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Funda Pharma Neuro Cardio #Nclex
Functions of the skin: • Protection - Acts as a physical barrier from pathogenic organisms, excessive loss of fluids and infection. The acid mantle or pH of the skin is slightly acidic creating a resistance to pathogenic organisms. • Sensation – The nerve endings in the skin allow an individual to feel pain, heat, cold and pressure. • Thermoregulation – The skin regulates body temperature through vasoconstriction, vasodilatation, and sweating and through the excretion of certain waste products such as electrolytes and water. • Metabolism – Vitamin D is produced when skin is exposed to the sun. This activates the metabolism of calcium and phosphate, which are minerals that are key factors in bone formation. • Body Image – Skin performs cosmetic, identification and communication roles. • Immune Processing – The skin has resident immune cells in both the epidermis (Langerhans cells) and the dermis (dermal dendritic cells) (Wysocki, 2007; Sibbald, Cameron & Alavi, 2007). . . . #skin #skincare #skinhealth #wound #nursingstudent #nursingschool #medstudent #medschool #dermatology #knowledge #physicianassistant #physician #healthcare #healthandwellness #woundhealing #students #university #college #nclex #usmle #medical #doctor #Information obtained from: https://insite.albertahealthservices.ca/main/assets/tms/sh/tms-sh-cz-et-4-0-skincareprotocols.pdf Image obtained from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin#/media/File:Skin_layers.svg
나들이 갔다가 차 앞범퍼 말아먹고 공부하기.. 이제 그만놀고 진짜 공부할게요 ㅠㅠ #공부일기 #공부 #엔클렉스 #사운더스 #nclexrn #nclex #saunders7thedition #studying #nurse
When it takes forever to get your kid to nap, do you risk moving? Need to study for the #NCLEX #futurenurse #parentstruggles #naptime #moveover #mommyhasthingstodo
네시간 자고 일어나서 공부... 나이트 너무 싫어😣😣 #엔클렉스 #간호사 #공스타그램 #공부스타그램 #집공 #카공 #nclex #nclexrn #nclexprep #rn #studygram
Correct answer is D. Follow @nclexquestion for more practice questions #nclex #nclexrn #nclexquestions #nursing #usrn #nclexquestion #nclexquestionoftheday
Nursing student life. It feels like every week for a month now, I have come home with more textbooks and/or school supplies. The books on the left are my current (first) semester books and notebooks. On the right, are my ATI books for the entire program to help me prepare for the NCLEX. I need a bookcase, stat. #nursingstudent #nursingstudentlife #rnintraining #ati #nclex #cherokeeuniforms
As a child we spend many hours on play equipment finding balance, exploring boundaries and generally seeking joy. As adults our focus shifts from pure playful extremes of joy to practical experiences based on a definition of survival. Finding the balance within ourselves through exploration of extremes is a whole education process in itself. Passion and creativity have always been birthed from extremes, extremes of what though? An oscillation of heart and mind, feeling and thinking, harmonious flow of freedom of expression. The beauty is that in this child-like creative process there is no judgement, just numerous options. There may be power struggles between the children as they play however the creativity is oozing from moment to moment.
Comment your answer below. Follow @nclexquestion for more. #nclex #nursing #usrn #nclexquestion #nclexrn #nclexquestions #nurse
Day 37: although the idea of this makes me want to throw up a little, it’s also very exciting. I am confident I will not only do well on this exam but as a nurse in general. There’s been a lot of steps I have taken over the last two years to become what and who I want to be and this is the absolute final part of this journey. It won’t be my last NCLEX so I’m assuming it’ll be like my first tattoo. I won’t know what to expect but In a year or two when I’m ready to take the RN version, I’ll know better what to expect 😂 #100daysofhappiness #100happydays #ernshappydays #nurse #nclex #lpn #hellonurse #scaredaf #help #thisisgood
💉MEDICAL.MONDAY 💉 ALTEPLASE 📌AKA Cathflo is used to restore function to a central line that does not aspirate and withdraw blood. It is a thrombolytic agent that breaks up any occlusion in a central line catheter. It is a vial that is reconstituted with sterile water and injected into the occluded catheter. The medication is not flushed all the way through but rather sits in the catheter to break up the occlusion. 🧡I had to administer this on my patient last night with a double lumen PICC. One lumen was flushing but very sluggish and the other wouldn’t aspirate or flush with normal saline. After one treatment I waited 30 minutes as indicted on the instructions and then was able to aspirate. This patient had a vancomycin trough due to be drawn so it was important to restore its function. After all, clear PICCs makes for a happy nurse 😁 . . . #nursesofinstagram #instanurse #nurse #nursesrock #nurselife #nursing #instanursing #aprn #RN #BSN #nurseonduty #rnsofinstagram #nurselifern #nursesdoitbetter #nursestudent #rehabnursing #rehabnurse #aprn #rnchat #healthcare #nurseup #nursingeducation #nursingstudent #nursingschool #NCLEX #pharmacology #Prenursing #premed #studentnurse
Never really felt stress until this little test came along. I was checking for updates every couple of hours for a day and a half. Whew! #nclex #nclexpass #nurses #murse #malenurses #lpn #nursingschool #thatsucked #nurselife #nursesofinstagram
One task we frequently perform in the ED is fetal heart ❤️ tones. 👶🏻 I’m not sure how frequently it’s performed on other floors other than the specialty floors ; but definitely very common in the ED. We check fetal heart tones on any pregnant patient > 12 weeks pregnant🤰🏽. It’s definitely an acquired skill since sometimes have to search around in multiple areas of the mother belly. It is definitely amazing sound to hear once you find it! Do you guys check for fetal heart tones? If so let me know which floor you work on! #nurselife
😂🤪🍌 . . follow @nursingandnclexmastery for more ❤️
I, by far, was not the smartest kid in my cohort. We needed a cumulative 76 avg to pass the class. I would literally prayyyyyy for a 76.1-I did better than that but still! You never know what you're going to get when your nerves are through the roof. . . . Make sure to hit follow @RNFunny 👆🏽🤗🤙🏽 . . . #Nurse #Nurses #RegisteredNurse #RNLife #NewNurse #Nursing #NursingSchool #NursingStudentProblems #NursesOfInstagram #NursingProblems #NursingSchoolProblems #NurseLife #NursingStudent #NCLEX #NurseLife #FutureNurse #NewNurse #NursePractitioner #LPN #CNA #InstaMeme #InstaNursing #InstaNurse #NurseHumor #NursesOnly #NursesOfInstagram #Scrubs #ScrubLife #RNFunny
Which do you like better? Learning alone or learning with friends? . . We like them both but you can’t beat learning with friends! #sketchynursing
Graduation is near for many nursing students, so tonight on the blog I’m talking NCLEX✨ Head over to the link in my bio to hear about my testing experience, my study habits using @uworld , and my tips and recommendations for success! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Whether you’re about to take the NCLEX, already took the NCLEX, or literally have no desire to be a nurse but still read my blog post, give me some love and share your feedback below! I’ll be sending a Starbucks gift card to a commenter!
#STUDYTIPTUESDAY ✅ When studying SO MANY MEDS , we like to put them on flash cards. The flash cards have the name of the drug + class , on the back is the S/E, Indication, Patient teaching , and sometimes mechanism of action 🙃. Enjoy your Tuesday Babes💞-S . . #nursingschool #nursememes #blacknurses #nursing #nclex #pediatrics #OB #medsurg #pharmacology #nurse #nursing #nurselife #nursepractitioner #nurseproblems #nursingschoolproblems #nursesrock #nurselife #cnaproblems #pedsnurse #obnurse #clinicalskills #clinicalrotation #doctormemes #doctormemes #healthcare #cnamemes #meme #schoolmeme #collegeproblems #diabetes #diabetesmemes #nursebae
As powerful as insulin aspart is, I love using insulin injection needles for some reason. In nursing school, insulin used to stress me out because I knew how it could make a patient unstable if you give them the incorrect dosage. Despite this, I love working with the tiny needles and drawing up the tiny amount of insulin. It makes me feel so impactful knowing that this medication can cause such a drastic effect on the outcome of the patient. Do you guys have any favorite medications to give patients?
LOL! This picture was taken for a headshot that was required of a RN job application. I find it so weird that they ask you for a headshot for job applications, like are you looking for sexy nurses or something? I’m sure that’s not the case, but for whatever reason, I made sure to got my picture done very professionally! This was taken by one of my best friends who is literally a professional photographer. What are you guys think? Would you hire me?
After working a long 12 hour shift, I love coming home to amazing skin care products. These two @sisleyparisusa products always have my skin looking completely snatched after a long day in the hospital. What are your guy’s favorite skin care products?
I’m such a germaphobe! Lol... every time I come onto a shift I make sure to wipe down all of the medication scanners, desktops, and computers with a purple white. Hospitals are crawling with bacteria and it’s super important to prevent the spread of infection by wiping down all services with purple wipes, if you can. It’s in the best interest of, not only for your patients, but for yourself as well! What are your guys’ hospital rituals?
IV INSERTION TIPS. 💉 Not a pro, but I was an ER tech & thought I’d share what I know! Inspect your patients arms/hands for potential insertion sites & set up your supplies prior to doing anything else. I think that patients/families always thought I didn’t know what I was doing because I took an extra 2 minutes to do this..but I like getting it on the first try so I make sure I’m not poking blindly. 🙂 Tie your tourniquet above the site where you see potential. Some BP monitors have a mode where the cuff inflates to the appropriate pressure and stays inflated while you insert! So helpful and definitely something that I miss about the ER. 🚑 PALPATE!! A vein that you can feel is always better than a vein that you can see, especially with babies. Baby veins are more difficult and you’ll likely need extra help with an IV light so that you can visualize veins and palpate them better. 👶🏽 Don’t touch the insertion site after you clean it if possible. This defeats the purpose of cleaning it! 🧼 Insert the needle with the bevel UP and go in at a 45 degree angle. Going in too deep can “blow” a perfectly good vein. 💉 Insert until you see a flash. Once you see flash, advance your needle the SLIGHTEST bit more before you advance your catheter. You don’t always have to do this, especially not with babies, but I’ve found that sometimes it helps prevent your catheter from kinking. 💁🏻‍♀️ I like to tape down the catheter at the hub before I remove the needle completely to insure that I don’t lose the IV. Also, don’t forget to remove your tourniquet. 😆 Make sure to prime your IV tubing before connecting to the patient to get all of the air out. 🌬 Use a tegaderm + minimal tape to secure your IV. The site should always be visible in case of infiltration! In peds we tend to triple wrap IVs and cover the site because babies like to pull, but you can get creative with taping techniques! Less is more😝 Remember that I’m not an expert! Feel free to add to/critique any of my tips below & check out @intravenousqueen for pro tips 💕 Vein model: my fiancé 😂 What gauge IV would you use for his veins!?
Hi! My name is Rey Marrero. I'm a fourth year medical student, originally from the island of Puerto Rico. Currently doing rotations in the USA. I love travelling and photography. I'm interested in preventive medicine. My dream job is to work in a place were I can educate society on how to prevent diseases. Follow my journey @reymarreroalamo 💚 @Stetholifestyle #stetholifestyle @Ekohealth #medicine #med
Head to toe assessment! 🌠💕 . . A little reminder of a complete physical exam. Helps to organise a routine physical assessment! . . 🇪🇸Mañana lo tenéis en español que hoy no me ha dado tiempo!! . Buenas noches!!! 💕💕💕
I wrote a love note for the next user in my Nclex prep book. Everyone will succeed. ❤#nclexstudying #nurselife #nclex #practicalnurse #goodkarma
Should be studying for the NCLEX but instead I’m painting furniture and making felt signs. I’ll throw some Kaplan TV or Registered nurse RN YouTube on in a second. • • • #kapan #Nclex #nursingstudent #college #registerednurseRN #youyube #crashcourse #studentlife #study
Oh ya know, just another day in study paradise. #rn #nclex #overit #prayforme . I joke, but in all honesty, I do feel like I’m getting more confident every day I practice and commit to studying. My ADD makes it hard to stay focused for too long which makes it hard to get it all in. If only I had the week off! . Best advice to staying focused? Go!
POTASSIUM REPLACEMENT⁣ ⁣ Why is it that every one of my patient’s potassium levels are low? ⁣ ⁣ If I have to hang one more bag today...⁣ ⁣ Did you know potassium is very important to your body? ⁣ ⁣ Do you know what foods to find potassium in? ⁣ ⁣ Let’s talk about it! ⁣ ⁣ What is it:⁣ ▪️An essential electrolyte in the body⁣ ▪️Helps with fluid balance, nerve signals and muscle contraction (especially heart muscle) ⁣ ▪️Critically low or high potassium can lead to lethal heart problems ❤️⁣ ⁣ Normal levels:⁣ ▪️3.5-5 ⁣ ▪️Low or high levels are detected by blood/lab tests ⁣ ⁣ Causes: ⁣ ▪️Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea ⁣ ▪️Kidney problems ⁣ ▪️Use of diuretics or medications that make you urinate ⁣ ⁣ Signs/Symptoms of low and high levels ⁣ ▪️muscle weakness or cramps ⁣ ▪️abnormal heart rhythms, palpitations, racing heart beat ⁣ ⁣ What do we do when it’s TOO HIGH?⁣ ▪️Insulin >> insulin takes sugar and potassium back into the cells for energy⁣ ▪️Calcium Gluconate >> an IV medication ⁣ ▪️Kayexalate >> a syrup medication that makes you poop out the potassium 💩⁣ ▪️Diuretics >> medication that makes you pee out the potassium 💦⁣ ▪️Emergent dialysis >> this is used when potassium levels are critically high (usually above 6) ⁣ ⁣ What do we do when it’s TOO LOW?⁣ Supplement by: ⁣ ▪️Pills >> they’re huge horse pills and I hate giving them to my patients ⁣ ▪️Liquid >> this gross orange colored liquid that my patients have told me taste like salt⁣ ▪️IV >> which I was doing today. It typically burns the veins as it’s infused so I try to either - dilute it with fluids, run it at a slower rate, or use warm picks to dilate the veins for patient comfort ⁣ ⁣ Foods where potassium is found ⁣ Bananas (obviously), spinach, potatoes, dates, yogurt, lentils, avocado, zucchini, watermelon ⁣ ⁣ P.S. electrolytes were my least favorite subject in nursing school 😂 but I deal with and treat it almost every single shift
Happy first day of school to everyone, including myself! I sent out a bunch of texts this morning to amazing people who’ve decided to keep growing. I hope you all have/had an amazing day and it continues through the semester! 📚 . . . #nursingstudent #nclex #bsnprogram ! #lordhelpme
Doesn't a 94% on your #TEAS test sound amazing? Give us a call at 301-960-4950 and we can make that happen! #AdkinsAcademy
Oh hey there .blake!! New series helping you better understand Hyperaldosteronism for your nursing exams, ATI, HESI & NCLEX 💞. See the full video on our YouTube channel. Mike has helped over 60,000 nursing students spend less time studying and improve their test scores. Free trial like in our bio! #nursing #nursingschool #rn #nclex #nursing #nursingschool #rn #nclex -----------------------------------------------------------------
You like my hair? Gee thanks just bought it 💁🏼‍♀️ • • • Thanks Ariana Grande for such a relatable song lyric 👌🏼
Imma drink it tho ☕️ #Nurse #Nurses #NurseEnvy #NCLEX #NCLEXPN ____ Credit: @4theloveofnursing Plz Follow us @insta.nurse.fl
Want to see your team of #nurses featured on the front cover of the Nurses Week section of the April issue of American Nurse Today, along with other rewards? Nominate them by Feb. 15 for the 2019 All Pro Nursing Team Award! Go to: ht.ly/3t0j30nguQU or visit the link in our profile #nursing . . . #allpronursing #americannursetoday #nurses #nurselife 💊💉 #NursesRock #nursesrule #nursehumor #nursinglife #nursingschool #nursingstudentproblems #nurses #nursingfriendly #nursetobe #nursing #nursesofinstagram #nurseinthemaking 💉💊 #nurse #hospital #medicine #medical #RN #registerednurse #NCLEX #scrublife #registerednurses #nurseleaders #nursesdoitbetter #healthcare #health #medicine
This girl is officially caring for ICU patients on her own! Though I have to say I never feel like I’m truly on my own. My unit is so incredibly supportive and constantly offering support and help whenever it’s needed! We truly work as a team. And I have to say one of the best compliments to receive is when a family member tells you they had no idea you were new until they asked 😊 cheers to many more years of continued and constant learning!
The best workouts are the ones that you force yourself NOT to miss. Again, I did not want to get up and to the gym today {hence the tired eyes} BUT I did. And I’m g r a t e ful for not giving in. The winter is so tough, but we ✨always✨ get through it. I have been cooped up inside studying for my #nursingboards so I use training as an excuse for a break. It works for me and it keeps me feeling refreshed😅👩🏻‍⚕️ Come up with some crazy, good ideas to get you out and on the move! #itworks #ipromise • • • #fitness #fitfam #fitnurse #fitrn #fitspo #gainz #shredz #goals #nclex #workhard #playhard #lift #train #bodybuild #fitgirls #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #ruleyourself #iwill #gymshark66 #alphafemale #girlboss #motivation #befearless
“Nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished” - Lso Tsu . . . I can criticize many things about myself when looking at this picture. I’ve learned that you cannot get fast results that are sustainable, but you have to change your mindset and lifestyle! You must put in the work to better yourself 💕 . . . I work weird and long shifts, live a busy life, lose motivation, love food, and am not perfect but this girl has GOALS. I’ve found what works for me all while balancing what’s important in my life. I’ve learned to be PATIENT and continue to work hard everyday! I want to crush some goals with you too 😍 . . . Are you going to keep telling yourself “some day” or are you going to say “day one”? 😘
When I was a student nurse , I often wonder how do nurses deal with death and dying. As I went through the process, experiencing it first hand taught me on how to face it. __ 👨🏼‍🦳First patient died from end stage renal disease, hyperkalemia that lead to cardiac arrest. I helped out my preceptor and I did post mortem care for the 1st time. When I got home- still kinda shocked , and I cried a river in my sleep. 😢 __ 👩🏻Second patient was almost the same age as me at that time. She was diagnosed with Steven Johnson’s Syndrome, severely dehydrated, went to hypovolemic shock and didn’t make it. When I got home, wrote about it in my journal then I cried myself to sleep again. 😢 __ First day off orientation in ICU, I took care of my terminal stage lung Ca patient who was withdrawn from life support. This time, while performing post mortem, tears were flowing and my charge nurse called the code Lavender for me. I was so overwhelmed with the support and love from my colleagues. They did made me feel so much better. 💜 ___ My point is, no matter how many patient expires during our watch, we tend to become really emotional and it’s normal. We are all human beings... we have feelings and our hormones fluctuates in our system. Low dopa, low serotonin and just relatively, a little more epinephrine makes us feel that feeling of sadness. __ If your patient’s condition starts to deteriorate, do not deny yourself the fact that it may soon lead to an inevitable end. By acknowledging that death is a possible outcome, you can better prepare yourself. Let yourself cry if you feel you need to. You will feel better for letting it out. __ We need to accept that all lives end in death. It is inevitable. Nurses see death much too often and the emotional baggage can be crippling. You will have to learn how to let go of your sorrow so that you can move forward. 💕 @allnurses @icunursesofig @exceptionalnurses #nurse #icurn @icunursesofig #nclex #ccrn #lifeofanurse #icurn #micu #ccrn #hospice #palliativecare @nrsng
As nurses and doctors, along with other healthcare professionals we can tell when something or someone is off. According to medical nursing and other diagnosis what are we classifying these gentlemen as? I’m going to start off the conversation with impaired mood regulation. @myheroacademia #medical #nurses #nursinghumor #nursingschool #nursing #nurse #nursingstudent #doctor #physicianassistant #physicians #nursepractitioner #anime #animememes #healthcare #blacknurses #blackdoctors #nurselife #enfermera #psychoanalysis #psychology #funimation #mentalhealth #mentalillness #animefans #blacknursesrock #latinnurse #clinicaldiagnosis #doctor #nclex #deku
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