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#ritterturnier 🐴 На рыцарском турнире я была прекрасной Дамой. На разносе пиво-соковых изделий своим заглотчикам. ⠀ Особо воинственно быстро галопирующему мимо рыцарю я отдала свою честь. Ту самую, которую забрал мой муж в первую брачную ночь. ⠀ В итоге напряженной битвы победило добро, сценарий и принцесса. К счастью ни один любопытный ребенок не пострадал от ее стрелы, полетевшей в сторону восхищенной челяди, при виртуозной стрельбе в свирепого деревянного кабана из лука. ⠀ Нет, это не я была той самой русской в нелепой шляпе, оттаскивающей свою девочку от конских яек из-под попоны. ⠀ Нет, это не мне ведущий кричал в ухо: "Уведите детей с поля. Мы начинаем следующий раунд." ⠀ Нет, это не мы сидели за ограждениями вместе с видеооператорами, потому что возможности пробраться на зрительские места уже не было. ⠀ А вообще я очень люблю средневековые представления. Потому что абстрактная фраза "если ты будешь продолжать ныть, тебя поджарят на средневековом костре" может быть подкреплена реальными фактами и возыметь действие. ⠀ В по-честному старинном замке всего в 20 минутах от Франкфурта нам был продемонстрирован не только стандартный набор с пытоШными, винтовыми лестницами на высокую башню и видовым сортиром над пропастью, но и пыхтящая кухонная печь по-чёрному с возможностью отведать результат прямо с пылу- жару в прохладных залах, древние деревянные карусели, народные ВИА миннезингнров и уличные потасовки, достойные Болливуда. ⠀ А желание младшенькой покакать во время поедания жареных пирожков с яблоком даровало мне возможность неспешно прогуляться резвой рысью "Лида, потерпи, еще чуть- чуть" по уже опустевшей внутренней территории замка на закате. ⠀ Что мне нравится в подобных мероприятиях в Германии: несмотря на толпу, нет очередей, мусора, ужравшихся свиней. Да и толпы ближе к вечеру не наблюдается. Чокнемся 🥂 ⠀ А ты в каком периоде хотела бы пожить? Как на счет средневековья? ⠀ Вылоижила много историй. Получилось весьма атмосферно. ⠀ #КалашнаяГермания #КалашныеВыходные   #КалашГидГермания
》 ι wαɴт тo вe wιтн тнoѕe wнo ĸɴow ѕecreт тнιɴɢѕ or elѕe αloɴe | rιlĸe . . . #solitudeandserene #infjlife . . .
Here he is waiting for daddy to come home, but we are all on the edge of some big things. On the edge of spring and summer. On the edge of vacation and normal life. On the edge of some huge renovations to our house(think early next year). To me the calm before the storm is the hardest. The longing to begin and the dreading of the work that has to happen in order for the beauty to emerge from the chaos. Anyone else have big things coming up?
Location location location ... robins have chosen to build their nest in my wild strawberry 🍓 container 🤩 I’m willing to let them harvest the strawberries if they manage to ripen without me watering them 😉🍓 . . . #birdnest #nesting #nestingbirds #robins #robinsnest #mygarden #wildstrawberry #summerfruit #macroandflora #instagardenlovers #instagarden #springblooms #myeverydaymagic #allthingsofbeauty #naturephotography #botanicalpickmeup #inspiredbynature
Kolumba Cologne 🐚
🕷 i had all and then most of you some and now none of you take me back to the night we met . 📸 @catherineclaudia
Because Tuesdays are hard and require flowers. Like in my drink, in my office, in my hair...
I took this picture with the intent of a completely different caption. But I saw my legs, and decided to change what I wanted to say to you 🖤 Our legs are made to transport us. To move us. To walk or run in whatever direction we choose. And lately I’ve felt as if I’m at a fork in the road with certain parts of my life. But I cannot decide on my own. It feels too overwhelming. So.. “Lord, guide me on the path that you want me to take. Lead me in the direction that aligns with your will. Show me the answers I seek”.
Trying to look moody but really, I am already on holiday-mode 🙌 CIAO!
✨ | Showing my bedroom some love 😊 it’s unusually the most neglected room in the house 😉 #botanicalpickmeup
Throwback to the time I made dumplings at @anjadunk ‘s house 😋 Looking forward to perfecting my skills at her workshop at the @goodlifeexperience 💁🏼‍♀️ Oh and look out for our little film about Anja and TGLE coming to an Instagram account near you very soon 👀 🎥
This lucky little lady bug has landed here to stay To make my garden pretty and keep the weeds away. ~Author Unknown #claramarie #toddlersofinstagram #thatsdarling #mygirl #ladybughugs #pnwonderland #holdthemoments #redhead #momlife
So I’m STILL not over the Royal Wedding. I find myself drifting back to photographs of the day and just thinking how blissfully happy people look in the images. I’m getting excited now for my first wedding of the year in a couple of weeks. . 📸 @sophiecarefull
It has felt good to take a little break from social media. I’ve been able to quietly reflect on why I begun doing this in the first place. I’ve spent the last week painting, sewing and reflecting on my love for my family and my life. I’ve always been one to practice positivity, but I was finding that to be a real struggle of late. However, I feel like I’ve been able to turn it all around. I snagged a job interview doing something I absolutely love, something that involves gardening and urban food production. So I’m choosing to be positive and happy, because when you can find the strength to do that, then anything is possible. • I want to know what you have been up to lately? Has anything exciting happened to you this week?
After a cocktail making demo by @mark_diacono at @gardenshowireland I knew I NEEDED some Ginger Rosemary for my Summer gins! _____________________ Finally managed to locate some at #HooksgreenHerbs and am currently debating where she’d like to live. _____________________ There’s some @shortcrossgin dying to be part of a cocktail with Ginger Rosemary very soon....
Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Sadly I am not wearing my favorite pink shoes today, but it’s still a great day. 👠 How were your weekends?
Hello, Happy Tuesday ... I’m just living my dream of casually standing around in blossoming trees ... well not right this moment since it’s raining but I was a day ago... It’s all about the small things 😆🌿 . . . . . #springtime #myeverydaymagic #simplejoys #livebeautifully #moodyportraits #makeportraits #folkportraits #vscogood #igportrait
bright eyed and bushy tailing myself back to work. t-minus three days and then summer roadtrippin begins 🚙 #bringonsummer
À . L A . C A M P A G N E
Peaceful moments during hectic times | Appreciate it all
Oo so finally got my hands on the tombow dual brush pens and being a noob lettering, it’s definitely not the easiest thing to do! So after a lil practice this is what I managed to arrive at! So be nice and leave a comment if you like it:) Also the background watercolor wash was also done by the @tombowusa pens😊 Moving on to the word! Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan language) Defined as “Two people looking at each other each hoping the other will do what both desire but neither is willing to initiate”🤭 Did you ever think a word for that unspoken look actually existed?!!
Birthday flowers still going strong #bloomandwild
About one year ago, I went trough a period of change, I had pushed myself too hard and finally gotten to the point where I was a big blubberie, overwhelmed mess feeling like I'd missed out on my whole life. This delightful little moment of hitting rock bottom forced me to start making some big changes. One of the biggest was to take a really good look at the people in my life. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. There's the Instagram only friends, who hide from you when you talk with them. There's the users, who only pop up when they want or need you. There's also the life-long friends, who you see once in a blue moon but feel like no time has passed when you finally do catch up. This sort of friends are the real ones and we need to take care of them. So, when I finally took a closer look at my friends, I realised it was in need of some serious weeding. Why do we waste time on bad relationshipes, if all they do is bring us down and make us feel bad? And why don't we cultivated the good ones? I discover that an old friend of my was passing a similar period on her life and that she needed someone else's perspective to feel loved. Her dad just died and she got a divorce. We had a great conversation on the phone about loss and grief and after that she felt a little more confident on herself. Since that episod I have been more intentional about articulating to my friends how they mean to me and how they contribute to the world, once people can't always see themselves the way they really are. Unfortunaly, we all are to blinded by labels and by our own sense of failure. So is good to have and to be a friend that stand by you ;) #littlestoriesofmylife #instastory #storyofmylife #illustration #illustrationoftheday #illustratorsoninstagram #editorialillustration #instamoment #doodles #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmhappylife #seekthesimplicity #livethelittlethings #liveinthemoment #creativehappylife #creativelifehappylife #friendship #visualart #paperart #sketchbook #sketch #myeverydaymagic #mixedmediaart #design #like4like #flatlay #livecolorfully #enjoylife #flowerlovers #nothingisordinary_
Tuesday vibes ✨ tomorrow is magnolia’s last day of school, I can’t believe a whole school year has gone by. I’d be lying if I said I’m ready to have both kiddos back full time. Griffy and I have gotten used to our mornings together + Magnolia really loves the routine and rhythms of her #waldorf school. So I thought we’d make the time extra special this morning and plans some momma + Griffin activities. First up, baking 🤗 #momentsofmine #realtalk #habitandhome #motherhoodthroughinstagram #nestingly #liveauthentic #thehappynow #theheartcaptured #bedeeplyrooted #motherhoodunplugged #momentslikethese #bakingadventures #baking #childhoodunplugged #thatauthenticfeeling #summervacation #seekthesimplicity #theartofslowliving #aseasonalshift #myeverydaymagic #myquietbeauty #lovelysquares #thatsdarling #livethelittlethings #livefullyalive #simplemoments
🍃☘🍃 I don't know what I'm mastering here: the art of creating or the art of reaching for another cup of coffee imperceptibly 😉 . . . So. Creation. Funny thing, huh? Especially here, on Instagram, where we are surrounded by so many visual artists and it's SO easy to fall into a trap of insecurity. . . . But let me tell you something: every one of us is unique and we all have our stories to tell. Sometimes we struggle to find the right way to do it but it's there, waiting. . . . And while there is no chance everyone will like what we do (hey, so many people criticised M.M., her wedding dress, her hair and make-up - and she looked so beautiful I would have thought that was simply impossible...), there is also no chance that noone will find it inspiring, funny or beautiful. So instead of being discouraged, we shoud focus on mastering the art of creating and telling our unique story 🍃 . . . Can you tell me in brief what yours is? #storiesoflovejoyandbeauty . . . Have a lovely afternoon, My Sunshines 🍃☘🍃 . . . Gdybym miała wolny dzień, tak naprawdę wolny dzień... - chyba (realistycznie) mogę zacząć go planować za jakieś 10 lat 🙈 Z drugiej strony, wcale mi się do tego nie spieszy 🙃 . . . Co dziś porabiacie? . . . Pięknego popołudnia dla Was 🍃☘🍃
Have a good day 🌞 Говорят, что двери не закрываются и жизнь даёт нам то, чего мы хотим... Но как же жестоки наши желания и как непросто смотреть на свои хотелки... ... #vekoria #styleonmytable #seeingtheprety #still_life_gallery #stilllifegallery #styleingtheseasons #floweroftheday #myquietbeauty #momentsofmine #myeverydaymagic #inspiremyinstagram #mybeautifulsimplcity #tv_living #country_stilllifelife #onmytable #tv_neatly #tv_stillife #tv_fadingbeauty #snap_ish #shutter_memory #flowergram #floralstories #stilllife_perfection #still_life_mood #floralstories #jj_still_life
How about a walk in Alexandria, where @studiosnaiderodc showroom is located?! Buckle up, and follow our stories!
A shawl l've made last winter but still using it. A rainy may here 🌱 The yellow yarn is camel blend wool 🐫
At age 23, Tina Fey was working at a YMCA. At age 23, Oprah was fired from her first reporting job. At age 24, Stephen King was working as a janitor and living in a trailer. At age 27, Vincent Van Gogh failed as a missionary and decided to go to art school. At age 28, J.K. Rowling was a suicidal single parent living on welfare. At age 28, Wayne Coyne (from The Flaming Lips) was a fry cook. At age 30, Harrison Ford was a carpenter. At age 30, Martha Stewart was a stockbroker. At age 37, Ang Lee was a stay-at-home-dad working odd jobs. Julia Child released her first cookbook at age 39, and got her own cooking show at age 51. Vera Wang failed to make the Olympic figure skating team, didn’t get the Editor-in-Chief position at Vogue, and designed her first dress at age 40. Stan Lee didn’t release his first big comic book until he was 40. Alan Rickman gave up his graphic design career to pursue acting at age 42. Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first movie role until he was 46. Morgan Freeman landed his first MAJOR movie role at age 52. Kathryn Bigelow only reached international success when she made The Hurt Locker at age 57. Grandma Moses didn’t begin her painting career until age 76. Louise Bourgeois didn’t become a famous artist until she was 78. Whatever your dream is, it is not too late to achieve it. You aren’t a failure because you haven’t found fame and fortune by the age of 21. Hell, it’s okay if you don’t even know what your dream is yet. Even if you’re flipping burgers, waiting tables or answering phones today, you never know where you’ll end up tomorrow. Never tell yourself you’re too old to make it. Never tell yourself you missed your chance. Never tell yourself that you aren’t good enough. You can do it. Whatever it is. ❤💙💛🧡💜💚🖤 #inspirationquotes #inspireothersorbeinspired #welivetoexplore #nature #thehappynow #pursuewhatislovely #lifelessons #littlestoriesofmylife #momentsofmine #simpleandstill #myeverydaymagic #choosejoy #loveauthentic #dreambig #powerofshe #findyou 🌟Sharing positivity from @happy_with_the_johnsons
Starting the day right with brownies and coffee for breakfast! ✔️ Unwrap a smile today try out these delicious treats by @thereallittledebbie . Love the Caramel fudge and peanuts on the top 😋😋 #sweettooth #dessertforbreakfast #slowgood #sponsored #dessertstagram
Strong. Capable. Amazing. Yes you are!!! As women we are all of those things and so much more! Tag your favorite lady friends below💃🏻
i just love everything peachy so i couldn’t resist posting it. these adorable buildings! 🎠
Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty. Albert Einstein
Ароматерапия во всей красе) похожа на букет вареного риса. Кстати, Вы знаете, что на белой сирени гораздо больше «счастливых цветков»? Так что гадать на ней - читерство) . . . . #mood #moodygrams #wanderfolk #verilymoment #artofvisual #nature_perfection #naturelovers #naturephotography #flowersofinstagram #moody_nature #thatsdarling #still_life_gallery #jj_still_life #tv_stilllife #country_stilllife #flashesofdelight #liveauthentic #lifeofadventure #sweethome #myeverydaymagic #earthpix #nothingsisordinary #blossom #beautyinthisworld #slowliving #lifeandthyme #livefolk #tv_living #tv_nature #instamood
INHALE CONFIDENCE. EXHALE DOUBT.⠀ Are you inhaling confidence right now? Or are you letting your doubt and fear stop you from being the most POWERFUL you? ⠀ -⠀ For those who don't know my story, here is a short snit bit! I am originally from the St. Louis area and I moved to the beautiful Denver, Co with my boyfriend at the time, I quit my job of 5 years, moved out of my parents home, started a new job, and moved in with a bf for the FIRST time thousands of miles away from everyone we knew. ⠀ -⠀ Can we say...WAY too many life changing decisions at one time?! ⠀ -⠀ Almost instantly after moving, our relationship escalated to something so unsafe and dangerous for my well being. I honestly didn't know what to do but THANKFULLY after a few months, I gained the courage to leave that relationship and find my own way in this new city. I found a craigslist roommate, moved out, and it was the best thing I've ever done! ⠀ -⠀ I have to be honest though, I remember feeling defeated, unloved, and undeserving. I so badly wanted to be confident, I wanted to be bold, and I wanted to feel beautiful! I so badly wanted to love my life! Have you ever been there? ⠀ -⠀ Here is the thing, you have the choice to change your life with ONE decision! My decision was me..I had the enough is enough moment one to many times and I was no longer going to let my past stand in the way of my dreams!⠀ Are you ready to choose YOU?!⠀ -⠀ Here are a few QUICK TIPS to becoming your MOST CONFIDENT self right now! ⠀ ✨Switch your negative thoughts into positive affirmations! ⠀ ✨Do one thing outside of your comfort zone every single day! ⠀ ✨Stand in the power pose! (Like wonder woman!)⠀ ✨Find a video, song, book, etc. that gets you PUMPED UP! ⠀ ✨Spend time with those you want to trade places with! ⠀ ✨Find miracles in your life every day! ⠀ ✨Smash your big goals by doing 2-3 little actions every single day! ⠀ ✨Feel like a babe!! (Get dressed up, play with your makeup, and take yourself on a date)!⠀ -⠀ P.S.- If you are ready to take your confidence to the NEXT LEVEL and become an Unstoppable Badass, I invite you to jump in to this 6 week up leveling course! The doors are CLOSING this Thursday at 10pm MST
Mes indispensables du moment : J’ai le même parfum depuis maintenant 3 ans. Je l’ai acheter la vielle de mon premier jour de boulot, parce que je voulais faire bonne impression. Étant dans le magasin depuis 30min à tourner en rond j’ai appeler ma meilleure amie qui est venue m’aider et elle m’a conseiller celui là . La petite robe noire. Et maintenant je ne m’en sépare plus tellement je l’adore ! 🌸 • Ce masque à l’argile et au charbon de @prescriptionlab_fr est devenu ma routine beauté ! Je l’utilise une fois par semaine pour débarrasse ma peau de toute mes saleté accumuler. Et je l’adore , il laisse la peau toute douce et bien nettoyée ! 🌿 • Mon allié anti-jesuisunemamancrevée est cet anti cerne de @balancemebeauty également reçu dans une box de @prescriptionlab_fr . Il est fantastique, les gens arrêtent de me dire " eh bien y’a l’air fatiguée hein ! " 😒 • Et le dernier , toujours reçu dans ma box est ce fabuleux mascara de @diormakeup , qui est vraiment génial ! Il te fais des cils de star tout en restant naturel et tient toute la journée ! 👸🏻 • Voilà mes produits chouchous du moments , partager les votre aussi, j’ai toujours hâte de découvrir des nouveaux 😘 • • • • • • • • #todayslovely #livethelittlethings #myunicornlife #postitforaesthetic #thatsdarling #darlingdaily #myeverydaymagic #howiseeit #viedemaman #seekmoments #momentsofmine #prettylittlethings #bebe2018 #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #fromwhereistand #fwis #maman #momentlikethese #chasinglight #finditliveit #thehappynow #livebeautifully #maviedemaman
Vulnerability moment: sometimes being vulnerable is really scary. ⠀⠀ It’s hard to be an open book. ⠀⠀ It’s hard to admit your struggles. ⠀⠀ It’s hard to be wrong, imperfect, or make mistakes (and I’ve made a LOT of them, lemme tell ya). ⠀⠀ But every great story has setbacks, because you can’t move forward without being behind at some point. ⠀⠀ And in my newest post on the blog, I’m talking about easy ways to use your story (those vulnerable as hell moments) to actually *grow* your business. 🙌🏾 ⠀⠀ Yeah. That moment when you failed a launch or didn’t make a single sale? You can use it to make an impact, girlfriend! ⠀⠀ Read the post for the dirty deets (actually they’re clean, but you know what I mean 😉). www.adventureswithasha.com/blog . . . . #makeitblissful #theuniversehasyourback #theeverydayproject #myeverydaymagic #choosejoy #abmlifeiscolorful #abmlifeishappy #womenempoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #raiseyourvibration #followyourbliss #makeshifthappen #bloggersgetsocial #iamtheverygirl #theeveryday #communityovercompetition #findyourflock #womenonamission #ownyourstory #imperfectboss #hersuccess #girlpreneur #keepsocialmediasocial #spiritualentrepreneur #soulpreneur #shemeansbusiness #calledtocreate #femaleentrepreneur #austinblogger #manifestationbabe @preview.app
Color me blue ~*🦋*~ . . How’s your week going? Yesterday was seriously busy for me as I’m getting a bit anxious about traveling this Thursday for our little holiday, can’t help it. Have a lovely day/evening! . . #morningslikethese #thelittlethings #myeverydaymagic #mymagicalmorning #9vaga_shabbysoft9 #rsa_ladies #splendid_dof #dof_brilliance #mystory_shots #stilllife #foreverfaffing #onmywhitetable
Все препятствия и трудности - это ступени, по которым мы растём ввысь... #myeverydaymagic #beautifulmoment #vsco_russia
Yaz sezonu boyunca yolunuz Dalga Beach’e düşerse aydınlatmalarımızla 💡 @tabba_boutique ‘teyiz🔥🔥 Lütfen taklitlerimizden sakının🙈
Lots of ☔ rain here this week + it's the perfect weather to make things with pretty flowers. 🌿 This is "Peach Lemonade" // feat. a detailed rannuculus and lamb's ear stem tucked into a glass jar + wood wall hanging. Designed with love xo
I'm a pretty darn optimistic person, but lately, my optimism has been chipping away. You probably know that I'm super passionate about urban living and transportation issues and have lived car-free in Phoenix for over 4 years. What you may not know is that my voice is in the very small minority. ⠀ ・⠀ We are in a paradigm shift in Phoenix around how people move around our city, which has historically been by 🚙 And with every progressive step towards creating an inclusive transportation network for those who choose not to or can't afford to own a car, there is major pushback, reversals, or just downright vicious opinions 🤬⠀ ・⠀ The thing that kills me is we have the money. The will, leadership, and communication strategy to put that money to use ....sometimes not so much.⠀ ・⠀ So excuse me for a second while I flip off the world (per @janellemonae 's lead)🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼, shed a tear for a minute, and then stand up, brush it off, and KEEP PUSHING ANWAY. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #consciousculture #intentionalliving #boldbraveyou #youareabadass #beyourbestself #risingstrong #daringgreatly #bravingthewilderness #pinkstagram #pinkalicious #ihavethisthingwithpink #intentionalliving #liveyourpassion #findyourpassion #myeverydaymagic #everydaymagic #alifeofintention #passioncolorjoy #elevatetheeveryday #sweetdreamsDLF #bandofun
Roses are red, violets are blue and China loves you🙈🇨🇳. Temple of Heaven is full of roses! And I loved it 😍
Blanket color palette
First day of the new (short-term) contract today. I figure a little pastoral scene is in order to help ease me in. I’m trying to get in an office mindset by visualizing my work spirit animal, George Costanza. And as George so memorably said, “I’m going in Jerry!” #wildflowermeadow #notintheoffice #lovelifeoutside
lily of the valley | the kiddos did not take naps today + the energy got a little crazy around here. When AJ came home, I ran straight outside to the wet soil to weed the veggie beds + harvest some asparagus + clear my mind. There is something about the ground after it rains that really opens up and is perfect for weeding. A metaphor for my mind I’d say. I was in my head all day but working in the soil really brought me back down to earth. I walked around and found the patch of lily of the valley had bloomed behind the house. Perfect as the sun has moved into Gemini + lily of the valley is one of the flowers of this airy, energetic sign ruled by mercury the planet of communication. When I came inside, I decided to pull a card to focus this Gemini energy for myself: ace of pentacles. According to @starchildtarot “This card speaks of innate trust, intuition and choices that support spiritual growth” Learning to focus my energy, my intuition into my growth and trust the universe. i think I’m liking Gemini season already. #underthefloralspell #botanticalpickmeup #myeverydaymagic #tarot #inspiremyinstagram #flashesofdelight #flowersofinstagram #flowerstalking #momentsofmine #thatauthenticfeeling #thatsdarling #homestead #gardenersofinstagram #motherearth #theartofslowliving #theslowdowncollective #livefullyalive #thehappynow #bedeeplyrooted #creativelifehappylife #tarotreadersofinstagram #gemini #geminiseason #lilyofthevalley #springtime #healingenergy #astrology #intuition #seekthesimplicity #vibratehigher
Happy Monday 🌿 Griffin + I took a little rainy walk to our local co-op and picked up these hot peppers plants for daddy, my #mcm . Momma has her medicinal and tea gardens + these little plant babies are for daddy’s summer salsa garden. I’m not totally into spicy foods, so these are truly for him. These hot chili peppers will be planted next to our tomatillos + tomatoes. Now to teach Griffin not to eat them 🌶 #homestead #growyourown #hisandhers #seekthesimplicity #gardener #gardenersofinstagram #slowfood #instagood #vegetables #botanicalpickmeup #plantbabies #flatlay #myeverydaymagic #growyourownfood #lovelysquares #livefullyalive #creativelifehappylife #momentsofmine #springtime #simpleandstill #motherhoodthroughinstagram #aseasonalshift #seekinspirecreate #herbalist #inspiremyinstagram #thatsdarling #spicy #thehappynow #gratefulheart
قد هزار تا پنجره تنهایی آواز میخونم دارم با کی حرف میزنم نمیدونم نمیدونم #whp_reflection
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