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Decorations like this are sure to make everyone swoon! Spent some time making sure that our couple took this opportunity to the fullest by getting their romantic evening shots together. So couple, don’t forget to make the most out of your beautifully-decorated venue, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment not to be missed! . Wedding of Anthony & Pamela @anthonydjono @hungpamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono . . Conceptor & Planner : @prime_eventplanner #prime_eventplanner #weddingplanner #weddingconceptor Bride’s Gown : @hiantjen Bride’s MUA : @leni_priskila_mua Groom’s Suit : @agusslim Shot : @sheerss_id @randykencana Decoration : @paulinadecorationmedan
Wedding of Anthony & Pamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono #180118 Organizer @prime_eventplanner Venue @adimuliahotel Decoration @paulinadecorationmedan Groom’s Suit @agusslim Bride’s Dress @hiantjen Bride’s Crown @rinaldyyunardi Cinematography @broadwaycreation Photography @sheerss_id Prewedding @antheiaphoto
A wedding is the event that unites us all, blood or no blood. When done right, it’s worth every hard work and effort spent, because we don’t want anything less than perfect. Sound on for this cinematic treat from our couple, Anthony and Pamela. . Wedding of Anthony & Pamela @anthonydjono @hungpamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono . . Conceptor & Planner : @prime_eventplanner #prime_eventplanner #weddingplanner #weddingconceptor Cinematography : @broadwaycreation
The dreamy entrance aisle for Anthony and Pamela was inspired by thousands lights, thus the appearance of decorative bulbs, dry ice and that magical foyer roof. Alone, each element might be simple but when paired with the right ambiance, can be the perfect ingredients to an understated elegance that we’re sure every couple would love to have. . Wedding of Anthony & Pamela @anthonydjono @hungpamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono . . Conceptor & Planner : @prime_eventplanner #prime_eventplanner #weddingplanner #weddingconceptor Bride’s Gown : @hiantjen Bride’s MUA : @leni_priskila_mua Groom’s Suit : @agusslim Shot : @sheerss_id @randykencana
A super stylish send-off to our groom Anthony! It’s the mark of what was going to be the most important day of his life, and also the sign of all the fun we’d be having later on. Get all the scope to this couple, next up with us! . Wedding of Anthony & Pamela @anthonydjono @hungpamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono . . Conceptor & Planner : @prime_eventplanner #prime_eventplanner #weddingplanner #weddingconceptor Groom’s Suit : @agusslim Shot : @sheerss_id @randykencana
Coordination is key near the end of every morning ceremony. A great collaboration between our staff and photographer is essential to capturing all the moments beautifully. Kudos to @sheerss for always nailing such shots! . Wedding of Anthony & Pamela @anthonydjono @hungpamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono . . Conceptor & Planner : @prime_eventplanner #prime_eventplanner #weddingplanner #weddingconceptor Bride’s Gown : @hiantjen Bride’s MUA : @leni_priskila_mua Shot : @randykencana
Having the confidence that your wedding day is well taken care of is the key to absolute happiness. Say hello to the #bridesquads ! Pamela was all smiles and so were her beautiful bridesmaids- all ready and prepped to loads of excitement ahead. . Wedding of Anthony & Pamela @anthonydjono @hungpamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono . . Conceptor & Planner : @prime_eventplanner #prime_eventplanner #weddingplanner #weddingconceptor Bride’s Gown : @hiantjen Bride’s MUA : @leni_priskila_mua Shot : @sheerss_id @randykencana
You came into my life for a reason. A beautiful reason. By @randykencana #sheerss #sheerssrandy #love #wedding #photography #mrandmrsanthonydjono Planner : @prime_eventplanner MUA : @leni_priskila_mua Dress : @hiantjen Decoration : @paulinafloristmedan
Special thanks to Law Firm Hotman Paris & Partners for attending our Wedding Party @hotmanparisofficial @frankhutapea @yadidali @imannulislam @yefikha @arnoldd19 #mrandmrsanthonydjono #18012018 #adimulia #medan
You look so beautiful in white #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Congratulations to one of the most inspiring people in my life, my brother @anthonydjono and my beautiful sister-in-law @hungpamela , i truly am happy for you, thankyou for everything and i wish nothing but the best for both of you 😊 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Happy wedding #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Friends make the world beautiful😘 👰🤵 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Cousin’s wedding ❤️#mrandmrsanthonydjono
Wedding party👫 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Happy wedding once again ci😘@hungpamela wish you happily ever after & thank you for having us❤️ #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Last night wedding party ❤ with "IBU NEGARA" 😂 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Happy wedding @hungpamela wishing you happily ever after and thanks for having us ☺ #mrandmrsanthonydjono #weddingparty
Thankyou very much everybody! #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Long time no see ❤️ #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Happy wedding anthony n pamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Attending 💃💃💃 photo album fully loaded 😂 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
18 Januari 2018 1st Happy 26th Birthday to our bestfriend. Wishing you all the best and may our friendship stay strong and long 😆😆😆 . . 2nd Happy Wedding to @anthonydjono and Pamela. Wishing you a happily ever after marriage 🤓🤓🤓 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Happy wedding🎉 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Happy Wedding to My Dear Friend, @hungpamela Wishing you happily ever after! . . . . . #wedding #friend #happy #congratulations #medan #indonesia #celebration #love #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Happy wedding Anthony & Pamela #mrandmrsanthonydjono #anthonypamelawedding
Tea Ceremony #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Sangjt Day 06-01-2018 #mrandmrsanthonydjono
New Year, New Life ❤️ #180118 #savethedate #mrandmrsanthonydjono
One month to go for our new life ❤️ #mrandmrsanthonydjono
Soon to be my wife ❤️#mrandmrsanthonydjono
London with love ❤️ #mrandmrsanthonydjono