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Wish you all a beautiful day! 🍂✨#paulinkakids #simplethingsmadebeautiful
Mindset for today... 🔥🔥🔥Happy Friday! Like & Follow: @iamcharlesgibbs. Use a emoji to describe your thoughts.🔥👍😍💩❤️
Good morning!!!
Good morning!!
. Never be ashamed that you were not born as a rose, wildflowers grow in the most peculiar places with strenght in their roots not their thorns 🌺🌻🌺🌻🌺 - @raquelfranco.poet -
. Como sabe se preciso desintoxicar❕❔ . ▫️Não consegue emagrecer; 🔸Tem intestino preguiçoso; ▫️Sofre de insônia e se irrita com facilidade; 🔸Sofre de ansiedade e tem fome em excesso; ▫️Sente cansaço e falta de energia; 🔸Esta com o corpo inchado; . 🌟MIGA, VOCÊ PRECISA DESINTOXICAR! . #bellitia #ilovebellitia #vemprabellitia #detox #desintoxicar #desintoxicacao #detoxionico #ionização #ions #saude #prevencao #alcalino #alcalinização #saudeebemestar #terapia #spadetox #spadetoxoficial #spa #desintoxicando #detoxpelospes #toxinas #metaispesados #reequilíbrioorgânico #inchaco #retencaohidrica #pelotas
Bom Diia🌼💭
Detoxify your body with Flavious' very own Honey Lemon. Light, healthy and and super refreshing, this could be your go-to drink! ▪ #tasteflavious
Who else loves mornings 🙋🏻‍♀️✨ my morning routine is my favourite part of the day. It's a time where I can reconnect with myself, be really present and enjoy the calm before the rest of the world wakes up. . I adapt my mornings on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. The change in seasons can definitely cause a shift, so I'm always trying to stay aware of what my bodies enjoying and what it isn't, and tweak my routine accordingly. . This week’s morning routine has looked like this; • 5:30am wake up • Drink 600ml of room temperature water (room temp is best to drink first thing in the morning as not to shock our digestive system) • Meditate for 15 minutes • Followed by 10-15 minutes of journaling • Make a warm drink of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and cayenne pepper • 30-45 minutes for personal growth, that could be reading affirmations, informative articles, a book, listening to a podcast or watching YouTube videos. (This is totally optional but it helps me feel like I've done something super productive for myself before the day's even begun.) • Tongue scrape 👅 . I find these practices so grounding and it even makes me look forward to getting up early 🌝 . Happy Friday everyone!
Yum, nothing beats a fine taste of sweet ice cream after a long haul of meat! Make sure to sweeten your mouth too with our all you can eat package! . See you! #shabughinbdg
Je dois dire j’ai un petit faible pour le hors-piste en particulier quand je suis en mode photo. Ça me permet trouver des points de vue encore inexplorés.😏
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