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WHAT MAKES YOUR PRODUCT DIFFERENT FROM THAT OF YOUR COMPETITOR'S? . Ice Cream is ice cream... . But what makes a particular brand more expensive than the other? . Is it the taste? . The brand maybe? . Those could probably play a role in the pricing of the products. . To keep things simple, we're going to assume all ice cream is the same and has the same flavour. . What will make the one sell more than the others is the story behind, and it's uniqueness. . Unique, how? . If everyone says their ice cream is vanilla and yours is vanilla too there isn't much of a different. . But if you say "our ice cream is not just vanilla, it's a product of the purest milk." . Now that's not really fancy but you've differentiated yourself from the rest. . You were first to claim that. And everyone's milk is pure too. But they didn't say anything about it but you did, so you STAND out more. . So think of your product... . Find a benefit that your competitors aren't using and use that to your advantage. . Remember, thesurvival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . To your success. . -Terrence . P.S. if you need help crafting marketing messages in a way that will get you ahead of the competition, leave me a DM and we'll have a lil chat around how we can do that for you. . ✅ Follow @terrencentelezi for more.
FEATURES DON'T SELL, BENEFITS DO! . I remember once I was looking at some sound equipment. . I want to buy the best of the best, because frankly I hate buying the same things over and over again. . So as I read the first brochure, they had some really cool features listed. . I do sound engineering for fun but some features didn't make any sense to me. . Then I read another brochure, it had features listed and benefits right along side it. . I immediately understood what I would get. . The other one required me to be a professional sound engineer to get what they meant. . When selling something, stress the benefits, because no one really buys a product for it features unless if they benefit him or her. . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . -Terrence . ✅ Follow @terrencentelezi for more. . P.S. if you need a boost with your sales using the written word, sales pages, emails, FB ads, send me a DM and we can have a little chat.
PEOPLE'S ATTENTION SPAN IS LESS THAN THAT OF A GOLDFISH . Thanks to social media and many other contributing factors. . People can no longer pay attention to anything for a long time. . For example here on instagram... for me to get you to read the captions and leave a like and a comment. . I have to capture you attention for longer than 3 seconds and spark enough interest for you to even read the caption. . Most people just read the first paragraph and if it's boring... poof they're gone. . So think about how you can get the attention of the people you want as customers. . One way is getting good at headlines. . That's the first thing they see... . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . To your success. . -Terrence . ✅ Follow @terrencentelezi for more 😊
THE ART OF SELLING IS QUITE A TRICKY ONE. . Have you ever considered why one business in the same industry, with the same product, will perform better than the other? . Even in the movie business, one actor or actress will be way more successful than the others. . WHY? . It all boils down to sales. . What causes most sales to fail, despite the method used, is generally negative thoughts. . That negativity sensed by the prospect, in the sales presentation or in the copy. . You've got to have full confidence in your product. If you don't, then you're selling the wrong product. . You need to be sold on your own product before trying to sell it to someone else. . You're not going to make that sell if you're carrying within you some negative emotions. . Hope you find this helpful. . ✅ Follow @terrencentelezi for more. . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells.
EMAIL IS THE KING OF THE MARKETING KINGDOM WITH 4400% ROI . Literally nothing matches up to it... . First online check of the day: 58% for email and 11% for Facebook. . And email is the preferred channel for permission-based promotional messages with a 77% over 4% for Facebook. That's a huge gap. . And here's a kicker... . You have full ownership of your email list and with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? . Your account can be termination for whatever reason or no reason at all. . That's not the safest way to do business. . So if you have an email list and you're not making money from it... . You're literally leaving a boat load of money on the table. . You customers want you to send them emails... . 58% of them email is the what they check first thing in the day and you're not leveraging that. . But luckily I have a solution for you... . I can help you send emails that will make money guaranteed. . How do I know... . Because they are certain things that are of great importance in an email copy. . If they're not there you're are just wasting your time and living money on the table. . But if you're a smart entrepreneur who wants to get ahead of this competition... . Then let's a have lil chat... send me a DM and we can work something out for you. . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells.
ADVERTISING THAT CONVERTS... . It all starts with the headline. . If the headline doesn't attract and capture the reader's attention, then that ad just wont convert. Period! . So what draws attention to the headline? . A very BIG PROMISE... . When people are going through content online, they are there looking for something that will benefit them. . Hence, a big promise. . But a big promise also tends to draw a lot scepticism. . To resolve that, you have to cub your headline... something I learnt from @jasoncapital . C-ONFUSING U-NBELIEVABLE B-ORING . So you have your big promise... the first test it has to pass is the confusing test... if it's confusing people won't continue reading. . Next, the unbelievable test... if your promise it too big it becomes unbelievable even tho you can deliver that promise, people won't buy... so you have to make it believable. . Finally, boring... kinda self explanatory... . If you won't, read, watch or listen to anything boring why should someone else? . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . To your success. . -Terrence . P.S. if you need a boost in sales and your ads, emails or sales pages are not converting as expected, DM me and we'll have a lil chat.
Whether you're an entrepreneur or not, this happens to all of us... . I've been through this many times in my life... . And over time you become more resilient. . Some days the pain is just too damn much you stay in bed a lil longer than you should. . It's okay... . But you gotta get up cause if you don't, your goal will always remain a dream and never become a reality. . We all have struggles but we can't let 'em kill our dreams. . Just gotta have faith. . If you're determined to achieve the goals you set for yourself this year, comment below... . And let's get down to work.
ARE BIG IDEAS FOR GENIUSES? . This troubled me for while... I couldn't seem to come up with any big ideas. . Maybe not big enough to change the world... but big enough just to change my life. . Until recently I was recommended a book by my mentor. The book is 'A Technique for Producing Ideas'- James Webb Young. . You should definitely check it out on Amazon... . It's a short book... takes about 45 minutes to read. . It's been very useful to me and I thought I should share that with you. . Do you struggle to come up with big ideas? Leave a comment below.
THIS IS WHY LESS IS MORE... . "7 ways to build an email list" . I bet you've seen a headline similar to that before. . You probably read it... . Why? . Because human beings always want more. . But that presents a challenge. . It's already been scientifically proven that multitasking is inefficient. . Now let's go back to the headline... when you read the article, how many of the seven are you going to remember? . Maybe 2... . The same article presents yet another problem... . As you read you start getting confused as to which one you should pick and eventually you don't even pick any. . Now let's apply this to an advert. . How effective do you think it will be with multiple ideas? . Not very... because people get confused. . And a confused mind does not buy. . But if you have one big idea, stick to it. . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . -Terrence
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YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS BY BOOKSTORE . It was on Black Friday... . And I had absolutely no intention to go out and shop... . But then I had a thought... . "Hmmm... I wonder if on Black Friday book stores have sales too." . So got into the car drove to the book store. . To my surprise no SALE no nothing. . Kinda makes you think doesn't it? . All the stuff that won't really add value to your life are always put on sale but the stuff that's gonna transform your life, no sales there. . But something even more exciting happen to me at the book store. . I got in and selected 5 books I wanted to read, all of them were about business... . As I walked up to the counter... . There were some books there, some I had read before and there was this one book I had been look for, it wasn't put in the shelves. . I was so excited I added it to the pile of books I had already selected... . Then it hit me... . These suckers just used an upsell technique on me lol... . I literally laughed at the counter and paid for the books and walked out. . Moral of the story. . Always use upsells... . When a person opens up their wallet and say they wanna buy, sell them more stuff, they'll be happy to pay... . Why... they're in the buying mode. . So see how you can end that to your sales funnel. . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . To your success. . -Terrence . P.S. if you need sales boost... check out my email marketing book on the link in my bio. It's absolutely free... enjoy.
THE 1978 DISCOVERY THAT'S TRANSFORMED EVERYTHING TODAY... . In the year 1978... . Something incredible to took place. . No one had even seen such a thing before. . The first ever marketing email was sent to 400 people and that email made $13 Million... . $13 Million in 1978 was worth far more than it is now but it's still a lot of money in 2019. . The company which first did this was Digital Equipment Corp. . Now marketing emails is something thats so common and for some reason a lot of gurus feel like the days of email are over... . Not according to the pictures you just saw up there... . It's a proven fact, that keeps being proven over and over that email works... . So why doesn't it work for you? . It's like giving a car to a person who has never driven a car before... . Worse a manual transmission car (my personal favorite type). . That's a recipe for disaster I tell you. . If they person doesn't not kill themself and other people and luckily, luckily do not crash... . They will go around preaching "cars are bad for you I nearly died once." . But all they needed was a good instructor to teach them how to operate a vehicle. . Simple. . This is what most people are saying about email marketing. . Because they're failing to get the results, they go out and claim it doesn't work without actually going through the process of learning how to use email marketing. . And more importantly, how to write an email that drives sales. . If you're struggling to drive sales with emails, then I have just the book for you. It's my email marketing book that give you the essentials you need to write a successful email. . To get it, click the link in my bio. . It's FREE... . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . Don't forget to like and tag a friend and leave a comment... . I read every comment and reply to them. So if you have a question ask me in the comments or DM me. . To your success . -Terrence
...OR ELSE PEOPLE RESIST. . You and I we're always being advertised to and we see all these ads and we always resist reading them... . Cause you know they'll get you. . "Damnit I'm not gonna fall that crap to day, I not buying," you say. . So when you're advertising, people do the same... they resist. . Because the truth is people like buying but they hate to be sold... . But if you start your advert with a story, especially a powerful, interesting story, even tho the prospect knows it's an ad, she'll read. . Why? . Because everyone likes a good story. . So trying using stories in your marketing and you'll notice a better response. . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . To your success. . -Terrence . P.S. if you want to increase your sales and you have an email list... I have just the thing for you. I'm giving away my book for FREE on email marketing. Head over to my profile and click the link in my bio and get my BOOK FOR FREE.
If you really wanna crush it this year... . Then you've really got to get your email marketing game on point for your business... . This is not like a thing where you have to think about... . It's a must have no matter what industry your business is in... . Even doctors use email marketing. . A lot of them not very effectively but imagine the results they could get if they knew exactly how to drive more sales with emails. . So get good at email if you're serious for about killing 2019... . You might kill it without email... but just not at the level you would if you had email marketing to your marketing strategy. . So if you're interested to know to increase your sales with emails, I have a book for you in my bio. . It's FREE, you can just download it and if you use it you'll see an improvement in your email marketing results. . To your success . -Terrence . . . Repost from @jasoncapital interview with @jetsetfly
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FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS ONE THING CAN BE CATASTROPHIC . The Rule of One... . Have you ever read an article that says, "7 Ways To Lose Weight" . Or... . "25 New Ways To..." . The headline is very appealing... . "Wow 7 ways to lose weight this is very interesting lemme take a look" you say. . What happens is that when you complete reading the article you will probably remember just 3 things. . First thing on the list and last things and something that in the middle that seemed to have relevance to you. . When you read the article you had one problem... "how do I lose weight." . When you complete the article you have 7 more problems... . You now have to try remember all seven and eventually you'll give up and stick with one or two. . Why? . Its simpler. . In your marketing message always ALWAYS ALLLLLWAAAAAYS have one idea. . Just ONE... . Why? . Cause people can easily follow along and will remain hooked the entire time and you'll convert much better than when you have too many ideas bouncing around in your message. . Remember, the survival of your business is highly dependent on how well your message sells. . To your success . -Terrence . P.S. if you have an email list and would like to make more money from it... click the link in bio to get my book for FREE. It will give you everything you need to get started. . If you need help crafting your sales message drop me a DM and we can have a little chat about that. . Don't forget to like, share, tag a friend, leave a comment and follow @terrencentelezi
I was at this event once... party of sorts... . There's was this beautiful looking cake... . And I thought to myself "that's a beautiful looking cake and it's making my mouth all watery, I've got to get a piece of that, I just have to..." . It's a party so there a lot of people who are eyeing the damn cake I'm eyeing too. . So finally the cake was cut and I managed to get a piece... . 😐 . Yikes... . It tasted terrible... . Really bad cake man... . The decorate was very attractive, you know the icing and all. . But the cake it's self? . Terrible... . You see that how most sales pages are like... . You get a whole bunch of people excite and they come to your sales page. . And the sales page fails to convert your audience. . Why? . Cause the ingredients to a powerful converting copy weren't mixed properly. . You're failing people... . People actually want to business with you. . And they actually showed interest in what you're offering... . And you let them down. . It's like throwing a kid up in the air and get them all excited and they trust you will catch them on the way down. . But you don't... . That's what you sales page might be doing to people. If for some reason your copy isn't converting the way you like... . And you want to increase your traffic but you can't afford to because your conversions rates are low... . Then you need to DM me so I can help write a copy that will double your sales and as a result you'll get more traffic and make more money and have a bigger impact in the lives of your customers.
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W 2019 roku postanawiam : Mniej cukru, więcej ruchu; Mniej oglądania ( telewizji), więcej czytania ( książek); Mniej grzania kanapy, więcej podróży (po Polsce) bo temu czas wolny służy. A do tego... praca i nauka; No i w sierpniu będę mieć kolejnego wnuka ( albo wnuczkę :-) ). A to co mnie spotka i się wydarzy niech będzie tym co mi się marzy. ~~~~~~~~ Dobrego dnia! Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! #nowyrok #2019 #postanowienianoworoczne #mniejcukru #więcejruchu #mniejtelewizji #więcejksiążek #podróże #popolsce #Praca #nauka #wnuk #wnuczka #newyear2019 #newyearsresolutions #lesssugar #moretraffic #lesstelevision #morebooks #work #science #hapyybewyear
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Cincinnati you are beautiful today ☔️#rain #traffic #morerain #moretraffic
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Well that was fun. 4 hrs and tapping out about half way home. #snow #winter #worstcommuteever #traffic #moretraffic
So for those who haven't heard, Amazon will be splitting its HQ2 between two locations - NYC and Northern VA...my current home and my hometown. . . This is a photo from the inside of the Crystal City Metro Station (not quite like NYC's subway huh?). I’m in town for a few days & decided to visit. Amazon is planning to rebrand Crystal City & Pentagon City into an area to be designated as National Landing. . . My mother, who still resides 4 miles from here, is not thinking about any increase in home values or jobs, but more about the effect on traffic in an area that is already gridlocked by DC, MD, VA commuter, aiport & Pentagon traffic 24/7. . . This is a concern shared by LIC residents. What are your thoughts?
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Peeked behind the curtain. It's another hole for another skyscraper. #cranes #shovel #hole #goingdeep #skyscraper #skyline #growingpains #thereisnowizard #howitstarts #moretraffic #nofun #growth
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