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This is the best moment of my life as a @hornets Fan 馃悵#nbaisback #thebatumbataway #hornets #themalikmash #losingmymind #woopdeedoo #nbatnt #nbamemes _______________________________________________________ Kemba played with heart all game ending up with 41 points while shooting 51.7% from the field and a whopping 80% from 3pt range. Defensively? Oh... He was shutting down Giannis. THAT'S RIGHT. He's taking charges, jumping in the lane, and always talking on defense. Playing in this system will have its ups and downs, but the Hornets Fans will be in for a treat watching Kemba work the floor like a magician. Tough loss, but lot's of positives. _______________________________________________________ Kemba Walker || 41 Pts || 2 rebs || 4 asts || 41% fg || 80% 3pt Malik Monk || 33 mins || 18 pts || 4rebs || 2 blks || 50% 3pt Tony Parker || 19 mins || 8 pts || 3 rebs || 7 asts || 50% fg
Series Finale: KD is a dominant force who cant be stopped on offense. Hes 7 feet and at least a top ten shooter in the leauge. Not to mention a good defensive player as well. Lebrons pretty obviously at 1 Thoughts?
Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford had subpar offense showings today and the 76ers still couldn't win. The 76ers are supposed to be the 2nd or 3rd best team in East. While they did keep the game close up until the 4th quarter, an 18 point loss is not a good sign. Meanwhile, the Celtics have to be both happy and slightly worried. Kyrie went scoreless in the first half and finished 2 for 14. Hayward showed a lot of good signs, especially on off the dribble mid-range jumpers. However, he did still finish with a poor shooting percentage of 33%. Boston's depth, especially Tatum, Morris, and Rozier, showed up in place of the others' poor performances. For the 76ers, Simmons balled out on a near triple double, but team turnovers kept them out of reach from the Celtics. Embiid, at times, was a nonfactor in the game as he turned over the ball 5 times and failed to convert down in the post and on open 3s. Overall, it will be exciting to see these teams go at it again throughout the season. . . . #nba #nbaopeningnight #bostonceltics #celtics #philadelphia76ers #76ers #gordonhayward #kyrieirving #alhorford #nbastats #nbaanalysis #nbamemes #basketball #nbanews
As it has been confirmed, @etwaun_55 aka GOATwaun Moore of the @pelicansnba does not like poptarts. Perhaps his average of 12.5 points, 2.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1 steal propels him to a level where poptarts aren't even on his radar. His 4-year $34 million contract would allow him to buy, if all of the money was put to poptarts, he could buy 85,000,016 packages of poptarts, equating to 170,000,032 individual poptarts. Surprisingly, he is in the majority, as, in a survey of around 329.26 million people, 63.81% of people said they do not eat poptarts. We may never understand why GOATwaun Moore doesn't like poptarts, but it may be due to the MSG that is in them, deterring a high level athlete from these substances. If more news comes out, I'll inform you all later. _________________________________ #nba #nbabasketball #basketball #pelicans #nbapelicans #e 'twaunmoore #etwaunmoore #nbagoat #goat #poptarts #analytics #nbaanalysis #snackfood #foodprice #howaminotannbaanalystyet #howaminotafoodanalystyet
My predictions for tomorrow: Warriors 115 - 106 Thunder. The Warriors don't have a legit big man, but they're still the reigning champions. They have enough starpower to beat the Thunder. As for the Thunder, Westbrook is out, but Dennis Schroder is looking pretty good, but not good enough to overcome the Warriors. Celtics 97 - 92 76ers. I like the building rivalry between the 76ers and the Celtics. It's an interesting rivalry that seemed to remain relatively close last year. This year the Celtics get their three players back that I always talk about. However, they showed signs of struggling early, but I don't think it'll be enough to pull them down to an L. Bonus post coming later馃憖 _________________________________ #nba #nbabasketball #basketball #basketballpredictions #nbapredictions #celtics #warriors #76ers #thunder #easternconference #westernconference #firstday #firstdayofnba #firstdayofbasketball #basketballseason #warriorsthunder #celtics76ers #thunderwarriors #76ersceltics #rivalry #nbarivalry #basketballanalysis #nbaanalysis #howaminotannbaanalystyet
Eastern Conference Standings Predictions: 1. Celtics 60-22 2. Raptors 57-25 3. 76ers 51-31 4. Bucks 50-32 5. Pacers 48-34 6. Cavaliers 42-40 7. Heat 42-40 8. Pistons 40-42 9. Wizards 39-43 10. Bulls 39-43 11. Hornets 35-47 12. Nets 33-49 13. Knicks 33-49 14. Magic 30-52 15. Hawks 28-64 Major Notes: I'd like to put the Nets higher, I believe they're a team to watch this year. They have a great cast of player but the biggest problem is they don't have a star player. Cavaliers lost LeBron which will affect them, but they'll still clinch a playoff berth with a couple games to spare. Raptors lost their Coach of the Year and didn't make any huge improvements. Celtics got Irving, Hayward, and Theis back. Overall. Not a huge change, but some noticeable small ones. A bunch of teams got good rookies, but they won't make too big of an impact. _________________________________ #nba #easternconference #nbabasketball #basketball #predictions #nbapredictions #nbastandings #nbaeast #nbaeasternconference #celtics #raptors #76ers #bucks #pacers #cavs #heat #bulls #hornets #nets #knicks #magic #hawks #nbaanalysis #howaminotannbaanalystyet
I know that Preseason doesn't matter, but this is still quite interesting. I wonder how seriously Warriors and Celtics are taking their poor starts. If you're a Hawks or Suns fan, this is your time to celebrate being better than Golden State and Boston. Enjoy it while it lasts. . . . #nba #nbamemes #nbapreseason #basketball #goldenstatewarriors #warriors #bostonceltics #celtics #atlantahawks #hawks #phoenixsuns #suns #nbastats #nbaanalysis
Who's going to win the NBA Championship? [Part 3]. Depth. If you ask me, I'll tell you right away the Celtics have the best depth in the league, but let's see if the stats back me up. On the Celtics bench, they have Rozier, Smart, Morris, Baynes, Theis, Ojeleye, Lemon Jr, Wanaker, Yabusele, Dozier, and Williams. All together, in the NBA, they averaged 55.9 points, 28 rebounds, and 12.8 assists. On the Warriors bench, they have Livingston, Iguodala, Looney, Bell, Jerebko, Evans, Jones, Cook, and Lee. All together, they averaged 47.8 points, 23.9 rebounds, and 13 assists. That puts the Celtics at 8.1 more points, 4.1 more rebounds, and only .2 less assists. It's also worth noting, the Celtics bench has 9 players who played last year and 2 rookies, and the Warriors bench has 8 players who played last year, and 1 rookie. Bench strength is always hard to gauge because of changing minutes, whether or not someone is going to break out, and whatnot. Overall though, the Celtics bench is statistically better. Connecting all three posts, who do I think will win the championship. The Boston Celtics. I know how hard it is to bet against the Warriors and I may be a little bias, but the numbers point to the Celtics winning it. In fairness, the Warriors starting 5 averaged a total of 109 points, 36.2 rebounds, and 26.7 assists last year, that's 21.4 more points, 9.7 more rebounds, and 10.2 more assists than the Celtics' 87.6 points, 26.5 rebounds, and 16.5 assists(Hayward's stats are taken from the 2016-17 season), but the Warriors stats will dramatically decrease because of adding another All-Star in Cousins. Cousins' stats will drop the most because instead of playing with one All-Star, he'll be playing with 4. Plus, I just don't think the Warriors will mesh as well. They showed signs of decrease when adding Durant and I believe that will further increase with Cousins being added. Overall, I think all the pieces are in place for the Celtics to steal the championship away from the Warriors, but it will most likely come down to a game 7. _________________________________ #nbabasketball #nba #basketball #nbaanalysis #nbafinals #celtics #warriors #howaminotannbanalystyet
Who will win the NBA Championship? [Part 2]. The starting 5. First, let's look overall. Since @easymoneysniper joined the Warriors, their records has declined, going from 73-9 before KD to 58-24 after he joined. This year, they added @boogiecousins who likely won't play until later in the season, probably messing up his game a bit. However, the Celtics have been on the rise, notching a 55-27 record with Hayward hurt and Kyrie and Theis going down later in the season. Let's look head to head. At Point Guard: @stephencurry30 vs @kyrieirving. It's a tough matchup. In big moments, Kyrie has always shown to be clutch against the Warriors, but head to head, Curry averages 1.3 more rebounds, 2 more assists, and .1 more steals while only averaging .5 less points and .2 less blocks. It's hard to say because Curry has always had the better team before this year, but the slight edge has to go to Curry. The Shooting Guard. @klaythompson vs @fchwpo. This one's hard to gauge. They don't have many head to head games. While Klay has averaged 4.3 more points, 2 more rebounds and assists, .5 more blocks, and the same amount of steals, it's hard to say who will be better this year. If history speaks, it'll be Klay. The Small Forward. KD is straight up better than @gordonhayward. I like Hayward, but I can't argue for him. The Power Forward. @money23green vs @jaytatum0. This one's also tough. Green averaged 5 more points, rebounds, and assists, 3 more blocks, and the same amount of steals, but I don't think it's as clear cut as the stats show. Tatum was a rookie and a beast last year. I hate to go against the stats, but I think Tatum will be better than Green this year. Finally, the Center. Cousins vs @alhorford. Head to Head Cousins averages 1 more point, 3.5 more rebounds, .4 more assists, and .5 more steals with 1.4 less blocks. Cousins is better, but not by as much as you'd think. Overall, the Warriors have the edge for starting 5. Part 3 coming soon馃憖 ______________________________ #nba #nbabasketball #basketball #nbapredictions #finals #nbafinals #championship #nbachampionship #coaching #basketballcoaching #nbacoaching #nbaanalysis #howaminotannbaanalystyet
Who will win the NBA championship? [Part 1]. Coaching. A big part of the NBA championship will come down to coaching. The coach for the Warriors is Steve Kerr. He won Coach of the Year in 2016, the year he coached the Warriors to a 73-9 record. But what people don't mention, is that Luke Walton served as the interim head coach, coaching the Warriors to a 39-4 start. That means that Kerr only coached the Warriors to a 34-5 record. Impressive? Yes. But it's not quite 73-9 impressive. Not to mention he's always had at least 2 All-Stars during his days as coach. Now let's look at Brad Stevens. In the past three years, Brad Stevens is 3-3 against the Warriors. That's not a small achievement. Plus he has a Coach of the Year nomination as well, coming in second to Dwane Casey. He began coaching in the 2013-2014 season, turning the 2013-14 Celtics record from 25-57 to 55-27 in the 2017-18 series. In his 5 years as coach, he has 3 positive seasons and 2 negative seasons. Additionally, in the 2017-18, along with the 55-27 record, he coached the Celtics to ECW and 1 game away from the Finals without 2 All-Star starters and an important bench player. To add on, Gregg Popovich, a highly respected coach, had this to say about Stevens: "He's very intelligent. And intelligence is fine, but if it doesn't come along with incisiveness, judgment and an emotional maturity, it doesn't do you much good. And he has all of those things. And that's large. Not that many people have that. It shows in the way he handles people and the way he coaches. He's going to be a great one before it's all over with. And he's already a hell of a coach." Steve Kerr even said Steven's is "the smartest guy in the room" when they play. With all this, it's safe to draw the conclusion that Stevens is a better overall coach than Kerr, giving the Celtics the first edge over the Warriors. Due to the character limit on Instagram, I'm doing this in parts, so look out for the next post very soon馃憖 _________________________________ #nba #nbabasketball #basketball #nbapredictions #finals #nbafinals #championship #nbachampionship #coaching #basketballcoaching #nbacoaching #nbaanalysis #howaminotannbaanalystyet
Extrait vid茅o Analyse NBA effectu茅 par @dominique_guye Pour aller sur sa page Youtube : https://youtu.be/Ftze17Ht_Io Site internet : bald-dont-lie.com #basketball 馃弨 #nbamatch #usabasketballs #nbaanalysis #atlantahawks #warriors #goldenstatewarriors
DPoY is the hardest award for me to make a decision on. To me, the top three nominees are easy: @antdavis23 , @rudygobert27 , and #kawhileonard are prime to win it. While @joelembiid has good defense, it's not enough to put him in the discussion with these three. These three will be defensive monsters this year. For Rudy Gobert, he's coming of his DPoY season. He is the best defensive player as of last year. It's still hard to argue against him with a height of 7'1 and a wingspan of 7'9 he has potential to become one of the best shot blockers the league's ever seen. Stifle Tower isn't just a nickname after all. And with the Jazz looking to have grown offensively this season, Gobert will be able to be focused as the defensive core, while also contributing noticeably on offense. As for Anthony Davis, he is just shy of 7' with a 7'6 wingspan. While he lacks the height and length of Gobert, he is quite a bit more athletic, than him, allowing him to get back quicker on defense and steal the ball more. As I said in my MVP post, Anthony Davis is hungry to prove he's the best player in the world, and you can't be the best player without a good defense. Not to mention, he was a top 3 nominee for DPoY last year, and it's more than likely that his defense will only improve this season. Finally, Kawhi. It's always tough to argue against the once back-to-back DPoY. He's always able to get steals and blocks, and he seems to almost know what his opponent's next move is going to be. He did miss almost a full season, also mentioned on my MVP post, which could affect his defense, but it's hard to say. DPoY is going to come down to one of these three players and I just don't know if I can pick between the three. If I had to though, I'd say Anthony Davis, but I really don't know. _________________________________ #nba #nbabasketball #nbaanalysis #anthonydavis #rudygobert #kawhileonard #kawhi #ad23 #gobert #basketball #defensiveplayeroftheyear #defense #basketballdefense #professionalbasketball #professionalbasketballplayer #professionalbasketballplayers #ball #dpoy #nbadpoy
The 6th Man of the Year is @gmb_chum12 . Last year, only his 3rd year, his first playing 75+ games, he averaged 11.3 points, 2.9 assists, and 4.7 rebounds. As with any developing talent, those will most likely improve. Not to mention, he'll come off the bench and lead the second string. Granted, @gordonhayward , @kyrieirving , and @dtheis10 are back, but this year he'll share the court less with @fchwpo , @alhorford , and @jaytatum0 than he did last year, giving him room to shine. He shows no problem in being a leader as seen in the regular season, and feels no pressure when it matters, as shown by the Playoffs. Last year's 6MoY was @louwillville . Obviously it's unlikely that Rozier III will have as amazing games as Williams did because he's playing on a team with the best depth in the league, but that doesn't matter as much. Last year Williams averaged 22.6 points, 5.3 assists, and 2.5 rebounds. This year Williams is a strong contender, but not only is he getting older, the Clippers are also showing signs of growth. They seem as though they won't need to rely on him as much as they did last year. It's going to be tough, but Rozier III is poised to claim the crown of the best 6th man in the league. _________________________________ #terryrozieriii #terryrozier #nba #nbaanalysis #nbapotential #nbafuture #6thmanbasketball #6thman #6thmanoftheyear #louwilliams #celtics #celticsnation #clippers #basketball #professionalbasketballplayer #professionalbasketballplayers #professionalbasketball #nbabasketball #howaminotannbaanalystyet
I mean this in a good way! Brandon Ingram is my pick for breakout and most improved player this year! He is going to be the Scottie Pippen to Lebron鈥檚 Jordan! #BrandonIngram #Lakers #LebronLA #NBA #NBAAnalysis
@zachlavine8 is the most likely candidate for MIP. In preseason, he's showing signs of being a beast. Scoring inside and out at will. He's always been a reliable young talent, but this year he'll be a star. This is his breakout year. Let's look at last year's MIP last year, Victor Oladipo. Before last year, his career averages were 15.9 points, 3.7 assists, and 4.4 rebounds. Last year he averaged 23.1 points, 4.3 assists, and and 5.2 rebounds. That's a jump of 7.2 points, 0.6 assists, and 0.8 rebounds. LaVine's career averages going into this year are 14 points, 3.2 assists, and 3 rebounds. To make the same jump, he would have to average 21 points, 3.8 assists, and 3.8 rebounds, a very doable task given what we've seen this preseason. Even if he were to just make this jump off last year, he would need to average 25.9 points, 3.6 assists, and 4.7 rebounds. That's a lot less likely, but he wouldn't have even cracked the top 6 ppg leaders last year. In a league with faster paces, Zach LaVine looks to put up big numbers. Even if he doesn't put up the same jump in stats as Oladipo does, no one in the league is as primed to have a breakout year as LaVine does. He is most likely the MIP this year and an absolute beast in years to come. _________________________________ #zachlavine #nbaanalysis #youngtalent #nbapotential #mostimproved #mostimprovedplayer #nba #victoroladipo #nbabreakout #basketball #professionalbasketballplayers #professionalbasketballplayer #bulls #howaminotannbaanalystyet
Anthony Davis is MVP this year. With Cousins and Rondo gone, Davis will be played through more. Last year, the Pelicans went 27-21, a win percentage of 56.25%. After Cousins suffered a season ending injury, they went 21-13, a win percentage of 61.76%. During that last stretch, they played SA 3 times, Houston, OKC, and Utah twice each, and GS, the Cavs, and Boston once each. Davis was an MVP candidate when he had Cousins for over half the year and Rondo. This year, he lost both, but gained Randle. Regardless, Randle will not take up the amount of touches that Cousins and Rondo did. However, when the MVP race comes up, four other names do as well: Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, LeBron James, and Kawhi Leonard. With Giannis, he had the potential to be MVP and had All-Star stats, but he couldn't keep up the MVP level stats. The same can be said about this year. Granted, with Jabari Parker gone, he'll get more touches, but Parker did not get the same amount of touches as Cousins and Rondo. Even with Randle, being added, Davis will still get more touches than Giannis. Not to mention, Parker only played 31 games last year. LeBron usually is in the MVP talks, but never really wins them. He was considered last year, but didn't get it. This year he's on a considerably better team and probably won't put up the same stats he did last year. James Harden did win it last year, but this year he has Carmelo Anthony on his team, and as seen with OKC, he doesn't help anyone's stats. With Kawhi Leonard, it's tough. After missing almost a full season of basketball, whether or not he can return to his MVP candidate form is in question. In addition to that, he also is playing in a new system that has a new coach who isn't as good as Casey or Popovich. Consequently, everything noils down to Davis being the MVP. _________________________________ #nbaanalysis #nba #nbamvp #jamesharden #lebronjames #giannisantetokounmpo #anthonydavis #kawhileonard #pelicans #howaminotannbaanalystyet #giannis #basketball
My top two contenders for RoY are Luka Don膷i膰 and DeAndre Ayton. Both are young, talented, and have extreme potential. When it comes down to this year, I have Luka Don膷i膰 winning it. He's one of the most decorated rookies to come through in a while, and he has trust from his teammates to be a go to option. With that being said, DeAndre Ayton has a higher potential. He big, he's strong, and he can shoot from a distance. He's a good defensive player and can clean the glass. He has the potential to be Shaq, just trading some strength for range. As far as downsides go, from seeing the preseason, it seems as though Luka Don膷i膰 has minor issues with spacing, and he seems to be a bit slow and hesitant on passes, resulting in harder shots for his teammates. With DeAndre Ayton, he seems to rely on others to set him up for his shots more often than not, and he seems hesitant to bang down low for post buckets. However, both are extremely talented young players with bright futures in the NBA. _________________________________ #nba #deandreayton #nbapredictions #lukadon膷i膰 #lukadoncic #nbaanalysis #basketball #nbaroy #nbarookies #rookieoftheyear #nbarooks #nbapotential #nbafuture #howaminotannbaanalystyet
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Welcome to my first $15 dollar challenge! Make your team using one player from each position! Let me begin with mine: PG: Very stacked at the PG position but I鈥檓 going to have to go with Steph Curry. Best shooter of all time, and a top 5 PG ever. SG: I鈥檓 going to go with D-Wade. 3rd best shooting guard ever and was amazing in his prime. SF: Kevin Durant. Arguably the greatest scorer ever. 2nd best player right now and has good chemistry with Steph and can play along side D-Wade. PF: For money purposes I鈥檓 going with Dirk. He led his team to beat a stack Miami team and is an outstanding shooter that can help space the floor. C: I鈥檓 going with Shaq. The most dominant center ever. If he鈥檚 double teamed in the paint he can kick it out to Steph, KD, Dirk and D-Wade. Comment below what your team would be!
Charlotte Hornets Biggest Draft Miss: Kobe Bryant This is a weird one, as the Hornets had a top player of his generation in their grasp. They had Kobe Bryant and picked him at number 13 where he slipped to. It had been common knowledge of the time that Kobe wanted to be a Laker, so it came as no surprise that LA pushed through a trade that sent European big man Vlade Divac to the Hornets in exchange for a young Kobe Bryant. At the time, no one really thought that Charlotte were making a horrible choice and that this move made sense as they needed a center and Vlade was a solid big man. However this trade opened up Kobe's career and ultimately allowed for Shaq to join the Lakers as Divac's departure meant there was an opening at the center position. If Kobe had stayed in Charlotte post-draft night and played maybe a season or two, there would've been one way or another for the Lakers to acquire him and create the Kobe/Shaq dynasty. This is one of the most famous draft errors of all time and it's not tricky to see why Charlotte fans would be quite annoyed looking back on this. The Kobe trade is merely a reflection of the horrible front office that the Charlotte franchise has always had and have infamously made some ill-advised decisions, this one being the absolute epitome of them all. Comment below how Charlotte keeping Bryant could've changed the course of the modern NBA history 鉁嶏笍馃憖馃弨
Interesting... I really do hope that Kevin Love returns to his old self. Of course he's a lot older, but he may still have something left in tank. Now imagine pairing Minnesota Kevin Love with Jimmy Butler. What seed would they be in the East? I'd say a good 4 or 5. . . . #nba #clevelandcavaliers #cavaliers #cavs #kevinlove #nbaoffseason #basketball #nbastats #nbaanalysis #minnesotatimberwolves
New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets biggest draft miss: SCOTTIE PIPPEN 6X NBA Champion and Hall of Fame Member Vs a guy who was out the league in five years. Granted, going into this draft, Hopson had averaged nearly 30 ppg for Ohio State and Pippen was as a small school but was a freak athlete. At the time, Hopson seemed like the obvious pick however New Jersey would rue this miss for years and are still looking for that illusive championship. How would this have left Jordan's Bulls? Would Jordan have won the same number of Championships without Pippen but another second option in his place? Just goes to show that draft night decisions can change any given player's career around the league. If the Nets had picked Pippen, this genuinely could have tarnished MJ's legacy and, with maybe 3 or 4 rings instead of 6, Jordan may not be considered the GOAT by so many. All hypothetical talk, but an interesting concept for sure. Brooklyn, it's not just now you're luck is horrible and your franchise has been screwed over by a front office decision. Comment below your thoughts and just how badly would this have affected Jordan's career if Pippen had been picked by the Nets? 馃し鈥嶁檪锔忊湇锔忦煍
Up next, we have the Chicago Bulls. SWIPE 鉃★笍鉃★笍 for my best and worst case scenarios for the Bulls and my prediction as to how their season will go. How do you see the Bulls faring in a very competitive Eastern Conference? 馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煆
Next up is the Boston Celtics. With two first round picks, they were one of many teams to miss Green's unique talent and passed up on the now 3x Champ. Sure, at the time of the draft these picks seemed normal and no one was particularly taking much notice of Green. However this series is all about heinsight, and I'm hindsight, there'd be no question that Boston would've taken Green with that pick. Imagine putting Draymond in that current Boston team. I'm sorry but however much of a fan you may be of Tatum, Green would start at the four with Tatum off the bench. Their potential starting 5 with the pick of Green and with all the other acquisitions they have made would be: Kyrie Brown Hayward Green Horford This team would have a real shot at bringing down the Warriors. However instead, Boston took Sullinger and Fab Melo. Neither are in the league after Sullinger's time came to an end with Boston some three seasons ago despite being a very intriguing prospect at the time. Do you think, with the addition of Green that the Celtics would be able to take down Golden State (without Draymond)? 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
Another best/worst case scenario for the Charlotte Hornets 馃敟鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍 How do you think the Hornets will do and do you think my predictions are harsh on Charlotte? 馃し鈥嶁檪锔忦煈 Let me know in the comments 鉁嶏笍
ATLANTA HAWKS: BIGGEST DRAFT MISS - CHRIS PAUL Cp3 is arguably the best passing point guard currently in the NBA and of his generation. Not only this, but Paul was explosive in his earlier years and has become an elite level perimeter, on ball defender. His scoring was at an incredible standard. In his peak at New Orleans, he averaged 22 ppg, 11 apg along with a staggering 2.8 steals per game. Numbers wise, his early years in New Orleans were some of his best. Having been at New Orleans for six seasons, he left for the Clippers and his numbers stayed at a consistently elite level. But those early years in New Orleans are when the Hawks could have had him. Post 2004/2005 season, the Hawks needed a forward as they had Tyronn Lue at point guard. So they missed out on not only Chris Paul, but also Deron Williams who was also an All-Star and went for Marvin Williams who, had a solid career, but was not the 9x All-Star and 4x Assist Champion that Chris Paul was
Best/Worst Case Scenario for the BROOKLYN NETS 鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍 Do you agree with my season expectations for the Nets (worst case scenario is a bit extreme but you get the picture 馃槀)
Team: Orlando Magic Projected Record: 23-59 Projected Seeding: 14th in East Projected Awards: Mo Bamba - All-Rookie Second Team The Orlando Magic since Dwight Howard鈥檚 departure have been a textbook example of how NOT to restructure a roster for playoff contention. They have made several questionable decisions including trading a great young player in Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka, who they gave up on after only half a year. Also, the drafting of Mario Hezonja when players such as Devin Booker and Myles Turner were available has been highly scrutinized as both have solidified themselves as great young players. Hezonja on the other hand has struggled to find his footing since being drafted, and it looks like the organization certainly made the right decision by letting him walk to the Knicks. However, their selection in the draft this past June, Mo Bamba, certainly looks promising for the future of the team as he should provide shotblocking as a freakish interior presence from the time he steps foot on an NBA floor. The development of Aaron Gordon should definitely help this team win some games, but they will still struggle without any real starpower or significant depth on the roster. The team must also find a competent starting point guard before the start of the season. Look for the team to trade Nikola Vucevic for a few bench pieces and/or draft picks before the deadline. 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺 #nba #magic #orlando #orl #orlandomagic #basketball #ball #nba #nbadebate #nbaanalysis #mobamba #aarongordon #victoroladipo #mariohezonja #nikolavucevic #teamreview
ALL-NBA 31 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 COLLISON WILLIAMS CHANDLER JOHNSON BAYNES For some reason the 31 year old age category for NBA players is really kinda trash. The only real quality in this team is Lou Williams but other than him, there's not much near-All-Star quality in this lineup. Granted, there are some solid players and a very experienced team. Collison is an efficient option at the point guard spot while Chandler offers some floor spacing and is a creative offensive talent. Johnson and Baynes as a frontcourt lacks any spacing however between them they'll get a good amount of boards - both offensively and defensively. As much as I've memed Aron Baynes out he's a solid option and is a center who can create his own shot in the post and defend the post well. Other than getting dunked on every second of his existence, Baynes is good 馃槀. Lou will carry the scoring and past him there's not much going offensively. This team would struggle to create much else and would be a decent team in the East, but in neither conference would this team make the playoffs as it just doesn't have the scoring options required to compete. Comment below your thoughts on this team 鉁嶏笍馃敟
BEST/WORST CASE SCENARIOS FOR THE BOSTON CELTICS 鉃★笍鉃★笍 SWIPE 鉃★笍 What are your expectations for the Celtics this year?
NBA player ranks are out. I will comment my opinions below.
NEW SERIES: EACH TEAM'S BEST/WORST CASE SCENARIOS COME THIS TIME NEXT YEAR First up, the Atlanta Hawks 馃敟 Let me know how you think the Hawks will do next season 鉁嶏笍
SWIPE 鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍鉃★笍 Do you agree with my Top 10 current centers going into next season? 馃憖馃し鈥嶁檪锔 Comment your thoughts below 鉁嶏笍馃敟馃弨
ALL-NBA 28 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 WALL THOMPSON GEORGE GREEN BOOGIE Well the teams have certainly taken an upwards turn. Now we hit the late twenties and early thirties it seems as if we hit "superteam" territory. When Dame is being left out of a team, you know it's got star power. With Wall at the point, they have a guy who can make plays and will get absolutely tonnes of assists with the likes of Klay, and PG13 around him knocking down shots. Klay will provide the majority of this teams floor spacing and George will also offer that dimension as well as some much needed perimeter defense. With the all-Golden-State frontcourt of Green and Cousins, this roster has formidable rebounding ability. With Green doing pretty much the same job for this team as he's be doing on the Warriors and Cousins leading the team's offense down in the low block as well as being the archetypal modern day center and stretching the floor, this roster really is one of the best of these age categories. In the East, they'd walk through and in the West - in taking three of the Warriors starting 5 - they would likely walk through that. This is probably the first genuine championship calibre team of the age categories I've looked at so far. As always comment your thoughts below 鉁嶏笍馃憖馃弨
ALL-NBA 27 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 RUBIO MIDDLETON KAWHI MIROTIC VUCEVIC With possibly the least athleticism of any frontcourt you could imagine and overall throughout the roster, it's hardly stacked with explosive talent other than Kawhi. Rubio at the point is a solid, pass first option who has developed a decent three point shot over the last few years and will help facilitate for the likes of Middleton and Kawhi. Middleton provides some much needed outside shooting of this team and also brings good size and length at the two guard spot. Then the star player in Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi would lead the scoring for this team but also control on the defensive end of the floor, bringing some much needed firepower to this otherwise quite average roster. Mirotic offers a very modern stretch big kind of guy with a good defensive IQ and someone who is a purely fundamental player. Vucevic at center is probably the main area of weakness for this team - particularly defensively as he lacks the size or defensive skillet to be a rim protector. However this smaller height allows him to be more mobile and versatile on offense. Overall, this team would likely be in the playoffs for the East, perhaps making it past the first round; but no further. However making the playoffs in the West with this roster would be quite surprising how we if they did the likelihood of them making it past round one would be very slim. Comment your thoughts below 馃憖鉁嶏笍馃敟馃弨
ALL-NBA 26 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 OLADIPO MCCOLLUM BARNES HARRIS GOBERT With he very experimental idea of putting Dipo as the out and out point guard, this team would absolutely kill opponents from beyond the arc. This is the best three point shooting team so far, featuring Oladipo, CJ, Harris and Barnes who are all elite three point shooters (maybe excluding Barnes but he's still solid from outside). With Oladipo running the point, this team would have shooting everywhere other than their center - Rudy Gobert - who's role will come as a primarily defensive one. Dipo may struggle at the point at first, but he certainly has the capabilities to fill in as a point guard and, with CJ in the backcourt with him, this team could be lethal on the offensive end. I'd have some doubts over this teams perimeter defense as, besides Gobert, it's not a particularly tall or strong team which could cause some issues in getting switched into bigger guys. Still though, with Gobert being their premi猫re rim protector they wouldn't allow easy buckets at the hole often. Harris is a deadeye from three and would help provide spacing on the offensive end. Four of this team are go to scorers and that's the primary facet of their game. So playmaking may well be an issue and at least one of these players would have to take a severe reduction in points scoring for the overall team's success. All in all, this team - despite the clear chemistry issues it would have at first - would challenge in the East and probably make the conference finals while in the West they'd probably be out by second round as well ran teams like the Spurs would pick them apart. As always, comment below and give your thoughts 馃憖鉁嶏笍馃弨
When @bensimmons hits his first 3 in game 馃槀 seeing this dude play is really something else, yes he's got no jumper but it really is something of beauty馃槏I think Ben will be more consistent this year and find a way to make an impact even when teams don't let him near the paint馃挴I'm sure you've heard all the hot takes about Ben being unstoppable with a jumper so I won't add to that馃槬 after such a strong rookie year I don't think he boosts his stats by a lot but he should be making a more consistent impact and not disappearing during some games 馃挴 this will be a key part of his growth this year 馃挴 follow @nbaheadass for more analysis馃槏 鈥 鈥 鈥 鈥 #philly #sixers #76ers #bensimmons #nojumper #nba #nbanews #nbaanalysis #basketball #basketballnews #ballinthefamily #headass
ALL-NBA 25 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 馃敟 DINWIDDIE BEAL PORTER DAVIS DRUMMOND This is one of the more understated but really great teams of all the categories. Dinwiddie at the point is an area of improvement however he's taken great strides in his career at Brooklyn and he seems like he can push onto the next level and assert himself as the Nets starting PG, at times forcing Russell to the two spots. He'll be the creative force on this team which has two great wing players in Beal and Porter. Both Wizards players, these two will light it up from outside - especially Beal who's three point shot is pretty much automatic. Beal will provide the scoring from the backcourt while Porter will offer some valuable court spacing on the offensive end. Then onto the frontcourt. Arguably the best frontcourt of all the age categories that have been and are to come. With Davis, who is in my eyes a top three NBA player and is an absolute beast on offense as well as being a very elite defender and rim protector. He's a do-it-all kind of guy and has shown he can carry a very sub-par Pels team to the WCF second round, so with a team of this calibre surrounding him, he could lead them to the finals in either conference. With the absolute rebounding machine that is Andre Drummond, they're going to out rebound a lot of teams through this elite frontcourt. Drummond will be great on working the pick and roll and doing the dirty work - someone AD would work perfectly with to partner him. If this team was in either conference, they'd likely be going to the finals and could well take a game or two off of Golden State. As always, comment your thoughts below and how this team would do if you put them into the NBA now! 馃憖鉁嶏笍
ALL-NBA 24 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 SCHRODER SMART PRINCE SARIC EMBIID This team is going to be a very solid defensive unit. With Embiid dominating the paint and Smart offering great hustle on the perimeter, in terms of individual defenders, this team will be very tenacious on defense. Embiid and Schroder will likely lead this team on offense as Schroder will be the primary ball handler and make plays for the other guys. In terms of stretching the floor, Smart really doesn't have a great outside shot however Saric, Prince, Schroder and even Embiid have the ability to step beyond the arc and knock down a three if needed. However this won't be the teams primary offense as it will exploit Embiid's dominance in the post. Also, Schroder and Embiid are the only two guys with the ability to create their own shot which will be key for this teams offensive firepower. With an all-Sixers frontcourt of Saric and Embiid as well as ex teammates Schroder and Prince on the same team, this roster wouldn't have too many chemistry issues however isn't talented enough across the board to challenge in the post season. In the East, they'd likely be a low seed and get chucked out first round or maybe scrape a second round appearance. The likelihood of them even making the playoffs in the West - in such a guard heavy conference - drops significantly and I'd see them struggling for the eighth seed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below 鉁嶏笍馃憖
ALL-NBA 23 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 GIANNIS HARRIS WIGGINS PORZINGIS JOKIC This team has quite the experimental touch to it. With Giannis playing the point, this team has a huge size advantage when you also consider the 7'3" Porzingis at the power forward spot. It also has sufficient floor spacing with Gary Harris being a very underrated shooter who is automatic from three point range. Also KP and Jokic can step beyond the arc and shoot the ball. It lacks a huge amount of athleticism in the frontcourt however they certainly don't lack it with Giannis and Wiggins on the roster. This team is also very defensively capable as Porzingis gets a tonne of blocks while Wiggins and Giannis great on ball defenders. This team could well struggle when it comes to chemistry issues as the experiment of Giannis at point guard could prove an issue when this team isn't on the fastbreak and is forced to set up in the half court. On the fastbreak this team would be unstoppable however when it comes to setting an offense, I have questions as to whether Giannis could hold down that point guard position as a fundamental ball handler and distributer. Other than that, this team is really, really good. They would also be really exciting to watch with the explosiveness of Giannis at the point alongside Wiggins and Porzingis who bring their own element of explosiveness to the team. Put this team in the East, and I'd see them making the NBA finals. Put them in the West and they'd likely scrape a WCF finals appearance depending on if they'd beat Houston. HONOURABLE MENTIONS: 鈥 Jabari Parker 鈥 Zach Lavine 鈥 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 鈥 Julius Randle Comment your thoughts below and how would you see this team doing in the current NBA? 馃し鈥嶁檪锔忊湇锔
ALL NBA 22 YEAR OLD STARTING 5 SIMMONS MITCHELL OUBRE JR GORDON KAT With arguably the best young backcourt in the NBA with ROY Ben Simmons and nearly-rookie of the year Donovan Mitchell, this team has one of the highest ceilings out of all of the ones I've done so far. With Simmons at the point, they have someone who can facilitate for other players but also create his own shot by driving to the bucket along with his well developed shot from close in. His widely reported lack of three point shot would not be detrimental to this team as the other four guys on this team have a decent three point shot. Mitchell would be the teams first option on offense as he has the rare ability to be aggressive when attacking the bucket but also the ability to pull up from three and heat up on any given night. Kelly Oubre Jr is probably the weak spot on this team as his numbers are far less than the other four. However he's got a solid stroke from outside and is a decent defender so is still a good player. At the power forward position is Aaron Gordon who will pair up with KAT in the front court. For one thing, this team would be really exciting to watch play. With dunk contest champion Donovan Mitchell and 2x dunk contest runner up Aaron Gordon in the lineup, along with the electric play of Ben Simmons and flashy moves of KAT in the post, this team would be a nightmare on the fast break. However this team would lack defensively as Towns isn't a very good defender down low so other teams could well exploit that. This team would make the ECF and if they were in the West, probably a second round exit would be fitting. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below 鉁嶏笍
ALL-NBA 21 YEAR OLD STARTING: MURRAY BOOKER BROWN MARKKANEN MAKER This team did have Mitchell but he turned 22 yesterday so he's been taken out and replaced by Jaylen Brown which allows Booker to play in his more natural position at shooting guard. This team, like the 20 year old one has a lot of scoring options. However this team also offers more of an outside threat. With an incredibly talented - yet often horribly overlooked - point guard in Jamal Murray, this team has good size in almost every position. He's a purely score first point guard so the backcourt of him and Booker would certainly provide the bulk of the scoring and seeing how that would work would be interesting. Brown at small forward would probably take less of the scoring load as the backcourt would provide that along with Markkanen at the four. He would help stretch the floor as everyone on this team has at least a solid three point shot on them - with Booker and Markkanen excelling from beyond the arc. Maker at the center position is the only clear weakness but he would bring some much needed defense to this team and, in terms of rim protection, he's the only player who can offer that on this roster so would be valuable as more of a defensive asset. Overall, this team would be pretty good and very similar to the 20 year old team in that, if they were in the East they'd have a solid shot at the ECF but in the West they'd probably not get past the first or second round at best. As always, comment your thoughts below 鉁嶏笍
Player Spotlight: Fred VanVleet 馃帴 - The lineup with the 3rd highest offensive rating this past season? - Fred VanVleet Kyle Lowry DeMar DeRozan Serge Ibaka Jonas Valanciunas - Position: PG Height: 6鈥0鈥 College: Wichita State Age: 24 - 2017-2018 Stats: 8.6 ppg, 2.4 rpg, 3.2 apg, 0.9 spg Percentages: 42.6 FG%, 41.4 3PT%, 83.2 FT% - Fred VanVleet was undrafted from the 2016 NBA Draft class but has proven many people wrong. While his stats may not jump off the board, he certainly makes an impact. - He鈥檚 what we call a true floor general. He doesn鈥檛 try to make the home run play, rarely turns the ball over, & is an absolute pick & roll maestro. - VanVleet was also a very solid 4-yr player at Wichita State leading them to an NCAA Tournament appearance EVERY single year he was there. This includes a Final Four & Sweet Sixteen appearance. - VanVleet managed to rank 9th amongst PGs in real plus-minus (RPM) this past season. He鈥檚 ahead of names like Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving, John Wall, etc. - Who鈥檚 your favorite back-up PG & why? - @NationalBasketballAnalyst - Tags: #FredVanVleet #VanVleet #TorontoRaptors #Raptors #RaptorsNation #WichitaStateShockers #Shockers #ShockersBasketball #hoopsnation #ballislife #dunk #nbaanalysis #bball
INDIANA PACERS - aims and goals for the upcoming season 鈥 Finish in the 4th seed and make the second round at a minimum: Indiana have an absolute gem in Victor Oladipo and he's a man they can genuinely build a team around. In a competitive Eastern Conference, the Pacers should finish fourth and I see them potentially finishing above Toronto who I'm having coming either third seed or fourth. With this very young and exciting roster around Dipo - the likes of Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis and Tyreke Evans spring to mind - Indiana could ruffle some feathers out in the East. Oladipo is certainly a future MVP candidate and has shown he can carry a team on his back and push a LeBron team to seven games in the playoffs. He's a dark horse for MVP in this coming season and, if he can lead his team to a strong season behind him averaging near enough 30 ppg then I fully expect him to be in the MVP discussion. Overall, there's not much else to say for Indiana. Sure they need to develop their young player they have and set up for a big off-season next year in the free agency market. They've done well in bringing Tyreke Evans and Doug McDermott - two players who will add to their outside threat they already have. For Indiana, if they can facilitate Oladipo's growth and surround him with the right group of guys, then they're on the right path.
In at one is LeBron. No question that he's the best player in the NBA right now but the only comment I'd have on this is that I see him playing power forward (well more point forward/wherever he likes) with Ingram at the three and Kuzma off the bench. Second placed I've gone with Giannis. He'll likely play PF this season but, similarly to LeBron he will likely be bringing the ball up the floor a lot of the time. This means Middleton will play SF with Bledsoe and Brogdon backcourt. Giannis should look to really lead this Bucks team and, as he enters his prime, there is no excuse of the lack of talent around him as the Bucks have been able to get valuable players around him. Number three is Kristaps Porzingis. Coming off a season missed through a horrible injury, KP will look to come back stronger than ever and, with a decent young core surrounding him including the likes of Ntilikina and Knox, the Knicks may have an unlikely outside chance of squeezing into the playoffs depending on when Porzingis is back. Fourth, I have Draymond Green. He's hated by much of the league - both fans and players - but is key to the Warriors superteam. While the likes of Steph, KD, Klay and, upon his return, Boogie gain all the praise and media attention (for good reasons), Draymond will continue to get under the opposition's skin and do the dirty work for this glamorous Golden State lineup. He's also the most likely of this team to get a triple double as he often puts up absurd statlines. He's not the most talented, or more talented than players after him on this list, but in terms of impact for his team and doing the role his team requires of him, he ranks right up there. Right in the middle of the pack at number five I've gone for Blake Griffin. His role on the Pistons is something that could limit his numbers and maybe make him less of an athletic presence (like he was on the lob-city Clippers) and required more to play as a fundamentally sound power forward. CONTINUED IN THS COMMENTS SECTION 猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍猬囷笍
#Repost @boxoutbball_la with @get_repost 銉汇兓銉 New Episode! We preview the eastern conference with @coacha420 from @bcseahawksbball , Link in bio #boxoutbasketball #basketball #easternconference #nba #nbaanalysis #basketballtalk
New Series where I put my prediction, Runner Up and my complete Shot in the Dark Can鈥檛 Really pick the Coach of the Year most times, but I think it鈥檚 between Stevens and Snyder. They both have a great opportunity and they both have a good team that has a chance to be contenders. Stevens is my pick for sure, but every time I choose COTY I鈥檝e been wrong everytime in my life haha. Safe picks for me WHO YOU GOT? Oh and my flyer/shot in the dark is Luke Walton, maybe the Lakers jump the highest in wins this year, there鈥檚 not drama, and everyone鈥檚 loving life. If he can get 48+ Wins in the West, and really solidfy himself as a good coach for vets AND rookies. I got Walton as a big sleeper. I think his improvement could be a big justification. #NBAhotcakes #coachoftheyear #coaches #nbacoach #nbaanalysis #nbanews #nbaawards #basketball #news #basketballplayers #nbabasketball #celtics #jazz #utahjazz #losangeleslakers #lakers
#NBAhotcakes Random Thought #2 This was a very interesting topic I feel like NO one mentions. What if AI had gotten Dirk Nowitzki instead of Larry Hughes? Don鈥檛 get me wrong Larry Hughes isn鈥檛 a bad player, but he鈥檚 clearly not a Dirk Nowitzki or Paul Pierce. Every move that happens shifts the NBA, always remember that. Paul Pierce and Dirk could have both worked really well with AI, and been that supporting star that could have helped him compete for longer in Philly. Plus guys like Eric Snow, Dikembe weren鈥檛 the best players but they were great role players. Imagine having Dirk and Dikembe, as the front court. Dirk spacing it out while AI drives and on the defensive end, both Dirk and Dikembe would cause problems. What do you think? Would AI have won at least one ring? Or was the competition too devastating regardless? #nbahotcakes #alleniverson #trusttheprocess #philly #dirknowitzki #thetruth #paulpierce #nba #basketball #ballgod #nbafinals #nbanews #nbaanalysis #AI #theanswer #nbahistory #nbadraft #nbaplayers
First series is going to be condensed analysis鈥 of elite point guards in the NBA. Trying to build a following so if you鈥檙e interested in the NBA and looking for unique opinions/style of posts give me a follow. I鈥檒l try to post a few times a day! #nba #basketball #ballislife #hoops #dunk #3pointer #kyrie #curry #lebron #kobe #nbafinals #pointguard #crossover #dribble #warriors #nbaanalysis #slamdunk #nbahistory #analysis
This is a pretty close match-up honestly 6-7 games for sure. I would say that both teams match-up very well against each other鈥 Hardaway vs Curry, no DOUBT Curry is the better point guard. But I think this will really resemble that Kyrie vs. Curry matchup, where Kyrie does play Curry well. Hardaway Sr. is a good defender, he can pass well, and had one of the nastiest crossovers ever. Curry would surely best him, but in a much closer matchup than anticipated. -Curry Wins Richmond vs Thompson, Well, I think Richmond for sure is the better all around scorer, but all Thompson has to do, is defend and spot up. Richmond will have to go through 30 screens each play just to keep up with Thompson. -Thompson Wins Mullin vs Durant, Look I love Mullin, he鈥檚 underrated. He wasn鈥檛 the awful defender people may assume he is, he always went after it each and every night. He had a pretty stroke, and was super difficult to deal with. I mean how else did he average nearly 26 ppg for multiple seasons? But it鈥檚 Durant here obviously. -Durant Wins Rick Barry vs Draymond, These eras are so different, I think Draymond isn鈥檛 gonna even score a point in this game because he will just be passing and rebounding and playing the best defense possible. Rick Barry is undoubtedly the winner despite my love for Draymond. Barry was a menace. -Barry Wins Chamberlain vs Cousins, come on. Cousins is talented but Wilt is the X-Factor for this whole series if they played one. He would bully Cousins, and would probably his his averages against these warriors. (He averaged 31 ppg, and 19 rpg as a Warrior). Cousins will have to really stretch the floor in order to make Wilt as least effective as possible. -Chamberlain Wins All I know is that the Warriors win this one :) Ok bad joke, but the 2018-2019 Warriors will win this one with their versatility on defense. It will be super important if they end up having to double team Wilt, or have to have Klay switch onto Barry, Klay would be able to keep up for stretches. It鈥檚 closer than people will think, but I would definitely have a 6-7 game series from this. Those old timers are menacing. Who you got?
The NBA has been full of prominent and historic centers. From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Shaq to Hakeem to Russell to Chamberlain etc etc. One thing remains unclear with these Pantheon-like centers, would Dwight Howard have been a top big man ever? Is he now? Only a Dikembe Mutombo and Ben Wallace have more DPOY鈥檚 than Dwight. He has THREE (3) that鈥檚 crazy. Only a handful of players have ever reached his previous 20 and 14 averages in Orlando, and he鈥檚 gonna be on a lot of these top rankings by the end of his career easily. He鈥檚 a very capable center still with averages of basically 17 and 13. Still a threat despite not having adapted to the modern NBA. We can only wonder if Dwight would have sustained those dominating numbers in Orlando had he not requested to be traded. He had a pretty good supporting cast in Orlando that brought him to the finals where his team was overmatched but he averaged 21.1ppg and 14.4 rpg in 4 outta the 5 playoffs he played in (Not Including his rookie year). Something that is always understated in Dwight鈥檚 career was his durability in Orlando. He played 82 games 5 (FIVE) times, 78 games twice and only had one injury riddled season which was last one where he played 58 games. Dwight has said that for the Lakers he came back wayyy too soon while he was still injured, had he taken his time and sat out the proper amount maybe he returns to Orlando Dwight in LA, or possibly never asks for that trade! I think Dwight makes a great case for being a top 10 center of all time if he never left Orlando. If the Magic could have surrounded him with the right pieces he could have really continued to build a great foundation for himself there and his legacy as the best Magic center ever. *His stints with Houston were not that bad, but it felt like he was lesser of a player, not as dominant, but I think we can all agree that he played great last year and hopefully this year he balls out. Would he be an all-time center if he wasn鈥檛 injured/never left Orlando? #NBAhotcakes #nba #basketball #dwighthoward #shaq #tnt #nbanews #nbaanalysis #nbabasketball #facts #interesting #funny #new #orlandomagic #orlando #disneyworld #nbahistory
Carmelo Anthony finally signs with the Houston Rockets! Will this make a huge impact for the Rockets. I don鈥檛 believe so. Full thoughts on my channel. Link in bio. #Carmelo #carmeloanthony #HoustonRockets #MeloToRockets #MeloToHouston #NBA #nbafreeagency #Nbatalk #nbaanalysis
#NBAhotcakes Under 22 Team Draft Collab with @sparkarthur and @ballnumbers Check their stuff out it鈥檚 seriously amazing. Well, imma keep it real, I don鈥檛 love my team but I think I did the best I could drafting wise. I was the 2nd pick and I took KAT first, best under 22 C in the league. Next I took Devin Booker, I know I know, where鈥檚 the defense? But I decided to continue on the trend and take Lauri Markkanen. Now, my team can score on anyone, but not sure if we can defend everyone. The next two picks were Dejounte Murray, and Josh Jackson. Both great defenders, and players that don鈥檛 really need to ball to be effective. I think I surrounded these guys with the best defenders possible to be honest. (under age 22) and for my final pick, I took Myles Turner, mostly because I was surprised no one took him. I love Turner鈥檚 ability to defend, and he can shoot the ball a little too. Maybe KAT and Turner could start for me? Probably not, but it鈥檚 not a bad idea to add some defense. After taking 3 great scorers and shooters, I needed Murray鈥檚 all defensive capabilities, and Josh Jackson as well to help cover some of the better scorers we encounter. Overall, my team may lack defense on most of the positions, but I think with our scoring, we have a decent chance of beating out these other teams! Also I think you could argue that I have the best SG, best PF, and best C. But, that鈥檚 just me. :) Is my team the best? Or does it just outright suck? Let me know in the comments! Follow all 3 of us! We all got some amazing content! #nba #nbabasketball #hoops #draft #collab #sparkfam #suns #gospursgo #under22 #nbaanalysis #basketballstats #likeforlike #highlightreel #highlights #losangeleslakers #LA
Marcus Smart inks a 4yr/$52M deal * Marcus Smart needs to be thanked for the change he just made in the NBA. * Defensive players are finally getting paid what they deserve * Marcus Smart Position| Point Guard Height| 6'4 College| Oklahoma State * 17-18 Stats 10.2 ppg~ 3.5 rpg~ 4.8 apg * After only playing 54 games Marcus Smart still ended up with 27% of the Celtics total steals. He also contributed an estimated 2.5 in defensive win shares. Averaging 1.3 steals per game. * He doesnt need to score. He is a terrible shooter and a decent passer. Marcus Smarts $52M come from what he can do on the defensive end of the floor. He can lockup any guard in the league (except kyrie but they are on the same team). He is physical with guards and extremely pesky. He can snatch the ball from his opponents so quick and run the break. Smart weighs a nice 220 lbs of muscle and chubby. * When i saw what he was asking for i was shocked that people were trying to think if he was worth that much. Listen here, the Celtics will meet either the Rockets or Warriors in the Finals. Smart will either lock up Harden or Curry. I say that because im not worried about the Weastern Conference at all for the Celtics. * Im glad we arent looking at just stats anymore. GM's are recognizing the true value in their players * #nba #ballislife #celtics #marcussmart #basketball #freeagency #nbaanalysis
Thoughts on Melo Trade and IT鈥檚 comments about Getting a Max Deal (Would Love for him to come back to Boston)!!! Leave your comments down below . . . . #isiahthomas #carmeloanthony #houstonrockets #bostonceltics #denvernuggets #nbaoffseason2018 #cantheseasonstartalready #houston #rocketsnation #melo #it #nba #nbanews #nbaanalysis #celticsnation #nuggetsnation #nbatrades #nbatrade #bignews #viral #watch
#NBAhotcakes New York Knicks Team Spotlight In my opinion, the New York Knicks should use this season to develop their young talent. Use the backend of the season to acclimate Porzingis, and develop chemistry between the core of Ntilikina, Knox, Porzingis, and Mitchell etc. That鈥檚 just me. New York has always been a mecca for basketball, there are tons of players from New York or the surrounding areas and boroughs. What鈥檚 really impressive is that despite New York being a basketball mecca, the Knicks and Nets haven鈥檛 been winning teams in GENERAL. The Knicks have 2 championships brought to them by Frazier and Reed. After this season, I believe that the New York Knicks will actually be a solid playoff contender. If Knox is as good as we think he will be, he can really be lethal with Porzingis. Ntilikina can be a great defensive/passing PG to complement the scoring of Porzingis, Knox, and any other prospect of FA they can acquire. New York isn鈥檛 the worst team in the NBA, but without Porzingis, they won鈥檛 be the playoff contenders that some people believe they will be. But that鈥檚 not bad, they can be on the come up while other dynasties are on their way down. I think they will have the cap room to chase big names, but I鈥檓 not sure if they will snag any. Kevin Durant is an intriguing name, the Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler connection is also a very interesting paid that they could chase. I sort of doubt that they currently will get any of these free agents, but it鈥檚 a possiblity. What does the Knick鈥檚 future look like? #nba #newyorkknicks #newyork #nyc #basketball #nbamemes #hoops #basketballanalysis #nbaanalysis #teamspotlight #brooklynnets
Demarcus Cousins is officially a Golden State Warrior 馃弨 DeMarcus Cousins agreed a 1-year $5.3 million deal with the reigning NBA Champions which will see the 27-year old play alongside the likes of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson & Kevin Durant 馃弨 #demarcuscousins #goldenstatewarriors #GSW #demarcuscousinsjoinsgoldenstate #boogietowarriors #nba #goldenstatewarriorsgap #nbachampions #stephencurry #klaythompson #kevndurant #official #cousinsinwarriors #draymondgreen #stillswept #mvp #nbaallstar #goldenstate #basketball #nbatrade #favouritewarrior #bball #baller #nbagsw #goldenstatewarriorsrival #nbadiscussion #nbaanalysis #demarcuscousinswarriors
I paid so you didn鈥檛 have to see an ad, gimme a follow for that 鉂わ笍. We all love LeBron James, and as an all-around player he might just be the greatest to ever do it. LeBron is known for his freakish body and crazy athleticism, often overlooked is his scoring. LeBron is a premier scorer as he is able to score in the paint at will, step back for a signature fadeaway from mid-range, and the occasional three-pointer(which has really picked up this season) LeBron is one of the best scorers in this league. ****************************** Not so overlooked is LeBron鈥檚 passing ability, widely considered the greatest point forward ever. LeBron is an exceptional passer and he doesn鈥檛 have to force 300 passes for his assists or run out the shot clock *cough* Westbrook *cough* ****************************** 5x All-Defensive first team? 1x All-Defensive second team? LeBron鈥檚 defense speaks for itself, and it could be argued his rating should be higher on my list. I only have it this low from his lack of defensive productivity these past 2 seasons. #lebronjames #basketball #nba #nbaplayers #nbaanalysis
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