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Is this something you think works? Have you tried it? I just went to my first hypnobirthing class last weekend and to say the least I'm willing to try whatever it takes. The session was focused on keeping calm techniques, entering a state of deep relaxation, use of visualisations. The way I look at it there aren't any disadvantages of trying it. I've got some books and a few audio clips- only time will tell if this works but I'll keep you updated 😊
Just a normal winter day in the farm. You know, standing in a mud puddle, holding a turnip. 🤣 #bigboybay #gradystuart
Oh hey Mamas 😍✨🎄🥂 . . . @themamasocial Christmas Party @theoptimistbarkitchen Photo 📸 @the.content.creators Sponsored by @breastfeedingswansea #themamasocial
My home in the snow is my favorite thing. It’s cute, small & cozy. 😌 I’m at home all week so keeping the house cleaned & taken care of is the most important thing to me & it’s crazy because I can’t keep up with that with a toddler at home. What am I even thinking? My desk has become the “dump all” so I find myself getting super stressed cleaning that off multiple times a week & not having really any carpet in the house - I’m doing a lot of sweeping. I rather vacuum all day - I’m trying to remind myself that it’s okay to take a breather & sit down. It’s okay for the house to be a disaster sometimes. I’m never going to have it all cleaned at one time with two kids. I have to suck it up - I kind of went on a tangent 😅 but yeah, I need another snow day so I can admire my home some more without feeling like a cleaning psychopath.
❤️Tic Tac Cybelle😘 is Day 7 of STYLE for you. Shop her at 30% off when you enter Cybelle30 at check out.
“When are you going to get your body back??” . I think every momma has been asked this question...right???? . The answer, for me, is...I’ll never get my body back!👊👊👊 . Actually, I LOVE ❤️ my body 10 times more than I did before...WHY??? . I mean... 👉I have a half innie/outie (honestly, I don’t know what it wants to be😂😂) 👉I have so much extra skin it’s crazy!!! 👉I have a scar from two c-sections plus interns scaring as well... . So NO, I’m never going to get my pre-baby body back!! . But that’s OK!! . Because we’re NOT trying to get our bodies back, we’re trying to be the BEST versions of ourselves we can be and that means, LOVING every bit of change that our bodies went through and making them 👏BETTER👏. . We are AMAZING!!! Our bodies our AMAZING!! Our children are AMAZING! . Let’s STOP telling ourselves that “we’ll never get our bodies back” and start looking FORWARD to the ✨BEST✨ version of YOU!!! . Regardless of where you are, what your schedule is like...YOU CAN DO IT!!! . Join me beautiful and let’s live our best lives together!😘😘😘 click the link in my bio 👆 to get started.👊
UMMM... literally want to cry! Swipe across to see the difference 2 whole months make 😭😭😭 .. this babygrow was huge on him 2 months ago and now he fits into it! You really don’t realise how fast they grow until you do comparison photos!
A sneak peak of our holiday/family photos this year. They came out great! 🥰 . . . . . . #raisingharvey #raisingboys #boymom #motherhood #momentsinmotherhood #toddlermom #houstonmom #houston #momblogger #momblog
The 4 month regression can be a doozy! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ At 4 months, babies are developing SO much and their brains are beginning to transition into sleeping more like an adult (with more time spent in the light REM cycles). It takes some time for babies to adjust to these new skills, which leads to more frequent waking for 2-6 weeks.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But now is not the time to just “survive” by any means necessary. This is because whatever you do now - to help them adjust to the new sleeping patterns - will likely become something your baby learns to depend on.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Instead, use these tips to help you and your baby through this tricky time:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *Around 3 months, begin to fade your baby’s sleep props and put them down for sleep while they are more and more awake. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *Stick to your routine. The regression may upset the typical schedule a bit, but make sure you remain consistent with your daily and bedtime routine. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *Give your baby space. Babies who are left for (even very short) periods of time after waking have been shown to be much more likely to sleep through the night by 12 months. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ *Don’t try to be a superhero! This is an exhausting time. Make sure it’s all hands on deck in your house so that you and your partner can split the night wakings. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . #momitforward #4monthregression #babyregression #babysleep #momcommunity #motherhoodrising #momentsinmotherhood #lifeasmama #igmotherhood #motherhoodinspired #babysleeptips #messy_motherhood #sleepcoach #acupofmotherhood #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #uniteinmotherhood #unitedinmotherhood #honestmotherhood #honestlymothering #myhonestmotherhood #momhub #socialmediamom #momsofig #babytips #babysleephelp #motherhoodunplugged #babysleeptrainer #infantsleep #mommysoscoaching
She held my hand as we walked yesterday❤ This girl is too sweet!
There has been such a shift in my parenting now as a single mother. (#ad ) SWIPE>>> Lots of things have changed for me and the way I have to do things, but one thing that has remained is my focus on the products I use with my children. This is why I have loved using the washes and lotions from @johnsonsbabyca. First off, they think like a parent, creating products that are formulated to be gentle on all my babes. Second, they only use purposeful ingredients. Bath time in our home is something that my littles look forward to. It’s usually a source of splashes, laughter, rubber ducky challenges and more. It’s also a time for us to bond and wind down together at the end of the day, although neither of my little ones used to be fans of having their hair washed. Then, one day, I started to climb in with them, plus I gave them each their own JOHNSON’S washes. Now, every time I call for bath, Soul grabs her fav purple bottle and Mali grabs his fav baby wash. I climb in and the fun begins! #choosegentle #JohnsonsCareCouncil #JohnsonsBabyCA
Prezenty są? Kto jeszcze jest w głębokiej D? W czwartek szykuję akcję na centrum handlowe, obym to przeżyła 🖤🐨 _________________________ Niech moc będzie z Wami. Idę lepić pierogi. _____________________________________________#mlodamama #themommydiary #polskamama #instamother #mamabyc #macierzyństwo #instamamy #igmotherhood #momentsinmotherhood #mommydiary #polishmum #matkapolka #jestemmama #mamabloger #thatmoment #idaswieta #corazblizejswieta #grudzien #prezentynaswieta #instamatki #instamamusie #instamama #prezentyświąteczne #simpleisbeautiful #simpleisbest #homesweethome
'Watch with glittering eyes the world around you' ... because its never too early to start • exploring the world • learning beyond the classroom • collecting moments • embracing new adventures • helping daddy with his backpack. So there are 101 reasons why having kids shouldn't stop you from traveling. It's beyond exhausting but I'd do it over and over again. . . . . . #lpkids #Familiestraveling #awesometravelkids #adventureswithchildren #Kidswhoexplore #Parentswhowander #Watch_us_wander #Globewanderingfamily #Gofurther #loveyourtimetogether #familytraveler #exploringfamilies #runwildmychild #Travelbrood #disnerd #Disneygram #DisneyLand #instamom #wanderlust #myhonestmotherhood #motherhoodthroughig #wildandfreechildren #mumsofinstagram #motherhoodlens #momentsinmotherhood #wildandbravelittles #inspiremothers #instamommy #momswithcameras #tokyo
These two little humans are my why. They give me purpose. They bring so much joy into my world and I am forever grateful they choose me a their mama. Because of them I choose to be more present, to slow down, to enjoy the wonder and delight of the world. They are the most important work I will do. It makes me so proud to see the amazing, thoughtful and wild humans they are becoming.
You read that right! Meet #JoieBaby Every Stage FX, the ultimate transporter, and say hello to easy install options with ISOFIX.
Ok, one more post about her first birthday. I still cannot believe she's one. . ...and I'm pretty proud of the birthday chalkboard I did ❤. . . . . . #birthdaychalkboard #1stbirthdaychalkboard #firstbirthdaychalkboard #chalkboardbirthdaysign #birthdaysign
Absolutely innocent. Swearsies. Snapped: @danielpohlphotography Edited by me. Makeup & Hair: @nails_247
Is it just me or did the time from October to now just fly by? I blinked and it’s Christmas next week. • And, is it just me, or do you still feel like you have one thousand things to get done? • And is it just me or is this the cutest little munchkin—totally biased. • This year we are doing something a little different for our Christmas Eve celebration—keep an eye out ;) • What does your family do for the holidays? • #motherhood #honestmotherhood #momtogs #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momlife
Who’s a cheeky boy?! 🐒👆🏼
Mid conversation with Archie ✨
Different King. Just as happy! See here for Ioan last year #curleysatchristmas
A little number table for my number-obsessed 4 year old! 🌟 Lilly is suddenly very interested in all things number! She’s starting to recognise numerals and has been trying to draw them as well....so when our wooden 10-frames from @worksatplay arrived, I knew it was time to set up a little investigation table 😍 🌟 It has been SO amazing watching her make connections between the numerals and collections of buttons on the @worksatplay 10-frames and matching those collections to the number posters I made! 🌟 Swipe across to see more pictures of our space and our resources up close!
One week until Christmas and I still haven’t put the Christmas tree up... Well technically it’s up but only half of it because I bailed 😂🙊 #wherestheinstructions . Look at my mini though! The sweetest little toes that I ever did see ❤️ Better view than my half assed Christmas tree, that’s for sure!🎄😬
“When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance”. Yup! True that! Every single like, a new follower, an appreciating comment, a recommendation and every single order gets me on my toes dancing. It makes me word harder. It makes me believe in my dream. It makes me stay focused and motivated. I would like to THANK each one of you for supporting me with an open heart and hand. Words can’t express my gratitude 🙏🏻♥️♥️♥️
Never have the words "Oh my god, us too!" been more relieving to hear. This little guy has been a serious challenge lately. Surely the terrible two's aren't here yet?! He's not even 2! Thankfully we have mumma friends that get us out the house and down the park where screaming children are all part and parcel. Thank God for those friends that are like family and keep us sane! 😝🤪 . . . #park #play #explore #adventure #mumsofinstagram #mumlife #motherhoodlens #momcommunity #momentsinmotherhood #watchthemgrow #momlifeisthebestlife #justmomlife #featuremama #memoirsofmotherhood #clubmomme #slowmotherhood #lovingtheordinarymoments #magicofmotherhood #inspiremothers #acupofmotherhood #letthembelittle #littlefierceones #acupofmotherhood #aussiemums #aussiesofinstagram #perthparents #perthmums
I dont mind rainy days when im stuck at home with this sweet babeee #confinementdays
I spent my twenties and early thirties thinking Christmas was a bit of a palaver. . Then I had a baby and thought it was a whole lot of effort for a tiny person who couldn’t really care less about anything (except keep that chubby creep in red away from me”) . And now I’ve got an almost four year old I’m like “SHOW ME ALL THE MAGIC”. 🌲🐞🚀⛄🍾🎆🎈🤶🎺🎅😍❣️🎄⭐🙋‍♀️ Anyone else getting swept up in the magic?
This quote couldn't be more accurate. As many of use may have noticed I have been keeping a distance from social media to have quality family time and it feels great. Living in the moment and taking everything in. It's amazing what taking a step back and just breathing can do for the soul.
Luckiest mama✨🌙 even if it does take me almost two full days to clean the house or I don’t shower till nighttime 🙈
Come down half-asleep, make three different breakfasts, cups of tea you don’t drink, accept all the crafts are coming out before 7am, argue about hair and shoes and if a uniform is clean or dirty, let the toddler wear whatever she wants, up the stairs to put the baby down for a nap, spend 20 minutes doing this, trip back up ten minutes later when she wakes up, get out every single toy and book, paint, bake, eat some bread based product for lunch, go a bit mad, do the school run, dinner and work when they’re down. Veer between intense irritation and love quite frequently. How all the days blur into one and suddenly you realise five years have passed 😅
My complete heart! 100%! She does this every day she waits for her daddy to get home from a long day at work and goes crazy! 👨‍👧 daddy daughter love right there! My @subaru_usa Lovers! @mali_renata . . .
Mirror mirror on the wall whose the naughtiest of them all 🙈🔮🎄
Choose from our wide variety of mild baby cleanser, enriched with organic olive extract and milk proten. #sanosanPH #NaturallyWithLove
Counting down the days before Christmas! What's your kid's #HolidayOOTD ? We'd love to see them below!
When you feel like you need to slow down and take a breather... ☕️🧖🏾‍♀️ #staycationmode #baestaycation 📸: @paledi_ ♥️
Almost one month, and starting to feel like we are finally getting into a routine over here with a baby and a toddler at home. Things are finally settling down and we are getting into a bit of rhythm (at least for now until the next 2 months, before i head back to work). . Im stil on night duty, as Kai sleeps with me throughout the night, waking up every 2-3h to direct feed and change of diaper, while Keane sleeps in his room. Minus the lack of sleep, I’m totally loving this rhythm being a full time mom, the all day snuggles with Kai and the quality time & diy projects i get to do with Keane. Moments i never want to forget. #mamaofboys #momentstoremember
We are loving the @my_creative_box Christmas edition 🎅🏻🎄🦌 how cute is my little reindeer ❤️🙌🏼
With all the preparations for the festivities in full swing it can be incredibly tempting to get all caught up in the consumerism of the festive period; losing sight of the opportunities instead to seek connection. Children are bombarded from every angle to desire more and more things and the reality is they rarely need or even want the long list of toys, gadgets, they write on their very long Christmas list! Read our latest post by our expert contributor @drmaryhan on keeping children grounded during the Christmas consumerism. Link in bio #kensingtonmums
So here's what my #TopNine looks like like. 📷 A mix of my favourite things - at home documentary newborn and family shoots, vacation photoshoots in London with families from all over the world, my favourite dude (who I don't photograph nearly enough... time to fix that with a personal project), my favourites street photo of the year, and to mix it all up an old photo of me and the wonderful achievement of this year. Phew, what a year has it been! 😍 I've mentioned already that I'm only taking 40 family shoots in 2019, in fact there are only about 30 spots left thanks to some very proactive families (thank you!!). 👶 I'll of course personally remind all my lovely clients to book once we caught a breather after the holidays (do feel free to ping me a message now if you know you want a shoot in 2019, and we'll sort it out), but if you've been thinking of getting a family shoot in the diary and we haven't worked together before, do get in touch sooner rather than later!
At least someone's excited about laundry day.... #momlife #everydayislaundryday
This is a true depiction of our life. The only time I feel like I have a minute to think and breathe is when we’re in the car 😂 this time of year is so busy, but so magical. I know you can’t see Roman, but he is of course, dancing back there. #momitforward #mytinymoments #mynameismama #stopdropandmom #heaventhrumylens #ourcandidlife #mumsofinstagram #motherhoodlens #momcommunity #motherhoodrising #momentsinmotherhood #lifeasmama #igmotherhood #motherhoodinspired #storytellingmama #featuremama #messy_motherhood #memoirsofmotherhood #mumswhostyle #ohmamamoment #ohheymama #mommystatus #momdotme #mommylifestyle
Most amazing memories made today! Hello Ted, and thank you uncle @bcastro33 for making it happen! 🐪
🖤🎄🖤 . . . . . Olive Destroyed Jeans from @wildchildtotshop . . . . #christmasisalmosthere #mybestfriend
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