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Do you feel 100% comfortable in your clothes when you workout? Are you constantly tugging down your shirt to cover your bum? Our amazing lightweight bum warmers cover all the right places, and they're soft and stretchy. Check out our store locator to find a retail shop near you with our light weight bum warmers (link in bio)! 😘
{Made this girl’s life by making fresh whipped cream & fruit bowls this morning! 🍑🍓} #scarletavaklassen #summermornings
I've heard many people describe me as fearless, and while I think it was meant as a compliment, I don't think it's possible to be human and have no fear. Not if you're trying to do something new, or something out of your edge. 💫 . . . I've recently been put in positions where seriously being strong was the only option I had, by all means. 💫 . . . When I realized that I had to give birth on my own in a country that was 20 hours away from my home country, I decided to believe that I could do it, and I did. 💫 . . . I went into labor knowing exactly what to expect, I headed to the hospital, and gave birth while I was on webcam with my husband. I was clueless when it came to babies (although I've read a lot!) but I never really held a baby or was responsible of one. And there, I found myself heading back home with a baby that was expecting to be taken care of. 💫 . . . I remember all the small things that looked so hard back then, things that now became somehow so easy! 🎀 . . . There is not a day that goes by without me being sure that there is possibly nothing that I cannot do. So don't wait there to gain courage, but rather just take yourself out and put yourself right in the action that you think you cannot do, and you'll do it, you'll freaking just do it! 🎀 . . . #pregnancy #birth #instamom #babymama #toronto #amman #dubai #motherhood #postpartumbody #firsttimemom #honestmotherhood #ftm #healthy #momsofig #momlife #babies #momblogger #postpartum #parenting #dailyparenting #momhub #fitmoms #fitmama #inspirational #mominspo #workingmama #workingmoms #raisingkids
Working on our third edition of our Postpartum Affirmation Cards. I snuck in some quiet time before my girls woke up. I’m about to go live on our Facebook page as I finish this affirmation card. Facebook.com/RenegadeMama going LIVE with crazy kids in the background and all! ✨✨✨✨☀️🌙🌙 #renegademama #affirmationcards #postpartum #postpartumsupport #yogainspiration #yogaart #mominspo
Most nights, you can find me with earbuds in while cleaning up the house from the daily toddler-pocalypse. . I really try to use any spare time as an opportunity to learn and grow. 🙌🏻 . Tonight, on the blog, I’m sharing my favorite podcasts 🎧 for moms - and a couple of bonuses for you mamas who are chasing some serious dreams. 👯‍♀️ . Click the link in my bio! Double tap if you’re podcast-obsessed like me. And tell me your favorite podcast below! 👇🏻 . . . #podcastlove #momstrugglingwell #godcenteredmompodcast #supersoulconversations #thelazygenius #thenextrightthingpodcast #meijer #goaldiggerpodcast #quoteofthedaypodcast #midweekmotivation #mominspiration #mominspo #selfcaretips #flatlayoftheday #notepad #earbuds
Sweaty sassy mess catching a breeze ☀️🌬
ME AGAIN! Just standing by a laurel bush modelling the necklace in the previous square! Mum of three gorgeous, super talented creative boys who love their mummy! I will have been running this business for 9 years in October and I still love it! It’s a flippin rollercoaster 🎢 and some months are great and others (when everything usually IT related goes wrong) it’s awful! But I still love it, love my awesome work colleagues, my wonderful customers and my inspirational kids! Have a blessed day! 😘😘🌿#smallbusiness #shopsmall #smallbusinessowner #newmumgift
We love being in the company of other amazing brands especially women ran companies. One of the many things I have learnt about myself while running this business is how strongly I believe in the power of women supporting women and and getting rid of that nasty stigma and idea of competition . . . I feel like at a young age women at taught to put down, compete with, and generally trash other women. Even those closes to us. There seems to be a fear of scarcity and “less then” associated with it. I am happy to report that being in this business has made me friends with more women then I ever have been in the past. All the love and support from our customers (many who have become friends) and all the help and guidance from other women in business has been incredible . . . I have always been passionate about supporting others. Being a cheerleader for those close to me and even those I have never met. I am a believer in dreams and actions. I am a lover of brave and fearless people. And I am a strong believer in the power of lifting up other women for the general success of us all 💪🏼💕✨
BOGO day three!! Oh this is a good one!! Terrasheild is a perfect fit for summer. This powerhouse spray will replace all those nasty chemical bug repellent sprays you currently are using with a more natural approach plus it smells great and does an amazing job of keeping pest at bay 👍🏼 . . . Melaleuca(or Tea Tree depending where you are) is all things skin and cleansing. Kids are going back to school in a bit and this is oil you need to keep the lice away. Also great for any sort of skin issue, antibacterial and anti viral. . . Interested in today’s BOGO or have any questions? Send me a message or comment below 🌿
I constantly go between wanting you to be my baby forever, and being excited about all the amazing things you’ll do in this life. {Anyone else relate!?} #veryvanslyke #motherhood #mommyandme
😂 so I recorded quite a few vids the other day (dance fitness is my thing. I could do it all day every day 😍😍😍) and I swear the outtakes are always a perfect example of how much fun my days are 🤗🙌🙌🙌 Now, does this mean I don’t have challenges? 😂😂😂 oh my goodness some of the things I’m facing are testing me beyond measure BUT I made a decision a couple of months ago to smile and dance through life always 💃💃💃 if my life is a series of incredible funny outtakes where I can’t help but jump for joy then I am totally ok with that 😍🤸‍♂️
And the choice is yours. What do you think? Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ and tag someone who should see this.😊💕⠀ .⠀ Follow ➡️@cherishername ⬅️ for more! 😊👣💕⠀ .⠀ ➡️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS ⬅️
“A confident person feels safe. She believes she is loved, valuable, cared for, and safe in God’s will for her.” ⠀ ― Joyce Meyer, The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear⠀ .⠀ The enemy will always try to lie about your identity, but if you fix your eyes on the your Creator, He is telling you that you are loved, fearfully, and wonderfully made. 😊💕⠀ .⠀ E M P O W E R S O M E O N E ⠀ T O D A Y⠀ ⠀ .
No downside. Just benefits.😘 • • • Check my stories for a little more Tuesday mood inspo😄 If you're tired of the daily grind and are ready for a change, we should talk! OR if you're looking for a hobby that will bring in some extra cash, we should definitely talk! (We have some great incentives going on right now😉)
Today was one of those days that made me realize how much she watches me, how much she is picking up from me. Holy cow it was eye opening. . . . It’s the little things we do as mamas that we sometimes don’t even notice. These are the things that are shaping the future generations. The way we talk to ourselves or look at ourselves in the mirror. The way we treat others with respect and kindness. The way we enter into challenges and take on new adventures. . . . They are ALWAYS watching mama so sometimes loving yourself and taking that extra time for yourself is the best thing you can do because a happy healthy you is your most powerful asset 💕💪🏼
The Original & The Sequel . . . She is forever reminding me to watch what I say and watch what I do because boy oh boy is she paying attention. Today we both wore dresses, ponytails and denim because she wants to be just like her mama 💕 I strive everyday to be the best version on myself for her because strong women raise up strong women. I hope you always dream baby because you are more powerful and more blessed then you know ✨
Besöket hos barnmorskan gick bra! Jag har gått upp 13 kg än så länge. Lilla L ligger med huvudet nedåt ganska djupt och är nu fixerad. Detta kontrollerades även med ultraljud. Hjärtljuden på dagens besök var 140 slag/minut. Sf-måttet låg på 34 centimeter. ❤ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Tror ni att lilla L kommer innan eller efter bf den 9 augusti? ❤ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #gravid #graviditet #pregnant #pregnancy #inspo #inspiration #mominspo #mominspiration #socialmedia #socialmediainfluencer #socialmediamom #influencer #socialamedier #sverige #livetmedbarn #vimedbarn #viföräldrar #fixerad #barnmorska #förlossning #babybump #bebis #baby #vecka37 #bfaugusti #bfaugusti2018 #bf2018 #ultraljud
The Invisible Nursing Bra by @bravadodesigns is a new best seller already!! . . . The seam-free and wire-free construction with a soft-as-skin breathable fabric makes moms all-over comfy. In fact, it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all.⠀ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #breastfeedingmama #nursingbra #newmomlife #newmama #motherhood #ootd #momsofinstagram #instastyle #whatiwore #instafashion #motherhoodrising #momiform #instamom #parenthood #ig_motherhood #momootd #mominspo #currentlywearing #mompreneur #SeamlessComfort
Today’s BOGO is SO generous! Buy Spearmint and get Tangerine AND Lime FREE! Thank you Doterra! No guys I’ll be honest I have all three of these but my go to out of them has always been Lime. I use it for respiratory support on the regular so this morning I decided to put all three in the diffuser and WOW it is an amazing and uplifting aroma up in here. Swipe 👉 to see some more uses of these incredible oils. 🌿✨
Reflecting back on some of the incredible events I’ve been to this year in prep for an awesome weekend! I absolutely love being surrounded by people who “get it” and understand why you are making the sacrifices you do. . Have you heard about crab mentality? The idea that when crabs are caught and put in a bucket, if one crab tries to get out of the top the other crabs will grab the crab trying to escape and pull him down. The other crabs don’t do this because they are mean or want him to suffer, rather they do it because they know it is safe in the bucket. It’s familiar. It’s where they all are. Outside the bucket is unknown. . But what if we had a team of crabs at the top of the bucket? A team of people who have made it through to the other side and can pull you up? That’s why I love my weekends with amazing people on the same mission. People pulling me up because they know they way, walked the path. People who know that the familiar is not always the best option ✨✨ 🦀
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." -Proverbs 16:3⠀ .⠀ We are meant for excellence because God enables the great strength, wisdom, and knowledge in us, so we may glorify and testify in His name. Therefore we must strive for bigger things because God is so generous and will bless us with our needs abundantly according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.⠀ .⠀ Whatever you do or your current status, you are meant to excel! Drop a ❤️ and tag someone who should see this ⬇️⬇️⬇️⠀ .⠀ Follow ➡️@cherishername ⬅️ for more 😊💕👣⠀ .⠀ ➡️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS⬅️
When you don’t have a lip plumper what do you do? Pair your favorite Lucrative lipgloss with your favorite Moodstruck lip liner. Oh snap 👌 🛍Insta-Boujee lips 🛍👄 😻 👄 👄 #boujee #boujeelifestyle #boujeelipkit #vintagerose #lucid #plushliner #instaboujee #instalips #ig_boujee #housewivesoforangecounty #blondie #bombshell #browgameonpoint #motd #beautyinfluencer #crystalsfrosting #ocmom #caligirl #hairinspo #mominspo
One of my favourite times of day with P is when we get to cuddle in bed and read her night time story. I also love when she picks this book. Not only do I strive on the daily to show her what being a strong female looks like but I also love reading to her about other amazing women. This book and these oils have been our go to for our night time routine for a while now. . . . . What does your night time routine look like for yourself or your little? What makes you drift off to Dreamland 💤 ☁️For me it is a good book, a warm tea and some amazing oils
I LOVE when you tag us in your photos. Like really. It makes my day. Especially when we are apart of special moments. Happy Belated birthday to this amazing little and 👏🏼 to her mama for a hilarious letter board 😂. . . Don’t forget to keep tagging us in your photos this summer for a chance to win a GC for the fall 🙌🏼
One of the few pics I actually took while at the lake this weekend. When I don’t have good cell service my phone tends to stay out of sight - a refreshing and welcomed change! .We had a great time at our friends cabin just chilling! With a quick stop at the lake bc it’s jus to pretty not to 💚 What did you do this weekend?
Hang in there, you got this.🌿✨#MondayMotivation
Ask me how my Monday is going.... Ariana is sick, or has a sore throat and apparently strawberries hurt her throat, but not bagels or cookies. 😐 I'm having a battle with this mini terrorist on how she needs to eat healthy so she can fight her cold, but she isn't budging, neither am I..(the fake tears begin) .. . I turn around and Jaxson is shaking his shake filled cup upsidedown on the couch, its going everywhere. I finally clean that up, and the various drops that around on the newly clean carpet that my hubby spent time on (not even a month ago) and turn around to see this. Wow kid. . He put himself in time out this time. He knew. Or it could be his fear of seeing his mom foaming at the mouth ready to loose her $hit. . Its been 10 minutes and they are both just happy as a clam, sitting and watching their show, like nothing happened, and I'm over here chomping on carrots wishing that it was chocolate. . . . #Fbblogger #mominspo #momlifeunfiltered #clickinmoms #momoftoddlers #momlifebelike #girlmom #boymom #sahm #momtogs #snackbitch #postpartum #newmom #anxiety #depressionwarrior #barbiebeastmode #girlswholiftheavy #gangsterbarbie #momswithmuscles #girlswholift
@doterra is starting off BOGO week right!! These oils are used daily in our home and help achieve relaxation when I no longer thought it was possible because #momlife . . . Do you have these oils in your collection yet? BOGO week is the best week to get started or add to you existing collection because who doesn’t love free stuff?! . . . Feel feee to message me if you would like to be added to our private FB group where we are talking all things oils and ambition ✨🌿
Hustlin from the zoo?👩🏼‍💻Yep. From starbucks?☕️Yep! From anywhere that has WiFi?📱💻Yep!💌 From my car, a plane, a train, a beach, a park, a lake or even target.💌🎯 THAT is how we work this business. And it’s such a beautiful thing to be able to build a dream and help change lives all while still being able to do the things you need to do. How unbelievable is that?! Building your dream around your schedule, because YOU make the rules.❤️ This weekend has been a craaaaazy! I've hardly had A chance to breathe- 4 year old birthday party, swimming at my cousins pool, sleep over at aunties, then a whole day zoo trip in seattle. Go go go! And a little more go sprinkled in. So today I may be barely surviving! But I’m doin..... And sometimes just DOING is the best you can do, and THAT is what matters.❤️ Ready to stop watching me and be a part of something amazing? Ready to learn more about what it is that I do every day from home, or WHEREVER I choose?? Drop your favorite summer emoji below 👇🏻. That one emoji will probably change your life! . . . #dreambig #girlboss #fempreneurs #Fbblogger #mominspo #momlifeunfiltered #clickinmoms #momoftoddlers #momlifebelike #girlmom #boymom #sahm #momtogs #snackbitch #postpartum #newmom #anxiety #depressionwarrior #beforeandafter #transformation #athomeworkouts #weightloss #postbabyjourney #runner #run #workoutathome #mombod #fitmom #fitnessinspiration
After the big day! So tired! 😑⠀ .⠀ P.S. Forgive the unwanted visitor on my nose. It will be gone few days from now. 😂
BOGO week is back and today’s BOGO is juicy. I am setting up a private Facebook group to educate and accounted daily BOGOs in. If your are interested send me a DM and we will get you added ✔️
And we’re off! ✈️
My goal was to top the LET. I'm not bragging that I'm great whatsoever, but if your goal becomes higher than what you want to get, you will exert more effort to achieve the goal. God wants excellence for His people, and that excellence comes from Him. I made this through Him, not on my own effort but by the strength, wisdom, and knowledge that He gave me. Plus the people He used to help me pass this.⠀ .⠀ Apart from the Lord I am nothing (John 15:5), but through Christ I can do all things (Philippians 4:13) ☝🏻😊
Yesterday with my mom, after the Oath Taking for Professional Teachers. 😊 ⠀ .⠀ What's you win for the day? Share below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
We are changing the landscape of Motherhood and womanhood in general , so that ... Appreciation replaces complaining ... Support replaces gossip ... Celebration replaces shaming ... Joy replaces suffering .... Well-being replaces sick and tired .... Creativity , community and resourcefulness overcomes all challenges! ... ... Let your friends know , invite them to this new way and let's turn the lights back on and see it shining through every mother's eyes and smile. ... ... We need this! Our kids need this!!! Our men want this!!
When you are self employed and a mom, priorities start to play a huge role. I have a million and one things that need to happen like, NOW but I’m also only human and unfortunately only have two clumsy hands. Unlike others I have two jobs that never end. At 2am when I’m feeding I often used to read and reply to mails. I have now said to myself there is a time and place for everything. Boss lady time and mommy time. This unfortunately leaves very little to no Kezleigh time. This weekend I came to the conclusion that running around like a headless chicken at the moment makes me happy, I’m so so content and blessed to have such a beautiful family and business that I am complete in every way just the way things are. 🌸💗#mondaymotivation #Body20 #Body20studio #Body20edenonbay #putinthework #stongwoman #motivation #workingmom #businessowner #momlife #mominspo #beautiful #newborn #mommy #mom #newmom #fitnessmotivation #fitmom #trainingmom #postpartum #postbabybody #fitmom #fitbody #girlabs #fitgirl #fitnessshoot #family #excited #motivated #honoured
Your experience of Motherhood Is all a matter of perspective. It doesn't matter if you see the glass as half full or half empty.....there is always plenty of water to fill it back up again. The secret is to regularly tap into that water supply. One way I do that is by putting my attention on all that is beautiful and right in the world. This is no easy feat in the face of world news and playground chat. So I start with me. I choose just for today to look for the beauty in what I am doing , I look for what is going right in my mothering. There is always something , and I will look hard until I find it. When I do, my thirst is quenched, for today.
Obsessed with summertime and my babies ☀️💖
Por si alguien pregunta... #mommotivation #mamalife #motherhood #mominspo
It’s Sunday afternoon and I haven’t been to the grocery store to start prepping meals for the week yet 😬🤦🏽‍♀️I guess that’s what happens when you are enjoying summer way too much!! I hope to inspire people to keep chugging along and to keep raising healthy and, most importantly, happy families 💪🏼 What inspires you? -Smoked tri tip -Veggie chips -Curry hummus -Carrots and cucumber -Kiwi and berries -Turkey cheese mini wraps . . . . #momlife #chuggingalong #sunday #sundayfunday #summer #sundaymotivation #momspiration #mominspo #bento #bentobox #bentolunch #kidsbento #toddlerbento #heathykids #healthytoddler #organic #blw #organicbaby #lunchinspo #summerfamily #sacfamily #sacramento #sacramentofamily #loomisfamily #loomismoms #sacramentomoms #rosevillefamily #rosevillemoms
Clarity + Discipline = Success I’ve been struggling to get my individual needs met these last two weeks and it has manifested as one could expect 🤪 I was clear on what was missing, but not what I needed. So with conviction I told my husband “I need Saturday to myself” He took the girls to the beach and I surprised myself with my immediate feelings of wanting to join them, and being a little scared of being alone. What!? But that was my shadows getting in the way, telling me to turn back on my goals and take the easier (more familiar and comfortable) route. The Real me said “Time to get disciplined. “ And I got back to the basics of who I am 💫 For me, that’s ✔️track time 🏃‍♀️ ✔️gym time ✔️work emails ✔️client follow up ✔️sauna 🧖‍♀️ ✔️audio books (personal growth) ✔️setting weekly intentions #clarity #discipline #selflove #backtobasics #motherrunner #mom #athlete #momswhotrain #creativeentrepreneur #mompreneur #spiritjunkie #goals #success #creator #yogamom #motherhood #purpose #action #mominspiration #modernmom #motherhood
“Nothing can bring you everlasting happiness. But you already have it. The question isn’t ‘what will make me happy?’, rather ‘what am I doing to disturb my inner happiness?’ “. . . This changed my life. I live more and more each day in a state of complete contentment. Not living somewhere else regretting my misgivings or wishing I was different. I am not hooked on some promise of the future. I am appreciating this moment. As I type. Right now. I am here. When this is finished I will be in my next moment. Fully present. Making each moment it’s fullest. Realising that it’s not a past experience or future goal that will fill me up, but making the most of ordinary moments will fill me up so I arrive at each stage of my life the best that I can be for myself and for all that I come into contact with ✨✨✨. . . . . #expectation #trueself #love #selflove #health #mindset #create #determine #lessons #reality #purpose #onpurpose #mumonpurpose #perth #light #youtuber #healthcoach #inspo #muminspo #mominspo #fitmum #fitmom #healthymind #clarity #selfesteem #confidence #happiness #happymum #howtobehappy
🎶 Itsy bitsty teenie weenie (purple) polka dot bikini 👙Heading out to play in the river! 💦☀️
☕🍳 Ahh, Saturday! It's so good to see you! Did anyone else wake up early this morning and couldn't fall back asleep? I woke up at 6:30am on the nose awake and ready to take on the day. I have so many exciting things happening and I can't wait to get them moving for you! . . . . . . . #saturdaymornings #morninginspiration #weekendmotivation #womeninbusiness #womenempowerment #motivationalwomen #businessencouragement #businessbotique #leanin #womenonetsy #saturdaymorningquote #takeontheday #watercolorartist #mominspiration #mominfluencer #mominspo #pregnantmom #firstimemom #hps #hillaryprcotorstudio #hpstudio #weekenddesigns
If I don't reply soon as I see it at 6am...I'll forget all about it until you ask why I didn't reply 😆
In a most impressive comeback and a hard-fought loss at Wimbledon, Queen Serena has shown that moms can do just about anything. 🙌🏾 🎾😍 (Except, maybe, nap?) . My little goons have taught me (about a thousand times and in a thousand ways) that I am capable of more than I ever might have thought. . Huge props to the gracious and fierce champ Angelique Kerber. (How much do I ❤️❤️❤️ that I could see sunscreen on her face at 4pm when the match started?) . . . . . #notatwimbledon #thiswasbaseball #apologiestothedudeintheback #serenawilliams #angeliquekerber #kerber #wimbledon #serena #goat #superathlete #proathlete #likeamom #goddess #queen #mominspo #proudmom #tennispro #tennis #olympia #amazingmoms #momgoals #doctormom #workingmom #sunscreen #sportsunscreen #pmg #physicianmom #physicianmomlife #momgoals
Balance is key. ✨
One of the best gifts our late addition has brought with him is that he takes up the time I would have spent micromanaging my older two . Yup I am super guilty of carrying the controlling mama gene- I own it. 🙈🙈 But their Montessori education as well as less time and energy to dedicate to it means that I have let go the reigns considerably. 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 And guess what happened? Nope the sky didn't fall in , nope the house didn't implode ..... they are flourishing . They can do sooooo much more than I gave them credit for. Like cooking and washing up and sewing and tidying their cupboards and making decisions and ordering take out on the phone and budgeting and packing for themselves (with a degree of supervision obviously ) . If you are honest with yourself knowing this might actually scare you into thinking you will become redundant . It feels good to be needed, so what if you won't be needed as much ? But that is silly talk. You are always needed! It's just as so much more than micromanager and servant. Mothers are the embodiment of the love and creative life force that feeds the soil in which our kids discover and develop on their own. Yes you ! PS I can't guarantee your glass wear will not get broken
These two are my reason. My reason for showing up every single day. They've given me A greater purpose than I ever could have imagined. Sometimes I think that God placed them in my life, not only for me to help them grow, but for them to help ME grow. And by grow, I mean grow closer to HIM, cause DANG GINA, mom life is HARD 🤣. .....But I love it ❤. . .. . . #Fbblogger #mominspo #momlifeunfiltered #momoftoddlers #momlifebelike #girlmom #mixedbabies #boymom #sahm #snackbitch #postpartum #newmom #anxiety #depressionwarrior #closertojesus #growstrong #faith
Sleepovers on the floor...I so often try to over complicate and create magic when it’s just so simple and already there. These four thought the simple act of sleeping together, on the floor no less, was special. They’re right. It’s in these everyday moments where the memories are truly made. I often think of myself as the teacher in this relationship, but they are continually teaching me new lessons everyday.⠀ #mamainthemidst #mamablogger #momblog #mamablog #motherhood #mamaoffour #raisinglittles #reallife #mamahood #community #authenticmama #realmama #realmotherhood #reality #momlife #mamalife #momoffour #momproblems #mumoffour #mamaoffour #mamasempoweringmamas #momcommunity #midstofmotherhood #18summers #mominspo #mominspiration #mominspired #inspirarion #momlessons
I am often asked what I do to keep my home so organized, happy and feeling good. My home FEELS really good! This is so not about the expensive things or prettiest or latest decor trends , this about a feeling! Does your home lift your energy or drain it ? Simple as that. The last time we moved house I took the opportunity to employ the Marie Kondo Method to tidy up! It's full on and so I tempered it with a bit of the Taryn Jacobs method (patent pending 😂😂). It was seriously hard work I won't lie. But us mamas can do hard things. Hard in the physical sense of just tackling the too much stuff I had attached myself to and also emotionally letting go of so much that I had used to define myself by , while discovering that none of it defined me at all. But it was worth every tear and every tired muscle . The result was Spaciousness ... Not for new stuff to come in necessarily but just space to breathe , play, dance, grow. And now tidying up takes the equivalent of one (max two) songs on our playlist . Note: time is an abstract concept for kids but they understand "ok let's go and be done by the end of such and such song" (well it works for us) . I am sharing this and the pics to show that it is possible to have an organized home with kids! Don't get me wrong this is not a sterile space , mess gets made, we create and play ALOT. But we need space to dance too. What is my method ? Go read full article go to link in bio @motheringme https://www.facebook.com/509575022766353/posts/778460479211138/
There is one thing this world that I believe in with all my heart. That thing is you ✨. You have been through enough. You didn’t go through all those challenges for nothing. You finally have the strength that you need. It’s time to go. Go get that thing that you want or release its power over you. Go with it or go without it... the main thing is... let’s go ✨🙌💃. . . . #expectation #trueself #love #selflove #health #mindset #create #determine #lessons #reality #purpose #onpurpose #mumonpurpose #perth #light #youtuber #healthcoach #inspo #muminspo #mominspo #fitmum #fitmom #healthymind #clarity #selfesteem #confidence #happiness #happymum #howtobehappy
Thanks for the feature IMPACT Magazine! What an honour to be included in this issue, with cover model and QUEEN of Athleticism @serenawilliams 😍🔥 Check out the summer issue of @impactmagcanada for major female empowerment inspo from Serena and a little something from me about practicing Yoga outside this summer. ☀️🌷🌱❤️🎾🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️ Link in bio 📲 #Serena #FanGirl #MomInspo #IMPACT 📸 @incitevisuals 📸
Pool day 💖
Heidi Klum #Momcrushdelasemana sin duda la amámos #powermom #MothersFront #Momgoals #Mominspo fotos: Pinterest
How to become happier with your life ✨. . We’ve all achieved things in life no matter how small. We got out of bed, breathed fresh air, been able to use our eyes to look at the world around us... Maybe in our life we can think of times we’ve been kind, we have achieved something we can be proud of, maybe we are even working on something exciting right now? . . No matter what is going on in your life start creating a memory of wins. Call it daily gratitude if you will but even going back and remembering that time you spoke up for yourself. That time you did that good deed or took out first place will give you the confidence you need to look at your life a little differently. . . For me I’m starting my own library. A library of good ideas that pop into my head. A library of good friends who I can count on no matter what. A library of achievements. A library of happy thoughts. A library of beautiful moments. This builds your confidence. This reminds you that you can achieve. This reminds you that it’s time to get to work to create that life you want. . . P.S. Thank you @coach_couple for being one of the beautiful friends in my library of special people 😘😘😘 . . . . #expectation #trueself #love #selflove #health #mindset #create #determine #lessons #reality #purpose #onpurpose #mumonpurpose #perth #light #youtuber #healthcoach #inspo #muminspo #mominspo #fitmum #fitmom #healthymind #clarity #selfesteem #confidence #happiness #happymum #howtobehappy
This is my “it’s midnight, and I’m soooo happy to have gotten in an awesome workout after a long day with the kids” smile! 😍😍🤣 9.5 mile treadmill @nikerunning run with @joanbenoitsamuelson plus light dumbbell arm sequence, dumbbell bench and rows, and yoga flow ending with headstands and handstand practice! All this after teaching tennis, long day with the kids, three grocery stores with the kids, dishes, laundry, and an @kopfrunning business call. I feel like Supermom!! 9.5 miles at 8:25 min/mile pace. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #Runner #fitmom #fitness #mominspo #yoga #runneryoga #runnersofinstagram #runningmotivation #runningcoach #tennis #tenniscoach
For every morsel of food thrown across the floor. For each glare from a passerby during the 18th Target tantrum. For all the sleepless nights and seemingly endless days. Just one moment like this - every second is worth it. Motherhood is nuts. . . . . . #truthofmotherhood #momlife #momwritings #mominspo #momlove #spreadlove #snailmail
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