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Went on an adventure into the Badlands National Park this weekend and found a Pretty good spot to try out the new MSR Elixer 1 tent! Pros: budget friendly, massive vestibule, less than 4 lbs, footprint included, HD nylon bathtub bottom and fly for extra durability and massive interior headroom. #msrgear #msr #elixer #badlands #southdakota #getout #publiclands #nationalparks
More photos to come. While I work on those, here is my campsite in the Badlands National Park. Enjoy! #msr #msrgear #elixir #badlands #badlandsnationalpark #deerhaven #getout #getoutside #getoutstayout
You always have to smell the flowers
“Was it cold?” She asked over coffee, shuddering at the thought of sleeping in a nylon tent while the temps dipped well below freezing. “Of course! It was freezing. Like the teeth-chattering kinda cold.” I answered honestly, holding my mug of almond milk latte with both hands—still warming up from the prior weekend’s escapades. I relayed what my friend had said when we met outside our unzipped frost-covered tents the next morning: “Shiiiiiit. That was the coldest night I’ve ever had.” “Then why?!??” She asked genuinely. Her eyes bugged out and I think what she meant to inquire was: “Are you crazy?!?” The thing is this: winter camping is certainly not at all glamorous. With the right gear, you can get that 7 x 3 nylon “home” feeling intermittently like Tahiti. Which is impressive. Comfort is absolutely possible. It’s also definitely fleeting. No doubt your fingers will freeze when you try to tie your boots in the morning, your toes will lose all feeling for a long while which will be slightly alarming and kinda relieving, your breath will crystallize and make the inside of the tent sweat so you can enjoy not only being cold but also being damp and cold which is one helluva combination, and you will absolutely wish you were home in bed. At least once. Probably 87,000 times before morning. So, yah, it’s not Club Med. It will not be your best sleep ever. Although I realize that the former may read like a list of cons, to me it’s just a list of tiny and temporary misery and hijinks that I choose to endure for the opportunity to watch the sun rise in remote places. To see things so jarringly beautiful that my vocabulary is reduced to just three words: (1) WOW, (2) Whoa!, and (3) Wooohooo!!! When we set up our little tent village here, we were the happiest, the proudest, the fullest. We were also the coldest. But we didn’t give a shit. I mean, look at this place. Some things are worth a sleepless night and a few uncomfortable shivers. This is one of them. #adventure
The Bonnie's Pond Trail at Silent Lake Provincial Park is a great 3k trail, right near the campsites and some of the yurts. And dogs are allowed, year round! 🐶🌲🌱 . . @ontarioparks #adventurereport #tripreport #tripreports #enoughdetailtogetyouthere #getoutside #optoutside #ottawa #ottawatourism #ottawalife #hiking #hikingwithdogs #camping #roadtrip #daytrip #bancroft #wintercamping #yurt #yurtlife #nature #beautiful #health #healthylifestyle #fitness #fit #msrgear #msr #msrevo
A giant kick ass waterfall in Fiji during the Lost Island Ultramarathon! 📸 - @rob.rickman 🌱 🌲 🍃 @getlostmagazine @spelean_au_nz @msr_gear
This was taken around 8pm a couple weeks ago at Young’s hut, the plan was to stay up as late as possible to see as much as we could, fair to say I’m getting old and 8pm feels like bedtime . . . . #olympus #wanderaustralia #mthotham #longexposure #nightsky #trecking #visitvictoria #m43 #mthrworld #thedailyadventurer #letsgoshoot #explore #exploretocreate #wander #lostinwild #OptOutside #stayandwander #folksouls #quietthechaos #msrgear #homeiswhereyoutakeit #hilleberg
시간이 상당부분 걸리긴 했지만 해외 직구를한지 몇년이 지난 제품을, 자신의 브랜드라는 이유 하나만으로 보증기간 따위는 언급도 하지않고 새 제품으로 교체해줘 버리는 쿨하디 쿨한 as정책은 우리나라의 아웃도어 뿐만 아니라 여러분야의 기업들이 본받았으면 하는 부분이다. #msrgear #msr
Saw every season in the span of four days ☁️🌨⛈🌦🌤☀️😳
Big city bright lights
7 dagar kvar till 🇸🇪 runt på planka. Förutom att det fortfarande är mycket planerade och småprylar kvar att lösa, så lever jag nu i ”unnande tider”. Mycket fika och extraportioner i dessa tider.
A man walking through the Artist pallet formation in Death Valley NP
“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis Could really use another sunrise Eastern Sierra hot spring soak about now. #hotsprings #hotspringscamping #camping #carcamping #travel #travellover #easternsierra #sierranevada #california #sunrise #hydroflask #msrgear #backpacking #campinglife #whitemountains #bishop
Sleeping all over SoCal #msrgear
至仏山 DAY5 ここもトビやすくなってきました! 📸←@yohei.fc ←塚ビッチ #prhythmouterwear #froter162 #kossymix #springmaster #msrgear
#threepeat #🥑 #🥚🥚🥚#g4hFUEL #MSRgear
#msrgear 先月 キャンプのナカミより、ガジェットが進化してる?
We’re teaming up with @nwadventuretours and @sligokayaktours for a Wild Cooking, SUP and Kayak taster evening. Join us and @msr_gear Mountain Safety Research expedition Chef @kierancreevy in Hazelwood, Sligo on Wednesday 9th May 6pm. Learn new recipes and techniques using a variety of MSR backpacking stoves. Tickets €10 available in Call of the Wild, Sligo. #msrgear #msrstoves #outdoorcooking #wildcooking #wildsligo #wildatlanticway #SUP #kayak #sligokayaktours #northwestadventuretours #hazelwoodsligo
#msrgear 7年くらい前かな
Bothy meal at Glendhu this summer during our arsh bikepacking trip through Scotland. . . . #bikepacking #bikepackinglove #bikepackinglife #dynafit #msr #msrgear #bothy #MBA #scotland #nopainnogain #torpilleteam #window #lochgleanndubh #adventure #neversropexploring
Nothing like some cow action
A tent is really just a lake house that fits in a backpack • • • • • #Colorado #camp #travel #igtravel #optoutside #msrgear #homeiswhereyoutakeit #neversummerwilderness #backpacking
MSRウィスパーライトインターナショナル . ガソリンストーブは、プレヒートが必要です。 そして灯油を使用すれば経済的な反面それなりに手入れも必要です。 しかし、これらの手間も含めて、このストーブの魅力なのです。 . #msrgear #msrgearjp #whisperliteinternational #ガソリンストーブ #ウィスパーライトインターナショナル #アウトドアクッキング
Sebuah awal pertemanan yang aneh. Namun, kemudian saya menganggap, keanehan selalu menjadi awal untuk sesuatu yang tidak akan bisa di lupakan. . . . -📍 alun-alun surya kencana -🗻 gunung gede . . . #gununggede #gepang #tngp #ospreypacks #ospreyindonesia #alunalunsuryakencana #msrgear #indomountaineer #nature #universe #wild #vibes #travel #syahdu #saveearth #weareospreyfamily #weareospreyregjabodetabek #JANGANBILANGMAMAAKUINIPENDAKI
Here's to Earth Day🌏 We're camping on a Ridge somewhere in Fiordland; surrounded by mountains, lakes and snow, and having to melt snow for drinking water ❄ Life is great 👌
8 dagar kvar. Det är nära nu, men fortfarande en hel del planering kvar som utgår inne från stan. Att skejta till och från centrala Stockholm i cykelpendlarnas rike är ett äventyr i sig!
What a view! 🐋🐳🐬 📸 - @geoffhewat
This is Joshua, he's a tree
Happy EARTH DAY!!!! The greatest day of the year, because without a clean, happy, healthy earth we can’t go camping! I repost this throwback photo because it always reminds me how lucky I am to be able to experience Algonquin’s seemingly endless backcountry every summer and fit everything I need to survive in my canoe. Trippin’ season’s right around the bend folks, hang in there!! 🛶✌🏼🌲🌏And in the mean time, pick up some trash..
Day 43 on the PCT We woke up early and hit the trail. We were aiming to do 20+ miles. Emma's day started with her coming up on 15 cows after tuning a corner. After a slight move they all ran off. That set the tone for the rest of our day. We were in California desert tortoise habitat, but it was cow country. Our day was peppered with scaring cows out of their shade under Joshua trees, and having them run on the trail, ahead of us, until they found a spot to retreat. The first ten miles flew by but then it was up for the rest. We had a short siesta in the shade of a massive rock outcrop, and then snowman showed up, who we met in Mt Laguna. Behind him were three confused dirt bikers who some how made it on the trail from the recreation road. After asking our advice on how to get back to the road, one took it, one fell off their bike very gracefully, and the utter proceeded to try and get it bike over the vehicle barrier. It was pandemonium. After getting out of the desert and back into some coniferous forest we hiked on to make it a 22 mile day.
Home away from home 🙂 I love my #msr tent
Day 42 on the PCT It was a chilly morning and we woke up to frost on the inside of the tent. We decided we would hike the two miles we gave up on yesterday, before breakfast. It was a long two miles. Once we made it to the spring we were going to camp at the previous night, we had a nice long breakfast /rest. We decided from there we would be only be doing 17 miles. It was a lovely hike through a coniferous forest, and most of the springs were flowing. After that it was through a burned out patch of land and into some high dessert in the Sierras. The Joshua trees here are super cool and the mountains are painted yellow by the blooming flowers. We were greeted by a Jack rabbit at out tent site, which is in a desert valley, surrounded by Joshua trees and yellow hills
Day 41 on the PCT Because we had such a small day yesterday, we decided we would try for a 23 mile day to make it to 600 miles on the PCT. We were significantly more rested as despite the cold windy morning we set out early and hit the trail. It's nice to finally be in the Sierra mountain range. We started out in a nice section of mixed pine vegetation but soon we're back in wind farms and burn outs. Only towards the end of the day did we make it back to a not so burned area. We camped on someones driveway to their cabin, a little after 600miles on the PCT!
Back to home! 立山を更に好きになった3泊4日。一緒に行ってくれた @u5tama ありがとう🙏🏻 #tateyama #splitboarding #karakoram #msrgear
Night time 21:00 #tateyama #camping #msrgear
立山 Tent 村 みんなで夕陽を眺める 18:30 #camping #tent #msrgear #guidelinepro
When I woke up this morning #advrider #adventurespec #ridekriega #msrgear @msr_gear
Day 38 on the PCT Today we woke up with our group, all of us cowboy camping. It was a slower start as it was a cold morning and getting out of our sleeping bags ment being exposed to the elements. We were planning another 23 mile day. We started out being blasted by strong winds as we walked through the first wind farm of the day. The wind really didn't let up that much all day and even as we neared the range we were to pass over, we could see some heavy cloud accumulation. The trail was Sandy and the inclines and declines were gradual. Though the views weren't overly striking, I did manage to see my first logger headed shrike (with prey) and the bigger horny toad of the trip. Once we were nearing the top of the range I started telling Gandalf how I didn't like the look of the clouds and if they followed us over the ridge, we would be expecting some weather. Once we got to the other side of the ridge we were hammered by howling winds, hail, and rain. It reminded me of surfing a good storm. We were lucky to bump into Gandalf as we neared the road who was coincidentally arranging a ride to town that we got to piggy back on. Our ride was late to a community theatre meeting, and told us that is where we would be heading. There was an important vote tonight and he needed to support his partner whom is president of the board. It was honestly the one of the most wholesome and enchanting experience of the trail. Watching these individuals who are so active in their community bring forth amazing ideas and work so effectively was phenomenal to witness and a true highlight. Once the hot ticket item came around for the vote, tensions rose and civil debate and discussion ensued and to watch all this organically happen as a stranger was phenomenal. After we went out to dennys with Dalton, David, Tim, and Cherrel. Dalton is a huge deal in the Tehachapi angel community and with out him we would be sleeping in the sleet. He set us up with a trail angel and connected us with so many willing angels. It is truly an amazing place. I'm sleeping in a warm bed in our angels home tonight.
Flower power 🌸 What's your favorite flower?
Day 36 on the PCT This morning after packing camp we went to go collect water from a cistern. Gandalf and four eyes had both taken water from there before us and it was quite yellow and the taste of pine was dramatic. We got enough water to get us to the next reliable water source as that water was nasty. Once we hit the trail we saw a raven predate on a ground squirrel and once we got closer it flew off with its breakfast. The heat hit hard and early. We did three miles in just under three hours. We seriously didn't think we would be seeing four eyes or Gandalf again. By the time we had lunch we were thinking it would be a 15 mile day. When packing up lunch, Emma was shocked to find her sunglasses, sun gloves, and hiking poles, absolutely covered in ants. I managed to get the ants off everything but the sungloves, which we ended up putting in a Ziploc bag. Shortly after we met up with the pack and decided the 18 mile day seemed a lot more doable after some food. We made camp by cow spring at mile 511. The water was delicious and cold. It feels good to have over 500 miles on the trail.
Day 35 on the PCT Last night it was cold and windy but we were protected by the low canopy of manzanita and scrub oak. We woke up to a brisk morning. We took out time and dragged our heels and I was the last person to leave at 8:10. It was an 8 mile hike to the ranger station where water spigots are and there we had our second breakfast, a new strategy we're implementing to reduce hunger and weight loss in myself. We're looking to have four meals spread throughout the day. After the ranger station we had a six mile hike before lunch and a siesta. We're still in green hills but the farther we go the more dessert like the landscape becomes. After lunch the hills were covered in yellow flowers and I saw a garter snake as well as a Pacific horned lizard, that Emma had pointed out. Over all it was a 21 mile day even though it was filled with hour long breaks and no particular rush. It was however Emma's first night hiking experience, which she enjoyed and led. Another great day on the trail.
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