
Creo Que Terminandose El Invierno El BLANCO Seguirá siendo Mi Parte Favorita De Un Look.. Touch the screen for details. someone More that adore the color white.. By. @sandra22hernandez
Todo El Invierno, Todo el Verano ❄
Un Paso Al Frente Siempre....
Nunca Puede Faltar La Selfie In The Bathroom.
I have a strange obsession with shadows My Husband Captura Buenas Fotos, But The Light Of An Angle Did Not Help Much ❄
Obviously the cold is still going through my. By @sandra22hernandez Thanks You 💖
Let's start the year with a change in my life, to be honest I feel incredible 👑
Usually it's always something basic. the gray so far has always been my best ally, I have a new garment in that tone very soon I will post a photo
There is a little more color in my picture, happy new year to all..
Merry Christmas ☄
Me Da Tranquilidad...
walk to places that fill you with happiness. Good vibes #imitameashley
and if we go for a hot coffee, there's a @starbucksmex near my home. With the cold I go out more than usual.
Let's start with the right foot... Claro Que Si, Estoy Usando Plaid Pants @zara Con Sandalias De Tacon, Se puede Eso & Mas. Para Mi Es un Outfit Completo La Parte Baja De Esto Lo Hace Todo... @viaaltamx
Hello DECEMBER // In view of People is my favorite time. but evidently it is not enough in these days I feel alone like When you are missing Something dear, and for me that is my husband my partner with whom I would like to laugh at this time. the strange thing my Being needs. In @viaaltamx
my current details of this outfit. just touch the screen ❄
When I live in My Other house with My other half, I am completely happy
I Love Being Able To Sit And Enjoy The View With My Husband, He is Capturing This Picture🍃❤ #imitameashley
while I was buying some things in the store I realized that I need a mirror That big in My wardrobe🍁
starting with all the attitude, & in the best perfection, white !!!
I never arrived late for classes, I really like punctuality. & with this basic watch for any outfit... Hey! can observe the small leaves defocused in the photo, makes me happy autumn🍂🍁🍃
There is a small defect in This wall, but I could not avoid a shot in this. Good vibes for everyone
my fragrance of the moment for these seasons. Although I admit that I feel a very adult lady using this
A Perfect Birthday Gift. With The Accessories Of #Zales You Can Be Very Feminine.
Everything Could Be Easier Of The Whole Year Autumn With #forever21
I think it's okay to use this #fenty
it is never afternoon to step more.
On Point.
With A Coffe Latte, We Finish The Day🍵
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