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Drawers for days. You’d be surprised how opening + closing drawers never gets old...🤣 The amount of times he puts things in this drawer + takes it out would make you dizzy. His favorite item to put in here are 🍋 lemons. Seems like everyday at 4pm we find ourselves here. 🤣....☕️
Scrolling through my phone pics as the boys had been taking lots of pictures earlier. I was hitting delete, delete, delete and came across this one, Lucas had shouted “Mum smile” when I was feeding Millie, so of course you oblige to your little budding photographer. I quickly added this to the delete folder and carried on, but then something made me go into that folder. I don’t really have any pictures of me feeding Millie and I would kind of like one more. So I hit the retrieve button and added it back onto my camera roll. I haven’t washed my hair in days so it’s up in a bobble (I didn’t even brush it!), I have no makeup on, I’m wearing Derek’s jeans and jumper (because nothing I have fits me!😭) so I thought I’ll have to make sure no one sees this! But then that’s me feeding into what I hate about social media! I hate that it’s always perfect little snapshots that give other people unrealistic expectations to meet. So f**k it I’m posting it. Here is the true side to motherhood - scraping through a busy day wearing your hubby’s clothes and only getting time for a seat when you have to feed the baby!🙈 #honestmotherhood
A lifetime of learning ahead. 👊🏽 Our daughter has enriched our life in a way I could’ve never predicted. The beauty of motherhood is truly magical. And hard, but totally worth it. ❤️ #momlife . . . . Also, how cute is my tee from @themomculture !!
Wilde hier iets quasi leuks typen als in "Cooking with Kiddos" maar op het moment dat ik deze foto maakte kwam er mega geknetter uit die wipstoel. Super goede moeder als ik ben, ging ik gewoon verder met het klaarzetten van de ingrediënten. Nog meer geknetter, leek wel of 't kind opsteeg. Nee joh, stug verder je tomaatjes snijden. Just air. 💨 Toen de volgende mega scheet bijna een gat in de wipstoel creëerde en gepaard ging met een help-me-huiltje ben ik toch maar even gaan checken... Tot aan z'n Nol de B matje kwam het 💩 Alles vol, z'n luier, z'n romper, z'n tuinbroek, zelfs z'n wipstoel. Hoe krijgt ie het van melk gecreëerd?!! En waar is hulp als je 't nodig hebt?! Deze dingen gebeuren alleen als je onlythelonely bent hè! Alle scheldwoorden zijn door de keuken gevlogen. Dat doe ik, als iets mis gaat, schelden! Helpt enorm! 😑 10 min later zaten ook z'n omkleedkussen, commode en ik onder de babypoep, maar Le bebe zelf was weer happy. En toen, toen kon ik nog gaan koken.. 😒 #momlifeisthebestlife #heldenzijnwe #keuken #kitchen #dailyparenting #kitcheninspo #myhomestyle #momlife #mymamahood #momswithcameras
Our first day of school is next week. ✏️📚As I was going over my to-do list last weekend I said to my husband, “I just don’t feel like I’m fully prepared.” He looked at me like I was absolutely crazy. Ok. So I may have spent the last 3 months pouring over and ordering curriculum, books and supplies. I may have rearranged the shelves in the schoolroom about 1,345,678,397 times now and been pretty serious about checking my list just as many times. The postmasters at our local post office may be slightly annoyed with the number of packages that have been steadily flowing through with my name on them. Maaaaaaybe I’ve had our science activities for the year planned out since before last years school year even started... but you guys...am I ACTUALLY ready?!?! 😭 Do any other homeschool mamas go through a full blown nesting stage before the school year starts?
Forever my selfie partner. 😎
If there's one thing I love most about social media, it's the ability to connect with like-minded people, so many who inspire me like crazy. Through "being the energy I want to attract," I have found so many amazing people that have become dear friends. ✨ This oil life will do that to you! • Friends, your energy and what you put out into the world matters. Thanks for sharing your beauty! 💖 @mrs_constantine • And if you are looking for a certain energy (enthusiasm, passion, helpfulness, encouragement, challenge, and motivation like you wouldn't believe), I think you've come to the right place! Don't have YL oils yet? Leave your email so I can send you details and help you get started! 🤗
Beziehungsorientiert. Bindungsorientiert. Bedürfnisorientiert. Unterschiedliche, jedoch ähnliche Konzepte aus so ziemlich demselben Topf. Wer sich damit beschäftigt, merkt oft: es ist gar nicht so leicht aus alten Mustern auszubrechen. Eine Herzens- wird zur Kopfsache. . . . Ich darf jetzt nicht...Ich muss...damit mein Kind sich geliebt fühlt...damit mein Kind oder die Beziehung zu ihm keinen Schaden nimmt. . . . Jein. Ich glaube, um gewaltfrei (damit meine ich auch Worte!) mit seinem Kind zu leben, sollte auch dieses Umdenken gewaltfrei ablaufen. Ausbruch erzeugt Risse - eventuell an den eigenen Bedürfnissen - und baut Druck auf. Wichtiger ist erst einmal, dass du dir über deine Bedürfnisse im Konflikt mit deinem Kind im Klaren bist. Dass du dir bewusst machst, dass es okay ist, nicht immer so zu reagieren wie du es dir vorgenommen hast. Geh nicht nur in Beziehung zu deinem Kind, sondern auch mit dir selbst. . . Was WILLST du? WILLST du - oder brauchst du? Und vielleicht - warum? Warum ist dir xy so wichtig? Beziehe dein Kind in deine Gründe ein, statt es in (d)einen Machtkampf zu verwickeln. Übe - in alltäglichen Stresssituationen (Job, Autofahren, etc) bis 10 zu zählen. Und DANN zu reagieren (wichtig: Ärger nicht hinunterschlucken). Sieh nicht nur, was dein Kind tut - ergründe was es BRAUCHT. . . Das alles ist ein Prozess, der nicht über Nacht passiert und auch gar nicht passieren kann. Impulsive Handlungen sitzen tief. Konservative Erziehung auch. Ja, natürlich, sei lieb zu deinem Kind. Sei auch lieb zu dir. . . . . . . . . . . #kinderbegleiten #gemeinsamwachsen
Exploring outside comfortable. 😍 I love being able to wrap Austin in our @babieskea baby wrap to free up my arms. Plus, he loves it too. 😊 Follow @babieskea now and use "KEAxTT15OFF" and get 15% off storewide on keababies.com! #ad
This nugget is growing so fast! Can’t believe she is growing out of newborn and into 0-3 months clothes! Mostly in length and not weight, maybe she will be my tall girl! Fellow Moms, when did your babe change from newborn to 0-3?? #cozettejune . . . . #motherhoodiscolorful #motherhoodunplugged #babiesdayout #babywearingforthewin #motherhood #ig_motherhood #ig_kids #wildandbravelittles #photooftheday #baby #babygirl #onemonth #mom #momtog #cameramom #mamahood #mymamahood #motherhoodisdarling #ig_lifestyles #lifestyle #lifestyleblog #blogger
•I’m kinda freaking out because this lil chica starts school tomorrow, but I am also super excited to see what good structure and an educational environment will do for her! 💛 . . . @sewsweetclothing for the win once again, with one of my favorite dresses ever. You should do yourself a favor, and head over to their page to check out the gorgeous Fall18 clothing drop sneak peak. I cannot deal. 😭
capturing simple moments. “i’m going to call him wormy the worm. he’s my new best friend” — olivia grace, age 3.5 👧🏼🐛
any other mamas snack while nursing and then later find crumbs hidden in your babes neck crevices? 🤣 #guilty 🤷🏼‍♀️
Prettyyyy soon there will be a little babe filling out those onesies and making this crib all cozy. About 9 more weeks of growing and some peacefulness around the house (read: scrambling to get this nursery finished and home projects out of the way 😌)Since Charlie is at school all day now, I have to kick my procrastinating pregnant butt into gear and get all the things done. But naps sound so much better you know? 😴 #babybrileybird #nestingmode #projectnursery #destinationnursery #ecobaby #ecoconscious #sustainablebaby #shopsmallmovement #organicbaby #theeverymom #expectful #documentourdays #mymamahood #aheadofthecurve #nurserystyling
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WHY?!?! Why do I do this to myself? I’m so good at washing and drying; but for some reason folding and putting away the laundry is extremely low on my list of talents. • If anyone is looking for this mama I’ll be tackling this mountain of laundry that makes our king size bed look small 😭#laundryfordays
These are my people. 🖤
I am SO grateful for a postpartum journey that wasn’t easy. Without it, I would have never found ME. . It’s easy to say that now, but I remember looking in the mirror at a person I didn’t recognize wondering LIKE is this IT? . Is this really the new ME? Is there honestly NOT another side to come out on?! . But I knew that wasn’t it, and I’m not the type of person to stay stuck, so I peeled myself off the floor and made moves. . Friend, don’t be stuck. I don’t know if it’s health, a job, relationship, your faith, friendships or WHAT - but refuse to stay stuck. . Your MOUNTAIN may not move overnight, but it sure as heck isn’t going anywhere if you don’t move. . Remember your worth, your joy, your insane confidence AND take the smallest step today to get unstuck. 💜
Convinced my husband we needed a skateboard because I wanted to try skateboarding. Safe to say Bob and Andy love the skateboard. I still haven’t tried it out. #hewasaskaterboy #whataboutbobwaters #amynandy
Do your kids have any favourite things? For Oliver it's always been dinosaurs (although Pokemon have come pretty close). He has been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember, he has played with his dinosaurs everyday and one of his words was "dinosaur". I often wonder what Tommy's favourite thing will be. At the moment he is enjoying chewing of these rubber dinosaur teething toys and makes them say "Roar" so maybe we will have another little dino lover. . . . Rubber dinosaur toy @melliegreenorganic #minimellie . . . . #gifted #brandenthusiast #babytoys #motherhoodmoments #thedarlingmovement #joyfulmamas #raisingboys #raisingbaby #littlepiecesofchildhood #mymamahood #playtogether #ohmamamoment #nestingly #parentingblog #theeveryday #thehonestlens #thehappynow #alifewellcaptured #livethelittlethings #candidchildhood #momdotme #sharejoy #babynursery #channelmumvillage #justbaby #lifewithboys #clickinmoms #mycapturedheart #memiorsofmotherhood
I thought fall was my favorite but this season of snuggles, cuddles, and sweet sleepiness is my forever favorite season of them all 💛 (okay but fall is a CLOSE second). 🍁
Neither one of us wanted to eat 6 salads today so we choose this piña colada superfoods smoothie/bowl 🥥🍍 We needed some ☀️ too and made it out before the rain. —— Mommin extra hard today and I know I’m not alone on days like this. The house was quickly becoming a war zone full of toys. Followed by trails of cheeze-it’s and almond butter rice cake crumbles. Totally fine because they were all happy but sometimes when the house gets messy I feel scattered and can’t focus on what needs to get done! —— Our T W O year old is going through sleep regression, one I didn’t know existed, and we are all exhausted. MOMS help!! I could use 2 year old sleep regression tips, please!!
Mama Bae & Little Baby Bae✨ When I look at my youngest little bae I always wonder if he’ll be my last. When I’m not looking at both my littles I think “I’m done”. As mamas we always try to bottle up & enjoy all the “lasts”, but when do we really know it’s the last? I love everything about being pregnant and totally love all the newborn snuggles.... but, I know that going through it all over again will have it’s amazing moments and have it’s challenges. Also, going from a family of four to a party of 🖐 is a BIG deal. We currently have a pink and blue 50/50 split, but the question is... should we go for the tie breaker? ... ... 📸 capturing motherhood perfectly @littlelamphotos
This baby will be born with the most loving / gorgeous parents ever!
Loving our @babybum products 🐒🍌🌼👶🏽💛🛁 #ShowUsYourBum #TrustTheBum @sunbum
Every nursing #workingmom knows that nursing pads like these ultra-thin, washable ones from @bamboobies are a NECESSITY!! We don't want to have embarrassing leaks while building our careers and helping our families financially! 🙈 . . BTW, check out the BOGO (buy one get one free) sales going on at the #bambooobies website! You can score nursing pads like mine, nursing bras and nursing tops this week!! Sale ends 8/23. Don't miss out! #sponsored
Nothing sweeter than seeing the man I love with the little man we made ♡ He puts up with my million photo ideas, chasing Elliot around and doing some of the silliest + weirdest moves to make him laugh 🙈 He has patience + love like no other! I love watching the bond between them grow immensely. As growing up with a father always in & out, it’s so nice to experience and witness all the things a father should do. We love you @terryclark91 ❤️ . . . . . . . . #dontforgetthedads #fatherhoodmatters #fatherhood #fatherandson #fatherhoodrising #firsttimedad #ig_fatherhood #dadsofinstagram #fathersofinstagram #lovelysquares #thepursuitofhappiness #letthembelittle #humansofjoys #littlepiecesofchildhood #momswithcameras #mymamahood #littlejoys #littleandbrave #lovelymoments #dayslikethese #documentyourdays #ohheymama #humansofjoy #dailymotherhood #chooselovely #joyfulmamas #littlefiercsones #littlepiecesofchildhood
Whoever came up with terrible twos, I need to have a word with. Cause I could make some pretty valid points on why three is much more terrible. 🤦🏻‍♀️ side note: expired choco bunnies from Easter for my own sanity! 😂
Peepo! DōTERRA doesn’t have a Sunflower oil, but if they did, I would bath in it 🌻🌻🌻
We FINALLY finished this wall and got some updated prints up. Multiple times a day, Emerson asks for us to quiz him on everyone’s faces. I love being able to see the evolution of Dallas and my relationship (almost NINE years worth of photos together 😳), as well as how much Emerson has grown in the past 19 months. Thank you so much to @letters4luv for the cool illustration of one of my favorite family photos (original photo by @frauspencer ). I’m so happy with how it turned out!
They want to name him Rainbow!
After all of this back to school stuff, I’m sure we could all use a little pampering (and a nap, am I right?) 🙌🏻 We’ve got this, mamas! ❤️
Truck'n through this Tuesday likeee🏃and thank yall for your suggestions what to do with these extra blackberries!! So many tasty dishes to choose from. We're stuck in the house from the wild fire smoke sooo I'm going to be doing lots of laundry, cleaning and what the heck, I may just try all the recipes?😬 #misslillianblaire #18monthsold . . . . . #empoweringwomen #clickinmoms #igkids #momlifeisthebestlife #thatsdarling #ohheymama #girlmom #thebloomforum #momsofinstagram #momkins #letthekids #honestmotherhood #mama #mommyandme #joyfulmamas #thehappynow #humansofjoy #stylelikeamother #choosehappy #documentyourdays #family #mymamahood #littlefierceones #mynameismama #chasinglight #littleandbrave #mymotherhood #honestlymothering
We got a new glider yesterday to rock our sweet girl in and decided to put it in the living room because we are running out of space in this little apartment. It’s so crazy to think that a little over a year and a half ago we literally sold everything and moved across the country. Tyler said last night, “We are becoming a little family” and it’s so true, we are. Things are just things in the bigger picture of life but man are they nice to have. That’s something I will never take for granted, the blessings that we’ve received over the past 18 months and how much we’ve changed and grown in all the best ways possible. It’s a season of our life I never want to forget. And now as we are becoming a little family I see more and more clearly the ways God had His hands all over our lives and how He allowed us to be challenged and grow in so many ways. It brings tears to my eyes to think of everything He has brought us through and everything He has in store for us. #gratitudechangeseverything #homesweethome #growthmindset
•6 more days and my littlest babe turns 1. Ya'll ONE 😭 Oh how I wish I can go back to this day and hold you in my arms and hear your first cry. I want to hold you in my arms and never let you grow up. I feel like Aldo's first year flew by. Time is such a thief. I want this day back 🖤• #AldoKarim #mamajayandaldo • • • • #momlife #motherhoodlens #motherhoodrising #motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #honestmotherhood #beyond_motherhood #vscodaily #ohheymama #mymamahood #therealinstamoms #wildmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #childhoodunplugged #stopcensoringmotherhood #parenthood_moments #rawmotherhood #momofinstagram #benevolentmotherhood #madresdelmundo #theaspiringmama #mamavibestribe #badasssmothers #mamanation #motherhoodunhinged
I was a young wife, walking through the darkest storm of my life. I was afraid, lonely, vulnerable. I had so many questions and not enough answers. I had doubts about my future. . And with that season also came new life. Our precious, perfectly-planned baby girl was given to us by the Giver of Life. The Redeemer of stories. He gave us our Hunter Girl. The girl He had shown me in a dream a year prior. And with that gift, God was offering me a “light at the end of the tunnel.” He helped me to see beyond my circumstance, and set my eyes straight ahead with joy and expectation. . Tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this, because I remember. See, as shocked as you may be to learn this (or not🤪) five year olds are difficult. It’s such a hard stage, and my girl has walked through so many transitions in her life — this season being the biggest by far. And we are certainly facing some challenges, but I remember. . I remember that when I asked God if I could ever truly have my dream— to be a mother, he gave me this very specific child. And I remember that whenever I feel like I’m falling short as a parent, Hunter holds my face and tells me I’m the “best mom ever in the whole entire world.” . It’s easy to get lost in the “hard,” and not be able see past that circumstance, but Hunter is actually my living reminder to look ahead. See past that challenge, that difficulty, the hard seasons. There is joy ahead. . Here’s what I see: I see a kind girl, a helpful girl. I see a brilliant and funny girl who loves to entertain. I see art. I see compassion, boldness, leadership. I see beauty. And no matter what she does, says or thinks, I see the grace of God written all over her sassy little face. . Happy birthday to my first-born. My little lamb. There is no one like you. 💜 . If you know her, please share a fun memory of her! #hunteransley
The chunky Starfish had a great 4 month checkup. She’s 17lbs and 25.5 inches. (90% height and weight. Heh.) We got the go ahead to start cereals and then veggie purées since someone doesn’t have a problem getting calories from her formula. And no matter how many times I pull Tara down to keep from getting kicked, she jumps right back up and snuggles beneath Aila Jo’s legs. 🤷‍♀️ #ajandtara #agirlandherdog
I cannot handle all the cuteness in this photo!!!! 🙈 Also, her ecstatic smile is killing me. 😆
If you haven’t gotten the Premium Starter Kit in your life yet, there’s no better time to get oily than when you are sending your kids off to Germ Land. For health, for focus, and so much more! . Here’s a breakdown of how we use each kit oil for our kiddos during the school year: . Lavender: Add to diffuser for sleep Roll onto feet when hyper Roll onto chest when pollen count is high Use generously when touching something hot . Lemon: Use to remove gum or sticky things Add to Lavender when pollen count is high Roll onto chest to help loosen up phlegm . Frankincense: Roll onto back of neck when hyper Use on the bottoms of the feet during winter months Diffuse while studying . Thieves: Roll on the bottoms of the feet to support the immune system Diffuse during the germy months . Panaway: Roll onto sore muscles Use after strenuous activity Roll onto areas of growing . Digize: Roll with carrier oil onto tummy (nausea, constipation, diarrhea) Use on the bottoms of the feet to support the tummy . Copaiba: Apply neat onto gums for teething Apply on location of irritation . Citrus Fresh: Drop into stinky shoes Diffuse for uplifting the mood . Raven: Diffuse at night to help encourage good breathing and healthy lungs Roll diluted onto the chest for cough and congestion . Peppermint: Diffuse in the mornings for sleepy kiddos Apply to the spine/bottoms of feet to regulate body temperature . Stress Away: Diffuse to calm nerves Roll on wrists, back of neck, or bottoms of feet . Along with the oils, you will get a diffuser designed especially for YL oils, a roller fitment, sample of Thieves cleaner, 2 packs of Ningxia Red, and learning literature for only $160! This is an amazing value for all the things that these little bottles can do. Along with the oils you will also gain the most supportive group of friends who will be there to guide you every step of the way. Love and Lavender is a straight up oily family. I can't wait for you to join our community + get your oils!
Vintage and knits perfection 💛 Online now #marlonandlittlefriends
It’s hard to explain the emotional support I get from my three simple steps each morning. The only way I can describe it is that I see life in color now instead of black, grey, and white. I have a much better sense of awareness and feel so A W A K E in mind, body, and spirit. I never would have imagined this would come from my vitamins. If your vitamins don’t make you feel like this, you’re taking the wrong ones.
If you're into nature journaling, check this out! It has beautiful nature quotes and tons of ideas for what to include in a nature journal if you have never kept one before. Plus it is beautifully illustrated. 😍🌿☘️🍃🌻🌱 #naturejournal #naturestudy #artjournal #books 📚 #bookart #homeschoolers #goodreadschallenge #memoirsofmotherhood #learningathome
Healthy Parents + Healthy Kids = Healthy Family 💕 Life sure was different this time around last year. I seriously just woke up one day and decided to change. I told my husband my plans and he went right along with them. I am so so soooo blessed to have him in my life. He helps me out so much! It’s crazy to think that this year is almost over. Meaning we’re almost going to hit ONE WHOLE YEAR of being FIT and HEALTHY 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏻🏋🏻‍♂️🎉
Well this is deja vu... wasn't this kid sick just a couple weeks ago? Yup, according to Instagram he was sick August 4th. Does anyone else keep track of life by scrolling through their old posts!?
Oh, the baby things ✨ head over to @amberdenae for a chance to win a giveaway with all these shops!
hello friends 👋🏼 it’s been a while since we’ve done a introduction. hi, my name is Haley! I’m the owner of bloom headwraps but did you know that’s just one of the “hats” I wear! I’m also a wife, and mama to 3 beautiful humans. we live in sunny AZ ☀️ this small business has been a HUGE blessing in our families lives and we have you to thank! thanks for sticking around as I share my passions with you 🌵✨ #bloomheadwraps 📷: @alicia.t.photography
how do you clean the house with a clingy + teething toddler? me - i just wrap her up in our @babyktan baby carrier, snuggle her in + let her nurse. baby is happy + mama has both hands to do all the things. more on how i stay hands free on those tough clingy baby days on the blog. #mybkjourney #ad
Side by side or rooms apart these two sisters are connected by heart💞 . Growing up I didn’t have siblings that I lived with so I’m not sure how common this is, but Lexi will cry when Charli cries or laugh when her baby sister laughs. Even if they’re in separate rooms!! . . I’ll be in Charli’s nursery changing her playing Peek-a-boo while Lexi is in the other room and Lexi will start laughing every time Charli does. . . Or the other night Charli was crying because I needed to change her before getting her ready for bed, but she was tired, hungry, and not having it so poor little Lexi started crying also from her bedroom. Are those sympathy tears? . These are just a couple of many instances. Is this a thing? 👯‍♀️😂😭👯‍♀️
This family babymoon has just been the best time so far. Little man is happy as ever + having so much fun, making friends left & right and even napping daily 😳 chris and I are so relaxed and just soaking it all in. Family trips are going to be a lot more hectic after this, but I’m sure just as magical ✨
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