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IVY ZANDILE Profession: Fashion Blogger Instagram Account: @ivy_zandile http://www.ivyzandile.com Email address: theivyzandile@gmail.com Nairobi, Kenya About: I am a fashion blogger with an intention to bring value to your world of fashion and inspire you to do things differently and have fun with it. I started by posting some fashion tips on Instagram and I got great feedback that I should have a fashion blog. It's been a month, and I can't explain the joy it gives me, it's definitely a dream come true. What's unique about me is my ability to change people's perspective that you don't need a lot of money to look fashionable. I'm the type of person who designs and build things by day and goes to bed thinking what else I can create at night. Besides that, I'm a joyful and bubbly person who always likes to put smiles on people faces. Photo Credits: ivy_zandile
Minh Duong Profession: Freelance photographer and petite model @minhduongngocnhat Email address: minhduongngocnhat@live.com Melbourne Australia About: I’m 18 years old and currently living in Melbourne Australia. I was moving between 11 different countries from the age of 2 to 16 with my mom, until I decided to settle down by myself in Melbourne, Australia. Besides focusing on high school for the past two years, I’ve also been working on some creative platforms such as photography, illustrating, card designing due to Art playing a significant part in my life since I was tiny. Instagram has also been helping me to get recognised and that I can see my hard work being paid off more and more each day, as well as my childhood dream of becoming a full-time Art freelancer turning into more of a reality. I also manage my own blog on the side, but would not want to make money out of it as I pour my heart out in my writings and would only desire to write about stories that I keep close to my heart, rather than documenting and giving reviews on travelling and such (even though I absolutely love going). I’ve also just finished high school (Melbourne Girls’ College) and am visiting my hometown — Hanoi, Vietnam for three months. During my time here, I’m planning to open my jewellery brand where I would be designing the pieces and selecting the finest material as the idea for the first collection that I’ll be launching arose from many of my dearest memories. I would be more than happy to share more and go into more details if needed. Minh x Your Story I have absolutely no phobia nor completely frightened of any particular objects. However, Abandonment is my greatest fear. My mom used to work for the British Embassy and DFID which required her to travel very often. My sister and I were somewhat forced to move to Yangon, Burma with her in 2012 which was when I was 12 years old. She was extremely busy and barely had time for us. My Dad decided to leave and go back to Vietnam to work after a year of living in Burma with us. I had no choice but to step up and replace my mom’s job as a mother to make sure my sister would not feel the way I did, lonely and abandoned. Going thr
Kitap yazıyorum gerçek isimler, gerçek olaylar..
This was taken on "Hurricane day" at the lake 💦 Random Pic 2
Lens through lens. 📸 #kistylephotography
This time of the year. 🔥 Boots and jeans👍 #kistylephotography
Um doguineo feliz 🐶
Bizler kurduğunuz CUMHURİYET 'in bekçileri olmaktan gurur duyuyoruz. Sizin yolunuzdan sonsuza dek ayrılmayacağız. Ne mutlu Türk'üm diyene. Ne mutlu bize. Nurlar içinde uyuyun..
Uyanmışım kumsala.. Laylaylomm..
Günaydın, good morning, buongiorno..
Günaydınnnn, good morning, goede morgen, buongiorno...
Yaz tatili bir başka güzel.. Daha güzel... Günaydın
Aynı yerde yine..
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