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Happy Birthday Neelam Muneer ❤️ #happybirthdayneelam #neelammuneer #neelambirthday
Happy Birthday Neelam Muneer ❤️ #happybirthdayneelam #neelammuneer #neelambirthday
Happy Birthday Neelam Muneer ❤️ #happybirthdayneelam #neelammuneer #neelambirthday
Finally it's 20 March which definitely means today is something special, AHH NO♥️ not only special but ALOT SPACIAL cuz on this day a Queen was born!🌸🎂 . HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HEARTBEAT OF PAKISTANI YOUTH!💘 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA QUEEN!🙈 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN OF MILLION HEARTS!😘 . Heartfelt wishes to the most special person in my life. May God bless uhh with all wonderful things on this earth because you worth nothing less than that. It's hard to put it into words just how much you mean to me, because words will never be enough. You r beautiful. You rock the best styles and know how to carry yourself like no other. You girl, You're a positive light in the world and anyone who knows you is lucky to have you in their lives. You r a strong person in mind, body and spirit your strength and endurance spill to others. Everytime i see your courage, your devotion and dedication towards anything and everything in life, and above all, your unconditional love for friends and family. I remind myself that this is the girl I want to keep close to my heart for all eternity. Near so far, you'll always have a special place in my heart. Never ever forget that I love you so much. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU MERII JAAN🌷♥️🎂🙈. Keep shining🌸💝 . @neelammuneerkhan @neelammuneerkhan @neelammuneerkhan #NeelamMuneer
Happy birthday 🥳 to the most wonderful friend i have made in my life. May God Give you a lot of success. Neelam Muneer Khan May God Bless you. #fashion #pakistanistreetstyle #pakistanioutfits #saaienblog #neelammuneer
Happy birthday Pari from #ChupanChupai 😍Hope you have a wonderful day @neelammuneerkhan 🎂💕 Who else wants to see these two together again on-screen⁉I know I do!! 🙌 @khanahsanofficial @neelammuneerkhan ❤ . . . #ahsankhan #neelammuneer #pakistanicelebrities #celebrity #postoftheday #likeforlikes #instacool
A day finally comes when a Lady with Golden heart was born!!! ♥️♥️ She is more than angel for us all!!! I could never stop loving her!!! 🚫❤️ If a woman is so dear to us, we often refer to them as our angel, someone who is so dear to us and is often the love of our lives. ♥️♥️ An angel can also refer to the girl who can make your heart jump the moment she is around.🌈🙈 Believe me she is everything to me!!! Means she never left me unhappy in the times of need!! She never disappointes her fan at any cost!!! She is moonlight of ours in the darkest nights!!! 🌙🌙 You know, she is the most kindest lady i ever saw in my whole damn life!!! Her smile is the most beautiful thing you can ever observe!!! ❤️☺️ @neelammuneerkhan for me you are my Angel and more than that!!!! 🌈♥️ When I wish you "happy birthday,"🎂 There's so much more I want to say, Though it's hard to utter the words, Nothing's going to stop me today.💕 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 When I wish you "happy birthday,"🎂 What I mean is "I love you,"♥️ You're more than the world to me, I'm so thankful for all you do.🙈💕 When I wish you "happy birthday,"🎂 It's because you make me proud,🌈 Now that I've put down these words, I just want to scream them out loud.🎉💕 🎂🎂 !!!! NEELAM WISHES YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 🎂🎂 @neelammuneerkhan LOTS OF LOVE♥️🌈 ~YoUR FAN GIRL 🙈 - . - #neelammuneer #happybirthdayneelam #jacquelinebirthday #happybday #goldenday #birthdaygirl #partyhard #neelamheaven #fun #enjoy #20march
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy bithday @neelammuneerkhan 🎂🎈My birthday baby @neelammuneerkhan 😘❤ Neelu, you literally have no idea how much i love you, you are such an amazing idol and such an amazing person, you deserve all the happiness in this world i swear. You don't know how much your happiness means to me, and how happy you make me. You never disappoint your fans, you always have that beautiful smile on your face no matter whatever is going on in your life, and that is the thing that inspires me the most♡ you have taught me to follow my heart, you may not be anywhere near me, but i always feel your presence around me, i look at you and i feel safe, i look at your smile and i feel happiness.. its insane how much of an effect you have on me and my daily mood, you are the one who has always taught me to be positive and smile through it all, i literally have no idea how I'd be without you. Having you in my life is the bestest gift which i would never give over, never ever...🎈🎂 love u to the moon and back @neelammuneerkhan 😘😘❤ - I made a video for uh hope uh like it angel 🙈 . . #happybirthdayneelam #neelammuneerkhan #neelammuneer #neelamheaven #happybirthday #party #enjoy #loveyou
My favourite with her fav 😍 @repost from @sadafkanwal ... My favourite girls 👩‍👩‍👧♥️• @sabeekaimam @zaraabidofficial
Check out our stories for more details. #wrongnumber2 #instagramers #instam #neelammuneer #samikhan
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Sami Khan Has Unveiled The First Poster of His Upcoming Film Wrong Number 2 And It's Looks Amazing.See Poster https://bit.ly/2Fpme9B #SamiKhan #NeelamMuneer #YasirNawaz #WrongNo2 #WrongNumber2 #PakistaniFilm #FilmUpdates #PhupoFilmUpdates #PhupoTheGossipQueen
Here’s the super fun poster of upcoming film #WrongNumber2 which will be releasing this Eid-ul-Fitr. Directed by Yasir Nawaz the film stars Sami Khan and Neelam Muneer in leading roles. What do you guys think? #SamiKhan #NeelamMuneer
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