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When it’s Friday night ... and you’re a mom ... and you actually have somewhere to be 💙
You guys. Momming and adulting is hard, but being a kid sounds kind of crappy these days too. Here’s to hoping I can get through a glass of wine and one show before the toddler starts screaming again. #mommingishard #adultingsucks #toddlerlife #croupsucks #wine #survival #kidssocks #sorrynotsorry #fridayparty #whatevenissleep
Seriously...get on this! • • • • #momsofig #mommingishard #momsneedabreak #pickyeaters #pickykids #kidsofig
Today's Workout: Full Body HIIT. Happy Friday evening. I've been wasting away on the couch all afternoon watching 'The Haunting of Hill House' with sir Alex Rey. 👻 It's been a long week. I've had a lot of crap that needed to be done. Places to be. Field trips. Doctor visits. House repairs to be available all day for. So the last 4 days I made it a point to do my workout at 6 am. And shower before the morning school routine. This waking up early and meditating and praying and reading and writing and being grateful thing feels really good. If I could have looked into the future when I was like 19, to see myself today, I'd have been the biggest hater. 🤷 Somewhere along the way, between my teenage years and now, it almost feels like I lost all sense of who I was. I'm trying really hard to find her. And the last few days, it's felt like I'm on the right path. Keep your head up. Thought for today: Where you are is a result of who you were. Where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be from this moment forward. You can't change what's in the past, but you can change everything else. -The Miracle Morning. (Go read it!) Now back to my show. ✌️ . . . . . #last90days #wannabefitchick #thisis30something #thatfitlife #earlyriser #jerseygirl #greeneyedlady #crazylady #crazyfitmom #imahotmess #momlifeyo #sahmlife #girlmomma #mommingishard #disneytattoos #disneymomlife #addictedtodisney #musicistherapy #doitforyou #justworkout #workingonme #thinkhappythoughts #upgradeyourmind #mindsetshifting #findyourhigherpower #gratefulfortoday #followthesigns #trustandbelieve #justbreathe #mycrazyfitfun
🤔 Asking for a friend. #danieltiger #mommingishard #mommommommommom
this sweet babe got two stitches last night + was an absolute champ. i can officially say mommy is traumatized though. i know i can’t keep her safe from everything, but i understand hovering tactics—it’s for moms more than it is for kids. 😢❤️ . . . #momlife #momminghard #momfail #momlifebelike #mommingishard #imomsohard #bossmom #notsuchabossmom #fail #momofthree #stilllearning #amwriting #amreading #writersofinstagram #writersofinsta #coffeemom #authorlife #octoberfest #bookish #bookstagram #booklover #momlyfe #scrunchies
Fall fun at the Pumpkin Patch! #itsfallyall #pumpkinpatch
This statement can not be any more true to me- Makeup is AMAZINGLY fun and a way to express and be creative BUT what’s on the inside matters a WHOLE lot more! . . Someone’s demeanor can be so infectious- make sure to be that positive spirit in this world! . . . . . . . . . . #empoweryourself #womenempowerwomen #womenempowered #womenempower #fitmomlife #mommingitup #momminghard #mommingishard #mommingainteasy #momlifebelike #momlifeisthebest #threenagerlife #workathomemoms #workfromhomemoms #stayathomemoms #sahmstyle #workhardtoplayhard #dreambigdreams #workingmoms #workingmomlife
Sooo much 💩 💩 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 - - So why do we listen? Why are they so convincing? - - Does this happen to you? 👉 Spend an hour or more with the kids doing THEIR thing and move on to something you want to do like... umm draw or pursue your home business, or even make some stinkin coffee. All of a sudden the kids start hanging onto you asking to play wallow talkie, or play inside their blanket fort, or read them a book they’ve been asking you to read for days. 😞 - Lies: selfish, don’t care about what they want or need, can’t even read a book. 😡🤬 #sorrynotsorry that’s a lie. - - You may not believe in Satan or how conniving he is. He wants to make you feel alone. He wants you to believe the lies so that you are ashamed and feeling too guilty to step out of yourself. STEP OUT! YOU DO YOU! I am sure you are a wonderful mother who loves your children so much that not only do you find time for them, you find time for you. 💕💕💕💪💪💪💪🙌🙌👏👏 - - - #youdoyou #depression #momartist #momdrawings #postpartumdepression #postpartumbody #momming #mommingainteasy #mommingtheshitoutoflife #mommingishard #stopmomshaming #nomomguilt #momguiltisreal #momguilt #momshaming #findtimeforyourself #investinyourself #workathomemom #workathome #workathomemoms #pottytraining #toddlers #momillustration #satanissneaky #thedevilisaliar #thedevilwillnotwin #yougotthis #mommingwithtruth
Loving my everyday morning routines. 🎀 For years I missed out on this time with my kids, morning routines, talks in the car and simply being that silly and positive aspect of my children’s lives! 🎀 And now I get to enjoy these moments, the moments most people roll their eyes and are over, I’m beginning to simply just be present and am loving it! 🎀#blessedbeyondwords
I make NO attempt to hide the fact that I still enjoy a Diet Coke here or there.... (if your from my area I also love me some diet ski! 😋) But it’s something I have to keep in check... lately I have noticed myself going back down the rabbit 🐰 hole... the one where my days involve a lot less water and more “coke” (to me all sodas are called coke! That’s just how I say it!) Here it come... the opportunity for you all to 🙄🙄🙄 and tune me out! Because I’m going to talk about “coaching” and then half of you just hear “blah...blah...blah” 🤷‍♀️... But humor me and give me like 4 sentences!!! Yesterday was thirsty Thursday for my crew and I, the challenge was to hit at LEAST 100oz of water! (Also, before you criticize, I’m not saying everyone should have to do that daily, the goal is usually 1/2 your body weight 👍🏼). This polar pop cup... it’s filled with my favorite nugget ice 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 and WATER! 😳 I walked down to the gas station by Macy’s dance with the intention of getting a DT coke! But as I got there... I thought of my amazing clients! How they were pushing themselves to hit their water goal! 😬... I don’t ask them to do anything that I don’t intend to do MYSELF!!! Soooooooo water it was! Guess what... it was actually very refreshing still (something about that nugget ice, it’s magic!🤷‍♀️) Then I refilled it when I got home and for sure hit my goal! Would I have done it without them?!?! Probably not!!! You see they push and encourage me just as much as I do them! They fill me with a passion to help others WHILE reminding me to take care of myself!!! 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼❤️ Doesn’t get much better than that!!! (Because maybe you didn’t stop reading and if so let’s have a debate! What do you call “carbonated beverages”???😉😂) #mommingishard #mommabear #mommaonamission #crazytrain #water #keepmeonmytoes #mycrew #findapassion #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople #dietcoke #weallhavestruggles #
Celodenní program? Mít 14 hodin kojence na hřbetu a jít koupit šunku a sýr. Tak proč si tu cestu do večerky nezpříjemnit procházkou po okolí? Teplice ❤️ ... A ten letošní podzim. Ten se mi líbí. Škoda, že malý Kraken zabere max. na 30 minut. Naštěstí ji už začíná zajímat svět, tak mi občas dovolí courat i další půl hoďku. Díky, #alicebenesova #miminko #materstvi #mamalife #podzim #prochazka #babywrap #babywrapping #fussybaby #mommingishard @babytulaczsk #teplice #šanov
I know I’m not the only #mommy that struggles with this. Being angry is so often a part of motherhood, and too often we’re ashamed of it so we face it alone. I’m not going to hide behind my shame anymore. My name is Emi, and I struggle with being an #angrymom more often than I’d like. It doesn’t define me, it doesn’t make me a bad mom, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my kids entirely, it doesn’t mean I’m always angry either because I’m usually not. But I’m choosing to face my fears so I can kiss goodbye to anger once and for all. Do you struggle with being an angry mom too? Let’s be friends. #angrymoms #anger #frustration #momlife #ishard #mommingishard #youcandoit #goodmom #momwin #crazykids #ittakesavillage #jesus #hope #encouragement #fear #nomorefear #love #parenting #vulnerable
Every. Single. Time. I love my little #sourpatchkid even when he’s being a total #dictatortot 😂😂 Follow @realmumstruggles for more!
Look at these feet 👣....just humor me and do it! 😂 Are you looking at them? Good! Now are you happy with where they are planted right now in your life? I realize there are circumstances we can’t always control in our lives. I get that, but there is so much we CAN control! Like how we take care of ourselves. If we choose to put only good things in our body... or not. When you are run down, tired, stressed out, and overweight; I‎ts impossible for you to give the best version of yourself to others. I used to think taking care of myself as a mom was selfish because it might take time away from my family, but in reality the 30 mins I spend alone with God, working out or going for a run, taking a SHOWER, and putting myself together enables me to refresh myself so that I have the best to give back to the people I love! ❤️ A couple of years ago, I found myself a hot mess! I lived in a cycle of tired and grumpy. I didn’t enjoy life as mom. I felt like my identity had been stolen. I told myself after this baby is born enough is enough! I’m taking control of my health. It’s not about the scale or some fad diet. It’s about core root health issues. I decided I wanted to be the best version of myself in my 30’s because that is exactly what my family deserved. I was now a mom of three! These plant based supplements I’m taking changed my life and the location of these feet I was looking down at wishing they were planted in a different place. Thank you God that I love where my feet are today!❤️👣❤️ #plantyourfeetonsolidground #youareworthit #buildahabit #stickwithit #last90days #last90dayschallenge #mommingishard #momminainteasy #momofthreekids #momofthreegirls #itstheweekend #wifemomboss
Ask yourself ... "if not NOW ... WHEN?" Seriously, what are you waiting for to start? You don't need a new day, a new week, a new month or a New Year to start. If "yesterday you said, tomorrow," then the time to start making yourself a priority would be NOW. You need to ditch the excuses and quit lying to yourself. Are you REALLY going to go ALL IN and get your healthy lifestyle on track "starting January 1st.” Be real with yourself. Statistics show that 1)the average person gains 5-10 pounds over the holiday season, 2)people who start a 'New Years resolution (in looks to lose those said 5-10 pounds) quit shortly after beginning, 3)You pay for a monthly gym membership that you a)rarely use & b)hasn't given you any sustainable results. STOP THE CYCLE! START TODAY. Make TODAY count. I have been in private online challenge groups for almost 4 years - after I QUIT the gym!! Since February 2015 I have been able to lose my stubborn weight and KEEP IT OFF. That's right ... this is not yoyo dieting. This is REAL food. And this is SMART fitness. I have lost & kept off the weight I needed to lose and I have continued to tone and strengthen my muscles since. How do I do it? •I trust the program and follow the calendar. •I follow the customizable nutrition plan provided •I check into my accountability/challenge group EVERY DAY. •I drink SuperFoods EVERY DAY •I surround myself with likeminded, goal oriented people who push me to be better 🙌🏼 If you're ready to ditch your excuses and start this upcoming holiday season off right ... TODAY, 💬COMMENT, 💌MESSAGE ME, 👍🏼LIKE this post it fill out link in bio ... and TOGETHER we will keep each other accountable and on track through the upcoming holidays. We start Monday ... join us ❤️
I’m not sure how I haven’t died of cuteness overload yet. #cutenessoverload . . I never planned this life for myself, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s going GREAT. Do I keep my cool every single day, and do we have no bumps in the road? Heck no! But overall if you ask me how motherhood is going, I will honestly say great. . . Between books and wise people in my life, I feel like we’re off to a great start. I have overwhelmed moments, but it passes quickly. I get tired of being consistent sometimes, but consistency has been paying off so far. My kids are not perfect, but I am so darn impressed with just how much a child can learn - obedience, compassion, communication, love, fun, imagination. . . I am not a perfect mom, but I don’t feel hopeless and like a total failure. Sometimes a total failure at making a legit dinner, but not at being a mom. . . Momma friends, if you feel like being a mom is not all it’s cracked up to be, or you act like you love it but it really feels like drowning, know that it can pass ♥️ . . Find wise people who have succeeded how you want to, find people in the same stage of life as you, and some friends to whom you can pass on what you know. Keep that encouragement flowing. Set boundaries for yourself. You might not need a weekend away if you respected your own adult time a little more. It’s not selfish. It’s how life works. It teaches the kids to respect your time, too. Then you have more wherewithal to bless each other ♥️ It’s not hard a fast rules, but these simple things help me thrive. . . #thriving #notjustsurviving #momlife #sahm #wahm #sahmlife #blessed #ilovebeingamom #ilovemykids #childrenareablessing #discipleship #respect #values #trainthemup #startearly #momming #mommingainteasy #mommingishard
I was feeling myself today. And I mean that two ways. I felt I looked good and I also felt more ‘myself’ than I have in about a week. 😊
Fall is in full swing here in the Northeast. The air is feeling crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and pumpkins seem to be everywhere we turn. I am loving the extra cuddle time, fall festivals, drinking apple cider, and the perspective that a new season brings. What are your favorite fall traditions? What brings you and your family joy? . . . . . . . #howtolovebeingamom #lovetobeamom #momlife #mom #mommingishard #mom #family #yougotthis #mommy #fall #pumpkin #momlife #autumn #leaf #love #colorful #foliage #environment #autumnleaves #light #travel #trees #sun #read #quiettime
Every day I get to care for my babies, my healthy babies. That is something I do not take for granted. 💝 Having babies, no matter how the delivery, is challenging. It is life changing. I can only try to imagine what it would be like if my baby had to stay in NICU.😢 So when I noticed a call out for donations by a group offering support to parents in NICU I jumped at the chance to help. 😍 Although essential oils weren't on the list I offered to make roller bottles anyways. I get nervous when I offer essential oils to others though, it's strange I know.🤷‍♀️ So naturally I am on cloud nine that the organizer accepted!! ❣ So I stayed up late and made 30 rollers for calming and uplifting emotions. I hand wrote brief instructions and I just hope that in some way it helps one or all of the parents get through this tough time😊 Remember to hug your healthy babies, children, teens, nephews, nieces, grandbabies and foster or adopted babies. They are a gift from the heavens. We learn so much from those tiny humans💑 . . . #momlife #mom #allnatural #help #helpwithstress #calming #babiesinnicu #helpanywayican #fortheloveofourkids #fortheloveof #parentseverywhere #mommingishard #daddingishard #useessentialoils #pure #youngliving #thisiswhatcommunitylookslike #kamloopsbc #isallaboutcommunity #bestcity #forthecommunity
DIY monster spray for kids! 🙌🏻 •8 ish drops each of Valor, Peace & Calming, and Cedarwood! •3 Tablespoons of witch hazel •4oz glass spray bottle (amazon) • Fill the rest of the way up with water • Spray around the room, on linens, in closet and under bed if needed! ~we use valor instead of Lavender because it gives the boys feelings of courage! The peace&calming and cedarwood make them sleepy and sleep well! 💪🏻 #momwin So kids think the monsters will stay away and moms know their kids will fall asleep fast! I call that a win! 😜 . . . . #momwins #momhacks #mommingishard #useessentialoils #easybutton #kids #kidsofinstagram #moms #sleep #sleepy #monsterspray #sweetdreams
I’m so thankful I still experience a full life with my children even though they attend school full-time now. That was my fear—that I would lose the ever-present quality time I had with them when I was homeschooling. ~~ . Sure, some days I feel the over-scheduled “American Dream” and nearly self implode. Those days make me want to run away to the woods with my children to be wild and free. On other days I love watching them giggle and socialize with their new school tribe. And I feel right at home. ~~ . This is a conundrum if I look at each day separately when analyzing life (we all [over] analyze. 😑) I stopped doing that long ago and instead use the “averaging” style of summarizing my life as a life worth experiencing, loving, and sharing. I find all the grace I can to calm my frustrations, both with myself and others. Having a tribe, connecting with them, and valuing those connections calms frustrations for me. ~~ . Life doesn’t have to be 100% on-point to arrive at contentment and stay there. I hope you arrive there too. 💚✌🏼 . (p.s. How come most of my pictures include chickens? 🤣 I may be slightly obsessed with my feathered pets. 😬) . . . . #embracegrace #lifeisgood #healthyrelationships #unconditionallove #tribe #reflection #thinkingoutloud #thefarmlife #womenwhofarm #momlife #mommingishard
CMPC is one of the businesses being featured by Mommy's Mental Health LLC starting this Saturday, October 20th! Olivia reached out, and it’s an honor to be associated with what she is creating. We will be featured alongside other businesses who promote mental health and wellness through their work. • Ever since I became a mom I really wanted to just hug any mom I met. • Called Mama Paper Co. was established to document motherhood and ENCOURAGE mamas through prompted paper products. Two of my notecard sets specifically were designed to be a grab-and-go tools to encourage other moms by a handwritten, thoughtful note & create unity (and a “were in this together, you’re not alone”) experience in motherhood. • I really love the focus of what Olivia has created over at @mommysmentalhealth. Postpartum is hard. Hormones are hard. Becoming a new mom is hard. Becoming a mom again is hard. Raising a child is hard. Sleeplessness is hard. Decisions impacting another person are hard. • If you are a mom, a mom-to-be, think about becoming a mom, or know a mom, pop over to her page @mommysmentalhealth !
Some days are full of sparkles ✨ Some days are full of sobbing 😭 I don’t know why this guy cried all day. I can take some guesses (teething, tired, etc). But deep breaths helped A LOT. . . #breatheinbreatheout #toddlermomlife #teething #mommingishard #theboy #honestmotherhood #ourlife
Silence, it is a scary sound with a toddler 🙈 she came waddling out of the bathroom into the kitchen with a sad confused look, holding a chewed up bath bomb 🤷‍♀️🤣 . . . . #superherobaby #momoftheyear #everybodyneedsacape #bathbomb #howdoesthishappen #nobodywarnedme #momlife #momofone #girlmom #fml #thisismylife #mommingishard #hotmess #toddlerone #momzero #toddlersaregross
I guess I’ll just stop exercising and eating well until my kids are old enough to entertain themselves for at lest 20 mins. And that becomes “until I don’t have kids at home anymore...then I can take care of myself..” —- Is this you? Yes, it is HARD to exercise when you’re being interrupted because someone pooped their pants or hit their brother or made a giant mess, your baby is crying, the dog is barking your husband has to leave for work...it IS hard! —- But something that’s harder- getting sick all the time, having no energy, sleeping like crap, developing diabetes, getting winded when you play with your children or have to walk up stairs..none of that is EASY. —- You have to pick your hard. I can help you pick the hard that will give you more life, more happiness, more joy. It doesn’t have to be quite as difficult as you may imagine or have made it for yourself before. —- Having the right workouts for where you’re at and at the right length, the right nutrition plan and motivation, support and accountability...the HARD choice becomes not so hard. — My bootcamp is opening up again next week and I would love to help you make this thing that seems so impossible (taking care of yourself), possible. You don’t have to do this on your own. We all struggle but can help each other through those struggles, through the hard. —- If you’d like to join a group where I talk about what my bootcamps are, what kind of programs we have, and even sample a workout- link is in bio to join for free. . . . . . . . . . . #boymomlife #boymoms #boymommy #boymomsrock #boymomproblems #boymomma #boymomsrule #boymomadventures #lifeofaboymom #momming #momtruth #mommingishard #momminglikeaboss #hikingmom #diastasisrecti #momoftwo #cameramom #ohheymama #denvermom #highlandsmom #stapletonmoms #denvermommy #nycmom #denvermoms
The dreaded late day nap! She needs her rest! You need a break! Wake her and be ready for the wrath of a mini monster like no other or let her sleep and be prepared to be up late watching so many episodes of Peppa Pig you’ll start talking with a British accent#peppapig #upallnight #momproblems #momprobs ........ ............. .............. ............... ................ #mamatribe #momemes #momswithletterboards #b1withletterboards #letterboardquotes #letterboard #letterboards #mamatribe #momchronicles #sahmlife #sahmprobs #rawmotherhood #unfilteredmotherhood #mommyneedsabreak #mommyneedswine #hotmessmom #stopdropandmom #survivingmotherhood #ohheymamas #mommingainteasy #mommingishard #feltboard #feltletterboard
I love this boy. Teen years are hard, on him & me!! Is he a kid? Is he an adult? It’s such a cloudy time!! 😂💕. Maybe someday he’ll take pics like this again with me .. lol 😆 write now getting a hug is an accomplishment 🤪🤦‍♀️ . . . . . . #boymom #teens #senior #driving #drivingmecrazy #moms #love #son #familyiseverything #mommingishard #takesavillage #wewillsurvive #stopaskingformoney
Today's Workout: Shoulders & Arms. I crammed it in at 6 am again today so that I could spend my day with this little monster (swipe ➡️) on her FIRST EVER field trip. We went to to the Firehouse in case you were wondering. Thought for today: Change your perspective. If you aren't happy with how something looks to you, try changing how you are looking at it. Change the light you are seeing things through. . . . . . #last90days #thischick #wannabefitchick #thisis30something #thatfitlife #weirdoatheart #jerseygirl #crazyeyes #crazylady #hotmessmom #momlifeyo #virgomom #ocdmom #sahmlife #girlmomma #mommingishard #tattooedmommies #disneytattoos #disneymomlife #addictedtodisney #doitfordisney #musicistherapy #doitforyou #justworkout #thinkhappythoughts #upgradeyourmind #gratefulfortoday #followthesigns #justbreathe #mycrazyfitfun
The scale is a tool for me. I use it to track how my body reacts to what I eat. It can be a good measure over a longer period of time but stressing out about daily or even weekly fluctuations will do you no good ▫️ Today I woke up 1.2 lbs heavier than yesterday, yet I feel amazing! I feel strong. I feel confident. The number doesn’t define me ▫️ And if you happen to be curious as to why I would gain 1.2 lbs overnight, I can tell you (because I know my body). It’s because yesterday I had peameal bacon for breakfast and store bought salsa for dinner. Two things I know are high in sodium and cause water retention. Don’t be afraid of the scale if you want to learn more about your body and its relationship to food. But don’t stress out about the number! ▫️ How do you feel about the scale? * * * * * * #oc4 #shes6 #adhdmom #momof3 #aroundthetable #goaliemom #normalasnormalcanbe #thisgirlofig #confidenceclub #hes13 #hockeymomlife #mommingishard #coffeefirstalways #teamjen #powertobeme #hes9 #balancecollective #livfit
✖️L A S T C A L L✖️ Fall is officially here and there's no better time to Fall back into Fitness. I’m looking for 5 more busy ladies who are ready to get serious about their health & fitness. Join us, starting October 22nd, for a brand new 30 Days of Fitness, Nutrition & Support. As your coach, I will personally work 1:1 with you throughout your journey. You will also get: 🖤Help choosing the right fitness program/nutrition plan to help you get results and shed pounds. 🖤Coach tried & tested family friendly meal plans, meal prep 101, tips & tricks and more! 🖤Your easiest, yummiest & healthiest meal of the day 🖤The tools to help you with emotional eating, late night snacking, traveling, the upcoming holidays & more. 🖤Effective Goal Setting for your personal weight loss/nutrition. 🖤24/7 access to our private Challenge Group 🖤A whole lotta positive mindset, daily accountability, support and motivation 🙌🏼 Serious inquiries only AND you must be ready & willing to invest in your health. 💬COMMENT, 💌MESSAGE ME, or 👍🏼LIKE this post to secure your spot TODAY🖤
I used to be one bitter and angry woman when I thought about what a “healthy” meal represented. In MY head it didn’t include my rice and beans and that brought on all the resentment and resistance to stick to a healthier eating plan. Cut scene 4 years later and I see things clearly now; it’s not about doing without your favorite meals it’s what your meals are lacking; vegetables and cleaner ingredients and Smaller portions too! So simple! #riceandbeansforlife
An easy, everyday, fave go to of mine
I will always be a Judgment Free Zone. . I’ve been through a lot in my life. And if I haven’t been through it, chances are one of my family members or friends has. . If you need someone to listen, I have a phone and a couch (and a Starbucks card). If you need someone to have a random dance party with to shake yourself out of a funk, I can put on anything from the Wiggles to Weezer. If you don’t want to be alone but don’t feel like talking either, I can do that, too. If you’re struggling or feel alone, I’m here. . . . . . . #judgementfreezone #beenthere #reachout #selfcare #takecareofeachother #strongertogether #mentalhealthawareness #endthestigma #depression #anxiety #ppd #ppdsurvivor #sahm #wahm #toddlermom #momofgirls #mommingishard #adultingishard #frederickmd
These really are the moments that put this motherhood thing in perspective. Am I right, mommas?
When you’re filled with so much PRIDE but also your HEART BREAKS a little all at the same time!!! ❤️😫🤷‍♀️ That’s the life of a mom... I learn this a little more each day!!! Jamison had his tubes removed this morning, he never blinked an eye, just hugged us and walked back with them! Look at how grown he looks!!! 😭😭😭 I sat, so worried, because when he had them put in he came out of the Anesthesia MAD 😡, I mean like screamed for 30 minutes SO MAD!!! I was bracing myself for that... stressing about how to calm him down... They called us back and there he sat all smiles chatting with the nurse. They said he never made a peep or shed a tear! 🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼❤️ I was SO relieved!!! I’m not sure where my baby went, but my big 4 year old was a super trooper today!!! #mommingishard #mommabear #eartubes #mommaonamission #crazytrain #4yearold #tubesforthewin #mommasboy
I can’t focus until the house is clean but the house is never clean for more than 1 hour so ... 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Excuses ‘till the end of time. This one from @fowllanguagecomics is just too relatable...
She only goes for the tickets! This particular day she hit the jackpot!!!!!! Does anyone else's kid just want the tickets and not turn them in for a little prize???? @bannyhead #mamabear #minime
Gosh I love these guys...especially when they are laughing and getting along. It makes all the hard parts worth it. #momlife #myboys #boymom #mom #mommingishard #soworthit
Being A Mom “Motherhood is a choice you make every day, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is… and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong.” -D. Ball ___________________________________________ Am I tired and stressed? Did I almost cry in the car on the way to work this morning?!?! Yes and YES!! "busy" "tired" are just words I say. Today, I sacrificed my shower, fixing my hair and brushing my teeth, just so I could iron my shirt and feed the cat.. 😂 That's crazy. Time isn't my friend lately. Last night the boys stayed up past 1 all because they wanted a sucker they found in my oldest sons room..😂😂 Really?!?! No sleep for a blow pop.. ⬆️Now he sleeps? ⬇️⬇️ The reality of it all goes so much deeper. I love being a momma, I always feel blessed.. I don't have alot of time for myself, like many parents.. I have a job, 4 kids, 1 in college, 1 in high school and 2 in diapers.. It is hard, but it is supposed to be, right? I knew what I signed up for and I GOT this!! ✌ After babies 3&4 my body just felt so used and weak. I hate saying that but it's true. Within 3 years, 4 cycles of IVF, 2 miscarriages, pregnant with triplets to twins. ➡️Bedrest, take it easy. I didn't mind taking it easy, I wanted to stay pregnant.. The weight gain from IVF and fertility meds are unreal. Weight gain from bed rest while pregnant, unreal.. Weight gain from sitting in the NICU for 2 months, pumping and nursing preemie twins, unreal.. Weight gain from busy home life with kids, unreal.. Why do I share on my IG? I started trying to push myself to make the time to be active at 6 months PP.. NOT much success until about 12 months PP when I started sharing on IG.. NOT to teach, train or coach.. I did it for me... A year later now that the 50lbs is gone I do this for me and also for other momma's struggling to find the time with little ones. I know how hard it is. Ladies with babies that are trying to MAKE it all come together.. Hang in there, stay patient. Progress will be slow BUT it will happen. KEEP GOING!! #momlife #postpartum #mylife
What is “Lifehack for Moms” book about? It is a book full of helpful advices for all new moms! Here is the contents:  Chapter 1. Shopping for a newborn Chapter 2. First days after birth Chapter 3. Lifehack for daddy Chapter 4. Baby care  Chapter 5. Safety rules Chapter 6. How to calm down a crying baby Chapter 7. Breastfeeding Chapter 8. Nursing mother’s diet Chapter 9. Children’s sleep, or X-files on the topic of “Putting your baby to bed” Chapter 10. How to dress your baby for a walk Chapter 11. How to make your walks more fun? Chapter 12. Mother’s health and beauty Chapter 13. Maternity sport Chapter 14. Traveling with the child Chapter 15. Maternity time management  Chapter 16. With my next child I will definitely… Chapter 17. The most important chapter #lifehackformoms #bookformommies #honestmotherhood #mommyhood #momstagram #lifewithbaby #babysleep #honestmommin #mommylove #momslife #momblog #mombook #bookformom #mommin #momminainteasy #momming #mommingishard #mommies #mommingsohard #mommielife #mommiesofinstagram #mommymoments
Days are sometimes overwhelming!! #Bedtime seems so far away!! Evenings spent at the #school !! Dishes to be done!! Dinners to cook, because no one wants to eat #McDonald ’s or #pizza everyday!! #Crockpot has become your best friend!! #Laundry to be done! Bathrooms to be cleaned! Beds to be made!! Homework to be done!! Oh...the dust!! Plus, you have to nurture and listen when our kids and #husband want to talk!! When all YOU really want to do is to be left alone!! If this is YOU!! Let’s chat!! I know those feelings!! I sometimes have those feelings still!! But, I’ve found something that HELPS with those feelings!! &&&&& I’d love to share it with YOU!! #sparklewithjess #mommas #motherside #putthewinedown #Ivegotsomethingbetter #plusitwontimpairyourdriving #energy #mommingishard #mommy #mom #motherhood #kids #sports #activities #band #volleyball #archery #nasp #coach #school #homework
Good morning, ya'll!!! ☀️ . Yesterday was my Plexiversary (but I'm doing the real celebrating today since yesterday was Parenting day at school)!!!🙌🏼💕 I am still in awe of all the changes our family has experienced in the past 2 years. It has truly been a complete #gutpunch (in the best way possible)😆, and I am forever grateful I took a chance on these products and this business!! . Just for today, you can join for FREE!!! That's right...I have a promo code for TODAY only!!! 🎉👏🏻 . Then through tomorrow night, you can join for just $15! #ihaveaprocodeforthattoo 🙌🏼 . Not ready to join, but want to give it a try? New Preferred customers can get 10% off their order of $100 through this weekend!! If you've been considering Plexus, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Your health is worth the investment! Comment below or message me for details!! I can't wait to help y'all feel as great as I do!!🙌🏼💕 . . . #promocodes #anniversarysale #cheersto2years #pinkchampagne #wifemomboss #mommingishard #momminainteasy #roséallday #last90days #last90dayschallenge
This kid was supposed to have his front tooth extracted today (swipe right to see why). We don't know why it's happening but we're grateful, it seems to be getting better. A couple weeks ago he landed full force into his front tooth doing stuff toddlers shouldn't do, but that they haven't learned why yet (jumping off stuff). An urgent care visit, x-rays, dentist visits, lots of waiting and a second bump in the face from a well meaning sister and we were all pretty sure the tooth had died. He had broken the little bone behind the tooth that held it in place so it was very wiggly and just waiting for an infection. Aside from that, it was painful for him. So, we agreed with the dentist, pulling it would alleviate things. Besides, we were already used to his quirky smile from his other tooth issues. We really thought we'd get more than 24 hours of a fixed smile but you don't always get what you want in life, right!? Last weekend I made the comment to James that it looked like it was coming forward. He agreed. Every day it seems to be a half a shade brighter. He demanded to eat an apple yesterday. It seems to feel better enough to not want to let the Dr in to have a peek today (they are pros so they got it done anyway!). Anyway, we decided to give it more time before we give up on things all together. Despite OUR efforts this time, Miles still has all of his teeth. #mommingishard #3yearsold #milesbear
My body is powered by streamed workouts ... In the convenience of my own home ... In the privacy of my basement ... In just 30ish minutes a day. I workout where I want, when I want, and wear what I want. No commuting to the gym, worrying if I remembered to brush my teeth or waiting for a machine to open up. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I am a busy wifey and mama who MAKES the choice to get it done. I MAKE the time. I make MYSELF a priority. And as a result ... I am a better wifey & mama. I also get pretty kick ass results from working out in my basement and YOU CAN TOO. Most workouts are between 25-45 minutes ... That's just 2% of your day!! I have all kindsa new groups starting. If you're looking for simplified nutrition, convenient fitness, daily accountability & motivation and ... most importantly ... RESULTS ... 💬COMMENT, 💌MESSAGE ME, or 👍🏼LIKE this post and I'll help you secure your spot in my next Challenge Group ... we start on Monday 10/22 ❤️
This face.... I’m pretty sure it would have been this exact face... If 3 years ago you would have told me what my life would look like now... how things would change... I can say with about 150% certainty THIS is the face I would have given you! 🤷‍♀️😳 Now here’s what you’re thinking... “Good for you, but what does that have to do with me?!?!” 🙄🙄🙄 Well it’s actually very simple!!! 🙌🏼 The point is that you can do SO MUCH more than you could imagine!!! You CAN break down barriers! Create completely different habits!!! You CAN change your life!!! The choice is up to YOU! 😩I went from being 50lbs over weight, miserable in my clothes, and incredible sedentary... 💪🏼To a healthy weight, comfortable and happy in my own skin, and moving my body to relieve stress and build strength almost daily!!! Set your sights on what you want to achieve and then don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING hold you back!!! Most importantly don’t hold YOURSELF back!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You got this! I believe in you!!! 🙌🏼💪🏼 #facialsfordays #imaperformer #mommingishard #mommaonamission #waybackwednesday #whattheheck #mommabear #notapartoftheplan #newhouse #mommaof3 #crazytrain
🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m just sayin 😂 Super excited for this months #fatgirlfedupsdietbet so next year my summer bod can be ready 🙈 #mombod ••• Follow @sometimeskidsaredicks for more!
The struggle is real #mommingishard
I don’t believe Hustling is everyone’s thing. But I believe that learning to sell items on a platform should be taught. Unexpected things occur in our lives everyday. I want to make sure that no matter what may happen with my children’s jobs/careers that they will always be able to feed themselves. Part of the way I learned eBay so well when I was younger was because my dad wouldn’t give me money he would give me something to sell. He provided me with a way to help myself. Over the last 20 years there have been many times that my side hustle turned into paying the bills. My deceased husband lost his job right before Christmas one year. While still working my regular job I was able to make up the loss in income. It is a very important thing I want to give my children. One of my children has no interest in learning, even though I know she would rock it. I honestly think it is because I do it full time and she wants to do her own thing. I completely understand that. I however will not be offering any assistance in the form of straight cash. She is welcome to anything I have to sell, which is insane by the way. She is welcome to sell it wherever and for however much she likes. I told her keep whatever she makes. Still dodging me on this after months. She just lost her job, I will not be giving her any assistance except to teach her how to sell. Maybe that makes me a bad mom, but so be it. #parenting #resellerlife #motherhustler #teachthemyoung #makeyourownmoney #mommingishard #lifeskills #maintainyourself #sorrynotsorry #makemoney #takecareofyourself
Today is a no makeup, wild hair, comfy shirt while you breastfeed the baby kinda day...
I mean, if we’re being honest... • • • • #momsneedabreak #newmoms #newbornbaby #mamaneedssleep #mommingishard #babymommasbelike
Today's Workout: Rest day. So I did 20 minutes of HIIT because I feel 100% better when I sweat. And then some yoga with my dude Ted. Thought for today: Upgrade your thoughts. 🤔 “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” — Buddha Today is the 17th day in a row that I woke up BEFORE 5 am, did a meditation, some kind of prayer, and either journal-ed or read a book (while listening to it on audio because my brain still struggles with reading.) Just those small additions to my day are ABSOLUTELY making a difference in how I feel, in how I process information, how I handle the things happening around me, and how I speak to others. Also, it's helping my anxiety. I'm consciously trying to change my habitual negative attitude for my own mental well-being (not just for show) and it feels good. However, this 6 am workout selfie lighting on the other hand, it feels terrible.🤦 Selfies are much better in the sunlight. (Oh gross, I said selfie.) 😂 . . . . . #last90days #thischick #wannabefitchick #thisis30something #thatfitlife #weirdoatheart #jerseygirl #crazyeyes #crazylady #hotmessmom #momlifeyo #virgomom #ocdmom #sahmlife #girlmomma #mommingishard #tattooedmommies #disneytattoos #disneymomlife #addictedtodisney #doitfordisney #musicistherapy #doitforyou #justworkout #thinkhappythoughts #upgradeyourmind #gratefulfortoday #followthesigns #justbreathe #mycrazyfitfun
Who can relate?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😴 #momlife #mopslife #mommingishard #sotired #exhausted #moresleepplease #moms #momssupportingmoms #saturdaymorningpancakes
There is no such thing as a perfect mom... We all just do the best we can for kiddos, and that's what is SO important.
Like Every.Single.Day!!! I know I'm not the only mom who feels this way. If this is your life right now, drop your favorite emoji below. #mommingishard #momlife #toddlermom #momsofboys
The burnout move at the end? 😭 I made it up in my head for YEARS that it was too hard to even attempt. . When I first saw it, I had half a thought to not even try, and just keep doing regular burpees or a plank. 🙄But then I thought about something...Aiden fell down the first time he tried walking like most kids. . Did we throw in the towel because it was too hard? 🤔 OF COURSE NOT. 🙅 If we didn't keep TRYING, he wouldn't have learned how to walk let alone RUN and CLIMB all over everything. . ➡️Getting up early can be hard. ➡️Being a mom can be hard. ➡️Being a wife can be hard. ➡️Doing your job can be hard. ➡️Being healthy can be hard. . But WE CAN control how hard we make the situation is that we're going through. . Approach it with that same mentality as a kid learning to walk or talk. [we're still working on expanding our vocabulary beyond Mama & NO] And keep this in mind: Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." . I promise that you can accomplish harder things than you realize.
It’s that time of the year. 🍂 You know, that time where the summer indulgences start showing up on our waist lines, our clothes fit slightly tighter and we graciously hide behind our bulky fall and winter sweaters. 🍂 It doesn’t have to be that way! 🍂 Yes I will enjoy those adorable and comfy sweaters but I won’t hide under them anymore. 🍂 I will keep working out, taking care of my body and my soul. 🍂 I will choose to discipline myself day in and day out, press play, and put Jesus in my heart every single day. 🍂 I will continue with these cheesy smiles because I’m confidant in my body, for the first time in a very long time THANK YOU JESUS! 🍂 Let’s embrace the season we’re in ladies, we don’t have to feel defeated, we can do something about it right here, right now, and I can help you figure out how to get started! 🍂 DM/message me!
Momming is a tug of war between I want them to get older and less needy vs. please stay this little and cute forever 😭 love my babes, but man oh man is it a rough road parenting sometimes!! Who’s with me!?
Real talk.... Before coaching I was bitter, jealous, sad, lonely, extremely self conscious. Felt like I was the only mom that didn't have it together. I was so overwhelmed. I was constantly comparing myself to other women and other moms. It was awful. I felt awful. I told myself I was fine though. But I knew I wasn't. I lost myself. I forgot to take care of myself. I got tired of it. . . Since I dove head first into this coaching business i have learned so much about myself and am continuing to learn more every day. I am working on myself every single day. Filling my brain with amazing affirmations. I get to manifest success and love instead of anger and jealousy. And it feels amazing. I get to surround myself with amazing ladies who have the same dreams and aspirations as I do. . Putting yourself out there is terrifying. But one thing I've learned that I tell myself everyday is that; you will be judged whether you're chasing your dreams or not... might as well be judged while you chase your dreams.
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