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Hi guys, (🖤 here) I just wanted to apologise for the slight lack of enthusiasm and creative content on our page this week. I’m currently battling chronic pain, dislocations, and some crazy brain fog, which is all making it difficult to think let alone be enthusiastic. This is all part of living with chronic illnesses and although I’m somewhat used to it, this does seem to be a particularly hateful flare up.💀 I don’t want or need sympathy I just wanted to let you all know that we still love and appreciate you even if it’s not all sunshine and roses lately! Submissions are bringing little moments of joy amongst the struggle though, so please keep that up! 🌈 The brief and submission form are on our website in our bio ✨
The quickest road to failure is giving up, whether you’re learning a new skill, solving a problem, or doing what you enjoy. The moment you stop is he moment you fail. . I won’t bury my only talent. I’ll develop more.
living DRESSED is stress You can’t please all the people all the time. There’ll always be negative people who will judge and attack you. The second of The Four Agreements is “don’t take anything personally” Eckhart tolle explains it as “Their anger is their issue. Not yours. “ Don’t give them power nor let their negativity get to you. When you understand that they are simple projecting their own fears and sadness and insecurities, their words cannot effect you. When you stop living your life in fear of being judge by others you remove from them the power to hurt you. You remove stress. You CAN do this. Remember there is hope, there is health, there IS happiness... hang in there and keep living DRESSED 💖 #livingdressed #depression #coping #lifeskills #mentalhealth #mindfulness #anxiety #cleanliving #nevergiveupneversurrender #stress #notmycircusnotmymonkeys
People think Dwight’s a freak, truth is he’s just an alien. #GalaxyQuest #UnderratedMovie #TheOffice #DwightKSchrute #NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender
Warisan Turun Termurun Dari Ayah Ke Anak Adalah Memancing . Mendidik Erti Kesabaran Dalam Kehidupan 💜🏆✨ . #nevergiveupneversurrender
#selamat_pagi Demikianlah tinggal ketiga hal ini, yaitu iman, PENGHARAPAN dan kasih. Jangan Putus Asa, tetap Berdoa tetap Berharap. And now abideth faith, HOPE and charity, these three. Keep the Faith, Keep the Hope.
Saw this today, had to share! Because it’s SO true! Sometimes we just want to stop! We tell ourselves it’s too hard, I’m too tired, It doesn’t matter. The thing is: it does matter. Move On! Keep going! #actorslife #nevergiveupneversurrender #liveyourbestlife
I had the chance to travel the country and meet some of the most amazing people this year. I’m holding my breath for the next time we get to be together again! And it’ll be my official one year as a Mixer partner 💙 #nevergiveupneversurrender
If you are available Feed your mind, soul and spirit call in Friday morning at 8:30am EST to get motivated and get you moving. We all need Cheerleaders. Wake up, with the Morning Brew (Please make sure your phone is muted until to asked to otherwise)🙏 Conference URL: uberconference.com/amfadiora Dial in number: 855-203-8993 Alternate number: 410-934-0149 No PIN required International Access Numbers: https://www.uberconference.com/international. Coming soon! #flexeveryday #nevergiveupneversurrender #fitboy #fitfun #fitforever #fitgoals #fitnessmotivation #gohardorgohome #fitnigeria #bendbutdontbreak #badguy #grind #fitandhealthy #fitandfabulous #fitandfine #plantfitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitforlife #fitgirlsguide #fitandyummy # #ifitgenius #hardwork #hardworkpaysoffs #thinkandgrowrich #bobproctor #napoleonhill #earlnightingale
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‼ ATTENTION ALL‼ Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti proudly present UNIOTRI 2018 (Universal Olympics Of Trisakti) 🎉 . UNIOTRI is our annual event, these are our competitions: FUTSAL⚽, BASKET🏀, TRADITIONAL DANCE🎭, MODERN DANCE💃, BADMINTON🏸, BARTENDING🍾, PHOTOGRAPHY📸, MAGIC 🤹‍♂ . 📆 5-24 November 2018 📍 GOR SESKOAL, GOR BULUNGAN, BINTARO XCHANGE . Let’s join our competition and win the prize‼‼ 💸💸 . Contact person: Tamarine (tamarinetami/ 081299073768) Cut Femmy (cutpemyy / 08787 9553178) See you guys👋👋 #UNIOTRI2018 #NeverGIveUpNeverSurrender
#accurate 😂
Back at it again. Gotta push harder. #NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender #GoHardorGoHome
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Long rant: I forgot to post last week when I made it halfway to my goal. This is embarrassing to post but I have come so far. I've been on this journey since April 2018. I'm losing about 7-8pounds a month steadily. It's hard, however my body doesn't crave the addictive food like I used to. I still have a long way to go but making this poster has put a boost in my motivation to keep plugging along. Now I view food as fuel for the day and I only eat till I'm satisfied to full. Never stuffed. Even on my cheat days I never over eat. This is a lifestyle change that I can really stick with. I am not depriving myself I just choose what I put in my body; and if I'm really craving something I only eat three bites and then keep moving forward. I stopped getting down on myself because I would spiral back down when I made poor eating decisions and it was perpetuated by even worse food decisions. I started telling myself that one bad day wasn't going to get me back to where I started and I forgive myself and move on to the next day. #nevergiveupneversurrender #100poundweightlossjourney #halfwaythere #lifestylechange
Workout complete. I’m going to feel this one tomorrow. Chest and back circuit today.
Nothing like a hard deadline to maximize creativity! Petal dress with animal hood from @twigandtale #nevergiveupneversurrender #sewing
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I love how when I go into the gym and shut the door and start my workout everything gets quiet. Everything becomes clear. Connected. I can go from feeling in pain and nauseous (like today), to feeling like superwoman. Getting through one workout helps me keep going. If I can get through this one workout, I can get through today, I can get through anything. _________________________________________________________Posted these side by sides flexed and unflexed just to keep it real ya’ll. Try to remember Instagram is just a highlight reel. ________________________________________________________There are ONLY 42 Days left till 2019! Have you joined @tarynfitandchic ’s “FINAL 42” Challenge yet??? You don’t have to be a Fit and Chic Babe to join and it is only $25 Canadian!! There is still time to sign up and get a head start on 2019! Don’t wait to CRUSH your goals! START NOW! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄#fitandchicbabe #fitandchic #fitandchicempire #fitandchicnation #staypositive #keepmovingforward #gratitudeisthebestattitude #fitspoonie #onestepatatime #cantstopwontstop #nevergiveupneversurrender #dreambig #warrior #aswarrior #fitness #spoonie #spoonielife #spooniewife #healingmyself #aintnocardioqueen #ankylosingspondylitis #ankylosingspondylitisawareness #staystrong #bebrave
You can never have enough pairs of leggings.... #leggings #neverenough #nevergiveupneversurrender
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