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CHOOSE AND ICE CREAM TO GET A BOY!🍦 What did you get?😍 COMMENT DOWN BELOW FOR MORE !! - - - - #magcon #CameronDallas #JackGilinsky #NashGrier #ShawnMendes #AaronCarpenter #MatthewEspinosa #TaylorCaniff #JackJ #MagconBoys
Sorry for being so inactive, but I’ve just finished my exams and I’m ready to edit again😍😭❤️ @madisonbeer #madisonbeer
Chi ha il cappello più 🔝?! Il signore dietro 😄
Aveces quiero hacer un video en vivo,luego recuerdo que tengo una cara lamentable y se me pasa 😂😂 @nashgrier #nashgrier #hayesgrier
good morning! This photo is ~underrated~ jus look at her eyes 😍 I have my last two exams today then I’m done with school till January 8th. I seriously cannot wait for this weekend. I’ve been smiling non stop and talking about it non stop. My lovey is really getting married to the love of her life. I’m so excited to see photos and see Meghan in her dress. Erghhhh my hearts going to explode 🥰
good morning guys! i stayed home from school so i’ll be able to post a lot today hopefully !!!
As long as you love me
I wish i sounded like Drake
What a view😍😋
Hermes epsom Constance 24cm black ghw 👌✈️❤️💲 ☎wechat:meoher ☎whatsapp:+8618588663878 ☎Line:hermesft 📮Email:meoher@qq.com #jewellery #kisses #larrystylinson #marijuana #nashgrier #ok #paz #race #青岛 #constance #hermes #hermesbag #luxury #constance24 #moscow
Nada como ver una buena película de terror antes de ir a dormir 😂😂❤ @nashgrier #nashgrier
Asi de raros los amo😂💙 #nashgrier #camerondallas #magcon
This video is my favorite of all time @g1avasis @Nashgrier 😂😂😂 // #nashgrier
I can’t believe they’re going to be married soon like what even?! 😭😭😭 @meghan_trainor @darylsabara
u're amazing // #nashgrier
Good night! // #nashgrier
The reason of my daily smile❣️ @nashgrier #nashgrier
Mr and Mrs Sabara this weekend 🥰💍
i’m so excited for this omg
Literally the purest human being ever! Love you long time Meghan 😘💜 @meghan_trainor ( photo credit to @shinebrightmeghan )
Aww I’m sorry that you weren’t feeling well! I hope you’re feeling better love 😘💗 @meghan_trainor
THIS BITCH REALLY SNAPPED WOW 🙌🏼💗😍 @meghan_trainor ( photo credit to @i_am_a_megatron )
Meghan can’t read part 200
This is how I feel w literally everything going on right now ——- Vid: YouTube ——- #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #nashgrier #jackandjack #jackandjackvines #nashgriervines ——- My week has been complete and utter shit. On Sunday I was volunteering from 12-4 and my dad was supposed to pick me up at 4. Well I call him 1) he doesn’t pick up then he calls me back and says he’s on his way. It’s been 20 minutes and he’s not here’s so 2) I call him again and he says he’s on his way and I can hear him with his friends in the background and obviously he’s drunk because when is he fucking not. 3) I call him and say I’m going to walk downtown or something because I’m not waiting at the volunteer area any longer and they’re nice ladies who’re closing up and have places to be and keep asking “is your ride here yet?” “You still waiting on your ride?” And I don’t want to worry them. I walk about 10-15 mins to the library from the volunteer place and I’m cold (I live in Michigan) and my hands are really red. 4) I call again and he says “I’m on my way” but I can still hear his fucking friends in the background. I’m waiting at the library and it’s past 5 and they close at 6 on Sundays. I text my mom at like 5:10 to see if she or my sister can pick me up. Eventually my mom gets me and we get home around 5:30-540 and I eat dinner and I’m watching tv and bam I get a call from my fucking dad. It’s literally almost 8 and he finally calls me. He was supposed to pick me up hours ago but no he was too busy getting wasted. He calls me like 4 times and I ignore all of his calls and he comes home later (totally wasted) and asks if my phone is broken and I lie and say that my phone was in my room the whole time. • Monday I decide “hey I’ll bring my own lunch to school” keep in mind, I’m asian so I typically don’t bring food to school and yesterday I brought ribs with rice, very simple and not weird. Well, some students and even a fucking teacher asked what I was eating and I’m eating with my hands (not sloppily or disgusting) because it’s literally RIBS and one of my friends asks me if I forgot/needed a fork. After that I just packed up lunch and stopped eating. I’m so over being asian, I hate it.
@meghan_trainor for @euphoriazine issue 10 wearing a custom @furgod pink fox fur coat
Other people: smoking is bad for you Me: No smoke no smokeeee @nashgrier #nashgrier
Me waiting for Nash to do a shampoo commercial and then cut his hair // #nashgrier
Need to meet you :( // #nashgrier
Goals #nashgrier
Where is that hat? // #nashgrier
@nashgrier via Twitter #nashgrier
Thinking 💭 @hunterrowland
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