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Swipe for reaction ... The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté, May 21, 2018 (With Special Guest Co-Host, @btoddrichards ) LINK IN BIO On this extra special episode of the “World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast”, I call in a co-host for the first time ever. Todd Richards joins me in M.A.S.S. HQ for an extended episode covering the #OiRioPro , WSL Surf Ranch, Shaun White getting tubed, the raging 540 debate, Flat Earth Spin Deniers, Albee Layer’s @live.fast.die.old incredible aerial antics, Waco @bsrcablepark Radness, and tons of technical surf nerd stuff. Also, we dive in to @vansparkseries Brazil, Jaime Anderson and Dancing With The Stars, Mammoth Spring Sessions, Nate Bozung’s wild weekend, Maddie Mastro’s Double Crippler, Chloe Kim’s 1620, Japanese X-Games Oslo domination, @tonyhawk 50 tricks for his 50th birthday, @jimmicane talks #vansducttape @vanssurf and so much more! This is a great episode, you’re going to love it. 📹 @takeshelterprod #mondaymass
#MondayMass 🙌🏻
I might not see the Lord anyway but I am so sure that our compassionate Lord will see me 😇 3 condition of Miracle 1. be persistent 2. respond immediately and eagerly to the call of Jesus 3. to know what you really need #MondayMass
A little daily Mass to start off my week. #mondaymass
#Blessed #mondaymass 😇🙏🏻😇
Matt Hensley, Vista, 1990 by @jgrantbrittain Two #skateboardinghalloffame members at the peak of their powers. Actually they both still rip and are creative forces in everything they do. Listen to #mondaymass for more about the #shof (LINK IN BIO or at yewonline.com) #hensley #jgrantbrittain
The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté, May 7, 2018 (LINK IN BIO & yewonline.com) This Special Edition of the "World's Greatest Action Sports Podcast" was recorded on location in #Lemoore , California, home of the #WSLSurfRanch , one day after the historic #WSLFoundersCup . After 48 hours straight doing play-by-play for the event, I have even more to say about it, plus an EXCLUSIVE interview with @kellyslater ! Also, @ToddRichards gives us his thoughts about the pool party war (#VansPoolParty Vs. WSL Founders Cup), shots fired from the @bsrcablepark /American Wave Machines Waco wave, plus @converse_cons "Purple" video praise, R.I.P. Mike Davis, Oi Rio Pro Preview, Skateboarding Hall Of Fame stuff, and so much more! #poscast #actionsports #mondaymass presented by: @yewonline @loscabosopenofsurf @bajaboundinsurance @southcoastsurf @quincywoodwrights @super_brand @masterplancommunications
Today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life. Wishing me,myself and I a memorable birthday full of the Lord's blessings. Happy 24th Birthday Self 😊 #Mondaymass #Birthdaygirl #mykindofcelebration 🎉 #90 'sbaby
Thanks God. #MondayMass
Thankful to have started the week off strong! Mass was wonderful this morning. AND my mini was well behaved. Winning all around 💪🏽💜 #MondayMass #ChurchTime #Thankful #MiniMe
It’s Monday ... just got home from Oz, will try to do a #MondayMASS today, but probably tomorrow. Here’s @andrew_cotty copping a @wsl Big Wave Award Winning wipeout. 📹 @Pedro
The #MondayMASS Podcast will most likely happen tomorrow. I was too busy being a grown-ass-man-poser in Australia. What kind of adult poses like this holding a skateboard? What am I 10 years old?
Waiting in line bright and early for Mass. #irvingplaza #mondaymass #thebandghost
GoodMorning😘 #MondayMass #bataan
ATTENTION: @lastweektonight is by far the best late night news program and @iamjohnoliver is the hero our country needs right now. Oh and he talked about skateboarding in Iran last week, which was awesome (LINK IN BIO) #johnoliver #lastweektonight #iran #skateboarding #mondaymass @thrashermag @hbo
I missed #church yesterday. So I offer you my #penance and evidence that I attended #mondaymass got #downonmyknees and did #crunches . . . . . . . . #gaymuscle #gayabs #dragonflag #fitfam #gayfit #gymday #fitover40 Thx @getsfsquared @racecooper
Massage can help fight your case of the Mondays! Contact me to set up your appointment! 🤗💆🏼‍♀️💆🏽‍♂️#massagetherapy #mondaymass #massagebymeag
God will make a way 🙏😇⛪️ #mondaymass #blessed ❤️
Here’s a video of @derekdunfee rushing a “Mack daddy” at Mavericks. Listen to Derek break down the 2018 @wsl Big Wave Awards on this week’s #MONDAYMASS (LINK IN BIO) 📹 @powerlinesproductions #podcast #actionsports
"I am the Resurrection and the Life, He that believes in me shall never taste death." - Lord and our God Jesus Christ. #Beblessed #MondayMass #NSTPGRADUATIONCEREMONY
Wake N Bake #mondaymood 😴☕️ Jak mija poniedziałek ? #monday #mondaymass #coffe #wakenbake #wakeandbake #420 #weedtime #weedstagram420
What’s life without adventure!👊 #Elev8YourSkills #Elev8ed #Elev8OurYouth #LocalNonProfits #CASA #CAPC #ChildHelp #GivingBack 👉Repost: @chriscote ・・・ Watch this a couple times and really let it soak in on how gnarly this is. New #mondaymass mini episode drops this A.M. this video is of @frankbourg from last year’s @xgames #realsnow Real Snow drops tomorrow and is going to be heavy. As seen o @sessionsmfg 📹 @brothers_factory
I had a complicated relationship with Andy Irons, definitely saw the best and worst of him, but always found him to be one of the most exciting, unpredictable, and insanely fun humans to be around. Listen to this week’s #MONDAYMASS to hear about the great and terrible memories of my time spent with this guy, including the time when he slapped me and stomped on my glasses, and when he busted his ass filming and finishing his last (and best) Surf part for a film I was producing at TransWorld SURF. The Andy Irons documentary premieres in the first week of May with a new trailer dropping today, it’s gonna be heavy. (LINK IN BIO) #andyirons #kissedbygod You can still go listen to the podcast though)
Listen to the legendary @joeybhowyadoin giving us an East Coast Snow Report in this week’s #MONDAYMASS (LINK IN BIO) #howyadoin #joeyb
VOMUME UP: The women are in to the quarter-finals and @caroline_markss is firing on all cylinders. Listen to this week’s #MONDAYMASS Podcast for what to expect for the rest of his event and so much more. (LINK IN BIO) @yewonline #yew #podcast
Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté, April 2, 2018 (LINK IN BIO & on yewonline.com) This week on The World's Greatest Action Sports Podcast I go deep in to my personal history with Andy Irons as the release of the highly anticipated, Andy Irons "Kissed By God" documentary is hitting screens this week! Plus, lots of Rip Curl Bells Pro talk, @burnout from @thrashermag gives us his reasons why we all need to watch the new @vansskate skate flick, "Spinning Away", which is out now on thrashermagazine.com. @trevormcclung is pro for @planbofficial . I still have not received my feedback from @feedback_ts. The world famous East Snow snow bro, @joeybhowyadoin gives us snow news this week and it's epic, How Ya Doin!? Monday M.A.S.S. is brought to you by: @quincywoodwrights , @yewonline @bajaboundinsurance Torrey Holistics, Masterplan Communications, @southcoastsurf , and @sessionsmfg #mondaymass #actionsportspodcast #podcast
#MondayMass hell of buck going on the wall today. #PopcanBases #IndianaStud
Tonight! Mojo. Copenhagen. 10pm-10:30pm Feature set. #mojobluesbar #mojojukejoint #mondaymass #therisingson #prayer
The homie @btoddrichards taking the win at this weekend’s #tomsimsretroworlds on a real live vintage Sims snowboard. 📷 @jonfosterphoto Listen to me gush (LINK IN BIO) #mondaymass
Look Mom, I finally made the big time! I was officially the @kook_of_the_day on Sunday! New #MONDAYMASS Drops soon! It’s pretty good episode, it’s ok, I mean, you might like it. Link will be in bio soon.
Owtoy, mumma, I and well, the flowers. 😄🌸🏵️❤️ #mondaymass #church
2017 X Games #RealSnow is HEAVY. @eddiewall and I both agree that @frankbourg is looking like a lock. Listen to today’s #MONDAYMASS for more. (LINK IN BIO) 📹 @brothers_factory @sessionsmfg @xgames #podcast #snowboarding #xgamesrealsnow go to xgames.com and vote for Frank, his part is straight up 🔥
I skateboarded today, but not as good as this guy skateboarded today. #MONDAYMASS podcast coming in hot tomorrow morning. 📹 @americasgotnotalent
Heavy slam from one of my favorite skateboarders, @noravexplora gets the @hallofmeat treatment. More about my favorite females on this week’s #MONDAYMASS Podcast (LINK IN BIO) 📹 @thrashermag @codylonglens #hallofmeat #nora
Watch this a couple times and really let it soak in on how f—king gnarly this is. New #mondaymass mini episode drops this A.M. this video is of @frankbourg from last year’s @xgames #realsnow Real Snow drops tomorrow and is going to be heavy. As seen o @sessionsmfg 📹 @brothers_factory
💋 HOW DID YOU START YOUR MONDAY?? 💋 • 💪🏽 I started with a fasted Leg Day at one of my favourite spots lately. My tummy looks so flat after fasted sessions, but tbh it’s one of my areas I’ll improve on in time. I’ve neglected it during my bulk, but come May, things will look up 💪🏽 • 🔅 Hat: @nikesportswear 🔅 Sports bra: @nikewomen 🔅 Leggings: @fableticseu 🔅 Shoes & socks: @nike#MussBeFit #NikeBabe #FableticsEU #FitChick #MondayMass #HappyHealthy
We interrupt this broadcast to tell you that #MondayMASS is dropping tomorrow. Gonna be a good show, worth the wait, maybe. #podcast 📷 @gunarsphoto @sessionsmfg
Oh can still listen to #MondayMASS even though it’s Wednesday (LINK IN BIO) . @renerinnekangas rules by the way. 📹 @eemelikyl #parkour #snowboarding
Viva of the day: Joan Akiki! Joan turned 23 today. She is a contre-alto singer, a musician and teaches different instruments. Furthermore, Joan works as a shadow teacher assisting students with special needs. Apart from her busy career and schedule, she is an active member of the choir dedicating her time and strength to praise the Lord. #vivamariachoir #viva #vivas #alti #choir #prayer #music #musician #lord #god #jesus #lebanon #youth #medjugorje #followus #mondaymass
The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté, March 5, 2018 (LINK IN BIO) This week on "The World's Greatest Action Sports Podcast", we got @btoddrichards ' with his final thoughts on the 2018 Peyong Chang Winter Olympics, snowboarder, @chrisgrenier talking about what sounds like the most epic cabin, skatepark, snowboard park, situation ever, as well as Academy Award Winner, Frances Mcdormand dropping @chloekimsnow name (and tricks) during her Oscar Speech! WSL commentator @ronnieblakey_ Blakey talks @mfanno retirement, @billykemper Wins Big Wave World Title, @airandstyle LA went off, @spottampa Tampa Pro was insanity, and not one but two reviews on @Nyjah Huston's "Til' Death" Nike SB part, and so much more. #mondaymass #nyjah #airandstyle #tampapro #chloekim #oscars #olympics #mickfanning
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