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Life is tough sometimes….very tough. Most people don’t realize what you’re going through or what you’ve gone through. Don’t give up now…your future self will thank you for it! -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -⁣ -
🌷Gas lighting is when an abuser manipulates you into questioning your own sanity, memory, and perceptions. You may have been gas-lighted into believing that your abuse wasn’t real. Mental and emotional abuse and neglect are hard to trace and prove. But it did happen, and as you heal you have to anchor yourself into this truth and reality. Many victims of abuse have positive associations with their abusers, especially if they were your parents, or a narc who love bombed, or were integral to your survival. This leads to cognitive dissonance about what really happened and who the abuser really was, so it’s extra important to do the work of anchoring in the present, and in reality. Focus your mind on the abusive aspects of the relationship, instead of those positive lingering ones. Remind yourself that it really was bad and think about how, although don’t do this in a triggering way. Rather, remind yourself in order to reduce the cognitive dissonance so you can heal. 🌷[Information distilled from the article “5 Powerful Self-Care Practices That Can Save Your Life After Emotional Abuse” by Shahida Arabi on Thought Catalog.] • • • • #cptsd #cptsdmemes #complexptsdrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #complexptsdawareness #childabuse #childhoodtrauma #healing #healingquotes #healingtrauma #trauma #ptsd #lifeafterabuse #traumarecovery #emotionalabuse #quote #narcissisticabuse #chronicpainwarrior
I won. Every morning....after the storm the night before. When I chose to pick myself up, went to work, took care of my kids, wore the pain and pretended we had the perfect family. I won. The day you pushed me to the point where I had to leave. The day you said I wasn’t going anywhere but the dirt. I won. The day I started going to counseling to deal with the extreme guilt of leaving you on your own to battle your emotional demons. I won. The day you took my car, the only family I knew and my privacy. When I had nothing left. I won. The day someone helped me file those divorce papers. I won. The day I was finally legally free from you. I won. When I graduated from therapy for PTSD. I won. The day I found the strength and courage to block you from my phone. I won. A year later. The day your ex girlfriend came to me with “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you about him”. I won. When I worked 60 hours a week to pay for our children without your help. I won. When you called me a selfish bitch and terrible mother. I won. Yesterday. When my child said I was a mother and father all in one. And I’m going to win. Today, tomorrow and the rest of my life. Because now, we are free. ✌🏼♥️ . . . . #Narcissist #narcissisticabuse #whohurtyou @whohurtudotcom
Yes indeed. But, I do my best to stay clear from people who have personalities that would trigger mine.You know, the unhappy ones that want you to be miserable with them. I pass . Once I see. Hear or smell the toxicity, I bounce. Peacefully too, on my part anyway. 😀 #toxicpeople #narcissist #narcissisticabuse #gaslighting #toxicrelationships #sociopath #abuse #mentalhealth #crazymaking #domesticviolence #trauma #narc #mentalhealthawareness #narcawareness #psychologicalabuse #narcaware #verbalabuse #stopthestigma #suicideprevention #suicidal #endthesilence #fightorflight #sexualabuse #stoptheviolence #endthestigma #tbi #suicideawareness #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder #emotionalabuse #bhfyp
Like my FB page and Join Group! 💛 . . After being in a relationship with a Abusive or Narcissistic person it really takes a toll on you. Whether it's emotionally, mentally, or even physically and it takes time to heal. . . There's nothing easy about the healing process, and all of us cope differently. . . For myself, I struggled with becoming me again the most. . I created the "Become You Again" Instagram page last year to encourage myself to continue to heal. Not knowing how many others I'd connect with & help. So I wanted to expand my support as well as all of your support with as many people as I possibly could. . . Let's put each and every one of our coping techniques together, and grow stronger than we ever were! Link in Bio 😘😘
The day I declared that enough was enough was the day my #healing began. May that day be today for you. 🙏🏾💜 #healingstartstoday #narcissisticabuse #narcissisticabuseawareness #domesticviolence #narcissisticpersonalitydisorder #selfcare #narcissist #narcissism #npd
Gehetzt rennen sie von einem Ort zum andern, wandern ohne zu rasten. Haben verlernt in sich zu ruhen. Für die eigene Unfähigkeit das Glück zu sehen, machen sie die anderen Verantwortlich, anstatt in sich drinnen damit anzufangen diese Welt mit ein klein wenig mehr Liebe und weniger Hass zu versehen. Liebe fängt bei dir an 💜 und wenn sie lernen im Jetzt zu sein, vielleicht können sie dann endlich mal durchatmen und fühlen, wie schön es ist am Leben zu sein. Was ich morgen mache? Das weiß ich noch nicht. Jetzt genieße ich den Ausblick. Morgen kommt noch früh genug. // #jetzt #wirinbayern #weroamgermany #wortzumsonntag #dieweltbrauchtmehrliebe #poesie #liebe #love #hiking #wanderninbayern #königsseebayern #bavarianmountaingirls #berchtesgaden #mountaingirl #kindderberge #voneinerdieauszogdasfürchtenzulernen #glücklichmacher #sheisnotlost #seidudieveränderung #esfängtimmerbeidirselbstan #againstnarcissism #narcissisticabuse
This is the point I have come to after over 30+ years of knowing this man. A man I thought I would grow old with and settle into my final years with. How the veil lifts and sometimes it happens suddenly and other times it’s a very slow process. If you’ve stumbled in this post, you know exactly what I mean. • • I look back and see all the “red flags” I missed, that I covered up, that I tried to understand, that I begged for answers to. Now, after really looking within myself...not looking to him ...I see it wasn’t truly him inflicting these situations on me of infidelity and hurtful demeaning words, and mind manipulation ...it was my OWN ACCEPTANCE of the behavior due to my OWN traumas buried deep within. • • Does my heart ache for every situation that unfolded? Yes. Do I wish he would have seen in me what I truly wanted to give him? Yes. But I have also come to realize through a very long, painful road that things meant to be will not have to be continuously forced. Pain, depression and isolation do not exist to this degree when things are aligned with who YOU ARE. They exist with who YOU’RE TRYING TO BE. 🙏🏻 Much love ladies. 😘 . . Repost @oldsouls_tribe
Lots of people strive for perfection in so many areas of their lives, if not all . Give yourself a break!! There is not one single human being on this planet the same as you!! You’re unique! . And already perfect, just as you are... Try to start seeing that xxx
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