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Happiest of birthdays to this fine fellow, Rolando. He’s worn a lot of hats in this building over the last 17 years. His current 🎩 is Film Programmer and Special Events Coordinator. At this year’s @cinemacon he took this photo on the @mrrogersmovie set. We couldn’t help but blow it up into a movie sized happy birthday card. Here’s to another great trip around the sun, Rolando!
There’s a whale spout if you look closely... #bnw #blackandwhite
Alina joined @tcaylor and I on a hike today. This means that we grandmas didn’t get rest breaks. Alina doesn’t do “rest breaks.” #forceofnature #thealaskalife #naturealaska #ilovealaska #goplayoutside #clickinmoms #optoutside #rei #grandmasgotacamera #alinkapower #girlstrong #infinity_children
This photogenic gem was built circa 1901. 🌙 . . . . . Instagramming to distract myself from summer classes is a habit I’m very fond of.
Come try these Pork Chile Verde Tacos before you take off for the weekend. 🙌🏼 tortillas, whole beans, coconut rice, cotija cheese, rajas, guacamole, salsa fresca - build your own style
Don’t forget inner peace! 📷 @the.robot.lorrie
S21P3: “You protect everything you have, why not your mind?” -Stoicism Have a great weekend all, see you back here on Monday!
Pioneer falls risk taking!
One of our many beloved lens… the Canon 30-300 Cinema Zoom! Great for getting up close and personal with wildlife, while still maintaining a crisp and high-quality image for photo and video. Check out some of our footage on our website at zatzworks.com 🎥 . . . . . . #zatzworks #videoproduction #makingfilms #creativebusiness #videogear #videoshoots #cinematography #cinematographer #filmmaking #productionlife #behindthescene #helicopter #aerial #pilot #robinsonhelicopters #r66 #pilotlife #aviation #gyrostabilizedsystems #verticalmag #r3d #c516 #aerialvideo #aerialvideography #alaska #alaskan #travelalaska #iFlyAlaska #AlaskaAirmen #naturealaska
Dave might be pondering the great questions of the universe...or maybe just wondering what’s for lunch. 🍕 #tgif
S21P2: What’s holding you back?
Haven’t shared a lot portraits lately but I wanted to share this one of my Girlfriend @creativetorres go check out her creative page! This from an awesome weekend hiking in the wilds of Alaska!
Quick trip up the Mt. Roberts tram in Juneau 🤘 | VIDEO / @lavenderpeaks
Kodiak, AK, yet again proving that the best camera is the one in your hand. (At least that’s what I tell myself when I forget to put a memory card in my camera) 🏔 #shotoniphone #kodiakalaska
S21P1: Where will your next adventure be?
Wandering in the clouds
A mouth full of treats and a wry smile in the middle of a rainy adventure when everyone else is bordering on misery - Thanks for capturing me as my best self @gageallenphoto ♥️ #livewylder
Ever tried a negroni? It's an iconic Italian cocktail with debatable origins, but generally contains three simple ingredients: gin, vermouth, and Campari. . We're putting our own spin on this classic drink for Negroni Week (June 4-10): @amalgadistillery Juneaupur gin, Quady Vya sweet vermouth, and bitter orange liqueur (aged for one month in a Bear Tooth Reposado tequila barrel). For every negroni that you order from the Grill during the month of June (not just during Negroni Week!), we will be donating $1 to @wildfoundation !
Do you think a massive play date is about to occur or a massive fight? 🐻 #alaskatribe photo by: @kchampagnephoto
For all of you who have enjoyed, or tolerated, my ice fascination, it appears, just today, that we are going to have summer despite the chilly Spring.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~💚~~~~~~~~~~ #alaska #spring #hiking #backyard #green #sony #ilovealaska #fresh #thealaskalife #naturealaska #natural_alaska #sharingalaska #travelalaska @alaskatravel #alaskatribe #nature #naturelovers #adventure #naturephotography @alaska_of_usa #instagood #hey_ihadtosnapthat #justgoshoot #globalnook #crudemag
Got any Memorial Day weekend plans? Don’t forget, you can grab 6 packs, growlers, and bottles @moosestoothpub & @beartoothgrill. Tag us in your adventure photos if you’re bringing us with you! 🍻
What a fabulous way to celebrate the first day with no school!! 11 mile bike ride with a yummy rooftop lunch in the middle. 💚💜💙
This is exactly why I moved to Alaska. Thanks to @flydenaliinc for an epic adventure and incredible views that just can’t be seen on foot. ↟
S20P3: Everyone sees things differently. Go check out @alaskanphotographer__ for some great pictures of Alaska!
S20P2: Under the tracks the water rushes fast. With no train in sight, I finally get the chance to stand in the middle and contemplate my past. My life has gone so quickly and it’s barely started, only 25 this last year. To be clear, I know I’m not that old. I’ve got so much to learn and so many adventures to know. I’m growing every day into a person without fear because the more knowledge I gain the less I need to steer clear of. It’s simple, we fear what we do not know, and to conquer that, we need to gravitate towards the unknown.
S20P1: “We don’t control events, but we do control what they mean.”-Stoicism
Driving down the Parks highway awhile back. Definitely one of my favorite road shots right here!
Give more, expect less . . Had the opportunity to explore Vancouver B.C., Definitely coming back that’s fore sure . 📸: @simon.tribus
If you are ever granted the opportunity to visit Alaska, I strongly, strongly recommend you take it. There is no place on earth as wild, as freeing, as inspiring or as majestic as Alaska. Planning your time in Alaska however can be a daunting task. I mean, you have well over half a million square miles worth of possibilities to consider! Having been in this situation myself, I can confidently assume that pinpointing the best Alaska wildlife viewing is of high priority. After 3 years and countless wildlife encounters (both paid for and unplanned) I’m here to serve you with the top 3… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (962 more words on the blog!)
Mountain reflection from Eklutna Tailrace. I love this place! #eklutnatailrace #alaska #livetoexplore #exploretocreate #mountainreflection
"This photo was taken on a backcountry hiking trip in Hatcher Pass, Alaska called the bomber traverse. Which I was fortunate enough to hike several times this summer. There's a series of huts on the traverse which anyway can stay in, fortunately on this night the hut was full of people so I had to camp.. too bad right? It's very uncommon in Alaska to have days where you can sleep without the fly on your tent, on this trip I slept three nights without a worry of rain! By far one of the most spectacular and lucky trips of my life." ⛰ #alaskatribe photo by: @luke.konarzewski
iPhone ready 🤳🏻⛰
Don't forget you can get our slice & salad for lunch, which includes our special pizzas too! Available weekdays until 3pm! 🍕 MT. REDOUBT PIE// This will blow your top off! Prosciutto, caramelized onion, mushrooms, fresh roma tomatoes, chili flakes, basil, parmesan, mozzarella, provolone, marinara.
Everything you needed for lunch and more! 😋 AK FRIED ROCKFISH BOWL // AK barley crusted garlic rockfish, charred tomato and rhubarb salsa, toasted corn, chayote squash, tomatillo-cilantro rice, blanca sauce, cilantro, housemade tortilla chips
S19P3: It’s really fun talking with people from around the world 🌎 🌍 about what their life is like and how we are different. How often do you seek another’s perspective?
Front row seat to Alaska. #maderaoutdoorco
S19P2: If you’re coming to Fairbanks this summer, be aware that we are friendly people that love to talk about our little corner of the world, just don’t come on my property! (We like our space) That’s why I live in the middle of the woods. 😁
S19P1: Yesterday we bought a raft. Can’t wait to get out on the lakes and float around under the hot midnight sun! I personally think kayaks are better than rafts though.
My office view. Hard to call this place work, more like fun.
We named this one Sendy Crawford! | CAPTAIN / @junker907 | VIDEO / Nathan Blome
What a “beach” in Alaska looks like.
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