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Because swinging alone isn’t as fun! 😂🥰✨⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ #mompreneur #lovebeingamom #flashesofdelight #love #kids #parenting #motherhood #letthembelittle #parentinglife #momtruth #mothering #dogmoms #bigfamilies #ausiedoodle
Heeey!! 🤩 We have a new blog post!! 📢🖋 We all know that children like to play 👶⚽. But what we may not know is the importance of play in a child’s life. Play is essential to every area of a child’s growth and development. . ☝️☝️ Find the link in my bio ☝️☝️ . . . 👉Follow @littleoneslifeskills for more interesting articles ! 👈 #momtruth #momproblems #bloggers #playtime #instadaily #mommasboy #blogging #play #blogpost #parentlife #parents #baby #like4like #blog #blogger #babys #parenting #babylove #moment #parenthood #mom #babybump #moments #instakid #babyshop #parent #instamom #instaparent #kidsplay
Happy Father’s Day to one of the best; the fun one, the one who lets them play video games, eat junk and drink all the juice they desire..ohh, and is the best cuddler.
Happy Fathers Day to this little girl’s favorite human besides her Mama 😉 It is amazing to see how crazy she is about her Dada and the bond that they have. I will forever be grateful to this man for making me the mother of my dreams to our little girl and soon to arrive baby boy. The fun has just begun 😉 . . . . . . . . . . #happyfathersdaydad #fathersdaylove #toddlerplay #familyislove #fatherdaughterbonding #daddylovesyou #daddies #daddiesgirl #dadsbelike #momsbelike #momtruth #parentwin #parentinglife #parentsbelike #toddlermomlife #kidswillbekids #momentsoflife #motherhoodalive #momlifebelike #momsohard #momminainteasy #raisingkids #daddyandme #daddysgirlforever #letthembekids #parentinglife #parenting101 #momhacks
Seriously true!! Working 9-5 in a cubicle? Helping the owners build THEIR business? THEIR DREAMS? YOU need to work FOR YOU. Build your dreams, build YOUR business. I can help you! I'm building mine! You will literally have a WHOLE TEAM of people to help you be successful💜- - #truth #momtruth #tryyourhardest #workforyourself #dreams #biggoals #motivated #trysomethingdifferent #trysomethingnew #ditchtheoffice #beyourownboss #mombosslife #bossbabe #workingmom #workinbed #workfromanywhere #makeachange #makemoneyathome #workfromhomejobs #workfromhome #workfromhomemomma #workfrommyphone #workingwithkidsathome #meridianmoms #meridianidaho #boisemoms #boiseidaho #trending #2019 #changeyourlife
Happy Fathers Day to all the hard working Dads out there!! ⁣ ⁣ But a special Happy Father’s Day to this guy right here 💙⁣ ⁣ He is never too busy to:⁣ 💙 take Ava to the movies ⁣ 💙play UNO with Chloe⁣ 💙 play superhero’s, ghostbusters or zombies with Nick!!⁣ ⁣ We love you!! Happy Fathers Day Brian!! ⁣
There is something so special about the bond between a girl and her dad. Watching them together has made me love Mark even more than I thought possible. Lachlan is so lucky to have the best dad in the world. Happy Father’s Day
I bet there are a lot of dad-tired dads out there today....
What is everyone’s summer plans?!
We started off celebrating Father's day weekend by creating puppet cards with @nimble_craft at @kithkinphilly on Friday. If you are in the #philly area and looking for a great place to take your 5 and under kiddos, check out their beautiful space and Karith's class every Friday morning! Photo credit: @nimble_craft #newmomlife #sahm #sahmlife #babymom #firsttimemom #momlife #momtruth #momproblems #momsmatter #momblogger #motherhoodunfiltered #thisismotherhood #phlbloggers #phillymom #phillykids #ilovemydaddy #happyfathersday #firstfathersday #craftyfun #kidcrafts
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Happy Father’s Day to the other half that created the blessing that is Grayson. Hate that when your around Grayson turns into a daddy’s boy. Keep it up 😘
Happy Father’s Day to our ROCK! We love you Mr. Harley❤️❤️❤️
What, you don’t bribe your kids with snickers bars to take just ONE MORE picture while they actually look nice??! 😜 . Happy Fathers Day to the worlds best. We love you so stinking much! 😘
Today I’m blowing up my feed to celebrate this sweet little girl! She’s been my sidekick since she came out of my tummy and makes me so happy! Happy Birthday sweetheart you’re the cutest tiny human that truly is my ray of sunshine everyday! You wake up every morning and give me the best, great big hugs and have to give everyone a kiss throughout the day! Life wasn’t complete till we had you! I thank God so much that he sent me such a sweet, happy, funny, and precious lil love!! Happy 3rd Birthday! Mommy and Daddy love you so so much!!! We made it through the terrible twos and Lord I def have a sassy southern threenager on my hands💖💖💖😍💐✨🛍🎉💄👸🏻🤪 #happybirthdajojo #jojo #sweetandsassy #momlife #momtruth #realbeauty #mommyssunshine
Because... I survived 2/3 of this solo wife long weekend. And they are sleeping. Incidentally, this is my latest fave thing: @sorbetiere lemon curd ice-cream. If you’re going to solo wife, solo drink and eat all the ice-creams without your toddler - may as well do it in style 🥰
All dressed but couldn't help jumping in bed. As a parent we never end up 'treating' ourselves or focusing on us.  From the minute I found out I was pregnant we focused all our energy on making sure Nylah's room looked right and everything had perfect coordination and storage. Meanwhile our poor room had been a bit forgotten. That's why I'm so excited to have received our new bed from @arista.living finally a treat for us! Not only is it stunning , it matches our decor perfectly. It also has ottoman storage which works amazingly for keeping everything tidy and out of Nylahs reach 😂🤭 I love the fact it's storage and you don't even realise, plus it's super sturdy. 🙌 use NYLAH50 for 50 percent off yours today #ad Shirt dress - @femmeluxefinery gifted #Luxegal Bed - @arista.living gifted . . . . . . . . . . . . #momtruth #quote #mumprobs #motherhoodunplugged #momsofinstagram #disneyfamily #bedday #momproblems #daddy #momlifebelike #momblogger #instamom #toddlerlife #momhumor #parentinghumor #mommemes #mumblog   #parentingmemes #mumanddaughter #mumlife   #momprobs #momsbelike #babygirlfashion #babygirl #disney #instavsreality #thatmummytribe #mumprobs
Today I’m 10 months old💕 This past month I’ve been motoring around on absolutely everything! I still need a hand or object (object of choice being my sisters chair) to hold onto when walking, but I’m almost there. My favorite things to play with right now are my dollhouse, a plastic carton of eggs, and balloons🎈My favorite foods at the moment are avocados, strawberries, mangos, yogurt and peanut puffs. . I have 2 bottom teeth and a third coming in up top. I love to babble and copy the sounds mommy and daddy make. I still love scratching and smacking my parents, it’s just as funny this month as it was last! I’m super chill and enjoy playing on my own or with my sister👭, when she slows down enough for me to catch up to her. I’m still attached to my mommy 99.7% of the time, unless she’s out of sight, she’s always on my mind. . My streak continues as a rockstar in the sleep/nap department. No fussing or crying for this girl😎. Presently, I’m 27.5” long and weigh in at 15.2lbs 🌱.
Sending out a huge shout to all my hard working dads today. 👶👶👶 Also a huge shout out to all the single fathers out there. Raiding a child ain't easy and doing it solo is definitely Hard Mode. 👶👶👶 Big down to all the dads that bailed: you will never have any understanding of what it means to be a father. 👶👶👶 Like what you see? Tell your friends! And follow us @AwkwardDadNotes for more original parenting humor #AwkwardDadNotes #momproblems #FathersDay 👶👶👶
Eleven years ago I gave this guy the jump scare of his life: I showed him a pregnancy stick and told him, "We're having a baby!" Here we are, two kids later, living our best (aka, most tired) lives. Happy Father's Day @seanchenart 😘 || #happyfathersdaydad to all the daddies
Cute, Summer hairstyle guaranteed 😍⠀ ⠀ Our Kansa clips can be styled in so many fun ways and come in three different colors!⠀ ⠀ Who’s loving the addition of a few hair accessories to the shop? ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #barettes #barettesfordays #hairstyles #summerhairstyles #easyhairstyles #neutralfashion #neutraldoneright ⠀⠀ #mariekondomethod #sparkjoy #sparkjoy365 #tassels #southernstyle #sparkjoychallenge2019 #uniqueaccessory #accesoriesoftheday #accessoriesofinstagram ⠀⠀ #funscrunchies #scrunchies #scrunchiesareback #scrunchiegang #scrunchiesfordays #momtruth #milenialfashion #milenialstyle #needcoffee #ineedcoffee
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY AND THE BENEFITS OF CONNECTION TO THE NATURE! Happy Father's Day to all fathers all over the world!!! How did you celebrate today? We went for a stroll to our favourite park - Phoenix Park. I remember my most favourite memories from childhood are, when my dad used to take me every Sunday for a walk to the nearby forest. I loved it! First because of the connection with him and second because of the connection to the nature. I probably could feel intuitively that it's good for me. There is lots of research confirming that nature works great not only for our physical, but also our mental state. The study conducted by the University of Derby and the Wildlife Trusts even showed increase in children's self-esteem after participating in 30 day Wild Campaign challenge. They also felt it helped them to unleash their creativity. So next time you feel like you need a mood and creativity booster, don't even give it a second thought. Just go for it! Your kids will thank you one day for implementing this great habit into your family life.
“I’ll just restart on Monday.” How many times have you said that to yourself?? I know I’ve said that hundreds of times. But there is nothing special about Monday. I missed my scheduled workout on Friday because of a crazy weekend with the kids, but I got up early this morning to do it. It doesn’t matter that it’s Sunday. It just matters that I did it, I got it done, no excuses. Now I can go into next week with a positive mindset. Week 1 of LIIFT4 finally done!😜😜😜
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Happy Father’s Day from baby Archie 😍 Wishing Prince Harry and all the other fantastic dads out there a wonderful day with their families ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 credit @sussexroyal
Thanks for keeping it real George! 🤣 . . I’m so blessed with great dads all around me! Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!!! 💙 . . . . #Lakefrontlibrary #momlife #kids #kid #fun #play #momblogger #fathersday #kidsplay #kiddos #kiddo #momlifebelike #momofboth #lakelife #parenting #parenthood #fathers #tiredmomma #celebrations #summer #momoflittles #momtruth #momprobs #moms #momminainteasy #mom #momtruth #dadsday
~ BEACH VIBES ~ ___ Jonah's first sandy experience! Trying to get him slightly prepared for our holiday in less than two weeks, although England beaches just don't come close to being abroad🏝. Holiday countdown is on, 12 days to go! Does anybody else have any holidays planned for this year? ☀️☀️
Playgrounds: where friendships are easily formed. Remember how easy it was as a child to make friends? To easily strike up a conversation based on the love of slides, imagination and getting dirty? Nowadays, friendships don’t come as easily. As an adult your plagued with doubt, possible rejection and uncertainty. It’s hard to form friendships as a mommy. Often we are interrupted by our little ones, our responsibilities and opinions. I know that I haven’t form many new friendships and it makes me sad. But I hope as I open myself up, friendships will come as easily as; hi, can I play too? #momtruth #notakidanymore #playgroundfrienships #realityofmotherhood #getslonely #beafriend
i’ve never celebrated Father’s Day the way others do/did ... because for me, my mom did and continues to be both mom and dad/grandma and grandpa . . so today is about her and all the other kick ass moms takin’ names each and every day as both mom and dad all year round! . . today is another day for you to be proud of the amazing job you are doing raising your tiny humans into amazing children/adults with the strength of a million inside you and the heart of a warrior you truely are💗 . . (also happy Father’s Day to those amazing dads out there)
To the world 🌎 you are a father, but to us..... your our world 🌎 _ Happy Fathers Day @thecurt17 We love you and Thank You for being the foundation our family needs to grow ❤️
Happy 2ND!!!!! Father’s Day to my other half!! Kevin, you never cease to amaze me. You are the calm to our chaos, the reason to our outrageous requests, and the glue to our family. You have stepped up to the dad plate so effortlessly that I still think you’re doing it all wrong 😂. Thank you for being the rock and more that we needed this past full year of parenthood!!! Love you dada!! . . . #twelvemonthsold #bayareamom #mommyhood #Motherhood #sahm #momtruth #ftm #momhobby #boymom #parenthood #igmoms #momstagram #bayarea #mamasboy #motherlove #momsofinstagram #12momths #momsofig #twelvemonths #momsofboys #momsofinsta #bayareamoms #momsplaining #instamom #fathersday
Never want Dad to forget how much we love him! This is a perfect way to guarantee he never does! 😬
To my darling boy, . Today you are 7 months old. I can't quite believe where the time has gone. The first months of your life are flying by, oh what I'd give to slow it down. . Seven months nurturing a love and a bond like nothing I can begin to explain, until I became your mother I knew nothing like it. . I'm well over half way into my maternity leave now, we need to think about nurseries and childcare, but I don't feel ready to share you, not yet. . No one lifts me like you. No one makes me want to be better than you do. No one has my heart like you. . Your gorgeous little face brightens the darkest of days with ease. One cheeky smile from you and any problems become the furthest thing on my mind. . You are mine, and I am yours. My (not so little) Pea. . Love always, Your Mum x . . . . #momtruth #quote #mumprobs #pictureperfect #motherhoodunplugged #momsofinstagram #disneyfamily #keepingitreal #momproblems #daddy #momlifebelike #momblogger #instamom #toddlerlife #momhumor #parentinghumor #mommemes #mumblog   #parentingmemes #funnymom #mumlife   #momprobs #momsbelike #instavsreality #mumprobs #sleeplikeababy #sleepybaby #thatmummytribe
If I’m honest. I’m “over it.” He is 31 months old. (2&3/4) I’ve wanted to be done for quite some time. But I haven’t forced it yet. Because I know I also chose to become a vessel when I became a mother. A vessel of nutrition. Love. Comfort. Immune system lessons. Certainty. Thirst quencher. Energy provider. Home base. He needs all of that so badly with divorce still being fresh and all the passing around that entails. On this Father’s Day, I am reflecting on the depth of responsibility parenting actually entails. Let’s not sugar coat it. There is a time for self care. And there is a time fo sacrifice. If we have realistic expectations of how challenging (and rewarding) this parenting gig is, maybe we’d have less mental health problems too. Because we’d plan ahead more. We’d know what to expect. Like if you know you’re in for a freaking triathlon vs a 5K your mentality and even physical training is going to look WAY different. What do you need to do/decide on to prepare for or survive this parenting journey? Let’s talk about it. Let’s do it. ❤️
If the twins could talk, they would say thank you. Thank you for playing on the floor with us, even when your back hurts from work. Thank you for making us yummy dinners mom never would. Thank you for long snuggles on the couch while watching Spirit and Word Party. Thank you for chasing us at the park and throwing us in the air. Thank you for taking care of us when mom cannot. Thank you for your patience, even when you want to walk away. If the twins could talk, they would say Happy Father’s Day & I love you daddy. #happyfathersday2019 #fathersday #twindad
Happy Father’s Day to the ROCK in our family! 💙 • Aside from always loving me despite my pregnancy + postpartum hormones 🤪 + being such an AMAZING daddy to our baby girls - you INSPIRE me to always follow my DREAMS 🌈 • You manage to run a successful business + still make your FAMILY a priority. You motivate me in SO many ways + because of you - my GOALS + DREAMS are even bigger. 🙌🏼 • I LOVE doing life with you + I am SO excited for what the future holds for us + our family. 🥰
Bailey is absolutely so blessed to have you as her daddy. I couldn’t ask for someone better to be walking along side this parenting journey with. You are so kind, tender, gentle, and patient with our daughter. You are always willing to play with her, do crafts with, play soccer, go to the park and so much more! I truly am so blessed that you are the one who God trusted to be her daddy! We love you so much! Happy Father’s Day!
A little Father’s Day humor for you today 😘 Hopefully he earned himself a good one 😍 🙌 📸 credit @showerarguments
Happy Father's Day to this guy! We loved spending the weekend celebrating you & an exciting new chapter for us ❤ God really blessed us with you!! • • • • • • • • #happyfathersday #sunday #momlife #wifelife #sundayfunday #weekend #weekendvibes #momtruth #familyvacation #getaway #familytime #roadtrip #adventue #fitoiltribe #essentialoils #youngliving #oilymama #crunchymama #cleanliving #womensupportingwomen #holistichealing #snowcone #lovethem #fatherandson #twins #familygoals
On Father’s Day I celebrate a man that stepped in and choose to be my father when I did not have my dad in this world anymore, he gave me everything a father can give a little girl and I also celebrate a man that gave me my two beautiful gifts 👦🏻 👧🏻 and is my partner in the journey of parenthood ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . Happy Father’s Day to all the dads
ANXIETY; Following on from the Father’s Day post I just thought I would share one of the big anxiety triggers in my life. Growing up I wasn’t lucky enough to have a mother figure in my life until I was a teenager. Because of this I was desperate to always be apart of every single aspect of my children’s life. So when my life fell apart and things got hard the idea of having to split my time with them and share them was crippling. The idea that there was a part of their life that I wouldn’t be included in and wouldn’t be a part of hurt more than I ever imagined and I felt like not only had I lost the idyllic family unit I’d always wanted but also lost part of my kids. I was worried that growing up they wouldn’t remember the adventures we had or the love that I showered over them and would always prefer their father over me. I was terrified and for a small time I didn’t want to share. As time went on and I eventually shared my fears with a few close people they reminded me that this wasn’t the case. They reminded me of the moment my son sees me after being at his dads for the weekend, how his eyes sparkle and his joy radiates off him as he runs into my arms. How my daughter wraps her chunky hands into my hair in an attempt to get ever closer. How my heart fills with an immeasurable amount of joy and love every single time I see them. I was reminded that, no matter what, my love for my kids doesn’t mean any less because they’re gone for very short periods of time. I forced myself to put a perspective of family into it. My kids have a massive family and, although it may never be connected, they will always be surrounded with unconditional love. My kids won’t love me any less because their time is shared between two parents. I am their mother and nothing will ever be able to change that. So for now I will miss them desperately whilst they’re gone and love them with all that I am whilst they’re with me. I’m still learning how to do this whole co-parent thing but rather than obsess over the future and what might be, I can focus on the here and now and the magic that surrounds my children. #mother #twoundertwo #singlemother #singleparent #flyingsolo #daughter #son #boy #girl
“A good father is one of the most unpraised, unsung, unnoticed and one of the most valuable assets in our society.” - Billy Graham ... Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there today. I hit the jackpot with my baby daddy - he bends over backwards to provide for our family in every way possible and will do whatever it takes to serve and take care of us. I sometimes take it for granted but am continually working on being grateful for having such an amazing man in my life. 🦸🏻‍♂️ #happyfathersday2019 #lovemybabydaddy #babydaddysbelike
Happy Father’s day to the best baby daddy a girl could ask for, and the best father I’ve ever seen. You are a pack mule, a jungle gym, a coach, a teacher, a pal, and you can pack a diaper bag for the day or a suitcase for a week for our kids and not miss a thing. Most importantly, you’re the kind of dad who lets our boys be who they are — sporty or not, a momma’s boy or not, a sensitive kid, a quiet kid, a kid with long hair or short. I know that no matter who or what they turn out to be you will love them unconditionally and support just who they are. The best dads are the ones who can love their kid for the person they are and just be there to support and help them, and that is you without a doubt. We love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate you when we’re all reunited in a couple more weeks @jonathanfredrickofficial ❤️❤️❤️
As you can see by her happy little face, this one had soooooo much fun at the Italian Festival last night that she had a very hard time leaving. But it’s all so worth it for memories like this! 🎡🇮🇹🍝 And since we have ride tickets left over, you may just catch us there again very soon 😘 #summerthings
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