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🎄GIVEAWAY! Our friends @cheekwood are giving away a Merry and Bright package to Holiday LIGHTS! Package includes 2 Holiday LIGHTS Tickets, 2 drink tickets and a s’mores kit. To enter: 1. Follow @cheekwood 2. Like this post. 3. Tag a friend that would you would like to bring to Holiday LIGHTS.
Such a fun shoot with such a stylish lady!!
1 wedding left for 2018! What a year 🤗 Huge shoutout to @sydwhittenphoto and @kyleeannstudios for helping me meet my deadlines, @lensrentals for the gear, all my second shooters this year, and @tommy_sup for traveling with me and making me dinner on days I couldn’t leave my computer. Our 2018 couples are truly the ones to thank as they helped us pay for our wedding, get through an unforeseen job loss, and prepped us for becoming homeowners!
Baby Bodie is so stylin’ 😎 👶
The video for our Christmas is out, link in bio xxxx @ananakaye
This coat from @renttherunway is everything 😍 and @happilyeverhimes wears it perfectly!
I unexpectedly caught a cold 😭 I’m supposed to leave tomorrow for my Christmas vacay and it takes a lot of energy to keep up with my family so prayers are much appreciated! I’m trying to knock out this cold before it gets worse so any advice would also be appreciated! I’ve got tons of vitamins ✅ Heading out to get some tea ✅ lots of water and fluids✅ cough drops ✅ gargled salt water ✅ am I missing anything?? P.S. these two are the cutest in the world and I can’t wait to take more photos with them! . . . #nashvillephotographer #nashvillephotography #nashvilleweddingphotography #nashvilleweddingphotographer #nashvilleweddingvideo #nashvilleengagementphotographer #radlovestories #radcouples #nashvillevideographer #nashvilleweddingvideographer #knoxvilleweddingphotographer #chattanoogaphotographer #nashvilleweddingvideography #travelweddingphotographer #dirtybootsandmessyhair #theweddinglegends #loveandwildhearts #chattanoogaweddingvideographer #elopementphotographer #destinationweddingphotographer #elopementvideographer #memphisweddingphotographer #nashvilleweddingfilm #memphisweddingvideographer #adventurouslovestories #nashvillebride #nashvilleweddingphotographers #chattanoogaweddingphotographer #adventurousstorytellers
Friends behind their fences Looking at me strange Wondering when I’m going to come to my senses But I’m still changing And I can’t change my ways . . @instagremma . . .
Winter is my favorite travel season because flights are cheap and my schedule is so flexible! If anyone’s feeling a winter desert (or any other place) adventure session, we can make that happen 😉🙌✈️ also, I’ll be in Iceland Feb 24-Mar 3 if anybody else happens to be there and wants some epic and icy photos. Hit a girl up! // Throwback to this January J Tree adventure with @laurenlnewman + @brycepaul...and the best photographer travel buds @swakphotography & @bastionweddingfilms 😻
Abbey will forever make me wish I was born a red head! 😍
Wedding photography by Josh Bennett. Nashville based. Travel worldwide. Visit my website for details (link in profile).
How cute are Piper and Tristan? We absolutely love working with these two little ones! Just look at their little smiles. They are growing up behind our lenses. #nashvillephotography #divineinspirations #familygoals #siblinglove #nashvillefamilyphotographer
if you’re wondering how extra I am... sometimes I bring my whole lighting kit into a bar to get the perfect shot. 📷: @yourlovesomeday@dinosnashville
🎅🏼🐾🦊🐶The Search for Santapaws (2018): Cooper and Metto have always had a fierce sibling rivalry and as adults have drifted apart. While home for the holidays they learn that after this year, their dad plans to retire from his role as Santa for the town’s annual Christmas Eve Parade - a title he’s held for nearly 30 years and the most prestigious and coveted position in the community. His goal is to name one of the siblings as his successor at the annual Christmas Dance, but first they must prove their worth. Through a series of mishaps and hijinks the two each set out to show that they alone deserve the prized Santa suit. Will this challenge drive them further apart? Or will they finally come together and learn the true meaning of family and Christmas? Original soundtrack written and performed by Panic! At The Disco.
Photos don't tell stories. Shut up. . . Many say photos "tell stories" but I love telling stories, and I say photos don't. They're missing crucial elements of a story. Like this photo only tells you that I might have had a special relationship with the subject. It's missing characters, but you could infer it's "told in the first person", so I'm the character in the story. The b&w and night aspect might tell you it wasn't all good, or that some part of the story has ended. But it can't name the specific emotions of fear and anxiety involved with this subject. . . You're missing key contextual elements like my divorce and my dream of becoming SCUBA certified. You don't see the fact that I went to the local dive shop the day I asked my ex for a divorce and signed up for the course. Or the fact that until the day I signed up for my SCUBA course, I hadn't been in a pool in 8 years. Or that the first day I went to this YMCA pool to prepare, I had a massive, humiliating panic attack. This photo doesn't tell you that I spent every day for the next 6 weeks here, swimming laps and treading water and practicing SCUBA skills for 30 minutes a day. . . And all good stories have plot climaxes and resolutions. Photos can't give you that. This photo doesn't tell you of my first open water dive when I inhaled a bunch of water 30 ft under and began to have a panic attack, or how I managed to calm myself down and cough it all out into my regulator, all because I had spent weeks at this place, practicing daily. . . I love this photo because I'm a storyteller, and this is part of my story. Words are great, but photos do work as amazing visual aids to bring home the emotional component. But maybe sometimes, we assume too much or too little of what we see with our eyes, so we forget to ask the important questions of context and character. . . Just a thought. . . Also, as far as storytelling photos go, this one's pretty lame, I know, but I love it for it's part in my story. . . #story #photographer #photography #photootd #bandw #blackandwhite #bandwphotography #Nashville #nashvillephotography #nashvillephotographer #musiccity #scuba #scubagirl #scubadiving #scubalife #diver #diverlife
We are #22Visionz and this is what we do. Lets Make History! #22V #Branding #Marketing #Music #Film #Entertainment
We are #22Visionz and this is what we do. Lets Make History! #22V #Branding #Marketing #Music #Film #Entertainment
We are #22Visionz and this is what we do. Lets Make History! #22V #Branding #Marketing #Music #Film #Entertainment
Don’t underestimate yourself! Your life is too valuable to throw away! - True Blood (2008- 2014)
Melton some hearts at Whiskey Jam. @joshmeltonmusic
Prime real-estate in Nashville. Move in ready.
Big thanks to @officialnehs for these amazing paintings & to @courtneycosplay for always being willing to swing by the studio & be goofy. Love the verse that he added at the bottom... 1 Corinthians 2:9 But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him" #spiderman #IntoTheSpiderVerse #marvel #sony #paulcbuff #canon #portrait #photoshop #adobe #retouching #cosplay #cosplayer #NashvillePhotography #NashvillePhotographer #photoshoot #Creative #composite #digitalart #photomanipulation #lighting
Waves and texture Photo shoot @local_honey Haircut, hairstyle and Makeup Me Photography @dylanreyes Wardrobe @baleegreer Model @necrosanct
Been working on new music almost everyday now. I’m either writing, mixing, or producing. Follow the Chief to stay up to date on the next release that will be announced soon!
We took the picture on Saturday, I’m posting on Monday but still #monaghanfamilysundays Most are smiling BUT two minutes earlier most were crying (swipe over 🤣😭). All this to say don’t trust everything you see on Instagram. I post the good, the highlights, the pretty but our life is messy & hard too. I want to make someone else smile and look back and remember the good- cause believe me I have a really hard time forgetting the bad 🙃😝🤦🏼‍♀️ 2 of us stepped in dog poop trying to get this pic and inside I was secretly seething because the big pups wouldn’t cooperate and I really wanted them in the pic 🙃 #justkeepsmiling
I love this so much. 🤯
Starry Night ✨
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