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| the iconic scrunchie | - the hair accessories of the 90s, a perfect staple when you’re in a time crunch. Simple yet stylish. . . We’re so excited to add these to our holiday lineup! You can get yours in 5 color options at our next two holiday markets! . . Pattern: @whiteowlcrochetco
#Repost @kaeleighpalacios with @get_repost ・・・ This is what working from home looks like.. It’s messy desks and one handed typing. It’s mom buns and sweat pants all day. It’s nursing my baby girl when my milk drops. I can’t begin to describe my gratitude for having the opportunity to be at home with my babies and help my family financially as well. This is exactly what I need in this season of my life. ♥️ Ain’t no shame in my side hustle. 🙌🏼 • • • • • #workfromhomemom #wfhm #stayathomemomlife #sahmlife #entrepreneur #mompreneur #breastfeeding #girlmom #mombunlife #gratitude
This is what working from home looks like.. It’s messy desks and one handed typing. It’s mom buns and sweat pants all day. It’s nursing my baby girl when my milk drops. I can’t begin to describe my gratitude for having the opportunity to be at home with my babies and help my family financially as well. This is exactly what I need in this season of my life. ♥️ Ain’t no shame in my side hustle. 🙌🏼 • • • • • #workfromhomemom #wfhm #stayathomemomlife #sahmlife #entrepreneur #mompreneur #breastfeeding #girlmom #mombunlife #gratitude
I finally caved and bought the #lolaheadwrap and Im so glad I did 💞 Pattern: @bee_humble_crochet These will be up in the shop later today and I will be adding more colors. I love these since you can wear them with your hair up as well. #messyhair #messyhairdontcare #mombun #mombunlife #etsyfinds #etsyhandmade #etsyseller #californiamade #crochetheadband #crochetearwarmer #ilovethisyarn #momlife #supportsmallbusiness #mompreneur #madeincalifornia #sacramentosmallbusiness #handmadegifts
You can't always have a good day. But you can always face a bad day with a good attitude. • Smile ~ It's the most beautiful thing you can wear. • · · #goodvibes #loveyourself #nevergiveup #happiness #inspire #selflove #empoweryourself #motivation #inspiration #empoweringwomen #positivevibes #staypositive #smile #empowerment #love #positivity #staystrong #happy #mombunhair #mombunlife #bossmom #naturalhair #redhead #beyou #doyouboo
I have a problem putting on clothes that were too small or tight fitting in the past. This shirt has gone from totally not fitting and now it fits just like I like it. And these pants... so 9 years ago when I got pregnant, they got too tight (obvi). They’ve fit off and on since then but I’m still scared to put them on. So I was really tickled this morning when I overcame my fears and put on the shirt and it fit. And then I put on the pants and they’re actually getting baggy!! 🎉🙌 That’s a good start to Friday funday, huh!?
Being able to work from anywhere has proven to be an absolute life saver🙌 : : With all the drama with our family the last couple weeks and not being home or able to go to work for either the husband or myself (the littlest being in the hospital for a few days unexpectedly) this work from anywhere gig has really come in handy. : : The convenience is obviously amazing but especially in circumstances you can’t control, having a back up plan is everything💕 : : So even while we were displaced, even while we were stressed to the max, I was able to work in the little pockets of time the littlest was sleeping. : : Forever grateful for this opportunity and all the amazingly supportive people I’ve met along the way.
Been beating myself up all day over sleeping in and missing my workout... But then I remembered- I took nighttime cold meds last night because I’m freakin’ sick! At 5 am I was still on planet NyQuil. I’m not like can’t get out of bed sick... but more like go to sleep early and just make it through the day sick... and part of being a healthier person is taking care of myself when I need it... and today I need to give myself a break.. So soup and a cozy blanket for me on this snowy night It’s about #progressnotperfection . Tomorrow is another day. So if you were looking forward to my sweaty selfies (I know you were)- sorry to disappoint. You’ll have to settle for soup 😊
I love me a braided updo for the holiday season...it’s quick and easy and looks like I tried harder than I did. This took me maybe 2-3 mins?? But it needs staying power 👊🏼 . I love how our hairspray is non-toxic AND doesn’t make your hair feel like you stepped off the set of an ‘80s rock band video 🤪 . Can you say the same for your hairspray? DM me if you want to know more about switching over to the vegan, plant-based hair line. I LOVE to share about what I use EVERY DAY to whip my crazy thick + coarse hair into shape 🖤🖤
Thirsty Thursdays used to mean going to the city on Monroe Ave and drinking our way from one bar to the next...we would usually eat at every place as well 🍕🌯🍗🍟🍻🍺🍕🍕. So you can imagine how we felt the next day 🤢🤮. Now, thirsty Thursday means fueling my body with the proper nutrition it needs for me to conquer my day! And it starts with my superfoods shake! 🥤 Since I began drinking my shakes, I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy & my cravings for snacks late at night! 🙌🏻 Win win! 🙌🏻. Wanna give it a try? Send me a message or comment below and I’ll give ya all the details about my superfoods and my Fit Clubs!
Welcome to mom life.... . . Mom life is going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 12am, with a two year old who is having nightmares and insists on sleeping in your bed....the problem is that once you put them in your bed they proceed to spend the night impersonating a drunk tap dancing octopus 🐙.... . . You can’t help but silently curse your offspring in these times, even when they are few and far between. 🤦🏻‍♀️Don’t get me wrong, I love the extra cuddles during these times, but forget how much I love them when every 60 seconds she kicks her leg 🦵🏼or rolls over only to roll back a minute later...Major props to the hubby who took her into the spare bedroom at some point so we could all try to get some rest! (He’s the MVP💁🏻‍♀️) . . It would have been so easy (and I definitely debated) shutting off my 5:30am workout alarm 🚨 ....but I DIDN’T. I knew either way I was going to be tired, but there’s a definitely a perceptible decrease in the sluggishness and increase in focus that comes with getting your heart rate up. ⬆️❤️ . . So the alarm when off quietly and even though I cursed everything under the sun, I got up and pressed play. ▶️ I’m super glad I did because doing so (along with drinking a glass of my “mommy magic” 🥤juice), got me ready to take on the day (even was able to tame the mane & slap some makeup on 💄)! So to all you mamas out there, go out there and make today your b****! 🙌🏼 . . #setthetone #toddlermomlife #hotmessmama #whatissleepanyway #supermommy #healthymamas #sheisadrunkoctapus #jugglinglife #takecareofyourselffirst #mindsetshifts #maketodayyourbitch #littlenightmares #tattooedmama #mombunlife #gotthatworkoutin #gotitdone #istillloveher #ilovebeingamama #callmemommy #fitwifelife #wifeandmom #hubbyhelped #healyourmind #motivatedmama #staythecourse #keeppressingon
Ok ladies - need your help! How many days do you dry shampoo your hair? I have naturally curly hair and day 2 of dry shampoo leaves me with a wild mane 🦁 . What's your secret? I just discovered 'dry shampooing' since returning to the States so this newbie 🙋 has alot to learn. I'm super thankful on days like today after a sweat sesh I can take a quick shower, do a quick dry shampoo and head out the door. But somedays.... well most days turn into #mombun day or #hatday What's a Mama gotta do to actually look like I've tackled my hair? . Share your tips below! ⤵ . . #wildhairdontcare #wellmaybeido #tamethismane #helpamamaout
While I FULLY enjoy working from home, looking like a bum and wearing my favorite shirt ❤️ it’s about more than that ... . It’s about getting over my fears, strengthening my faith, and having the freedom to live my life on MY terms..like picking Zion up early from school, not having to call in sick and miss two days of work, and being able to go back to school to finish my degree . . 2018 has been a breakthrough year for me from the moment I said YES to this business! I now want to take everything I’ve learned and teach other women , especially single moms how to use social media to make some extra money. If you could use some extra money for the holidays 🎄message me or click the link in my bio for more info 📨
Decided to try another @shaunt workout with our new challenge group about to start to prep for Shaun’s newest program! Interested in getting ahead of your New Years Goals? When you join me you get: 🌮 a nutrition plan (and yes, you can have tacos!) 💪🏻 access to, not only Shaun’s programs, but hundreds of workouts by all of our top trainers for an entire year 🥗 a delicious superfoods shake equivalent to eating 7 salads, but tastes like a milkshake 👯‍♀️ a supportive community of women offering advice and accountability 🙌🏻 and so much more! Drop an emoji below if you’re ready to join us or if you would like more info ❤️
This is fancy for this Mama 😂😂🙈 . . . #AsGoodAsItGets #MomLife #SahmLife #TwoBunsAreFancierThanOne #MomBunLife
“It’s not hard. Don’t you dare tell us that it’s hard. Beating cancer is hard. Losing a parent is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Drinking your coffee black is. not. hard. You’ve done harder things than this.” -Melissa Hartwig Perfect quote for day 16/30 of cleaning up my nutrition. 💕 You CAN. 🙌🏼
Me after getting my hair done vs Me giving up trying to repeat what my hairstylist did 🤷🏼‍♀️ #insearchofaliveinhairstylist #mombunlife #messyhairdontcare #itried #thestruggle #newdo #hairstyle #themombunwon #ifoughtthebunandthebunwon
Wake up at 4:30am & it is Cardio day which I finish in a ton of sparkle 💦 🤣 #insanitymax30 never disappoints! Great morning workout to get me going! My daily routine every morning, keeps me energized to help my kids get out the door for school and well as getting myself out the door for work! It took some time to get use to this routine but having over 50 lbs gone and feeling the greatest every morning, I would not change it for the world! #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #momlife #accoutability #morningmotivation #morningworkout #momoftwo #wife #floridagal #mombunlife #workingmom #mealplanning #disneymom
You know how when you see results from a workout program online you're like, "Yeah, well they probably workout 10 hours a day and don't eat.."?? But now I get to see results consistently from real people that I know and they're not working out 10 hours a day - they're working out 30 minutes a day. They ARE eating, they post their delicious food on social media! This is my fellow coach, @brinhwrd . This is after two rounds of a 21 day workout program and following our nutrition plan. Look at the difference after just 6 weeks! Dang!! I just can't get over it!
I needed this today!
Mama got some girl time🙌🏻 put some make-up on and did my hair! Woot woot! Feels soooooo good🤗Being empowered by these amazing women tonight💕 just being able to get out and have some time makes me feel like a new mama😁💖 #mombunlife #empoweringwomen #anythingispossible #momboss
“A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH” . . These ladies had a GOAL to get HEALTHY! It was MORE than just a BODY THEY WISHED FOR.... because they had a PLAN! . . What’s your plan? Need help making one? You know where to find me 😉
With homework done 📚 My toddler tells me “mom pose, I want to draw you” so me I pose for the longest minute ever!! Here is her Master Piece 🎨 #momlife #mombunlife #bun #drawings #artist #toddlersofinstagram #toddler #camilanicolecuriel 🐛 #momsofinstagram
Today’s lewk is sponsored by #mombunmafia #mombunlife #bitsystonekingshop #lewk #momlewk
We had a lot of fun outside yesterday cleaning the yard and collecting pine cones. Bring it on winter, we got you! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
Day 1 on the right. After 6 weeks on the left. My girl, Brianna has lost 20 pounds using one of our incredible workout programs and following our nutrition plan. I’m so excited for her!! 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉💝💝💝
Confession: my a$$ willingly hit snooze on my workout alarm this morning- my body was telling me, nope not happening. So I slept in and it was definitely needed. BUT then I had this damn workout lingering over my head all day. I was DREADING the fact that I had to come home and push play... but guess what- I did it! I’m not always MOTIVATED to get out of bed. I do not LOVE to wake up at 5:15 AM and I also do not LOVE to work out everyday. But I do love the way I feel these days (except after leg day- I don’t love that). I do love that I know I can do hard things! I do love the compliments I’ve been getting (it’s not always about that- but it’s sure nice to hear 😊) And I LOVE that my little one sees the work I put in and now wants to do “exercising” with me. So if you want to fall back in love with yourself (yes, that’s a thing) then send me a message and let’s get started. Why wait until the new year when you can start NOW!? Our FOCUS ON THE END of year group starting 11/19! Message me to reserve your spot!!! #superfoods #nutrition #exercise #fitness #health #fitmom #mom #momlife #workingmom #workingmomlife #momswholift #mombunlife #mombun #momswhoworkout #school #teacher #targetteachers #backtoschoolwithheart #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #workingmama #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #strongwomen #momsofinstagram
Community choir getting to sit by my sweet friend!! 💝 For the past I don’t know.. maybe 12 years?? I’ve enjoyed singing in this choir! (Minus the past two years, because tiny babies and living in Hartwell...) We sing with the Toccoa Symphony for the Christmas concert at Georgia Baptist Convention Center. And it’s sooooo fun!! 🎄🎶
I am stubborn about proving that it is possible to "do it all." To have a successful career and incorporate your baby into the workplace. Today, I took an un-used meeting room and turned it into a play place. With toys and snacks all over, and my laptop on a lounge chair, Zoey and I had a fantastic day! **I am giving myself bonus points because she even napped while we were at work . . . #workingmom #workingmama #mypalviolet #workingmomlife #Mombunlife #momwin #businesswoman #womeninbusiness #BossMom #onthegrind #workinglikeamother #motherhustler #honestmotherhood #realmoms #stubbornmom #momwin #everydaymotherhood #capturingmotherhood #momarmy #momcommunity #babyatwork #babyintheoffice #supermom #ottawamom #momneedscoffee #momneedswine #celebrateeveryday #littlewins #sleepingbaby
A long time ago, a fellow stay at home mom friend asked me when I’d start working again. I was like, “Um.. never!!” 😆 And now here I am running a business of my own. Do I work? Yep. But does it feel like work? Nope. Because nutrition is my passion and fitness is a close second and cheering people on along their health journey is what I DO. These things have been true of me for the past 17 years. Now I get paid to do them! How cool is that!?
Note to self....heck note to all mom's....dress better than normal on Thanksgiving morning so you don't look homeless in family pics....#whosthathomelesslady #ohthatsmom #momattire #sahmlife #batmanpajamapants #fleeceonfleek #broughttoyoubywalmart #peopleofwalmart #thanksgiving2017 #momfail #mombunlife #scrunchymama #momlife #moms #kids #family #thanksgiving
Showing Eli what achieving your dreams looks like...hard work and consistency💖 I got up early to work on my business this morning and because I can work from home...I didn’t have to ask my boss if I could bring my kid to work💕 #dreambiglittleone #momboss #godanswersprayers #mombunlife #earlymornings #lifeistooshort #fearless
Can I get an amen? Anyone? Adalyn has not been feeling so hot which has only made her one way street attitude more difficult. And Cayden. Well. Can someone tell me what to do with a 10 year old boys incompetency to recognize I am not his personal maid?! . Mom life is hard. Some days more than others. But I wouldn’t trade them for the world. . #momlife #sahm #realtalk #thestruggleisreal #tolldermom #momofagirl #momofaboy #fitmom #momswholift #idoitforthesnuggles #hotmessmomma #mombunlife #messbunlife #topknot
Monday mornings come WAY to quick! . Starting week 7 of 8 and these last 2 weeks are shred weeks!! Super trainer Joel switched around the muscle groups and today was chest and back circuit. 4 exercises, 3 rounds, short break and on to the next series!! Made the 39 minutes fly by as we ended with a burnout round and of course abs - everyone needs a strong core! . This program is gonna take me right up to Thanksgiving. And then this mama is hitting maintenance mode for the holidays. Giving myself that wiggle room to enjoy some of my favorites during the holidays. . Sure I will still get my workouts in (going back to my favorite trainer and trying her newly released program) and stick to a balanced eating plan that allows for that flexibility!! . Are you looking for some support and accountability from other women who will have your back through the crazy holiday season?! My virtual lifestyle squad and I would LOVE to have you join us!!
PEACE OUT CLOTHES!!! Anyone else have clothes lingering in their closet because you are waiting for them to fit again!? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Well today my husband and I did some major cleaning and organizing! So I forced myself to try on things that I haven’t worn in a long time... waiting for them to fit again! When I tell you I have jeans from college, I am not lying! Well guess what! That ish FITS! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 BUT...now that they fit, I can let them go! Because let’s face it, I was in college 10 years ago... ((Go UD 💙💛)) So thankful I finally said YES to my coach 10 months ago ((after message and message and message- and me saying no- not now- no time-no money)) I invested in myself 😊 now it’s time to invest in some new clothes 👗👖
Is anybody else obsessed with onesies in the winter?!?!? I’m always cold 😭
⭐️I’m BACK⭐️ I’m so happy to announce that I am back with Beachbody!!!! And I couldn’t be happier😁 I may have stopped coaching for a while but I could never sever the ties, The relationships and energy of this community of people has had such an impact on my life! And the possibilities it holds for the future of my family is tremendous💕 that’s with truly excites me! I can no longer just be a stay at home mom I need to do something to help my family NOW. My hubby works so hard, and it’s my goal to make it so that he doesn’t have to🔥 And I feel ready to start sharing it and I feel like I know how now. I’ve been watching my coach Melissa for the past year grow, and everything she shared made me wanna be a part of it even more💫 but I wasn’t about to just jump back in… I give it a lot of thought and prayer... I can’t deny it any longer I know were my heart truly lies🔥 it’s with Team Beachbody! I feel truly blessed to be back and ready to hit the ground running🤗 #yourstrongerthenyouthink #momboss #mombunlife #anythingispossible #lifeistooshort #godanswersprayers
Oh you know. Just sitting here being a unicorn and thinking about the upcoming week. Totally excited to challenge myself with some new workouts - and I might die. So thankful I have a simple nutrition program that lets me sit on the couch this afternoon and not spend it food prepping. I hope you all have a really restful afternoon and a GREAT WEEK!!
Feeling a little weak after my cleanse... for this workout I went down in weight and struggled through the pushups (couldn't even finish 10 on my feet 🙄). So, I think I'll make today a #refeed day and hope to start off next week strong. We'll be starting #Phase2 of #80dayobsession and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous at the intensity of the upcoming workouts. • Anyone out there doing phase 2 or completed #80DO that can give some insight on what to expect?? 😬 • · · #workonyouforyou #abs #mindset #workoutathome #bodybuilding #discipline #dailymotivation #fitmom #exercise #fitfam #afterbabiesbody #investinyourself #mombunconfessions #messybun #mombun #fitness #mombunlife #bebetter #goals #momlife #toddlermomoftwo #fitnessmotivation #bebetterthanyesterday #workonyourself #toddlermom #thirties
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