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My kinda morning. Not sure what's in store for us but I know my tummy is happy. #morningslikethese #fitmom #fuelyourbody #momofthree #noexcuses #tiredmom
I used to spend a lot of time worrying about how I looked. I didn’t want anyone to see me without a full face of makeup and I was constantly checking myself in the mirror. I remember the first time I let Matthew see me without makeup and his first words were, “WHERE ARE YOUR EYEBROWS?!?” Needless to say my tastes have changed as I have gotten older and my priorities lie elsewhere..☕️☕️☕️ Today I’m sharing my beauty staples for the lazy girl (ie: me) over on my blog! Click the link in my bio to read it and let me know what you think. #ontheblog #blogger #bloggerstyle #bloggerlife #instablogger #blog #bloggers #lovelysquares #theeverygirl #morningslikethese #seekthesimplicity #darlingmovement #postitfortheaesthetic #pursuepretty #decor #homedecor #homeinspo #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #fashion #fashionblogger #wls #rny #gastricbypass
Nota nera, cioccolato fondente and cherry on top 🍧💃🏻 the best gelato vegano in Venice @gelatoteca_suso prepare to line the italian way 🍪 #gelatotecasuso
Summer Weekends ~ floral faffing + caffeine & sugar indulgence ~ 🌼☕🌿
Love them to the 🌛 and 🔙 #summerlovin
HELLOFRIEND entered at checkout will get you 20% off your order until Wednesday 7/25! ❤️ link in bio 🚪 and... if you enter your email address in our website, we’ll send you another 10% off coupon code to use in August 🙌
closest i'll ever get to being a victoria secret angel 😂 • • our sunday adventures brought us to @nlcafelondon 🧚🏼‍♀️where they have THE most instaworthy wall in town 💙
Pysanky eggs this Tuesday at 6pm! This class is sooo cool - you use wax to protect certain parts of the egg so you can dip it in different colored dyes to get this incredible design! There is still room and we would love to have you join us! Link in profile to learn more and sign up! 📷 @ofimages_by_angelawiens
Ahh timehop with your memories and not so nice reminder that my little girl is growing up way too fast. But seriously, why does she seem so much more grown up these days?
one of my fave snacks 🙋🏽 my No Bake Peanut Butter Oaty Bars (V, GF) are the perfect snack + SO easy to make! Link in bio 👆🏼✨
Знакомьтесь, наша обожаемая Алина Санина @warm_rain_art и ее вторая кукольная страница @ali__dolls Алина создаёт уникальные, идеальные Украшения, скульптурные миниатюры, куклы и предметы декора. В ютюбе вы можете найти ее туториалы, она щедро делится процессом изготовления своих работ, очень полезно для просмотра☝🏻 Ну и конечно продаёт свои работы. На ее странице есть ссылка прямиком в магазин❤️ #полимерная_глина #полимернаяглина #полимернаяглинаукраина #uapolymerart #handmade #ukrainianartist #ukrainianhandmade #handmadeua #etsy #ручнаробота #ручнароботаукраїна
Another morning, another bowl. Food has NOT been my friend the last few days. And if you know me at all, or even just follow my #instalife , you know that's a very sad thing for me. Staying healthy, fit, and mentally sound in pregnancy is one of the most challenging things I'll ever do... but it's not impossible. I'm learning that food doesn't always have to be extravagant to be delicious... and that there are absolutely ways to make "boring" heartburn fighting foods still taste delicious. Oats+toasted macadamia nuts+ berries+kiwi+chia seeds+local honey= success. #winning
Kinder sind begeistert von Infused Water. Das schaut nicht nur hübsch aus, es ist auch lecker. Und gesund! Obstwasser bzw. Wasser mit Geschmack ist mit kleinen Handgriffen zubereitet und auch Kinder können bei der Zubereitung mit einbezogen werden. Außerdem ist es eine super Alternative zu Fruchtsäften. Für die Zubereitung mischt man seine Lieblingszutaten mit Wasser und kühlt sie für ein paar Stunden im Kühlschrank. Unsere Favoriten sind zum einen der Klassiker mit Zitrone, Gurke und Minze (Bild). Zum anderen das sommerlich frische Wasser mit Erdbeeren, Wassermelone und Kiwi, welches bei Kindern sehr beliebt ist. Aber dem Geschmack ist bekanntlich keine Grenze gesetzt, einfach ausprobieren… Aufpassen sollte man, dass es nicht zur Gewohnheit bei den Kindern wird und sie dadurch normales Wasser ohne Geschmack nicht mehr trinken. Was sind eure Lieblingsrezepte?
Good morning! ☀️ Another Hazy, hot and humid day in New England. A good day to be inside getting work done. Have a great day-make it a colorful one. 🎨👩🏻‍💻 #designerlife #mondaymonday #colorfordays
Instead of Friday Introductions, I thought I would do 10 (or more) random facts about me! There are so many new faces and I have been so excited to meet you all! ✨ Here we go! ————————————————- 1. I LOVE coffee! We are in a very committed relationship. 😉 2. I am TERRIFIED of clowns! (Long story why!) but I hate them!! 🙈 3. I am struggling with severe depression, severe anxiety, and PTSD. 4. I used to wear braces in high school! 5. I’ve been singing since I was 3! I absolutely love to sing. 6. I’ve played the viola for over 20+ years! I love classical music. 7. I am an oldies fan! Love the 50s and 60s era!! It’s my jam! 8. I LOVE Elvis!! I’m truly his #1 fan no matter what anyone says! 😉😘 9. I’m highly introverted! (Extroverted at heart.) 10. I can’t sleep without having one foot out or i feel hot and claustrophobic! Yep! 11. I am not a fan of seafood! 12. I love cold weather!! I love to be where i can have all four seasons but Winter is my fave! 13. I LOVE essential oils!! I love sharing about them and helping people in their wellness journey! I’m that crazy oil lady! 😂 14. I am half Hispanic and can make from scratch some real authentic dishes. 15. I love a good storm!! The thrill and rush...I love It!! 16. My top 3 destinations to visit is Spain, Ireland, and Hawaii! 17. I have 4 children, 2 with special needs and my life may be hard, challenging, and chaotic but I literally wouldn’t change a thing. 18. I dislike hot weather! I cant stand being hot! 😱 19. I hate bugs! Rodents! Anything that is not a dog, pig, horse etc. oh and cats I HATE cats! 20. I’m not vegan but respect people who are. I eat all organic and free range. I’m also not perfect in this health and wellness journey. I slip up a lot. . I’m also real. I share my heart in hopes It will inspire someone else who is hurting...that’s why I share my struggles. ❤️ That’s It! I could go on but It would take too much room and may need some more for next time ;) 👉🏼Tell me something about you friends!! Comment below so i can get to know you better! Welcome to this little corner of my life 😘
A few weeks ago we took Leo for his first swimming class, I was worried he will be scared of the water and won't have fun. Obviously he had the time of his life in the water, and proved to be an natural swimmer. Wishing everyone a care free summer 🌞🌊🌞🌊 . . . . .. . #ig_motherhood #documentlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #simplychildren #momtogs #vcso #love #instagood #postthepeople #makeportraits #unitedinmotherhood #mymamahood #livethelittlethings #flashesofdelight #igers #momblog #igdaily #our_everyday_moments #letthekids #momswithcameras #thehappynow #documentyourdays #clickinmoms #mom_hub #darlingmovement #pixel_kids #instabest # simplymotherhood #morningslikethese
Send your selfies to NASA because you’re a star.....
Ok, so for those who have been there, you probably recognized the pretty coffee and interior florals from the most Instagrammable cake shop ever, #peggyporschencakes . To say I took a lot of photos when visiting this place is an understatement 🤗💕 It is so beautiful inside and out, not to mention that you get to sit there and enjoy equally pretty treats (my favourite was the mini lemon loaf with sugary edible flower petals on top). - So: Was a trip to Belgravia to visit this place worth it? Obviously, for me, the answer is absolutely yes! The colours, the flowers, the artfulness of everything are totally my thing and I loved enjoying my coffee and baked goods in that setting - especially since I arrived early before the crowds and could take so many pics. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much once it became busy though - so, if you are thinking of going and taking photos or getting a table quickly, I definitely recommend visiting early on a weekday. I arrived just before 9 am on a Friday and had my morning coffee (and cupcake!) there. There were still some empty tables outside, no queue, and *no one* was seated inside yet (which is why I chose to sit there, to snap away freely). By the time I was finished half an hour later, there were people seated inside, lining up at the till, and a wait for tables outside - also a lot more people generally standing around outside just admiring the view. Nothing wrong with that (def good for business 😊) - I just prefer my morning coffee and photos quieter. - So, 10/10 imho, and I had a nice walk around Belgravia after (mostly for the pretty shops on Elizabeth Street and Pimlico Road). Expect to see many more #peggyporschen pics interspersed amongst my ongoing London posts...💖🌸🍰☕️💯 - #willtravelforpink #wisteria #postcardplaces
Right now I’m fired up creatively! SJ + I are getting ready to road trip up the east coast again 🚙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Send me your favorite cities to visit! I want to capture their beauty 📸 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #staybossladies #thehappynow #alifealive #finditlive #livethelittlethings #theeverydaygirl #glitterguide #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #buildinganempire #buildingmyempire #womeninbuisness #womenentrepeneurs #girlpreneur #instapreneur #beyourownboss #savvybusinessowner #thehappynow #sociality #pursuepretty #morningslikethese #darlingmovement #darlingweekend #ftlauderdale #saintsimmonsisland #asheville #roadtrippers
Less Monday , more summer. 🌈💋
ANIMAL INTUITION: Magnetic Fields are the reason why dogs and cats have crossed hundreds of miles to accurately find their way home. 🐶 🐱 #pet #dogsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #petparent #petparenthood #petparentsofinstagram #animalinstinct #animalintuitive #animalintuition #bestfriendgoals #goodvibes #morningslikethese #morningbliss #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #monday
apparently nyc is in for a very rainy week, so stay dry out there! also, these hashbrowns were amazing. 🍽 #eeeeeats #theartofslowliving #theprettycities
jane and charlotte...//new york city🇺🇸 ------------------------------ Happy Monday from rainy NYC!☂️🌧 Hope your week is off to a great start.✨ Sharing a pic of books by Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte in my Penguin English Library collection.😊(Still on the lookout for Shirley from Bronte and need to add Pride and Prejudice & Sense and Sensibility for Austen.) ———————— QOTD: Who’s work do you prefer: Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte?✨ ————————
Decided to take my Monday morning routine outside today. 😊Having my morning coffee and listening to some personal development before starting my workday. Just so peaceful and relaxing. 😌 Completely different from how I used to spend my Monday mornings. Stressed out and pissed off that I have to drive 45 minutes in horrible traffic to get to a place I couldn’t stand being at. Working hard for a company that didn’t appreciate me feeling like I cared more about doing the right thing by their customers they did. Are you looking for more? Do you want to build something that’s all yours? If so, this is your sign. I’m looking for women who want more. Who want to control when they work, who want to work hard to make their life better, who want to be able to do what they want when they want, and who want to help others change their lives! NO you don’t need to be in perfect shape. YES you can start by doing this in your spare time. I will mentor you, give you the training you need, and support you. If you are at all interested or even curious, my team is having a sneak peek into what coaching is all about starting Thursday 7/26. You’ll find out more about what we do and how we earn. Interested or curious at all, message me or comment below. . . . . . #morningslikethese #mymondaymorning #morningmotivation #morningcoffee #poolside #relaxing #morningroutine #wantmore #workfromhome #myownboss #totalintrovert #introvert #homebody #homesweethome #lovemyhubby #imincharge #imtheboss #myownbusiness #curlygirl #curlyblonde #lovemykitties #happilymarried
Ghosts.👻 We just went here for an iced Kenya from @lacabracoffee , best coffee we’ve had in a while! Good to run into you, @kengpereira !
F l o r e n c e 🌟💖
Check out our amazing feature over at chemistry cachet #Repost @alexis.roch (@get_repost ) ・・・ Who else loves their Keurig? I do! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I really love it for when I have family staying over or friends visiting because it’s so convenient. I really hate the plastic pods though 😩 I was so excited to find this fantastic alternative to the plastic pods with these 100% compostable pods for keurig from @taystcoffee. Not only good for the environment, but also for your health! Plus, they send it right to your door each month 🤗 I’ve got a coupon for you to use plus other essentials for coffee lovers on Chemistrycachet.com today!! Head to my profile for the link! What’s your favorite coffee brew? #chemist #coffeetime • • • • #cleanlifestyle #morningslikethese #chronicpainwarrior #chronicillness #coffeelover #rawarrior #rheumatoidarthritis #autoimmunedisease #bandofun #abmlifeiscolorful #myunicornlife #candyminimal #livethelittlethings #petitejoys #theeverygirl #proptoit #thatsdarling #visualcrush #peoplescreative #sobestfriendsforfrosting #simplejoys #livecolorfully #texasblogger #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #healthycoffee
I cannot get enough of these two gorgeous sisters in their twirls!🤗 {Tank and mid-sleeve} twirls are L I V E on the site and selling quick!
🍃buenos dias ... dia frio, gris , ideal para estar adentro terminando pedidos (con ellos 🐯🐰🐨 no se que hare pero algo vamos a inventar !) buen comienzo de semana #simpleysinprisa #simpleliving #slowmorning #slowlife #theartofslowliving #pursuepretty #inspiremyinstagram #huntgram #morningslikethese #rosachicle
Patiently waiting for some natural dye powders to arrive while dreaming about picking my own soon. ☁️ • • • • 🌞 I also finished my boho vest last night and can’t wait to show you when / if I get out of my pajamas today 🤷🏽‍♀️ #bellafilatostudio #makersgonnamake #handmade #igers #creativelifehappylife #photooftheday #thatsdarling #girlboss #smallbusiness #thehappynow #indiedyer #indiedyedyarn #livecolorfully #livethelittlethings #dowhatyoulove #weareknitters #livecreatively #handmade #captureyourstyle #wanderlust #enjoythelittlethings #knittersofinstagram #morningslikethese #knittersofinstagram #crochetersofinstagram #seekthesimplicity
• For dreamers ☆✳︎ . . . • • • Patio vibes - 📷 @brit_gill for @theperfecthideaway • • • Kitula • Live • Sleep • Eat • High Tea • Art • Poetry • Books • Celebrate • Explore • Indulge • • • • To stay with us in this historical & bohemian 18th century Riad in the heart of the Marrakech Medina simply contact us via email / link in bio • • • #kitulamarrakech #riadkitula #conceptkitula #morningslikethese #viewfortwo #patioview #patiolife #marrakech #medina #theartofslowliving #traveloftentravelfar #staywithus #sharewithfriends #cntraveller #voyageursdumonde #travelmore
Monday #morningslikethese at the flower market 🌿 #prettycitynewyork
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Summer in London Priceless 🙏❤️
I am not afraid. I’m not afraid of bullies, or hatred, or threats. I don’t believe guns belong on the streets or that more is better. I don’t believe I can protect my family with arms or force. I believe words have an impact and that I can raise healthy strong humans who will change the world for the better. Because there is no place for hatred, there is no place for fear and there’s no place for meanness. It takes a lot to rattle me and today is not that day. ✨ be nice #benice #bbkviewfrommyroundmirror #henrikandme #toronto #boymom #momof3 #momofboys #momlife #torontomoms
“I’m focused on my own energy right now and people misinterpret that. I’m not being distant. I’m just gravitating to the vibes that suit me.” I wish more people would do this. I wish people would sit down and figure out who they are and what makes them actually happy. I wish that when people discovered who they are that they would pursue becoming that person. I see a lot of people with amazing potential but fear holds them back. Fear of failure, fear of being judged for changing gears in life. I crave beautiful places and meaningful conversations (small talk literally makes me cringe). I want to create and give back any way I possibly can. I want to spread positive vibes and encourage anyone that needs it. I hope on this Monday everyone takes a minute to envision the person they want to be and takes one small step towards becoming whoever that is. ✌🏼 @conlee.arpin
“I’m focused on my own energy right now and people misinterpret that. I’m not being distant. I’m just gravitating to the vibes that suit me.” I wish more people would do this. I wish people would sit down and figure out who they are and what makes them actually happy. I wish that when people discovered who they are that they would pursue becoming that person. I see a lot of people with amazing potential but fear holds them back. Fear of failure, fear of being judged for changing gears in life. I crave beautiful places and meaningful conversations (small talk literally makes me cringe). I want to create and give back any way I possibly can. I want to spread positive vibes and encourage anyone that needs it. I hope on this Monday everyone takes a minute to envision the person they want to be and takes one small step towards becoming whoever that is. ✌🏼 📷 @conlee.arpin
For the first time in forever, I actually brought my camera with me – thinking I would take lots of photos. But then I forgot the cable that imports the images to my computer, so I didn’t end up using it anyways. I’m also so extremely tiered of snapping with my phone, that I utterly lack the patience to put in the effort a good shot requires. But since the best memories can’t be captured by a lens anyways, I’m increasingly playing with the thought of putting it away all together. Probably won’t happen though, but here’s to thinking about it! #thetravelener
palm szn. 🌴 #summer
Finally ticked strawberry picking (and other fruit) off the bucket list😁🍓
Any folks in the #northeast go and visit the #tallships yesterday? I had a lovely afternoon with my mam and her friend wandering around admiring all the ships and the dozens of flags😁🚢 #tallshipsraces #tallships2018 #tallships2018sunderland #nebloggers #northeasthour
▪️ Eskapismus, auch Realitätsflucht, Wirklichkeitsflucht oder Weltflucht, bezeichnet die Flucht aus oder vor der realen Welt. Eskapismus wird als eine Fluchthaltung oder Ausbruchshaltung, als bewusste oder unbewusste Verweigerung gesellschaftlicher Zielsetzung und Handlungsvorstellungen verstanden. Eskapismus ist von unterschiedlicher Beschaffenheit und macht sich in vielen Formen bemerkbar. Einige Menschen flüchten vor der Realität durch schlafen oder spielen. Andere vergraben sich in ihrer Arbeit. Manche versuchen sich zu betäuben, auf unterschiedlichste Weisen: sie stopfen Unmengen von Essen in sich hinein, rauchen, trinken, schlucken Tabletten und/oder konsumieren andere Drogen. Etliche Menschen irren umher und können sich nicht aufraffen nach Hause zu gehen. Einzelne flüchten auch ganz aus ihrem Umfeld und geben alles auf um irgendwo anders völlig neu zu beginnen. Die verschiedensten Menschen, versuchen auf unterschiedlichste Weisen , Dingen zu entkommen. Durch Eskapismus jedoch, werden Ängste, Leiden, Schmerzen, Vergangenheit und Enttäuschungen immer weiter am Leben gehalten. So lange das Vermeidungsverhalten aufrecht erhalten wird, so lange werden auch die Wunden nicht behandelt. Und deshalb wird auch der Schmerz uns immer wieder einholen und weiter Unruhe in unseren Köpfen verbreiten. Durch Eskapismus erreichen wir stets nur Verschiebung unseres Krisenherdes, der munter vor sich her lodert bis er das nächste mal explodiert. Die meisten pflegen ihren eskapismus in bezug auf ihre Vergangenheit. Die Vergangenheit liegt jedoch hinter uns - sie ist nicht mehr gegenwärtig, sie ist vergangen! Wer aus den Fehlern der Vergangenheit nichts lernt, wird diese Lektion solange auferleben, bis er sie gelernt hat. Wir können unsere Vergangenheit nicht ändern. Wir können aber unsere Sichtweise darauf ändern. Allerdings nicht wenn wir die Konfrontationen unserer Vergangenheit meiden. Arbeite an deiner Vergangenheit und hake sie ab! 👒 _____ #panasonic #analog #fashionblogger #styleblogger #linkinprofile #lifestyleblog #blogger_de #germanblogger #germanblog #bloggerin #lifestyleblogger #diyblog #bloggerstyle #morningslikethese #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #darlingweekend
“Umbrella is comfort, rain is life! You must often leave comfort to touch the life!” Mehmet Murat Ildan. _______________________________________________________☔️⛈🌦🌤🌈#rainiday #rain #rainbow #umbrella #umbrellas #garden #frenchgirl #travelgirl #ootd #likeforlikes #travelblogger #travelblog #travelphotography #kidsofinstagram #instagood #instakids #instagram #instapic #morningslikethese #dubaiblogger #mydubai #dubailife #naturekids #natureblogger #naturephotography #frenchgirl #rainlover #rainjacket #fashionista
Howdy y'all just chillin' on my ranch, YEEEHAWW!!😂🐴🤠I really enjoyed dressing up last night for the surprise party for my other half. Made so many great memories over this weekend💜
SUCCESS!!🎉We did it! We managed to surprise the bf with a country western themed party as an early birthday celebration🙌🏻🎉A hilarious night spent dressed up as cowboys & cowgirls, singing football chants, dancing the macarena on the patio, doing the conga around the living room, flinging each other around on the grass to cotton eye joe and the girls getting wrecked at beer pong🙌🏻💜 #itscominghome ⚽️
A lovely day spent strolling around York, seeing the adorable ducklings at the park, admiring the gorgeous flowers, visiting the shambles market, the York Minster and finishing off a great day (and football result) with an ice cream before the birthday celebrations😁☀️
Home for the next few days with the squad🏠what's everyone's plans this weekend?
Dolphins are such beautiful and intelligent creatures, it blows me away seeing them in action and so up close. When coming to Mexico, it was the one thing I had really wanted to do and it didn't disappoint. It was such an amazing experience getting to interact with them and I was so happy that I managed to stay standing and keep my legs straight during the foot push😂 It felt so exhilarating🐬🇲🇽#mexico 🇲🇽
As a total water baby I love an excuse to get my @gopro out and capture underwater moments. Snorkelling at Xel-Ha eco park was the perfect opportunity. Sadly didn't see a ton of fish but the ones I did see were very cute☺️🐠#mexico 🇲🇽
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