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... pieces of the past ... .. Like all things we keep around us that which we connect to We want reminders We take photos to capture moments We keep trinkets to capture memories ... Each day begins femme in silence and contemplation It begins with breath and allowing myself to really center on the day the time the way I am working towards my goals ... But to have that I have many pieces set out on my altar that speak of special reminders And this shawl is one of the most important. It’s my grandmothers. Who passed now some 4 years ago but who sits with me still ... The key to this memory isn’t just her though It connects me to my own mother. To nan. To her mother. And so on down the line And it speaks to me of all their dreams .... Not that I live to fulfill their dreams but there are times I see our dreams connected. That’s when I place the shawl around me to meditate That moment that I reconnect to a lineage of service Of those in our family who have learnt and known and worked their way for this one to be present .... And it’s an important reminder because I know that this path before me is also about my children. And where they will seek to go All connected somehow by this shawl that links all pieces together And tells me It’s not just my journey But a lineage journey that we walk Carrying on certain aspects of how our lives can be of value to others through who we are .... May you take a moment to recall deep connection to your lineage and ancestors and acknowledge their journeys place amongst your own ... #lineage #withlove #ofthegods
[ENG] In the gallery of my website (you have the link in my profile) you can find my best pictures, however, here on Instagram I like to publish other very different ones that are not so good but have a lot of place. In Fushimi Inari there are a lot of Toriis, "doors" donated by some company. Why? Because Inari is the god (also goddess) of business (in addition to fertility, rice, agriculture, industry ...). It is a particularly photogenic place.📸 • • • • [ESP] En la galería de mi página web (tienes el enlace en mi perfil) puedes encontrar mis mejores fotografías, sin embargo, aquí en Instagram me gusta publicar otras muy distintas que no son tan buenas pero cuentan mucho del lugar. En Fushimi Inari hay una gran cantidad de Toriis, “puertas” donadas por alguna empresa. ¿Por qué? Porque Inari es el dios (también diosa) de los negocios (además de la fertilidad, el arroz, la agricultura, la industria...). Es un lugar especialmente fotogénico. 📸 • • • • #japon #japan #fushimiinari #mayfairfilter #fushimiinaritaisha #inari #lonelyplanet #Tamphoto #lpfanphoto #YourShotPhotographer #IamATraveler #naturelusting #lust4nature #travel #viajar #travelphotography #outdoor #outdoorphotography #CanonEspaña #VisualsCollective #filter #lightroom #Beautiful_Explorers #ViewBug #photoshopexpress #canon
[ENG] We started another week, this time I do not appear in the photos, I do them 😜. Entrance to Fushimi Inari. It was almost 10 in the morning and was starting to be full of people (something normal given the fame of the place). Before I tried not to appear people in my photographs, because post them on social networks did not seem right. However, when you are taking more pictures you realize that people are a plus, that they give that "something" to the image, and that nothing happens at all (except some occasions when you can ask permission without any shame). • • • • [ESP] Empezamos otra semana, esta vez ya no aparezco yo en las fotos, las hago 😜. Entrada a Fushimi Inari. Eran casi las 10 de la mañana y empezaba a estar lleno de gente (algo normal dado la fama del lugar). Antes intentaba que no aparecieran personas en mis fotografías, porque publicarlas luego en las redes sociales no me parecía correcto. Sin embargo, cuando vas haciendo más fotografías te vas dando cuenta de que las personas son un plus, de que dan ese “algo” a la imagen, y de que no pasa absolutamente nada (salvo algunas ocasiones en las que puedes pedir permiso sin ninguna vergüenza). • • • • #japon #japan #fushimiinari #fushimiinaritaisha #mayfairfilter #inari #lonelyplanet #Tamphoto #lpfanphoto #YourShotPhotographer #IamATraveler #naturelusting #lust4nature #travel #viajar #travelphotography #outdoor #outdoorphotography #CanonEspaña #VisualsCollective #filter #lightroom #Beautiful_Explorers #ViewBug #photoshopexpress #canon
.... I am reminded ..... If we are paying attention life not only brings us lessons and teachings and healings She not only brings us medicine and love to restore us But she reminds us I often have little animals find their way to me for love I am reminded with this little ones presence of two things. Two important things. One is that there is always more than us going on. And we need to remember this for a few reasons. More than us that needs time and attention and care. And more than us that life is working for in order to bring about balance and what’s good for all. It reminds me that for my life to unfold in its right order so must many other lives around me in order for balance and Harmony to be found The second thing it reminds me. Is of love. That we don’t need to identify species or colour. We do t need to know any more of this little soul other than it is life seeking love. Seeking protection and compassion and healing. Nothing else is relevant. What he is. What he will be. Is of no importance when asking or seeking love. May we all find reminders of the greatness of life. Of her teachings. And of her compassionate ways for each of us to be of service ..... #lifereminder #withlove #ofthegods
Last post of Mass for a little while, going to archives for some left coast shots...
Winter tideline
The heart of the matter.
.... constant change ... ... Things are constantly moving. And changing. I remind myself of this as often as I can I try to look for the changes ... Nature is always obliging It shows us how every moment change is occurring And that we survive through it We continue through it .... That there’s nothing to fear in change Nor anything to stress over when change comes to us That it is simply change .... Embracing it means we are moving and flowing with life Struggling is our resistance to this and it only depletes our energy ... We cannot ever go against what is This What is Is the flow we must work with or move to a whole new current ... Each day by allowing myself to see change it reminds me how to work with it How to allow it Every moment offering something new I will even make changes to things that are very visual to remind me that I’ve made changes this day ... May we always find a path to accepting change Allowing change Embracing change So our life is forever in flow ... #embracingchange #withlove #ofthegods
The beauty is in the details.
#loveday ... and so we begin with love. Allowing it to be within us and around us. Allowing it to float by. ... To be felt. To be experienced. To be touched To be known .... Sharing it Expressing it Connecting with it ... Allowing it ... Allowing it to be in our life In our heart In our connections .. Not fearing it But opening to it ... May our eyes open to seeing the love all around us May we know it’s joy May we know it’s purpose May we know it’s depth ... #withlove #ofthegods
[ENG] Besides being a photographer, I am a biologist, and since I was little I love animals. That's why one of my visits to Japan was to see these famous deer in Nara Park. I like animals, but I do not touch them because I think it's the same as if someone came to me to touch me for no reason, besides they are not for that. However, this is not always the case, some occasions are different, like this deer that slept peacefully while I caressed it. I could not stand it. 🤫 • • • • [ESP] Además de fotógrafa soy bióloga, y, desde pequeña, me encantan los animales. Por eso, una de mis visitas en Japón fue ir a ver a estos famosos ciervos en el Parque de Nara. Me gustan los animales, pero no tocarlos porque pienso que es lo mismo que si alguien viniese a mi a tocarme sin razón, además de que no están para eso. Sin embargo, no siempre es así, algunas ocasiones son diferentes, como esta cierva que dormía plácidamente mientras yo la acariciaba. No pude aguantarme. 🤫 • • • • 📸Ángela Millán. • • • #japon #japan #nara #narapark #deer #ciervo #lonelyplanet #Tamphoto #lpfanphoto #YourShotPhotographer #IamATraveler #naturelusting #lust4nature #travel #viajar #travelphotography #outdoor #outdoorphotography #VisualsCollective #filter #lightroom #Beautiful_Explorers #ViewBug #mayfairfilter
I love landscape shots, but find beauty in the abstract details as well. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #abstract #natureisart #natureabstract #bestintravel #exploremore #discoverearth #explorer #outdoortones #nakedplanet #earth_shotz #justgoshoot #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #nikon #naturephotography #plants #optoutside #bns_nature #natureaddict #naturelusting #macro #macro_perfection #macrophotography #bns_macro
Tal vez, el maldito amanecer No llegue cuando se acabe la noche...
.... fountains of flow .... ... Some mornings when I wake I turn the water feature on straight away It reminds me And reconnects me to flow ... As I sit to meditate I can hear the bubble and gurgling of the water And I can stay in a mindset of allowing flow .. I am grateful for the reminder It gives me a chance to just stop .. No questions Definitely no answers Just whatever comes Allowing whatever is ... We forget the power of this We spend a lot of time trying to control things Trying to be the master in command a lot of he time ... Yet life. Still holds the current. .. We can use our will to direct our way through the current Through the rapids Into our own ravines But life Controls the current ... And it’s great to just allow every now and then Allow that current to take us a little To lay back into her and float ... What a gorgeous feeling to begin a weekend May your days find freedom in the floating on the current of life Trust it ... #lifeflow #withlove #ofthegods
.... shadow work .... ... Such important work And you’ll find plenty of experts out there to wade through ... Shadow work is some of the most important work we can ever do And it’s never done .. We are of dark and light And in recognizing this our work is always a daily space of observing Where our dark and light falls ... The greatest advice I give on this kind of work is two fold One. Never go it alone ... Shadow work is deep work and should always be supported and nurtured. It is not something you play with if you truly want to work to the crux of it. So take someone with you. Preferably a professional .. THe second. Don’t fear it Don’t try to dodge it or avoid it Yes it’s deep yes it’s dark But until we learn to accept these sides of who we are we can never move to greater light The dark is always our ladder to the light It is always the work that opens us a tiny bit more It’s the work that cracks us free to greater connections and greater living ... This new moon was a perfect time for me to look at more of the darkness within me To see these aspects allowed me greater release before stepping into a new contract of connection ... Honouring both our dark and light Embracing our shadow without shame or guilt or fear Is truly an enriching process not to be ignored Especially on the path to self love ... To really love oneself we must learn to love all aspects of who we are. In this we shape and mold what’s to come ... May we all today breathe into our darkness to find the ladders to greater light ... #shadowwork #withlove #ofthegods
[ENG] I love the temples of Japan, and this one in Kyoto, it was very simple but very beautiful. Like I said, this week it was my turn to appear in the photos. They are not selfies, they are photos that a friend made me with her mobile phone, however, these photos were kept and I thought: why not upload them? • • • • [ESP] Me encantan los templos de Japón, y este en Kioto, fue muy sencillo pero muy bonito. Como dije, esta semana me tocaba a mi salir en las fotos. No son selfies, son fotos que me hizo una amiga con su móvil, sin embargo, estás fotos las tenía guardadas y pensé: ¿por qué no subirlas? • • • • 📸Ángela Millán • • • #japon #japan #kyoto #kioto #temple #beautiful #mayfairfilter #lonelyplanet #Tamphoto #lpfanphoto #YourShotPhotographer #IamATraveler #naturelusting #lust4nature #travel #viajar #travelphotography #outdoor #outdoorphotography #VisualsCollective #filter #lightroom #Beautiful_Explorers #ViewBug
..... love notes .... ... To end my day of love yesterday I left some notes for me to wake to Notes that remind me that I care That I love who I am ... All of me ... Notes that remind me to stay with my dreams that I believe in me ... A note reminding me that I can do this. That I can achieve and manifest the life I dream of ... That universe has my back That it too seeks for me to have his life and to serve. ... Love is greater than one day It is all day every day Love is far more profound than chocolates and flowers And more than anything It’s reminding ourselves the love and joy we hold for our own self ... Little notes of love To remind me That my love is the very base of how this will all begin .... #lovenotes #withlove #ofhegods
[ENG] Yes, it is me who appears in this image, enjoying the sound of these little bells, which for me is hyper-mega-relaxing. In fact, I came from Japan with two of them that I bought in Asakusa. I love the tranquility, silence and peace that exists in these places. Even more with the sound of the bells called fūrin, very popular in Japan. • • • • [ESP] Sí, soy yo la que aparece en esta imagen, disfrutando del sonido de estas pequeñas campanas, que para mi es hiper-mega-relajante. Tanto es así, que vine de Japón con dos de ellas que compré en Asakusa. Me encanta la tranquilidad, el silencio y la paz que hay en estos lugares. Aun más con el sonido de las campanillas llamadas fūrin, muy populares en Japón. • • • • 📸Ángela Millán • • • #furin #japanesebell #japon #japan #relax #mayfaifilter #kyoto #kioto #kiyomizuderatemple #lonelyplanet #Tamphoto #lpfanphoto #YourShotPhotographer #IamATraveler #naturelusting #lust4nature #travel #viajar #travelphotography #outdoor #outdoorphotography #VisualsCollective #filter #lightroom #Beautiful_Explorers #ViewBug
.... our footprints ... ... I hadn’t looked at my footprint until yesterday as I walked from the wet grass onto the boardwalk It dawned on me that few of us know our footprints .. It may seem a strange thought to want to see them But I realized what was to be found in them ... Like how softly i tred the earth Like how much of myself i place into each step Like the shape of my steps ... And then I began to think about the footprints i am leaving behind that i don’t even know The ones that are imprinting life The ones that are imprinting and impacting on you on my children ... The way in which we are walking this earth and our journey is marked through our footprints It got me thinking how unaware we are in this It made me step back and actually think about this It asked me to take a longer moment to think about this ... How am I impacting life? What am I sharing What am I showing What am I teaching What am I being ..... All of this is within my footprint The way I walk my path ... And you? May we spend a moment this morning with breath to think about the way in which we are imprinting our lives into the lives of those around us and the ongoing eternal life ... #footprints #withlove #ofthegods
[ENG] Before reading this, note the after and the before the editing of these two images with @lightroom. This is the perfect example of what you should NOT do when you take a photograph: tilt the horizon. A friend made this picture for me while I photographed Hiroshima Castle. A friend who is not a photographer and with a cell phone with a bad camera. Do not you think I'm falling? 😂 Of course, not everyone needs to know photography and have a good camera. But, if you are starting to learn photography... This is your rule number one. • • • [ESP] Antes de leer esto, observa el después y el antes de la edición de ambas fotos con @lightroom. Este es el ejemplo de perfecto de lo que NO debes hacer cuando tomas una fotografía: inclinar el horizonte. Una amiga me hizo esta foto mientras yo fotografiaba el Castillo de Hiroshima (una amiga que no es fotógrafa y con un móvil con una cámara mala). A qué parece que me estoy cayendo a la izquierda? Creo que esta imagen vale mil palabras. 😂 Obviamente, no todo el mundo necesita saber fotografía y tener una buena cámara. Pero si estás empezando a aprender fotografía... esta es tú regla número uno. • • • 📸Ángela Millán. • • • #hiroshima #japon #japan #hiroshimacastle #mayfairfilter #lonelyplanet #Tamphoto #lpfanphoto #YourShotPhotographer #IamATraveler #naturelusting #lust4nature #travel #viajar #travelphotography #outdoor #outdoorphotography #VisualsCollective #filter #lightroom #Beautiful_Explorers #ViewBug
Ålesund - Norway ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨@maysan2611 ✨✨ . for a feature ❤️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💙Tag someone you'd like to go here with !! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👍Be sure to follow us @mg_traveladventure 👉Tag your best photos #mgtraveladventure for a chance to be featured ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ All rights belong to their respective owners® ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🚀Follow the COMPANY: @mg_worldfood @mg_hotelselection @mg_viralvideos
Вот чем заняться в выходные проблем совсем нет. Все ближайшие праздники уже забиты, маршруты размечены, гостиницы забронированы. Проблема как успеть в кучу мест за маленькую поездку😥😥😥 впихнуть невпихуемое🏞️🛣️🚐
...... anything is possible ... .. As I stood on the balcony to breathe this morning before meditation I sat my new mug down My ‘make it happen ‘ mug .. The one I bought myself after a meeting talking about new directions new possibilities. Make it happen .. Your dreams Make them happen ... The road is no different to any of our dreams It feels awkward it feels challenging it feels heavy some days It feels impossible some days ... And it’s so important to remind ourselves that anything is possible That we have no idea the shape of this life The shape the universe will deliver possibilities. And we must allow ourselves to remain open to all of them That we leave doors and windows open for all opportunities to enter ... Mostly That our wildest craziest more daring dreams can be real That Anything is possible If we make it happen .. If we keep walking everyday towards the dreams becoming reality One thing Each day And believe That anything is possible ... May we all hold faith in the possibility of our dreams .. #itspossible #withlove #ofthegods
[ENG] This photo is terrible but very special to me. A friend took a picture of me in the house of the samurai Nomura, in the Samurai neighborhood of Kanazawa. The one that appears in the image is me and the photo was taken with a mobile phone (with a regular camera). Photographically it is bad, the perfect example of what not to do. The friend who did it, doesn’t know about photography, I just wanted her to take a picture in one of the rooms of the Nomura House. Why? Because I wanted to be in a samurai neighborhood, I love it. Influences of watching anime and manga 😁. Sometimes a bad photograph, leaves more good memories than another that is perfect. And this is the case. • • • [ESP] Esta foto es terrible pero muy especial para mi. Me la hicieron en la casa del samurai Nomura, en el barrio samurai de Kanazawa. La que aparece en la imagen soy yo y me la hicieron con un móvil con una cámara... regular, fotográficamente es mala, el ejemplo perfecto de lo que no hay que hacer. La amiga que me la hizo no sabe de fotografía, solo quería que me hiciera una foto en una de las salas de la Casa Nomura. ¿Por qué? Porque quería estar en un barrio samurai, me encanta. Influencias de ver tanto anime y manga😁. A veces una imagen fotográficamente mala, deja más recuerdos buenos que otra que es perfecta. Y este es el caso. • • • 📸Ángela Millán. • • • #japan #japon #kanazawa #dreamscometrue #samuraihouse #nomurasamuraihouse #nomurahouse #lonelyplanet #Tamphoto #lpfanphoto #YourShotPhotographer #IamATraveler #naturelusting #lust4nature #travel #viajar #travelphotography #outdoor #outdoorphotography #VisualsCollective #filter #lightroom #Beautiful_Explorers #ViewBug #mayfairfilter
Pebbles are an important part in the mating ritual of Gentoo penguins. The males search for the perfect pebble and present it to the female. If she accepts it and adds it to the nest, they are well on their way to becoming a mated pair. Finding the ideal love token can cause fighting and stealing between the males. #penguins #antarctica #unlimitedantarctica . . . . . . . . . #bucketlisters #bestplacestogo #earthstoke #lonelyplanet #gadventures @nakedplanet #earthpix #naturelusting #TourThePlanet #theglobewanderer #worldtravelbook #liveintrepid #shotblot #toptravelpixels #passionpassport #discoverglobe #discoverearth #fantastic_earth #earthfocus @ourplanetdaily #ThisIsAdventure #explorergoals #wonderfulnature_pix #natureexpressions #earthwonders #WildNatureResorts @ericdamier #landscape_joy #placesonearth @always.be.traveling #rediscovertheearth
Blue Streets - Morocco ✨💙💙💙✨ Picture by ✨✨@kimcamjones ✨✨ . for a feature 💙 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💙Tag someone you'd like to go here with !! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👍Be sure to follow us @mg_traveladventure 👉Tag your best photos #mgtraveladventure for a chance to be featured ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ All rights belong to their respective owners® ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🚀Follow the COMPANY: @mg_worldfood @mg_hotelselection @mg_viralvideos
.... what we allow .... ... It’s interesting to realise that our life is created on what we allow Down to every minute ... That what we either allow or deny creates us. ... In all forms ... What we allow in our mind In our mouth In our bodies In our hearts In our soul ... Becomes us It becomes us by experience or by story ... I am curious this morning as I allow myself to lounge longer on the bed to take in the view I am curious as to how this simple act dominates so much of our life ... How if we became more conscious of our life and living we would be more aware of what we are allowing .. How our state of unconscious disconnect allows us to continue with habits or routines or thoughts or ways that are damaging us ... How if we can learn to listen to our bodies our hearts our minds with a greater desire to connect and love we would allow ourselves more meaning and inner peace ... We would be allowing our life to be the experience we desire every moment We would be responding and not reacting We would be feeling intuitively We would be attuning to life ... What can we allow I to our lives today that is going to create a new beginning What can we allow in our life today that’s going to create greater health and wellness What can we allow today that is going to bring us closer to love and joy ... May you find yourself allowing moments of breath and connection today. ... #allowinglifetoflow #withlove #ofthegods
#loveday the moment love captures our hearts we must grasp it in our memories and allow it to fill our being. Then everyday recall these moments so that we are filled with the joy of love and life always #lovemoment #ofthegods
Amazing Banyan trees, at the Southlands Estate, working on getting depth and layers in my pictures. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #destinationbermuda #gotobermuda #bermudadreaming #ahhbermuda #bermuda #bbctravel #Iamatraveler #travelphotography #bestintravel #exploremore #bns_nature #natureaddict #naturelusting #earthoutdoors #nakedplanet #naturephotography #discoverearth #explorer #optoutside #outdoortones #thegreatoutdoors #earth_shotz #justgoshoot #roamtheplanet #earthfocus #bns_trees #nikon @comtravel
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