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Added more flowers to a beautiful piece we did back in September!! Thanks Michelle, always so much fun!!🖤✨💐 #natashaeinckart
Thanks Hailey!!🌳🖤✨ This was so much fun!! #natashaeinckart @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Angelica!!🖤✨ I added these flowers and mandala to my clients roses she had done a couple years ago (not by me). This was so much fun!! >•>•> swipe to see more pics>•>•> #natashaeinckart @whitebuffalogallery . . . #natashaeinckart #tattoo #tattoos #tattooartist #ladytattooers #sacramentotattoos #sacramentotattooartist #whitebuffalogallery #rework #mandala #flowers #blackwork #blackandgrey #mandalatattoo #flowertattoo #blackworktattoo
Thanks Keith! #natashaeinckart
Thanks Amanda🖤✨ I can’t wait to finish this one!!😍 #wip #natashaeinckart @amandaxlaguna @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Melissa!!🖤✨ It’s always so much fun spending the day with you💜 @swimmermaid29 #natashaeinckart
Thanks Sonja!! I’m so happy I got to design & tattoo these for you! ✨🖤🌲🌊 >•> swipe to see more!! >•> #natashaeinckart
😍 T H I S was sooo much fun!!! Thanks Khae!! 🖤✨ #natashaeinckart
😍 h e a l e d 😍 #natashaeinckart
The start of something wonderful! Thanks Danielle🖤✨ I can’t wait to finish this beautiful piece! #natashaeinckart #wip
Thanks Natalie🖤✨ So happy I got to do this for you! @whitebuffalogallery #natashaeinckart
Thanks Kayli!!💐🖤✨ So honored to do this for you, thanks for the laughs and good time! #natashaeinckart @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Ryan!! This was so much fun!🖤✨ @whitebuffalogallery #natashaeinckart
Loved doing these cute tattoos! Swipe to see more😊 Thanks Sarah!🖤✨ #natashaeinckart @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Holly!!🖤💐✨ @whitebuffalogallery #natashaeinckart
Happy Sunday!! So grateful to do what I love and work with amazing people like this sweet lady! Honored to be part of your experience!! Thanks Abby 💐🖤✨ @whitebuffalogallery
What a fun piece🚀✨ Thanks Tim! @whitebuffalogallery #natashaeinckart
Can’t wait to finish this one!! 😍✨ Thanks Josh!! @jtartar @whitebuffalogallery
Booking for June!! Would love to do more custom pieces like this!! Please email me at the link in my bio for more scheduling info!! 🖤✨ #natashaeinckart @natashaeinck_art @natashaeinck_art @natashaeinck_art @natashaeinck_art
And the winner of the 2k tattoo giveaway is...!!! @jillianpoling @jillianpoling @jillianpoling @jillianpoling Congrats!!!🍾🎉 Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway!!! 🥰🖤✨ You guys are awesome!!! #tattoogiveaway #natashaeinckart
Soo excited about this sleeve and how it’s coming together!! Can’t wait for more! Thanks Josh🤘🏽⚛️👁 @whitebuffalogallery @jtartar #wip
Check out this awesome video Ryan made!! So cool! Watch the full version and more @whitebuffalogallery in the igtv highlights✨🤘🏽 @el_dugi
Awesome first session on this beauty!! Can’t wait for more!! Thanks Ashley✨🖤🦁 @arobinsonpsych @whitebuffalogallery
•>>• 2K GIVEAWAY •<<• ✨🖤Thanks for all the love and getting me to 2000 followers!!🖤✨ You guys are the best!! Aanndd because you guys are so awesome I’m giving away a FREE custom designed tattoo to ONE lucky winner who enters into this giveaway! The rules are super easy! 1. Follow me 2. Like this post 3. Tag 2 friends That’s it! The giveaway will close on Tuesday, February 12th at 10pm. The winner will be picked at random next Wednesday, February 13th!! Enter as many times as you want, all tagged friends must be someone new each time! *Must be 18yo or older to enter. *The 2K Giveaway tattoo will be a palm sized custom design tattoo made just for the lucky winner. *Must be open to my style and artistic vision! Thanks everyone & good luck!!! #tattoogiveaway #natashaeinckart
So excited to share this beauty!! I had the pleasure of designing and tattooing this custom piece for my good friend @__walt65__ Thank you for the trust and freedom!! So in love with this one🖤✨
Here’s a short video of my process for some floral work. I added wildflowers to an existing piece my client had (not by me). Thanks Sarah🖤💐 @kleinhutch Swipe to see the finished piece✨✌🏽 @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Catarina!🖤✨ @cat_wanders @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Beverly!!🌻🖤✨ @1faerieangel @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Ladies!!🖤✨ #bfftattoos >•>•> swipe to see more! >•>•> @whitebuffalogallery @emialyse @kaitlinday
Thanks Alexa!!🖤✨ @whitebuffalogallery
BFF tattoos🖤👯 Thanks ladies! @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Loren!! @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Shelby💜✨Such a fun day!!@cactusandcoastphotography @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Gabby! Always fun tattooing you🌞🖤✨ @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Keith! Awesome start to the new year!✨🧜‍♀️ @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Candice🖤👁 This was so much!! >••> swipe for a close up >••> @candikandice @whitebuffalogallery
So excited about this project! Working on covering up some older tattoos on the hips and some scarring. Can’t wait for more!! Thanks Cerissa!!💜 #wip . . . #natashaeinckart #tattoo #tattoos #tattooartist #ladytattooers #femaletattooartist #sacramento #sacramentotattoos #sacramentotattooartist #whitebuffalogallery #colortattoo #coverup #scarcoverup @whitebuffalogallery @bakwrdcpfarm
Thanks Diana!! This was so much fun✨💜🌸 @whitebuffalogallery
Thanks Tiffany!! This was so much fun 💜✨ @whitebuffalogallery
Love this girl!!💜😘 Thanks Amanda!! @amandao222 <<•<<•<@whitebuffalogallery
Progress!! Thanks Rachel💜 @whitebuffalogallery #wip
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