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We had a fantastic weekend. Hope you too! #natureismyplayground 🍃
The final day of #HappyValentasanas is yogis choice and I’m going with a simple #Lotus with arms reaching up. It feels good on my spine and I could sit like this for hours. HOSTS: @yogajosey @kittycatdang @bwmcfitness @rhyannawatson SPONSORS: @baseathletica @yourbondhu @omsoulshop @luminanceskincare @groundedfactory @backbendbasics
Sometimes I think I was a dancer in a past life.
Day 4 of #crackyourheartsopen is #standingbackbend Let’s be honest here. This pose hurts. It scares me. I know I’m doing something wrong but I can’t figure out that missing part. So I treat you with assistance with the wall and good ol’ Aleigh doing it freestyle. HOSTS: @colleen_theyogi @saveserenityyoga @heyyitsmorgansaara @monikakuriata SPONSORS: @meddyteddy @aloetteofc3 @sports_and_the_city @root_to_rise_official @omsoulshop @sashka_co
Little Miss had her for midterm last night. She’s a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and before she reaches 3rd degree, she has about 6 of these to go through. She fights a few students, does a traditional form as well as a weapons form (she demonstrated double songjulbongs (nunchucks) and then broke boards. She was the first one to try 3. They were a combined thickness of 6” if I understood correctly. To say that I’m proud of this mighty 10 year old is such an understatement. Her dedication and fearless attitude in this sport amazes me. She is truly my Hero.
Where I wanna be right now.
I edit my pictures. Not all of them but most. I either crop or delete the wall sockets. Those things drive me nuts. It’s all I see when I look at my pictures so, they’ve gotta go. I also whiten and brighten. Other than that, that’s it. Looking around today, I noticed I have a filter called Unicorn! Ok that one may pop up from time to time. 🙈 The first picture is the one I’d post but I’m showing you the unicorn and the original. What I’m getting at is, even though these pictures and videos are of me and are very real, I tweak them. This capture came from the end of today’s practice and I’m talking to my middle little who is home sick today. Like her mama, she was talking about food. Lol Do you edit your pictures?
Have fun with yourself. Cultivate the relationship you have with the truest form of YOU and I promise, the benefits you reap will amaze you. #WideLeggedForwardFold for Day 2 of #CrackYourHeartsOpen HOSTS: @colleen_theyogi @saveserenityyoga @monikakuriata @heyyitsmorgansaara SPONSORS: @meddyteddy @aloetteofc3 @sports_and_the_city @root_to_rise_official @omsoulshop @sashka_co @namasteasfuck Favorite sweatshirt from @lolo_sol_
I mean....COME ON!!!!! How beautiful is this blackberry? I’m sad to report that he (along with a bowl of his friends) didn’t make it. The best food doesn’t come in wrappers.
All kinds of #BowPose play. I laugh at the second picture. Did I pose like this on purpose or did I lose balance and topple over? I’ll never tell. Day 3 of #HappyValentAsanas with HOSTS: @yogajosey @rhyannawatson @kittycatdang @bwmcfitness SPONSORS: @baseathletica @yourbondhu @omsoulshop @backbendbasics @luminanceskincare @groundedfactory Favorite sweatshirt from @lolo_sol_
#ThursdaySplitsCrew y’all and middle splits are a work in progress for me so I’ll be dedicating my work to this particular version. And my weak side in “traditional” #hanumanasana @heyyitsmorgansaara and @jensyogajourney did you practice your splits today? Favorite sweatshirt from @lolo_sol_
Hey guys! You know how we all feel great things will happen in 2018? How we all want to start manifesting positive changes? Well...here’s my first positive. I’m happy to announce I’m an official @bangsshoes ambassador and I couldn’t be more excited! This brand stands for so many things that I feel deeply about and am all too happy to be a small part of. So if you’ve been stalking them and were curious about their shoes and swag, I encourage you to go take a look and read a bit about them. And if you find yourself making a purchase, wether it be a sticker or a hat, possibly a shirt or patch or those cool shoes you’ve been eyeing, could you be a lamb and pop my name in this space? It’s Aleigh Aros. I’d sincerely appreciate it. And it lets @hannahcdavis and @bangsshoes know I’m fulfilling my promise. Please and thank you! oH! Yea. When you add my name you get 15% off. 😳😉 #liveBangs
Time flies when you open your heart! Day 7 of #MyHeartsIntention is #WheelPose and one day, my foot will touch my head. I promise. Thank you Hosts for letting me love me. HOSTS: @__sil_06 @thisgoatslife @jennyg2bfit @mikaila_nyc SPONSORS: @yobaby_hk @evcr @iapparel @confusedgirlla @elektrixlove @gitayogaclothing @root_to_rise_official @therecycledwick @solauradesigns @treelanceyoga
Somethings up with IG and I haven’t been able to see the inspirational people that I normally follow. So I was not able to see this until just now. I had to specifically search. Anyone else having that problem? Anyway…I’ll be jumping in to #crackyourheartsopen with the amazing HOSTS: @colleen_theyogi @saveserenityyoga @monikakuriata @heyyitsmorgansaara and the fantastic SPONSORS: @meddyteddy @aloetteofc3 @sports_and_the_city @root_to_rise_official @omsoulshop @sashka_co @namasteasfuck
“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” -Henry David Thoreau #getoutside #liveinnature #natureplay #wildandfreechildren #natureismyplayground #overgrowthesystem #freerangechildren #homestead #reallife #evolutionarybiology
Nobody puts baby in the corner. And some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don’t be afraid to take that box and shove it up their 🍑! Tagging a few babes who chose to not fit inside any 4 walls. Let’s see your best “not gonna do it” face, pose, or both. Please and thank you. #NoBoxWillHoldMe Anyone wanna play I welcome you. I’d love to see everyone being unapologetically themselves.
Kale, cranberries, broccoli, almonds, apples and the piece de la resistance is pomegranate vinaigrette from @simplybeyondfoods Making it extra special and full of love by eating out of my @heartbowl
Day 2 of #HappyValentasanas brings #DancerPose Do you know how hard this asana is to do after a run and with shoes on? 😂 I enjoyed the challenge of a tested flipped grip and sweat. HOSTS: @yogajosey @bwmcfitness @rhyannawatson @kittycatdang SPONSORS: @baseathletica @yourbondhu @omsoulshop @groundedfactory @backbendbasics @luminanceskincare
Cash me outside! Run done son!
💚"I have seen many #storms in #mylife . Most storms have caught me by #surprise , so I had to #learn very quickly to look further and understand that I am not capable of controlling the #weather , to #exercise the art of patience and to respect the fury of #nature ." #NatureIsMyPlayground #canon5d #iran #naturephotography #vesco #vescocam #vescocamera #walkwithme #hatchway
YMCA or yoga pose? Joining in tonight with @omgoddess.clothing and @saveserenityyoga for #GoddessOMmondays
Not all who wanders is lost, some dies of horrific deaths like hypothermia, disease-ridden critters, and the general cruelty of this ungrateful world #thatescalatedquickly #imadeit #winterwonderland #natureismyplayground
These All Beauty skincare drinks are so yummy. I’m kinda addicted. They have no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives. 😋
I’m here all night! #YourMemoryLivesOnThroughLaughter with @marthareneayogi A few jokes followed by a favorite shape. Celebrating Ollie and all the things he taught so many in such a short time. Loving him. Missing him. Remembering him. For everyone who helped me #TurnMayGrey #ForOllie last year, I will never be able to repay you. His family still flips through the pages of our book and are given peace when they read your words and see your pictures. Your help in showing love and support to him will always be my most favorite thing about this #IGYoga community. Thank you will never be enough and I will forever be in your debt. 🧡Oliver Mark Demrovsky September 2007 - August 2017
😽🐚 @femimeaux
Klein Curaçao ☀️
Trip den Banda Bou 🐠🐟
Resting bitch face 🐚 #wethebeachpeople
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