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Throwing it back to the days of competing . I don’t regret it, buttttt I don’t miss it. I found out what I disliked in the fitness industry, and found out what WORKS when it comes to fitness and health. I can assure you, balance and moderation with fitness and nutrition are what you need for lasting results. Anything extreme, WILL.NOT.LAST. #moderation #balance #january27 #naccfitness #fitlifestyle
We often get fixated on just the weight loss but what does 1 lbs fat off our bodies looks like? Celebrate your successes when you see a change and keep going on your fitness and health journey. Results are an amazing feeling and we want to help you keep that motivation and dedication while on your fitness and health journey. #fitlifestyle #january27 #fatloss #weightloss #health
Negative and positive....keep that in mind 💋
How you spend your Sundays can set you up for a strong and successful week. Are you spending your Sundays dreading your Mondays? Or are you determined and focused with staying on track with your health and fitness goals? Shout out to @jen.stanc for living that healthy lifestyle and hitting the #coquitlamcrunch on a Sunday! #stayfocused #mondaymotivation
I am a believer that fitness and health can truly change your lifestyle. That what you do daily can change your mindset completely. It takes dedication, patience, and focus in order to make a lifestyle change, but once you create and change your habits, the results are mentally and physically rewarding. #mondaymotivation
Be patient with your goals but always be grinding with your why/vision/passion/
In the past I was brainwashed into thinking that lifting heavy was the only way to seeing results, it wasn’t until I added in band work and plyometrics did I see a huge difference in my running and lower body strength. Workout for you and what your body needs in order to see the results you’re looking for, don’t listen to anyone else.
Repost from @liznacc using @RepostRegramApp - Start with nutrition, add in some movement and start seeing results.
Start with nutrition, add in some movement and start seeing results.
December 2013.....the year I started my fitness career. A little outta shape, and a little lighter in hair colour.
Nutrition, it will work with you or against you. Do you understand your nutritional needs? Proteins, carbs, and healthy fats can all make up a healthy nutritional plan to support your needs.
A little bit of paint, new equipment, different head pains and a whole new vibe 😍.
Ladies, me again, the one who ever use to work their upper body. I always use to admire girls who had nice and defined upper bodies, it wasn’t until realizing that instead of blaming my “genetics” for being the reason I “couldn’t” obtain definition did I really step my game up. Activating the upper body is equally as important as activating the lower body. First one helps with core strengthening and the second helps with shoulder mobility and loosening up the rotator cuff for a more graceful and powerful upper body lift❤️. Try it out!
You may not be able to buy these things, but you can add and apply certain things in our life in order to become the best versions of ourselves.
Sometimes the hardest challenges are the “easiest” to overcome.
Educate, learn, read or listen to the information surrounding why you’re on that diet plan (Keto/calorie counting/intermittent fasting). The more you know, the better results you’ll see.
Keep it simple, keep it efficient and watch the results take place. We can sometimes overcomplicate our idea of the “perfect” diet. Instead focus on eating a little bit more healthier each and every day until it becomes your routine.
Hands down worst diet I’ve tried? Master cleanse. Up there is the juice cleanse, and the cabbage soup diet. Restrictive diets and anything that puts a stress on your body in relations to food and fitness will only push you further away from your goals. Think about it. Do you want to see results or do you want to waste more time.
When people support each other, incredible things happen. #NaccFitness #2019
Matcha green tea protein bars😍. Oats+dates+hemp hearts+pumpkin seeds + vanilla protein powder + matcha green tea. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 6 ingredients. zero baking required. 12 bars made and only 130 calories each.
Ditch those left over office treats today.... instead try these. Your body, and mind will thank you 😘.
This you? Maybe it’s the fact you’ve tried 30 different fad diets this year? Or the fact you have tried 10 different workout programs? Changing your lifestyle towards a healthy one, takes dedication, consistency and patience. Don’t let 2019 be another wasted year trying to get in shape. Educate and research what is going to work best for YOU and YOU only.
Great info here! • • Repost from @sallingfitacademy using @RepostRegramApp - Whichever path you choose in 2019, make sure that you do your research, and ask as many questions as possible. What works for a friend, may or may not work for you. Try things, stay positive, and ask questions 👊🏼 2 great people to listen to about the Ketogenic diet is Dr. Dom D’agostino, and Tim Ferris. Dom is a Keto lifer for his own specific reasons, and Tim Ferris uses it to help him deal with sickness, more specifically when he had Lime disease. Both Vidoes are available on YouTube and worth a watch. #FITAcacemy #2019Goals
Dear Moms, Aunts, and Sisters. There are little eyes and ears watching and listening to you. A fad diet or food restrictive diet is not maintainable, instead educate yourself on living and designing a life with a healthy relationship with food and fitness. 😘 #momlife #weightloss #momfitness #faddiets #sisters #aunts #kids
I use to stress about holiday eating. Why? Because I never understood the meaning of living a healthy lifestyle 365 days a year. I use to overindulge for weeks, feel guilty and then restrict myself. I now understand that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle 365 days a year, when those holidays come, there will be nothing to stress about. • • Before starting that new diet next week, ask yourself if you understand food and how it can benefit you first. If the answer is no, then take it back to basics and focus on eating healthier. something as simple as taking sugar out of your lifestyle. #dontstress #holidayfoodcoma
Are you planning on trying a new diet trend in 2019? Let’s be clear about a few things, understand nutrition first and what your body needs prior to jumping on a new diet. Take a listen 💁🏻‍♀️.
It’s just a matter of switching the environment, and trying something a different way. @adeleduncan I am stokedddddd to witness your first box jump. Nothing makes me happier than watching people achieve something that “seems” so hard. #failureisgood #failtosucceed
If you’ve been eating healthy and then you start to crave certain foods (sugar / refined carbs/ anything else you normally wouldn’t), then take a look at your day to day nutrition and see if you’re lacking nutrients or anything else. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be stressful it should be rewarding and make you feel good. #nutrition #foodforthought #christmasdiet #nutritioniskey
The gym can be hard to add into your daily routine, especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing with all that equipment. You are not alone, everyone has to start somewhere, but I can assure you, once you get started, see results and make it your routine you won’t think about missing a day at the gym ❤️
Finish off your workout with a 30 second squat into a high v pull. Quick movement and it will work your full body. Happy Friday 😘
Career, nutrition, fitness and relationships, each of our journeys are different. Listen to others stories and be inspired.
Glute / hamstring and some core work. Deadlifts using the cable machine allows you to get a bit deeper into your glutes and hamstrings. If you want to feel it a bit more in your glutes and hamstrings, bring your toes off the box a bit😁. #glutes #core #buildingglutes #buildinghamstrings
Just over here reminding you to keep up with your fitness during the holidays season, it may just make you a bit more “sane” around all the festive activities you’ll have to participate in💁🏻‍♀️🎅🏻. #christmas #holidayparty #holiday
Sundays are made for relaxation, weekly checks ins, meal prepping or whatever else your little heart desires. Happy Sunday ❄️💋 #filtered #sunday
Loving observing everyone working out on a Saturday Morning😍. Keep your workouts scheduled for yourself this holiday season and you won’t have a hard transition into the new year❄️
Caught doin what I love. #spinning ....throwing it back to a few years ago sitting back row with @pamelitaskitchen and @ssetchell 😁
Shout out to everyone who is still going strong in December! •Christmas parties. •Shopping. •Baking. •Family. •Drinking. •Being Busier than normal. If you only get 30 minutes in on a workout and maintain a moderate healthy lifestyle, then you’ll do just fine!
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