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And the last but not the least! Nemanja Bjelica 11.5 over NOTICE: (I would also recommend Steven Addams points 15.5 over if u catch him somewhere) After moving to Sacramento his game really increased. In his last team he didnt get a lot of minutes and he decided its time to move on and it seems to me like Sacramento is a good place for somebody like him. In his first game he scored 25 pts and I dont expect to see any difference tonight. Tonight he finished with 15 pts and I believe he is going to score 15 at least today. In December he is averaging 12.3 ppg with 5/8 overs. He knows how to shoot a three and this is definitely one of his strongest weapons. Minnesota along with getting 21.6 ppg on a PF position is also letting enemies shoot 2.3 three pointers per game. Probably this is one of the main reasons why Nemanja pulled up 9 times behind the 3pt line in their last game and made 4 three pointers!! With his great shooting abilities especially from 3PT range and considering that Minnesota is a team who plays fast basketball and is not known for their good defense I see him over 12 easily. As I said I dont think he is going to score 25 pts again but I see him scoring about 15 at least. This is my last pick for tonights action! I hope we win something tonight! Please make sure to follow and leave comments in the section below. #nba #nbabetting #sports #sportsbetting #basketball #hoop #basket #sac #sacramentokings #kings #nemanjabjelica #sacramentovsminnesota #minnesotatimberwolves #wolves #timberwolves #serbianplayer #nbaplayer #nbaplayerscore #playerscore #basketballplayer #bet #nbatip #nbapick #nbaanalysis #nbaanaliza #nbatipovi #sportskokladenje #kladenje #nbakladenje
My 3rd pick of the night is Greek freak. Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) Asissts 5,5 Over @1,83 Bet365 Milwaukee is looking good with this roster as they have Giannis, Middleton, Bledsoe, Brogdon and Lopez as starters and also their bench is not as bad (Ilyasova, Snell, Maker, Hill, DiVincenzo etc.). When we take a look at Bucks starters Giannis is actually surronded with great shooters and I expect him to surpass the ball more and get some assists since he is bad as a shooter himself and this is definitely one of the things he will need to improve at in order to get that MVP. In the last 9 games he passed it 7 times and fell for 1 assist twice (vs. GS and Detroit). But when we talk about last game which was complete blowout its not that bad since he played only 26 minutes and had 5 assists. The most important reason why I play him is because of the matchup. As I have already said earlier he is bad shooter and the main source of his points are exactly driving to the rim (because of his incredible physical strengths and also his tallnes and big wingspan). He is mostly scoring from low post and transition but tonight he is facing Griffin and Drummond who is excellent rim protector. I see Giannis passing the ball more then forcing shoots since its not gonna be so easy for him to score against Griffin and Drummond. This is why I pick Giannis in assists. I expect good match without blowout and Giannis with at least 7 assists. Good luck everybody! Please make sure to follow and comment below. #nba #nbatip #nbabetting #nbaanalysis #nbapick #nbapickoftheday #basketball #hoop #greekfreak #giannis #antetokounmpo #milwaukee #nbaanalize #nbatipovi #bucks #milwaukeebucks #bucksvspistons #playerscore
My next pick is Russell Westbrook. Total assists: 10.5 over (bet365) 2.10 Speaking about Westbrook we cant deny that he is a hell of a player and has great playmaking abilities. He is always aware of his teammates and got excellent courtvision. After enemy’s miss Westbrook@ usually go for a rebound and a quick transition assist. And tonight I expect a lot of transition points. First of all I expect some easy points from Steven Addams. They work great together as teammates and Westbrook usually throws 6-7 balls to Addams on first 10 possesions which usually lead to 5-6 quick early assists. Then there comes Paul George. We can all witness how much do they love playing together as Russ has all the trust in PG and has no problem on passing him the ball. He does find him open a lot especially when driving to the hoop then 2 players go to stop Russ and he easy can find an open man. In the past time he started struggling on offense especially shooting. He has had some bad shooting games and low scoring games mostly because he missed a lot of layups. But I dont see him forcing so hard this year since he has great young players, a superstar in Paul George and also Steven Addams who is getting better with every season. I dont think he is gonna force some crazy shots rather than make some good assists. Last 13 games he is averaging 10.6 assists per game 11 in total while playing at homecourt. This year they have already faced each other in Chicago when OKC lost the game. But Westbrook still finished the game with 13 assists. In the last 3 seasons against Chicago he averages 11 assists per game. Tonight I expect to see Russell’s next triple-double. It wouldnt be strange if he gets 10 assists by the halftime. Would not be the first time, right? I wish you all good luck in this one. Please follow and leave comments in the comment section below. #nba #nbabetting #nbapick #nbatips #nbaanalysis #nbakladenje #kladenje #sportbetting #sportskokladenje #playerscore #russellwestbrook #pg13 #basketball #beastbrook #westbeast #whynot #oklahomacitythunder #thunder #okc #chicago #bulls #westbrook #brodie #paulgeorge
I was thinking between Bledsoe over and Brook Lopez under but I have made my decision to go with Bledsoe. So lets start from this fact. In the last 10 games Bledsoe has 50% FG efficiency. Average minutes played: 31’ (29.4’ at home and 34’ away) Average FG: 7.2-14.2 3PT: 1.6-5.3 FT: 2-2.3 He has averaged 18.3 ppg while scoring 17.6 at homecourt and 19 ppg while playing away. When Bucks win he averages 16.5 ppg and in their losses his statistics increase as he scores total of 21 ppg. Games away: 16,26,9,27,17 points He scored 9 against Raptors and played 33’ but scored only 4 baskets and added 1 FT (4-14 FG and 0-4 3PT) so we can say he had a really bad shooting night. Despite that today Bucks are playing against Pistons. Blowout is lets say impossible and I expect to watch a good game and fight until the end on the both sides of the court. Pistons are good in closing out Giannis so I think Bledsoe might get more shots aswell. Speaking about Reggie Jackson on the other hand I dont think he is capable of defending Bledsoe on the highest level because we all know how physically strong Bledsoe is. If he continues to play like that and averages 50% FG there is definitely a chance for him to go over. A couple of 3 pointers and a few FT should be enough for Eric to go over. He is a strong player with good propositions and he has a strong drive in to the hoop. He is very athletic and no much players know how to stop him. Tonight I think this is going to be the case. I dont see Giannis forcing the ball tonight as he did vs Cavs so Bledsoe will definitely have some more shots and Reggie cant defend him that easy since he is fast and really tough to guard. If he stays focused I think he goes over easy even tho I dont expect Bucks to win this one. I reckon Detroit will fight back hard and do everything to stop Giannis and then here comes Bledsoe with 20+ pts 😎. Lets hope so!! I didnt see the odds on bet365 but I guess its gonna be something like 16.5 or 17.5 and if this will be the case then Bledsoe goes over definitely! I expect to watch a good game of basketball tonight and Eric at his highest level with him scoring 17+. Everybody that follows I wish you a Good luck!
Estate: A) hey ragazzi le cose pure questa stagione sono andate male ma vedrete che con Howard andranno benissimo. B) Ottimo senza Lebron l’Est è già nostro. Novembre: A) Ragazzi Howard praticamente non gioca e le cose vanno male, abbiamo lo stesso nucleo dal 2012 e non abbiamo concluso nulla, cediamo tutti. B) Ok magari riusciamo a tankare e prendiamo una nuova stella al Draft. Dicembre: A) Dobbiamo assolutamente prendere Ariza. B) Ma perchè? È un veterano e noi dobbiamo ricostruire. A) Cazzo ne so ma se lo vogliono tutti un motivo ci sarà. Ecco, io non c’ero ma immagino che le cose siano andate più o meno così perchè davvero non riesco a spiegarmi il motivo. I Wizards dopo aver fallito per incomprensioni uno scambio simile questa notte riescono ad ottenere Ariza cedendo Kelly Oubre e Rivers. I 2 ragazzi ceduti per Ariza ovviamente non sono degli All Star ma sicuramente sarebbero stati più utili nella ricostruzione di un veterano in scadenza a fine anno.. Mossa incomprensibile a mio parere. #nbaanalysis #trade #offensive_rebound #crazy
Oubre is averaging 13 points, 4 rebounds, & 1 assist in 26 minutes. Ariza is averaging 10 points, 6 rebounds, & 3 assists in 34 minutes. Ariza is 10 years older than Oubre.. The only teams that should’ve wanted Ariza were competing, good teams looking for a last piece. Not to mention, Ariza will ALSO be a free agent this summer & will probably leave because Washington isn’t good... so by July, Washington may have traded Oubre & Austin Rivers for 6 months of Trevor Ariza. NICE 🔥🔥 - - @TheNBANeverStops ⬅️
The Greek Freak continues his strong case for MVP as he dominates the game against the Cavs. Giannis becomes the first player in NBA history to put up at least these numbers and you have to go all the way back to Hakeem Olajuwon in 1996 before you find someone who got close. The Dream posted 46 points, 19 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 blocks, on 69.6 FG%. Is Giannis the MVP so far this season? 🦌 🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀 #nbagamenotes #giannisantetokounmpo #thegreekfreak #thegreekfreaknation #thegreekfreak 🇬🇷 #bucks #milwaukee #milwaukeebucks #mvp #nbabasketball #nbastats #nbamvp #nba2k19 #greece #basketball #fantasybasketball #fanduel #nbalovers #repost #tag #tagsomeone #tagafriend #followers #nbaanalysis #bleacherreport #espn #insidethenba
La regola non scritta del Draft Come si fa a scegliere bene? Quali criteri bisogna seguire? Se alla squadra serve una posizione da ricoprire e non c’è nessuno di valido? E se il giocatore ha avuto un infortunio? Queste domande sono tutte valide e potrebbero portare qualsiasi GM di una squadra nel panico più totale, la verità è che il Draft non è una scienza esatta e per quante domande puoi fare ce ne saranno altrettante che non ti sei fatto e che potrebbero portarti al fallimento. Esiste solo una regola non scritta valida, è un pò ignorante ma spesso e volentieri si rivela corretta; fregatene di qualsiasi cosa e scegli il ragazzo con il potenziale più alto. I Kings nell’ultimo Draft hanno seguito questa filosofia e con la seconda scelta hanno preferito Marvin Bagley 3° a Doncic guadagnandosi parecchi insulti. Joe Caldwell, giocatore NBA nei tempi dell’unione con l’ABA, durante la sua carriera ha giocato contro mostri sacri di questo sport come Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlein, Oscar Robertson e Julius Erving. Questo signore adesso ha superato i 70 anni e rivede in suo nipote Marvin quella scintilla che non vedeva più da tanto tempo. È della stessa opinione Mike Krzyzewski, storico allenatore di Duke, che definisce Bagley un giocatore unico ed è sicuro che trascinerà la prossima generazione. Marvin Bagley 3° non ha nemmeno 20 anni, è alto 2 metri e 11 e pesa “solamente” 106 kg. Corridore e saltatore fantastico è dotato di un buon posizionamento a rimbalzo e difensivamente sa come muoversi. Finora partendo dalla panchina e giocando solo 23 minuti colleziona 13 punti 6 rimbalzi e una stoppata a partita, se portassimo queste stesse statistiche sullo stesso minutaggio degli altri Rookies sarebbe primo sia per punti che per rimbalzi. Ovviamente ci sono vari difetti, deve migliorare il tiro quando è lontano dal canestro e anche il suo Ball Handling per evitare le palle perse. Al momento il paragone con Doncic è perso in partenza, non è il migliore della sua classe e probabilmente non entrerà nemmeno in classifica per il premio di miglior Rookie.. ma tra qualche anno? Qualcuno se la sente davvero di scommettere contro il nipote di Joe? #nbaanalysis #marvinbagley
Why the Doncic/Harden comparison may be perfect and how Luka is your KIA 2019 Rookie of the Year In the future, the Atlanta Hawks may well look back on June 21st 2018 as a day where they gave away the Slovenian James Harden for Trae Young. Now, unless Trae Young can consistently play like Steph Curry and defy what many people say about him (calling him a bust etc) then the Mavericks seem as if they've pulled off an all-time trade steal that could define the future of their franchise. It's obviously a huge overreaction for anyone to legitimately putting Luka Doncic on a par with the reigning MVP after 25 games of Luka's NBA career. But the playstyle is something we can compare. Both play as the modern-era 'positionless' types who, no matter what, will find themselves controlling the tempo and flow of the offense. Then you have that lethal stepback that Harden is synonymous with. Doncic uses this move on a regular basis (such as a dagger three against the Rockets a couple of nights ago) to full effect while his craftiness around the paint draws some uncanny resemblances to both players. Granted, Doncic hasn't got the same scoring power or overall dominance that Harden has. But, it's been 25 games. Luka has a potential 15 year career ahead of him to reach a level where he can dominate scoring the ball each night. The resemblances are nice to look at, but clearly Luka isn't in that elite tier of players that Harden finds himself in the midst of. But on some plays it's tricky to stop drooling profusely over a Luka Doncic move. Stepback three, no look pass across the lane, crossing over some of the league's elite - take your pick really. Oh and did I mention - he's also got Rookie of the Year locked up in Mark Cuban's office. #lukadoncic #doncic #mavericks #dallas #dallasmavericks #dallasmavs #mavs #rookieoftheyear #rookie #nba #nbanews #nbaupdates #nbauk #nba2k19 #nba2k #nba2018 #nbaanalysis #nbarumors #nbajerseys #nbaedits #nbatoday #nbaontnt #nbaespn #espn #espnbasketball #thisiswhyweplay #trusttheprocess #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #onlineshopping
Il Caso Boylen (?) È passato un pò sottotono il licenziamento di Hoiberg e, ancora di più, quello che sta succedendo nello spogliatoio dei Bulls questa prima settimana con il nuovo coach, ma chi è James Boylen? Boylen gira tra le panchine della lega dagli anni 90, è stato assistente per i Rockets di Hakeem, per i Warriors, Bucks e Jazz per brevi periodi, per i Pacers di George e, infine, è uscito dalla fabbrica di coach chiamata scuola Popovich. Il nuovo coach non ha perso tempo per far parlare di se, in una sola settimana ha effettuato vari allenamenti extra più lunghi con esercizi punitivi (come i suicidi) e vari cambi di quintetto in mezzo alla partita quando le cose non andavano. I giocatori dei Bulls non hanno gradito e avrebbero voluto saltare in massa l’allenamento di domenica messo dopo il Back to back ma poi si sono rivolti alla lega dei giocatori. Dopo una riunione con giocatori, coach e dirigenza e un incontro privato tra Lavine e il coach le cose sembrano essersi chiarite e Boylen sembra essere uscito bene visto che sta cercando di cambiare un pò l’aria che si respira tra i ragazzi dei Bulls creata dall’ex coach, uno dei motivi per cui poi fu licenziato. In tutto questo però quello che mi chiedo è; è davvero normale che si crei questo polverone per una cosa del genere? È giusto che i giocatori possano lamentarsi così solo per un coach un pò severo? Perchè è vero che Boylen non può permettersi le stesse azioni di Popovich ma è anche vero che il primo Popovich dell’inizio del 2000 era il diavolo in confronto a quello che si vede adesso, figuriamoci rispetto a Boylen. Voi cosa ne pensate a riguardo? È giusto che i giocatori abbiano ottenuto tutto questo potere? #nbaanalysis #jamesboylen #chicagobulls #offensive_rebound
NBA NEWS: Chicago takes a fat L against Boston which brings to light problems that go far deeper than one game. What's clear? Well for starters, Chicago needs a point guard. Questions remain surrounding Kris Dunn - both on his return date and just how he'll perform when he's back on the floor and if he's Chicago's long term pg. The lack of quality depth at the point guard position for Chicago is a concern. The quality at this spot, aside from Dunn, is very sub-par. Names like Ryan Arcidiacono, Antonio Blakeney, Cameron Payne and Shaquille Harrison can't exactly fill Bulls fans with joy. Harrison came off the bench against Boston and put up a respectable 20 points and, aside from the small issue of losing by a club record 56 points, showed some good signs of being a potential scoring option from the one spot. If one thing that Chicago's horrible start has shown us is that Zach Lavine is just not a number one option. Sure, he puts up some decent base numbers in terms of scoring with 24 ppg and has freakish athleticism (then again, aside from JJ Redick and Kyle Korver, most players do). However, he averages 3.9 turnovers per game (ranks him 7th in the association), shoots a dismal .309% from three and, most importantly, cannot lead the Bulls to win games of basketball. He can be a good second or third option or an explosive 6th man in the future, but nothing more. Then there's the issue of Jabari Parker and his horrible contract that hangs a dark cloud - along with several other similar sized clouds - over the United Center. It's clear that, if he's going to return to his prime days in Milwaukee, it's going to take time. But in this situation, the Bulls do have time. They'd best hope that they can surround their two glimmers of hope in Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter with something that resembles a winning roster, or they could miss out on cashing in on a generational front court (too far?). Let me know what's up with Chicago, and will they make this roster work? Predict the Bulls' record in the comments ✍️
🚨 RAPTORS AT NO.1 NOT WARRIORS 🚨 Do you agree with my picks? Who would you change? Let me know in the comments! ✍️ (Instagram seems to have ruined the quality of the picture so apologies)
Best rookie .... so far is .... SCORER: LUKA DONCIC I was deliberating between Doncic and Ayton for some time, but decided on Doncic simply because he shoots the ball more, isn't limited nearly entirely to scoring in one way and overall averages more points per game than Ayton. SHOOTER: LANDRY SHAMET A potentially unfamiliar name on this list to many NBA fans, but Shamet has been to best three point shooter to come out of this class so far. Considering he was a late first round pick, he's averaging .396% from three and has made the second amount of threes of any rookie. He's a pure shooter, so on this basis, Shamet deserves his spot. PASSER: TRAE YOUNG This was debated over for some time between Trae and Doncic, but overall, Trae Young is averaging over 7 assists per game on a very, very sub-par Hawks team. While Doncic is certainly the better creator, Young is the better passer of the ball. CREATOR: LUKA DONCIC The aforementioned Luka Doncic is the best creator of both his own shot and for others in this rookie class. His ability to use the pick n roll as well as create his own shot off the dribble is testament to his time in Madrid before making the jump to the NBA. He's one of the best in the business at this. REBOUNDER: DEANDRE AYTON Last year's number one pick finally gets a mention among the accolades, and this is purely on the basis that he averages the most amount of rebounds among rookies. There isn't really another way to measure someone's impact on the team in a rebounding context than looking at their base numbers, and 10.2 RPG isn't disputable. DEFENDER: JAREN JACKSON JR Initially, this was split into perimeter and interior defense, but splitting this would mean less emphasis on Jackson's defensive impact. He ranks first in total blocks among rookies as well as fourth for total steals. He's a defensive stud and his lengthy frame with a powerful base allows him to clog the passing lanes and be a forceful rim protector. DUNKER: MILES BRIDGES Look up Miles Bridges highlights on YouTube and see for yourself. He's put more players on a poster than any other rookie & his force in dunking the ball was reiterated last night.
Game of the Night The Raptors just about edged this tight overtime matchup against a depleted Warriors who were missing Steph and Draymond. As big of an achievement as this is for the Raptors to beat the Warriors, the fact remains that this was a side without their best player in Steph Curry, without their best playmaker and arguably defender Draymond Green and no 25 ppg Boogie Cousins (who is rumoured to be back by the All-Star break). Even with outstanding performances from Kawhi, Siakam, Ibaka and a slightly off night for the likes of Lowry and Anunoby, the Raptors were still taken to overtime by this dismantled roster. On the other hand, you have to give the Raps credit where it's due. They were still able to beat the best team in the entire NBA that was still led by an offence of a prime Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. This is no small feat, and I accept that. But throw just Steph into the mix and the Raptors aren't winning that game. Sure, Kawhi had a monster night - both on offense and defense, but it's going to take that, plus Lowry, Valanciunas, Ibaka and Siakam all having stellar performances (alongside a high bench production) to beat a fully healthy Warriors team. This was the potential finals matchup and it's given us NBA fans just a taste of what's to come.
Un po’ d’ipocrisia in NBA? Questo che state leggendo è un post particolare e meno leggero rispetto a tutti gli altri scritti finora. L’idea è nata dallo scandalo che ha colpito Dwight Howard pochi giorni fa, per chi non lo sapesse riassumo in breve cosa è successo: Masin Elijè, trans e gay (così sidichiara), ha dichiarato di aver avuto una relazione con Dwight, ha dichiarato che Howard l’ha minacciata per non dire tutto ai media, Howard non ha mai risposto e la cosa sembra stia finendo qua viste le prove circostanziali mostrate. Adesso a me non interessa quanto questa cosa sia vera o no, quello che mi ha colpito però è come l’NBA tratta determinati argomenti, se dal lato del razzismo razziale abbiamo sempre visto un forte schieramento, a volte perfino surreale come nel caso Sterling, quando si parla di omofobia e argomenti analoghi si limita tutto alla facciata che da la lega. Questo perchè nonostante la lega si dichiari, appunto, apertamente a favore della comunità LGBT non ha alcun esponente interno presente che ne faccia effettivamente parte quindi, una volta superata la facciata progressista, è difficile trovare lo stesso pensiero tra i giocatori. l’NBA vive ancora sull’eredità di Jason Collins, primo giocatore professionista in una lega americana a fare coming out, ma il problema è che il coraggio di Collins è stato apprezzato tanto dal pubblico ma poco compreso dai giocatori suoi colleghi. Il motivo è abbastanza comprensibile poiché nonostante temi come l’omofobia siano importanti non sono minimamente paragonabili dal punto di vista dell’unione che contraddistingue i giocatori sul piano del razzismo, nata spesso da esperienze di vita vissuta che li accomuna. Probabilmente vedremo davvero un’evoluzione di mentalità interna quando a fare una dichiarazione come quella di Collins sarà un esponente importante all’interno di quell’unico microclima che è il mondo NBA. #nbaanalysis #dwighthoward #jasoncollins
All time 2nd round starting 5. Collab with @trusttheluv My reasoning: PG: GILBERT ARENAS Offensively, he'd torch IT and would be key for an added scoring touch down the stretch as we'd look to close games out. His elite shooting ability would be handy in spreading the floor. SG: HAL GREER The late Hal Greer is an often overlooked sharp shooter, and one of the first to be one. His shooting would be key in giving off ball options to Arenas and could also make big shots down the stretch. SF: ALEX ENGLISH English is arguably the most underrated scorer...well, ever. His scoring numbers in Denver were incredible, and consistently averaging around 23/24 PPG across his career, he'd likely carry the scoring load for this roster. PF: DENNIS RODMAN This selection was purely for Rodman's defense, especially in his prime years. He'd be able to contain Millsap and in my opinion, Rodman > Green (on defense that is!). His rim protection would be key. C: MARC GASOL The Spanish do-it-all big man would be a valuable asset. His defense is often unnoticed, while offensively he'd cause Green problems down in the post. Overall, I think my team would beat @trusttheluv team in a one off game, and over a 7-game series, would likely win in 5 or 6 games. Their team does have a lot of scoring power, but can be exploited defensively through spacing the floor and quick ball movement.
Value Over Replacement Player (VORP) is a player evaluating metric that shows how much someone is above the average nba player #nba #basketball #sportsanalytics #nbaanalysis #vorp
Nascosto in piena vista Siamo al secondo capitolo di analisi dei Rookies e, dopo Trae Young, tocca ad Ayton. I Suns stanno deludendo e molti Rookies stanno mostrando del potenziale ma è incredibile quanto la prima scelta stia passando in secondo piano rispetto a molti suoi compagni. È un giocatore che in nemmeno 20 partite sta tenendo una media di 17 pts e 10.4 reb ad allacciata di scarpe, per fare un confronto parliamo di medie superiori al primo anno di Howard (12+10) e molto vicine a quello di Towns (18.3+10.5). Non è un giocatore da Highlights ma come centro puro porta una presenza in campo che non si può ignorare, sta tirando con il 63% (primo trai Rookies) e i liberi con il 75%, oltre a questo aggiunge quasi 3 assist a partita. I lati negativi del gioco di Ayton al momento sono due: 1) Deve migliorare lontano dal canestro (tira dal midrange con il 40%) e ancora non ha tirato da 3. 2) Difensivamente ha molta strada da fare, non ha l’istinto del difensore ma sicuramente può migliorare. I Suns continueranno a perdere e a tankare per tutta la stagione ma Ayton al momento si gioca il premio di Rookie migliore solo con Doncic. #nbaanalysis #nbarookie #deandreayton
The Clippers have arguably been this season's most positive surprise. Their roster is set up perfectly for games that go down to the wire as, while they have no standout stars, they have three players in Tobias Harris, Danilo Gallinari and Lou Williams (all pictured) who can bring home the win in the clutch. Their roster is surprisingly deep, with revelations in big men Boban Marjanovic and Montrezl Harrell. Harrell is a definite underrated most improved player candidate who's currently averaging around 16 ppg and 7 rpg. They're a solid team defensively with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Patrick Beverly being the Clippers studs in defending the perimeter. Doc Rivers knew that this team would be good, and with 4 of their last 5 wins coming in overtime, he was very aware of their ability to perform in the clutch. He started training camp preaching how key their performances in the clutch would be - so much so that this was prioritised before learning the offensive half court plays. They're one of the most exciting teams to watch with their fastbreaks being lethally quick, they're certainly a team to watch on League Pass. Currently sitting 3rd seed in the West at 12-6 (8-2 in their last ten matchups), the Clips are one of the hottest teams in the league and showing no signs of letting up. Definitely a playoff candidate, which just makes the Western Playoff picture even more entertaining.
My Predictions for the 11/25/18 NBA Games (Current Record 148-103): Lakers 80-20 Magic The Lakers, to my surprise, have managed to turn around their season. LeBron has shaken off whatever was plaguing him in the beginning and is starting to look like his old self. Pistons 75-25 Suns The Suns did not improve as much as I expected them too. I thought DeAndre Ayton would be a beast this year, but it looks like it may take him a few more years to develop into the beast he's capable of being. Grizzlies 90-10 Knicks I'm not going to trash the Knicks like usual. All I'm going to say is that this Grizzlies team is, so far, at the top of the West and they deserve to be. They're a tough team. 76ers 55-45 Nets The Nets have proved to still be decent after losing Caris LeVert. The 76ers have also shown no huge improvement since gaining Jimmy Butler. However, the 76ers are still good enough to beat the Nets. Raptors 95-5 Heat I like the Heat, but they are noticeably not as good without Goran Dragic. Regardless of whether or not he's playing tonight, the Raptors are one of, if not the, most dominant teams in the league and can easily take out the Heat. Hornets 80-20 Hawks The Hornets are dangerous. If Kemba Walker doesn't kill you, Jeremy Lamb will. Teams don't seem to have an answer for this underrated backcourt. The Hawks have had some decent games, but they can't beat a team of this caliber. Kings 77-23 Jazz The Jazz are a bit of a disappointment this year. They finished last year so strong and this year they're in the bottom of the West. The Kings have had an inversely surprising season. Clipper 59-41 Trailblazers The Trailblazers have been subpar recently. The Clippers, are amongst the top of the West. Last year, I would've predicted the opposite, but this year, the Clippers are looking like a serious threat if they can keep it up _________________________________ #nba #basketball #nbaseason #basketballpredictions #nbapredictions #nbagames #nbabasketball #predictions #bball #ball #hoop #hoops #hoopculture #nbaanalysis #basketballanalytics
Cosa serve per battere il record L’NBA è un mondo particolare dove qualsiasi cosa viene calcolata e i numeri e le statistiche sono una presenza fissa grande quasi quanto il basket stesso. A noi malati di questo mondo questa cosa piace, ci da l’impressione che tutto possa essere calcolabile e ci stupiamo ogni volta che nascono delle eccezioni che sfuggono a questa nostra logica irrisoria. A causa di tutti questi calcoli e statistiche ci sono migliaia di Record, alcuni quasi inutili e altri leggendari, tra questi ultimi ce ne sono 3 noti alla maggior parte dei tifosi e ritenuti irraggiungibili: i 100 punti di Chamberlain, i 15.806 assist in carriera di Stockton e i 38.387 punti in carriera di Kareem. Kareem per arrivare a quel numero quasi insensato è riuscito a mantenere una media costante di 24,6 punti a partita per ben 20 stagioni, entrato nella lega a 22 anni ha giocato fino a 41 saltando soltanto 80 partite in tutta la sua carriera. Arriviamo quindi al punto centrale della questione, Lebron ce la farà? E cosa ha più degli altri? Lebron al momento in cui scrivo ha messo a referto 31.530 punti e, da quando è entrato nella lega a 19 anni (3 anni meno di Kareem), ha mantenuto una media di 27,2 punti a partita e adesso ha 34 anni. Per fare un paragone Jordan ha la media punti più alta della storia (30,1) ma ha iniziato a 21 anni e si è fermato prima nella classifica a causa dei suoi due ritiri anticipati. Lo stesso Kobe forse avrebbe potuto battere il record ma è stato fermato dagli infortuni. Se Lebron dovesse continuare così con questa longevità e costanza evitando gli infortuni potrebbe davvero battere uno dei Record più incredibili della storia della Lega. Ps: scusate ragazzi, questo post sarebbe dovuto uscire ieri pomeriggio ma per dei problemi ho dovuto posticipare #nbaanalysis #lebronjames #kareemabduljabbar
I AM BACK. This is an old post I previously posted a couple months ago but I just needed something to post to be able to talk. Unfortunately, I have been inactive on this account for a few months due to life circumstances and lack of motivation. I apologize to all of my followers for abandoning this account without notice. I will try to post highlights, and some debates and player analysis as frequently as possible. Thank you for your patience, support and time. #thenbachronicle #Shaq #NBAhighlights #NBAanalysis #NBAdebates #NBA #thebigshamrock #thediesel #thebigcordially #thebigmaravich #osamabinshaq
SWIPE ➡️➡️ FOR IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS ON THE WIZARDS SITUATION How should Washington approach this precarious situation. Do they attempt to shift Beal/Wall immediately (this seems to be their current approach) or wait it out and hope they find their way out of this slump? Comment what you'd do if you were the Wizards GM? 💯🤷‍♂️✍️⬇️🎙️👀✔️🏀🗑️
L’Evoluzione del Grit ‘N Grind Tony Allen e Zach Randolph non giocano più a Memphis e dal 2011 di acqua sotto i ponti ne è passata tanta ma l’identità dei Grizzlies non è mai cambiata; duri, cattivi ed estremamente fastidiosi da contrastare in qualsiasi situazione. 10 vittorie e 5 sconfitte in queste prime 15 partite, nessuno avrebbe mai pensato un mese fa di vedere Memphis 3° in quell’inferno che è l’Ovest. L’accoppiata formata da Conley e Gasol non delude ed è l’anima della squadra, Temple e Mack sono stati inseriti benissimo nel sistema dopo aver girato per anni nella lega senza riuscire ad esprimersi e Anderson dopo aver passato i primi 4 anni negli Spurs è un role player ottimo. Per finire hanno preso al Draft Jaren Jackson Jr. , sulla carta non ha l’atletismo o il potenziale di Bradley o Bamba ma è incredibile quello che riesce a fare a 19 anni su entrambi i lati del campo. La squadra è 3° per defensive rating (solo 104,8 punti di media concessi agli avversari) e, nonostante abbia uno degli attacchi più lenti della lega, continua ad imporsi sugli avversari battendo anche squadre con un roster sulla carta molto più forte (Bucks, Warriors, Denver, ecc.). Fino ad ora i Grizzlies sono un perfetto castello di carte pronto a crollare nel caso le fondamenta (Conley o Gasol) dovessero venire a mancare. Quando il duo non riesce a dare il solito contributo tutta la squadra fatica, è quindi facile immaginare che se gli infortuni dovessero tornare a perseguitarli ci vorrebbe poco a ritrasformare Memphis in una delle ultime squadre della lega. Probabilmente per ricostruire nel modo migliore dovrebbero tankare per puntare a una scelta più alta al prossimo Draft, i Grizzlies però sono gli “underdog” per eccellenza per il loro stile così atipico rispetto al basket moderno e, come gli americani insegnano, non si può non tifare per gli underdog. #nbaanalysis #memphisgrizzlies
20,000 Followers 🎉🎈 - My original goal when I started this account was to get to 100,000 followers. I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that I’m even to a fraction of my long-term goal. Not once in my life did I ever think anyone would care about my basketball knowledge/opinions, let alone 20,000 people. - But the thing is, that number has become completely arbitrary to me. People always ask me, “Isn’t it hard to spend so much time & make posts everyday with a full-time job?” Yes, of course it is. But I’ve never viewed it as work. - Basketball & the NBA is something that has always been a part of my life and it always will be. - I get to wake up every single day getting to do what I love & share it with you guys. You guys have no idea how excited I get when a random statistic pops up in my head! I literally run to my computer or whip out my phone just to jot it down for you 😂 - Although I love the NBA as much as the next guy, I do get demotivated at times. But your guys’ constant support each & every day is really what motivates me and pushes me forward. So for that, I thank you. I’m truly grateful for each & every one of you. - I look forward to improving as an individual and creating more content for you guys as it’s what I am truly passionate for and what I want to do for the rest of my life. - But please, I urge you to find what YOU love doing & what YOU are passionate for. Whether it’s art, basketball, music, etc. You should follow that dream whether it seems feasible or not. Because if it’s truly what you love doing, I promise you, you won’t regret it. Just remember: - “It’s only crazy until you do it.” - Do you know your true passion in life? - @NationalBasketballAnalyst -
Player of the Night: Kyrie Irving The second time that Kyrie has a Player of the Night and his performance against the Raptors in an overtime win which takes the Celtics to 9-6. Kyrie has asserted himself after his early season slump and is leading Boston to a great run and this crucial win. Hope to see this matchup at some point in the playoffs, likely to be in the Eastern Finals. Comment below your thoughts on Uncle Drew ⬇️✍️🏀
Crack Ultimo quarto Clippers Warriors 106 pari con 40 secondi alla fine, Durant prende il rimbalzo difensivo e tenta il sorpasso con il tiro da 3 sbagliandolo. Errore di Williams dall’altro lato, rimbalzo difensivo di Green che, ignorando le richieste di KD di passargli la palla, va a perdere il pallone allo scadere del tempo mandando la partita all’overtime. Nei minuti di pausa tra il quarto e il supplementare arriva il crack, KD ripete a Green che avrebbe dovuto passargli la palla e Green di risposta lo chiama per più volte “Bitch” accusandolo di essersi preso sempre tutti i riflettori e di pensare alla Free agents nonostante i tentativi di Iggy e Kerr di calmarli. Oltre a questo sappiamo che: KD sembra dire un “I’m Out”, lo stesso KD non ha addolcino la situazione nella conferenza stampa, un Warrior anonimo ha dichiarato che Durant non rifirmerà sicuramente e Green ha discusso con Kerr per la multa che ha ricevuto e la sospensione di una partita. Ultima la dichiarazione di Green di qualche ora fa che tranquillizza i giornalisti dichiarando che si sono parlati e che sono andati avanti. Fatta questa premessa perché questa discussione è così importante? È importante perché Durant sarà Free Agent in estate insieme a Klay Thompson e più volte i Warriors hanno dichiarato di voler tenere entrambi a qualsiasi cifra ma sarà possibile? Si può ancora credere al rapporto idilliaco sempre dichiarato dai Warriors? Quando Cousins ritornerà come si metteranno le cose? È l’ennesimo gallo del gruppo ed è amico di Green, come la prenderà KD? Non si può parlare ancora di effettiva rottura ma è un evento che potrebbe avere un eco gigantesco in futuro e la prova di questo è la scelta da parte della dirigenza della baia di portare Curry nella trasferta della squadra nonostante il suo infortunio. Scelta non a caso dato che Curry oltre ad essere l’immagine di questi Warriors è anche il principale collante e punto d’incontro tra Kerr e la squadra. È ancora presto per ipotizzare come andrà ma aspettatevi delle conseguenze perché ci saranno sicuramente. #nbaanalysis #goldenstatewarriors
With the backdrop of the Jimmy Butler trade to Philly over the past couple of days, there's been a lot of speculating that the Sixers can now seriously challenge to be the East's top team. So it's obvious that the Jimmy trade has an impact on the Eastern Conference hierarchy as Butler, who at his best is a top ten player and one of the top two way players on the planet, has the potential to propel Philly to truly contending. The Raptors for me remain the East's best team, and currently that's by a long way. Kawhi and Lowry take all of the plaudits, and rightly so, however the Raptors strength in depth has been their key ingredient to winning basketball games as in the back to backs where Kawhi is rested, the team has maintained its impressive start. To put things into perspective for Toronto, arguably their fourth best player in Pascal Siakam just won Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Their depth is just crazy. I'm now inclined to say that the Sixers could be the second best Eastern Conference team (this doesn't necessarily mean I think they'll be the 2 seed or make the ECF etc). However I still think that Boston has the edge as, currently the Sixers' depth - something we talked a lot about for Toronto - is quite weak as a result of trading two starters for one. So in spite of the addition of Jimmy Butler, I still think the Celtics are the second best Eastern Conference team at the moment and will probably begin to pick up their performances in the coming weeks. Their early season struggles will hopefully be put behind them and Boston could well challenge Toronto in the long run to make it out of the East. Milwaukee have made an early season claim to be in this conversation, but I don't think they'll carry on this impressive form and crack the top three spots in the East. However the battle for fourth between seemingly them and Indiana could be very interesting. No disrespect to Bucks fans as they're certainly establishing themselves as very credible candidates in the early season goings, but I don't see them continuing this into January or February. So for the sake of presentation and simplicity, I'll leave a list of my top 4 rank below:
🍦WEEKLY #SUNDAE #SCOOPS 🍦 dieses mal unterm 🔬: die #pacers /// Turners Einfluss auf die Defense /// Dipo all alone on Offense? /// peep our sundae NOW!!! 🍦🍨🍧🍨🍧🍦 LINK IN BIO #nbagermany #nbablog #oladipo #turner #pacersbasketball #nbaanalysis #wegrowbasketballhere #upandcoming
Jimmy Butler Trade Review: SWIPE ➡️ for more in depth analysis of this trade and what it means for the Sixers. Who won this trade? Did Minnesota get enough for Jimmy or could they have done better? (*cough* four first round picks *cough*)
Does @kingjames make his teammates better? Well let's look at some stats. On his career, he's averaging 7.2 assists and 3.5 turnovers, a ratio of 2.06 on an average usage rate of 31.5%. For reference, Michael Jordan averaged 5.3 assists and 2.7 turnovers, a ratio of 1.96 on an average usage rate of 33.3%. John Stockton, the prototypical point guard, averaged 10.5 assists and 2.8 turnovers, a ratio of 3.75 on an average usage rate of 18.9%. That's better than Michael Jordan, but way worse than the ideal point guard, which is understandable. However, players that were on a team the previous year before James joined said team, showed an average of getting 0.728 less points, 0.092 less rebounds, and 0.72 less assists the next year with James on their team. This only includes players who we're on the team prior to James joining. I chose to leave out players who came the same year as James, players who joined a team James was on, and players who were acquired through trade or free agency onto a James team because there's too many factors that affect those players such as playing for a new coach/system, playing in a new city, upset/happy about being traded, etc. With players already on a team when James joins, very little factors change. The stats also take into account this year. Looking at it, he hasn't really made his teammates better. They actually show a decrease since he joins. However, the decrease is so insignificant that it shows that he doesn't make his teammates worse, either. When he joins a team, the players drop off in stats by a small amount. He doesn't make his teammates better, but that's expected. When a team adds an All-Star that is at a caliber of LeBron, obviously other player's stats are going to accommodate for him. But that's alright, he's not supposed to make his teammates better. He's a 1 option SF, his job is to take over games. Granted, making teammates better is always a plus, but very few players ever have that talent and most of them are point guards because of it. I tried to avoid +/-, win shares, etc. because I just wanted to focus on this question. I didn't want to intermingle questions of whether he's the GOAT or anything like that.
L’azzardo che può compromettere il futuro dei Pacers Si lo ammetto, il titolo è a effetto e sarebbe un grandissimo Click Bait se fosse un video su YouTube ma ha il suo fondo di verità. L’azzardo di cui parlo è il prolungamento del contratto di Myles Turner proposto il 15 ottobre che già al momento della firma comportava diverse considerazioni: I Pacers si fidano ciecamente dello sviluppo e delle potenzialità di Turner. Il contratto proposto è un quadriennale a 18M l’anno, coerente se non quasi sotto prezzo se si considera che un giocatore come Otto Porter guadagna 26M questa stagione. Avrebbero potuto aspettare l’estate ma hanno preferito bloccarlo ora per evitare un contratto alla Jokic (158M in cinque anni) dopo una probabile evoluzione durante l’anno. Tutte queste riflessioni, sommate alla ritrovata forma fisica di Turner grazie ad un’estate passata a fare Yoga e al suo enorme potenziale, erano abbastanza condivisibili e si poteva considerare questa estensione di contratto un ottimo investimento. Ora che è passato quasi un mese però iniziano a nascere i veri problemi poiché Turner sta avendo la peggiore stagione della sua carriera dopo il suo anno da Rookie. Il 33 dei Pacers è un centro dall’enorme potenziale sia difensivo (ha 2,5 blk a partita) sia offensivo con un ottimo range di tiro da vero centro moderno ma non sta riuscendo a mostrare tutto questo e il problema sembra possa essere più mentale che di sistema di gioco. I compagni e la squadra sono tutti dalla sua parte e, in effetti, di tempo per crescere ancora ne ha ma la presenza di Sabonis è sempre più ingombrante e potrebbe levargli minuti e il posto in quintetto. Se Turner non riuscisse a sbloccarsi potrebbe diventare un peso enorme da portare sulle spalle per i prossimi 4 anni, soprattutto per una squadra che ha un disperato bisogno di una stella da accostare ad Oladipo per gareggiare con le Top del Est. #nbaanalysis #pacers #mylesturner
My latest video on Dribble it Out is up on YouTube! I share my first impressions of the western conference so far. Link in bio, or go to youtube and search dribble it out. Thank you for the support! #nba #nbawesternconference #nba2018 #firstimpressions #youtuber #youtube #nbaanalysis
C’è davvero bisogno di Harry Potter? Il titolo è ironico ma fino ad un certo punto, a Washington sta girando davvero la voce che l’unico Wizard in grado di salvare la squadra sia Harry Potter, una provocazione? Forse si ma i motivi alla base ci sono tutti. La squadra al momento che scrivo ha un record negativo di 2 vittorie (una contro Portland e una contro NY la notte scorsa) e ben 7 sconfitte e l’assenza di Howard nelle prime 7 partite non basta come scusante. Per assurdo il mercato estivo è stato uno dei migliori della lega; hanno firmato Jeff Green e Austin Rivers per rinforzare la panchina, sono riusciti a mettere le mani su Dwight Howard e hanno ceduto Gortat, non esattamente Embiid. I problemi però sembrano più profondi di quel che si crede dato che Wall dopo prestazioni fantastiche in PreSeason sembra sempre appesantito e fuori posto. A questo aggiungiamo il rapporto con Beal che non è mai stato idilliaco e di certo non è migliorato lo scorso anno quando la squadra ha dovuto fare a meno di Wall per un infortunio ed ha ottenuto un record migliore. Quindi? Quali sono le soluzioni? Scambiare Beal o Wall durante la stagione? Difficile che accada considerando che è dal 2012 che a Washington puntano su questa coppia e cedere uno dei due a stagione inoltrata svaluterebbe non poco il suo valore. Sperare che le cose si sistemino da sole? Probabile, considerando anche che nel 2016 la squadra è partita con un record di 2/8 e ha chiuso la stagione con 49 vittorie. Ultima possibilità è dare un segnale forte che faccia cambiare le cose, in altre parole tagliare Coach Scott Brooks. Brooks ha avuto il suo periodo di gloria con OKC dal 2008 vincendo anche il premio di Coach of the Year nel 2010 grazie anche alla squadra di giovani mostri che si ritrovava. Il problema è che in questi due anni con i Wizards non è riuscito a dare quel cambiamento che serviva per fare il passo in più e i risultati, nonostante la crescita di Beal, sono rimasti più o meno gli stessi in Post Season. Com’è facile intuire questa mi sembra delle 3 soluzioni proposte la più probabile, posticipando così la scelta di scambiare Wall o Beal in estate con più calma. #nbaitalia #nbaanalysis #wizards
Who's had a better season? I haven't had the chance to watch many Spurs games, so I can't say much on Demar. But Kawhi has been absolutely dominant, both offensively and defensively. . . . #kawhileonard #demarderozan #torontoraptors #raptors #sanantoniospurs #spurs #nbastats #nbaanalysis #nba
Player of the Night: Joel Embiid Embiid dominated the Pistons in a first half that saw him get 32 and 8 as he limited Drummond to having minimal impact on the Pistons as Drummond got into foul trouble early on. Embiid also got into foul trouble however it didn't limit his offensive exploits as he finished the game with 39 points. Is Embiid the best center in the league? Comment below ✍️⬇️🔥🏀
The Cavs' offense hasn't been too bad this year... except when Collin Sexton has been on the court. Some of the veterans on the Cavaliers have been saying that "Sexton doesn't know how to play". Of course, he's still young and he's shown flashes of talent. But he hasn't lived up to the hype just yet. . . . #nba #collinsexton #nbarookies #nbaanalysis #nbastats #clevelandcavs #cavs #basketball
Is Tyron Lue a bad coach? Yes. He is. But that's not the question I want to look at. What I'm curious about is if he was inevitably set up to fail once LeBron left. During Lue's 6 games as Head Coach this year was against the Raptors, Timberwolves, Hawks, Nets, Pistons, and Pacers. Four of those teams are currently 500+. However, I'm interested in the LeBron effect. Or moreso, the LeBron leaving effect. LeBron gas left two teams prior to his departure this off-season: the Cavaliers (2009-10) and the Heat. The 09-10 Cavs had a 61-21 record. In 2010-11, the Cavs finished with a 19-63 record. The 13-14 Heat finished 54-28. The next year, they went 37-45. Perhaps the Cavs roster now is better than the 10-11. But the 14-15 Heat had the players to keep a decent record, but they still dropped considerably. Let's take a look at the Cavaliers coaching in the past. Since 2000, the Cavs have had 11 Head Coaches: Randy Wittman (1999-2001)[Record: 62-102], John Lucas (2001-03)[37-87], Keith Smart(2003)[9-31], Paul Silas (2003-05)[69-77], Brandon Malone (2005)[8-10], Mike Brown (2005-10, 13-14)[305-187], Byron Scott (2010-13)[64-166], David Blatt (2014-16)[83-40], Tyron Lue (2016-18)[128-83], and Larry Drew (2018-present)[1-1]. This places Lue as statistically the 2nd best Cavs coach since 2000. Let's look at management. Since 2000, they've had 5 General Managers: Jim Paxson (1999-2005)[185-307], Danny Ferry (2005-2010)[272-138], Chris Grant (2010-2014)[97-215], David Griffin (2014-2017)[161-81], and Koby Altman (2017-present)[51-39]. This shows that the Cavs GMs have a history of not exactly building great teams. There's one more thing to consider: the current Cavs team was built for LeBron James. It was a system designed for him. And in it, he flourished and the Cavs did pretty well, even winning a championship. However, this is a perfect example of the dangers of building a system for one player. After the player leaves, the team sinks. Not to mention, it's not exactly like the Cavs made any notable additions to fill the void that LeBron James left. _________________________________ #tyronlue #cavaliers #lebronjames #coaching #nba #basketball #nbaanalysis #cavs #ana
Our first player under the microscope who I'll be analysing today is Bulls guard Zach Lavine. Since being traded from the Timberwolves in that oh so controversial deal that sent Butler to Minnesota, Lavine has shown flashes of brilliance and nothing more than that. Of course, that's until this season rolled around. In putting up nearly 30 points a night on reasonably efficient shooting, Lavine has come out to prove a point. With Markkanen out of action for the foreseeable future, it's likely that Lavine will continue to be able to put up similar numbers to this as plays are drawn up to find him so he can go one on one with his defender. Speaking of which, one aspect of Lavine's game that could improve - statistically at least - is his defense. He's hardly James Harden on defense and this isn't a huge concern as his good lateral quickness allows him to naturally be able to defend the perimeter quite well. I'd liken the start of this season for Lavine to that of Oladipo's last season. They're in very similar positions; both the number one offensive option on their roster, both had an inconsistent start to NBA life but now finding their feet and both are freakishly athletic dunkers. Not to mention that Dipo and Lavine have an elite three point shot in their arsenal, the similarities in their game go on. For me, Lavine can really be a star in the league and I feel this will be his breakout year. Comment below your thoughts and if you agree with my Oladipo comparison 🤷‍♂️✍️🏀🔥⬇️
After riding Tony Parker’s hot hand to take down the Heat for the second time this year, the Hornets look to keep up the momentum against a perennial playoff team in the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Hornets enter the matchup as the second most efficient offense in the league through 8 games, but will face a tough test against the league’s 5th ranked defense. The Thunder looked to hit a new gear this season after waiving Melo, but instead dropped their first 4 games. Since, they’ve picked up 2 straight wins, albeit both over non-playoff teams they faced at home. They are .500 with Westbrook in the lineup, so it’s not time to panic quit yet. But tonight they enter Charlotte as underdogs and Paul George may start having some contract related regrets if they can’t find a way to leave town with a W. Look for MKG to come in early off the bench to help deal with the athleticism of Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Though we saw great success with a two point guard line-up featuring Kemba and Tony Parker against the Heat, this likely won’t be in the bag of tricks tonight as Westbrook is bound to feast off of post-ups in response. Let’s see what adjustments Coach Borrego will use against a bigger and more physical opposing lineup. After struggling in his first games as the regular starter at shooting guard, watch for Jeremy Lamb to break out with a big performance in a revenge game against his former team that underutilized him. This could be a turning point in the season for the veteran two-guard. Batum will be at a disadvantage against Paul George, so the Hornets will have to count on their offensive attack to do a lot of the heavy-lifting tonight. If the Hornets can at least match their shooting average from behind the arc, expect a win and a cover for the home team.
My Predictions for the 11/1/18 NBA Games (Current Record 62-38): Clippers 118-109 76ers I was wrong about the Clippers at the beginning of the season (s/o to @w.arren for calling me out on it from the start). They're a team to take seriously this year, posting a 4-3 record, 2 of which against a top team in the league, (The Rockets). The 76ers don't have what it takes to beat them. Nuggets 115-104 Cavaliers The Cavaliers had their first win in convincing fashion, but it won't carry over, especially not against such a dominant team. Hornets 120-115 Thunder The Hornets are surprising this year and so is Kemba. He hasn't shown down yet and the Thunder don't seem to have the assets to slow him tonight. Kings 114-107 Hawks The Hawks are okay. They're better than I anticipated, but that isn't saying much. The Kings, have been unpredictably good. They have assets that I never would've thought would step up. Celtics 121-120 Bucks I know, I'm biased. Everything points to the Bucks winning, but the Celtics do have the ability to surprise everyone, they've done it before. Pelicans 120-115 Trailblazers Anthony Davis had a subpar game against the Warriors, but that won't last. He's still an MVP hopeful and he still will show why. Couple that with how Mirotic and Moore has been playing? Dangerous. _________________________________ #nba #basketball #clippers #76ers #nuggets #cavaliers #hornets #thunder #kings #hawks #celtics #bucks #pelicans #trailblazers #nbaseason #nbapredictions #nbaanalysis #basketballpredictions
This man is unbelievable. At 30 years old, he's suffered through a torn ACL, a torn Meniscus, various other heartbreaking injuries, and 4 surgeries. And now, he's dropping 50 and getting wins for his team. How could you not respect this man? He's been through so much and he's pushed through. Regardless of whether or not he drops anything close to this, or even if he didn't drop 50, this is a commendable man. Not just for basketball, but in general. He did what he loved and became the youngest MVP in NBA history. And when he was constantly thrown down by numerous injuries, he never retired. He never through in the towel. This man was on the verge of being in the GOAT conversation, and all that was thrown away. People constantly gave up on him, he was told he'll never be that great again, they told him to retire. Now, he's proven that he's still got it. This is a role model if ever there was one. He's an inspiration to young and old alike, and his story should continue to inspire. Regardless of what anyone says, he should be in the Hall Of Fame. _________________________________ #derrickrose #rose #nba #nbabasketball #wolves #timberwolves #twolves #basketballseason #basketball #nbaanalysis #nbaopinion #hof #halloffame #rolemodel #inspiration #greatness #goat #striveforgreatness
My Predictions for the 10/31/18 NBA Games(57-36): Pistons 109-103 Nets The Pistons have some hype built up, but it's fading fast. They need a win to rejuvenate their confidence. The Nets on the other hand have showed signs of a good team, but those are fading as well. Pacers 117-110 Knicks The Pacers don't get much hype or talk about them, which is somewhat criminal, but nonetheless, they prove they deserve to be labeled as a tough team. The Knicks on the other hand, well, they beat the Nets. That's kind of an accomplishment. Nuggets 120-108 Bulls Nikola Jokic is breaking out this year. He is all you could ask for in a big man. The Nuggets in general have been great. The Bulls don't even deserve anything after that pitiful performance. Timberwolves 119-113 Jazz The Timberwolves have almost an identical record to the Jazz while playing an arguably harder schedule. When Jimmy Butler plays, the Timberwolves are a scary team. Mavericks 109-107 Lakers None of these teams are spectacular, despite any hype. However, Luka Doncic is starting to fit in nicely in the NBA and the Mavericks are benefiting quite a bit. Spurs 115-107 Suns DeMar DeRozan has shown as little struggle fitting into his new team as Kawhi has. The Spurs have proven to be better than I anticipated while the Suns still struggle despite DeAndre Ayton's efforts. Warriors 118-117 Pelicans I hate having to choose between these two teams. The Warriors are coming of a hot night though, and even if Davis plays, his efforts won't be enough. ________________________________ #nba #basketball #pistons #nets #pacers #knicks #nuggets #bulls #timberwolves #jazz #mavericks #lakers #spurs #suns #warriors #pelicans #nbaanalysis #basketballpredictions #nbapredictions #anthonydavis
NBA POWER RANKINGS: Prior to tonight's matchups, I give my take on some of the NBA's hottest teams and where they rank among the rest of the competition. So far, the Warriors look fast out of the blocks as the dynasty looks to continue with Steph and Klay both having huge 50+ point nights in the last week. The Bucks surprisingly remain unbeaten as they beat a Kawhi-less Raptors without having Giannis playing. Middleton and Lopez have taken on the offensive load of late The Greek Freak. The remainder of my list will be below in full: 11 Clippers 12 Sixers 13 Pacers 14 Grizzlies 15 Kings 16 Heat 17 Timberwolves 18 Hornets 19 Bulls 20 Mavericks 21 Hawks 22 Nets 23 Magic 24 Lakers 25 Knicks 26 Rockets 27 Thunder 28 Suns 29 Wizards 30 Cavaliers Do you agree so far? 👀🤷‍♂️ Comment below 👍✍️⬇️🔥🏀
Coming off a tough loss in Philly, the Hornets have had a day to collect themselves and get their legs under them for a divisional matchup against the Heat. After looking as though they were going to make easy work of the Heat on the road in their first matchup, Wade led them all the way back to even after a 20 point deficit and forced Kemba to save the day with a free throw to win in the final seconds. Despite a tale of two halves in the first matchup, the Hornets hope to benefit from hosting this one in front of their home crowd in Charlotte. And with a day of rest, expect Kemba to have his legs back under him after a shaky 3-point shooting performance in Philadelphia. Keep an eye on Miles Bridge’s minutes as well, after a strong all around showing on Saturday he's poised to carve out a larger role in the rotation. #hornets #charlottehornets #miamiheat #nba #nbaanalysis #heatbasketball
Butler จะโดนเทรด? หรือ Thibodeau ต้องโดนไล่ออกก่อน? เป็นประเด็นที่ค้างมานาน เมื่อ All NBA Guard อย่าง JImmy Butler ประกาสออกมาช่วง Summer นี้ว่าไม่มีความสนใจที่จะต่อสัญญากับทีม Minnesota Timberwolves และต้องการให้ทีมต้นสังกัดเทรดตัวเองออกไปทันที เวลาผ่านไปเกือบสองเดือนแล้ว Jimmy ยังคงสวมชุด Timberwolves อยู่และเฉลี่ย 6เกมที่คะแนน 20.6pts 5.2reb 3.2ast 3.4stl และ 1.0 blk ดูจากสถานการ์ณตอนนี้แล้ว Thib ไม่มีวี่แววที่จะเทรด Jimmy เลยแม่แต่นิดเดียว ฟังจากข่าวที่ว่ากันมาเมื่อ 76 โทรมาแสดงความสนใจ แต่ Thib ก็ตอบกับไปว่าต้องการ Ben Simmons หรือล่าสุดที่ Daryl Morey ของทาง Houston Rockets เสนอ 4 First rd pick(อนาคตถึง 4 ปี) เพื่อแลกกับ Jimmy แค่ 4-5 เดือน? ซึ่งถ้าเป็น GM คนไหนๆคงตกลงกับข้อเสนอนี้ไปนานแล้ว แต่ทำไม Thib ถึงยังไม่ยอมปล่อยตัว Jimmy? Conflict of Interest : Thib ได้รับสัญญาจ้างจาก Wolves ตอน April 2016 ให้ทำหน้าที่ Head Coach + President of Basketball Op ด้วยสัญญา 5 ปี 40กว่าล้าน เป็นหลักฐานมาเกือบ 20 ปีแล้วว่าการจ้างโค้ชที่ทำตำแหน่งควบกับ GM ไปด้วยนั้นไม่มีทีมไหนไปไกลสักที ตัวอย่างคือ Clipper ที่ให้ Doc Rivers มาทำหน้าที่คล้ายกัน เพราะ Coach ทุกคนมีหน้าที่เดียวก็คือการทำให้ทีมชนะในเกมนั้นๆ แต่ GM นั้นต้องคอยหาตัวผู้เล่นให้โค้ชได้ทำหน้าที่อย่างเต็มประสิทธิภาพ และคำนึงถึงแผนอนาคตไปพร้อมๆกัน Thib ไม่คำนึงถึงอนาคตแม่แต่นิดเดียวในตอนนี้ เพราะได้รับแรงกดดันจากเจ้าของทีมด้วยว่าต้องชนะปีนี้ และมีคนๆเดียวที่สามารถจะทำให้ Wolves ลุ้น Playoff ได้คือ Jimmy. ส่วน Daryl Morey นั่นก็หน้ามืดมาก ที่ยอมเสนอถึง 4 First rd pick ให้กับผู้เล่นที่เหลือสัญญาเพียงไม่กี่เดือน Daryl นั่น Obsess กับการที่จะต้องชนะ Golden state ให้ได้ และทางเดียวที่ Daryl เชื่อว่าทำได้นั้นคือรวบรวม Talent ในทีมให้ได้มากที่สุด แต่ก็ไม่ได้ถือว่าดีลนี้จะแย่ถึงขนาดนั้น ถ้ามองลงลึกไปอีกขั้นนึงDaryl มั่นใจในส่วนนึงว่าจะคงยังเซ็น Jimmy ต่อได้ในปีหน้า และถึงทีมจะล่มสลายไปในอีก 1ถึง2 ปี ก็ยังสามารถเทรดJimmy ต่อได้และคงได้ 1-2 Pick กลับมา #NBA #NBAanalysis #nbathailand #basketball #บาส #ข ่าวกีฬา #ว ิเคราะห์NBA
This is the game of the night right here. @nbahistory is being made. The first time ever that two 6-0 teams faced each other. The record books dictate that this should be a fun game. And judging on all the components, I would say it's going to be as well. Both teams are predominantly led by their Superstar Small Forward. For the Raptors, it's Kawhi Leonard. For the Bucks, it's Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, both Small Forwards are out for today's matchup. The Raptors have ready shown that they can win without Kawhi, having a win in his one game absence. In fairness though, it was against the now 1-5 Wizards. As sad as it is that we won't see these two duke it out tonight, I believe it's going to benefit the overall competitive nature of the game. Both teams want to probe that they're the best in not only the East, but the League. Regardless of ESPN's Power Rankings, these two teams have the best record in the league. Both of them want to prove that they earned it. Both want to prove that they're better than the other. Both want to prove that they can win without, and are more than, their star player. Personally, I think Kawhi is better than Giannis, but the Raptors bench has proven to be effective in his absence. The Bucks haven't faced a team without Giannis yet this year. Unfortunately, that team is the Raptors. All in all, I don't think this will be the most fancy game, but it will definitely be the most exciting for those who like good competitive basketball. It's definitely a must see game and will probably be one of the most exciting of the year. However, I think the Raptors are winning it. They seem a bit more solid all the way through and they've proven they don't need to rely on Kawhi. The Bucks might pull this one out, but I'd wager on Raptors remaining undefeated after tonight. _________________________________ #nba #basketball #raptors #bucks #kawhi #giannis #undefeated #history #nbahistory #nbapredictions #basketballpredictions #nbaanalysis #goodbasketball #basketballanalysis #toronto #milwaukee #sports
Wonder if @spidadmitchell thinks a reigning rookie of the year should require a defender to check him. @bensimmons can’t be effective if it means his man stays in the paint all game.
My Predictions for the 10/29/18 NBA Games (Current Record 46-30): Trailblazers 113-111 Pacers The Trailblazers have shown that they can dominate teams and they're not showing many signs of slowing down. 76ers 109-103 Hawks The Hawks still aren't an amazing tram, and neither are the 76ers, but the 76ers have been holding their own against some tougher competition. Kings 117-112 Heat It's apparent that I like the Heat, but the Kings aren't as bad as I anticipated. They have decent record for right now against some tougher teams. Nets 117-115 Knicks It's the New York battle. We've seen it twice now. Nothing is changing. Timberwolves 118-109 Lakers Brandon Ingram is back for the Lakers, which helps, but it's not enough to put the struggling Lakers over the Timberwolves. Warriors 124-112 Bulls Tonight we're seeing three of the top 5 scoring leaders so far playing against each other. Unfortunately for the Bulls, two of them are Curry and Durant, and are on the Warriors, with only one, Zach LaVine, on the Bulls. Spurs 121-117 Mavericks I like what Luka Doncic and the Mavericks are doing, but DeMar DeRozan and the Spurs are a tough team to beat. Too tough for the Mavericks. Pelicans 127-120 Nuggets The Pelicans have had a strong start. They took an L to the Jazz, but they kept it competitive without Anthony Davis. The Nuggets have pulled some impress performances, but not impressive enough to win tonight. Wait, hold up, has this page really become that bad that they forget the Bucks-Raptors game tonight?! No. This is an interesting game, and I have way too much to say to fit it on this post, so look out for that post coming soon, and maybe another one👀 _________________________________ #nba #basketball #nbaanalysis #nbaseason #hype #trailblazers #pacers #76ers #hawks #kings #heat #nets #knicks #timberwolves #lakers #warriors #bulls #spurs #mavericks #pelicans #nuggets
Zach Lavine and Khris Middleton are both looking nice. I think Khris Middleton is more likely to continue his hot streak due to his more consistent past. However, there is no way either play will be able to keep up 50%+ shooting from the field - especially Middleton with his 57.9% three point percentage. Lavine has never shot above 40% from 3 so it will be interesting to see if he maintains this efficiency. . . . #nba #chicagobulls #bulls #zachlavine #milwaukeebucks #bucks #khrismiddleton #basketball #nbastats #nbaanalysis
My Predictions for the 10/27/18 NBA Games(Current Record 43-29): Pelicans 118-109 Jazz Anthony Davis and the Pelicans are dominating so far, leading the conference with a 4-0 record. The Jazz on the other hand are struggling a bit to get things done. The Pelicans win streak is extending to 5. Celtics 118-116 Pistons The Pistons are looking good this season and it's hard to bet against them, especially when the Celtics are still figuring things out, but the Celtics are going to pull this one out. Hornets 125-116 76ers The 76ers have shown that they're going to to need to figure things out, or get more help if they intend to contend in the East whereas the Hornets, especially Kemba Walker, have been nasty this season. Bulls 117-108 Hawks Trae Young has been noticeably good with the Hawks and they're better because of it, but Zach LaVine and the Bulls are looking a bit stronger in this matchup. Pacers 119-103 Cavaliers The Cavaliers are still struggling from LeBron James withdrawal, falling to an 0-5 record, while the Pacers are still contending in the East. Trailblazers 127- 118 Heat I like the Heat as much as the next guy and I recognize that they have a solid lineup and potential, but the Trailblazers have shown that they can contend in the West and will have no trouble beating the Heat. Suns 117-112 Grizzlies The Suns aren't as good as I've made them out to be while the Grizzlies are better than I anticipated. However, the Suns are taking this game and will probably get better as the season goes on. Bucks 126-117 Magic The Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo are dominating, coming out to a 5-0 start. The Magic are a struggling team and the addition of Mo Bamba is not helping them as much as anticipated. The Greak Freak and the Bucks are taking the W tonight. Spurs 127-113 Lakers The Lakers are starting to look like they're figuring things out, but not quick enough to give them the win over DeMar DeRozan and the Spurs. Just like last time, the Spurs are winning this matchup. _________________________________ #nba #basketball #nbaseason #nbaanalysis #pelicans #jazz #celtics #pistons #hornets #76ers #bulls #hawks #pacers #cavaliers #cavs #trailblazers #heat #n
With the @hornets coming off a night and day home and home against the Bulls that showed our young team’s vulnerability on the road (the Hornets shot 44% in Chicago vs 57% in Charlotte last night). A blow out win over the Bulls pulled the Buzz back even at .500, while allowing Borrego to conserve starter’s minute ahead of our back-to-back against the 76ers. Though the Sixers owned the series last year, the new look Borrego Buzz hope to flip the script this season. And with a porous defense in Philly through 5 games that have seen them allow 117 ppg (21st in the league) on 51% shooting, Kemba and company will look to improve on the 132 point offensive spectacle from last night. #hornets #charlottenc #codyzeller #theprocess #joelembiid #76ers #charottehornets #nba #nbaanalysis #buzztalk #charlottehornets
LINK IN BIO - Go check out my NBA website I update it every day 💪🏽🔥 https://primetimeball.weebly.com/ Give me some feedback and let me know what I could add 👌🏽 #primetimeball • • #nba #basketball #website #websitedesigner #websitedesign #nbanews #nbaanalysis #nbascores #nbahighlights
My Predictions for the 10/25/18 NBA games(Current Record 37-28): Trailblazers 120-113 Magic The Trailblazers right now are a top team in the West. The one game they lost was by 1 point in OT. The Magic have only one more loss with the same amount of wins, even sneaking a win over the Celtics at their last game, but the Magic don't have the strength to beat this team. Pistons 117-107 Cavaliers I will admit, I was favoring the Cavs in matchups I shouldn't have. It's becoming more clear that the Cavaliers aren't the team I thought they'd be while the Pistons big man strategy is showing it can still work in today's style of play. Celtics 119-115 Thunder This is Russell Westbrook's second game back, but the Thunder haven't came up with a win regardless of whether he plays or not while the Celtics are a solid team throughout. Nuggets 122-119 Lakers The Lakers showed promise in their win last night, despite it being against a 1-3 Suns team, but the Nuggets are starting strong, getting a 4-0 start with one win being against the Warriors. After tonight they'll be 5-0. _________________________________ #nba #basketball #trailblazers #blazers #magic #pistons #cavaliers #cavs #celtics #thunder #nuggets #lakers #nbaanalysis #nbapredictions #basketballpredictions #nbaseason #nbagames #howaminotannbanalystyet
Fascinating interview today on #BucherAndFriends podcast with @ric_bucher & @marshon_brooks on his long road back to the League after 4 years overseas Link in bio . . . . #NBA #comeback #marshonbrooks #memphisgrizzlies #grizzlies #hoops #basketball #podcast #itunes #comebackstory #china #cba #milan #interview #nbaplayers #instahoops
🦌🇬🇷🦌 Der 1. Sundae der neuen Saison! Was laufen die Bucks? Wer hilft dem Freak? Peep it right now /// link in bio 🍦🍦🍦 #milwaukeebucks #wisconsin #antetokounmpo #giannisantetokounmpo #fearthedeer #nbadeutschland #nbaanalysis
My Predictions for the 10/21/18 NBA Games(Current Record 22-14): Cavaliers 116-106 Hawks The Cavs have shown signs of being able to win against decent teams, and the Hawks haven't proved to be a threat to the Cavs so far. Thunder 125-109 Kings Dennis Schroder has shown to be a consistent point guard to fill in the could while Westbrook is still out. The Kings are also still struggling and show no signs of beating the Thunder Warriors 115-112 Nuggets Coming of an incredible night, Nikola Jokic has shown the potential to lead his team to a close game against the Warriors, but the Warriors are still a much stronger team and will win this matchup. Rockets 117-105 Clippers The Clippers have admittedly pulled out some performances that have surprised me, but the Rockets are a top team in the West and look to easily knock off the Clippers in this matchup. _______________________________ #nba #basketballpredictions #basketballseason #basketball #nbaanalysis #nbabasketball #nbaseason #cavaliers #cavs #hawks #thunder #kings #warriors #nuggets #rockets #clippers #howaminotannbanalystyet
Josh Hart needs more minutes to contribute to the Lakers success. From my perspective, his ability to remain composed on offense and defense, combined with his high basketball IQ, would benefit the Lakers if he can be utilized effectively. His composure when attacking on offense and defense compliments the team. @jhart #lakers #lakersnation #bleacherreport #nba #lebronjames #la #losangeles #california #espn #lukewalton #nbaanalysis #metrics #analytics #patternrecognition
My Predictions for the 10/19/18 NBA games(Current Record: 10-6): Magic 98-92 Hornets Hornets are looking decent, but the Magic are proving to come out strong. Strong enough to beat the Hornets. Nets 105-97 Knicks Knicks have proved they are currently the lesser of the NY teams, the Nets have proven to be more than just good roleplayers so far. Cavs 98-95 Timberwolves Kevin Love looks to prove that he can lead a team without LeBron and the supporting talent have proven to do better without LeBron as well. The T-Wolves are still showing signs of struggle. Celtics 104-102 Raptors This is the most interesting game tonight. The two top dogs of the East are going at it, but I think the Celtics will power through on top, especially if Kyrie steps it up. Grizzlies 115-102 Hawks The Hawks suck and the Grizzlies are just better. Pelicans 118-101 Kings Anthony Davis is looking to prove something this year and he's gonna rip through teams to prove it. With that being said, the Kings can't match the output of the whole overall Pelicans roster. Bucks 103-97 Pacers The Bucks have had a solid team so far and I don't think the Pacers will have much impact on them. Warriors 124-117 Jazz The Jazz are really solid and last year they faired well against the Warriors in the regular season, but it's early in the season, and the Warriors will not allow a loss this early. Thunder 101-94 Clippers The Thunder still don't have Westbrook, but that's not nearly enough to give them a loss to the Clippers. _________________________________ #nba #basketballpredictions #nbapredictions #basketballseason #basketball #nbaseason #magic #hornets #nets #knicks #cavaliers #cavs #timberwolves #twolves #celtics #raptors #grizzlies #hawks #pelicans #kings #bucks #pacers #warriors #jazz #thunder #clippers #nbaanalysis #nbaanalytics #howaminotannbaanalystyet
They didn’t win but it’s still very early and it’s going to take some time to develop chemistry, figure out rotations etc. There were still some good takeaways. #Lakers #LebronJames #LABron #LakersvsBlazers #NBAAnalysis
My Predictions for the NBA Games on 10/18/18 (Currently 10-3): Bulls 98-96 76ers I think the young solid core of the bulls will be enough to steal this game from the 76ers. Wizards 102-97 Heat The Heat have a decently strong group of players, but the Wizards are looking better this year Lakers 117-112 Trailblazers Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum will produce a strong output, but LeBron will come out strong and he has the back up talent to get a W in tonight's matchup. _________________________________ #nba #basketball #nbabasketball #nbaregularseason #nbaseason #predictions #nbapredictions #basketballpredictions #nbaanalysis #basketballanalysis #lakers #trailblazers #blazers #wizards #heat #bulls #76ers #howaminotannbaanalystyet
This is the best moment of my life as a @hornets Fan 🐝#nbaisback #thebatumbataway #hornets #themalikmash #losingmymind #woopdeedoo #nbatnt #nbamemes _______________________________________________________ Kemba played with heart all game ending up with 41 points while shooting 51.7% from the field and a whopping 80% from 3pt range. Defensively? Oh... He was shutting down Giannis. THAT'S RIGHT. He's taking charges, jumping in the lane, and always talking on defense. Playing in this system will have its ups and downs, but the Hornets Fans will be in for a treat watching Kemba work the floor like a magician. Tough loss, but lot's of positives. _______________________________________________________ Kemba Walker || 41 Pts || 2 rebs || 4 asts || 41% fg || 80% 3pt Malik Monk || 33 mins || 18 pts || 4rebs || 2 blks || 50% 3pt Tony Parker || 19 mins || 8 pts || 3 rebs || 7 asts || 50% fg
Series Finale: KD is a dominant force who cant be stopped on offense. Hes 7 feet and at least a top ten shooter in the leauge. Not to mention a good defensive player as well. Lebrons pretty obviously at 1 Thoughts?
Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford had subpar offense showings today and the 76ers still couldn't win. The 76ers are supposed to be the 2nd or 3rd best team in East. While they did keep the game close up until the 4th quarter, an 18 point loss is not a good sign. Meanwhile, the Celtics have to be both happy and slightly worried. Kyrie went scoreless in the first half and finished 2 for 14. Hayward showed a lot of good signs, especially on off the dribble mid-range jumpers. However, he did still finish with a poor shooting percentage of 33%. Boston's depth, especially Tatum, Morris, and Rozier, showed up in place of the others' poor performances. For the 76ers, Simmons balled out on a near triple double, but team turnovers kept them out of reach from the Celtics. Embiid, at times, was a nonfactor in the game as he turned over the ball 5 times and failed to convert down in the post and on open 3s. Overall, it will be exciting to see these teams go at it again throughout the season. . . . #nba #nbaopeningnight #bostonceltics #celtics #philadelphia76ers #76ers #gordonhayward #kyrieirving #alhorford #nbastats #nbaanalysis #nbamemes #basketball #nbanews
As it has been confirmed, @etwaun_55 aka GOATwaun Moore of the @pelicansnba does not like poptarts. Perhaps his average of 12.5 points, 2.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1 steal propels him to a level where poptarts aren't even on his radar. His 4-year $34 million contract would allow him to buy, if all of the money was put to poptarts, he could buy 85,000,016 packages of poptarts, equating to 170,000,032 individual poptarts. Surprisingly, he is in the majority, as, in a survey of around 329.26 million people, 63.81% of people said they do not eat poptarts. We may never understand why GOATwaun Moore doesn't like poptarts, but it may be due to the MSG that is in them, deterring a high level athlete from these substances. If more news comes out, I'll inform you all later. _________________________________ #nba #nbabasketball #basketball #pelicans #nbapelicans #e 'twaunmoore #etwaunmoore #nbagoat #goat #poptarts #analytics #nbaanalysis #snackfood #foodprice #howaminotannbaanalystyet #howaminotafoodanalystyet
My predictions for tomorrow: Warriors 115 - 106 Thunder. The Warriors don't have a legit big man, but they're still the reigning champions. They have enough starpower to beat the Thunder. As for the Thunder, Westbrook is out, but Dennis Schroder is looking pretty good, but not good enough to overcome the Warriors. Celtics 97 - 92 76ers. I like the building rivalry between the 76ers and the Celtics. It's an interesting rivalry that seemed to remain relatively close last year. This year the Celtics get their three players back that I always talk about. However, they showed signs of struggling early, but I don't think it'll be enough to pull them down to an L. Bonus post coming later👀 _________________________________ #nba #nbabasketball #basketball #basketballpredictions #nbapredictions #celtics #warriors #76ers #thunder #easternconference #westernconference #firstday #firstdayofnba #firstdayofbasketball #basketballseason #warriorsthunder #celtics76ers #thunderwarriors #76ersceltics #rivalry #nbarivalry #basketballanalysis #nbaanalysis #howaminotannbaanalystyet
Eastern Conference Standings Predictions: 1. Celtics 60-22 2. Raptors 57-25 3. 76ers 51-31 4. Bucks 50-32 5. Pacers 48-34 6. Cavaliers 42-40 7. Heat 42-40 8. Pistons 40-42 9. Wizards 39-43 10. Bulls 39-43 11. Hornets 35-47 12. Nets 33-49 13. Knicks 33-49 14. Magic 30-52 15. Hawks 28-64 Major Notes: I'd like to put the Nets higher, I believe they're a team to watch this year. They have a great cast of player but the biggest problem is they don't have a star player. Cavaliers lost LeBron which will affect them, but they'll still clinch a playoff berth with a couple games to spare. Raptors lost their Coach of the Year and didn't make any huge improvements. Celtics got Irving, Hayward, and Theis back. Overall. Not a huge change, but some noticeable small ones. A bunch of teams got good rookies, but they won't make too big of an impact. _________________________________ #nba #easternconference #nbabasketball #basketball #predictions #nbapredictions #nbastandings #nbaeast #nbaeasternconference #celtics #raptors #76ers #bucks #pacers #cavs #heat #bulls #hornets #nets #knicks #magic #hawks #nbaanalysis #howaminotannbaanalystyet
The 2018/2019 NBA season is upon us, making this a good time to revisit the NBA GOAT Index on my business intelligence blog, Hickam’s Dictum. The GOAT NBA Index ranks the best NBA All Stars at the end of every season based on refreshed career stats, and also scores seasonal performance. Visit hickamsdictum.com to learn more. ——🤓 ——💭 ——📝 ——📊 #hickamsdictum #goatindex #goatbasketball #nba #basketball #basketballanalytics #analytics #sportsreference #undisputedonfs1 #firstthingsfirst #espnfirsttake #espn #foxsports #nbaanalysis #michaeljordan #lebronjames #kareemabduljabbar #hakeemolajuwon #olajuwon #davidrobinson #magicjohnson #billwalton #juliuserving #timduncan #chrispaul #cp3 #colincowherd #greatestofalltime #nbarankings
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