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20th Wk, Round 2: Eternal exhaustion: ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅... Dragon’s esophagus: ✅ ✅ ✅ Back pain: ✅ ✅ Head-butting bladder: ✅ JiffyPop Belly: ✅ ✅ 3rd Party intolerance: ✅ All the feels: -✅ Hound nose: ✅ ✅ ✅ #Momfession
PSA: Pregnant women don’t “wobble”, we’re just walking in 1st Position... #Momfession #balletmom
@feedinglittles has been so inspiring! Feeding yogurt to Everest this way—goo spoon, in a suction cup bowl, with a big mess—got him to eat an entire adult serving of yogurt and blueberry pancakes. This morning felt like such a win seeing him dip the spoon in the bowl then back in his mouth. Of course when he figured out his hands were faster, he opted for that. 🤤 again, just happy he kept feeding himself without my intervention! #momfession #adventurouseverest #cuteforeverest
Ugh Anyone?! #momlife Shop our new arrivals 🛍
Race car track: ✅. Race cars: ✅ #JusticeLeague themed pj pants: ✅ I’m getting the hang of being a #boysmommy 🧐. #Momfession
Mom Confession: I eat the center waffle bite EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. that I make them for my kids. I have for 16 years. It's like a tax. The bestest, most delicious piece belongs to me. Because I made em. I usually take the first drink of their beverages too. And eat a French fry as I pass them back in the Mini Van. I tell them I am checking for poison. Zach is the only one who believed me on that one. What is your secret parental thing you do that your kids cannot stand, or in this case, do not know about. #momfession #wafflesaremyfavorite #butonlythispiece #islavedoverthisbreakfast
#momfession I only have 2 kids and both their babybooks suck
I hate when people ask “What do you want to do?"; mainly because I am have no idea. • A vision is POWERFUL. You are more proactive and intentional in your life, relationships, career, business, etc when you have a plan. You have clarity and purpose. Can you relate? • #3 G to the Greatest Year Ever: Game Plan • It is so crucial to identify what you want out of life. It breaks the cycle of always being reactive and defensive. It finally puts you in the driver seat and calling out the plays. • I am definitely carving out sometime this weekend to put my vision board together. Will you?
It seems like yesterday was national daughter day...🤷🏽‍♀️ which is everyday for me anyway. . When mom tells you she’s leaving you with the guy with no milk in his breasts and who doesn’t know the words to any sing-along songs. 😂 . . . #nationaldaughterday #onlychild #firsttimemom #firstgirl #momlife #momfession #melodyfromheaven #mysweetestmelody #latetotheparty
It’s a “catch up on the laundry you haven’t done the past 3 weeks” kinda day😂 Anyone else do that😅 Like 14 loads in one day? #momfession
And just like that... I found the pullover that I will probably pull out of the dirty hamper over and over because I love it that much😂😂🙌🏽 #momfession
[Ignores lack of “fall weather”, and brings out knitting tools, 🍁wreaths, and all things pumpkin spice]. 🍂🧡🥧 #Momfession #falldecor #harvestseason
Those of us raising boys have the *monumental* responsibility of making sure our sons grow up to be decent members of society- the kind who *know* deep in their hearts that women are to be treated with respect at all times, and that rape/assault is absolutely unacceptable in *any* scenario. #Momfession #EndRapeCulture #RespectWomen
This was a few days ago, but I’m up nursing at 3 am - it’s usually around 4-5am so I was surprised when he woke up! Hope this isn’t a new thing! These two melt my heart!! #dadandson #fussybaby #boymomhood #mommyhood #momfession #newmomlife #boymom #boymomlife #igmoms #igmotherhood #breastfeeding #motherhoodunplugged #motherhood #newmom #ineedcoffee #sickmama #happybaby
Started a little reading to incorporate into a bedtime routine. He loved the giant black numbers in contrast to light colors. It’s so amazing watching him grow and develop. #newmomlife #punkybaby #mommingishard #mommyhood #momfession #reading #janefoster #bedtimeroutine #igmotherhood #igmoms #igbaby #boymom #boymomlife #thismomistired #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram
“There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.” - John Lennon. . I want to give Jonah the world. Today, I let a well-meaning person make me feel as though I am falling short of that goal. We have not enrolled Jonah in a traditional preschool. He turned three in June and we have decided to try @abcmouse and work with him on the basics. His vocabulary is outstanding, he knows all his colors, he can count to 20 and can sing his ABC’s. Why then do I let the disapproval of a stranger make me question his learning path and my success as a parent? Maybe it’s because I am so scared of failing him or possibly creating a disadvantage that he unfairly has to battle because of my choice? I feel in my heart we are doing what’s best and would love to hear uplifting success stories from families that chose a similar “non traditional” path. . For now my little rockstar- keep strumming to your own tune- just like Mommy and Daddy. ❤️💕 . . . #adventuresofjonahandjude #parentingconfessions #virtualschool #virtualschoollife #worldschool #worldschooling #homeschool #homeschooling #parenting #parentingquestions #thebeatles #beatles #johnlennon #lookingforinspiration #parentinggoals #travelfamily #travelfam #preschool #abcmouse #guitar #toddlerguitar #toddlermusician #toddlerlife #threenager #parentingchallenges #globalcitizen #momblog #momguiltisreal #momguilt #momfession
Mean parent: One who vetoes a Toddlertator’s *demands* to wear his pilot/astroastronaut suit to school... 🤷🏻‍♀️👨🏻‍🚀🚀 #Momfession
Me: Declan, you need to clean your room. It’s so messy, bud. Declan: Yea, I know. You need to clean yours too. Me: ☠️😬😂 #momfession : My room really is messier than his😅
The inexplicable joy of feeling somewhat of a tickle which happens to be your baby doing pre-natal Zumba... #momfession #babykicks 👶🏻👣
Proud to be a mom, part of this club and to wear this wonderful shirt! Also, this beautiful keychain! I got one for my mom as well ✨. Thank you @bee_and_mae ! Momming is hard work, but I’m happy to be part of the club! #mommingishardwork #momfession #themotherhoodclub #beeandmae #mothersaremagic #momlife #boymom #newmom #mamaclub
“It’s hard, but it’s worth it.” . I heard this statement a lot while I was pregnant. And I could imagine what these good natured fear mongers meant. But I didn’t understand until this week. . Elsie stopped sleeping. I don’t mean completely. But she definitely took my best laid plans for a schedule and spit up all over them. . And so I cried. A lot. For my sense of failure. For the stress of being “unproductive.” And for the fear of my mental health. But then we woke up this morning, and like her I was reset. . Being a mom is teaching me to relinquish control and always remember tomorrow is a new day. . #elsiefehr #momfession #cutie #babygirl #loveher #brandnewday
Bump Stage: The Optimus Prime Belly. AM: “well, I’m *actually* 4mo. pregnant! [sticks out 🤰🏻]” PM: “No, I’m actually *only* 4mo pregnant... [🤷🏻‍♀️]” #Momfession
💕💕💕Girl on a mission!💕💕💕 I don't remember being this confident at six! My sweet and sassy daughter is a force to be reckoned with ... ... she's stubborn, speaks her mind, forges her own path, dances like nobody's watching, thinks of others first, she's affectionate and endearing. She loves little kids! She's a little mama herself! This little girl may push my buttons and piss me off every single day, but I wouldn't trade her for the world! 😘💓 . #momfession #mom #mommydaughter #bestdaughter #momlove #wisdomwednesday #wednesdayfeels #mushymommy #lovemygirl #confidentgirl #stubborndaughter #braggingmom #proudmom
He’s my last. No one tells you how some days that can be hard. How it’s actually really hard to talk about, because it makes you feel selfish. Here I am over here with three beautiful, healthy babies, mourning the end. So you try to push it away- those waves of sadness that sometimes wash over you - knowing the stage of having babies is over. You aren’t supposed to be sad when you have three and some struggle to have one. But I struggle with it a lot really. Knowing I gave my last bottle, that soon I’ll change my last diaper, get rid of our last crib, our last stroller. I don’t want all of that to end, I’m actually really good at it now! It’s hard knowing that all of HIS firsts, that we celebrate so much, are our lasts. So all I can do is pray that these feelings will pass, that I will soon feel the peace that surpasses all understanding and have the faith to know that it is all exactly as it should be 🖤
Do you believe that the moon has an effect on us ... ... ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN!😜😫😋🤔😤🤯🤡 Chatterbox, attitude from hell, sassy, laughing at nothing, scatterbrained, whiney, defiant, and the list goes on and on! No extra sugar required for a spaz attack! . #fullmoon #crazykids #momfession #momservation #parentingwoes #parenthood #parenthood_moments #fullmoonfeels #mooneffect #kidswillbekids #kidsmood #bringonthecrazy
When I walked down the aisle, I wasn't just walking towards my future; I was walking away from my past. While some women marry men like their fathers, I married the total opposite. | "Momfession Monday: Why I Didn’t Marry a Man like My Father" is on the blog today. Link in bio! #Momfession #Monday #Marriage #Childhood #Trauma #Married #Husband #Wife
Nothing like realizing you made the mistake of telling your kid that a witch is an old lady with a hat *after* he pointed at an older lady with a hat and shouted “Look mom, a witch!”... 🧙🏻‍♀️ #Momfession
🎵“Highway to the Toddler zone”🎶 👨🏻‍✈️ Captain Junebug is ready for takeoff 🛫 #futurepilot #topguntoddler #momfession
I can’t believe this little nugget is mine. 😍 . . These past couple of weeks have been an adventure...like when I’m changing his diaper and he starts pooping mid-change, then spitting up, then when I go to wipe the spit-up & he starts peeing on me because the towel I placed over him “just in case” has moved and pee goes EVERYWHERE! 🙈 Needless to say, we both need to change clothes multiple times a day. 😜 I’m also learning that if I want to eat I have to do it SUPER fast, and I’m becoming more accustomed to doing a lot of tasks one-handed and using my feet to pick things up when hands aren’t an option. 😜 . . I’m hoping I’ll adapt to my new sleep schedule (or lack thereof). It’s been challenging and a learning experience, but the baby coos and soft cuddles make it all worth it. And he’s teaching me to let go & to accept the fact that as much as I’d like to be able to do it all myself, it’s okay to ask for help. As an over-achiever, I get overwhelmed when I think about how little I’m able to get done, but then I look at his little face and remind myself that my job right now is caring for him. I don’t know how single moms and moms with more than one child do it, but they must be superheroes. All moms must be superheroes. ⚡️Motherhood is hard. And it’s perfectly okay to admit that. It doesn’t make it less. In fact, the things we work hardest for tend to be the things we appreciate most. ❤️💋 I appreciate you so much, Teddy Bear, and now I’m going to cry (like I have daily since I first held you in my arms) thinking about how much I love you. ❤️ #thisismotherhood
My SATURDAYS as a mother. This is not a delivery it's a deployment of dependability!!! Right now i feel like a Maytag washer on spin cycle. #mothering #moodygrams #momfession #survivingmotherhood #motherunplugged #momcommunity #momlife #momcode #mommy #momlifeforreal #igmotherhood #ingers #spincycle #maytag #thatlookthough #depends #goesaroundandaround
Last night I splurged on something I’ve been eyeing for a while now. I was even able to go to target along to pick it up! I ended up spending the rest of the evening partying with this bad boy. Thursday night hasn’t been this lit in a long time. #momfession #doilaughorcry
Hubby: [looks at food mess made by Junebug] “¡Anda pa’l c*****!” (Oh, sh***) Junebug: “¡Ay, C******!” (Oh, sh**!) Me: [face-palm] [End Dinner Scene] #Momfession
Has anyone ever said anything to you, that as a mom, just slapped you in the face? - Juniper was 8 months old, and I had recently returned to work at @lululemon. Juniper was a cryer as a baby. But not a colic, "something is wrong here and needs to be fixed", cryer. Just a general whining and complaining about everything cryer. - I was exhausted. We had just had a long night with her. I was at the cash register helping someone and chatting about my new baby. I told her how she just cries over EVERYTHING. And the mom (who I didn't know), looked at me, roller her eyes and said, "Oh that's NOTHING. Just wait until she's a pre-schooler and talks back about EVERYTHING." - What a slap in the face, fellow momma! Now, to validate her side, perhaps she ALSO had a long morning with a small human who had dozens of unreasonable demands. But, this is not a contest and I just needed a verbal hug from you. - REPEAT: Parenthood is NOT A CONTEST. - I think the most powerful thing you can say to someone who is going through a hard moment is, "That sounds SO HARD," or, "I'm so sorry," or "That must be a lot to handle." - So when that person said that hard thing to you, what do you wish they had said instead? Let's learn from each other! . . . . . #momfessions #momlife #motherhood #momconfessions #momblogger #girlmom #boymom #reallife #toddlerlife #momfession #momquotes #lifeofamom #mamablogger #mommabear #mombie #sahm #letthembelittle #mommyblogger #childhoodunplugged #momoflittles #motherhoodunplugged #truestory #momboss #workingmom #letthekids #mommyhood #boymoms #momsofinstagram #momofthree #thismessymama
If the #secondpregnancy shows earlier, does that mean I can start wearing maternity “circus tents” sooner? ...asking for a friend. 🤰🏻🤔 #Momfession #lovebug2019
I hope they're ready for schoooool!!!! 😢 . . Still hard sending them off even at their ages. I'm an outlaw. Not a fan of routine and I enjoy late nights with them 😭😭😭😭 . Looking forward to Summer 2019 . . #momconfession #momfession #momlife #backtoschool #bummer #longweekend #weekend #labourdaylongweekend #summersoondone #thegirls
FINALLY ventured out of the house after being cooped up for two days with a sick toddler and husband 😔 Took advantage of the @bathandbodyworks sale and stocked up on some candles 🙌🏼 - - - - - - -
I often grumble about taking the kids to the grocery store & ending up with a bunch of junk we don’t need. Well, ladies & gentlemen, I did this ALL BY MYSELF today. 😂😂 #momfession #dontshopwhenhungry #sweettooth #nomnomnom
Why do baby registry services ask “what’s your [mom] style?” if they don’t offer “busy and sleep deprived” or “always tired” as options? #Momfession
When your husband previously suggests that two chicken breasts aren’t enough, the next time you make him the whole bird. #momlife #motherofboys I had to use my labor breathing to remove the giblets. #momfession #slowcooker #whatsfordinnner
My personal philosophy has changed after getting married, having a child, and a professional career that has taken off. • My personal fitness and health philosophy has changed as well. #lessismore • I reached a point of diminishing returns with hours upon hours of exercise and eating less and less. It was critical to find that sweet spot of a #balancedandbeautiful life. • I now train intensely for 30-40 mins, use rest strategically, and eat in moderation. • Say YES to my 8 week challenge known as Battle of the Sexes.
#momfession : we had a #pajamaday because I.AM.TIRED. 😞 End-of-summer daily activities will resume tomorrow🤞🏼#momminglikeaboss #mythreesons #boymom #stripedfamily #stillnotreadyforschoolthough
Can anyone else relate? At least our kids will look good in their Grace and Abel clothes😂 #shopgraceandabel
In this day and age, information is abundant. You can get so well read and educated to a point that you are overwhelmed with what to do. You know so much that now you are constantly working about messing up, or you are trying too be perfect. In the end, it all gets too hard, too paralyzing that you quit. • This is called being caught up in the all-or-nothing cycle. And, I don’t blame you! Your journey to wife is HARD. Your journey to mom is HARDER. Heck why should your journey to fit be HARDEST (yes, I realize that is not the word). • There is a middle ground. There is a way to navigate the middle, with me and my 8 week challenge group. You will get daily motivation, tips and tricks, 1:1 coaching, and accountability. • Why are you stalling? Just say YES below.
Excessive exercise was my control mechanism for years! It felt like the only way I could get results with my body was adding more and more and MORE cardio. 60 minutes, 90, then 2 hours, then … 3 hours! • Yes, I was losing weight SLOWLY, but so much of it was muscle! My adrenals were pumping cortisol constantly, and because of it, my body could not keep up. • Your metabolism doesn’t keep responding at the same rate at infinitum to more exercise and a lower caloric intake. It’s like tires on a car, they get worn down and don’t respond the same. Your metabolism adapts based on inputs and is going to indicate that it should slow down. • Adding more and more cardio to your regiment isn’t necessarily better—you eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. • Smart, intense, short-duration cardio can be effective in burning fat and helping maintain muscle. And on the opposite end, low, slow restorative exercise like leisure walking, yoga, tai chi, stretching, foam rolling, etc., can help counterbalance the stress response of exercise. • MY ADVICE: go hard and fast AND long and slow AND join my 8 Week Challenge with Team WIP It Good.
I’m starting to notice things on my face that I didn’t notice months ago... you know, fine lines making an entrance, skin not as firm as it once was, darker circles. Like how did this happen overnight?! I swear I woke up one day and was like “Eeekkk... WTH?” 😂😂 Almost like a peach. Perky and ripe one day, and struggling the next day😅🤣This one was “fall-ified” and coming tomorrow at NOON EST✨#imnottiredthisisjustmyfacenow #momfession #crewisagingmefasterthanapeachonmykitchencounter
Ahoy, we’re having a boy! Another lil’ bug is on its way. #momfession #lovebug2019 #momofboys 💙
I always hope that when I wear this, I may blend into my surroundings and be able to eat fruit snacks without sharing😂😂 This hoodie is one of my #topfive faves on the site and it snuck back in... 🙌🏽🤗 #motherhoodquotes #momfession #mytoddlersstalkme
#momfession 👉If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would you say? 🙇‍♀️Believe it or not, I have struggled my entire life with low self esteem. I have given other people the #power to affect how I feel about myself. Someone else's opinion of me, or reaction to me, could completely crush my #spirit . I gave other people the ability to determine what I saw as my own #value and self worth. 🦄A little over a year and a half ago, I discovered this crazy thing called #lularoe ! I put on a #lularoejulia dress and at the risk of being dramatic, it changed my life! I went from wearing scrubs and yoga pants every day, never feeling like I looked nice, literally crying in my closet when Eric would want to take me out because I felt like I didn't look nice in anything - to finally finding clothes that fit well, were versatile, and helped me to #FEEL what was already there all along! ❤️You guys, there are SO many things I love about LuLaRoe! I love the #sisterhood , I love the fun patterns and bold solids, and I love that it is helping me to realize my own self worth and #beauty that has been there all along! LuLaRoe has helped me to grow so much over the last year and a half and I am so incredibly grateful! 👩‍👧One of the things I am MOST #thankful for - the ability to learn how to model #healthy self esteem, self worth, and self care for my daughter! I know what it was like to be a pre-teen and teenage girl 20 years ago, but I couldn't even imagine what it's like in today's world full of social media and only ever seeing what other people want you to see. ⏳If I could go back in time and tell my younger self anything (and something I hope I can teach my daughter so she doesn't have to learn it the hard way!) would be, don't allow what other people think of or how they act towards you, to shake your #confidence ! If someone is unkind or acts out in a way you wouldn't expect, it's generally not a reflection on you but of a #battle that person is facing in their own life! You are beautiful, you are #talented , you are #valuable , and this world is a better place because you are here!! #bekind #beyou #followyourarrow #lularoemandypetre
Mom brain...anyone else have a major case of #mombrain ? ✋🏼 So I went to the bank to deposit some money and the ATM machine kept saying that it couldn’t process the transaction. So I grabbed the kids, went into the bank and handed the nice teller my card and cash, and told her that I want sure if there is a problem with my card or with the machine. She looked at me and said “oh hunny, you used the wrong card.” It was my credit card...I tried to deposit money with my credit card🤦🏼‍♀️
Hey there! Jordan here (on the left). I'm a mom of 2 crazy kids. My oldest is 3, his name is Cannen and my youngest just turned 1 and her name is Brooklyn. Books are my savior when I feel like I might lose my mind and my current obsession is the Acotar series by Sarah J. Maas 📚😍🤗 I'm Raquel🙋on the right! Mama to 4 crazy well-mannered kiddos: 3 girls (12, 10, 9) & 1 boy (4 yo) #momminainteasy That's why we're also here! To share our occasional #momfession CR: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis I really suggest buying the book AND listening to her on Audible! She's so funny and relatable! Plus, I love to take 📝notes, doodle, or highlight in my books, shoot why not🤷 We will be sharing what we love to read, what we have read, & what we're currently reading, you get the point 💖 We're also obsessed with 🕯️ so you'll see some of our favorite 🕯️ companies on here as well like @flickerwix @scentedspells @acourtofcandles @geekygirlscents LASTLY, 😅 I also woodburn bookmarks, coasters, magnets, plaques/signs & 🎨🖌️ you can find me at @completelydevoted_designs 💎 I will post my work as well 💙 My Night Court painting was a huge hit! I'm in the process of getting prints made! ✨SO QUESTION TIME, what are YOU CURRENTLY READING? If you're reading The Cruel Prince and have not read any of @blackholly previous books, put it down, read the modern faery tales and Darkest Part of the Forest, I love how she uses all of her characters in all of her books, they connect! . . . #bookish #bookstagram #currentlyreading #book #read #reading #whatareyoureading #bookclub #bookworm #booklove #booklover #booklovers #booknerd #bookaddict #bookstagrammer #instabook #bookishfeature #muggles #ravenclaw #slytherin #acotar #candle #candles #fandom #fantasy #adventure #momlife #girlwashyourface
#momfession : I miss the puff days because I actually enjoyed them😅 Anyone else with me?! This was one of our very first toddler tees and it got a refresh! #pufflover #willposeforpuffs #puffbaby
When you get left behind by your son, mid-hug, because someone cooler showed up... #Momfession #futurepilot #tinyaviator
TBH this is a pro tip.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #dmbmomfessional #momfession #hellofriday #momtip #dmbmomfessionals #momlifeisthebestlife @madebyrori
Harry canary morning!!🤪 Didn't even have time to dry my hair👎 Plus my lips and around my mouth are all swollen and irritated again 😠😬💩 Plus both Terra and I overslept and I overtook the shower 🛀 Guess who has the smelly dirty kid today??!🤭 Fucking shitty start to the day! Cheers to the rest of the day being awesome!!🤘👊🤞🙏 #notagreatmorning #rushedmorning #badhairdontcare #wednesdaywisdom #hopethedaygetsbetter #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #wednesdayvibes #momlife #motherhood #momfession #shitjustgotreal #needcoffeenow #momoftheyear #smellykid
Share your #CCMBMomfessionals for a chance to be featured here! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #ccmbmomfessionals #momfession #honestmotherhood
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