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When you can't deliver on the snowman outside because it's so soft and powdery you gotta make due. Cocoa and pancakes to warm up after playing in the snow!
When I let go of what I am. I became what I might be! After a long week and a new program and nutrition I can honestly say I feel amazing. I might have struggled but I am finding this person inside myself I didn’t even know was there. I am not done transforming! I am just beginning!
At least these BIG smiles made up for the mediocre snow storm! ❄️👭 • • • #momof2girls #snowbunnies #snowflakes #snowstorm #valynrose #giulianagrace
Momentálně dítě za trest!😀 Ne, teď vážně. Od roku spí sama, po roce jsme se přestěhovali, rovnou jí dali do svého pokoje, žádný problém. Ač třeba neusnula hned, tak prostě ležela. Poslední cca dva měsíce, z ničeho nic jedním slovem tragédie!😤 Začalo nám období, kdy prostě neusne sama. A to je celkem velkej opruz! Vždycky tam musí jeden z nás být, aby usnula. Bohužel se tady nebavíme o deseti minutách, ale třeba o dvou hodinách.. Takže ve finále celej večer v háji a může jít člověk spát taky. Řeknete si, nechat vyřvat. Ona ale neřve, ona se prostě sebere, otevře si dveře a jde za námi dolů. Dělá to do té doby, než jeden z nás prostě jde. Dáš jí 19x zpět do postele, ale po dvacátý už to prostě vzdáš.. Přes domluvy, vysvětlování, zakazování pohádek, mlsek a i samozřejmě přes dání na zadek. Nezabírá nic! Zkusili jsme všechno.🤷🏼‍♀️ Pomoc, pomoc, pomoc..🆘 /#daughter #momof2girls #mommylife #parenthood #mygirl #home #nosleep #activechild #helpme #nosleeping #everyevening /
Balanced lunch today. Figured I might as well dish up a small bowl of the kids Mac n cheese instead of shoveling spoonfuls straight from the pot into my mouth! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ #momlife #keepinitreal #macncheese
Вчера получили долгожданные👏👏👏 фоточки от @lyudmylachernova 👇 Поэтому еще будем постить восхитительную😍 ёлку с розовыми розами🌸🌸🌸 в @sweet_home_studio_niko от @karina_decorator_m и нежнейшие платья👗, предоставленные @aliona_photo.room в рамках фотопроекта... 💗💗💗 Добавим девчачий розовый вам в ленту😉
👩🏻‍💻Weekly Meal Plan Day! After my first week of strictly sticking to my meal plan 💯% here are 2 eye opening things I learned. 1)The amount of money I saved! 💰 ☕️ First off, I wasn’t spending money on fancy coffee’s which we all know has gotten ridiculously expensive! ($15- $20 per week) 🥙I used to go out to lunch typically one to two times per week because I’m always on the go and so I just stop for something quick. Those meals range from $10 to $15. 🍔 We also usually eat out one night per week (costing $30-$40) on the night the girls have gymnastics because we get home so late. And well it’s just “easier” (or so I thought). 🛒 It makes grocery shopping so much easier (I only buy exactly what’s on my list) and cheaper as I’m not buying a bunch of random crap! You guys! That’s $70+ per week and $280+ per month that I’m saving! 😳 And that isn’t counting grocery savings! . . 2) 🌱 I saved so much time and stress- I am typically a wing it type of girl when it comes to meals (which is terrible). I decide what I’m taking to work for lunch and having for breakfast based on leftovers or whatever is in the refrigerator or pantry (also not a good idea). In turn that leaves me a grumpy scrambling mom in the morning trying to put something together and still get out the door in time to get the kids to school. I then decide on what we’re having for dinner as we’re driving home from picking the girls up at daycare. Anyone else? . . Sooooo this past week was smooth sailing on the meal front to say the least and it made my week so much better. Not only did I save money- I went to the store ONE time last week and I knew exactly what I was having for every single meal, I never had to stress or think about what I was going to make for dinner, if we had all the ingredients to make said dinner etc. Needless to say- this meal plan is a life saver! #mealplanning #healthylifestyle #beprepared #momof2girls #workingmom #policewife #savingsonsavings #prepareforsuccess
I was feeling super pumped Friday at work, because I pulled this blazer from the back of my closet because it hasn’t fit in YEARS and not only that, but when I did wear it years ago, it never really fit then either. It was too tight on my arms, and the button was on the verge of popping open every time I sat down. Well, NOT ANYMORE! 🥰I seriously wish I could convince all of you looking at this photo wanting to make changes yourself, to actually WANT the change and take the steps to truly feel better again! You CAN do this. I feel beyond better most days and believe me, still have much to work on, but I will never let myself get to the place I was in before I started to make myself a priority. #hashimotosthyroiditis #hashimotosdisease #hashimotosweightloss #hasimotoswarrior #metabolicsyndrome #momof2girls #gettingstrongereveryday #crossfit #championstrong . . . Special thanks to my gym family and coaches at: @wearechampionfit ❤️💙
Sometimes instead of a little self growth book, I have to switch back to urban fiction. Now although I truly enjoy #selfgrowth 🌱 reading, I also enjoy #agangsterlovestory #sistersouljah has a #powerful voice for human rights. #coldestwinterever #midnight #womeninbiz #manager #weallstartsomewhere #momof2girls #booklover #student #ilovereading
Sundays are a great time to reflect on the past week and set yourself up for the week ahead. ⠀ ⠀ My new fitness program isn’t just about physical transformations and health- the program has integrated so many tools and affirmations to truly transform your life... really grow in your mindset, working through challenges of daily life as a mom, as a wife, as a person with narcolepsy, as a person grieving losing her mom... and all the other challenges that we face. ⠀ ⠀ As I reflect on this week, I am PROUD & have more STRENGTH to conquer my challenges rather than try to avoid them. I am on day 7 of my program, day 7 of committing to improving myself even more each day and I want this for you too! When you start to make these changes, it spreads into other areas of your life and how you approach life, it’s incredible what 1 week has done for me! ⠀ ⠀ I want to share this with so many of you! I BELIEVE in YOU! This program has already changed my life and if you’re ready to make today better than yesterday... TRUST & BELIEVE and give YOURSELF a shot! Show me your 💪 and join me... committing to ourselves TOGETHER! . #transformyourlife #transformyourmindset #maketodaybetterthanyesterday #health #healthylifestyle #reflectandreset #balancedlife
Moms of more than one kid.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do you find yourself feeling guilty doing fun things with your little one while the older one is at school? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’m so used to having both girls that home that now I feel like Evelyn is missing out.
What if life was not happening to you but if it was happening for you! Thank about it... take control of your life💗. . . . #2under2 #momof2girls #postbabybody #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #healthylifestyle #16monthsapart #18monthsold #strongmom #babyweight #toddlerlife
I have never loved working out on a weekend more than I do now...and 20 minutes goes by so quickly, there isn’t even room for excuses. Rest days are still active days! And the -9 temps changed my plan for a walk at the cabin to Bonus workouts: abs and recovery to fully stretch out. Week 2 starts tomorrow, are you still watching from the sidelines or have you joined me? #sahmmom #sahmlife #sahmomlife #momofgirls #momof2girls #momof2under3 #wisconsinmom #wisconsinmomlife #toddlermom #breastfeedingmama #csectionrecovery #mombody #noexcuses #workhardplayhard 💪 #sundayrestday
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Être grande soeur, Difficile de savoir ce que ressent ma grande fille, ma grande bébé. Son papa comme moi même nous sommes les petits derniers. Nous essayons de rester vigilent afin de repérer le plus rapidement possible les signes de mal être lié à la jalousie ou au sentiment d'être délaisser. Parfois nous passons à côté... Mais nous essayons de rappeler chaque jour à notre enfant à quel point elle est exceptionnelle et à quel point nous sommes reconnaissant d'être ses parents. Nous lui expliquons et nous lui montrons que tout ce qui est mis en place avec sa sœur a été fait avec elle. (allaitement, portage.....) Ouf nous avons des photos à l'appuie. Ce qui aide aussi à lui montrer que nous l'avons énormément pris en photo et que nous faisons pareil avec sa sœur. Et étonnamment, elle ne supporte pas l'idée que sa petite sœur soit loin de moi. Pour elle, la place de sa sœur est avec sa maman. Elle repére aussi bien que moi les moments où sa sœur a besoin de téter. Elle agit avec toute la maladresse relative à son âge, mais elle agit surtout avec beaucoup de bienveillance, et beaucoup d'amour. Et sa petite sœur lui rend bien. Cette petite complicité qui s'installe, ces petits eclats de rire, ces câlins.... Rien n'est gagné, mais en restant vigilant à garder l'équilibre, chacun trouve sa place pour une harmonie sur une durée plus oui moins longue. Finalement..... Toujours se rappeler que ce n'est pas parce qu'elle est l'aînée, qu'elle n'en reste pas pour autant une enfant de 4 ans, qui a besoin de temps en temps que sa mamam l'habille, de s'endormir lover contre elle avec des papouilles dans le dos mais surtout de savoir que même si elle grandit et gagne en autonomie, elle reste le grand amour de ses parents. #4ans #grandesoeur #allaitement #momof2girls #momof2 #portage #mamallaitante #bigsister #mamanfiere
It’s Sunday It’s supposed to be a rest day But I got a workout in anyways Not to punish myself for something I ate or because I think that I NEED to in order to make progress . I worked out today because I needed it MENTALLY. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. I was also on medication for a long time and while that helped, it’s not what I wanted for the long-term. I had to confront my demons, to change my mindset, to let go, and make a decision to move forward. After a lot of hard work I was able to wean myself off of medication but it doesn’t mean that I don’t still struggle sometimes. . But now I have tools, I can cope, and usually, I can control it. And one of those tools is EXERCISE. It helps me destress, refocus, gives me those feel good endorphins, and makes me a happier (and more patient) mom and wife which I’m sure my family appreciates.😂 . So what about you? Do you ever struggle with anxiety? If so, what strategies do you use to cope??
Rest / Recharge on a Sunday is needed to start off your week fresh and ready to conquer . Meal planning . Schedule out your week . Schedule in your workouts . Schedule in time to work on your future . Are you looking to advance your career ? Build a side business ? Whatever that is , make time to build your passion . Journal out your goals and get ready to crush the week ahead
What do you think ONE WEEK will do? Sometimes, not much. Other times, a lot! In one week, I’ve lost 4 lbs and the hubs has lost 8! . . It’s been a mental battle this week for sure! My broken toe has limited me in my workouts, but I’ve been 100% on point with nutrition. Just proves you can’t outrun a bad diet!🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️. . . Wonder what next week will bring?! Drop a 🏃🏼‍♀️ if you want more information! You can either watch or JOIN ME! The door is open!💕👯‍♀️. • • • • #watchorjoinme #healthylifesyle #healthyactivelifestyles #leadbyexampleeveryday #girlmommylife #oneweekresults #20minuteworkouts #nutritionwasonpoint #imaginewhatyoucando #businessboss #momof2girls #girlmomlife #weightlosstransformationinprogress #postpartumjourney #transform20 #teamfearless
Do you feel guilty when you leave your kiddos for a few days for business or pleasure? It is something I struggle with, and often find myself apologizing for when I decide to prioritize my little get-a-ways. . I know some mommas won’t do this, and it is each to his own, but Although I feel bad to leave all the responsibilities to my hubby ( which I am so grateful he can handle) and my other family I also know I want to teach my kids that life is about balance. Not perfect balance but striving for balance. Sometimes work comes first, and I work harder each day to make the 1:1 time with them with less distractions, more conversations, better listening, more connecting, less devices. . We can’t change how our world has become. But we can set priorities to get back to the basics. Back to the ways our ancestors lived with true conversations, less alerts, beeps and distractions, at least for short periods of time. My goal is quality but having other priorities means quantity may sometimes be sacrificed. . Do you other mommas agree? Do you struggle with this? Always a work in progress, no shame in that! . . #progressnotperfection #thebestisyet2come #organizedchaos #ourcandidlife #momof2girls #swimmom #adultingishard #mombosslife
Baxter would like to come downstairs while I workout, but he just gets into too much trouble!
Well.... someone loves the snow! . Baby boys first winter.
During our weekend getaway in Flagstaff, each family was tasked with providing a meal for the group. We came up with the idea to host a sushi making contest :) It was a success! We have cooked dinner for 8 many time and this was by far the easiest, least stressful meal prep ever. If you need a fun, easy meal for 8, this is the way to go! I got everything we needed at @sprouts • • • • #simplifyyourlife #simplifylife #simplifying #momoftwogirls #momof2girls #igmama #momblogs #bloggermoms #dinnerparty #dinnerpartyideas #sushimaking #getawayweekend #entertainingathome
Dimanche matin ... tempête .. tellement une belle journée ❤️🌨 Et ce Matin j’ai décidé de me lever sur la pointe des pieds en évitant les planches de mon plancher qui craques 😉 pour ne pas réveiller personne... pour aller mon entraînement mais en douceur ce matin dans mon gym-salon ... petit pilates d’amour ☺️ et Ma plus grande qui est venue me rejoindre pour le terminer avec moi😉☺️ Profitez de votre dimanche ❄️ . #momlife #momof2girls #pilates #pourtasanté #tempetedeneige #❤️dimanche #entrainementalamaison
There were many gifts in this sunrise this morning 😍🙌🏻 Have a blessed Sunday ❤️ #livehappy #momof2girls #aipdiet #aippaleo #intermittentfasting16hours #guthealthmatters #healthyhabbits #liveyourtruth #happyhealthy #ilovecoffe #dreamscometrue
Así es como vivimos el anuncio de la llegada de nuestra segunda princesa 👸🏻 Siempre nos hemos visualizado con una familia de niñas, parece que no nos equivocamos 😅 Nótese que la familia y amigos quedaron en shock tras la noticia 🤣🤣🤣 (el 80% iba por niño 😑) La dinastía femenina se impuso de nuevo... Gracias a @horaglobos por estar presente una vez más 💕 #genderreveal #family #momof2girls #babygirl #babyitscoming
Did you get your workout in today? The roads were unsafe? Your accountability buddy was snowed in? The gym was closed? Darn! My commute was clear. My accountability buddies are getting it done already. And even IF my wifi was out I've got the workout downloaded. Yep, I got tons of snow, too! Guess it's just a bonus of my online fitness catalog and virtual boot camp! I can get you started today if you're ready to cut that gym fee you aren't getting reimbursed for today 😉
L O V E I love you to the moon and back my sweetie pie. Schon verrückt, wie tief man einen Menschen lieben kann. . Heute waren wir zum Neujahrs-Brunch im kiga. Nun wird relaxed und der Sonntag entspannt als Familie verbracht. Habt's fein ihr Lieben. ♡ ♡ #love #loveher #familylove #familygoals #mädchenmama #mädchen #family #momlife #instamum #lebenmitkindern #babygirl #momof2 #momof2girls #momlife #instamum #lebenamlimit #momblogger
Morning y’all!! It’s Sunday!! Start fresh tomorrow by preparing today. Whatever you are heading for this week you can do amazing things. Have a great Sunday!!
All I need today for pedrutraining 👌😅°°° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #pedrutraining #personaltrainerin #weekendsports #trxworkout #equipment #pilates #fitmom #momof2girls #089 #munich #healthylifestyle
*Good morning* Today’s plans: church, family time, chicken stew and preparations for daddy leaving again. The weekends go too quickly don’t they? FYI- no drama in this house this weekend 😂👍🏽💁🏽‍♀️🤪😘🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🏽
Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben. Die Sonne scheint 🌞 ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Sonntag... 😊😘🤗 #sonntag #morgen #kaffee #tee #frühstück #familytime #instagirl #picoftheday #gutenmorgenwelt #daslebenistschön #mamablogger #momof2girls #duisburg #düsseldorf #coffeelover #loveyourlife
gdy miała roczek zastanawiałam się. kiedy wkońcu ją uczesze? a ten czas leci nieubłagalnie. 😢 niebawem 3,5 roku i dwa warkoczyki 💗 #plecy #nadia #nadusia #moja3latka #babyfunny #siblings #siblinglove #nazawsze #nazawszerazem #mojezycie #momof2 #momof2girls #cudniś #magicofchildhood #child #children #fotografia ##letthekids #pixel_kids #portrait_ig #portrait_shots #big_shotz #magazine
Serena taking her big sister role very seriously 🥰. I feel like from the moment Aliya was born Serena grew so much 😱. It was also a slap on my face as it also reminded me of when Serena was a baby and that was 4 years ago which really give me perspective of how fast they grow. Time is passing by so fast and we well never get those moments back so let’s’ just cherish those simple moments which will later on be the most important one.#toddler #newborn . . . . . #mumsofinstagram #mumlife #motherhoodlens #momcommunity #momentsinmotherhood #watchthemgrow #momlifeisthebestlife #moments_of_mom #justmomlife #featuremama #memoirsofmotherhood #clubmomme #slowmotherhood #lovingtheordinarymoments #magicofmotherhood #instamommies #stunningbabies #momof2 #momof2girls #mydaughters #mygirls 💕 #familyiseverything #motivation #mesfilles #mesenfants #mama #maman
Мой маленький фотограф растет! Старшенькая дочка в последнее время не любит фотографироваться, а вот сделать фото с большим удовольствием, так что мы с Викулей сегодня были моделями для нее!!! #фотоотдочки #маленькийфотограф #старшаядочка #мамаидочка #мамадевочек #мамапогодок #зима2019 ☃️ #зимавкалифорнии #жизньвсша_диана #сша #winter2019 #january #momentsofourlife #momof2girls #лoвипозитив #день_20янвapя
Chapter 1: Commit W1 D6 #transform20 ✅ What?!? 👀 I completed the 1st week! YAY for ME!!! 💃 I needed balance today! ✌🏼Why not go ahead and torture my abs for 10 more minutes to finish the week! 🔥 ⚒ #10minuteabs #happysaturday
Omg so true🤣 How many go out shopping for themselves and come home with stuff for the kids instead🙋🏼‍♀️#mommylife #daughters #clothes #acessories #shoes #momof2girls #
There’s a ‘NEW KIT ON THE BLOCK’ and we are FREAKING OUT!!🎉 (my hubby came up with that one- he thinks he’s pretty cool) I on the other hand am wondering if he’s secretly a fan of @nkotb ?!🤷🏻‍♀️😂 . So the Young Living Premium Starter Kit just received a MAKEOVER, and it’s better than ever before!!! . What makes it NEW you ask?. -They ADDED 2 of my favorite..heck everyone’s favorite oils- VALOR (courage) + PEACE & CALMING (name says it all)🦄 -It has 1️⃣2️⃣ oils included now -It has a newly designed outer sleeve. -New tray that folds into a neat design and can stand. -Copaiba was removed due to supply restraints -Citrus Fresh is now a vitality -Underneath there is now- •Thieves Hand Purifier. •Ningxia Packets •Thieves Cleaner Sample. •Stress Away. •2 roller fitments. -Also now included is New lifestyle booklet 📖. . Think about it this way... You get over $400 worth of product for $165! Friends that breaks down to $13.75 per oil! That’s not even including the diffusers, and all the goodies!🙌🏼 . Such a good deal, right? If you have been on the fence about getting started- here is your sign that it’s time!✨
After a long week of storms I am so excited to get out of the house. Time to hit the park for some sun and friends. . . . . #momof2girls #2under2
Duck duck goose and chips and dip as we watch the snow come in! #snowedin #roc #momof2girls
LOVED watching our daughter compete today! College track meets are a whole new ballgame and so exciting to watch! She placed 3rd in weight and did well in shot put!! #proudmommoment
Made it home safe and sound ! Chicago the snow blizzard 🥶 wasn’t going to stop me from going to the JKO! Now more than ever I need to take: . . M A J O R ACTION ! . . . #bullsnation #chicago #chicagosnowstorm #winter #nothingstopsme #majoraction #momof2girls #momlife #mominfashion
Diets don’t work! This is something that I always said and believed, and this month proved to me that this is the case! This month I had to be on a very restricted diet for one of my treatment plans. It’s referred to as a low iodine diet, which means no dairy, no iodine salt, no chocolate and no egg yolk. For the most part I eat pretty clean but I learned fast that salt is in everything! Since I was so limited in my choices to eat I did lose 6 pounds, but I know that is weight I will add right back because that’s not the lifestyle I live. During the last 20 days everything that I couldn't have I craved 10x more! I wasn’t able to have a small amount, I simply couldn’t eat it at all. This makes me think when people go on a “diet” and they cut out foods that they love! But why cut out something your going to crave? Obviously I don’t mean I crave a whole pizza, so eat a whole pizza. I mean if you are craving a pizza, limit the amount you have and how often you have it. In your mind you’re then not telling yourself you can’t have it, it’s you can have it every now and then. That different mindset has helped me over the years! I am so thankful to be off that diet and back to somewhat normal diet. I hope the treatment worked because I really don’t want to do this again! And yes this donut tasted amazing!
“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never weakness.”— Brene’ Brown • Get a little uncomfortable, growth never happens inside comfort zones! Embrace the hard and have courage to keep showing up as your true self. It takes courage to share your journey and to not give up when life gets hard! Growth happens in those difficult times when you DONT GIVE UP✌️ Get vulnerable! Life happens, it’s how you show up that matters❤️ • ••We had a day date today #partyof4 and a little shopping! Pretty much a perfect day in my book👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🌮🛍 • How are you spending this weekend?
A veces pasa...no lo niego 🙈🤭😁🤪 y ustedes qué tal su fin de semana??? Cuéntanos en comentarios 👇🏻 nos encanta que compartan con nosotras sus experiencias 😊 #mamientiemporeal #momof2 #momof2girls #madresreales #momblogger #mexicana #tabasqueña
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