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Throwback to that day in the flower fields 🇯🇵 #JoyWanderdiary #Kawaguchiko
Quick stop for some butterbeer 🍻✨
. Tradisi Lamporan . ____________________ 📍 : Desa Soneyan Sumber, Margoyoso, Kab. Pati #galeryajp #exploreindonesia #explorepati #explorejateng
Yummy Japanese meal in Busan with good friends from Seoul.
Zen, the worlds tallest Buddha statue situated in the capital of Bhutan i.e Thimpu.✨✨✨💯 ============================ This image was shot on @oneplus and retouched by @snapseed.in by @the_view_finderr / @darshan.s.bafna ============================ @oneplus @oneplus_india @snapseed.in @bhutantraveller @amazing_bhutan @bhutanfinal @tourismbhutan ============================
Its our first anniversary celebration and we are so excited to be celebrating with you ! We will have vendors, giveaways, a raffle, food plus lots of Free Intro Classes. More to come as we finalize our plans but go ahead and reserve some time on November 3rd to celebrate with us! #weareturningone
I could not leave Orlando without making a small detour to the east coast to visit legendary Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. I was surprised to learn that unlike other federally owned public places, the Visitor Center is entirely self-supported, receiving no taxpayer or government funding. I also found out that after trying their Shuttle Launch Simulator (astronauts claim it is the closest thing to the real deal) I am happy to keep my exploration to terra firma 😮 #kennedyspacecenter #NASA #jointhejourney #lovefl #florida #capecanaveral #space
my golden hour #expofilm
we only saw a handful of the 10,000 torii gates here, each one symbolizing a wish that came true. what a special place. ⛩
A moment of serenity in a bustling city of over 21 million #julieontheroad
no I’m not lucky I’m blessed, yes
La vida es una historia de aventuras 🌻♥
Chasing morning light in Firenze.
Weathering week three of Yale in a scarf with partridges on it, and cinnamon sleeves, and a pantry full of pumpkins from Japan, having silk bay thistle astrantia bouquets shipped halfway across the world to pretend the room’s an English garden, using candle scents as story premises, missing the sky at home and checking each day to see if it’s Christmas advert season. We get by. 🍂
Josh spent over an hour today trying to cut down our dead tree with an axe...and it started raining. I’m just feeling lucky to have such a good hubby.
“As always, I’m sticking to a very neutral color palette this Fall. As I’ve grown as a designer and woman, I’ve really honed in on what my true style is. Over the years, I’ve taken notice of the pieces I gravitate towards and tend to wear more regularly, and have built my wardrobe around those themes.“ Discover more on Fall style and ethical fashion via our Austin Ethical Fashion Guide featuring @slumlovesweaterco , @esby_apparel , and @being_apparel. 🍂 Link 👉 Bio 📷 @katiejameson for #THESTYLELINE
The hustle and bustle of Tokyo can be overwhelming. If you’re staying in one of the quieter wards, you need to mentally prepare yourself before getting the train to the city. One morning we were doing just that, backpacks on, heads down, when a dapper looking old man man came up behind us. He couldn’t speak English, and we couldn’t speak enough Japanese to understand him, but he beckoned us to follow. We arrived at the man’s house to find his entire front yard filled with rose bushes. All he wanted was to share the beauty of his collection with us. He even retrieved an album from inside the house to show us photos of the plants that weren’t currently in bloom. We said our goodbyes and continued on our journey. But we had an extra spring in our step thanks to the old man. It’s easy to forget, but even in the world’s busiest cities, you should always stop and smell the roses. Words by @jimrichardturvey
The Pilates footwork on the Reformer is a fundamental section in a Pilates workout. Footwork is often the first series of exercises to be taught on the reformer but despite this it shouldn’t be mistaken for a basic exercise. - - Although called footwork, it actually encompasses the whole body; in particular the spine and pelvic position and of course, the legs. For those horsey people amongst us, I am sure you have heard the expression “no foot, no horse” and it’s no different for us! - - Footwork on the reformer is simple yet powerful and for a teacher, provides great insight to the client’s imbalances. The footwork enables the client to develop correct foot, ankle, knee, leg and hip alignment. It will also develop strength and flexibility in these areas. This makes it a perfect exercise for both prevention and rehabilitation of injuries to the lower limbs which are aided further by the varying levels of spring resistance on the reformer. - #dopilates #dopilatesdolife
Fun waves at Newdicks with @sezjoymac today! Thanks for fam ❤️
"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it. The reason birds can fly and we cannot is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings. " -J.M. Barrie Thank you Alan for always having faith in me, my crazy ideas, in our family, in our boys, in God and in ever person you meet. 💗 I love learning from you every day. ☆☆☆☆☆ . . . . . #wallart #wallcrawl #mural #traveldad #dadventure #dadswhotravel #dadsofinstagram #dad #goals @talesofatravelingwriter #wings #fly #faith #handstand #lifeofdad #parentlife #stayathomedad @travelmadfamilies @family.travel.love #Kentucky #bowlinggreen #bowlingGreenKY #explore @explorekentucky #kentuckyphotographer @bowlinggreenliving @visitbgky @lostrivercave #lostrivercave
Still posting pictures of summer, but already planning adventures for autumn. Time to eat all the pumpkin and sweet potato flavoured things! . . . . . #japan #japantrip #japanigram #日本 #japanlover #japanicious #mytinyatlas #wanderlust #instago #explore #exploretocreate #passionpassport #girlswhowander #travel #travelphotography #igersjp #travelgram #asia #shrine #instagramjapan #summer #shinto #matsuri #festival #fukuoka #九州 #福岡
🌞 back on the best coast 🌞
Lebanese food in Philadelphia’s “Best New Restaurant of 2018” 💯 Enjoyed the classic Pita bread with baba ganoush and/or hummous, and tried some new dishes like Batata Harra (crispy potatoes tossed with long hots, garlic, lemon & cilantro) which was so delicious. The Halabi Kebab with turmeric rice completed our wonderful meal ⭐️ The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated to operate as an all-day market and cafe, restaurant & outdoor garden. We read about their pastries but sadly were not able to try them. Just another reason to go back 😋 — A & G // Philadelphia @surayaphilly . . . . . #FoodCoMa #myfab5 #liveauthentic #foodbeast #eeeeeats #eatfamous #feedfeed #dailyfoodfeed #onthetable #lifeandthyme #instapassport #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #campinassp #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #visualmobs #theglobewanderer #forahappymoment #philly #visitphilly #igers_philly #whyilovephilly #phillygram #iphoneography #iphoneonly #iphonesia #yelpphilly #eaterphilly
Fall equinox coming in hot tonight 🙀 (dream team - mural: @hvalor / image: @adventureguyphoto )
holding on.
Day 1 best friend right here. #leicacamerausa
Feeling cool (literally) on the first day of Fall. 😎 #THESTYLELINE
Swimming away from #adulting like a mermaid being chased by pirates
“You’re not fixing a car” 😂 Someone yelled that out when Clint was getting my garter off! Lol this was so funny! I’ll never forget that 👌🏼👰🏻💋
Golden age of travel 🚂 #theartofbelmond
//Pink explosion//Just realised how selfish of me to be repeatedly posting all these bougainvillea filled images. My obsession for bougainvillea is turning my gallery into a flower-themed one, contrary to my original intention 🌸😄 . . . . . . #lifestyle #facadelover #architecture #nikon #natureaddict #slowliving #fromwhereistand #livinglife #livefree #bougainvillea #liveyouradventure #worldtravelpics #picturesque #travel #houseportrait #minimalism #minimalist #roamearth #cerealmag #allthealleys #myhappyviews #beautifulmatters #besteuropephotos #culturetrip #suitcasetravels #mydomainetravels #beautifulhomes #theprettycities #hiddengems #petitepassport
Back in the 1960's my grandfather brought several souvenirs back home from Thailand while serving in the military. One of them is a huge brass plate etched fully in floral work that currently hangs in my living room. I've seen this plate all my life but didn't really look at it until recently, and once I did I knew I wanted to get some of it tattooed. I'm thankful to have the collection of items that I do, things that he picked out as gifts for my grandma, which are now things I get to keep enjoying for them while I am still on this side of Heaven. Thank you to @hondo_tattoo for helping me make this happen.
Strange light.
En la Necrópolis de Tebas (Luxor) vas a encontrar solitos, a los dos colosos de Memnón, pertenecían al templo funerario de Amenofis III y esto es todo lo que queda 🙁 Los culpables: terremotos y saqueos. Vale la pena? Pues está en el camino del Valle de los Reyes y los templos funerarios de Hatshepsut y de Ramsés III, sería una para rápida y ya que estás ahí, es mejor verlo verdad? 😉 .. Feliz noche 😚😚 #vistegypt #luxor thisisegypt #places_wow #thebestdestinations #forbestravelguide #awesomedreamplaces #thehappynow #petitejoys #welltravelled #mytinyatlas #bestintravel #bestplacestogo #worldnomads #weliketotravel #awesome_earthpix #travellover #amazing_pictures #traveljunkie #earth_deluxe #aroundtheworldpix #ladiesgoneglobal #unlimitedplanet #earthcapture #tourtheplanet #teamtravelers #ourlonelyplanet #escapesporelmundo
“Sicily is such a magical place. The food, the culture and of course the beaches, all create a truly unforgettable experience”. @annalukaszek
Siempre que pasen cosas es tu vida, mira el transfondo y te darás cuenta que la vida te está dando un mensaje que siempre podrá cambiar tu forma de ver el mundo!!! Sueña - Aprende - Logra 🌎💪
Last day of summer here at Easton Beach (sometimes called First Beach) in Newport, Rhode Island. It's the city's largest public ocean surf beach. A Pavilion there was originally built in 1887 but swept away in the Hurricane of 1938 (back before hurricanes had names). . A New York Times article in August of 1887 paints a bizarre picture of the scene at the beach in those days: "The bathing begins at 11 o'clock, and if you are wise you will not go near the beach before that hour. If you do, you will strike the Antiques. The Antiques are a queer collection of old ladies who come nobody knows where…They wear bathing suits consisting of a horrible straw hat, a coat, and knee breeches…They look like Indian squaws on a pilgrimage. They wear no stockings. Ugly? They are the ugliest things in the whole realm of zoology." . In 1911, when Episcopal clergymen protested "Sunday gayety," the Times reported that the town folk paid no heed. "Excursionists came in large numbers," the paper reported, "and Easton's Beach was crowded as on a day in the middle of the week." . The Beach is named for Nicholas Easton, who was a colonial governor and a founder of Newport. His prominence is confirmed by the fact that his name appeared in the Rhode Island Royal Charter, an interesting and critical document that provided formal recognition of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, which was approved by England's King Charles II in July 1663. . #summer #beach #history #yankeemagazine #beachlife #sealife #ri #newport #visualoflife #saltlife #rhodeisland #travelphotography #naturalrhodeisland #naturalri #ig_masterpiece #mytinyatlas #sand #offshore #thewavecave
Thank you so much for bringing out the little kid in me and for always helping me live life to the fullest. I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you! Have a joyful birthday 🎁 🎉🥂
Such a beautiful story book castles, one of my favorites of all time....
Cool lil alley
S E C R E T | G A R D E N 🚪 “not so secret” ....🤫
Because you can see me.... through all the layers.
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